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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 14, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. wednesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight, it is discovery of two bodies in a delaware home.
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a man and a woman were found in the 300 block of east highland avenue in new port, "action news" reporter christie ileto has been on the case, and she is now, in new castle county police in minquadale. christie, what is the story here. >> reporter: well, jim, right now police don't suspect foul play but neighbors described the couple as quiet, keeping to themselves and they believed they were traveling in the knowing they were in their home all along. >> unaudible. >> reporter: welfare check of the highland avenue became a death investigation wednesday morning. >> officers, you know, they get through the house and they locate two deceased individuals, both adults, one male and one female. >> reporter: police say it is unclear how long the elderly couple were inside but neighbors tell "action news" they had last seen the pair in the fall 2015. you called police. >> yes. >> reporter: this woman did not want her face on camera but called 911 when she noticed something was not
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right. >> she always took care of her yard and there were twigs, branches and grass needed to be cut and there was in lights on in the house or anything like that. so, i finally decided enough was enough. somebody needed to check on them. >> reporter: like most neighbors bill said he thought the couple was traveling. >> it just never occurred to us that there was anything out of the ordinary. >> reporter: police don't believe in foul play but they are still looking at everything. >> we are not 100 percent sure what happened, was it medical? could it have been foul play? again those are questions that once there has been an autopsy we will be able to determine it. >> reporter: now autopsies will be done tomorrow, police are trying to notify next of kin before they reveal identities of the couple. reporting live from minquadale, christie ileto channel six "action news". three people are in the hospital tonight after a rampage in north philadelphia. police say a knife wielding man attacked a couple at 18th and girard just before 8:30 leaving both bleeding from
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stab wound, as the couple's three young children looked on. the suspect then pulled a gun and then fired four shots. two struck a bar employee who heard the commotion and came outside. police chased the suspect to 18th and master where he was arrested and then the gun was recovered from his jacket. there is no word yet on the possible motive for all of this violence. a motorcyclist has just died from his injuries after being struck by a hit and run driver tonight. it happened at aramingo and lehigh avenues in the kensington section of philadelphia, an hour an a half ago. the 35 year-old victim has not yet been identified, police accident investigators do not have a description of the vehicle, that hit him. a lehigh valley day care has been ordered to shut down, for gross incompetence, negligence, and misconduct that a after a baby died there on her very first day. this is a photo of three month-old mckenna arose from her parent's go fund me page.
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pennsylvania child welfare authorities say an employee at sharon's day care in northampton county, put the infant girl down for a nap on her stomach and then left her unsupervised for 25 minutes. the baby was later found unresponsive. this happened back on april 1st. an autopsy failed to determine how she died but the coroner says it does not appear to have been suspicious. we are in for a very chilly night, in parts of the pennsylvania, and new jersey. and in fact, freeze and frost warnings have been posted, and that is not good news for vegetation. meteorologist cecily tynan has the latest information, from accu weather, cecily. >> jim, it has been pretty tough past week for farmers and gardeners. tonight will be a very cold night but look at temperatures right now. we are still well above freezing. philadelphia 47 degrees. allentown 49. wilmington 45. little bit colder in pamona the atlantic city a airport 39. cool spot is millville at
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36 degrees. but part of the reason why temperatures haven't dropped so far just yet is we have just a little bit of cloud cover over us. a shortwave moving throughs bringing us some cloud. those clouds will clear out overnight and that means temperatures will be dropping, very, very quickly. a freeze warning has been posted for the northwestern suburbs and for interior south jersey, elsewhere, except for philadelphia proper. we have a frost advisory so a good idea to protect your plants, once again tonight, because they could be a tough night for them to survive. as we look ahead, after a cold start i'm's tracking a very nice afternoon, wall to wall sunshine, not only are we looking at in rain in sight until next week, but i'm tracking a big time warm up. i will have details with the full accu weather seven day forecast, jim. >> thanks, cecily. pennsylvania is set to be the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana a joining new jersey, and delaware. the bill passed the state house this have afternoon, the vote was 149 to 46, governor
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tom wolf intend to sign the bill this sunday afternoon. it will then be another month before the law takes effect, likely another two years before medical marijuana retailers open. in the meantime, parents of the children who suffer seizures will be a loud to buy medical marijuana from another state. this they were among main advocates brought together bipartisan support for this legislation. so many people suffering from post traumatic disorder, epilepsy, thousands of people suffering from diseases now have a way to get the treatment. >> patients must be diagnosed, with one of the 17 specific conditions, and the drug cannot be sold, and smokeable form, only as a pill, oil, liquid, or tropical ointment. maybe that topical ointment. the state will license growers and sellers and it will take a 5 percent tax. no contract, no peace.
