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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning it is 5:00 a.m., monday, april 11. here's what's happening. we are learning about the death of a woman in south jersey that could have happened all because she made a wrong turn. new overnight, secretary john kerry makes a historic visit to hiroshima. home ward bound, phillies make their way to south philadelphia, we are live with a preview. let's go over to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic, good morning. >> reporter: we're coming of two straight wins in new york.
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we have rain it's light and spotty, we have mist on the windshield and every now and then it gets steadier. it is pushing toward the east. it will be with us for the first part of the morning commute and start to die down as we get past the commute into the ladder part of the morning. 46 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit cool as you step outside and rain gear a good idea with the showers falling. 43 degrees in allentown. 46 in cape may. breezy this morning. on the bus stop rain gear a good idea just in case, 44 degrees by 8:00 a.m. showers around as you just saw between the 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. period. this afternoon things get better. first of all we get milder. 1:00 p.m., 59 degrees. the high is 65 i can see us sitting on that between 3 and 6:00 p.m. we expect the return of sunshine perhaps in time for the first
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pitch of the phillies today. more rain coming tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll talk about that coming up. >> reporter: it's good we're dry in the afternoon, now we have the wet morning commute. it's a tradeoff. we have an early morning accident or not schuylkill expressway eastbound near the vine you can see an accident with the vehicle. looks like it is facing into the wall. we have penndot and police on the scene. they have set up the flares look for the right lane being blocked, the schuylkill expressway eastbound near the vine. going to the vine itself we can see the vine and the schuylkill overall, watch that accident eastbound on the schuylkill expressway heading toward the vine. the roads are damp. slow it downer. looking live on -- slow the down. looking live on the ben franklin bridge. no major issues, light volume. give yourself a few extra minutes. no major issues out there. we have construction in cherry hill, the on going construction
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where they have the lane shift, 70 westbound near 295 that's a busy area. they are shifting traffic they usually wrap up around 6:00 a.m. two people are fighting for their lives after gunfire erupted in two philadelphia neighborhoods minutes apart. the first shooting happened at wallace street in spring garden. that victim was shot pulling his car out of the driveway. he lost control of the car and smashed into the doors of the nearby church. the victim is in critical condition. the second shooting happened on the 2000 block of castor avenue in port richmond. the gunman blindsided that victim shooting him twice in the head. he is at temple hospital where he remains in critical condition. police have made no arrests in either shooting. the deadly shooting of a robbery suspect by an off duty swat officer was justified.
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video shows the moments after the shooting in olney. the suspect was robbing an elderly person when the off-duty officer identified himself. the off-duty officer opened fire when the suspect pulled out a gun. the suspect took off running. during the chase, the two exchanged gunfire that's when the suspect was shot and killed. we could learn more about the woman who was found inside a car after her car crashed into a creek. police did not get the call until sunday morning when someone discovered the car submerged in the water. she had been in a family party when she left she headed for the creek instead of the main entrance entrance an autopsy will be performed today. new on "action news," secretary of state john kerry is in japan for a meeting of foreign ministers of the
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industrialized nations. kerry's arrival in hiroshima marks the first visit of a secretary of state to the city where the u.s. dropped a bombing during world war ii. while he did not offer apologies for the bombings, he laid a wreath to commemorate those who lost their lives. america's favorite pastime returns to philadelphia. the phillies are set to take the field on their home turf for the first time this season. katherine scott is live inside citizens bank park where they are keeping the field nice and dry, katherine. >> reporter: that they are, matt. since we last spoke, i picked up this cool hat. it's the give away for the game. today at the ballpark is expected to be a full house. you can get tickets. if you look at the field they have a tarp covering it. it's drizzeling on and off this morning. hopefully for game time it will be a-okay.
