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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 9, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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we will need more than a spring jacket tomorrow. it will be snowing all day long. and no need to check your calendar, it really is, april. friday night, jim's off, i'm monica malpass. the big story on "action news" tonight is a snowy saturday ahead. winter weather advisories have been just issued within the past half an a half. cecily tynan is tracking the timing of the system on live double scan radar. silver lining is mess of the road won't get too messy. >> that is exactly right, monica. this is april. this is not february. we have cloud, high sun angle
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in april which is equivalent to the sun and until late august, will melt most of this on the road. so double scan live is showing the system that i'm tracking is over northern ohio and what this low pressure will do, this clipper, it will move straight over us and it will intensify when it reaches the coast and that will enable banding of snow. it is key of how heavy it falls. where we get heavy snow, it will stay snow, all the way to the surface. it won't melt. that could accumulate on grass surfaces. this is the area we're looking at. north of the pennsylvania turnpike thinks where the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory really all day long from 7:00 in the morning until 8:00 o'clock in the evening and this is the best chance of seeing, a couple of inches of grassy accumulation. future tracker showing the system arrives right around day break by 8:30 in the morning. we've got the snow. philadelphia areas to the west, areas to the east and south, we've got the rain. this will just sit over us,
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all day long. so what this means is it is here between 6:00 and 9:00 o'clock. steady rain between nine and 5:00 in the evening and then wind down between 5:00 and 9:00 and then we will get very strong wind. up to 45 miles an hour. that will bring down cold air. by sunday morning we've got that, freeze warnings posted, i will have have more details how much snow to expect where you live in the full accu weather seven day forecast. >> and accu weather team will be tracking the storm for you moving through this weekend. the tune into "action news" with gray hall and meteorologist chris sowers starting at 5:30 tomorrow morning for very latest update. it was a celebration worthy of heroes. villanova wild cat were cheered by 60,000 adoring fans during a parade and rally in center city today. folks lined up 15 deep along market street to watch coach jay wright ape his national champion team ride buses to city hall. there were speeches, chants, video of the crowning moment when they won it all on monday night.
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alycia vitarelli talked to the members of the nova nation about this thrilling day. >> nova. >> nation. >> nova. >> nation. >> reporter: nova nation turns the streets of center city in to a sea of blue and white. people showing up bright and early to get the best spot. >> even, if it meant bringing your homework like sophomore caroline brown. >> i wanted to come, because i wanted to see the parade but i'm studying, anatomy because i wanted to get work done before it starts. >> reporter: today tom, turns 91, he is class of 1950 and his sign says it all. >> best birthday ever. >> i never felt better in my life. >> reporter: while some are getting a chance to give the team a standing ovation for the first time, others have been in the stand and riding the wildcats wave since houston. have you got even over the high. >> no, not yet. >> reporter: ryan arcidiacono's parent joe and patty say all of the love is simply overwhelming and a
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championship feels more like a feature film. >> we were walking out of the building. i said take a step down that was not a game but a movie. >> no one in philadelphia, will ever miss pronounce this name again, ryan arcidiacono. >> reporter: and ryan, fourth of six children is certainly one of the stars of this hollywood movie. >> archie, archie, archie. >> reporter: with the finally taking center stage, in center city today. >> even driving in here we were like my god, this is surreal. >> reporter: for the band, that played on through every win, one final v, for villanova for old time sake. >> ♪ >> reporter: i absolutely loved the moment when i spoke with one of the twirlers and she said i cannot believe, i am baton twirl through center city to day. just an incredible day and
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very, very proud villanova alumni i will give you one more of these for old stake sake, v forville know of, vice-president for victory. in center city, a leash a vitarelli channel six "action news". if you missed festivities you cannery live the victory parade on six we have a slide show of the photos and videos from the parade route and rally. of course, you will want to hear from coach wright and wildcats themselves. ducis rodgers has that part of the parade story coming up later in sports. in other news a burlington county police officer is hailed as a here he tonight for saving three lives, in ten days. officer brian struckbine of the evesham township police went a above and beyond the call of duty last month. "action news" reporter jeff chirico joins us live from the police department with more on this special policeman, jeff? >> reporter: hi, monica. some officers go their entire careers without saving a life but during month of march officer struckbine was in the right place at right time
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again and again and today, we were there as the family of one woman he saved, offered their sincere thanks and praise. >> first i want to say thank you. >> reporter: there were hugs, tears. >> just i love him. >> reporter: as officer brian struckbine met for the first time the grateful son of the woman he saved have after a vicious attack. >> he gave myself back my mom. i love you too. >> she called 911 for help. so sorry i'm an emotional guy. >> reporter: on the job struckbine keeps his cool. he was named evesham township officer of the month for march have after saving three lives in just ten days. pete carilli's mom was reportedly deceased when he responded, after three minutes of cpr, she began breathing. >> because the day could have been horrific and as tragic as it was, because of of struck bine, and his emotional as you saw him earlier, when he pulled up to that scene it was all set. >> reporter: first time he saved the life in his 12 year