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>> day one of the verizon workers strike is in the books. 39,000 verizon workers, walked off the job this morning from virginia, to massachusetts. 5900 union members, are striking in the tri-state area. "action news" was at ninth and race streets in philadelphia today, the union's say verizon want to freeze pensions, make layoffs easier and rely more on contract workers. workers also say that the company wants to be able to send their jobs to other parts of the country, and even overseas. cook elementary school in the logan section of the philadelphia was the scene of an attack today. an eighth grade female student was stabbed by another eighth great girl with a pair of scissors. chopper six was overhead, as police brought out the alleged a tacker, and parents were notified and some rushed to schools to check on their kid. the school was on lock down for a half an hour. a nun is facing charges that she was driving drunk, when she crashed into a building in turnersville
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gloucester county last november. that trial today sister kimberly miller's defense scored a victory. the judge threw out the breathalizer test and results because an officer did not follow protocol. sister million are claimed that she wasn't drunk but was asleep or sleep driving, if you will, while under the influence of ambien. miller is a teacher at little flower high school in philadelphia a. the judge will hand down a verdict next week. darby, delaware county is making history tonight swearing in its first african-american and female police chief in the county a's history. "action news"'s monica malpass is here with more on regina price. >> reporter: that is right, jim, historic moment, both county officials and residents seemed to be excited to have 30 year veteran and mother on have three at the helm of the darby police department. >> congratulations. >> yeah. >> reporter: with that regina price became darby's new police chief, a a tight that will she wanted her entire
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three decade in law enforcement. she's a trailblazer when it comes to race and gender. township commissioners said they didn't set out to make history when they interviewed candidates for the job, but it just made sense. >> quite naturally it is first female for the township and first female for the county, as a chief of police officer. so that is a first. i mean it is not something that we were looking for but it just happened that way. so we were really thrilled about that though. >> she has a lot of education. she has a lot have experience as a policeman. >> reporter: price wants to start by getting a feel for the department but she already knows she wants better training and to improve community police relations. >> it is a tough thing in law enforce; at this time, given what is happening nationally in law enforcement, there is a lot of relationships that have to be repaired, you know, mainly law enforcement and the community and i think i have a good handle on that a and it will work well. >> reporter: residents hope
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she bring a fresh approach to serious issues. >> the main thing is drugs. we have a pretty big problem with drugs around, all of the delaware county. >> reporter: price came here from florida, she was a police major there but she says she's, excited she got chief job in darby but first full day tomorrow on the job. >> we wish her luck. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you, monica. man from east landsdowne is in custody tonight after being charged with perjury. government says he lied when he denied committing war crimes. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at the satellite center. chad, who is this man, how long has he been living here. >> reporter: his name i had mohammad jobateh but now faces decade behind bars for his alleged role in war crimes. investigators say mohammad joba theteh was a commander in the united liberation movement for democracy in liberia, a a rebel facts on engaged in civil war in, lie beer why in the 90's. according to the federal doer, joba teh, known as jungle
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joba personally committed or ordered troops under his, command to commit murder of the civilian non-combatants, sexual even slave. of women, pup raping, conscription of the child soldiers, execution of the prisoners of war, desecration, and mutilation have of corpses, a monk other unspeakable crimes. >> what caught him here, wasn't the atrocities that he committed, but it is the fact that in an immigration filing, in trying to get asylum, he lied to the federal government. he lied to ins. >> reporter: ed tour andcy is a john temple ton fellow of the foreign policy research institute. he said that the atrocities were committed on both side of the liberian conflict. u.s. attorney's office says that the u.s. doesn't have jurisdiction to bring genocide charges. but in the indictment, jobateh allegedly denied he ever committed a crime or engaged in genocide on his immigration papers.
