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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, april 18 we're following a developing story. a philadelphia police officer is wounded in the line of duty. we're live to update officer james mccullough's condition, plus we have the radio call for help. a gunman blasts a barrage of bullets and we have the details. someone tried to cash in on kobe bryant's last game, unfortunately it was just a bunch of hot air. speaking of hot air i enjoyed the warm weather we had yesterday. david murphy has more from accuweather and matt pellman is in for karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: i took that the right way, tam. yes, david.
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>> reporter: it was gorgeous, i was at the phillies game i was talking to people on my homepage how nice it was to beat paple -- paplebom and jason werth. 50 degrees in philadelphia. mid 40s in trenton. millville, 37 degrees. again, these numbers are way, way up as we roll through the afternoon. on the bus stop, 6:00 a.m., 47. 8:00 a.m., 48 degrees. cool, but nice out there. as we go through the afternoon it will feel like summer than april. 67 by 1:00 p.m., 79 degrees by 3:00 p.m. with a high of 80. we probably hit that at 4:00 p.m. if you have tickets to the phillies game tonight good for you because the weather will be great. some of you will be indoors at
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the flyers that will be fun. pollen forecast will be up there the next several days because we're not expecting any significant rain until around thursday night. and then we bring the pollen countdown a bit for friday. matt pellman i'll have the workweek calls, temperatures going down, details coming up. >> reporter: good morning to you, david good morning everybody, we're live along i-95. you can look forward to the drive, so far not too bad. as we had southbound construction on i-95 by the airport, the overnight crews have cleared away. now you're good to go. on the convene street expressway, no construction last night, but they are coming back tonight starting at 11:00 p.m., they will do most of the nights this week as they set the new beams in place. starting at 11:00 p.m. tonight the vine shut down. we had a crash at hill road at deep creek road that cleared out of the way.
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construction closing edge wood road in lower makefield is scheduled to reopen minutes ago, you're back in business there. creek road over top of 42 was shut down all weekend for construction, that cleared as of just a few minutes ago. good to hear. thank you matt, we're following a developing story. two people are in custody in connection with a robbery that led to a shooting of a police officer. police say officer james mccullough was shot in the left leg when he tried to stop a car theft. annie mccormick is live at penn presbyterian hospital, annie, how is that officer doing? >> reporter: else in table condition, matt. there are two people in custodies. there is a possible another suspect. commissioner ross said this officer did heroic action, he continued to fight while he was
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hurt and performed first aid on himself that could have saved his life. they were flagged down by a female who indicated that two males were breaking into her car. >> reporter: that's how it began at salford and market. two officers on patrol sprung into action. when they puzzle up they saw two males in the vehicle. the male saw the police car and that's when they exited and started to run. officer james mccullough managed to fire three shots, his leg was bleeding, his partner rushed him to penn presbyterian hospital. a heavy presence grew outside the hospital. commissioner ross and mayor kenny and members of the 18th district filed inside to support mccullough. he looks good and he is very strong and strong handle shake and strong conversation. a dangerous city a lot of guns
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out there. >> reporter: both the commissioner and the mayor saying this is a family man. he has a 2-year-old daughter and fiance he has been on the force for two years and currently works in the 18th district. reporting live in university city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you for that. new this morning we are hearing the dramatic police radio calls made by officer mccullough's partner as the shots were fired. police shuted down service before taking the suspects in custody. a gunman ambushed and shot jesse hartnett who was also from
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18th district. he pledges aallegiance to isis. last week good news for him, he threw out the first pitch at the phillies game and proposed to his girlfriend. follow us on social media for breaking weather, join us on "action news" on facebook and twitter where @ 6abc. from our new jersey newsroom we could learn more about an officer-involved shooting? vineland. police found a person who was robbed. when they tracted down the suspects, a confrontation turned into a gun fight. one suspect was shot and killed, the other is on the run. a man confessed to shooting and killing his 4-year-old daughter. phillips faces multiple charges
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including involuntary manslaughter. he accidentally shot the girl while handling his gun the 5-year-old sibling this nothing to the washington, d.c. shooting. he was -- had nothing to do with the shooting. he was a good parent. neighbors say the child's mother was protective of her children and did not let them play outside because of drugs and gun violence. 5:07. comedian bill cosby wife camille is expected to be questioned under oath in connection with the defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who were branded as liars after they went public about the sex allegations against him. she'll be questioned in boston tomorrow. more than 16 million people are in the path of severe weather in the county's
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heartland. heavy rainfall triggered flash flooding in texas. rain moved into the area yesterday and stick around until wednesday. the states in the plains and rockies continue to deal with wet, heavy snow. hundreds of flights were canceled at denver international airport due to snowstorms. hard to think about that armed here, all we can think about is sunshine. >> reporter: i know. we are looking at dry conditions again this morning. it's going to be another beautiful day. there you see the stars out over the ben franklin bridge. trust me they are there. we are looking at a cool start. it's going to turn around quickly this morning. 50 degrees in philadelphia. that doesn't feel too bad. if you're in millville, you have dipped to 37. mid 40s in trenton. with light winds and the promise of warmth coming back into play we could take these numbers early on.
