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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it reaches the coast, it will really intensify and that will create what's known as lift. and that produces more precipitation and the heavier precipitation will be in the form of snow. so, future tracker showing 8 o'clock saturday morning this system is here already and you can see the dividing line. north and west of philadelphia, it's snowing. south and east, it's raining and that will really be the flavor of the entire day. expected precipitation tomorrow, we're looking at north of the pennsylvania turnpike, this is snow. it's a heavy wet snow. where you get along the i-95 corridor when it's heavy, it's snow. when it's lighter it's rain and then south and east of i-95, this is mainly a rain event, could see a few snowflakes mixed in at times. the timing shows that this is really all day long. the light snow and rain arriving between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock but between 9 o'clock and 5 o'clock this is when we'll get the steadiest and heaviest snow and rain and then everything
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begins to taper off in the evening but then we'll be dealing with wind gusts up to about 45 miles per hour and this will pull down some very cold air. future tracker showing 7:30 on sunday morning temperatures below freezing in the 20's. so, a freeze warning will go into effect. i'll have more details on what to expect as far as snow accumulations in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. monica. >> thank you cecily. with snow in the forecast this weekend, stay with and storm tracker6 live radar for the very latest. and be sure to follow the members of our "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter for the latest update updates. >> ♪ >> take a three. right wing to win it. he made it. >> while we were on the court and kris hit that shot and the streamers came down, that was a dream come true. something you could never imagine. but when we came down market street right here and we saw all these people, that shocked us more than that shot. this is the biggest thing we've ever seen.
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we want to thank you for making our dream come true today. this is amazing. thank you, philadelphia. >> what week for the villanova wildcats. from that magical moment monday night in houston to this championship celebration through philadelphia today. center city a sea of blue and white as nova nation turned out in huge numbers to honor its team, the team that bought them a second national title. from villanova to center city, our "action news" reporters have the celebration covered for you every step of the way and let's start with alicia vitarelli live at dillworth park. hi, alicia. >> reporter: hey, monica. they've been calling it thrill-a-nova celebrating the wildcats across center city. it a scene that philadelphia hasn't seen since 2008 since the world champion phillies came through town. today it was all about the blue and white, those wildcats and the t-shirts that says it all, they were handing them
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out, champs and today we celebrated those wildcats. >> nova. >> nation. >> reporter: nova nation turned to the streets of center city into a sea of blue and white. people showing up bright and early to get the best spot. even if it meant bringing your homework like sophomore caroline brown. >> i wanted to come because i wanted to see the parade and i'm studying for anatomy because i wanted to get work done before it's dark. >> reporter: today tom turns 91. he's the class of 1950 and his sign says it all. best birthday ever. >> while some are getting a chance to give the team a standing novation for the first time. others have been in the stands since houston. have you gotten over the high yet. >> now. ryan arcidiacono's parents joe and patti say it's
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overwhelming and say the championship win feels more like a feature film. >> we were walking out of the building and i said take the set down that was a game that was a movie. >> no one in philadelphia will ever mispronounce his name again, ryan arcidiacono. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and ryan, their fourth of six children is certainly one of the stars of that it is hollywood movie. >> archie, archie. >> reporter: with a finale taking center stage in center city today. >> driving in here we were like oh my god this is surreal. >> reporter: and for the band that's played on through every win, one final v for villanova for old times sake. >> ♪ >> reporter: and i loved the moment i talked to one of the baton twirlers today and she told me i cannot believe that i just twirled through center city. very cool moment. and for villanova alums like
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myself i just have to say it was such an emotional day here, a real ride. we've all been saying no sleep since houston. what a week it has been. what a championship win. one final time v for villanova. v for victory. we are live right by dillworth park where all of the festivities happened today. alicia vitarelli, channel6 "action news." >> thank you alicia. that's two of us. now to chad pradelli who walked the route as the team paraded down market street today. clad, that was quite an electric scene today. >> reporter: yes, monica, fantastic parade. the crowd was unbelievable. you had so many people out here. i think the team, the university and everyone in nova nation appreciated it. fans got a glimpse to the sweet kiss of victory. jay wright and the boys were celebrated by a raucous crowd down market street. >> the spirit they have. they worked together as one. jay wright, everything he