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a a spokesperson for the u.s. attorney's office here in philadelphia, says that investigators determined that those statements to be false, but wouldn't provide specifics. he has never been charged in his native liberia for war crimes and it is unclear what launched the federal investigation. >> as often happens in very conflicted situations, you have someone who may have committed some terrible acts, but they are hard to prove. >> reporter: jobateh defense attorney did in the return our calls. live from the the satellite center, chad pradelli for channel six, "action news". >> thanks, chad. it was a somber vigil at the delaware county courthouse tonight. parents of the murdered children gathered to remember their loved ones, a and to share their grief. pictures of the victims were placed on a board, to help pay tribute to their lives. tonight the event was sponsored by delaware county district attorney's office and victim's policy funding board. it was a packed house for
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i great cause tonight at pj's maple shade. hundreds took part in the fundraiser to help the family of the fallen new jersey state trooper, shawn cullen. trooper cullen was struck and killed by a koran i295 last month while he was responding to an accident. cullen, who was 31, was engaged, and the father of a nine month-old son with a second child on the way. still to come on "action news" tonight, the cdc says that the zika virus is responsible for something unprecedented in medical history. russian jets fly dangerously close to the u.s./navy warship, over and over and over again. trump supporters and protesters clashed tonight in western pennsylvania. cecily? despite the sunshine, it was a chilly day. our high only 58 degrees. get ready for a frosty night but warmer air moving in tomorrow. we will let you know how high temperatures will climb in the accu weather seven day forecast. we will tell you how south
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jersey woman scared off two burglars even though she was not home, ducis rodgers with the end of the the storied career, in kobe bryant's farewell, "action news" continues in just a moment.
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this is really extraordinary, the u.s. navy is concern about a series of recent provocations by the russians. this video shows russian war planes, buzzing an american destroyer, in international waters of the baltic sea. pentagon officials say russian jets made dozens of passes, monday and tuesday. not only were they dangerously close to the ship's deck, analysts say these fly buys were simulated bombing runs. the americans took no evasive military action and addressing
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the incident through diplomatic channels. doctors are leaving no doubt about it tonight, cdc is confirming that the zika virus does indeed cause birth defect microcephaly, that is babies born with ab normally small heads. head of the cdc calls it unprecedented in human history for a mosquito bite to result in a devastating malformation. zika can lead to other severe brain defects. results are being published tonight in a new england journal of medicine special report which says zika infections usually occur within the first or early second trimester of pregnancy. on the political front tonight reports say that donald trump's campaign manager, corry lewandowski will not be prosecuted on battery charges. the florida state attorney's office in palm beach county will not prosecute. police in jupiter, florida a rested lewandowski after video showed him pulling reporter michelle fields, away from trump, as she was trying to ask a question.
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in pittsburgh tonight, intense confrontation between donald trump supporters and anti trump protesters. police had to separate the two side. at the rally itself trump continued to rail against the republican party, claiming it is trying to steel the election from him. in erie, pennsylvania, ted cruz was looking ahead to this state's primary. that is on april 26th. he told supporters that pennsylvania is a state that the country is looking to and that he intend to prevail. on the democratic side, bernie sand's tracked a huge crowd at washington square park tonight in new york. he is trailing hillary clinton, leading up to the new york primary on tuesday but he a said that quote, the crowd was unbelievable, and it made him think that he is going to win. hillary clinton was hosted by bronx boro president, ruben diaz, junior tonight. clinton did not mention sanders name addressing 1300 supporters, instead she took shots at donald trump and ted
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cruz. in fort worth, a judge sentenced ethan couch, the so-called affluent teen, to nearly two years in prison for deaths of four people and a drunk driving wreck. this was the first time that couch, who turned 19 on monday, has faced a judge in adult court. after the crash in 2013, he was sentenced to probation. when his attorney argued he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. a south jersey home owner scared off two burglars using only her voice, and a high tech gadget. she wasn't even home, when the two thieves broke in, yesterday morning in upper pittsgrove township, salem county. men didn't seem to worry about the dogs but the homeowners surveillance system notified her and she was able to yell at the crooks by remote control. they took off, but they did getaway with the lock box containing jewelry and other personal documents. new jersey state police are asking anybody who can identify the intruders to call in a a tip, and try to help
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catch them. lets get that accu weather forecast, maybe, the best accu weather forecast we have seen since last summer. >> it certainly is. >> yes. >> we have beautiful days, little chilly tonight, frost advisory, in effect. storm tracker six showing we're not looking at any rain, really. the chance of any rain, until next week. so we have a fine forecast. we have had a string of beautiful sunsets, i would like to thank "action news" reporter viewer ray who took this photo the owe from his drone overlooking the sunset in chalfont, pennsylvania. you can see a few high, thin cloud beginning to move in. the cloud cover is over parts of the our viewing area. that is why temperatures had in the dropped that quickly just yet. philadelphia 47 degrees. allentown 49. trenton 43. millville cool spot at 36 degrees. satellite six with action radar showing that these cloud are moving out, very quickly. so once they do temperatures
