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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  April 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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enrollment. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday april 5th. the wildcats pounced and are are coming home national champions. >> every time i 20 him it's definitely going up. >> that went up and the came down the way he wanted. the buzzer beater three-point shot heard around the world. more on the history making blay that will be talked about for decades. >> bars and streets were packed on campus with ecstatic students and fans. we have live team coverage with reaction from players, coach wright and nova nation. >> it may have been hot on the
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court last night but it is cold out this morning. accuweather is tracking this april chill it's up in the area. >> good thing no one is talking about that parade being today. let's talk to dave murphy and karen rogers about that. >> cold this week. that are flurries out on the terrace. not what you expect for the first week of april but that's what we have this morning. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you little streak of light gray coming down south of allentown through bucks county and then pushing all the way through philadelphia and down in delaware county. it's not much but it is an indication of the cold that's in place. freeze warning is in effect until 10 o'clock this morning. it may be that late before some of us get out from under the freezing mark. right now we're at 32 degrees on the nose in philadelphia. upper 20's in trenton, allentown and reading. 32 in millville. below freezing in wilmington. and your wind chills right now on winds that are running in the teens and 20's, well, that's making it feel like it's in the teens and 20's across its region. currents wind chill of 23 in philadelphia. here's what you can expect the rest of the way. lots of sunshine coming up.
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once we get rid of a few this morning clouds but a high of only 46 degrees, blustery in the morning, less winds later today. karen rogers, another freeze watch is in effect for tonight. details on that coming up. >> all right, dave, you showed us those flurries on storm tracker6. now you can see them in the camera. here we are right now and you see a few flurries just flying across the roadway. this is chalfont bucks county looking live here on 202 parkway at bristol road. it doesn't seem to be affecting traffic but i would watch for a slick spot or two. we have a few flurries coming down and temperatures below freezing. so, kind of a bad combination but we're watching traffic move just fine here in chalfont bucks county. scounty. i-95 starting to see some of that volume building here. southbound approaching cottman again approaching girard but i-95 southbound a pretty easy 14 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. no major delay or problem yet. live on the vine street expressway not really seeing any flurries here. that westbound traffic starting to build just a little as you head towards the schuylkill. it was closed overnight for construction.
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all lanes opened right here. it will close again tonight at 11 o'clock. we have our second accident of the morning here on the garden state parkway northbound and this one here is past route 40 in egg harbor township atlantic county so expect some slowing in this area. >> ♪ >> with arcidiacono, three seconds at mid court. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship. [cheers and applause] >> the final five seconds of the ncaa championship were some of the most dramatic you will ever see on a basketball court. with only .5 seconds to spare, kris jenkins launched a shot that blasted through the net giving villanova the ncaa title. the dance is over. villanova reigns. >> i think we all collapsed for a moment and then came right back. the legendary 3-pointer nailed by jenkins is the first game winning three in the history of the ncaa tournament and it was the first buzzer beater to win the game since 1983. >> we have live team coverage from the villanova campus this morning. first up, we hear from the
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winning wildcats. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the pavilion with reaction from their big dance. katherine. >> reporter: matt it's pretty cold out here to here this morning. when the team return homes later today their reception will be white hot. we're standing at the pavilion. this is the wildcats home court. they put in a lot of blood sweat and tears here all season long and last night, it paid off. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: the trophy held high under a confetti shower in houston. the crowd on that feet. the villanova wildcats, the 2016 national champions. >> we just battled. we fought and it's a sweet feeling to know how much work we've all put in. >> reporter: neshaminy grad and senior point guard ryan arcidiacono cut off the last piece of the championship net. he was named a final four m.v.p. in those last few nail-biting seconds of the game, he passed the ball to kris jenkins who's 3-pointer lifted the wildcats
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to victory. for villanova's coach, just being part of this game was surreal. >> i'm numb, i really am. it's a thrill. it is humbling. you feel so fortunate to be with these guys. kris hits the shot. can come on, man, we conversation, when marcus paige pennsylvania hit that shot we could have been on the other side of this. you're very blessed when this happens to you. >> reporter: the celebration will continue on campus today and beyond. we are live on villanova's campus, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. chopper 6hd flew over villanova university last night after the big win. thousands of students and fans poured into the streets of radnor township. someone in a rowdy bunch start add fire there but police say no one was hurt and there were only a few arrests. >> "action news" reporter annie mccormick is also live in villanova on how students celebrated overnight. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and we just found out that that celebration is definitely
