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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  April 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> two seconds to go. jenkins three right wing to win it. he made it. he made the three from the right wing at the buzzer. cats win it all, cats win it all. >> cats win it all. heart pounding finish in houston. the villanova wildcats are national champs for the second time in team history. >> ♪ [cheers and applause] >> and the crowd goes wild. we have team coverage of the dramatic finish and the resulting party on the main line. >> good morning. 5:30 now on this tuesday
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april 5th. we'll get there in a minute. let's head to david and karen to get your accuweather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. it's cold out there. storm tracker6 double scan showing you a couple of light snow showers popping down through delaware county, parts of philadelphia and another batch coming down out of the lehigh valley into northern bucks county. i've got a tweet from a viewer in glen mills who says it's just flurries out there, not expecting this to be a big impact snow but if you do see a little bit of a glaze on the roadways be careful and slow it down this morning. in most cases you're probably okay. freeze warning though until 10 o'clock as we do have those temperatures as expected. heading down below freezing and already below freezing in some neighborhoods. there's the rain from yesterday. a couple of lingering snow showers. see the clearing up north. we are going to transition to mostly sunny skies today. cold to start out, though. 32 degrees in philadelphia. upper 20's in allentown, reading, trenton. a little bit above freezing yet in cape may and millville and the wind chill making it feel like it is in the 20's and teens so bundle up. feel like i'm giving the forecast for about two months ago. mostly clear breezy and cold on the bus stop this morning.
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those early clouds probably going filter out from north to south pretty quickly but temperatures all the way through 8:00 and beyond still on or about freezing. we're going to go for 32 at 9 o'clock this morning. it's going to be chillier this afternoon but at least we do get back up above the freezing mark by about 10 o'clock and today's high 46 degrees around 4 o'clock. karen, it looks like we're going to do a repeat tonight with another freeze watch in effect. more on that coming up. >> we do not like to do that this time of. >> no. >> looking live out here if you look very closely under the street light what do you see? yes, those are flurries coming down at this point. we don't see it affecting traffic too much but you can see the flurries. i see dave straining to cement you see them right there, i'm showing you. this is radnor township delaware county, the blue route past the schuylkill. just some flying flurries coming down at this point but as david mentioned it's a little heavier in areas that are up to the north. right now just some flurries here on the blue route. that's your southbound traffic headed towards villanova doing the happy dance in the cars right now, no problems on the road but watch for a slick spot or two with the flurries coming down and temperatures
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below freezing. live on the vine street expressway. that's your westbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. no problem. eastbound light volume as well. the vine was closed in both directions overnight for construction. it will do that again tonight at 11 o'clock. and on the big picture, speeds are in good shape right now. >> ♪ [cheers and applause] >> is that not a beautiful sight. the wildcats holding the trophy high in houston and we're all still catching our breath around here after a buzzer beater 3-pointer put villanova over north carolina 77-74. >> coach jay wright finally let his guard down atop the ladder cut the piece of net and flashed a villanova v and then team captain ryan arcidiacono took his turn waving the hoop like a rally towel. >> and now we got a live team coverage that of villanova victory. annie mccomic is covering the fan celebration. >> katherine scott is standing by live at the player pavilion
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with player reaction. katherine pretends i'm ryan arcidiacono. >> reporter: this is the kind of moment you day dream about sinking a final shot in the last few seconds of the championship game with thousands of people watching and kris jenkins did it. he did it. so, whatever you feel about basketball, that's exciting. as it happens there are a lot of basketball fans around here and they're celebrating. >> three seconds. >> kris jenkins. gives to it jenkins for the championship. >> reporter: a story book finish for the wildcats. the crowd erupts. the team piles on top of each other with hugs as streamers and confetti come raining down on them in houston. a buzzer beater for the ages. a buzzer beater for the 2016 national championship. >> that was one of the great college basketball games we've ever been a part of. [cheers and applause] inch the trophy hoisted high above
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their heads, the thrill of the victory still fresh. a hard fought win over the tarheels. villanova was down after the first half, then up, then even. it all came down to that last shot. seconds left neshaminy grad and senior point guard ryan arcidiacono passed the ball and cres kris jenkins sank it. >> it's surreal. >> reporter: and back here live at the pavilion you're taking a look at a picture inside the main entrance of the 1985 villanova wildcats national championship team. that was 31 years ago. looks like it's time to start decorating a new wall. we're live on villanova's campus, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> a happy job to have there katherine. well, let's go over now to annie mccormick. she's got more on the fan celebration and how police handled the crowds. i think they're going to be partying all the way through next week, annie. >> reporter: oh, definitely, definitely.
