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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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details. >> reporter: hi guys well times are tight here there is no doubt about it. the latest payment of about $4 million to the school district we are learning that they are living day to day, money in and money out. barring trenton sending a life line soon, tax money about $40 million to $50 million won't be here until the first week of may. given their precarious financial position, governor christie was asking the court for an injunction that would force a.c. to set aside the roughly $40 million they owe the school system for the rest of year. >> atlantic city has to make tough choices, but one choice they are not going to have to make is the payment to the school district, their absolute duty to pay.
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>> atlantic city responded that such an injunction would tie its hands and the request was premature, and while it was late, as of today they were current according to a pay schedule. >> we achieved the end we needed to achieve making sure the schools were paid in a timely fashion. >> the judge weighed both arguments but in the end he agreed with atlantic city and woman ter the situation making sure future payments to the schools are made on time. >> i'm pleased that the judge decided and determined that the state did not produce enough evidence that warrant an injunction. >> reporter: so with today's decision, atlantic city remains to having wiggle room here but it's only for the short-term given its income stream versus its costs and they are looking for some kind of bailout, and the governor backing a complete
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takeover of atlanta city and others say it should get more money and more time to get its financial house in order. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in less than two hours from now a south jersey commune will remember a local school superintendant killed in an early morning crash. 52-year-old dr. steve mayer was out with his dog, dutch, when he was suddenly hit by a car. akorgd to police the girl was a 17-year-old student from a nearby high school headed to class early for a class trip. people that knew mayer were simply devastated. >> we text every day, steve is an incredible part of our community and the whole community needs time to mourn, i'm trying to be strong as mayor but i'll go home shortly and have a good cry for my friend. >> grief counselors werer brought in store staff and
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students, robbinsville schools will be closed for the next two days. 56-year-old antonio wiley worked as a crossing guard and was patrolling at route 29, when a crash sent a truck careening towards him, hit and and killing him. bennett is now facing three to five years in prison. a woman is begging for your help after her son was hit and killed and involved in the crash, jamal morris was riding his bike and a driver hit him here at the corner of 45th and market and took off. mar ris was taken off of life support and his mother hopes whoever is responsible will turn himself. sara bloomquist is live now with more. >> reporter: that is right, this the intersection where
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27-year-old jamal morris was found with very severe injuries and his red bicycle nearby. they can find no evidence of the striking video and no surveillance video. the family pleaded with the hit and run driver to surrender. >> jamal was a wonderful son. jamal morris's family and friends gathered at penn presbyterian, he was taken off of life support succumbing to serious injuries. >> jamal loved life and loved church. he was a sunday school teacher, he did football with the kids. >> sometime after 3:00 a.m. saturday, jamal was riding his bike in the area of 45th and market when police believed he was hit by an on coming car and was discovered later bleeding on the side of the road. >> a bright red bike gets hit by
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a car and the car leaves the scene, no piece of the car was left behind, no physical evidence. >> it's unclear where morris was coming from or going to. his family visited the scene today and they are desperate for information. >> as a mom i'm pleading with the person who hit my son. i forgive you, so you need to know that i forgive you, please come forward. >> i just want you to have the same amount of peace, that is one thing my brother was about. doing the right thing. >> the morris family expressed tremendous gratitude to the forecasts that tried to save his life and the city he called home. >> my son came to philadelphia and i don't know what you guys did to him but he never wanted to leave. and i know see why.
