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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> the philadelphia school district responds as a student was stabbed in the hallways. >> the student grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed the other students, around the chest area and the arm. and the good news is that the student that is stabbed and stable in the hospital. >> the stabbing happened when a fight by eighth graders. the school was placed on lockdown for about 30 minutes. >> the students know each other and have had a dispute before. >> i live in this neighborhood. it took me three mines to get around the corner, they are fine and i saw her face and she is cool and i have to go back to work. >> it's the parents we have to take responsibility and own this. we have to do our part. it takes a village to get it all
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together. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd was over the scene as police brought out a female student in handcuffs and the victim was alert when she was taken to the ho hospital. >> it's upsetting that young kids have to go through this. >> parents were upset about what they call a slow response about getting information. and the school says they try to notify parents as soon as time allows. >> if the principal is busy trying to control the scene, it takes time to make the phone call to get it out to parents. >> reporter: all right at last check the eighth great victim is in stable condition and we are told she should make a full recovery. investigators are trying to figure out how the attacker got the scissors into the school. >> thank you gray. philadelphia police are looking for the person that shot and killed a teenager in hunting park this afternoon.
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chopper 6 hd over the 1400 block when police got the call at 2:00 p.m. a 19-year-old was shot in the head and chest and arm inside of a car, they rushed him to the hospital where he died a short time later. they have not said who killed him or why. a father that was carjacked and shot in west kensington is in the hospital but expected to recover. he was waiting to pick up his son when he was ambushed by two attackers yesterday. they pistol whipped him and then shot him and took off in his dodge ram pickup. they also located the stolen vehicle along with something that could lead them to the suspect. >> we did find what appears to be some fresh fingerprints on the driver door. the detectives will dust this vehicle for fingerprints and see
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if they get any dna. >> investigators do not yet know a motive other than the victim's pickup being bran new. tens of thousands of verizon workers hit the picket lines all over the country and in chinatown. john rawlins is live with the details now. >> reporter: hi monica, the crowd of strikers has thinned somewhat, but there are still pickets at every door at the verizon operation. this is a rocky labor management situation for years, the company says there is a work rule, they call it in the ma bell era in the phone booths anymore. they want to be competitive but do not want to see jobs disappear. these workers work for the land line division, that is fios and phone and tv. they currently earn a combined wage benefit package worth
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$130,000 a year, and they are offering a 6.5% pay hike. >> those are not the core issues, they are always on the table at contract time. >> but that say distraction. >> they say the distraction is to keep the jobs local and they could move out of the region and even offshore. >> the work of this company should be performed in our local communities by local employees. they want to sub-contract the work so they are in a call center environment sometimes out of the state and out of the country. >> verizon says offshore is ridiculous and the workers know it. they are looking to efficiently shift some calls over state lines. they are not looking to go outside of region. union members are not buying it.
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>> once they ship them out of state, they have the ability to ship them overseas. we will lose jobs. >> reporter: the last strike in 2011 lasted 10 days and once they went back to work it took several months to hammer out a contract. no talk yet of renewed negotiations this time around. live at ninth and race, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." residents of an apartment complex that had a bon monoxide leak are still at work. they are replacing the two boilers. last month two people died after a faulty boiler pipe caused a carbon monoxide leak. >> it's a beautiful day around
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the region and spring has made a return. >> it was overdue. adam joseph joins us with the first check of the accuweather forecast. it only gets better into the end of week and the upcoming weekend as the numbers climb to and eventually above normal. it's a bit cool despite we have the sunshine, 57 in philadelphia and 55 in new york city and 40s to the north of the pennsylvania border, for buffalo and binghamton and 66 charleston and roanoke 60 and the 60s return here tomorrow. lots of clear skies and a few clouds bubbling up in the western part of the state but just a few clouds here this evening and overnight. it's a beautiful night for baseball. 7:05 your first pitch with the phillies against san diego, light winds and 55 to start and by the ninth inning the temperature sitting around 50 degrees. we'll have a couple of cool starts for the next couple of mornings, but turns into nice
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afternoons, wall-to-wall sunshine and no rain in sight with the accuweather forecast. we'll talk about that and just how warm the temperatures get in a little bit. >> thank you. it's going to feel a lot like shark tank at the sixer's new training complex in camden when it opens. because the team is giving five startups a chance of a lifetime. they are calling it the sixers innovation lab crafted by kimball, startup companies geared towards sports and consumer products can apply for one of those five spots. they will all get marketing scholarships and startups from the sixers and able to pitch their venture capital firms. and they will get access to office space and have a host of advisers at the ready including mentors from the wharton school of the university of pennsylvania.
