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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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new jersey from all walks of life. the 17-year-old, the juvenile, the teenager at the center of it all here. was by all accounts a popular teacher here he is 36 years old. and as for the videos and what they show -- >> these videos show very young children being coerced in performing sexual acts on themselves and others including child rape. they are truly vial. >> the acting attorney general and local safe guard of investigation used the state's computer lab and it led to the arrest of 16 men ages 16 to 72. they were using child share networks. one charged was charles guzy. he was the drama teacher and
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worked at the theater in pitman and he recorded video in a backstage bathroom. the charges so far relate only to the child porn videos. >> we have no evidence that these defendant inappropriately assaulted or inappropriately touched victim. if there are witnesses or victims that have evidence concerning these defendants please let us know. >> the teacher apparently worked heard at the district in vineland for the last 12 years and was arrested on february 19th. all they can say is that he is currently on unpaid leave and has been since february 19th. >> john thank you. meantime, congressman chaka fattah will have extra time to prepare for his upcoming criminal trial. today a judge delayed the trial
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two weeks to give them additional time to review 100,000 documents that the prosecution has put together. fattah is accused of taking bribe and taking -- he is running for re-election to congress but faces several challengers in the primary and now his trial will start may 16th. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both in town trying to build moment momentum ahead of the primary. chopper 6 hd just flew over that area and there say huge line to get in. he will stop at temple united methodist church at 9:00. sanders has won seven of the last eight contests including a big victory last night in wisconsin. he will hold the rally at the
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center and speak to the cio tomorrow. vernon odom is live with more on hillary clinton's speech and a second campaign stop she made in town today. >> reporter: good evening, hillary clinton desperately wants to break bernie sanders' momentum here in pennsylvania. by the enof the month she wants to do that, pennsylvania is a key confrontation and maintains a narrow lead here. fresh off a drubbing she took yesterday in the wisconsin primary, she went in front of the cio to get her the nomination and then to the white house. for example she supported the $15 minimum wage hikes in new york, california and then here. >> i fully support governor wolf
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and his fight to raise the minimum wage in pennsylvania as well. >> clinton would like to put the stubborn sanders' campaign down for the count. in a few weeks we'll see the battle in new york and then the pennsylvania primary. the latest poll here has her only of points ahead of sanders. >> we have a primary on april 26th, i'll work hard across this commonwealth. as hard as i can to reach out and meet the voters but i can't do that without your help. >> clinton was joined my mayor jim kenney in port richmond a business that is helping people find gainful employment. there is a lot of support for the former first lady and secretary of state here. >> a lot of our unions have already endorsed hillary clinton
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and from the mood there was excitement and enthusiasm, all of her remarks were on target. talked about unions and trade and all the important issues for working family. >> reporter: brian hillary clinton was slamming her opponents and all the republicans. the gloves are off here in pennsylvania now. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" on the ben franklin parkway. >> thank you vernon you heard him mention the quinnipiac poll, on the republican side it shows donald trump leading with 39% and ted cruz second with 30% and john kasich 24%. trump has a stronger lead with men and smaller with women. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. a cloudless sky this afternoon. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is outside. it's a little warmer.
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>> a little warmer than this morning. temperatures dropped all the way down into the 20s, it felt like the dead of winter. atlantic city airport. a new record low of 22 degrees, philadelphia the record low was 24 so not quite that cold. 29 degrees and allentown 24 and trenton 23 and wilmington 29 degrees. even the low of 29 wasn't a record, this was 12 degrees below average and the cold efgt april temperature in 19 years. this is unusually cold but with the sunshine today we have warmed it up to a more tolerable level. philadelphia 53 degrees and allentown 50 and wilmington 51 and trenton 52 degrees. i am tracking temperatures in the 60s tomorrow however it comes at a big price. rain is on the way. i'll have details on the timing and track a wintry weekend on the way. in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily.