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you'll need the shades heading out to the highways and by ways. high pressure still nom -- dominant enough to keep the air dry in place. up in the lehigh valley. how about 80 for the high. light winds mostly sunny skies up in places like allentown, bethlehem easton and down the pike into reading. down the shore cooler next to the cooler ocean water. 64 degrees in atlantic city. a couple of spots 65. lots of sun, cooler at the shore, nice. in philadelphia, another high of 80 degrees, mostly sunny and warm, there are the winds staying light today. we have a front coming from the north. looks like it's not going to trigger much in the way of cloud cover. it will be dry. for the phillies tonight, the mets come to town, we beat them two out of three up in new york recently. mostly clear a gorgeous night for baseball. 75 for for the first pitch, 64 n
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the 9th inning. overnight tonight we dip to 56 for the low which is not too bad. a little bit on the cool side. mainly clear some suburbs in the upper 40s. winds light. tomorrow with the boundary coming down to the south. it will be cooler, but hey you know what, 74 still isn't bad, partly sunny skies and breezy conditions tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 80 under the sun today. breezy still great tomorrow, high of 74. with the front pushing to the south on wednesday, sunny and cooler high of 69 degrees. thursday, the front starts to come back, the numbers come back to 74. maybe rain at night, increasing clouds. friday the front is most active, we'll see showers and thunderstorm as passover arrives at sundown. nice high of 77 degrees. for the weekend we ease back to 69 for the high, that's not bad. showers limited to the morning. 6abc day talen stadium.
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you will be there with the sons of ben. >> reporter: i'll be on the union radio show, wip. the strongest earthquake to strike ecuador in decades leaves the nation traumatized. nearly 200 people are dead. a california student says he was punished for flying and being muslim. >> reporter: brand new work zones get underway today in bucks county and chester county we'll tell you where after the break. later the art of lying as a child and why it should not be all that distressing to parents. are you sick of harrisburg politicians
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like steve santarsiero, who will say or do anything to advance his career? he claims he wrote pennsylvania's gun safety law. but the truth is he didn't. there is no law requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. his campaign even bragged that he passed 54 bills. in fact, 7 years in harrisburg, steve santarsiero has never passed a single bill into law. i'm shaughnessy naughton. i approve this message because i am not a career politician.
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welcome back you're taking a live look out across philadelphia international airport. it's a gorgeous day, 56 degrees. 5:14. i'm looking forward to afternoon baseball today. it will be 80 degrees today. it will be great. >> reporter: go out to the ballpark and take a nap out there. not with my three-year-old. >> reporter: he wouldn't like that. going out in the burbs, so far so good as we look live route 1 super highway by pennsylvania avenue traffic is moving along just fine. no overnight construction here, if you're heading northbound along the trenton-morrisville
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bridge. watch out there is construction going on along 1 in mercer county. one lane will be blocked all week long. no problems in morrisville along route 1. in bucks county, new construction starts today it will shut down moyer road over pleasant spring creek which sounds so pleasant. for the 200 of you who use the moyer road bridge you'll have to find a detour as they work on the bridge construction. you have to stay on callowhill road as the alternates. valley forge national park so much construction these days, 252 is still blocked. yellow springs road, knox covered bridge is closed. pot house road is shut down in schuylkill township. we were told it was a daytime closure now it's around the clock. 23 will take extra traffic
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because of the pot house road closure. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. yet another pothole along the schuylkill westbound close to girard avenue. new on "action news," three people are on the mends after gunfire erupted in the city's west oak lane section. the gunman opened fire on the 6800 block of sydenham street. three wounded people showed up at albert einstein hospital in a private car. one was shot twice. he is in critical condition. at the scene, police found the shell casing and cash on the roadway. detectives are trying to sort this out. death toll soared to 272 from a devastating earthquake in ecuador. a national emergency was declared following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.