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going to continue because a text and e-mail alert just went out from villanova university announcing that all classes are canceled today for the university and also for the law school so you can imagine what students might be deciding to do today. well, overall police said that things weren't too bad. they said that there were three arrests and there were about 20 injuries, a little over 20 injuries. most of them were from intoxication. thousands spilled out onto lancaster avenue following the historic win. radnor township police got assistance from multiple local, state and federal agencies to man the crowd. students climbed light poles, raised flags and even started several small fires as they cheered in the street. mounted units quickly came through and officers extinguished the fires and dispersed the crowds. it was all under the watch full eye of authorities. radnor police had a command center set up where they monitored cameras on the campus. for the most part students' excitement did not get out of hand. those who packed the pavilion for the watch party got the
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feeling they were actually at the game in houston and in those final heart pumping seconds when the wildcats clinched the national title, cheers inside before they hit the streets. >> i honestly think they're a great defense and offense team and they really backed each other up and, you know, they really know each it's os, you know -- they knew each other so well so it really helped out in the end. >> this is very exciting. especially as a freshman. like this is like amazing. >> reporter: and now that everybody has off today since those classes canceled again just announced moments ago you can expect what those basketball players will come back to. the crowds that may fill this area. now, the trophy that you saw in katherine's story is where we're assuming it is going to be put here in that trophy case. you can see over there where a number of trophies have been over the years. also championship t-shirts are expected to be delivered to the campus bookstore by 8:00 a.m. this morning. for now reporting live on
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villanova's campus annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam. >> thank you, a annie. and excited villanova fans poured out of nrg stadium in houston last night. they traveled hundreds even thousands of miles to watch the wildcats in action. most fans say they'll never forget witnessing their team clinch their first national championship title in 31 years. >> that was the most incredible experience i've ever had in my life. >> jenkins is my hero. >> speechless. >> so proud. >> it's only the beginning of the night. >> let's go nova. >> i would say it's hands down probably the best time in my life. i cannot express that enough. >> well, villanova is probably getting ready to plan a parade for its victorious wildcats. in addition they should prepare for piles and piles of additional students applications as a result of the title win. maribel aber explains the flutie effect live at the nasdaq in times square. hey, maribel.
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>> reporter: hey, matt, yeah villanova's big win will probably mean a big jump in admissions applications to the school. it's called as you say here the flutie effect for quarterback doug flutie's touchdown pass that put boston college back on the map in 1984. applications shot up 30 percent in two years after that pass and after villanova's 1985 hoops championship applications spiked 18 percent according to a study. all right. stocks slumped yesterday as oil prices fell sparking selling in energy and industrial stocks. right now futures pointing to a sharply lower opened. reports on the trade deficit and job openings are due out today. matt and tam that's the latest in business but boy what a victory for villanova. >> absolutely. >> you were wearing blue all week maribel. >> that's right. >> we're going do give you some of the credit. >> it's cold this morning in case there's anybody out there still celebrating you need coats and extra gear. storm tracker six showing you we're mainly drive. right around the middle of the area there are a couple of light snow showers popping through.
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most cases these are just producing flurries as they drop down out of the north. that's what we've got on the terrace just outside the station. and you know as i look right there, this is the stuff i was standing in and even that brighter shade of gray really isn't doing too much at the surface. slow it down if you happen to see some slick stuff on the roads but i think in most cases this is just something to look at. as we take a look outside we have a little bit of cloud cover left over but as i'll show in you a moment, the clouds are clearing from north to south and we expect mostly sunny skies through most of the day. look at how that camera is bouncing, too. that's also part of the story. it is a bit windy and cold this morning. 32 degrees philadelphia. 28 trenton, upper 20's in allentown, reading, midst 20's in lancaster and down around the freezing mark millville and dover. a lot of these numbers beginning to drop a bit as cold air comes in from north to south and winds are strong enough where you can take 10 degrees off of these numbers to get your wind chills. so it feels like it's in the teens and low 20's across the region right now. here come the clouds and you
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can see that there's really a lot of dry air forcing in behind them and that evaporation from north to south has really rapidly coming through the region so we are expecting a quick return to sunshine this morning with perhaps just a little bit of early cloud cover. mostly sunny in the lehigh valley, brisk and chilly a high of just 41. down the shore we'll go for a high of 43, lots of sun but a chilly wind. the winds stronger early in the day than they will be later this afternoon. but during the morning andlily afternoon look for wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia with a chilly high of 46. again a fair amount of sunshine in play today. overnight clear skies and cold again. we dip all the way to 28 which is a little bit colder than this morning. and that means another freeze watch is that in effect for tonight. one in effect until 10 o'clock. another one tonight. if you did bring in some of those potted plants last night leave them in today and tonight and put them back out afterwards. wednesday afternoon a little bit of a mild wind bumps us up to 56 for a high.
