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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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from houston ended 40 minutes ago and josh hart was carrying the trophy. we'll see that in just a second. that confirms that the wildcats are the best in the land. welcome home villanova. the tri-state area is very proud to see you. >> it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is the return of the victors. and chopper 6 hd is now live over the wildcats convoy making its way from the airport to the campus and the airport. as they negotiate i-95 and 476 directly to the villanova campus negotiating the end of rush hour. it will take them a few more minutes. lets go live to a picture inside of villanova stadium where some thousands of students and members of the band have
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gathered. all members of the villanova community waiting for the arrival of the team. but again it will take a few more minutes for the team to get there. >> lets go live to "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist at the airport. sara, a great homecoming for the wildcats a few minutes ago. >> the wildcats back on home turf on the move to the main line now where the big celebration awaits them. it's great to be here when the plane arrived when they touched down. it was not long ago when the plane taxied up to the gate and they gave them an amazing welcome with a blast of water over the plane. and there were a few fans here to greet them and the players smiled and waived and they passed the trophy from one to the next and really great. a couple of planes travelled to
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houston carrying family and friends. we talked to some fans. >> what was it like to be there last night? >> it's hard to put into words, i am in shock now, we have a lot of school pride and we are passionate basketball fans and it's phenomenal. >> what was it like to be there last night? >> unbelievable. best night of my life so far. >> he lost his voice you can hear that. while watchling the game in houston last night and he may lose it even more and there is more celebrating, the events and celebration just about to happen as the team arrives out at villanova in a few minutes and of course there is a parade on friday afternoon. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> sara thank you. the convoy, the wildcat convoy has hit the blue route 476 from i-95 and they will go to
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lancaster avenue in villanova and turn on to the campus a few blocks away. a few buses bringing the party to the airport to the villanova campus. lets go live to villanova stadium and "action news" reporter, walter perez, you are there for an hour and you see the crowds build. what is it like now. the anticipation is growing and the crowd is growing and lots of people excited and they know that the team is on the ground and on the way here and the anticipation is getting very, very big and at this point, i want to introduce a woman liz kennedy walsh, the association vice president of villanova university. last night when the celebration was going into the streets, i was doing a live interview with liz some excited people blew us out of her shoes.
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i want to take the opportunity to ask you how proud you are not just of the championship but the way they handle themselves and how classy jay wright is through this whole process? >> for this entire community this team is special and unselfish and they believe in team and they represent what is special about villanova, how can it be better? >> the neat thing about it, all the people we spoke to here the word is family, not just the team but each other and the whole community and that makes it special as well. >> the true not just a word here when we talk about the villanova community and our freshman coming and feeling like home. it's real and now i think the team has shown the entire country how true that is. >> how crazy is this going to get? >> this place is going explode. we are proud of them. >> they are already excited as
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you can see. >> calm down. you are okay. >> that personifies it, we have small children and grandparents, we have fan decades fans that were at the 85 game the last time we won the championship who are here now to welcome back this team. it's a great day for villanova. >> liz kennedy walsh thank you for your time. anticipation is building and we are ready for the team to arrive. back to you. >> thank you walter. some fans young and younger, lets go to "action news" jaime apody in a different part of the stadium. they are forming the victory line for the team. >> you know that things are getting close and things are starting to happen. when the dance team is here. the players will walk out the tunnel and down through all of these people and here i have the
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dance team. hey guys, how excited are you? >> so excited. >> where did you guys watch the game last night? >> we watched it at the pavilion with the rest of the students. >> we saw what happens when the final shot went off, what was it like in there? >> it was so exciting the crowd was going crazy, we couldn't believe it, it was exciting. >> what is the plan when the guy as arrive, are you making a tunnel? >> we will be as loud as we can and show how proud we are. >> how exciting is this as a college student for this to happen while you are here on campus? >> it's incredible. people come to villanova and think this could not happen, but we are lucky it happened while we were students here. >> you feel a part of it? >> i'm a freshman here this experience as a freshman is so incredible and i'm lucky to be a part of it and tell everyone that and i'm so proud. >> what i love about this and
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this fan gathering here growing by the hundreds by the minute here, you see young and you see old. all likes of people, and if you look up people are starting to gather up in the stands as well. >> they are pumped and excited and they cannot wait for the team to arrive. they will arrive down below them. if you look over here these people are lining this area for hours here. and we have a cute little one. >> we have fans young and old, my husband brought our boys and to be a part of history. the team son their way and when they arrive here kris jenkins and ryan arcidiacono we are here to capture it all. cats when you get off the bus be ready because everyone will be excited for it to happen. live at villanova university where the cats are on their way.