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it has been another day of euphoria on the campus of villanova university. the wildcats are riding high and getting ready for a city wide celebration come friday. walter perez is live in philadelphia. we are waiting for more details on the parade and meantime the champs are still on cloud 9. >> this is something called the doug flutey effect. he is famous for throwing a hail mary pass for throwing a pass to win the game against miami and enrollment went through the roof after that. and so far the publicity hasn't hurt. it's a normal wednesday here at villanova university. you see a few dozen high schoolers planning on a campus tour. the only difference now the tour guide says along with questions
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about the schools academic programs, they are asking about basketball. >> they want to know about the team. it will be exciting to share that they are touring a school that has won a national championship. >> reporter: just to give you an idea of the impact a successful championship can have on a school. on the first scheduled tour day after villanova beat oklahoma in the semi finals approximately 1200 people showed up. alyssa from new jersey says it's not a major factor but it is a factor. >> it's a really fun thing to do. to go to see sports. >> others though like andrew from new jersey says he could careless. >> you didn't watch the game?
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>> no, i watched replays. >> you may be only one of five people in america. >> i don't know about that. i'm not a basketball enthusiast. >> we are waiting for updated information from the city on the parade on friday, once we get the information we'll pass it along on 6 abc and reporting live from villanova, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> be sure to stay with "action news" for more on the villanova victory parade. we'll have all the fun here at 1:00 here on 6 abc. it's time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. hi matt. >> we have excitement for this parade of people attempting to head home on this wednesday afternoon brian and sharrie. i bet they don't like our excitement. it was late running construction in the northbound lanes of 95 near allegheny avenue. the crews are finally cleared out but left us with a huge
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delay. this is the scene in south philadelphia. the construction is at allegheny avenue. that is a strong stretch of traffic moving at this pace. you start to jam just off the girard point bridge by broad street and continues up through allegheny avenue. basically it's stop and go to cotman avenue. and we are watching a crash in the frankford section along kensington avenue, near o street. o as in outstanding. we have a downed tree in chadds ford. and in new jersey a rough ride on 295 northbound, and this afternoon a broken down vehicle near the black horse pike and look for a crash on warwick road at charles avenue. and a gas main break in ewing township is blocking 31 and olden avenue.
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stay on 206 to get around that. so many things to talk about already on this hump day afternoon. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. still ahead the fallout continues from a new law dealing with discrimination of the lgbt community. and the man caught in a raging wild fire who lived to tell about it. and officials break ground on a new memorial at the heart of a center city tragedy. what mayor jim kenney said to mark the occasion. >> you know it's spring when adam joseph is there for an outdoor adventure. today he is in the lehigh valley, visiting the lost river caverns. >> we are in haller town in north hamiltpton county. remember when this used to be a limestone quarry, they were blasting this area for the rocks and minerals, they opened up an
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a new mississippi law that allows religious groups and some private businesses to deny services to gay and transgender members could land the state in court. opponents say they are considering lawsuits and there is an urge antsy because people feel under attack. republican bill bryant signed the bill under law saying he is protecting religious freedom and lawmakers have advanced similar measures in about a dozen states so far this year. a man in oklahoma escaped a raging wild fire just in the nick of time. jason was driving this road grader before it got stuck in a ditch. perk says he was trying to save a house at the time which he thinks he did. if he and the road grader survived the flames hours later
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he was back out there on the job. the u.s. government is trying to stop a major merger in the oil industry. the justice department filed a lawsuit to prevent halliburton from acquiring their rival. halliburton wants to buy its rival for $35 billion, but the justice department warned it would lead too little competition leading to higher prices and less competition. the company plans to fight the lawsuit. meantime two huge pharmaceutical companies have walked away from their merger citing new rules from the u.s. government. pfizer and the irish company,allergan had a deal to merge for $160 billion, pfizer would have cut its tax bill each year, but new u.s. treasury
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rules aiming at stopping deals that stop tax loopholes for conferences forced pfizer to back out of the deal. pfizer will pay allergan $150 parking lot for walk ago way from the deal. the dow reached triple diblgities. 112 points up and the nasdaq up 77 points and the s&p 500 up nearly 22 points. well, flyers playoff tickets went on sale as players continue their push for the post season. they are currently tied for the eighth and final playoff spot in the eastern conference and fans can buy tickets on their website or at the wells fargo center. and a refund if they don't make it. it starts tonight with a huge match-up against the detroit red wings. time for accuweather and adam joseph first outdoor adventure
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for 2017. >> we love that, hiv in hellertown, pennsylvania at the lost river caverns. >> it looks like i'm in the lost jungle so to speak. look behind me we are inside of the gift shop and souvenir shop at the lost river caverns. they built this particular business up, a third generational family owned business. back in the day the gilman family purchased the caves in 1929. you have tours and this particular cave which we'll go down in eventually. has a lot of history behind it from weddings to parties, to fraternities from lehigh university that come here to have a good time. they have built this up a bit and has a neat tropical feel. temperatures outside at the shore we are in the 40s, kind of a cool day at the beach. philadelphia now sitting at 53