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today's high is 46 degrees, sunny but brisk and chilly. breezy and milder tomorrow afternoon after that cold start getting up to 56 and then 61 on thursday but that will be periods of rain through the day and perhaps that afternoon and evening thunderstorms. any rain on friday now looks like it's just a morning shower so by the afternoon we're dry. a high of 53 and we'll be dry for the union match at talon energy stadium in chester. saturday 48 degrees the high there, perhaps a little sprinkle around. sunday 50 degrees the high with a mix of clouds and sun. and for opening day for the phillies at home, 60 degrees is the high on monday. there's a chance of a shower mainly in the evening. the game's at 3:00. should be over by about 5:30 or 6:00. hopefully it stays dry. >> thank you david. it is now 6:12. new this morning, two children sleep through a harrowing hoard deal. someone stole their car with them still in the back seat. >> and later the final dance that was a true family affair. those who know and love cress jenkins had a tough time picking which team to root
6:13 am
for. karen. >> volume building eastbound on 422 at trooper. looking pretty dry right here but we're catching flurries on some of the other roadways and i just got off the phone with police in morning. there's a multi-vehicle accident blocking three roadways. all the latest details when "action news" comes right back. at longhorn, if you want steak tonight... lucky you. if you don't want steak tonight... lucky you. its longhorn favorites. the fire grilled outlaw ribeye. the longhorn salmon. and the parmesan crusted chicken. all with hand chopped salad and honey-wheat bread. have your favorite tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch try our steakhouse burger. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.
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>> thrillanova. the team dominated north carolina for most of the second half and kept it together when it got close launching that bizzer beater for the title. classes are are canceled for villanova and villanova law students today. >> yeah, 'cause who did their homework last night? >> yes. >> no one. >> nobody. >> game of life. >> we were all celebrating and still doing. that looking live right now at 202 parkway at county line road. i guess the celebration is over because here we are in april and do you see the flurries flying here under the street light? i know it's kind of hard to see sometimes at home but if you look closely you can see the flurries flying across the roadway. we're watching for a slick spot or two as you travel. when i told my daughter there might be a wet snowflake she cried. she said no i want to swim. i don't want any any more snow but that's the case as you're traveling so watch for a slick
6:17 am
spot or two. i talked to police here in montgomery county telling me about an accident in springfield township here. bethlehem pike at paper mill road. so, this is also where stenton avenue comes in. it's like a three-way intersection. a multi vehicle accident. four vehicles involved in the intersection right now. it is blocked. all three of those roadways blocked at that intersection so emergency workers coming to the scene right now. be careful with a multi vehicle accident and bethlehem pike. i asked the officer is maybe the problem was slick conditions. he told me that the problem was people can't drive so that could be the issue. germantown avenue and hillcrest avenue your best alternates to deal with. that in limerick township montgomery county the ramp from 422 eastbound to limerick linfield another new accident here and it's two accidents that we had out here on the garden state parkway. this one is northbound past route 40 so watch for that here in egg harbor township. two accidents on the parkway northbound. i want to go to storm tracker6 live double scan and show you where some of these flurries are. with double scan it's the best way to show you what's happening. here we are you can see the
6:18 am
flurries have kind of moved from west chester now closer to the blue route, route one and we can see in media, route 13. in gibbstown, new jersey and swedesboro new jersey look at that brighter shade of white. it's really coming down near the new jersey turnpike and 295 in area. as well as some up north as well. we were watching a brief snow shower that moved through easton right now. kind of fizzling out but still along 611 and near new hope you're getting flurries as well, matt. >> thanks karen. new this morning, a pair of twin children are safe after the car they had been sleeping in was stolen. it happened at broad street and clue avenue in philadelphia's olney section at 11:30 last night. the children's father left the car running while he went into a chinese takeout restaurant. someone jumped inside it and drove off. police found the stolen car a few blocks away at 15th street and widener place. the three-year-old twin boys were still asleep in the back seat. police are still looking for the car thief. >> also new this morning, two jewelry salesmen were beaten up and then robbed of a million dollars worth of jewelry. this happened in monroeville
6:19 am
outside of pittsburgh on saturday night. surveillance video shows one of the victims going inside a restaurant. that's when police say four people assaulted the salesman's business partner and stole several suitcases containing about a million dollars worth of jewelry. meals believe the suspects may have been followed -- may have followed the victims all the way from new york city. ly. >> 6:19. villanova wins and yet the michael jordan crying meme is back. see how it was making the social media rounds again after north carolina's loss. david. >> so, it is cold this morning. we are dressing the can kids with all the extra gear. not only do we have temperatures around the freezing mark but wind chills are are in the 20's and we may be doing it again tomorrow. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next.