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imagine how we were reacting at home or in the bars when we saw those final moments of the games. well, there are thousands of students inside of the pavilion that jumped out of their seats, screaming for joy and then filled the streets around villanova. but police, plenty of police were on hand to make sure that that pear the didn't get too out of hands. there were three arrests about 22 people were injured. they tell that you say most of those injuries were due to intoxication. thousands spilled out onto lancaster avenue following the historic win. radnor township police got assistance from multiple local, state and federal agencies to man the crowds. students climbed light poles, raised flags and even started several small fires as they cleared in the streets. mounted units quickly came through and officers extinguished the fires and dispersed the crowds. it was all under the watchful eye of authorities. radnor police had a command center set up where they monitored cameras on the campus. for the most part, students' excitement did not get out of hand. those who packed the pavilion
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for the watch party got the feeling they were actually at the game in houston and in those final heart pumping seconds when the wildcats clinchd the national title clears inside before they hit the street. >> this is like the best day of my life. i honestly didn't think it would come true and those last four seconds i was praying that he would make the basket and god answered my prayers. >> reporter: god answered a lot of prayers here on villanova university's campus last night. well, taking a look herein sides you can see all those trophies. we're assuming that that is where the new ncaa trophy will go once the wildcats do return home. they are expected to -- when they do come home they're expected to come back to a big crowd probably filling up this entire area here. many people probably wearing those championship t-shirts. if you want to get one we're told that the bookstore, people that work there are driving to new jersey to pick up a shipment of about 5,000 of them. they will be at the bookstore by 8:00 a.m. this morning. for now reporting live on
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villanova's campus, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, annie. [cheers and applause] >> yeah. >> whew. >> happy pandemonium. wildcats were roaring outside nrg stadium in houston overnight. most of nova nation traveled hundreds even thousands of miles to watch the cats in action. it is villanova's first national championship title since 1985. alicia vitarelli caught up with the proud alum. >> did a great george boys did a great job. never thought they would get back to a championship game let alone win a championship game. >> it was villanova basketball. perseverance, battle down the line and hammer it home at the end. who doubted them? never a doubt. >> most fans we spoke to agree, it was the most incredible experience watching their team clinch that title. >> our coverage continues on see a slideshow recapping all the heart stopping action from the championship game plus fan reaction and that celebration in the streets.
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>> but if you're celebrating out there today, you might want to bundle up. >> yeah, extra gear on the hands, the head, everything, right. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows us that we are not totally precipitation free as we take a two dimensional view you can see there are a couple of light snow showers popping down from the north and if i go in tighter, one of them is right around parts of philadelphia and delaware county now. we have reports from social media and some indication on our traffic cameras that in most cases this just sort of a light to moderate flurry that's coming down but if you do happen to see one of these little brighter pieces of white hit, you know, it is below freezing and it's not out of the question that you wind up with a slight slick spot but if i think most cases you're probably okay. for good measure though let me show you the other stuff that's come do you know into bucks county through bethlehem easton allentown, european in and out of this stuff. looks like that earlier action down by the shore is now off the coast. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies over philadelphia right now but we are expecting them to thin out fairly quickly today and in a
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moment i'll show you satellite and you'll kind of see what i'm talking about. that big story this morning is really the temperature. we have dipped to the freezing mark in philadelphia. as it looked like we would. we'll probably go a little bit below it before we tint around. winds out of the north at 17 miles an hour. 29 in allentown, you can sub tractor roughly 10 degrees from them to get what it actually feels like good itch that wind dropping down out of the north. satellite and radar shows you the precipitation getting on out of here and then look at how those clouds are just drying out from north to south. almost here with that drying line and we are going wind up with sunshine returning a plenty today. it will be on the chilly decide sidesidethough. a high of 46 degrees around 4 o'clock and winds will be pretty strong and gusty through the morning hours falling offer little bit later in the afternoon but any way you slice it it is going to be coat weather today. high temperatures across the region only 41 in allentown, 42 in reading, 46 degrees in wilmington and 45 degrees in cape may.