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>> we are looking for people with incredible entrepreneurial spirit and a philadelphia tie and authentic to what they are trying to achieve. >> check that out, you see the complex taking shape in camden from their brand new drone video, it's expected to be cleat and up and running by the fall. the selection process starts on friday april 18th, the opportunity is open to entrepreneurs not just in our area but across the world. it will be competitive but a great chance to get a shot. and sticking with the nba, a legendary career that started in lower merion, tonight it will end under the bright lights of los angeles, kobe bryant will finish his career, they will play the utah jazz. a final chapter in a storied 20 year career that is sure to land bryant in the hall-of-fame.
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he played 1300 games all of them for the lakers and tonight one more for the home fans. >> it means everything. i drew up a die hard laker fan. it's like a dream come true and play for his favorite team, and play here the entire career and i have seen the city grow and develop and vice versa and there is no place i would rather end my career. >> bryant is among the best players in the nba history, third all time in points scored. he has won five nba titles and made 18 all-star appearances and the most valuable player in 2008, the first year he won one of two olympic gold medals. now it's time for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is standing by to get us home safely. >> time to play the game we call
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the afternoon commute and already fouls against us on this wednesday afternoon. including this crash on the schuylkill expressway eastbound happened around 30 and street station, they got it pushed off to the side at south street and eastbound is extra heavy from the roosevelt boulevard to this point in south street and a broken down vehicle in the mix and the eastbound schuylkill, they are on the shoulder but it's causing extra slowing, if you are out and about if the strawberry mansion section, look for fire crews, they are attending a blaze at 32 and diamond. still a bit of smoke coming from the building. in avondale a crash along fifth street and fire and police are helping you through the intersection. and a crash if the southbound lanes of 42, in a spot that is busy any way, it's off to the side but you see extra slowing there past 55 on down to lower
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landing. and a crash in airs town road near 38 and that too is a good spot to avoid. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. one of our friends using waze app talking about an accident near the seminary. >> what a difference a few letters make. >> a minor distinction but a big one. he was drunk behind the wheel and killed four people but avoided jail time because of what is known now as the affluenza defense. he went back before a judge today and this young man did not get off so easily. and it's known as a scandal and today they raided it looking for something very specific.
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two of the republican presidential candidates are in pennsylvania today, ted cruz has a rally plans at 4:30 in eerie, and rival donald trump will campaign in pittsburgh with an event at 7:00 tonight. both are trying to win over voters in the keystone state before the primary. and john kasich has a town hall in maryland this afternoon and stops in new york yesterday. democrats are fighting for votes in new york today. the new york "daily news" endorsed hillary clinton and the new york transit union is going with bernie sanders and he got an endorsement from the oregon senator jeff merkley, the first to endorse him for the presidency and they are siding with the striking verizon workers. the so-called affluenza teen will spent nearly two years
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behind bars. ethan couch the teenager that used the defense in the drunk driving offense, will spend 180 days in jail for each of the people he killed when ran his car into them. he has been in custody in texas since he and his mother were captured in mexico after fleeing a possible probation violation. the judge had a stern warning, telling couch he is deciding if he wants him to spend additional time behind bars for the stint across the border. >> until we make that decision, will you remain in the county jail at it this time. are you not getting out of jail today. >> and not getting off so easy, couch just turned 19 years old on monday and his case is moved out of juvenile court.
