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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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results in today's pennsylvania primary next. donald trump and hillary clinton, both claim major victories tonight and destine to claim their party's nomination. if they're not there just yet they are close. and getting much closer. it is tuesday night and the big story on a "action news"
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tonight is tonight's primary hall in the northeastern united states, and for donald trump it was a clean sweep. he wins pennsylvania, delaware, maryland, connecticut, and rhode island and it wasn't enclose, anywhere. the conventional wisdom now that if he wins indiana next week he will be all but impossible to stop, and will be the republican nominee for president. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has won pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut and maryland, bernie sanders has pick off the state of rhode island. let's look at the numbers for the democrats in pennsylvania. clinton wins with 56 percent of the vote. not close, the polls suggested it would turnout just the way it did. pennsylvania republicans saw donald trump get 58 percent of the vote, ted cruz with 21 percent, kasich with 19 percent. this is 81 percent of the vote now counted.
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in delaware, donald trump, with 61 percent of vote. john kasich 20 percent. ted cruz in third with 16 percent. that is with 100 percent of the vote counted. every vote counted in delaware, on the democrat's side. hillary clinton gets 60 percent and bernie sanders 39 percent. that is in the first state. "action news" reporters dann cuellar and jeff chirico, walter perez are covering this primary tonight. lets he begin with dann at clinton headquarters in philadelphia they expected to win, in pennsylvania, and win, in pennsylvania, and >> reporter: with big wins in pennsylvania abe maryland hillary clinton took big prize, in addition on delaware and connecticut. she offered a olive branch an appeal for party unity. it is clear that clinton is looking beyond the primaries attacking donald trump and the republican party.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: for hillary clinton it was what she was hoping for, a huge victory in pennsylvania. the biggest prize of all. her campaign sees this largely as a turning point in her victory speech tonight she focused primarily on the challenge ahead making it clear that she wants to move forward to clinching the nomination once and for all and move on to the general election. >> with your help we will come back to philadelphia a, for the democratic national convention. with the most votes and most pledged delegates. >> there is nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> reporter: meanwhile bernie sanders as he has indicated before remains defiant despite tonight's result, despite brutal losses in pennsylvania, delaware and minister land on the heels of the 16-point loss in new york last week sanders pledge toes forge ahead campaigning in huntington, west virginia, he violated
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pole numbers which show he is the only candidate who can beat the republicans in the november. >> almost every national pole in every state pole has us defeating trum in that margin for us, it is significantly larger then that of secretary clinton. >> reporter: sanders has been projected to win rhode island but the string of losses tonight, mean more trouble for his campaign. he himself said he knows that his path to the nomination has narrowed but still believes he has a path and despite tonight's result he expects to stay in the race up until the convention here in philadelphia, in july. we are live at the pennsylvania convention center in center city i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> dann, thank you. lets go to the satellite center with "action news" reporter jeff chirico and jeff, donald trump continues to humble the anyone but trump movement. he swatted that movement aside by sweeping all five states, including pennsylvania. >> reporter: that is right,
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jim. trump just left the stage a few moments ago. he spoke for more than a half an hour and even took questions from reporters. he thank the people of pennsylvania and delaware for his win, that exceeded, 60 percent. he turned his attention to his likely democratic candidate, opponent, hillary clinton. in the glow of the clean sweep donald trump took the stage at trump to youer with his family and new jersey governor chris christie back by your side. >> in fact chris can tell if you you crack 60 with one people, that is called a massive landslide. >> reporter: trump said huge wins in pennsylvania, delaware and other primary states are more than he expect and spoke to what may be driving his supporters. >> and every single place i go, there is a disaster. manufacturing down, 40, 45, 55, 60 percent sometimes in a relatively short period of time. our jobs are being sucked away from our country. we will not let it happen anymore. >> tonight, this campaign
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moves back to indiana. >> reporter: before the results rolled in cruz who expected a disappointing night held a rally in the next primary state of indiana there he described himself as a under dog and trump as a washington insider. >> donald and hillary, they are flip side of the same coin. hillary clinton is made millions of dollars, selling power and influence in washington. donald trump has made billions of dollars buying politicians like hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump is the only republican date the who has a chance of clinching the nomination during the primary season and renewed calls for kasich and cruz to drop out of the race and turn his attention to clinton. >> i think only card that she has is women's card. she has nothing else going. frankly if hillary clinton were a manny don't think she with get 5 percent of the vote. only thing that she has got going is women's card. >> case dick not send out public events but did ask for
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donations. live, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", jim. thanks, jeff. lets go on to other -- where are we, over here. a big story on the local political front, philadelphia congressman chaka fattah has conceded defeat tonight to state representative dwight evans. fattah will not be going back to washington for his 12th term, next january. this was fattah as he spoke just a short time ago. >> we have done great work. the numbers cannot even be counted but there comes a time in which the baton is rests on our hands. i stood here on a night... >> of course, fattah has been charged with racketeering, bribery in the federal corruption case. he has long been one of the prominent powerful public officials on the philadelphia political landscape. that comes to an end tonight.
