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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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dozens of youngsters, party inside a public storage unit next in bucks county. next up on "action news". "action news", delaware
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valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, melissa a magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. well, gunfire shatters to peace inside a montgomery county church during sunday services. investigators say it started with an argument and it ended with one man dead. sunday night and the big story on "action news" is a deadly shooting inside a house of worship. >> it happened this morning in keystone fellowship church in north wales. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at montgomery county police headquarters with the latest on the investigation, jeff. >> reporter: there air lot of questions, police are not answering at this hour. chief among them why the gun man, hasn't been charged.
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meanwhile, the family members, of the victim are both baffled, and devastated, they just want to know how a trip to church, could have ended in bloodshed. >> he was everything to my sister and my brother-in-law and to the family. >> reporter: family members are grieving after gunfire in the keystone fellow hip church in north wales left 27 year-old robert braxton dead. diana walters say her beloved nephew was a joy to be around. >> full of life, laughter, energy. always put a smile on your face. >> one male inside shooting. >> we were worshiping. you hear three different gunshots and everybody went on the floor. didn't know if he were going to come down the aisles and start shooting. >> reporter: terror turned to confusion as worshipers later learned one of their own pulled the trigger. district attorney kevin steele says an argument between two church members escalated. the shooter fired at least one shot hitting braxton in the chest. >> the investigation into this is ongoing.
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we're going to have to determine whether the shooting was justified under the law. >> reporter: steele would not elaborate but did say braxton wasn't arm. this church member who asked we not use her name says she saw several ushers arguing with braxton before the shooting, and that one of those ushers shot him. >> i don't know if he overreacted, but, you know, the man wasn't armed, i don't know what to say. i don't know. i'm just surprised and stunned. >> reporter: walters say she cannot make sense how a tragedy like this could happen in such a peaceful place. >> you don't go to church, to be killed. you just don't do that. he is a young man. he had his whole life ahead of him. >> reporter: police have interviewed the gun man. they say he is cooperating. d.a. steele says he has a conceal to carry permit. his name at this point has not been released. his autopsy is scheduled for monday morning. we are live from north wales,
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jeff chirico, channel six "action news". >> jeff, thank you. a man was shot and killed speaking with a candidate for the pennsylvania state house. it happened this afternoon, in the cedar brook section of the city and now we're learning more about a second shooting in that same area a few hours later. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live from cedar brook with more, christie? >> reporter: well, police say that was a drive by shooting with multiple gunman, who happened just hours have after the first. police commissioner richard ross say both shootings are related. the second likely retaliation for the first one. >> i will give $10,000 to whoever tell me who did this. >> reporter: father desperate for answers, moments after learning his son had been shot to death talking to political candidate chris rob at vernon and fey yet. >> somebody tell me who killed my son. >> someone walk up, and
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deliberately shot someone, with every intent of killing him. >> young man was interested in chris's campaign and another young man came right up behind him and shot him execution style in the head. >> unaudible. >> just talking to him. he was a nice kid. >> reporter: what were you talking about. >> the victim said he was working the polls and all that for the election. >> reporter: four hours later, one block over barrage of bull frets gunman killed 18 year-old and a 17 year-old was injury. is this gang related at all. >> i believe it is. >> reporter: commissioner ross says second shoot ago peers to be retaliation for the first. >> we do believe that these are two rivalling fashions that they are fighting over. we have not pinned that down but we will not let this pass is by. >> reporter: in four hours, three are hot, two are confirmed dead, all in within neighborhood block. >> somebody tell me who killed my son.