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at the time of the incident he was 16 and his blood was three times over the legal limit for adult drivers. his mother tanya is waiting to see if she will be indicted for helping him run away to mexico. authorities in mexico have raided the headquarter of the panama papers. they are looking for documents that may prove criminal activity. the firm is accused of creating shell companied and offshore accounts for some of the richest people in the world so they can avoid paying taxes. the law firm is cooperating with the investigation. five of the biggest banks in america don't have a financial plan to handing another chris is. failing grades to bank of america, wells fargo center and bank of new york melon and state street bank today. the federal reserve and the
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federal deposit company, says the banks have huge gaps in the bankruptcy plan they were required to submit. they were given a deadline of october 1st to fix the problems or face tougher requirements. speaking of wall street, looking at the numbers, green arrows. the do you up 187 points and the nasdaq up 75 and the s&p also up 21 points on the day. a music legend is returning to philadelphia, paul mccartney will play at a concert at citizens bank park in july. he will play on july 12 and, part of his one-on-one tour that starts tonight in california. he also added a pennsylvania concert, he will perform at hershey park on july 19th. >> so many songs we love. >> i said if you can see one
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beatle in your lifetime that is a good goal to have. lets go to the accuweather forecast. it's looking stunny. lets go to adam joseph. >> cool today but the numbers start to climb and the place to be will be the shore. it's looking sun soaked. a bit of a cool breeze in atlantic city and the ocean is cold and the camera is bouncing a bit. but if you are in the direct sun still feeling pretty nice. the number in philadelphia right now sitting at 57 degrees and very dry air with the dew point low at 23 degrees. there is that southeasterly wind off the ocean of 49 degrees, it kinds cools the boardwalks and the pressure right now is falling pretty quickly at 30.01 inches. as we look at other numbers, right along the immediate shore, you can see the sea breeze kicking in and cape may 49 degrees and the sea breeze does colied in western parts of burlington county.
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and once you head inland the numbers jumped into the mid to upper 50s for millville and wilmington and the lehigh valley 63 degrees. there is an area of clouds that are developing and they are quickly skirting to the north but overall the high is keeping us crystal clear for the most part during the overnight hours. but there will be frost developing once again in the suburbs, we drop right back to the freezing point, 30 for the city of philadelphia and warmer along the shore at 40 degrees and interior southern new jersey where it drops to near freezing, most of southern new jersey and the exception of the shore and the far northwestern suburbs of pennsylvania, a frost advisory goes into effect and again we are dealing with this for over a week of some of that tender vegetation being on edge with those temperatures near
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freezing. into the lower 60s tomorrow afternoon with wall-to-wall sunshine and highs of 62 degrees, but with that sunshine and warmer temperatures, the pollen level is staying on the high side through the upcoming weekend, maple, juniper and alder are the major culprits right now. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, sunshine from start to finish on your four days, a touch milder and 62 tomorrow and 64 on friday, and 67 on saturday, and staying gorgeous on sunday, 74 degrees a flawless four days, can we keep the trend going in the seven day? we'll let you know. >> okay adam thank you. coming up at 4:30 today, she is a nun accused of drinking and driving and today she faces a judge. and philadelphia leadered get a firsthand look at grouped
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she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. philadelphia mayor jim kenney says the city is stepping up efforts to cleanup neighborhoods. here in tioga-nicetown this morning, they got a firsthand look at how they are sprucing up buildings. he is urging anybody that wants to report graffiti to contact the city's 311 hot line. the team started their be the match bone marrow drive on campus today. anybody that wanted to sign up got their cheeks swabbed there. to data has added 2,000 members
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to that registry. 13 of them have gone on to donate. how about that? this one is hard not to notice, an enormous chinese dragon's head is in franklin square. it was raised this morning and placed on a giant lantern as part of the chinese lantern festival. it's 21 feet long and 22 feet long and 18,000 pounds. that festival kicks off april 22nd. ♪ ♪ and these drummers are part of the celebration to kick off the 2016 subaru cherry blossom festival. part of the school for the deaf and the students signed the national anthem and a japanese foketale was read by city representative sheila hess. as part of the cherry trees that
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arrive in june. >> it's really cool. still to come on "action news," the philadelphia nun on trial for drunk driving, but it's a crime she says she didn't commit. details ahead in a live report. and a teen's sweet gesture is going viral. see the reaction to her prom poseal. next in big talkers. thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride.