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yesterday the phillies arrived in south philadelphia ahead of the home opener against the padres. the team is ready and so is the field. there's a busy day ahead at the ballpark. the block party starts at noon on citizens bank way. there will be a ferris wheel and food and fries and fun stuff. batting practice starts at 12:43. game time 3:05 p.m. what about the food? you will never leave here with an empty stomach. i love going to the park it's a good day to go. you can grab cheese fries it captures south philly. >> reporter: after you pick up your favorite foods you can test your knowledge in ash burn avenue you face off against three others. there's a jammed-packed day at
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citizens bank park. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thanks, katherine. how long will they need the tarp on the field? they will keep it on there this morning just to keep the infield dry. the game is not until 3:00 p.m. as we take a look outside we have sky6 live hd, storm tracker 6 live excuse me, live double scan. you can see there are light sprinkles and showers around. as we get the two dimensional view. most of it is light it is slowly creeping toward the east. looks like the morning commute for the most part will be on the wet side. eventually we'll see the rain slacken off a little bit. the major roads around philadelphia, the blue route heading close to media. the schuylkill expressway i-95 and 295 and south jersey, and the pennsylvania turnpike in and out of this wet stuff. as we look outside we have cloudy skies, of course. the camera bouncing a little bit. another part of the story is it's a bit on the breezy side.
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most of you looking at winds in the teens. that's enough to notice the wind. 44 in wilmington, 42 in trenton. 43 in allentown. 48 in cape may. future tracker picking up the rain story, what we'll see is light, by noon looks like we'll be looking at most of this pushing off to the poconos. while driving around this this morning, light rain on the windshield probably slowing you down a little bit. it woman be anything that will impact you if you're driving cautiously. the rain will be off to the north tonight and the clouds will thin out this afternoon. even as late as 11:00 p.m. looks like the rain is off to the north and west. as we look at the lehigh valley forecast you're starting out with a little rain this morning. in the afternoon we'll return sunshine. it will be breezy, cool high of 57 up north. down the shore, a little cooler with a high around 60 up and down the coast. some afternoon sunshine returning after the morning showers break apart.
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in philadelphia a pleasant afternoon ahead. high of 65 degrees, some afternoon sun returning after a morning that will feature mainly clouds, of course showers around for a little bit. breezy and nice winds out of the southwest at 12 to 25 miles per hour. if you're heading to the ballpark. looks like a good day overall. sun returning during the day, breezy conditions, temperatures close to 64 from start to finish. it's cool enough if you have shady seats on the third base side you will want a jacket and a couple of layers. there will be a cool breeze adding to that feel. the game will be spent at 65 degrees. 65 degrees is the overnight, showers building back in from the west tomorrow morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 65 degrees, morning showers giving way to afternoon sun. rain early in the day on tuesday, another afternoon where we dry out and see the return of sunshine.
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58. 58 and partly sunny and nice on wednesday. milder on thursday, 62 that's a good looking day. more clouds on friday, late laty showers possible. 60 degrees on the nose there. 61 on saturday, nice, clouds to sun partly sunny and really good on sunday, high of 68. remember last week i think i was saying around april 17 -- you did. we'll take it. 5:10. still ahead on "action news" yet another property crime that leaves smashed windows at a fast food restaurant. the windows are not being smashed from the outside. new details on the guy dumped on a new york state highway and its mouth duct taped shut. >> reporter: the vine is clear, all lanes back open. we'll check route 100 coming up. we have disturbing video of a raging teacher smack ago
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look, folks getting up and over the platt bridge right now. 5:13, a 45 degrees. in some places we're dealing with morning rain, take it easy. it could be a rough one for some people this morning. >> reporter: we had an accident on the schuylkill expressway that spun out and hit the guardrail. it's an idea of what the roads do when it's a little bit damp. commerce drive, route 100, light
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volume, southbound traffic heading toward the 30 bypass, moving okay on route 100. we have construction that starts today that will be giving you a headache until may. this is church road between new second street and township line road it will be closed from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. stick to township line road as the alternate for that one. another new area with construction is orange street between baltimore avenue and ridley creek road. stick to manchester avenue as the alternate to get around that. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have scattered showers through the area, so you have to be careful. we're seeing that through the morning hours. you'rey wet -- you're wet in reading and wet in the city and trenton you're wet. and dover, it's not heavy rain, but it's enough to make the roads damp so be careful as you head out. 46 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. 46 in millville.