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>> reporter: jam allen joyed working out and worked park time at penn's gym, both before and after he graduated from drexel. police are hoping for any information even if it's reported anonymously. one last note, jamal was an organ donor, seven people received his organs saving their lives. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. now to the race for the white house. it's primarily election day in new york. there say lot on the line for the candidates, frontrunner hillary clinton cast her ballot near her home in chappaqua, new york. and donald trump cast his ballot in midtown new york. both are leading in the polls. we'll have more on the crucial primary in new york coming up at 5:30. in pennsylvania there is just one week to go, for the three democrats vying for a seat in
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the senate race. joe sestak, and former official katie mcginty. and they are all hoping to unseat the incumbent, pat toomey. vernon odom spoke to the three candidates about their plans for office. >> reporter: former congressman joe sestak canvass in media, delaware county, part of his former district campaigning hard for the democratic nomination hoping to once again confront pat toomey. he is still a pariah to democratic party bosses, he is a pro obama progressive but refuses to take orders from chuck schumer. >> a u.s. senator -- sestak whenever i tell you anything it's answer is to be yes. this is no longer a nation of kings and king makers. >> katie mcginty has never held
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an office but is the choice of the establishment. the unions have poured in money and president obama is on board and so is governor wolf. >> pat toomey's voting record, trying to privatize social security and voting against health care and aiming to repeal the medicare expanse we worked so hard on. and voting against veterans benefits. >> he fights hard to reyou've night his town out west and endorsed bernie sanders for president and traveling through the commonwealth, looking to legalize marijuana. >> people are turned off by the idea that millionaires and outside groups can dump unlimited funds in and skew a race that was otherwise heading in a specific direction. >> it shows sestak with a percentage point lead over mcginty, 41-31 with fedrick back
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9%. the winner will be determined by which one can generate the largest voter turnout in the areas where they are the strongest. this afternoon a fourth candidate added his name to the ballot. shop owner, joe labarka was ruled ineligible to run, but today the state supreme court overrecalled the ruling giving him the opportunity to run. he ran in 2012 but lost to bob casey in the primary. he want to know what you want to ask the democratic candidates for senate, send your questions to #6abcaction. pennsylvania has become the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana and now they have to get the business up and running.
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governor wolf was in king of prussia long with dana leach, it could take years to write regulations and get retailers open. >> now we have to process, we have to craft regulations and implement the regulations and get this industry up and running and get medicine to people that need it it. >> we are making lives more comfortable and making families stronger and saving lives. >> the new law allows family to minister medical marijuana to their children. the bill takes effect in a month. now matt pellman is here in the traffic center. >> good luck. you know traffic on the schuylkill doesn't move well when it's open and it has been closed for an hour now. approaching 202 you have the cab
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of a truck sitting on the road and fluid and fuel coming outs of a tractor trailer and we had a pickup truck facing sideways, this is a mess of an accidents and they have not been able to get either lane open and i think the left lane is moving shortly but not yet. >> lets go to the next camera it shows you the parking lot resulting on the schuylkill the whole way to gladwyne to ring of prussia, you are not moving, you need to think alternates. before you route to the turnpike westbound. whatever you do, don't head to the westbound side of the schuylkill with speeds like 5 miles per hour this afternoon. you also want no parts of this, the delaware memorial bridge, all approaches are parked because of emergency construction on the bridge, one lane is getting by through tomorrow morning and then just two lanes getting by and commodore barry bridge is an alternate but that is slow too. we'll be back in the next half
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hour. >> you don't have to try but i'm sure we'll see you. >> more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a push to stuff out chewing tobacco. >> coming up in health check, how minor league baseball is teaming up with local officials to keep the bad habit off the field. >> we have the winds of change, bringing breezy and cooler conditions. we'll track our next chance of rain.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs
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for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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it's been days since a devastating earthquake hit in ecuador. this man was found in a collapsed hotel. he called a relative from under the debris. the number of dead has climbed to more than 400 and more than 2500 people have been hurt. time for health check. more high marks for a cancer drug that helped former president, jimmy carter overcome cancer. >> there has been a lot of progress in treating melanoma, to fight cancer without keep therapy or radiation, and the latest study shows they can significantly improve survival for people when treatments stop working. the drug former president carter took teaches the body to recognize cancer cells as
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invader and enables the immune system to attack them and it didn't cause major side effects for most patients. >> i went to family events and vacations with my kids i'm feeling great. and a similar drug, more than a third of patients taking have survived five years that is twice the rate for advanced melanoma. >> and now miner league baseball teams are joining forces to discourage teenagers from using chewing tobacco. the ads will be in stadiums this summer. smokeless tobacco is often considered a right of passage and it comes as major league baseball uses an ad with curt shilling who talked openly about chewing tobacco.