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alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again 4:30 and sharrie is off and monica malpass joins us. details on a carbon monoxide leak. we have the details. plus -- >> i wasn't expecting too much i didn't want to get my hopes up honestly. >> well low expectations with incredible ivy league results. meet a student's essay about costco, is going viral. >> first -- a philadelphia nun accused of driving drunk is on trial in new jersey. kimberly miller was arrested after she crashed into a building in gloucester county in november. nora muchanic joins us live outside of that courtroom in washington township with the details. >> reporter: an important development in the trial of sister kim miller who was arrested back in november for
4:30 pm
dui, a municipal court judge threw out the results of her blood alcohol test because of a tech quality. they said she was under the influence of medication not alcohol. >> it happened at 2:00 in the morning on the black horse pike in turnersville. that is where kimberly miller a nun was stopped for drunk driving. today sister kim appeared in washington municipal court to face charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and failing to report an accidents and leaving the scene of an accident. witnesses say sister kim was driving erratically and hit a parked car and turned around and shattered the glass. >> they said a car hit your car. with a weird look on their face, they said it was a nun.
4:31 pm
>> her blood alcohol test was .06, twice the legal limit. those were thrown out because they did not observe her for five minutes before the test. they say she was under the sleep medication of am been of the time and has no member of how she got to knowledge from an event in haverford that night and wound up being pulled over in turnersville. >> reporter: now, one of the officers on the scene said that sister kim told him she had two glass of wine at a book signing that night. a corked bottle was found in the backseat. the trial is continuing and sister kim is expected to take the stand. >> thank you nora. one man is dead and another is under arrest. after a shooting and s.w.a.t.
4:32 pm
standoff in west philadelphia today. neighbors in the 300 block of north edgewood street said they heard shots this morning. police got there and saw a man inside and called the s.w.a.t. teams. they went inside and found the man shot twice. he died a short time later, they found another man hiding inside and took him into custody. police have not given the names of anyone involved. a carbon monoxide leak send three people to the hospital today. medics and fire crews responded to the scott plaza in tinicum township. people in the office building were complaining about a strange odor at noon today. investigators say they found high levels of carbon monoxide that they traced back to a faulty heater. cameras caught a burglar prying open an office durin the juniata park section of philadelphia. they say that the man broke into das incorporated and took two
4:33 pm
safes that had money and important documents inside. all right time to get a check of the stunning accuweather forecast. it feels like april finally and we deserve this. >> we'll stretch it out and eventually it will feel like may and june by the upcoming weekend. we'll really kick the temperatures upward and it's time to start thinking the shore as well. we are six to seven week as way from memorial day. the temperature is cool down there today. 49 degrees despite the sunshine, winds out of the east off the water at 10 miles per hour, keeping that air a bit cooler and in fact the ocean right now it is just 49 degrees, and thinking of memorial day in the summer, we are going back to school and i'm revolving it around the ocean temperature. it's 49 right now, on average when does the ocean temperature at the new jersey shore first reach 70 degrees, is late may, late june or late july?
4:34 pm
tweet me your best guess. and the first person on my twitter to get it right get a shout-out in the full accuweather forecast. >> you said it was what today? >> 49. >> when does it hit 70 for the first time on average? >> she is chomping at the bit -- >> you got to wait. supporters of medical marijuana took to the capital building today with one message, lets get this done. many of them parents of young children suffering from debilitating seizures spoke at the rotunda today. they want minor changes to legislation that passed the house last month. they expect the bill to pass today and governor tom wolf does support it. there is less room for sand towels and chairs this summer. two storms the nor'easter and january's blizzard has eaten way at the beaches. they say they pump more sand on the beaches every year but this
4:35 pm
year they need double the usual amount. no word if there is enough money for all the additional sand. a new police chief in delaware county made history today just by taking office. rick williams is live in the newsroom with the details on this one. >> her name is regina price, only the second black woman in head up a police department in the state of pennsylvania. the first to do so in darby township. sara bloomquist sits down with price at 5:00 to discuss her new role. and health check tonight, we are checking in on a paralyzed man the recipients of a landmark surgery, just how far that man has come in just two years. an inspiring story there. that and more when we see you on "action news" at 5:00. monica back to you. >> see new a bit rick. another campus town may be coming to new jersey, ryder university is exploring the idea
4:36 pm
of building a campus town. similar to the college of new jersey. a combination of retail and dining and housing options in lawrence, mercer county. a ground breaking took place for 21 brand new affordable homes for families here in philadelphia. "habitat for humanity" broke ground at 15th and fontaine, the largest affordable ownership to date. >> so far habitat build 192 homes in philadelphia. that is nice. each family that receives a home give sweat equity, they work 150 hours over the course of two years to build other homes and their homes as well. still ahead on "action news" on a wednesday afternoon, a
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warning about scam artists using popular websites to find their targets. also, ahead, a local princess prom-posal is going viral. this is sure to bring a smile to your face. in big talkers. and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards.