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6:22 am
shout-out to his alma mater. the senior guard from neshaminy high school in bucks county was named most outstanding player in the ncaa tournament. he scored 16 points last night and gave kris jenkins the fuel seal nova's signatory. got the swag just in off the patrols. it says national champions 2016 ncaa men's basketball villanova. >> now i'm dressed for work. >> that's right. we could do a live facebook video where we fight over it. >> guys. >> let's take a look outside right now and check the roads. this is the boulevard past broad streetly i was kind of looking forward to the fight. clear and dry but let's see. >> in that case. >> i think i just saw one flurry flying by. we've been catching flurries here or that through the area so just be careful as you're traveling. i wouldn't be surprised to see a slick spot. seeing just a couple cross the road right now n middletown delaware jamison corner road is closed near hyatts corner road. this is until january. dave.
6:23 am
>> light snow showers on storm tracker6 live double scan right now karen. these are breaking up up. no big batch over parts of philadelphia pushing into parts of salem and gloucester county. most cases we're seeing a moderate flurry out of that but if you do happen to see he a sheen developing on the roadway from a little quick batch then you want to slow it down. 31 degrees by 7 o'clock. just about everybody is either close to or below the freezing mark right now. so, do bundle up on the way out. plus it's windy with wind chills in the 20's. winds will die down later and the temperature will improve a bit but it's still going to be chilly later on with a high of only 46 degrees, probably slotting in at about 4 o'clock. quick look at the airport and we're hoping for all green aircraft. that's what we've got. no major delays and no sign of precipitation in any of our big travel destinations right now, matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, david. it is now 6:23. team coverage of the wildcats win continues next. >> we'll tell you where you need to be later this morning to get your lands on what you just saw live -- hands on what you just saw here on "action news," villanova swag.
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that's next on "action news" at 6:30 a.m. ♪
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>> ♪ >> last night's villanova-north carolina matchup was the ultimate sibling rivalry story. villanova's kris jenkins made that amazing 3-pointer buzzer beater and nate brit are brothers. >> nate's my brother. to play against each other in a national championship it was something special for our family. i'm happy that we won for sure.
6:27 am
so i don't have to hear him talk smack. >> yeah, thanksgiving dinner might have dragged on a bit long if we'd lost. though kris and nate aren't brothers by blood they have lived together since they were about 11 years old when chris was adopted by the brit family. >> our crying michael jordan meme was out in full force. mj attended the national title game to root on his north carolina. the crying jordan face is actually a still shot of his emotional hall of fame acceptance speech many people on social media use it for any type of sports loss. even cricket. you can see all the big moments from last night on the "action news" facebook page. alicia vitarelli caught up with a nova pet band for a special song. that and much more right now on 6abc facebook page. >> it is now 6:27. we have team coverage on the villanova campus coming up next. >> and also ahead, jay wright doesn't even flinch when the final shot goes in. see how he reacts when jeff skversky shows the coach on
6:28 am
his iphone. it's only on "action news." >> ♪
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>> two seconds to go. jenkins three right wing to win it. he made. he made the three from the right wing at the buzzer. >> he made it. a heart pounding finish in houston. the villanova wildcats are national champions for the second time in team history. [cheers and applause] >> and the crowd goes wild. we have team coverage of the dramatic finish and the resulting party on the main line. >> you could have powered a spaceship to the moon and back from all the excitement in that room. good morning, it is 6:30 on this tuesday april 5th. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> well, what a lovely february morning we have across the region.