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instilled, archie, i mean, phenomenal. it's awesome. >> reporter: fans lined 10 to 15 deep down the five block parade route. the team showered fans with t-shirts and other gear. >> i am so excited. i don't even know how i got in the street but i'm so happy i got a t-shirt from the team. go cats. >> reporter: this villanova team has captured the hearts of many. the large crowd served as proof. >> a lot of fun. more people here than i ever expected. >> reporter: teams of villanova past were also honored during the parade including the 85 national championship team. yes, people were partying like 1985. >> what do you think about this parade. >> you know what, unbelievable. incredible memories but so happy for the kids and coach wright. >> for sure. this is fantastic. brings back a lot of good memories. >> reporter: many in nova nation are still numb from the excitement. class act jay wright and these hard working young men have done the delaware valley proud and today was a day to honor
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them. >> it's been unreal. you can't really describe it. everyone has just boone like in another place, everybody is so happy. >> i'm still pinching myself. ly it doesn't seem possible but it's been great for the university. it's been great for the whole area so we're very pleased. >> reporter: and at one point fans or some students at least stormed the fences along the parade route but in general all the fans were well behaved. it's really a testament to villanova and their fans. i'm live in center city, chad pradelli channel6 "action news. monica. >> thank you, chad. "action news" reporter john rawlins live at the villanova train station. john, that was a popular way to get to today's festivities in center city, wasn't it? >> reporter: indeed it was, monica. septa says it won't have official numbers until sometime next week but there were a number of standing room only trains that departed from villanova today. it's thought between 2000, 2500 fans boarded here today and there were reports of crowded platforms elsewhere.
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>> let's go nova. >> reporter: it certainly wasn't the quiet car, that's for sure. septa trains brought waves of happy fans from center city back to campus this afternoon. >> go nova. we're number one. >> reporter: for students michael it was a priceless pilgrimage. >> absolutely worth the crowds on the trains. standing room only. wouldn't have traded it for the world. >> stay behind the lines and please spread out. >> reporter: this morning several thousands fans converged on villanova's tiny station producing long lines they repeatedly packed trains heading to center city. you're boarding capacity there. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think. >> roughly 500 seated another 250 to 300 standing. >> reporter: a pair of stand by trains with the capacity of a thousand passengers each were pressed in service at several main line stations there were reports of increased boardings. here at villanova those who may have slept in found the 12:20 train was delayed more than half an hour. >> yes, almost parade time. we got to get there. like
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where is the train. >> reporter: you're still in villanova. >> yeah. >> we got to go to the parade. >> reporter: maybe you should have gotten here earlier. >> no, no. >> 88 in line are you kidding me. >> reporter: well, they seem to be enjoying themselves that. those who did take that delayed train likely missed most of the parade. however, they were there in time for the rally. live at villanova, john rawlins channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, john. our coverage of today's parade continues for you tonight on the "action news" social media pages. check out our facebook page for videos including jay wright and the players of course. you can find that at news. and our twitter feed is filled with photos from the "action news" team and fans all along the route. our twitter handle by the way is at 6abc. coming up on "action news" tonight, suspect in custody. a police chase through bucks county ends on a busy i-95 and rehabbed and relieved an eagle flies free today after
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receiving that tender loving care in delaware. >> it may be april but i'm tracking a system that will bring snow and rain across the region. i'll have details on what to expect for you and the timing in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> also ducis rodgers with more on the villanova victory parade ahead in sports when "action news" continues in just a moment. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> this is how it looked as a police chase came to an end along i-95 in bensalem bucks county dam police were pursuing three men suspected of stealing monday and jewelry in bristol township. the three suspects were taken into custody at this location near the woodhaven road exit. city leaders in camden made a push for more investment from local