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will be dropping, close to the freezing point, so another good night to protect those outdoor plants and tomorrow morning, despite all of the sunshine, as kids head to the bus stop, there will be a chill in the air. at 6:00 o'clock 39 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock 42. but tomorrow lots of sunshine throughout the day and temperatures back to more seasonal levels. the it should reach a high of 62 degrees. sixty-three is the normal high for this time of the year. today only 58 degrees, and that warm up, will continue really right through the weekend and then into next week. we're getting in the pattern that is known as an omega a block. the jet stream as you can see here it looks like the greek letter omega a. what this does is creates a traffic jam in the atmosphere. low pressure off the eastern seaboard, low pressure out west, we have high pressure right over us and this weather system cannot move. when you are stuck under this big ridge of high pressure, it is warm and you have that sinking air. what this does is it clears the clouds out of the sky,
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clears the sky, from any cloud, and so that means loads of sunshine right through the weekend into early next week and temperatures climbing to summer-like levels by monday. so, the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, yes, this ace a nice one, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. more seasonal with a high of 62. bump it up to 64 degrees on friday. this weekend i know last weekend a lot of soccer games, opening days, for baseball, were canceled, well, they are back on this weekend. 67 degrees on saturday, sunday up to 74 degrees, and i would say on monday, go ahead, grab the flip-flops and the shorts, the high is soaring up to 79 degrees. then we have a cold front on tuesday, could bring us a few showers, but what this will do is drop temperatures back in the upper 60's, 68 degrees, and then wednesday, seasonal with a high of 65 degrees, so don't forget the sun screen, the next week, you will need it. >> thanks, cecily.
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some of new jersey's many heroes were honored tonight, during ate special ceremony at gloucester county office of the veterans affairs. twenty-five veterans were presented with medals for their services, their bravery and patriotism. five were honored posthumously. the vets served in world war two, vietnam, korea, iraq and afghanistan. in philadelphia a, several dozen people turned out for a town hall meeting on the latino vote tonight. discussion took place at the hub at commerce square in center city. participants talked about how to encourage higher voter turnout and how to foster more trust in the election process. tonight was the first of three town hall meetings focused on the latin o the vote.
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so, the phillies are playing pretty good baseball what a difference a week makes for this team. >> miguel franco and jared eickoff, two exciting young players on the phillies, they come up huge tonight with the padres. first franco, the kid has a vendetta against baseball, how about this one.
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that is hard. solo shot in the first inning, gets out in a hurry. his second of the season. one to nothing phillies. the third inning franco again, and this stays in the park. two run, two out double, excuse me, odubel herrera scores. eickoff makes it hold up seven innings, in runs in, walks, nine strike outs. phillies win two-one. they have won four of their last five games. >> i don't see any reason why we won't continue to pitch well, you know, for the most part, for the entire season if these guys stay healthy. they have all shown the ability to command all of their stuff and mix up their pitches, keep hitters off balance. eickoff was terrific today. >> same two team tomorrow afternoon. flyers announced plans for a public memorial for ed snider. it will be held next week thursday april 21st at 1:00 p.m. at the wells fargo center. flyers held a final practice in voorhees this morning before heading down to d.c. game one of their playoff series with the capitols tomorrow night.
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the flyers played exceptionally well the past few weeks but coach dave hakstol says that means nothing now. >> we are not going to rest on. that we have to push our level up, another notch, just like everybody else does. so, i don't make too much of that. our butts have been on the line the last couple of months and i think we're, you know, we're comfortable with that but we're no difference from anybody else. we have to push our level up another notch to get into playoff action. still ahead here in sports sixers season is over. that could have been said five months ago. kobe bryant's farewell, and see how l.a. says good
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well, pulling off a band-aid slowly off of your hairy leg. >> wow. >> what. >> i'm not talking to you jim. >> that is how painful sixers season has been. i was than the talking about cecily either. >> i hope not. >> sixers in chicago tonight, sixers are assured of worst record in 43 years. robert covington three, sixth are lead bias much as 23 points. sixers up, in the third quarter. they lose 115-105. they finish at ten-72. golden state warriors are facing memphis tonight, win would give warriors 37 victories most ever in the nba season. kobe bryant playing in his final game, long time laker and lower merion grad gets a huge send off tonight, leading
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up to the lakers/utah game. five time champ spent 20 seasons in the league and third on the nba's all time scoring list. the right now midway through the second quarter kobe has 17 points. >> is there so much daughters when kobe went from lower merion high school right to the nba and i think he proved everyone of those daughters wrong. >> for 20 years. >> twenty years. >> jim kimmel live next filled by night line. jimmy's guest more from captain america, robert downey junior, don cheadle, and, music. "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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