6:31 am
it's early april but it doesn't look or feel like it. right now we've got flurries dancing around on the terrace. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan the center of the region has light snow showers dropping down out of the north blooming over delaware county and philadelphia. these don't appear to be having any impact on roads but if you do see a sheen develop under some of these steadier cells do slow it down. it looks like most of this is just light stuff, though. we are cold enough to have that freeze warning in place, though. that extends until 10 o'clock this morning. hope you brought in your potted plants overnight. 31 degrees we have dipped below the freezing mark as expected in philadelphia. we're in the upper 20's in the northern suburbs and now down to the freezing mark or below in most areas south of philadelphia and of course with winds driving down out of the north, we've got wind chills making it feel like it's in the teens and low 20's. so bundle up as if it was maybe about seven or eight weeks ago. by 1 o'clock we are back up to 42 degrees. we'll probably be digging out of the freezing zone around 9:30 in philadelphia. and then this afternoon we get
6:32 am
up to 46. you don't see it here 'cause it's going to happen at 4 o'clock so a little after that 45-degree reading you get your high. mostly sunny skies. very blustery and chilly early on today and then the winds die down but it's still cool later on. karen rogers, we've got another freeze watch in effect for tonight because it looks like another plunge in temperatures before a better bounce back tomorrow. details coming up. >> i want that april weather coming back. let's look outside live right now. we've been watching that brief snow shower come through in delaware county on storm tracker6. so, here as we look live in delaware county i-95 at ridley park not seeing any trouble on the roads. a seconds ago i was seeing some flurries fly across but not a snow shower so things are looking good right now. i would just watch for a slick spot or two even though they're just some flurries. temperatures below freezing and it doesn't take much to cause problems on the roads. so here we're seeing no big delay and just a couple of flurries. on i-95 it's certainly looking busier here. this is your southbound traffic already jammed academy to cottman and from past the betsy ross bridge to girard. and we're looking at a 21 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine so looks like it's
6:33 am
really starting to jam up right before our eyes on i-95 southbound approaching cottman. i talked to police in montgomery county and they told me about a multi-vehicle accident. four vehicles involved blocking three roadways here. this is that intersection where you have bethlehem pike, paper mill road and stenton avenue. crews are on the scene blocking all three roadways. stick to germantown avenue and hillcrest avenue instead. >> ♪ [cheers and applause] >> lift it high boys. wildcats holding the trophy high in houston and we're catching our breath after a buzzer beater put villanova over north carolina 77 to 74. >> coach jay wright finally let his guard down atop the ladder. he cut his piece of the net and flashed a villanova v. then team captain ryan arcidiacono took his turn waving the hoop like a rally towel. >> we have live team coverage of the villanova victory. annie mccormick is covering
6:34 am
the fan celebration. just in classes there have been canceled today. who is going to class. >> katherine scott is standing by live at the pavilion with player reaction. katherine we start with you. >> reporter: all right, well, yeah, here at the pavilion was packed with students last night. they were watching its game and of course after those last final seconds the crowd went nuts. what a game, what a finish and now nova national champions. >> three seconds at mid court. gives it to jenkins for the championship. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: a story book finish for the wildcats. the crowd erupts, the team piles on top of each other as streamers and confetti come raining down on them in houston. a buzzer beater for the ages. a buzzer beater for the 2016 national championship. >> that was one of the great college basketball games we've ever been a part of. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: the trophy hoisted high above that heads, the thrill of the victory still fresh.
6:35 am
a hard fought win over the tarheels. villanova was down after the first half, then up, then even. it all came down to that last shot. seconds heft. neshaminy grad and senior point guard ryan arcidiacono passed ball and kris jenkins sank it. >> i don't think i could have written a better script. it's just surreal. >> reporter: and back here live at the pavilion you're taking a look at a picture inside the main entrance of the 1985 villanova wildcats national championship team. that was 31 years ago. it looks like it's time to make some room on that wall. we're live on villanova's campus, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> yes, it is. thank you katherine. let's switch on over to annie mccormick. she's got more on the fan celebration and how police handled the crowds. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, we just found out about half hour ago that all classes are canceled for the university and also for the law school so you can only imagine that the party is going to continue.