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let's take a look at long time state representative dwight evans. he is now the favorite to be the next second district congressman, of course, the democrat will have overwhelming registration advantage in the fall. he thanked the outing incumbent tonight, dwight evans. >> as citizens, it is our responsibility to make ideas matter, not just in our city, but in our state and in our country. no place... >> here's how numbers break down in the second district race. state representative evans, 42 per september, and fattah with 35 percent. that is with 96 percent of the vote counted and in. dwight evans beats chaka fattah tonight. in the race for democratic nomination for the senate from pennsylvania, the associated press has called katie mcginty the win other over joe sestak. mcginty's campaign took off with the endorsement of
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president obama and former governor ed rendell and poles have her making gains over the past couple of weeks. katie mcgiant which 42 percent, sestak 32 percent, john fetterman, 20 percent. joseph vodvarka had 13 percent. lets get live to "action news" reporter walter perez in mcginty headquarters. >> reporter: moment ago katie mcginty wrapping up her victory speech. she spoke with her opponent former congressman joe sestak. he was gracious news defeat and wish her well in november. technically there were four people in the race but it bowled down to two, former congressman joe sestak and party backed katie mcginty, despite sestak's experience, two terms in congress and a narrow two-point defeat to pat toomey back in 2010, it is mcginty has never held public office who has nearly universal support across democratic party, all the way up to the white house. the as you mentioned getting endorsed by president obama
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himself. senator casey was on stage warming up the crowd, before katie mcginty came out. once again democratic nominee for u.s. senate is katie mcginty. she faces pat tomb any november. reporting live from south philadelphia, i'm walter perez, channel six "action news", jim? thanks, walter. in the race for pennsylvania attorney general, the associated press has just declared josh shapiro in the race for democratic nomination. of course, kathleen kane is not running for reelection. shapiro defeats steve zappala, allegheny county d.a. and john morganelli the northampton county d.a. josh shapiro is montgomery county commissioner and now democratic nominee for pennsylvania attorney general. on the republican side state senator john rafferty of the lower providence has won the republican primary for attorney general, defeating joseph peters. he celebrated, rafferty did, a at chadwick's restaurant in eagle willville. our coverage of the pennsylvania and delaware
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primary, continues, right now at six that is where we've lex results from all of the races that you care b they are updated live throughout the overnight hours, as the final tallies come in. other news at this hour, philadelphia police say they have finally solved the cold case, of a deadly arson fire in 2003. police have a rested ab ando riveria charging him with the murders of five people. "action news" reporter christie ileto has the who set the fire. it was a question that went unanswered for 13 years until today when witnesses helped detectives get their guy. three two-year old abu-jamaldo riveria, the a alleged master mind of the, inferno that killed john santiago, girl friend, infant mother brother and daughter in 20 on three santiago got in the fight with the suspect and a couple of his friend but he was, an excellent boxer, a skilled boxer. he actually beat two or three of them up and because of their pride being hurt, they
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went back found out where he lives, came to the house and, set the house on fire. >> this is a shame. >> reporter: scars of the fire, started by molotov cocktails thrown in the santiago's home is a reminder of the tragedy that took place in the 100 block of widener street. >> the block was covered with black smoke and there was flames, copping from the front door to the roof. >> the other one came here. >> reporter: four survived the blaze despite the back door of the home being bolted. court record reveal riveria had been quick of involuntary manslaughter and firearms offences. police say he was not an initial suspect because witnesses wouldn't come forward but when they did in 2014, riveria became a focal point. >> you didn't think anyone would be arrested. >> no, never. people would say things, but they don't always do things. >> right. >> and for somebody to really step up and give that family some comfort, that is good thing.