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degrees and warmer than that 29 degrees where we started this morning. wilmington 51 degrees. it's a breezy day as well. winds gusting 20 miles per hour in philadelphia 23 wilmington and 17 miles per hour up the road here in allentown. satellite and radar clouds moving in from the west we are watching low pressure north of chicago and the great lakes. you see a line of showers and downpours, what is what is going to arrive here first thing tomorrow morning. first thi first thing tonight cloudy and not as cold the overall lows will stay in the 40s, quite a kick up in temperatures. and future tracker 6 showing we have rain on the way, 7:00 tomorrow morning, the steadiest of the rain is still west of reading as well as lancaster and
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central part of pennsylvania and then the line approaches late morning and the afternoon that is when the most robust area of downpours and even a couple of thunderstorms will be passing through and by 4:00 all the heavy rain is now north of long island and spotty showers around here but overall we'll see a pretty good soaking of rain with the warmer temperatures coming in and future tracker 6 showing overall about .75 inch and inch of rain as the temperatures spike for one day before they drop back off as we go into the upcoming weekend. periods of rain and a thunderstorm tomorrow at times 63 degrees. and breezy and partly sunny for the victory parade. bundle up for it, temperatures at 54 and then a pretty impressive system arrives and rain and snow showers, don't be surprised to see a spotty coating of snow on saturday with a high of 43 and behind it it's
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windy and chilly and sunny on sunday with your temperature at 48 degrees. now, if you are claustrophobic, don't worry you'll get the vantage point from the tv, i'll do the work for you, this is actually the entrance, you go down the ramp here and that is the entrance there. we'll head in there in the next half hour to give you a glimpse of what a limestone cave looks like and the constant temperature. it's 52 outside right? it's 52 in the cave all year round and why they partied in the caves in the 1800s. they were pretty smart. we'll see you in the next half hour. still ahead, an emotional ground breaking ceremony for a memorial in center city. the clock continues to tick.
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and chris christie and city leaders of atlanta continue to trade numbers. for years, i was a laboratory chemist, developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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it's covered by most health plans. work is now underway on a new memorial for the victims of the center city building collapse. crews broke ground at 22nd and market honoring the six people that died there when a building toppled on to a salvation army store. now the excavator and contractor are serving prison time for their actions. >> by remembering those that died here the memorial will serve as an enduring reminder that new planned development, no parking lot and no office tower and profit they may generate is more precious than a human being. >> the new memorial park will be
4:26 pm
finished and dedicated sometime in the fall. the childrens hospital of philadelphia is pushing more people to register as organ donors, the action cam was at chop today where hospital officials and executives were there for kick off for donate life month. 120,000 americans are waiting for donations including 84 children at chop. each person that signs up to donate can potentially save eight lives. people were at the event with the hopes of encouraging more people to register is it temple is establishing a new academic chair. the position will allow students to explore journalism that could help urban neighborhoods. he was there for the celebration today and the university will begin searching for the new chair this summer.
4:27 pm
still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, shocked witnesses pull out their cell phones as a school bus goes up in flames, all the students made it off with seconds to spare, hear how their driver is credited with saving their lives. watch out for the wild turkeys a new neighborhood address way to deal feathered
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. "action news" continues with adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> 4:30 now and word on a dog attack that injured four people including two kids in camden county. and a new donation will help police save lives. we'll explain how coming up. and a young girl's encounter with pope francis, more on her incredible meeting and her amazing bucket list coming up. and first atlantic city will run out of cash in two days, the governor and mayor wrapped up news conferences where they disagreed with one another on how to prevent the shut down all of this will have an impact on taxpayers and workers. nora muchanic joins us live in atlantic city with the latest developments. >> nora? >> sharp words from governor christie who says is he not
4:30 pm
meeting with mayor guardian who made a deal and then changed his mind. it's closer and closer to going broke. >> if i'm given the responsibility, i have to have the authority. governor christie went to atlantic city to blast local officials saying they miss managed finances and time for the state to take over the resort more than $400 million in debt. >> the finish line is here and you are either going to cross it or head into a time of greater stab it's and prosperity or go off a cliff. >> the governor will not bail out the city unless they are given the power to run the city's finances, assembly speaker vinny preeta will not go along unless they agreed to -- to keep city hall open. >> it's tight but better than
4:31 pm
being without a job. >> mayor guardian says he originally agreed to a partnership with the state and not a takeover and without a solution bankruptcy cannot be ruled out. >> if we do a bankruptcy, it's not an atlantic city bankruptcy, it's a chris christie bankruptcy. he is starving us into bankruptcy. they say the county would take over trash and recycling even though the city argues they can do it cheaper. >> this will not be on the backs of the county taxpayer. the check has to come along with that. we can take over the functions but they have to be paid for. >> now, dozens of protesters chanted no state take over as the governor left. the city council will vote tonight on changing the pay heards for the employees which could help keep city all open after it runs out of money on friday.