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a judge in south carolina has delayed the trial for the man accused of gunning down five people at a baptist church. they want more time to complete psychiatric testing. the trial was expected to start this july. he is accused of killing nine black parishioners last june. a grandmother survived after
4:40 pm
being stranding in the desert for nine days by eating plants and drinking pond water. she was visiting her grandkids and her car ran out of gas. she had a survival training course and knew how to keep herself and her pets alive. on day nine, a helicopter crew found this sign she made with sticks and rocks be sand. and they swooped in to make the rescue. >> there was on the rock creek and i was shock. >> the police helicopter landed. i just sat down balled. >> you want that woman with you in the event of an emergency, doctors by the way treated rogers by exposure and sent her home that very same night. strong winds were too strong for a roof at a school in
4:41 pm
mississippi, it caused a tidal wave of water to rush through. it sencrews running for their lives. nobody was hurt but the school lobby and gymnasium are destroyed. free samples, oversized everything and the thrill of buying in bulk people love costco. but there is one senior in delaware choose lifelong obsession with costco not only shaped her life helped her get into not one but five ivy league schools. it was quirky pondering? is cultured yogurt anymore well mann manorred counterpart. >> simpson a senior at concord high school has received acceptance letter to the top
4:42 pm
schools, including yale, columbia, dartmouth and cornell. and despite her 4.9 gpa, yes that is right. they believe it was her costco essay that pushed her back the pack. >> was afraid of being cliche and i wants to take it out of the box, because i knew i there would be people with the same sat scores. >> britney plans to study neuro science and is leaning towards yale or stanford. but britney consider penn we have impressive costcos in our area too. and there is no shortage of clever prom proposals happening at this moment. but one is restoring faith in humanity. maddie picks a very special prom
4:43 pm
date. >> you want to go to prom with me? >> yes. >> we can be princesses and go to prom together? >> yes. >> maddie and her now confirmed and elated prom date, amanda. when maddie found out that her boyfriend couldn't make prom, she asked one of her favorite physics partners. she loves pink and tiara. amanda's dad says she loves prom and already picked out a dress. >> maddie did not expect the video to explode and go viral. she says everybody posts pictures of their prom-posals, she was just taking her best friend and didn't think it was anything special. but we do. they will wear the tiaras. two very special princesses.
4:44 pm
>> the fact that she doesn't think it's special makes it special. >> we needed this today restoring our faith. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman in the traffic center to see what is rolling and what's not. >> 42 southbound up ahead at lower landing road there was a crash and that is gone, so this point it's just normal afternoon slow down off the walt whitman bridge to 55, at this point we are back to normal. meanwhile in monroe township, a crash along 322 the black horse pike at whitehall road at saints peter and paul church and the broken down vehicle on the schuylkill expressway on the eastbound side but it appears it's here no longer. that is good news. and farther east the crash off to the side by south street has also cleared. getting better but speeds still in the teens coming eastbound
4:45 pm
from the vine street expressway into center city. and 33rd and diamond and a crash at wynnewood along wynnewood road and one along nayak avenue. and upper moreland a crash at 253. in white house township a crash at ridge pike, and typical sluggish traffic on the schuylkill near the conshohocken curve. and 41 pennsylvania avenue, by the avondale presbyterian church. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. from getting a new job to getting ripped off in the blink of an eye, we have new details about a scam coming up. looking live at penn's landing, what a pretty sight, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it looks perfect next.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
now to meteorologist, adam joseph, or professor joseph. >> just once a week. >> love these questions. >> you get to learn something if you didn't know the answer. this was a question i posed a short time ago. on average when does the ocean temperature first reach 70, late may, late june or late july. >> c. but it feels more like september. >> everybody in here is like boom. this is the first time it's been unanimous, that everyone got it right. and the first person to get it right on my twitter is kirsten. congrats to her. it's usually around july 16th to
4:49 pm
the 31st we average temperatures around the 70 degrees, it take a good month or two into the summer season. it's only 49 right now and still very chilly with the ocean water it's kicking the numbers down along the immediate shore. still a chill in the air with the normal this time of year being around 63, a few clouds around that have blossomed here in western pennsylvania in northern new york state, a piece of energy in the at most their that passed through and a few clouds skirting by and the sky will generally stay clear overnight tonight. and turning frosty in the suburbs, 32 degrees in the outlying areas with the city staying around 40 degrees with the light northeasterly wind. once again we have the threat for some frost and some numbers getting close to freezing. all of interior southern