6:36 am
and i can tell you now that the sun has come up i'm starting to see the remnants of a party here. i see a random shoe left behind and some bottles. overall police say that things were not too bad last night. they had it under control. there were about three arrests, about 20 people were injured. they say most of the injuries were due to intoxication. thousands spilled out i don't know to lancaster avenue following the historic win. radnor township police got assistance from multiple local, state and federal agencies to man the crowds. students climbed light poles, raised flags and even started several small fires as they cleared in the street. mounted units quickly came through and officers extinguished the fires and dispersed the crowds. it was all under the watchfully of authorities. radnor police had a command center set up where they monitored cameras on the campus. for the most part students' excitement did not get out of hand. those who packed the pavilion for the watch party got the feeling they were actually at the game in houston. in those final seconds when
6:37 am
the wildcats clinched the national title cheers inside before they hit the streets. >> this is like the best day of my life. i didn't think it would come true and those last four seconds i was praying that he would make the basket and god answered my prayers. >> reporter: and back out here live you can see he in there that trophy case we're assuming that that is where the ncaa championship trophy is going to go when the wildcats do return here today. expect to see a ton of people to welcome them back. now that we learned that classes are cancel. the championship t-shirts are supposed to be at the bookstore right now. the bookstore opens at 8:00 a.m. but you guys already taken care of. i saw you already had the hat and the t-shirt. would i wait in line in the cold to get some. i'll pick some up just in case. live on villanova's campus annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> like you think they're going to let us hold onto these things? we'll be looking forward to you coming back with our gear, annie.
6:38 am
[cheers and applause] >> yeah. >> whew. >> the wildcats were roaring outside nrg stadium in houston overnight. most of nova nation traveled hundreds even thousands of miles to watch the cats in action. it is villanova's first national championship title since 1985. >> our coverage continues on see a slideshow recapping all the heart stopping action from the championship game plus fan reaction and the celebration in the streets. >> all right. the big news in the last 45 minutes, no classes this morning at villanova. a lot of kids are going to want to hang out together, celebrate. make sure you wear a coat. >> it is pretty cold out that. storm tracker6 live double scan right now and you can see that there is a little bit of light snow shower activity in the center portion of the region. this is dropping down from the north right in through the middle of philadelphia. delaware county affected and glassboro close to the action. you can see a little bright band between wilmington and elmer but it really looks as
6:39 am
though what with yesterday's highs in the 60's the ground is just too warm for this to do anything. in most cases this is acting like kind of a heavy flurry if you can imagine that but it is an indication of the cool air in place. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies for now although he there are some breaks and the farther north you go or actually -- we're actually seeing quite a bit of breaks in the clouds. we dom expect these clouds to get out of here pretty quickly but as you look across that cloud shield on sky6 over the ben franklin bridge you can almost see some of the snow showers dropping down out of them, that little burst of darkness that's coming down in streaks from the clouds. that's a snow shower that you're looking a the right there. 31 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. it is cold and winds out of the north-northwest at 16. and that's giving you wind chills in the low 20's and upper teens across the region. so as you look at these numbers you can subtract about 10 degrees from them and you get your wind chill. it does feel cool out there and you do want to bundle up. there goes the precipitation. most of it gone the many at this point just a little snow shower creeping through and then look at all the drying we
6:40 am
have. do due west of us the clouds really melting away quickly and i think that's what you're going to see if philadelphia before too much longer. sunshine emerging from behind those clouds quickly today. by 8 o'clock, 32 under the sun. 33 by 10 o'clock. finally up above the freezing mark. this afternoon will be chillier than yesterday and very blustery through the first part of the day. by this afternoon the winds die down a little bit but our high only 46 degrees at about 4 o'clock so it is going to be a chilly one today. up in allentown just 41, 42 in reading, 45 in trenton and its mid 40's in philadelphia, wilmington, millville and down the shore in cape may. and as we take a look at future tracker6 we're now looking at 11 o'clock tonight. you can see that after the 40's we do dip back down close to the freezing mark and overnight we are sinking right back down into the 20's and low 30's and it looks like another issue with freezing out there tonight. in fact a freeze watch has already been posted for tonight. we've got that freeze warning for the current period that ends at 10 o'clock in the morning but another one in all the familiar places tonight so
