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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday april 27th. here's what's happening. >> pennsylvania voters hand donald trump and hillary clinton big wins during tuesday's contest and head one step closer to their party's nominations. >> a traffic tragedy in delaware. a person is dead after a car they were in flipped over several times. >> and breaking right now "action news" is on the scene of a hit and run crash that involves two plainclothes philadelphia police officers. a live report is coming up. >> but first up let's take a look at what you can expect with your accuweather today and a look at your commute. we've got dave murphy and karen rogers.
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good morning. >> doesn't karen look nice with that flashing light behind her head. we'll find out what that is in a couple seconds. we got a lot of clouds this morning. the farther south you go into southern delaware you have a chance of a little bit of shower. that yellow box is the thunderstorm watch we had yesterday afternoon. it's now expired and we didn't really see anything too severe fortunately. a lot of cloud cover around though and at times some of these showers may actually clip areas south of philadelphia. as we look at temperatures this morning, beneath the clouds, visitor degrees in 50 dn wilmington, 49 degrees in millville and 50 in cape may. notice how that wind not all that strong but it is coming in off the ocean and that's going to keep us a little bit cooler today. on the bus stop this morning look for primarily cloudy skies, 48 degrees by 6 o'clock, 49 degrees by 8 o'clock and as we go through the day, we're going to be warming up a little bit but it's going to be a lot cooler than yesterday and probably an afternoon where a jacket might still be a good idea. 50 degrees by 9 o'clock, 54 by 11 o'clock, 58 degrees by 1 o'clock. we'll struggle to get to 60 by
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about 3 o'clock and i don't think we're going to see that high of 62 until pretty late in the day probably around 5 o'clock this afternoon. i'm allowing for the return of some sunshine but honestly with a frontal boundary parked close by to the south of us it's looking like the best chance of that is north of philadelphia, maybe the city and areas around 95 get a little bit of that. pollen count despite yesterday's rain is still a little on the medium high side but it is going to be lowering over the next couple of days. of course we also have more chances of precipitation. karen rogers we'll talk about all of that coming up. now we can get to the flashing lights. >> the flashlights and that's because of a day. we have penn do the on the scene with this. this is i-95 southbound right near 322. we've got the left lane blocked. so as you're heading southbound towards delaware you want to watch for the left lane being blocked. wove got penndot and a disabled vehicle out there in the left lane. new castle county we've been talking about this accident on 202 at if you can road it had been blocking the left lane in each direction. it has since cleared. traffic moving better right now. all lanes back opened on 202. not the case on the
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pennsylvania turnpike eastbound though. we've got construction out here between bensalem and delaware valley. it's blocking the right lane and we still see that area of yellow so slower go right now with the lane being blocked on the turnpike eastbound. live on the vine street expressway no overnight construction. it's all opened. everything is clear. westbound just a few cars headed towards the schuylkill a few more cars headed eastbound but no delay and roads are pretty dry, tam. >> thank you karen. and we're following a breaking news story. two plainclothes officers were injured in a bizarre hit and run crash but police say the incident was more than just that. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live from the scene at 15th and parish in north philadelphia and she fills us in on the developing details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and police are still trying to make sense of exactly what happened here. the investigation continues. those two police officers were taken to hahnemann university hospital where they're being treated and they're expected to be released pretty soon but let me show you the scene right now here at 15th and
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parish. you can see there's some crashed-up vehicles here. this is the second scene of the two. this all started overnight at broad street and brown in spring garden. two undercover officers were driving in an unmarked pickup truck when they were broadsided by another vehicle at that intersection. that vehicle took off and the officers were taken to the hospital. meanwhile a 33-year-old driver of a white ford that you see here on this scene pulled up to the scene of the accident and apparently told police he got scared. for some reason he got out of his ford while it was moving and then two people separate from the first accident saw the car engine running. they got into the car. they took it. they went south side on broad street. they ended up here on 15th. this ford hit a moving car head on and then hit a parked car. the man in the car was not injured. and neither was that person who the car was stolen from. so, police are looking for at least three suspects at this point and they're trying to