4:50 pm
turnpike, in southeastern pennsylvania, it will create some frost on the plans between midnight and 10:00 in the morning. the atmosphere is creating a traffic jam so to speak, it creates what looks like the greek letter omega. here in the eastern and western atlantic, low pressure to the east and low pressure to the west. we are in the good area of the omega block, that means systems don't move the way features wrap around one another, eye pressure into the upcoming weekend, it means sinking air. our entire area from the great lakes to the mid-atlantic, a lack of cloud cover and lack of rain as well. in fact the chances of rain thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, 0% chance. and a very small chance here on monday with a front that swings through to try and break up that omega block at the beginning of next week. the exclusive accuweather
4:51 pm
seven-day forecast, a touch milder here tomorrow at 62, and there you see that wall-to-wall sunshine, right through the upcoming weekend as temperatures go above normal and into the mid-70s by sunday and then grab the shorts as we approach near 80 degrees on monday. and with that front late on monday, that could touch off a quick shower, it drops the temperatures not as warm and seasonable tuesday and wednesday with sun and clouds with highs in the mid and the upper 60s. even though we get close to 80 degrees, we call that water temperature from may to june, purpling. boom. you turn puple. >> thanks adam. ♪
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ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. today we have a warning for
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job seekers for popular search sites some people that use linked in, are fooled into a scam thinking they got a job and then getting ripped off. >> millions are searching for jobs online using sites like linked in. and it turns out that some of those employers are scammers hiding behind a screen. sara says that one of these crooks sent her a job opportunity that looked legit. >> i sent my resume to the email he told me to send it to. >> wade unsuspecting anything would go wrong. >> with linked in i had so much luck finding jobs in the past i didn't expect this to be a scam at all. >> the crook sends the desperate job seeker a check, for $2,000, a signing bonus and then a catch
4:55 pm
to send most of the money back in the form of a gift card or money order. like a one time fee. and then it's a fake. wade got one for $2100, and she knew it was a scam. >> i called the bank and they told me it was fake and make sure i don't deposit it. >> as technology changes the way that predators seek people out that are looking for these opportunities are changing with the technology. >> it's not just linked in, karen told our chicago station she used the job search site indeed. and was not so lucky, she tried to deposit a check for $2400 and sent $2,000 to a scammer. >> it was a real big shock.
4:56 pm
>> indeed tells abc news that they have an entire team dedicated to the search security. they look out for and remove this type of activity. but you guys experts say just use common sense, if someone is asking for money it's probably not the kind of job you are looking for. >> good advice nonetheless. >> finally at 4:00, a spark octopus at the new zealand aquarium found his way to freedom. >> inky, found a leak in the aquarium and got out. here is a picture of inky, a manager said hequeezed out of a nearby pipe and made his way to the bay. you go inky. maybe he is friends with nemo, got out of the tank and back to dad and dory. >> that will do it for "action
4:57 pm
news" at 4:00, now for monica malpass, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now rick williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> thank you, see you in a minute. coming up on "action news" at 5:00, the search for two burglary suspects is on in south jersey after being caught in the act by the homeowner, the high tech security system that helped to scare them off. and the sentence for the so-called affluenza teen. how long ethen couch will spend in jail after the deadly crash. and students getting honored for their brain power and scientific skills. coming your way next on "action news" at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. new jersey state police want your help tracking down these two men seen burglarizing a house in broad daylight.
5:00 pm
officials say they were scared off by her high security system. the break-in happened in salem county at a home in upper pitsgrove township. walter perez is joining us with the details. >> reporter: the home is located across this field here in a rural section of salem county, new jersey, and more than anything else, this story is a great example of modern technology put to good use. >> as you can see from the voice foota footage, the burglar carefully enter the home and exchange pleasantries with the dogs inside. it notifies the homeowner and allows her to see what is going on real time and to communicate


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