4:32 pm
>> thank you stray bullets flew into a house full of people including two young children late last night. police are still looking for the gunman that opened fire outside of that home and they say the victim was targeted. he was shot twice in the arm and ran from wagner avenue to einstein hospital for treatment. no one inside was hurt. police are hoping someone would recognize this truck used by two burglars in the frankford section of philadelphia. it shows them pulling up to the pantry one food market and the duo pries open the front door and tries to steal the atm and they ended up leaving the scene empty handed. two adults and two children are in the hospital after a dog attacked them this afternoon. they were bit on the 3800 block of gladwyne avenue in pennsauken.
4:33 pm
investigators tell "action news" that the injuries are minor and animal control officers took the pit bull into custody. changes are coming to the roosevelt boulevard, mayor jim kenney says the city wants to reduce the amount of traffic deaths that happen on that road every year and they are launching a three year safety study and residents have the chance to suggest improvements during meetings this month. the first one is at the sheridan along roosevelt boulevard. time to check in with adam joseph on an outdoor adventure. >> adam is live at the heller town caverns. you have the forecast and a sneak peek at the caves. >> this outdoor adventure is going under the ground. that was the gift shop and here is the entrance to the cave. imagine back in the 1800s, this
4:34 pm
was exposed to the outside. this was a limestone quarry and they blasted for the rocks and minerals and they found this opening that went underground. they have put lighting in here since then and this has a long standing history of what happens down in the cave. we'll give you more of that history in just a little bit. as we look at the temperatures outside, it's 52 degrees in the cave but similar to that in philadelphia of 53 degrees, but 60s are lurking to the west and south and that warmer air is moving back in can you see the downpours and thunderstorms stretching from the great lakes all the way way to thet. louis area. we get wet and warmer and then temperatures really chill off.
4:35 pm
you'll want to come in this cave to warm up. 52 will be warm compared to this weekend. we are going down into the cave now, this extends a quarter mile in and weaves itself into a whole bunch of rooms. we'll show you rooms they used to hold weddings and they would construct a dance floor, a ballroom floor and hold a wedding. we'll show you the stalagmites and stalactites. and the difference between the two. >> we have breaking news now at 4:00, chopper 6 hd is flying over a brush fire in ben saucon, can you see the wider view, the smoke billowing from this and flames in the middle of your screen. camden county fire crews are battling this fire, this is near
4:36 pm
37th street and river road in pennsauken new jersey, one acre is burning we are told and no homes are being threatened but there is word they are looking into the possibility of this brush fire affecting traffic on the betsy ross bridge and that is being looked into as well as we get more information on this brush fire we'll update you in the newscast. >> philadelphia police officers will soon be able to save more lives, the department got a $50,000 donation this morning. that money will help buy more narcan and get it on the streets. it reverses the effects of heroin and oxycodone. >> i think six out of seven people in philadelphia that o.d. on heroin became first addicted to prescribed pain killers.