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>> lesions and the loss of taste and smell. my mouth would bleed every night when i would brush my teeth. >> he had treatment for throat cancer two years ago and is now in remission. since then he has been actively to convince players and fans not to use smokeless tobacco. >> thank you so much. >> thank you ali. big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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30 local police chiefs are honored in blue bell county for their outstanding service. it's career day there and alumni are being recognized and a val you're award is being presented to one officer, this marks the anniversary of classes at the community college. some cyclists are bringing excitement to delaware, more than 800 competitive bicyclists from 33 states and 13 counties are taking part. officials of bank of america and the city welcomed riders at the grand opera house, it has
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generated $300 million. mayor kenney was on hand to welcome the participants at lincoln financial field the participants of the academy hold this event avenue year with athletes from the u.s., canada and the caribbean, they come to compete and learn and have fun. it was a meeting of the minds at the franklin institute today. many of them met with students and museum visitors and demonstrated their ground breaking inventions from uncovering the earth's mysteries underground and each scientist receives a medal for their work. >> very cool. still ahead a check of the accuweather forecast. looking live outside on sky 6 hd showing you the center city
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join us for real change. time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here with the gorgeous forecast and we hope the string continues. >> the next two days should be
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dry and then on friday we'll have showers and we'll need them by then. the last time we had rain was last tuesday, we are live on sky 6 hd looking at philadelphia international airport it's not quite as bright blue as yesterday. we have a few high thin clouds and filtered sunshine behind a back door front. this dropped the temperatures. yesterday in the low 80s, right now 71 in philadelphia, we hit 78 earlier today and allentown down to 67 and trenton 70, can you see the winds off the ocean at the shore and cape may 66 degrees, it's 5 degrees cooler at the shore but 10 degrees cooler in philadelphia, and 15 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in allentown, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system that moved through back door cold front, that is what is bringing us some of those high, thin clouds, what it hasn't brought us though is rain. that is trouble for allergies
5:26 pm
and the ground is dry. a red flag warning is posted for the entire viewing area until 8:00. the ground is dry and we have breezy conditions, winds sustained up to 20 miles per hour gusting to 30. this means a brush fire can spark very quickly and can spread very quickly. you will want to limit any open fires tonight and don't be carelessly tossing out lit cigarettes, that could cause problems. for tonight it's clear and moon lit and comfortably cool, 48 in philadelphia and allentown 40 and cape may 47 and wilmington 44 degrees, future tracker showing tomorrow wall-to-wall sunshine, by 10:30 temperatures in the 50s and then in the afternoon instead of temperatures in the 70s at 5:00, about 65 degrees, temperatures are trending lower. as we head into thursday, we see increasing clouds late in the afternoon. ahead of the system they bring showers and thunderstorms, the five-day at 5:00, showing
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tomorrow it's sunny and cooler with a high of 70 degrees, temperatures in the 60s most of the afternoon, thursday early sun and afternoon clouds and 72 degrees, and friday we see clouds and the possibility of a shower and possibly a thunderstorm in the afternoon. passover begins at sunset and that cold front clears the air for the weekend and saturday is looking nice and partly sunny and great weather for the union game and sunday sun and clouds and 69 we have the chance of more rain on the way next week. adam will talk about that in the accuweather forecast. >> we'll take it cecily. >> more to come on "action news" at 5:00. a thief strikes a delaware neighborhood earlier this the week and had no idea it was captured on camera. and the fallout continues after the unsportsman-like behavior from the flyers fan. jaime has more. frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. american workers know how to fightso does we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. "action news" at 5:00 continues now. a serious crash on the schuylkill expressway near the gulph mills exit. traffic is still backed up but a little is getting by.
5:30 pm
matt pellman is live in the traffic center. >> it's all afternoon, the accident happened after 4:00 this afternoon. the good news is we see some progress, one lane is now getting by at the accident scene, westbound on the schuylkill approaching route 202, a multivehicle accident and trucks involved and a fuel spill as wx the left lane is now open to traffic and you'll see it will take time to recover. this is the scene on the schuylkill westbound where the parking lot continued. we are parked from the roosevelt boulevard on out to king of prussia, a solid line that you want no parts of. head out ridge pike to the blue route and come out 23 and south gulph road i think will be busy. 76 westbound is not where you want to be. coming eastbound to the phils game, have you big jams because of this a crash on the vine street expressway just off the
5:31 pm
schuylkill taking out a lane and these delays fall back to 76 and the a mess because of emergency construction that is out here all afternoon. one lane is squeezing by heading into delaware, we hear that the case until tomorrow morning and after that, just two lanes are getting by, avoid the delaware memorial for the time being, if you head up to the commodore barry bridge you can do that and that too is jam add cross the span into chester. stay on the walt wilt witt man, that is your better bet. turning to politics now, the one of the hottest contested races, the new york primary. the five remaining candidates pushed hard in the empire state and now it's up to democrats and republicans to decide who earned their report. it's especially important to
5:32 pm
frontrunner, donald trump, and new york is his home state and polls show him leading ted cruz and john kasich, will he stay in the big apple to await the results. >> a homecoming for democrat, hillary clinton, and she served two terms in the senate there. and posed for selfies with supporters, she is also leading the polls. meanwhile, democratic challenger, bernie sanders drew big crowds in new york but is it enough to win, sanders spent the better part of the state campaigning in the state and now his focus is turning to pennsylvania. he held a rally with supporters in eerie this afternoon and will be at penn state tonight. >> so why is new york such a big get, if you will, among the republicans there are 95 delegates at stake, if one person gets more than 50% of that vote the a winner take all.