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>> reporter: now again, it is unclear what prompted these shootings but suspects in both are till on the run. so anyone with any information is asked to contact detectives. reporting live from cedar brook, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you. wilmington police arrested at least a dozen people and seized three dozen vehicles during an atv crackdown. the raid took place this afternoon at a garage on lee boulevard near governor prince boulevard. the arrest come after complaints about reckless driving, in the city. bucks county authorities continue investigate a large party in a storage facility that resulted in several arrests. police responded to the public storage facility at 500 south flowers road in langhorne saturday night. they found about 50 young people inside a unit having a party. office are confiscated marijuana they executed a search warrant at the facility today. moving on to our coverage of the race for the white house, count down is on to tuesday's primary here in pennsylvania, and four other states as well. both hillary clinton and donald trump are anticipating
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big victories that could go a long way to help them sure up their parties nominations. more from abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: both hillary clinton. >> donald trump actually says wages are too high in america. >> reporter: donald trump. >> an election between crooked hillary and wonderful donald. >> reporter: sound ready to rumble, one on one but they have unfinished business. bernie zappedders vowed he won't leave the campaign trail to his democratic rival. >> we will not give this up. we will go all the way to california. >> ted cruz, taking on trump and clinton. >> do we really want to turn on the general election television and see two rich new york liberals. >> reporter: donald trump with double digit leads in three of the five seats voting on tuesday, taking aim at cruz hunt for convention delegates. >> he is wining, dining, dinners, hotels and all this stuff. he is bribing people essentially to vote. >> reporter: as for becoming more presidential.
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>> wouldn't it be interested if i changed and everyone said this is the most presidential candidate since abraham lincoln, and then we started to lose. >> reporter: meanwhile clinton has begun to consider potential running mates among names said to be on the short list house secretary julian castro, new jersey senator corry booker, cherod brown as well as at least one woman. clinton got a odd knot nod from charles coke, who disillusioned with the g.o.p. field. >> is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican. >> it is possible. >> reporter: both clinton and trump are expect to win big on tuesday. mary bruce, abc news, washington. polls are suggesting that pennsylvania democratic senate primary could be close, with joe sestak and katie mcginty running neck and neck. "action news" caught up with sestak at church of christian compassion in cobbs creek. former congressman and retired
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rear admiral visited a total of seven congregations in philadelphia a today. katie mcginty spent sunday in philadelphia as well. she and governor tom wolf were meeting and greeting voters at relish restaurant on ogontz avenue. john fedderman the mayor of braddock and joe, a manufacturing shop owner, are trying to unseat the incumbent senator, patrick toomey this coming fall. and stay with "action news" for complete primary election coverage on tuesday. we will have representatives from the league of women voters here to answer any questions that you may have. you can call the number on your screen from 7:00 in the morning when polls opened until polls close at 8:00 at night. moving on to the accu weather forecast and in the wake of the exquisite spring day, it will feel more like summertime thomas we begin the workweek. i say that twice fast. meteorologist adam joseph in for melissa and joins us with the first lot the at forecast, adam. >> pretty perfect weekend when we look at those temperatures. it was 70 both yesterday and today. average being 67 degrees.
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the right around normal. just a couple degrees or two above but we will not complain a lot of sun today, early showers, on saturday, gave way to pretty nice saturday afternoon, across much of the area. we still have a southerly win, it was really cool at the shore today with temperatures only in the 50's there, and everyone back off in the 50's. fifty-two at the shore. fifty-five in philadelphia a. fifty-five in reading and wilmington. right now at 53 degrees. looking at storm tracker six live double scan we have a warm front, lift to go our north and west, and that is pulling some high cloud cover our way, no precipitation, in the near term here but also severe weather sparking with low pressure nero man had, kansas city. all thinks pushing to the east as we get into tomorrow night, and especially during the day on tuesday. but for the next 12 hours we will dip only to 48 degrees in philadelphia by tomorrow morning, and notice those temperatures already at 70 degrees right around the lunchtime tomorrow, sunshine, and some high clouds, and