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that was a good thing. >> reporter: captain clark say they expect two or three more arrestness this case. reporting from police headquarters, christie ileto for channel six "action news". coming up on "action news" tonight a swat standoff that lasts for hours, a woman's body found inside a home and we've got details from this deadly incident in delaware today. and 13 turns out to be an unlucky number for apple, we will explain why, bad news, from the iphone make tore day. on health check how working the graveyard shift could put you in an early grave, cecily. well, storms have moved on, and now get ready for a dramatic cool down tomorrow, grab the jacket the and keep your umbrellas on hand. i'll explain in the accu weather seven day forecast. ducis rodgers with the flyers star being put in the penalty box next season. that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. well, a standoff in new castle county delaware is over tonight. inside the house police found a woman who had been shot to death. hours earlier a man inside the home had called 911 to say he
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had shot her.. officers set up a a perimeter around the house in the 100 block of freedom trail road. man refused to surrender for more than three hours. he was taken into custody without further violence. new castle county police have not identified him, nor the victim. the white house went on lock down today when a man jumped a fence in the eisenhower executive office building, where many presidential staffers work. but the secret service says that the man had no political motive. he was actually a robbery suspect trying to get away from police an officer was chasing him. man was taken from the scene on a stretcher. another cheating scandal environmental protection agency says it wants mitsubishi motors to do real testing to verify gas mileage estimates. the mitsubishi admits it lied about fuel economy data for some models in japan for the past 25 years. however, mitsubishi claims that it used appropriate testing method forecaster sold
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to the united states. apple suffered a setback today that it hasn't experienced in 13 years. the tech giant streak of earnings growth is over. iphone sales, fell for the first time. apple reported that its quarterly revenue dropped 13 percent, and it expects another 13 percent drop in the current quarter. less than a week after the death of prince, his sister is taking legal action over the musician's estate. tyka nelson has requested that she be name administrator of the estate because she says that the singer didn't have have a will. prince was not married and had no living children. nelson is the only first sibling of prince and five half siblings have been named in the petition as he irs. working the night shift could take more toll then just on your sleep. government record indicate that about 15 million people, worked that schedule at least occasionally, nurses, police
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officers, janitors and others. a new study out of harvard university find female nurses who work the at least three nights a month for five years, have an increased risk of heart disease. but before that five-year milestone the risk was not as great. those who quit shift work actually saw a decrease in their risk of heart disease. previous research has linked overnight shifts with cancer and diabetes. strong storms are hitting oklahoma a, tonight. this is video of the hail, falling just out of oklahoma a city. earlier today strong wind, caused damage in st. louis. they knocked down trees and power lines, and 25,000 people in missouri and illinois were without power. waves of the storm cloud rolled through the tri-state area this evening bringing drenching downpours and in many cases gusty wind. this is a a time lapse of our sky six camera showing center
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city philadelphia tonight. umbrellas were the name of the game in bala cynwyd as the rain swept through. when the skies cleared, a sight that had many people reaching for their cameras tonight. a double rainbow, colors so intense that they looked like, they might actually lead to a pot of gold. that i image of double rain owe was all over the internet and social media. >> i have hundreds of pictures of the double rainbow. it seems like we have so many lately and if there had been a big change? i say yeah, social media. an iphone. >> yes. >> there is many pictures in the past, the storms are out of here but now temperatures are falling. tomorrow will be about 25 degrees cooler then today. so fine jacket. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we have pretty much dried things out. we have one lingering left over shower, moving off the coast between surf city and atlantic city but we did have some pretty active storm
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tonight and ray sent this to me on my facebook page from chalfont. i love this photo of lightening because in the only does it show cloud to ground lightening but it shows that lightening bolt lifting up from the north from that cloud. once the storms rolled through dann sheridan, "action news" photographer extraordinare, captured this view from the ben franklin bridge. when you get storms before sunset it is the kind of cloud breaking you get and we had all those double rainbows. right now the main story is cooler air draining in. philadelphia is 55. allentown 57. cape may 57. wilmington 61. the cold front that rolled through tonight has now stalled down to the south and there is enough moisture, that will probably see some lingering showers, tomorrow morning especially south of philadelphia. future tracker is showing it is not going to be a bright, sunny day at 7:30 plenty of cloud, scattered showers and then as we head through the day we will see brightening skies, north of philadelphia, northern lehigh valley,