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jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> all right lets go to vernon odom who is live at city hall as we await the arrival of the team. vernon odom we have a parade on friday what is the city saying about it? >> reporter: the city is gearing up and ready to go, they say they can handle it. the kenney administration predicted 50,000 to 75,000 people will come into town to take part in the celebration, in addition to the folks here every frit working and going to school. the villanova parade will kick off friday here at 20th and market at 1:00 p.m. sharp and then proceed five blocks east to market down into dillworth park where the tulips are flourishing, this is in the works since friday in case the wildcatted came through. >> they have a philadelphia school and a large regional city
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in the southeast part of the pennsylvania and we are happy that they won. happy to host it. >> these are scenes from the 85 celebration when villanova pulled off their upset against george town to win the mens title that year. city hall says the tab this time for extra services like police will be picked up by the university and the details were finalized midmorning and it was starting to plan on friday. >> we want folks to come into the city and feel comfortable this is their town and they feel welcome and coming into philadelphia and helping our economy and celebrating big events that we are all proud of. >> reporter: jim looking at that footage from 31 years ago tells me that there is a lot of excitement here friday afternoon, villanova is suppose to pick up the costs of $22,000
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hail to the champions, live in dillworth park, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon looking at that video from 31 years ago it makes people like you and i feel like we have been here for a while. but -- here is the convoy, the wildcat convoy making its way by police escort on the blue route, they are six or seven minutes out of their destination. as you can see the road is cleared for them by way of philadelphia and now lower merion police escort. as they make their way to villanova stadium. i'm watching this along with ducis rogers and you were sitting right here last night when villanova was winning this game in utterly spectacular fashion. lots of memories because of great shots by both teams but the last one by kris jenkins.
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>> it was phenomenal but they had a great run. these are remarkable numbers, villanova shot 58.2% from the field during the tournament. the best percentage in 50 years. lets look at the highlights, a lot of credit has to go to sophomore bill booth. he scored 24 points and nova up 3 with less than 10 seconds to play when marcus page from unc tied tup with a three-pointer. and then ryan arcidiacono dribbled the ball up court and found kris jenkins and made the shot at the buzzer. it's what every kid that has ever seen a basketball dreams of. a moment frozen in time and the shot remembered forever. the greatest shot to finish a
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game ever. >> a dream come true. woo. i have no words. just amazinamazing. i'm glad to share this moment with my basketball family. >> you should turn that around and show everyone nova nation the national championship title. >> what dance is that? >> the champion dance. >> raw emotion from kris jenkins after the game a remarkable run and tip of the cap. >> as the celebrations continue this week, we want to see your nova nation spirit. so please share your pictures with us at #6abcaction and follow us on twitter at 6 abc and like us on facebook. coverage of the national
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champion wildcats continue next. we are live from villanova stadium from the campus of villanova university. we'll go back as the team has a hero's welcome. plus radnor police review last night the night of celebration. >> hopefully the fans are bundled up windchills in the 30s right now and freeze warnings again tonight and for the weekend i'm tracking believe it or not a chance of snow. i'll have the detailed in the accuweather forecast. >> that is absolutely ridiculous.
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buss carrying the villanova basketball team and the villanova basketball staff from the airport to the campus, they are still on the blue route on 476, and they are getting ever closer to the villanova exit and they will be at the stadium in just a few moments. lets go live to villanova stadium and jaime apody. excitement and anticipation is building there. >> reporter: yes, a couple of minutes ago they announced that the team was at the villanova exit. and the crowd went wild. because this crowd is waiting a while. are you ready for the team to get here? [ cheers and applause ] >> they are pumped up and i'm telling you a lot of my young friends here stayed up later than they should have last night. did you stay up and watch the game. >> i fell asleep.