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135 aftershocks fold and more are expected in the coming days. the death poll in japan has risen to 42 following two earthquakes there in two days. the u.s. military is moving in to help. more than 180,000 people are staying at evacuations centers. the twin quakes had a ripple effect far beyond the disaster zone. toyota suspended output due to disruption in its parts supply. a muslim student is demanding an apology after he was taken from his flight. he was speaking to his uncle in arabic. he noticed a passenger eyeing him. he was yanked off the plane and questioned by the fbi and airport security. they thought i was a
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terrorist. he vows to never fly southwest again, southwest declined to provide details about the incident, but said in the written statement the airline does not tolerate discrimination. the stanley cup playoffs shifts to the wells fargo center tonight. they hope the hometown crowd and the emotion over ed snyder can bring them a little luck. scoring has been a major issue. jake borachek is the only flier to score a goal in the series. phillies fanatics birthday party came with a cake and surprising ending against the nationals. they scored twice in the 10th inning to beat washington 3-2. they scored on a walk off double by freddie galvis. deadline to file your taxes you got yours sitting on set.
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kids to be honest and never lie, but experts are saying expecting children to be truthful all the time is unrealistic. most children learn how to lie at 3 years old. it is when they realize that other people don't know what they are thinking. according to research two-thirds of children under the age of five will lie. by the time they are 7 it goes up 90%. it indicates emogul intelligence, but depending on what you lie about could be a whole other thing. remember that. but they are so terrible at it it's almost cute. >> reporter: true, let's head
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outside along the blue route, 476. i'm not telling you any lies so far so good along the blue route. that will not be the case in a little while. for now we're moving fine. the line painters are coming to the blue route for the next few days, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they will be out and about between mid county and i-95. you have to be careful while driving on the blue route. if you cross the freshly painted lines, you'll get paint all over your car. construction at denny road will be clearing in a a couple of minutes. >> reporter: it's cooler this morning, a light jacket works. it's going to be a warm one this afternoon. 57 by 7:00 a.m. 59 by 9:00 a.m. 71 die noon. the high will be up to 80 degrees at 4:00 p.m. lots of sun, light winds feeling like summer this afternoon. at the airport are we seeing any
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major delays? no, all green aircraft. we have rain and thunderstorms in dallas fort worth that might be a spot that has problems later on. time, 5:23. up next in the morning buzz, the swift moves that september a gymnast from landing on her head. it got personal during a debate in brazil more on the video how things fell apart there. first up, america's money. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money norm procrastinating on your taxes. today is the time to file your return or get an extension. >> reporter: several restaurant chains are offering tax day specials including sonic and outback. if you think atm card skimming won't happen to you, think again. it has increased 540%. all takes place at nonbank
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atms. jungle book dominated the weekend box office. the live action update from our parent company brought in $103 million make egg it the second biggest april opening ever. that's not bad. we'll look for the bear necessities around here. that's america's money. allergies.
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take a look at this. a gymnastics coach up in canada upstaged his own tumblers when he pulled off a spectacular catch. a young girl is practicing a routine on the uneven bars. she appears to lose her grip. seconds before she hits the ground. the coach catches her. they posted message on facebook calling him the best coach ever. get in formation, beyounce has something up her sleeved she posted the 22nd trailer on instagram on saturday. the project titled lemonade premiered april 23rd on a cable network. formation world tour kicks off on april 27.
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and if you were planning to buy air from could he kobe bryat game as a professional you're out of luck. one person was selling air from bryant's last game on ebay. what kind of of air and where did he get it. price was as high as $15,000. he dropped 60 points in the final game. the plastic bag filled with bryant's air has been removed from the web. clearly a joke. 5:28. coming up on "action news," lacing them up in the face of adversity. thousands of people take part in the boston marathon. including those who lost limbs in the attack. we'll have a live report on the condition of a police officer who was shot during a robbery. we'll be right back.
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developing now on "action news" a police officer shot in the line of duty continues to chase down a suspect even after he is wounded. a child is


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