5:33 pm
and among the democrats there are 247, 44 superdelegates those are doled out according to vote totals. it's a close vote, they can only cast ballots within their own party. >> lets go to marcy gonzales, she is live with more on the primary there. >> reporter: hi monica and rick, just three and a half hours of voting left on this crucial primary day with candidates hoping their new york connections will bring them closer to their party's nomination. a voting day in the big apple. >> who are you voting for? >> easy decision. >> hillary clinton and donald trump leading in polls in new york. casting their ballots and banking on home state wins. >> new york is a special place. >> i'm so quited about chasm paining here in new york and voting here in new york --
5:34 pm
>> brooklyn born sanders putting up a fight for the democrats 247 delegates sat stake in the primary. hoping for large turnouts at the polls. >> afraid she will be disappointed. we are feeling good. >> trump is shaking up his campaign staff with his field staff resigning. >> i watch our police and fireman down at 7-eleven and down at the world trade center. if he wins the delegates he feels that ted cruz should drop out. >> i think so but that is up to him. >> maryland is a battleground. >> he is focusing on next week's primary. >> kasich and sanders all campaigning there in pennsylvania. while trump and clinton plan to be here to wait for tonight's
5:35 pm
results. we are live in new york. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you marcy. stay with 6 abc through the evening. polls she said close at 9:00 p.m., in 3 1/2 hours. we bring in the ultimates on air and online at we'll have a complete wrap up on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. and ted cruz is setting his eyes on the keystone state. just about 90 minutes from now cruz will be joined by mike lee and carly fiorina for a kickoff rally here. >> and he held a rally in pittsburgh earlier today and stopped at the original oyster house for lunch. hillary clinton will head to philadelphia tomorrow and is hosting a rally at the fillmore in the fishtown section. that starts at 6:30 tomorrow night. a win in our region next
5:36 pm
tuesday is important for both sides, what is at stake for the republicans, 71 and delaware 16 delegates, delaware is a winner take all for the republicans and the democrats are eager to win there as well. pennsylvania 189 pledged delegates and 29 superdelegates and delaware 10 superdelegates. chopper 6 hd is over center city philadelphia where a person has been hit by a car at 8th and spruce. it happened just after 5:00, a woman believed to be in her 50s was struck by a vehicle. she was rushed to jefferson hospital, no word on her identity. we don't know if the striking vehicle stopped. the investigation continues tonight. a person hit by a car is now in serious condition at the hospital being treated right now. in other news, a man who was
5:37 pm
stabbed in norristown overnight has died and the search is on for his killer, it happened at midnight on the 600 block of chain street. they rushed him to einstein medical center where he died a short time later. so far no suspects. from our delaware newsroom, folks that run the trails are warned to keep their guard up after a female jogger was beaten by a masked man she was on the james hall trail at 8:40 p.m. when someone knocked her down from behind and repeatedly punched her in the face and didn't take anything. a bear home surveillance system catches a thief bare handed. it was taken outside of the home
5:38 pm
yesterday afternoon. the suspect casually walks up to the front door and took several boxes, once the homeowner saw the video she called newcastle police and they recovered the empty boxes and there may be other victims, if you recognize this man detectives would like to hear from you. bill cosby's wife is testifying under oath again today in a definition lawsuit against her husband. the lawsuit started in february and was continued today in boston and she tried to end it or limit her testimony but the judge ruled she must continue today and ordered prosecutors not to ask, quote, inappropriate questions. back here construction finally underway on a brand new state of the art library at temple university. there was a ground breaking ceremony for $170 million library.