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financial institutions today. leaders of about a hundred local businesses were at the waterfront technology center. mayor dana redd and philadelphia federal reserve bank president patrick harker talked about the effect of these investments from businesses can have on camden. they specifically focused on goals like safe affordable housing as well as job creation. an endowment established in honor of the late beau biden will carry on his legacy of service. his wife halle here was at the university of delaware to accept a symbolic beau biden claire. it will be granted to scholars who work in oppressive countries so they can move to an american university and work free of danger. the knew institute of international education established the claire thanks to a $1 million gift from an anonymous donor. a bald eagle found with electrical burns was released back into the wild in newark today. officials are not sure if her ailment was related to those other birds that were found disoriented or dead near dagsboro sussex county. two of those eagles were
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nursed back to health. both of them also were released last movement wildlife officials are still trying to determine the cause of the illness. >> ♪ some impressive moves inside a darby school today. dozens of students at park lane elementary showed off ballroom dancing skills. the fifth graders have been working with dance room classes in philly since january to learn everything from swing to salsa. >> ♪ in your flus
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>> nova nation has been showing off their pride by sharing pictures and videos on social media with us using #6abcaction. we want to encourage you to keep sending them. use #6abcaction and you can see your images right here on "action news." wanwhat an incredible day. >> spectacle in center city today. call it the cap to a wild ride. villanova wildcats snagged their championship on monday. they got their parade today.
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our jeff skversky is live in center city where the action took place. jeff. >> reporter: hey, documents we've only had three parades over the last 31 years and this one would not be possible without kris jenkins who hit that historic buzzer beater to win it all. jenkins says it was one of the greatest days of his life and he will never forget. let's take a look at some of these amazing shots once again from the villanova parade. coming down market street, 20th and market all the way down to city hall. now i had a unique advantage point being up top of one of the double decker buses just like the villanova players were atop of those buses. you could feel the love. you could feel the energy from the villanova fans. and this city. people yelling and screaming and head coach jay wright who grew up here says this is one of the greatest experience he could ever imagine and for the city to embrace the college basketball team in this way is humbling to jay and the
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villanova players, well, they have a message to all of their fans at city hall today. >> everyone in philadelphia, we want to thank you for embracing us. we take great pride in representing the city of philadelphia. we take great pride in representing philadelphia basketball. and today everybody in philadelphia is a part of the nova nation. >> we put a lot of hard work in this year and this is something that nobody ever will be able to take away from us. >> we're going out as national champions. thank you for everything. we love you guys. go cats. [cheers and applause] ryan arcidiacono and daniel ochefu going out as winners as seniors. they never could have imagined they would go out in this manner winning it all and of course a parade down market street to city hall. they'll be honored at the flyers game tomorrow and now they have to start planning
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that visit to the white house to visit president obama. we're live in philadelphia, jeff skversky, channel6 "action news." ducis. >> more good things ahead. jeff, thank you so much. to baseball, our expectations for the phillies were low to begin the season. they might be even lower now. the zero and three phils facing the mets this afternoon. phillies can doolittle with jacojacob. phillies strike out 11 time in all. that's cameron rough. he struck out three times. this is a two run single in the seventh inning. phillies lose seven-two. the zero and four start is their worst start since 2006. second round of the masters jordan spieth pulling away from the field he's got a two stroke lead on the rest of the golfers. flyers are off tonight. they picked up a point last night against toronto. wayne simmonds forced overtime. the flyers eventually lost. they have a huge weekend ahead. they face the penguins and the islanders. if they win out they will make the post season. if they do not, they will need
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help elsewhere. >> thank you ducis. an elementary school in north philadelphia got their basketball courts upgraded today. members of the temple university men's basketball team were at tanner tuckery school. many of the courts had bent or hanging rims and the nets were either missing or torn. one temple student saw the situation and started raising money to pay for the much need repairs. temple's basketball team also wanted to pitch in. blan my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> time for the weather. it's hard to imagine we'll have sun rain and snow all in 24 hours. >> i know. april snow is not that unusual. >> really? >> but the last time it happened was 10 years ago. so, it's been awhile but.