4:37 pm
>> now this donation is possible thanks to independence blue cross and the pennsylvania district attorney's association. >> a vacant parking lot turn itted into an obstacle course for the newcastle police today. they got behind the wheel to practice in emergency conditions. the fire department was on hand to train on wet asphalt and cadets had to maneuver around traffic cones and train on reversing at high speeds. students proudly showed off their inventions from a food allergy lunch box to a chap stick bracelet and the shoe-nater that teaches kids how to tie their shoes. the goal was to create inventions that solve real world problems and 32 judges evaluated winners and they go on to the regional competition. still ahead today, new video
4:38 pm
shows a school bus engulfed in flames, it burst into flames only moments after students escaped with their lives and witnesses describe the scene next. >> plus -- >> i'm afraid to go out in the morning, i am afraid to see if the turkeys are around. >> that is right, terrorized by turkeys, the plan to protect people from their unfriendly new neighbors. and we'll check in with adam joseph underground with the accuweather forecast. when "action news" continues on this wednesday afternoon.
4:40 pm
several students have been hurt in a school bus crash in baltimore county, maryland. the bus crashes before 3:00 this afternoon. according to officials, five students and the driver were taken to the hospital. there is no word yet on their conditions.
4:41 pm
and it's unknown what caused the bus to crash. >> a florida driver is called a hero for getting everyone off his school bus right before it exploded. he smelled smoke and pulled over and made the students get out of bus, the children were being moved to another vehicle when the bus went up in flames. >> all of a sudden kaboom there was one explosion and then kaboom another explosion. >> the driver thinks it was coming from the air conditioner before the blast but detectives are not sure of the exact cause. officials in boston outline the security plan for the upcoming boston marathon, three years after two bombs went off near the finish line. there will be 5,000 officers on patrol this year and the grounds will have enhanced security check points and dozens of surveillance camera as long the route. the fbi briefed reporter as head
4:42 pm
of the april 18th event. they are incorporating lessons learns in recent attacks including paris, brussels and san bernardino, california. even though there are no known threats to the boston marathon. we begin with a case of turkey trouble taking over a new jersey town. the wild birds are attacking people and pecking at cars and even breaking into house. >> the turkey was on the table and breaking glass and he was muddy and dirty and we had minor cuts but nothing major. >> it sounds like a movie. their aggressive behavior is understand standable. they ordered 20 air horns to give out to the public. the loud horns, it's hope is it will just scare them away.
4:43 pm
we'll see how that works. >> now to rome and a story that is about touching eyes but it's touching hearts everywhere. this is lizzi myers smiling and hope francis this morning. hoping to get his attention. moments later the pope stopped and got out and blessed lizzi's eyes and ears, she has a rare disorder that will leave her blind and deaf some day. they have a visual bucket list and they have not told lizzi about her condition yet because she to too young to deal with the news. >> what pope francis has done for her, if there is any chance for a miracle it would be there. lizzi was beside herself with joy having met pope francis today even if she doesn't know why this means so much she knows
4:44 pm
it markets. >> i hope is the miracle happens. everyone is pulling for little lizzi there. lets get a check of the roads this wednesday. matt pellman is standing by. >> we are trying to get over the hump but having trouble as long the way including a crash since last we spoke. here on the eastbound side of the good old schuylkill expressway, it involves this truck it's off to the side and that is the good news, it's attracting attention and now part of the huge afternoon delay that would be here any way on the eastbound side of 76, stop and go the whole way from 202, through this point toward belmont avenue. 39 minutes, should be 14 not this afternoon. in worchester a crash along valley forge road near stump hill road and near the nex, the northeast extension as people head towards landsdowne. watch for a downed tree that
4:45 pm
brought down wires along heyburn road and ridge road. and no issues along route 1 towards kennett square but slowing on the roosevelt boulevard in the normal spot and extra heavy on 95 northbound because of earlier late running construction. northbound is jamming off the girard point bridge the whole way on up toward cotman avenue. and in pennsauken we are watching the brush fire along river road and 37th street. some blowing smoke is possible and the betsy ross bridge is possible. if you want to stay up on the tacony palmyra bridge, it's a better bet at this point. >> thank you. we have breaking news out of upper darby, delaware county, chopper 6 hd has arrived at the scene here at the 700 block of 11th avenue at 4:00 police say
4:46 pm
there was a deadly shooting here. >> this all came to the attention of police when a call came in of a person being discovered facedown on the grown unresponsive. now the attention is here at this time. no word on an arrest or motive for this deadly gun fire. a deadly shooting happening in upper darby and we'll continue to watch that.