6:41 am
if you brought in those potted plants last night keep them in today and tonight. 46 degrees is today's high. tomorrow 56 we get better in the afternoon. 61 with periods of rain and a thunderstorm on thursday. and then a shower on friday morning. otherwise we're dry with a high of v it now looks like it will be dry for the union match at talen energy stadium on friday night in chester. 48 brisk and chilly saturday. 50 sunday clouds some sun that and partly sunny for the phillies home opener, 60 degrees the lie on monday. >> got it david. thank you. 6:41. up next more stories you didn't see last night including a violent tend to a police chase. the one who police say is behind the wheel isn't old enough to drive. >> see jay wright's reaction to seeing the replay of nova's winning buzzer beater for the very first time. karen. >> i know this shot a little shaky. this coming in on i-95 northbound approaching cottman. a disabled school bus out here blocking the right lane so really jamming up traffic on i-95 northbound. we'll check the schuylkill when "action news" comes right
6:42 am
6:43 am
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>> at the buzzer. cats win it all, cats win it all, cats win it all. >> that was kris jenkins winning shot called from villanova's play by play man ryan fanning on six 10:00 a.m. student fans spilled out of the pavilion to celebrate. they can sleep in a bit before the team returns this afternoon because classes at the university are canceled. >> that place is going to be nuts when the team gets back this afternoon. let's go over to karen rogers to take a look at traffic.
6:45 am
good morning. >> i love that classes are canceled. it's like celebrating, keep celebrating. let's look outside live and you see the flurries flying across the schuylkill expressway. i know sometimes it's hard to see at home but i'm watching them fly across this camera at this point so not causing a major impact for sure but nonetheless i would watch for a slick spot or two. we have flurries in the area and temperatures below freezing. i know this time of year you don't want to hear that but be careful as you're traveling. this is the schuylkill at montgomery county. eastbound traffic headed towards center city. driving through those flurries here and eastbound pretty slow from the blue route to the curve and boulevard to girard. westbound jamming in the usual spot from the boulevard to gladwyne as you can see those flurries kind of flying around right now. let's switch over to the big picture. we've got a problem on i-95. i showed you this before here near cottman. a disabled school bus that's out here northbound at cottman and causing a very slow go northbound. it's usually just southbound that is slow but northbound you can see this area of red on i-95 northbound at cottman so starting to create a jam-up because of that disabled
6:46 am
school bus blocking a lane. looking at those slow speeds there. elsewhere i showed you the schuylkill and we're looking in the 20's and 30's for the most part westbound near, n-montgomery and eastbound near girard. we have a multi-vehicle accident still out here. police told me about this involving four vehicles blocking this intersection. it's that three-way intersection here on bethlehem pike, paper mill road and stenton avenue and another accident coming in bethlehem pike at unionville pike. yet another one in limerick so it's a time where these accidents are popping up. 422 eastbound at limerick that ramp you're getting an accident. storm tracker6 live double scan showing those snow showers that have come through, the light snow showers and flurries really hitting the city and south jersey now. look at 295 right near woodbury getting a brighter shade right there, it's coming down pretty good as well as swedesboro and woodstown, tam. >> thank you karen. new here on "action news," a 15-year-old is in a lot of trouble for stealing a pickup truck and then crashing it during a police pursuit. another driver caught the end of the chase in oregon. state police rammed right into
6:47 am
the teen twice. troopers hopped out with guns drawn to arrest the young suspect. no one else was injured in that pursuit. >> ♪ >> it is primary day in wisconsin. the results could help shore up momentum for candidates on both sides of the presidential race or complicate matters. a donald trump loss would narrow his odds of clinching the republican nomination before the party's convention in july. democrat bernie sanders is looking for a win going into hillary clinton's adopted state of new york in two weeks. though many say clinton's delegate lead is all but insurmountable.