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>> we saw a police helicopter come by pretty low actually. that scared us a little bit -- you were up way past your bedtime. >> i couldn't believe that villanova won against the number one team. >> did you go to school today? >> good. school day and workday for everyone and now a time to celebrate. if i set the scene, we have the dance team. we have gone fans lining both sides of the stadium and we have fans up here with their v's for victory. and one of the coolest sights for me. walk with me. can you get a shot? behind the fans -- i guess you can't -- here bill right here. the fans -- if you look at the scoreboard there, they have welcome home national championship final score 77-74
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and the time is 2016. that is pretty awesome. we are just moment as way from the team arriving here on campus. the buss will pull up and we'll be the first ones to show that to you and can you imagine the feeling when they all arrive in the stadium? >> thank you. lets go to chad pradelli live on the villanova campus not far from where you are. students partied through the night and expect it inevitable and fans are out in big numbers and police as well. >> i'll tell you 270 officers in total from around the region took part in the efforts, it was spearheaded by radnor police and that students should be proud, relatively speaking there were only a few incidents. >> police estimate 10,000 to 15,000 villanova fans packed lancaster avenue after last night's impressive win.
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radnor police arrested 10 people and most were minor offenses. >> there was fires and shrubbery removed and assaults and one dui during the incident ain couple of things flown at a fire truck with villanova winning that made it even better. because dealing with people that are celebrating is a lot better than dealing with people that were disappointing. an eye opener may be the 37 injured but most of those were treated on scene because the university set up their own triage. >> you hear oh my gosh 37 injuries, it must we crazy but they are physicians on site to evaluate. >> the celebration was a once in a lifetime opportunity and while frigid after the game the adrenalin from a national championship was a moment they will never forget. >> it was insane and i didn't know what to say everybody was
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screaming and running and i just ran out. >> it was unreal and everybody came out and was completely breathless and about to pass out and scream their heads off. the biggest crowd was here at the university. as you know a big crowd was outside of kelly's tap room in bryn mawr, and police are jurisdiction in that area and they had no arrests and no injuries, a good night to be had for the celebration of this national championship. we are live on the villanova campus, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we'll go back up to chopper 6 hd because the buses have gotten off 476 and are a couple of blocks away from villanova stadium and that is lancaster avenue, and these three buses are making their way -- i don't foe if the fans in the stadium
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have been told how close these buses are but just a minute or two. lets go back to jaime apody and jaime, i'm assuming that you can hear me, jaime and walter perez in fact, these buses are close and they are going be there in just a minute. >> hey we are awaiting the team's arrival, they will come out from right down here and the bus are close and the excitement is palpable. and the women's coach and players are down. he told me a fascinating story, he passed a kidney stone at home during this game and was relieved when villanova won. maybe that was not for sharing but he thought it was funny. we are getting excited here, the stadium is loud and the fans are excited and there is a huge
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presence out here where the buses are about to pull up any second and stick with as they come because we'll be your first point of attack when jay wright and kris jenkins and ryan arcidiacono step off the bus. when they left for the final four jay wright had to wear sunglasses because he teared up. when the seniors knelt down to kiss the floor. it got him so choked up and brought him to tears. last night there were no tears just happiness and jubilation and those of us that cried happy tears. >> jaime you were one of the last members of the media to interview jay wright before he got on the bus and the first to interview him before he steps off the bus. >> i'm going to make that happen. unless they push me out of the
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way, that is okay. i have elbows here, i am built for this. >> we are looking at chopper 6 hd here of the buses. well, they are now a block, a half block away from where you are. i know this area reasonably well, they are now passing on their right the villanova softball stadium and practice field and they are right there jaime. they are at the stadium and about to make a left turn into the turnle and you'll see them in just a second. >> are you my eyes jim gardner and hopefully i will see this bus any second. thank you for giving me that information. we are still waiting and we hear the helicopters and cheers from the stadium and the dance team and i hope the sea of people parts out here, and these are big time alumni and members of