4:47 pm
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all right now to the accuweather forecast on a sunny but cold day, and it's going to get even colder. >> that is the word. meteorologist, cecily tynan, standing by with the forecast. it's all on you cecily. >> it's going to get warmer with rain. so it's not a nice forecast i'll admit that. this afternoon it's not that bad.
4:49 pm
yesterday we were stuck in the 40s, milder than yesterday. allentown 50, wilmington currently 51 degrees and cape may 50 and trenton 52. satellite showing that we still have blue skies but you can see that these clouds are advancing pretty quickly from the west. we have the slice of nice now and the clouds continue to press through as we go through the evening hours and that helps us from dropping as cold as last night. last night temperatures in the 20s, generally in the 40s. then you see the cold front stretching from the great lakes down into the tennessee valley. that moves through during the day tomorrow. with the cloud cover and the wins from the south, once we get past sunset temperatures do not cool off much. 42 in the suburbs, 47 for center city and 47 was our high yesterday. and future tracker showing as we wake up in the morning. 8:00 most of our region just clouds with temperatures in the
4:50 pm
50s and we'll see showers in our western suburbs and you will want to take the umbrella with you. and perhaps some thunderstorms with temperatures in the 60s ahead of the first cold front, there are two cold fronts moving through and we head into the evening hours, not as robust but we'll see spotty showers as we head through the evening. maybe even a rumble of thunder before we clear things out for friday morning. and then temperatures are dropping back into the 50s. so really great weather, as far as cloud conditions and lack of precipitation for the villanova victory parade but you definitely want to bundle up, the brisk and cool and at 11:00 as you head down there, 48 degrees, noon 49 when the parade kicks off and temperatured rising to 52 for 3:00. generally nice weather on friday and then things change dramatically as we head through the weekend, the exclusive
4:51 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast, we bump it up to 63 degrees tomorrow that is the good news, the bad news is, we have periods of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm on and off through the day and into the evening hours, on friday it's breezy and partly sunny and 54 degrees, pretty nice weather for the villanova parade and dry conditions for the union game on friday night. and then we have a cold front moving through on saturday and it comes with a vortmax, a piece of energy. so a high of only 43 degrees also rain and snow showers and we could see a grassy coating of snow in some spots. sunday it's windy and chilly, but we see the return of sunshine 48 degrees and heading into monday, phillies home opener, 59 degrees and clouds up with the possibility of late day showers and tuesday back into the mid-60s but back with rain and thunderstorms.
4:52 pm
66 degrees, wednesday should be nice. mixture of sun and clouds with a high of 60. so we only have to wait one week to get a really nice day. >> all right. >> that is the deal here in april. >> happiness comes to those who wait. >> cecily thanks. >> okay what's the deal? is coming up next. we'll reveal producted available for a bargain price next month. and nasa is sending an inflatable house into space. vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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. all right which what's the deal? we are looking at pricey prod t
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>> thank you sharrie. finally at 4:00, nasa is sending a bounce house to outerspace. the small expandible room is set to blast off to a space x capsule. it's attached to the space station for two years and the goal is to test the zero gravity module to eventually help people stay in space safely and affordably. it's set to launch friday from cape canaveral, florida and will also carry supplies for the international space station crew. we hope you'll join me and sharrie and ducis rogers for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is ahead at 9:00. >> thank you. coming up next, a crack down at
4:57 pm
partying at temple university. how the school is using its own students and hefty fines to keep off campus rowdiness to minimum. and both democratic candidates are in town. and the party rolls on for the villanova wildcats, we are live on campus as students head back to class for the first time since the team's big win. everybody is excited.
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. new at 5:00 temple university is taking a new approach to keeping off campus parties under control and they are using students and imposing steep fines. the big story tonight is the crack down down on temple partying. chad pradelli is live with all the details. >> reporter: this is the western section of off campus housing and this is one area that the pilot program is focusing on. that is a house that looks like
5:00 pm
where a family resides, you look here it's all new construction where temple students live. with it comes partying and drinking and finally the university is beginning to crack down. >> sabrina gibson has lived here for four years. >> there is a lot of drinking and they urinate on your cars and you'll you see is the red cups. >> she is among the last full-time residents on her block. it has left her and others frustrated by the drinking and parties that come with the new tenants. >> what is frustrating to me is the noise, it's so dirty and the partying and they do it all times of night. there is no cut off point. >> they cannot assume they can do anything they want


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