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cover, continuing to push through the region ahead of that system. so, summer-like warmth returns here, first thing tomorrow, and, unsettled days are ahead, especially tuesday, thursday this week, and then temperatures dip to if not below normal by end of the week. we will chat about chances for rain for those two days as of this workweek on tuesday and thursday in the full a accu weather seven day forecast. >> adam, thank you. one of the best known voices of the philadelphia sound billy paul is dead tonight. paul who was born paul williams, died at his blackwood, new jersey home of pancreatic cancer. he was a gram a award winner best known for his 1972 hit, number one single, me and mrs. . his manager, beverly gay, remembers the singer. >> billy was one of the most kind people that i ever met. professionally his shows were unbelievable. the audiences reacted to his music. he is a one of a kind
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entertainer. >> in 1957, paul was in the army stationed in germany with two other well men soldiers: elvis pressly and binge cosby's son gary. paul was 81 years old. a land mark church in philadelphia celebrated its 185th an verse bring a special guest. archbishop chaput was principal celebrant during this mass for saint john the baptist church this year parish exceeded million-dollar goal for its fun raising campaign to repair its bell tower which can be seen far and wide across the city. a hometown hero of the vietnam war was remembered today in penns landing. a statue honoring corporal michael crestens was dedicated. he received the medal of honor for wiping out three machine gun bunkers during a battle. he lost his life but many others in the unit. is there much more to come tonight on "action news". he a says his story is one of two great loves, former pennsylvania senator announced his second marriage at the age of 90, and this time, to a
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man. secret files of 9/11, obama administration might release never before seen pages from a congressional report, but experts say those pages could reveal. plus the flyers season is over after they give up game six of the first round of the stanley cup playoffs but fans showed them some love anyway. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" continues.
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pope francis crashed an earth day event at a park in rome but no one here complained. pontiff made a surprise visit to urge the crowd to take care of mother earth. he urged them to pray for poor people who bear an unfair burden of pollution and toxic waste. last year he wrote a thesis blaming human kind for climate change. president obama is expect to announce tomorrow that 250 more special operations troops will head to syria. the word could come during a speech in germany where world
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leaders are discussing efforts to stop isis. added troops will expectly bring more syrian arab fighters into the campaign which is largely been headed by kurds. armed forces are already in syria. the obama administration might release a 28 paint congressional inquiry in the 9/11 attack that has never been released before to the public. officials say the report may shed light on possible saudi connections to the attackers. saudis have long denied allegation that is they in some way supported the attacks. intelligence officials will decide over the next few weeks whether or in the the to release those documents. former u.s. senator harris woffard announced he is marrying a man nearly 20 years after the death of his wife. woffard, who represented pennsylvania, now a announced his marriage to matthew charlton in a new york times op ed piece. he is nearly 50 years younger than woffard, woffard's wife died in 1996 after battling
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leukemia. he met charleston five years later. woffard served as a top advisor to john kennedy and martin luther king junior. he served from the 1919 to 1995. eight people were murdered and urged to arm themselves tonight. investigators say friday's murders at four homes, near the town of piketon were nothing short of executions. >> this was very methodical, this was well planned, and this was not something that just happened. this was something that was planned, a family was targeted, most of them targeted while they were sleeping. >> seven adults and a 16 year-old boy were all shot in the head. officials are scrambling to find out who is responsible. they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia at three scenes but no word on a possible motive. all as police is following up more than 100 tips at this hour. an 18 year-old gunman who shot two students at a high school prom in wisconsin last night has died after being shot by police.