5:39 pm
the largest construction project ever attempted at temple. the library when complete will be revolutionary. the massive four story structure is expected to transform temple's campus when it opens in 2018. from our new jersey newsroom tonight they cut the ribbon in trenton for the mid jersey chamber of commerce, eric jackson and others were there for the ceremony, it's located on river plaza road, in used to be in ham fon. still to come on "action news." we want to get a check of parents in one bucks county community parents are getting help paying for their children's education and we'll tell you how. don't be surprise fire department you spot donkeys around the city. >> and gusty winds and dry air and ground and warm temperatures, wild fires can
5:40 pm
spread easily, we need rain and we'll get a little bit of it and we'll let you know when in the accuweather forecast. and jaime apody has more on the flyers fans fallout. narrator: looking out for wall street ceos -
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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that's what congressman sestak did. sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate.
5:42 pm
she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. like steve santarsiero, harrisburg politicians who will say or do anything to advance his career? he claims he wrote pennsylvania's gun safety law. but the truth is he didn't. there is no law requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. his campaign even bragged that he passed 54 bills. in fact, 7 years in harrisburg, steve santarsiero has never passed a single bill into law. i'm shaughnessy naughton. i approve this message because i am not a career politician.
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a bipartisan bill in congress that would not allow victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks is facing a veto from the white house. they say it will open us the u.s. for lawsuits from other countries, they say the matters should be handled diplomatically. the saudis are threatening to sell off $350 million in u.s. treasuries. pearl jam is joining it's list of musicians and other companies pulling their businesses from north carolina over the so-called bathroom bill. they are canceling their show in raleigh. it also mandates students in state schools must use the bathroom that corresponds with
5:44 pm
the gender on their birth certificate not the one they currently identify with. the lgbt says the law is discriminatory and bruce springsteen and cirque du soleil all canceled shows in north carolina. and now jaime apody is here with more on the flyers game and particularly the actions of the fans. >> today at fallout of the sports world is once again talking about philadelphia fans in a negative light. the game was out of hand when pierre got penalty. and was suspected for the next game and fans starred to throw the wrist bands they got as part of the pregame ceremony. simmons and ovechkin pleading with the fans to stop. the fans actions caused them another goal and in the end the
5:45 pm
flyers fell 6-1. the team just as upset with the fans as by their own play. >> this is disappointing we don't like to see that and it's organization doesn't like to see it either. we expect -- we don't want to see that happen. >> it wasn't good for us. on the other hand that game did not go as we planned or as the fans planned. like i said i don't want to say anything to offend people, there were 19,000 people and what 200? it's a big ratio. >> what is not a good ratio is the capitals have five power play goals in the series and the flyers are one game away from elimination. >> we are not in a favorable position but we have been around long enough to see it been done torque come back from all three.
5:46 pm
kind of look behind. not look back. rectify our wrongs and come to the game and make sure we are playing at 110%. >> they call it a voluntarily mini camp but with a new coach it's kind of mandatory. flexor cox is the holdout. the new look birds on the practice field for the first time under new head coach, doug peterson. for now the leaders are happy with all the changes. >> everybody is excited and i can speak defensively we like the tone and attitude and try to apply what we are learned in the past two weeks, put it on the field and compete and have fun. this is the first time we get to step on the field and get to run the plays and it should be a great learning opportunity to get out there and do it. >> phillies and mets go at it,
5:47 pm
and all eyes are on 23-year-old vince valesquez account kid do it again? he had 16 strikeouts and no walks and thus far two wins and 25 strikeouts and allowed no runs. rupp caught his last game and why mess with that. >> he knows how to pitch and you let him do his thing and he has confidence in the stuff he's got, he's a competitor and let him do think thing, if i need to go out and settle him down i will but i have not had to do that. >> the last one to have that many strikeouts, there are some big names on there. female students in camden got a lesson in progress. they took part in the running and winning workshop. it was designed to enlighten young women into careers in
5:48 pm
politics and develop leadership skills, local leaders shared their searances with the students as well. they wrote a campaign speech and design aid campaign poster. families in buck county are getting scholarships to help pay for the education of their children. verizon announced $20,000 today. the funds are made possible by the state education tax program. over the years the bridge foundation has raised $25 million for low income families. zulu-6-9er...