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get more details together on what exactly happened here but again, three suspects at large for two separate accidents nearby. we are live in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. going on to the primary day results. donald trump and hillary clinton scored huge victories bringing them closer to a dual to the white house in the fall. hillary clinton got four out of the five states in play and trump swept the republican side. last night trump set his sights on clinton. >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote. >> well, if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> clinton now has 90 percent of the delegates needed to become the first woman nominated by a major party. republican candidates ted cruz and john kasich have vowed to keep running with the lope
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that trump will fall short of the delegates needed to ensure the nomination and that there will be a contested conventio convention. >> democrats backed their party's establishments choice in the pennsylvania u.s. senate race. katie mcginty beat joe sestak. she'll take on pat toomey in novemberly we caught up with both candidates. >> we need to continue to forge a path for middle class families so that economic security isn't just something we aspire to. it's something that we will achieve. >> and for the next six months day in and day out we're going to continue to deliver an optimistic message about economic growth and opportunity and the security. >> moving on to new jersey now, one of the biggest prizes in the last in the nation primaries voters in the garden state will head to the polls on june 7th. >> it is now 5:06 and developing this morning one person was killed in a crash in wilmington, tell wear, overnight. this happened on route 202
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near falk road. the car rolled over several times before landing upside down. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. bucks county authorities charge a local mother with murder in the death of her toddler. officials arraigned kayla moore overnight. two-year-old athena wolfe suffered blunt force injuries sunday might. she passed away on monday night at children's hospital of philadelphia. chopper6 hd was over moore's apartment in the 1400 block of sweetbriar drive in falls township and we're going have much more on the sad overnight developments in a live report in the next half hour of "action news." and also new this morning, a reward is being offered for the person who can can identify the moon attacked a woman at a berks county what. what authorities released a picture of a man who they say punched a woman at a store in muhlenberg township yesterday. witnesses say the man was driving a a blue or green
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pickup truck. he was together a landscaping trailer with mowing equipment on it. anyone that thinks they recognize this man can can contact the crime alert in berks county. >> we could learn more today about a homicide investigation in delaware. police found a woman who had been shot to death inside a new castle county home after about a three-hour standoff. hours earlier a man inside that home had called 911 to say he had shot the woman. police set up a perimeter around the house on the 100 block of freedom trail road in new castle. the man was eventually taken into custody without further violence. new castle county police have not identified him nor the victim. >> the nation's midsection is facing yet another day of terrible weather after a series of storms brought huge hail and high winds. >> this is new video out of kansas. first responders rushed to rescue people when flood waters reached several homes. firefighters evacuated at least four homes in the city of willard. thunderstorms moved through yesterday afternoon producing hail as big as grapefruit and winds approaching hurricane
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strength. no deaths have been reported. >> scary time for folks out there. >> sure has been, yeah. not that scary for us last night. we ended up not having any real severe storms. some pea sized hail in a couple neighborhoods and some brief wind gusts of about 40 to 50 miles per hour. as we take a look at storm tracker now, there's a little bit of rain southeast of cape may pushing away and i can't rule out some of that passing through areas but especially south of philadelphia as we go over the next several hours. as we take a look outside, though, most of the area is dry right now. we are stuck beneath the clouds, though, and you can kind of see those clouds being reflected in the lights above the ben franklin bridge. 51 degrees currently in philadelphia. so a-bit cool as you step outside. i am recommending a jacket for the kids and i guess, you, too as you head out. 51 degrees in reading, 51 in lancaster. more of the same in philadelphia and wilmington and down towards dover upper 40's in trenton millville and 50 in cape may at this early hour. future tracker6 shows you how there is at times going to be
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a little sprinkle popping up today but it looks like the main stuff will probably be further to the south. you could see that one creeping through on the model at around 10 o'clock this morning. timing might be a little off but the idea here is that the morning remains pretty cloudy and ma ebb a little damp at times. as we go into the afternoon there is the chance that we start see some sun returning especially up north. the late evidence of evident modelatest model run hay as well. clouds mixing with sun, better chance up north of seeing the sun returning later. 65 degrees is the high so obviously it is cooler than yesterday. down the shore we're going stay on the cool side too with a high of 58 degrees, mainly cloudy at the shore. you'll have a hard time get something sunshine back. if it happens, it will be later and again that spotty occasional shower coming through at the shore. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 62, mostly cloudy, mainly dry, perhaps some sunshine coming back late in the day. cooler than it was yesterday by quite a bit and winds out of the southeast at about six