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gunman identified by police as jake wagner had a high powered rifle and a big ammunition clip. police say wagner showed up outside and started shooting. the victims a girl and a boy were shot as they exited the school. wagner was shot and killed by an officer already in the parking lot assigned to that event. thankfully both victims are expect to be okay. no word yet on a possible motive. investigators say gilbert, air zone ace digging through a mile of debris looking for a cause of the massive fire. the inferno turned seven, three story apartment buildings into ash. 120 fire fighters battled the five alarmer for hours. no one was hurt but some homes across the street were damaged from the heat. fire crews said the wood frames fed the blaze. much more to come on "action news", experts say real ones are dangerous enough, now there are new concerns about fake hoverboard making their way in american homes. taking a live look at sky six at commodore barry bridge tonight, meteorologist adam joseph has your exclusive accu
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weather seven day forecast when we come right back. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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adam joseph in for melissa and we have a taste of summer. >> monday and tuesday before we slip back to normal but not the bee blow normal by the even of the week. take advantage if you like the warmth. we will look at double scan live radar. high cloud moving from the north and west, but it was a beautiful day, and, you know what, it will be a beautiful start to the week, and a little bit on the warm side. we are looking at sky six live, down broad street, toward city hall, all a glow, and that camera pretty steady. not much wind out there today or tonight but those wind will kick up out of the southwest tomorrow and especially tuesday as it turns a bit on the breezy side. right now in philadelphia our temperature coming in at 55 degrees. same for reading. fifty-three in wilmington. fifty-one in millville. cooler south and east with that wind still coming off the water but it is very light, down there temperatures stayed
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in the 50's this afternoon topping off at 58 degrees, while most inland locations were a good 10 degrees warmer then that. in fact, philadelphia with 70 degrees for a high. seventy-six in cincinnati. seventy-four in raleigh-durham. you can see that bubble of summer-like temperatures from st. louis, memphis, wichita, new orleans. atlanta, 79. this piece will break its way in for next 48 hours and then again, we will dip behind that system on wednesday. satellite and radar, some high cloud coming from the north and west, again they are kind of spotty in nature as they are bumping into somewhat dryer air. low pressure in the north plains right now spinning up severe weather east of omaha had near kansas city. as this system progresses to the east it will lose its severe characteristics, as it pushes here monday night into tuesday. so, tomorrow morning's rush hour, sunshine, some high cloud, some sun glare especially heading eastbound. seasonal temperatures. fifty-two to 54 degrees
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between 6:00 and 8:00 o'clock in the morning. that warm front is drifting toward us north and west but southeasterly wind take over. we will bump high to 78 degrees, again with just some high clouds. that low pressure center will ride to our north and quickly pass by here, monday night, into tuesday, our first chance for showers will come in after dark tomorrow, and maybe a downpour, but the biggest concentration of some scattered showers, and storms, will be tuesday afternoon, as high temperatures get to 82 before new high pressure to the north, pushes us all to the south by wednesday, and we will dry out, and then again, northerly wind will take over to cool us off. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 78 tomorrow. dry day. tomorrow night, we will start to pull in some downpours and thunderstorms and then there are scattered storms throughout the day on tuesday. high in the low 80's. again were not a solid a air contract offer rain coming in but future tracker 3:30 tuesday a afternoon, scattered downpours and thunderstorms.
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a few could contain gusty wind but then we will turn sunny wednesday as that system, pushes to the south, 67 degrees and below average on thursday, and friday, low 60's for highs, and thursday, another area have low pressure ride through with a chance of showers, or a quick downpour before we will dry out friday into saturday and right now sunday a big day in philadelphia for the broad street run. in the morning, we're saying this one model says rain, with a southerly win. other model says son with the north win. so right now, one of those is right. >> yes. >> we will figure it out this week. >> thanks, adam. you can find the seven day forecast and live look at double scan radar anytime of the day on our web site, just head to six federal authorities have new concerns tonight about hoverboard knock offs. during a recent raid last week they seized thousands of knock off hoverboard. overall, they have confiscated american a hundred thousand fake whoever boards. dozens of fires have been
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reported with these devices. normally the ul insignia on the product from underwriters laboratories is a a sign of product quality but not if you see it on the every hoff board. >> this mark means that this product has been tested. >> it hasn't been. >> no, it has not you are not certified. >> once gone there are in hoverboard, real or fake that have ul seal of approval. up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports and toughened go to a strong season for the flyers. a big surprise from beyonce, she dropped a new album late last night but conflicting information about how to get it, that and more when "action news" comes right back. nt.
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jeff skversky has a check on sports. flyers seasonend in heart breaks. >> leading scorers wayne simmonds and claude giroux during regular season zero goals combine. >> wow. >> in the playoffs. that says a lot here. the lights go out on the flyers season because they failed to light the lamp. where is the scoring? the flyers, with the fewest goals out of any playoff team and they are a brutal one for 24 on the power play, in this series against the capitals. flyers hosting game 56 begins washington today, kate smith typically a good luc


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