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clear for take off. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. that's what i'm talking about! and try new glucerna hunger smart with 15 grams of protein to help you feel full. glucerna. steady ahead. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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folks in chester county heard new ideas at a chamber of commerce event. they gave their perspectives and our own matt o'donnell moderated the event. it was at pen oaks drive in westchester. adam joseph is here with another nice day. >> we need some rain. eventually this is day seven. given the rain or snow a week ago. a couple of showers in the seven-day forecast, but more in the way of sunshine. >> good. >> take rain and then get more sun it's fine. nothing going on out there, a few cirrus clouds passed through, switching the winds out of the northerly direction. the action cam is down in wilmington and you see the breeze blowing the pollen
5:52 pm
around. the flowering trees working here and beautiful no matter where you are. especially with the cherry trees almost in full bloom. we hit a high of 78 degrees today that came after sec this morning. then with the winds switching from the north the number is tumbling all afternoon long, the high is 74 degrees but we could get as high as 91 set in 1896 and 1875 the record low was 20 degrees. 67 in allentown and 64 in the poconos. and 71 in philadelphia as well as millville. it hit 80 this afternoon in dover and millville and the boardwalk in atlantic city. the boardwalk was 80 late this morning and now it's down to 57 degrees with that wind switching off the water. winds have been gusty 20 miles per hour sustained in philadelphia. 16 in allentown and 14 in read prognosis and the winds ease
5:53 pm
overnight as high pressure arrives from the north, the front is now pushing to the south with again high clouds and no precipitation with it. but the wedge of clear air moves in for wednesday and the system in the midwest that brought flooding rains into parts of texas, it has weakened creditably and pushing east with more clouds by the end of the week and more showers. a moonlit sky and 48 degrees for center city the high is coming in tomorrow and that means wall-to-wall sunshine and hardly a cloud to be found on wednesday, still pleasant temperature-wise sitting at 70 and we get a return flow around the high and it warms up back to the mid-70s on thursday, we start with sun and ends with clouds as that system starts to approach and the showers come in for friday. 70 for the high tomorrow, a tad cooler than the last couple of days and then we bounce back up on thursday.
5:54 pm
friday the showers are on and off, it's not a washout, a quarter inch on average as it is looking for friday especially in the afternoon, warm and 77 and maybe a lingering shower on saturday, giving way to a descent weekend here. 69 both days, a good amount of sunshine and especially late saturday into the entire day on sunday and then we cloud back up and the next chance for showers coming late monday into tuesday and high temperatures in the middle 60s as long as we get a little rain here and there, it's a win win. >> for allergy sufferers. >> you have them? >> i do. nothing to sneeze at either. the democratic national convenience coming to philadelphia this summer, don't be surprised to see a certain animal around town. fiberglass donkeys will be around the city. former pennsylvania governor, ed
5:55 pm
rendell unveiled a special pennsylvania donkey. it has been the symbol of the party since the 19th century. the democratic convenience is held here the last weekend of july.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
insects were all the rage at the academy of science, the cirque du soleil performed for the brunch. it's hard of their upcoming show and the center's current exhibit. >> can you do that? >> no. they make it look so easy. that is amazing. >> right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories. a new jersey community is preparing to pay tribute to a superintendant killed during his morning run. and cop killer, eric frein has to go back to court. and the battle over atlantic
5:58 pm
city's finances. we have the latest. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, rick williams and the entire "action news" news team i'm monica malpass have a great night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night, there is a new plea from the mother of a drexel alum killed during a hit and run and flyers fans gain national attention for last night's bad behavior. but the big story is the tragic
6:00 pm
accident that killed a school superintendant this morning and police say the person behind the wheel was a 17-year-old students at the school. the school community in robbinsville, new jersey, is plainly in shock. dr. steven mayer was jogging with his dog this morning when he was hit by the vehicle and both he and the dog were killed. nora muchanic is live on washington boulevard where in one hour the community will be holding a vigil for mayor. >> reporter: jim, it's been awful for this community. the superintendant was a beloved figure here and all of this is made worse because sources are telling us that detectives are looking at distracted driving as a possible cause to this crash. >> steve always put the student's needs first and we'll work through that as we deal with this devastating loss. >> robbinsville is in mourning after the sudden death of dr.


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