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to 12 miles per hour so not all that windy. overnight we start to clear out. 49 is the overnight low in philadelphia. i could see some suburbs maybe going down to the low 40's so definitely chillier in this coming overnight period and then tomorrow 61 degrees, a similar number but with a warm front close by once again, we will be looking at another round of rain arriving probably in the afternoon and evening for the most part. about a quarter to a half inch of rain and the latest model projection shows that you up until about 2:00 we're mainly dry and after that just a little bit on the damp side. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is 62 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, 61 tomorrow with that rain coming back in the afternoon, light rain for the most part and then some more rain possible on friday particularly early in the day and a high of 60 degrees there. for the weekend, saturday 66 and partly sunny. good for union fans. and then the broad street run looks okay in the morning. in the afternoon on sunday, we may see the rehe introduction of a couple of sprinkles and showers. we're hoping it holds off
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until the night. monday looks unsettled with showers at times. >> just about 5:12 now. all new on "action news" the chilling 911 call made after a domestic incident in the midwest that turned deadly. >> gunfire erupts during a morning commute and police say it was a child that will pulled the trigger. karen. >> we're looking live right now at the blue route. here we are approaching conshohocken. we're clear and pretty dry at this point right here. we're going to check on that disabled vehicle on i-95 coming up. >> and the dancing centenarian who visited the white house is doing a whole new jig for a new reason. that's later in the morning buzz.
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>> ♪ >> 5:14 now. taking a live look at center city philadelphia. had some storms move through over the last several hours. but right now it is dry at least in the sky. >> let's go on over to karen rogers to talk about what it's looking like for you midweek commute. good morning. >> hopefully you caught that beautiful rainbow yesterday that so many people enjoyed. got some pictures of that on my facebook page. suburban traffic report time. let's go outside and check the roads for you. this is a live look at i-95 southbound near 322. we had a disabled vehicle right here blocking the left lane. it has since cleared so things are moving better right now. all lanes back opened on i-95. if you're heading southbound towards the delaware state line, you're not going to have a problem doing it at this point. we have some construction going on northbound on the northeast extension between quakertown and lehigh valley. we've got the left lane blocked so watch for some slow go there on the pennsylvania turnpike. let's take a look right now at your temperatures headed out the door, it's still
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50 degrees in philadelphia. 49 in millville, 51 degrees in allentown. but we are going to see temperatures being cooler than they were yesterday starting a new trend that summer-like weather that's out of here. 62 degrees for you high, mostly cloudy skies and a bit cooler. matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. new on "action news," fire at a chicken coop in connecticut left an estimated 80,000 of the birds dead. the blaze broke out in lebanon which is the largest egg produce internew england. more than 100 firefighters responded to their blaze. no farmworkers or firefighters were hurt. a fire at this same facility back in 1989 killed more than 200,000 chickens. >> new here on "action news" police in ohio charged a plan with murder after he calmly called 911 to confess he just killed his wife. >> what can i help you with? >> i just shot and killed my wife. >> jeff hawkins went on to tell police that he wasn't a
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threat and that he would be waiting for them on his front stoop. police say the 57-year-old man told him that his wife joanne had cleared out their bank account on saturday claw also his birthday and after she refused to talk to him he says there he shot her. a judge set bond at $3 million. hawkins was a former police officer from the chicago area. a woman was shot and killed in milwaukee during yesterday's morning commute and it was a child who shot her. police say the child found a gun in the back seat of the vehicle and fired a bullet into the driver's back. the 26-year-old woman then stopped the vehicle on the highway. she was pronounced dead at the scene. and police are still investigating how the child got that gun in the first place. >> the phillies looked to win their fifth game in their last six when they face the nationals tonight. jeremy hellickson will take the mound. andres blank cole hit this two run homer in last night's game. the nats would later tie it but then in the seventh, maikel franco smashes a rbi
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double. the phils win toker to three. flyers forward brayden schenn suspended the first three games of the next season. it stems from that hit on t.j. oshie in game six of the series with the washington. the nhl concluded schenn launched too high making contact with oshie's head. however the refs did not assess schenn a penalty after the play. >> it is five:18. apple's latest earnings report is much worse than expected. >> a mumps outbreak is taking an ivy league school by storm and sending dozens to isolation. >> ♪