6:48 am
6:50 am
>> they do not mop the floor with the tarheels but a villanova player did plane old mopping with seconds left in the game. daniel ochefu helped the pop-up boy clean up a spill. here's what the chef had to say about it. >> the kid was having a hard time. i'm the one that dove. i left a big wet spot on it so i was like let me get this make sure the floor is dry and thank god we didn't slip on that. >> people on social media joked that the chef's mop was actually ryan arcidiacono's mop trophy. get it mop, most outstanding player, m-o-p. >> you got it. >> the guy was loose. it's coming down to the wire, he's -- >> and the can kid is like you do it. >> great team. >> let's take a look outside right now. we've been watch something flurries here and there. this is i-95 near bridge street northbound traffic on your right-hand side headed towards cottman. we've got a disabled school
6:51 am
bus blocking the right lane so this is an unusual jam northbound from the betsy ross bridge to approaching cottman northbound is jammed even heavier than your southbound delay which is your normal morning volume so jammed up with that disabled school bus, dave. >> karen look at that camera shaking, too. we have a strong blustery winds out there along with cold and some snow showers as karen has been mentioning. these are mostly light, just sort of like a moderate flurry in most cases. traffic wise we were very mild on the roads yesterday. be hard for anything to stick this morning but it is cold so dress the kids in all the extra gear this morning and this afternoon you can ease it up a little bit. we'll stay chilly. 46 degrees is your high. that's it right there at 4 o'clock. very windy in the morning, not so much in the afternoon. we'll be back with your top stories coming up.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> ♪ >> time now for one final look back at villanova's historic win. >> our jeff skversky wept one-on-one with coach jay wright. >> reporter: it's one of the greatest finishes you'll ever see with no time left villanova's kris jenkins drained the three with no time left. it is the first time in national championship game history a team won at the buzzer on a three and the villanova wildcats are
6:55 am
national champions. they cut down the nets here in houston. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: hates sunk in yet what you did on that last shot. >> it still hasn't but i love this trophy. i ain't going let it go for awhile. >> numb, i really am. it's a thrill. it is humbling. so fortunate to be with these guys. >> reporter: villanova coach jay wright couldn't believe his eyes so he watched the replay with us for the very first time with his family. >> watching him set the screen, great screen by daniel. kris gets into the play. wow. >> reporter: what's going through your mind watching this. >> i'm thinking there's going to be time left and i got to get everybody together. >> reporter: you seem so calm and chill. >> because it's my job. i know i got people -- i got people -- i got 18 to 22-year-olds that are out of that minds. i got to get them together. i never actually heard it's over, you know, there's no
6:56 am
time left. >> reporter: i think you won, jay. i think you're the national champs. >> i know it i got it now. i got it now. it's still hard to believe but the villanova wildcats are national champions for the seconds time in school history. they're cleaning up the floor here in houston at the final four. but time to start planning a parade back home. with the villanova wildcats, the national champs, i'm jeff skversky channel6 "action news." >> radnor township or philadelphia? >> both. >> both. >> that's what i say. >> let's do a parade in both. >> we love a parade and we're excited. let's look outside live. this is i-95 seeing a heavy delay northbound traffic. we saw from the betsy ross bridge to approaching cottman because of a disabled school bus. look at that northbound ride. even longer than the southbound ride because of that bus blocking the right lane. and we're also watching for some flurries around, dave. >> all right, karen. well, as we take a look today is going to be a chilly one. we're still below freezing write now, still a # about 32 by 9 o'clock. wind chills in the low 20's upper teens and you can see a
6:57 am
high of 46 degrees late today. a couple of snow showers around but it doesn't look like they're sticking. >> all right. the campus bookstore opens at 8:00 a.m. [laughter] >> going to rip it. >> congratulations villanova. v for victory. >> whew. >> ♪
6:58 am
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good morning, america. deadly spring storm. whiteout conditions from buffalo to boston wreaking havoc on roads. a bus with dozens of college students on board flipping over. this pickup going airborne as a bitter blast of cold air his the east. crucial votes. both donald trump and hillary clinton bracing for setbacks today in wisconsin as sanders and cruz rise in the polls. melania trump hits the trail for her husband. >> when you attack him, he will bunch back ten times harder. >> and ted cruz answers the question about his marriage as he tries to seal the deal. a stunning scene unfolding on an aircraft. a flight attendant under investigation after inflating the emergency slide and taking off down the runway leaving behind a plane full of bewildered


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