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career but wouldn't be his last. days later he revived another woman who was in the breathing and days after that he pulled a driver from the car that was about to catch fire. >> it is amazing. it is a macing. somehow i was in the right place at the right time. several times in a short time period. >> reporter: struckbine does not take all of the credit and says his department is full of men and women who would do the same. >> we do not do it for recognition, we do it because it is our job and we care and when you have such an amazing outcome, it the is like, it is just such a place in my heart, it will be there forever. >> reporter: you know, real life super hero. thanks to struckbine's quick thinking his mom regained consciousness and able to tell detectives what happened. her husband is new behind bars, facing attempted homicide charges. we are live from evesham township burlington county, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". >> monica. >> thanks, jeff. philadelphia police have
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identified one of of two people killed overnight. it was captured on another car's darn cam. authorities say if year-old ben jimmy of upper darby was a passenger in the back seed of the mazda six. the car careened across the road at 2:45 and slammed in the peco office near oregon avenue. a woman in the back died and a 25 year-old female passenger, and 23 year-old female driver, are both hospitalized tonight. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is threatening a veto of some new abortion regulations, that he says would give the state the most restricted laws in the country. he is asking lawmakers not to even bring the bill up for a vote next week. republican sponsored legislation would prohibit elect i have abortions after 20 weeks, the current law is at 24 weeks. bill would also criminalized procedures that cause the deaths of fetuses by removing their body parts. even if it passes the house on monday it would need senate approval. wolf calls the bill unconstitutional. governor chris christie is making it easier for new
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jersians to get guns. the regulatory changes announce today, streamline the firearms permits process. for example, serious threats against the applicant will now count as a justifiable need forgetting a gun permit. restrictions will also be eased on lawful gun owners who are transporting their weapons. new rules have been recommended by state commission three months ago but they may irk the democratic controlled legislature which favors stricter gun laws. atlantic city's walk ago away the from the table a winner at least for tonight. city hall escaped a forced shut down of the close of business today, even as its cash coughers dwindle to just eight million-dollar. a judge rejected governor chris christie's attempt to freeze cities assets until it pays the schools. the judge gave both side until april 19th to work out a deal. but the bottom line is there is not enough money for atlantic city toy pay all of its bills and in one has agreed to a solution just yet. philadelphia police are
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looking for two men who fled the scene of a double shooting in point breeze tonight. it happened at 22nd and titan at 8:00 o'clock. victims are in their 20's. both men are hospitalized in critical condition tonight. and victims have of crime are being remembered in philadelphia tonight. it is national crime victims week. organizers held a candle lighting ceremony to honor will folks whose lives have been forever changed by criminals. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has more. >> reporter: more than 300 people from across the city, gathered to honor the lives of those lost in violence and give strength to survivors left behind. >> the pain never goes away. >> reporter: monick garvey loss her son eric woods in august 1, 2007, he was walking home from a basketball game. to this day they still don't know who killed him. >> that is the hardest part, to know that somebody is still walking out here, that took his life. >> reporter: le tanya boyd smith lost her son, september 10th, 2010.
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he went to peacefully resolve a petty neighborhood beef with another man but the other man had another plan. >> he came with the gun and he chose to end the situation by shooting my son instead of the resolving the issue that they had. >> reporter: if losing one son isn't pain enough, aida oaks stopped to say imagine losing two, jared oaks in october of last year and his 17 year-old brother kane in november of 06. >> the message i want to get is it need to stop, okay. there is too many babies that are killing and dying for no reason. rorrer report mayor jim kenney lost a nephew to violence many years ago and knows something about the pain it causes. he came here to comfort families but knew there was little he could say to make the pain go away. >> my prayers are with you and the city and all of the people who have been touched by this violence. it is a senseless loss. >> ♪ >> reporter: whatever the solutions may be for many families here, one thing is unmistakably clear the social
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tied of the country to have change. >> how many families this has to affect in order for serious change to take first. >> reporter: at first unitari thean church in center city, dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". see the moment history is made, first time a rocket returns to earth, and sticks the landing, at sea. navy seal who shot osama bin laden is under arrest, we will explain why. also a flaming art project lights up the night along the delaware river. cecily. snow and rain is falling near pittsburgh and moving our way, i'll have details what to expect where you live and let you know when temperatures hit 60 again coming up with the full accu weather seven day forecast. not soon enough. and also why stamp prices are going down for the first time in your life, and ducis rodgers with allen iverson were being elect to the the basketball hall of fame when "action news" continues in a moment.