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subway, septa regional rails, everything is on time as you head out the door on a wednesday morning mr. murphy. >> is it really karen? well, that's g let's go ahead and fire up the kids and we'll see what we've got them in today. on the big board, light jackets on the way in. temperatures are in the upper 40's in a lot of neighborhoods. some spots in the low 50's. this afternoon really only improving until about -- or to about 62 for a high and we may be waiting until after the kids are home from school to get there so it could be that we're still in the upper 50's maybe up to about 60 by the time they're walking home. 48 degrees by 7 o'clock for you commuters whether it's school or work. 50 degrees by 9 o'clock, 56 by noon. we're pretty cloudy to start and we're allowing for sun to return later in the day. the best chance of that would be up north but as we head to the south, it might also be a little cloudier and a little tougher to get that sun back in. no major delays at our airports none rain reported anywhere right now although tam there's the outside chance
5:22 am
of a little passing shower today especially south of philadelphia. >> thank you david. a mumps outbreak at harvard university has affected 40 members of the school community in the last two months. nearly a dozen students have been in isolation since monday much harvard first announced in march there were two confirmed cases of mumps the the school. the school has -- a number of those cases has continued to rise despite investigations into the infection's cause and efforts to isolate affected students. mumps is a viral infection we usually think of it happening to little kids that causes swelling in the salivary glands in the can cheeks. >> 5:22. there's nothing like hugging your dog, right? but is it mutual? the answer may surprise you according to a canadian professor. that's coming up in the morning buzz. >> an unusual request that sent a child to the hospital an bus driver to jail. >> topping america's money apple stock under pressure. >> the world's most valuable company is reporting its first quarterly revenue loss in years due to something
5:23 am
iphone -- slumping iphone sales. >> that sent shares sharply lower in after hours trading wiping out $46 billion in market value. >> and low cost spirit airlines is ranking dead last in customer satisfaction. >> now a spokesman says that's because some passengers don't understand how spirit's pricing works with extra fees for practically everything. we should point out overall customer satisfaction with airlines is actually up. >> and purple rain is about to fall on a wider audience. prince's signature movie was in nearly 90 locations last weekend following prince's death. >> and for this coming weekend warner brothers and amc putting it more than 200 theaters. so, as the song says, let's go crazy. >> that's america's money. >> ♪ month here.
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>> ♪ >> time for the morning buzz. a 107-year-old woman who gained internet fame for an impromptu dance with president obama at the white house has received app temporary photo i.d. why is this news. someone stole mclaurin's i.d. years ago. d.c. mayor muriel bowser presented mclaurin large with a new i.d. card yesterday. she was birthed by a midwife in 1909 and her birth date was actually written in a bible.
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the revolution are getting back together. less than a week after prince's death. band that backed him throughout the early 1980's announced through an online video that they will reunite in his honor. guitarist wendy says the group spent a few days together grieving prince's death and then decided to do some shows. the revolution starred in prince's hit 1984 movie purple rain. do you like to hug your dog? the feeling play not be mutual. new research indicates hugging stresses most dogs especially puppies and makes them anxious. stanley corn of the university of british columbia studied photos posted on the internet of dogs in the process being hugged and some of the signs of stress according to the professor include ears down and a dog's head turned away to avoid eye contact. his data showed nearly 82 percent of the canines in the pictures showed at least one of the stress signs but that's only one person one study. >> interesting that somebody paid for a study on this.
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>> he did it on his own. >> okay. that's what he spends his time on. coming up on "action news" delaware national guardsmen enjoyed a treat from the cake boss himself. developing overnight a mother is facing criminal charges after her child's tragic death. we're live with those details in the next half hour of "action news."
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try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. >> ♪ >> developing andbacking right now, two philadelphia police officers were hurt in a hit and run crash and then a car is stolen from the crash scene. we're gathering new information as it comes in. >> developing overnight police arrest a bucks county mother saying that she has confessed to the brutal abuse that killed her own daughter. >> and claiming victory. pennsylvania and delaware go for donald trump and hillary clinton. we'll break down all the big primary results. >> good morning out there. it's 5:30 on this wednesday april 27th. first up let's see what kind of day it's going to be. dave murphy has your accuweather and karen rogers has your commute. good morning. >> that front that came through yesterday with all that warm air ahead of it is parked to our south and we're cooling down. you can see that flash of yellow that box that pops up, that's the thunderstorm watch that was in effect for awhile


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