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and then overnight tonight, we drop all over again. your seven-day from accuweather, today's high is 46 under the sun. 28 the overnight low. another freeze watch is in effect for tonight t it probably becomes a freeze warning later today. breezy and milder then tomorrow after that cold start. we get up to 56. and then 61 on thursday with periods of rain and a possible thunderstorm later in the day. looks like rain in the morning on friday but then clouds and sun for most of the day. dry for the union game in the evening in chester, 53 degrees the afternoon high. brisk and chilly on saturday, 48. 50 sunday with a little sprinkle around and 60 for the home opener for the phillies on monday. there is the chance of an evening shower. we're hoping it stays in the evening. >> it's april. showers are where it's at. >> part of it, yeah. >> thank you. 5:41. still ahead an "action news" exclusive. we're with coach jay wright as it watches that buzzer beating highlight for the first time. >> cameras capture thieves swiping a scooter given to charity a former philly made
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the donation. karen. >> dry on 309 at dekalb pike. we're spotting flurries. we'll take you there live when "action news" comes right back.
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coach jay wright and some of the villanova players. >> reporter: it's one of the greatest finishes you'll ever see with no time left villanova's kris jenkins drained three with no time left. it's the first time a team won at the buzz or an three and the villanova wildcats are are national champions. they cut down the nets here in houston. [cheers and applause] >> reporter:. >> has the sunk in yet what you did on that last shot. >> it still hasn't but i love this trophy. i ain't going to let it go. >> numbly i really am its a thrill, it's humbling. feel so fortunate to be with these guys. >> reporter: villanova coach jay wright couldn't believe his eyes so he he watched the replay with us for the very first time with his family. >> watching the screen by daniel. kris gets into the play. wow.
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>> reporter: what's going through your minds watching this. >> i'm thinking that will be time left and i got to get everybody together. >> reporter: you seem tow calm and chill. >> because it's my job. i know i got people -- i got people -- i got 18 to 22-year-olds out of their minds i got to get them together. i never actually heard it's over. you know, there's no time left. >> reporter: i think you won, jay. i think you're the national champs. >> i know it i got it now. it's still hard to believe but the villanova wildcats are are national champions for the second time in school history. they're cleaning up the floor here in houston at the final four but time to start planning a parade back home. with the villanova wildcats, the national champs, i'm jeff skversky, channel6 "action news." >> a parade, they deserve it. >> radnor township or philadelphia. >> that's the question. >> oh, where would you have it. >> i think the students would want it in their community but i'm sure philadelphia would love to have everybody there. >> we'll see. >> all i know is i love a parade so i'm there. let's check our suburban traffic report.
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if you're headed up and after all that celebrating you need to get to work we're looking live right here at the blue route at the schuylkill. we had a disabled vehicle stuck right here with a tow truck and they have just left the scene. this is right near that area where we saw some flurries flying. i'm not seeing any at the moment. we haven't seen it cause any big problem on the road but yes, we had some snow flurries out there. our cameras are mostly showing a stray flurry or two. you could see a slick spot so you have to be careful as you're traveling. on the commuter traffic report we found leach up early our good buddy there talking about bethlehem pike in flourtown a minor accident reported in that area so watch for that here on the waze app. let's go over to warren, this is willistown township chester county. warren of a is going to close near paoli pike from nine until tree. it started yesterday. it's going to last through the month. they're doing water main replacement here. stick to sugartown road as your alternate. i want to show you storm tracker6 live double scan. we can see exactly where those flurries are right now. so we're seeing them near chadds ford, in media, along
5:48 am
the blue route, along 322, route three in radnor township near the 30 bypass, unless norristown. we go a little farther to the north. this is where we saw a little more pronounced snow shower in easton. it's moving through milford about to head towards new hope. we're not anticipating this amounting to anything but you want to watch for a slick spot or two as you're traveling because temperatures are below freezing, tam. >> okay, good advice. thank you karen. five people were killed when a sight seeing helicopter crashed near the great smoky mountains national park. police in tennessee say the chopper appeared to have come down on the side of a mountain and then crashed at the foot of it. a man nearby sales he saw the pilot roll out of the burning chopper and onto the ground. there were no survivors. new this morning sad update. thieves ransacked the make-a-wish foundation's office in san francisco. surveillance video shows them making off with a scooter on saturday night. it was donated and signed by san francisco giants outfielder and former philly hunter pence.