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students at the university of texas danced tonight for one of their own murdered, earlier this week. they say they paid tribute to haruka wiser with the show she was supposed to dance n it came hours after police charged a homeless person, mikhail crynor killing wiser found in the creek near the stadium. he is the man, seen here on video with a bike but they have not yet found the murder weapon. the former navy seal, credited with killing osama bin laden is facing criminal charges himself tonight. police in montana arrested 39 year-old roberto neil for dui. officers found him sleeping in his vehicle with the engine running in the convenient store parking lot. he failed a sobriety test and refused to take a test to determine his blood alcohol level. o'neill is free tonight after
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posting bond. he is innocent and all due on jet lag and a prescription sleep aid for insomnia. mohammad abrini the last fugitive from the paris bombings is in custody tonight in brussels. abrini was among five men suspected to link with the belgium attack and arrested in a police raid. authorities are trying to determine if he is the so-called man in the hat here, the bomber who escaped the brussels airport attack. just yesterday authorities put out new surveillance video of that man leaving the a airport and they did a peel for the public to help find him. and this time, it is, rocket science. space x has made history, successfully landing an unmanned rocket booster on to a platform in the atlantic ocean. the incredible engineering feat started with an afternoon launch today to the international space station. that in and of itself was a success for the private space company. it was first launch carrying supplies for nasa astronauts since an explosion during the
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last attempt in june. after the cargo capsule deployed safely in orbit the rocket booster that got it there pulled off a tricky maneuver. >> waiting for the touchdown. >> incredible. this will allow space x to reuse that rocket which, of course, will save money and turnaround time for the next launch. former president bill clinton says tonight he regrets how he handled protesters in philadelphia yesterday. the black lives matter demonstrators interrupted his rally in west oak lane over his crime policies back in the 90's and he shouted back at them. >> i never thought, i should drawn anyone else out. i did something yesterday in philadelphia, i almost want to apologize for but i want to use it as an example of the
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danger threatening our country. >> president clinton says in order to move forward as a country all sides of the debate need to listen to the opposing side, not shout over each other. pope francis is calling on catholics tonight to look to their own conscious instead of the relying on church rules. in a document released today called the joy of love pontiff says the church must no longer sit in judgment and throw stones at those who don't fit ideals of marge and family life. the paper signals a revolution in the way priests guide ordinary catholics in daily life. here's something most of us have never heard of for the first time in 100 years, the price of the postage stamp is going down. the starting this sunday a regular stamp will cost 47 cents instead of the 49, post card and international mail rates will be lowered. the changes are as a result of the expiring surcharge, it had been put in place in january to 2014 to help the postal service recoup billions of
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dollars in losses. they are walking all night to fight cancer here at philadelphia's college of osteopathic medicine. 200 students, faculty, staff are working to support the american cancer society's relay for life. in five years that event has raised more than $83,000 for cancer research, and support programs. terrific effort. all right. better find the snow gear if you are walking around on grace surfaces at least. >> it will be one of those days where there will be a lot have of snow falling from the sky but most of it will be melting on the ground. especially on the roads. >> okay. >> there will be some far north and west suburbs some driveways, bridges covered in snow but mainly it will be melting. it is grass where we will see grass accumulation and then it will melt on sunday anyhow. >> perfect. >> storm tracker six live showing it has not arrived yet. we are still dry right the now but temperatures are beginning to drop, in some of our outlying area. millville has dropped down to 31 degrees. lancaster is 34.