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not as bad as it's been temperature-wise, we'll be above average this afternoon. police say a phone call was to blame for damage done to a minnesota burger king. video shows smashed windows at the fast-food restaurant. they were not broken from the outside. ethan was one of the employees who deliberately broke the glass. he said a caller said it had to be done because it would exploit because of a gas leak. similar pranks with targeted restaurants across the country with similar results. if employees get a call walk out of the building and call 911. we are learning more built group responsible -- about the the group response --
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responsible for the deadly bombings in brussels. the alleged organizers were part of the same group behind the paris massacre in november. happening today, jury selection is scheduled to begin in the case of a georgia man accused of intentionally leaving his toddler to die in a hot suv. justin roth harris is accused leaving his son in the hot car all day while at work. an indictment charges him with sharing sexually explicit communications with underage girls. police are looking for the person who duct taped this dog's mouth shut and left him on the side of the road in long island new york. itpolice are sending out that dt tape to be tested for
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fingerprints. the dog was found on saturday and appears to be in good condition. he sixers have hired the former head of the raptures days after sam hinkey resigned always gm. ers battled back against the milwaukee bucks. they lost 109-108 inover time. they face the raptures tomorrow. flyers beat new york islanders 52:00 in the regular season finale. it's meaningless game since they clinched playoff spot saturday night. they face the capitols in to opn the post season thursday night. doctors in south jersey say a fitbit saved a man's life.
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>> reporter: monday morning, matt's favorite day of the
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entire week. the rest of us are making it through. let's look outside, the roads are a bit wet. woodhaven at knights road light traffic coming toward you. roads are damp, be careful as you head out. don't forget about the new schedules that went into effect for septa's regional rail. patco starts a new schedule on saturday. new jersey transit no delays. >> reporter: we have light showers popping through west to east most of us this light, pushing into south jersey. a little steadier stuff coming in from lancaster. obviously this is mostly nuisance rain. dress the kids with umbrellas on the way to school the showers won't be done by the time they get on the bus. this afternoon we'll be looking at improvement and the temperatures will be coming up. we're looking at the return of sunshine. 44 degrees by 7:00. we're going for a high of
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65 degrees. if you can get through a breezy cool start with the showers around, this afternoon it will be breezy but we'll get the return of sunshine and it will feel nicer. down at the airport. no major delays at the big travel destinations. if you're heading to boston that's where the rain is heading today. a new jersey man said his fitness tracker helped to save his life. 42-year-old jeff bravo went to our lady of lords in camden after suffering a seizure. his heart rate was above normal, but they didn't know if it was from the seizure. after looking at the fitbit they were able to stabilize his heart. she shocked my heart and i was able to to go open the same day. the meltdown at the masters. a hungry burglar broke into
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a five guys restaurant and made himself a burglar. here's america's money. >> reporter: gas prices are accelerating upward. national average is up 8 cents in the past three weeks and 16 cents in the past months. rntle. >> reporter: oil prices are up and so is demand. see the lights built into the top of the windshield. unless they are turned they are impossible to spot from outside the car. this may have been the closest weekend box office ever. dawn of justice was $350,000 behind in second and zootopia from our parent company was third. that's america's money. have a great day. month here.
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hastings. there are things that frustrate us. it shows the 63-year-old teacher swiping the papers off the students desk and slapping him five times. what happened before the slap attack it's not clear. hastings is facing an assault charge. she was placed on administrative leave with pay. rough weekend for pro golfer jordon speith had a five shot lead at the turn. after collapsing on the backside he slipped the new green jacket on danny willett the second englishman to win that green jacket. a congress in north
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carolina calling bruce springsteen a bully for canceling his greens borough comings -- concert. mark walker said that springsteen is known to be on the radical left and described the cancellation as a bully tactic. the boss has not responded to walker yet, refunds will begin today for the cancels shows in north carolina. rapper and actor ludicrous will host the billboard awards next months. he will join sierra, they will be on "g.m.a." with the big announcement. sam -- "g.m.a." is after "action news" tune in to see it. a driver smashes directly into a bucks county home and decides to not wait around and
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offer an explanation. we'll be right back. for years, i was a laboratory chemist, developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington
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vigilant neighbor acts fast when she gets suspicious about what's going on in the business below her apartment. storm tracker 6 live radar is picking up rain. early showers give way to afternoon sun. the skies will clear up in time for the first pitch at the phillies home opener. we're live at citizens bank park for the springtime tradition. good morning, 5:30, april 11. i know someone whose going to be at the game. you have a 50% chance of guessing who it is. >> reporter: it's 25%, you know i always go to the home opener. it's a little bit wet, that will give baseball fans a little bit of concern, but you should not be cenders, -- concerned, becaue it will be out of here by the endful morning commute. the field is covered at citizens bank park. by the time we head into the


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