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the other sports organizations and faculty and people that work for the university that are gathered here. >> jaime apody i'm interrupting you for a quick second, we'll take this opportunity before the buses get inside to go to cecily tynan for a quick seven-day forecast. >> i'll make it quick. we have a cold night tonight freeze warnings are posted and overnight lows in the 20s and teens, and near record cold tonight and the exclusive accuweather forecast, after a cold start tomorrow, the afternoon not that bad, about 10 degrees warmer than today. 54 on thursday and a cold front moves through with periods of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm and a high of 61 degrees and friday it's breezy and cooler, but a decent day for the villanova victory parade. look what happens over the weekend the bottom drops out with temperatures back down into the 40s and rain and snow showers on saturday and perhaps a period of steady snow on sun
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we dry out and sun mixed with clouds and tuesday rain likely with a high of 66 degrees. quick enough for you? back to you jim. >> thank you cecily. lets go back up to chopper 6 hd no we are on the ground -- again with jaime apody. here they come. >> reporter: the players walking through big smiles and they have arrived. how you doing? this is exciting. cameras are out and they are taking selfies, they can't wait. these are some of the walk ons, the senior walk ons, you hear jay wright talk about them and these guys have the net tied up in their hat. here is ryan arcidiacono. >> arch what is this like? >> unbelievable. nova nation out in full force. >> not a bad way to go out.
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>> not at all. >> you see the players continue to come by, there is kris jenkins. >> everybody you dreamed of? >> amazing. >> you were able to hit the shot? >> yes. >> he is the man let him go. the players continue to wall up and we are still waiting -- did i miss coach wright or d did he not walk by yet? what a scene it is here. you can tell the players just can't contain their excitement. it's a dream come true for all of them to have the season end
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this way with a national championship. two of the seniors, obviously over the moon with excitement. what a way to go out. you can't dream up anything like that. we have more support staff coming off the bus and trying to get out here to this rally. i don't think i have seen jay wright yet. >> i don't think we have either. we are also looking at -- jaime we are also looking at the stage from chopper 6 hd. and we are trying to see exactly who is there? but we have not seen jay either. i know are you anxious to get him. >> he is right here. do not worry jim we have found jay wright and as jay wright is always so gracious with the media, i'm sure he will have no problem joining us. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> what is this like coach? >> like you are walking on a
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cloud. awesome. and great night to be back in villanova. back in philly. like we have been away -- >> you got so emotional when you left. does that bring this all back. you have come back with a championship. >> it really does, that was our last practice and our seniors got me emotional. this is awesome. >> everything you ever dreamed coach? >> i never even dreamt about this part. i never even thought about it. >> this is for you. [ cheers and applause ] jaime apody great job jaime. you did get that first interview with jay wright as he walked into the stadium. and that was your mission and it was mission accomplished jaime apody. thank you. we have some thousands of students and other members of thevil villanova community now
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assembled waiting to hear from their heroes and now they have returned from houston and from the final four. they were ecstatic to get there and now they feel they have accomplished everything they could now that they are back. the villanova community, it is a family, a family. this is not one huge state university by the way, this is a relatively small private catholic college. it's as familial as a college can be. we'll live stream this for you at right now. we are going to the world news tonight with david muir and "action news" will continue with all of this and more at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the first exit polls. will wisconsin change theetop d. and tonight, what hillary clinton just said. her challenge to donald trump. the deadly crash. investigators talking just a short time ago, after an american helicopter tour goes down, killing everyone e onboar. the deadly spring storm, and tonight, the deep freeze now. snow and concern over black ice for drivers, that cold here to stay. the flight attendant just fired after suddenly deploying the emergency chute in houston. and you'll see it right here. and the passenger who called 911 to warn authorities about his uber driver. >> he kept driving. >> passed from dispatcher to dispatcher, not once, but three times. an hour later, tt


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