5:49 am
computers back packs and other items are also missing. it is the second time the make a wish office in this city has been broken into. the foundation is dedicated to making dreams come true for terminally ill kids. they really deserve those items and it's sad to see somebody do that. >> 5:49. coming up a long island teen who has her choice of any of the eight ivy league schools. >> nova may have wiped the floor with the tarheels but one player really wiped the floor with a mop. that story is coming up next. david. >> wow. hey, we have cold conditions out there this morning so dress the kids in winter gear. i know it's april but that's what we've got this morning with temperatures around the freezing mark. this afternoon they'll still want to dress fairly warmly. i'll have your day planner forecast just ahead. >> ♪
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>> they didn't mop the floor with the tarheels of course but a villanova player did do some plane old mopping with seconds left in the game. daniel ochefu helped the mop boy clean up a spill. here's what the chef had to say about it after the game. >> the kid was having a hard time and -- i'm the won that dove. i left a big wet spot on it so i was like i'm going to get this, make sure the floor is dry and thank god we didn't slip on that. >> people on social media joked that the chef's mop was actually ryan arcidiacono's mlp trophy for most outstanding player. mop, get it. >> it's a full service team. >> they're such good guys, right. >> they real are great guys. don't want to slip here, i'll help you with that mop. love them. see if we spot any flurries. we did see one or two in this area in norristown. this is 202 at johnson highway looking pretty good right now and through our traffic cameras we've only spotted a few stray flurries and not a
5:53 am
big deal just yet but something we're watching. you want to watch, it could be slick in one or two spots because of temperatures below freezing but we're not noticing any big problems. that egg harbor township atlantic county garden state parkway northbound past route four an accident blocking the left lane. so watch for that and expect some slowing this morning, dave. >> couple of light snow showers showing up on storm tracker6 live double scan this morning, karen. some of them right around philadelphia, delaware county another batch coming down out of allentown. as we have been telling you these look mostly light when wee we're picking them up and our social media reports from viewers saying same thing. hopeful no big problems there. as we roll through the day it is going to be cold. down around the freezing mark and staying there through 9 o'clock. wind chills this morning in the low 20's so bundle up. it gets a little bit better later on but, well, still pretty chilly. 38 degrees by noon, 44 by 2 o'clock. that is your high, 46 degrees by 3 o'clock. very blustery winds through the first part of the day. less wind later on. but chilly from start to finish today. matt and tam. >> thanks, david.
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a sinkhole swallowed up part of an suv in las vegas. the water district says a pipe broke leaking water and eventually causing the ground to give way yesterday afternoon. the driver of the vehicle says four children were inside with her at the time. everyone is okay. >> also new a stellar student from new york state doesn't need a safety school. he has been accepted to all eight ivy league schools. the 17-year-old valedictorian credits her success to her family and teachers. now she has just one big decision to make by may first. congratulations. >> ♪ vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> right wing to win it. he made it. he made the three from the right wing at the buzzer. cats win it all, cats win it all, cats win it all. >> that's villanova's play by play man ryan fanning calling kris jenkins winning shot. the ball left jenkins hands with only .5 seconds left on the clock breaking the tie giving the cats national title and sending everyone to the exits at the pavilion. >> it was a win that alums will talk about for years to come and chopper6 was overhead as the students party was going strong on the streets of radnor just after midnight. police kept a perimeter as some of the crowd lit bonfires. officers did make three arrests and reported 22 minor injuries. >> 5:57. our team coverage of villanova's national championship continues next. >> we have live team coverage also a look at how this victory could impact school enrollment.
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>> ♪ in you enrollment for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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enrollment. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday april 5th. the wildcats pounced and are are coming home national champions. >> every time i 20 him it's definitely going up. >> that went up and the came down the way he wanted. the buzzer beater three-point shot heard around the world. more on the history making blay that will be talked about for decades. >> bars and streets were packed on campus with ecstatic students and fans. we have live team coverage with reaction from players, coach wright and nova nation. >> it may have been


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