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reading is a at 38. in philadelphia, still holding at 45 degrees. down from our high of 51. it is a full 10 degrees below normal. it was a cold day. it is about to get colder and more messy. satellite six with action radar showing a system, i'm watching, you can see that spin. that is low pressure over ohio. it is essentially moving due east and once it reaches the coast, it will intensify and this will help to throw back some moisture. future tracker showing at 8:00 s here, generally south of our region, south of philadelphia i should say and then it fills in, philadelphia area to the west where we can see the darker purple, that is the heavier snow, east, we're looking at east of periods of rain and this system just sits there through the day. so we will get some banding of snow in the afternoon, when it lightens, it changes over to rain in the evening and then it is out of here by 9:30. so even though it will snow, all day long, and northwestern suburbs, as far as the
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accumulation the most we're looking at two to 4 inches, north of the pennsylvania turnpike, on the grass surfaces. when you get closer to i-95 corridor, in philadelphia a we are looking at grass coating to two slushy inches and south, mainly rain with a few flakes mixed in. bear in mind this is a different beef then april in than february. we have a lot of melting going on. most of the road will be wet. it is very dependent on elevation. where you have higher elevation you have colder air. that is where we will see high totals but there is very strong lift with this system. the a lot of dynamics. don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder or perhaps thunder snow tomorrow and then once the system pulls out, temperatures will tumble, on sunday morning. so a freeze warning has been posted across our entire viewing area with a freeze, for the growing season has begun. so a saturday night a good idea to cover up those plants. future tracker showing sunday morning we're looking at temperatures down into the
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20's. it will be a cold start to the day. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, snow, rain throughout the day tomorrow, high of 43 degrees. on sunday, it is cold, despite the sunshine, high of only 49. we do bump up to 61 degrees on monday for phillies home opener but it comes at the a cost, lots of cloud with a few showers, tuesday will be a rainy day with a high of 60. then we will dry things out, temperatures drop in the 50's, on wednesday and thursday, and then back near normal on friday with a high of 60. i to want to mention love run philadelphia half marathon sunday morning it kicks off at 8:00. wind chills will be in the lower 20's. >> oh, my goodness. >> runners to have dress in layers, wear hat, gloves, it will be cold good thanks, cecily. the philadelphia international festival of the arts is off to a dramatic start, a ball of fire, was blaze ago monk the delaware river waterfront tonight. it is one of more than a hundred fire installationness is what called article 13, a performance named after the
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u.n. declaration of human rights. in addition to the fire performance, 42 tons of sand, incredibly beautiful. the festival continues until april 23rd.
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ducis is here with sports. it was villanova's day to day. >> they earned it, they deserved it. today was cherry on top, monday contact villanova wildcats snagged champion ship on monday, they got the their parade today. wonderful ride through center city, players rode on double decker buses and championship trophy wasness toe. ride ended at philadelphia it is i hall with a rally. it has been several days since chris jenkins hit that memorable shot but cats are still on cloud nine. >> my teammates, my coaches, special time for us in the city of philadelphia go cats. we're number one. we're the champs. let's go. >> thank you, philadelphia. thank you nova nation. your support throughout the whole year has been unbelievable. >> final message for the fans? >> just thank you. thanks for coming out. thanks to philadelphia we have been away for four weeks. to come back here we can feel
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the love from philadelphia a. we appreciate it very much. >> wonderful day. >> what happened there. >> the air. >> allen iverson will be induct in the naysmith basketball hall of fame. tonight ai was at wells fargo center and the love was flowing. >> number three, allen iverson. >> a huge cheer for iverson, team honored him during the game against the knicks. you want to talk about a love affair, he and fans enjoy quite a unique one and when talking about his fans and his family, iverson got emotional. >> i'm so proud when my family, and my friends, they tell me they are proud of me. i always just wanted to put on a show, for everybody, on that
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single particular night an my legacy is just the dude that played every game, like it was his last game. sixers and knicks, nerlens noel, 17 points and ten rebound, sixers down by three. at the break. late in the game sixers down by two. jeremy grant's brother, a huge shot, and harvey, he was walking out a winner either way. sixers lose 109-102. still ahead union have a dramatic end to their match plus phillies are struggling
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(colonial penn jingle) if you are expectations for phillies, this season low, they have yet to difficulties a point you. they lost another one this time in new york. four games in pete mackanin is contemplating changes. mets played four runs in the seventh inning, michael drives in two here with the single. six-one mets. pitcher is bad, herrera pops it up. infield fly rule is called. everyone knows it accept foresees air hernandez and he tries to run. caught in the run down. said mackanin afterwards it is unacceptable. they lose seven-two. they fall to zero and four. worst start since 2060. union home to orlando, in the 90th man, barnetta wants nothing to do with the draw. he scores on a free kick, union win, two-one they improve to three-one-one. that is sports.
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and jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues a at 5:30 a.m. for cecily, ducis, jim gardner and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night and very nice weekend. >> ♪
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