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>> oh, boy. >> it is on the way. don't shoot the messenger. at least you know about it ahead of time. storm tracker6 live double scan slowing that this is the dry before the storm. i don't want to say calm before the storm because we've had some gusty winds today and we've had plenty of cold air. 50 degrees in philadelphia now. down from our high of 51 which is a full 10 degrees below normal. so, i hope everyone took my advice and bundled up when they headed to the villanova victory parade. cape may 48. millville 51 and it feels even cooler with these winds out of the west, 21 miles per hour in philadelphia and these wind speeds will about double tomorrow night. the reason why, this. satellite6 along with action radar showing this bundle of energy. this is the clipper. it will be moving right over us tomorrow and it will intensify when it hits the coast so that means essentially an all-day event. future tracker showing
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8 o'clock in the morning the snow is here west of philadelphia, mainly rain south and east and then it really just continues on and off at varying rates through the day. around lunchtime some areas of heavier snow north and west of philadelphia and extends really through the i-95 corridor around 4 o'clock and finally this entire system will wrap up by saturday evening and this is when the winds will pick up. so, what are we talking about? again, this is april. this is not february. so, most of the snow will be melting. south and east of philadelphia just a few flakes. along the i-95 corridor we're looking at a coating to up to about 2-inches of wet accumulation on grassy surfaces. yet north of the pennsylvania turnpike, though, this is where we'll see the highest amounts, about two to 4 inches again on grassy surfaces so these are some things to consider. temperatures above 32 degrees. roads will be wet. elevation is key. within that two to 4-inch band the higher elevations will get
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closer to 4-inches. strong lift with this system. so that is potential during the height of the storm that we could get some thunder, some thundersnow and then in the evening as it depart we're looking at wind gusts more than 40 miles per hour and what that will do is pull down some very cold air. so, a freeze watch has been posted. this will become a freeze warning tomorrow. 11 o'clock on saturday night through 10 o'clock on sunday, so where the growing season has begun like earlier in this week you really do want to cover up those plants to try to help them survive the night. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow it's just going to be a really nasty day. snow north and we have the of philadelphia, rain south and east. it's breezy, it's cold, the high only 43 degrees and then temperatures dropping below freezing by sunday morning. so, i know a lot of people are are running. love run philly future tracker showing the wind chill when the race kicks off at 8 o'clock in the morning,
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23 degrees. so, you definitely do want to dress in layers if you're running. even in the afternoon it is going to be on the cool side with a high of 50 but mostly sunny skies, some high thin clouds late in the day so sunday definitely the better of the two days this weekend. on monday, we bump it up to 61 degrees for the phillies home opener. it comes at a price, though. lots of clouds with a possibility of some showers. tuesday looks like the wet day next week as a cold front pulls through, occasional rain with a high of 60. wednesday we drop down to 57 degrees but we bring back some sunshine. thursday and friday pretty quiet, partly sunny both days, 58 degrees on thursday and friday up to 60 degrees. temperatures finally up near normal. i am getting more computer information. i'll have an update on those snowfall tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you cecily. celebrations today started long before the parade that got going in center city for daniel ochefu. that of course is ochefu
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receiving a rock starry exception at his alma mater the westtown school in west chester to honor his national championship with villanova westtown retired his number 23 jersey today. jenson a westtown villanova graduate was also recognized this morning. jenson was a member of the first national championship team in 1985. congratulations to both of them. and abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers then join us for "action news at 11:00 here on channel6. for jim gardening cecily deuce ducis the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night. i hope to see you tonight at 11:00.
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breaking news. murder on campus. tonight, the major break in the case. a teen suspect, allegedly seen on surveillance video, now under arrest. accused of killing a female freshman at a major university. how police tracked him down. the major terror arrest. is he the man in the hat, seen before and after the deadly bombings in brussels? deep freeze. spring temperatures on hold. the arctic blast sweeping across 20 states, now moving east. on the loose. the accused killer escaping the psych ward, spotted at his parents' home. his mother calling 911. did police make a mistake by not watching the house? and, fast and furious. new images of this wild chase. suspects tearing up the streets of los angeles.


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