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poconos, bright sunshine but south of philadelphia and very thick cloud. with the cloud cover it will be a lot cooler. today's high 86. tomorrow, nothing near that. 62 degrees. then that low pressure bringing us severe storms across the plains, fortunately only four tornadoes reported that will bring south rain by thursday afternoon and thursday night. so temperatures will remain on the cool side for the next few days. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, much cooler tomorrow, with lots of cloud, especially philadelphia and area to the south. a few lingering showers. unsettled. 62 degrees on thursday that low pressure ride in and that brings us rain by the afternoon and evening. the high of 61. the cloud hang tough on friday, mostly cloudy and a little bit on the damp side. a bubble of high pressure arrives in time for the weekend. timing is everything, partly sunny on saturday. 68 degrees. it looks like a dry start to the broad street run, and
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clouds up, 68 degrees by sunday afternoon with some rain arriving and monday and tuesday we're looking unsettled, temperatures only in the mid to upper 60's and more rain. we need rain and it will help with the pollen. >> indeed. >> thanks, cecily. let's go back to politics in just a a moment. katie mcginty has won over joe sestak in the race for democratic nomination for the senate from pennsylvania. she spoke just moments ago at the a union hall in south philadelphia a. >> it is your turn also to trust that the people you elect to the senate are actually doing their job and not allow partisan politics to shut down our government, disrupt our economy, and jeopardize our future. it is your turn to elect a champion for the middle class. >> she seemed happy to have won. mcginty will go autopsy begins pat toomey in the fall. our coverage of the pennsylvania and delaware
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primaries continues right now, six a abc,.com that is where we've lex results for all of the races thaw care about, and they are updated, live throughout the overnight hours, and the final tallies are coming up, and "action news" continues in just a moment. we've lex.
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phillies begin a series with the hated nationals in washington. >> that team has given phillies fit over years. phillies were man handled in their last series with the nationals. they lost two of the three games while being out scored 19-five. phillies trying to get back to 500 tonight. that is a good start. andres blanco, the two run home run.
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>> it is gone. >> two to nothing phillies. the the nationals would later tie it up but in the seventh inning miguel franco smacks a rbi double. blanco come home. franco would come up limping in second base but wow say in the ballgame. four-three phillies. bryce harper up with the tying run on first base. gomez gets mvp to ground out to third. phillies win, four-three. to the flyers, brayden schenn's 2016/2017 season will start later then wow like. the forward has been suspended by nhl for first three games of the next season. it stems on this hit in game six in the series against washington. nhl concluded schenn launched high making contact with the oshi head. it is noted that he was in the penalized on the play. flyers had their exit interviews today. one thing they need to clear up next season their goalie situation. who will be their number one net minder, mason had his
11:29 pm
troubles in the series with the caps, while neuvirth was nearly unbeatable. he had a 981 save percentage in the playoffs. >> i never looked at myself as a backup. i had a good opportunity, my goal, it is to be number one. it is what i'm's looking forward to. >> i will prepare to be a number within guy. you know, nothing is given. nothing was given this year. both of us had a earning of the play time. i will go into next season were not expecting any, not to be given anything, just have to come in and work and earn it. still ahead in sports we are two days away from the eagles using their second overall pick in the draft. hear what one expert's opinion on carson wentz's nfl future. went. >> testing. went. well, sam bradford sulks
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the eagles are moving forward with their plan to draft a quarterback thursday night. north dakota state carson went is expect to be their target. he is a winner with all of the physical tools, but the knock continues to be that he played at a small school. espn analyst ron jaworski did some investigating. >> you can see talent when you look at tape. i want to see what is in the guy's heart and mind. i spent a day and a half out in fargo. difficult not hear one negative thing about this young man. he is a family guy. faith based guy. his wonderlick score was 40. the 15th highest ever recorded. and his grade point average is 4.0. so, all of the boxes are checked. >> jaws high on carson wentz.
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>> apparently. >> finally, residents at luther woods nursing home in hatboro, montgomery count write treated to a special, musical performance tonight. >> ♪ >> national anthem ♪ >> members of the autism cares foundation glee club put on a concert tonight, this is in recognition of the autism awareness month which is the month of april. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest are kate hudson, evan peters and music from james bay. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kate hudson, from "x-men: apocalypse", evan peters, and music from james bay, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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