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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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is 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, april 28 here's what's happening. students return to class one day after classmate was struck and killed on a busy delaware roadway. a man accuracy into his own -- crashes into his own home leading police to a marijuana growing equipment. hot topic of spanking your children there's a verdict. let's go over to dave and karen. >> reporter: we have spotty
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shower activity that will build in today you can see that on the other side of pittsburgh. it's cool out there, 43 in allentown. 44 in trenton. 47 in wilmington, the winds are not that strong but with temperatures in the upper 40s, and places in the 50s like dover. on the bus stop, mostly cloudy, cool, 48 degrees by 6:00. 51 by 8:00 a.m. winds not that strong. it stays cool today, in fact it's a weird day where we'll see the temperatures march up during the morning and stop around midday. the high will be around 59. i could see us sitting on that from lunchtime until 1:00 p.m. descending temperatures at 6:00 p.m. the pollen down to medium high range today. and saturday, low medium. that comes with a fair amount of
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rain in the extended forecast. >> reporter: we'll be drive be on the wet roads this evening, not this morning, but nonetheless, big problems on i-95. look at the southbound traffic you're jammed from 322 to the delaware state line because they have a crew that's intermittently blocking all lanes. they are currently blocking all lanes on i-95 southbound at the delaware state line. if you're heading southbound into delaware, you're stuck in this. burlington bristol bridge. overnight construction cleared now they are set to stop traffic again for a bridge opening. it was supposed to open 15 minutes ago, head to the tacony-palmyra bridge instead. in king of prussia we have no construction this week. it starts and lasts through july. conshohocken road closed between ridge pike and earnest station road. charlotte street between king and chestnut they have one lane
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blocked,. the big story on i-95 southbound we'll be updating that around the clock. students at a delaware school are mourning the loss of a classmate who was struck and killed while crossing a busy highway. katherine scott is live at george reid middle school in new castle where counselors will be on hand today. >> reporter: that's right, matt, this happened yesterday afternoon and word quickly spread throughout the school community. grief counselors will be at the george reid middle school to help the children as they try to copy with the news. this happened shortly before 3:00 p.m. not too far from here, on route 1 by basin road in new castle. 14-year-old tyler spawn and three oarnlgs teenagers were -- other teenagers were trying to cross route 13, tyler stepped in front of 21-year-old.
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tyler was struck and hit had it and died at the hospital. police are reminding people this is a busy road and people should not risk crossing outside a crosswalk or intersection. the teens were a quarter mile away from a pedestrian foot bridge. the driver remained on the scene. investigators do not believe that drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash and police say no charges will be filed in the case. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." okay, katherine thank you for that. new on "action news," police are questioning one person after an overnight shooting. gunfire erupted after 1:30 on woodland avenue near 62nd street in southwest philadelphia. police say someone shot a man in the leg. the victim is currently in stable condition at a hospital. so far no one has been charged. new this morning, a car crash led police to a marijuana growing operation in the lehigh valley. investigators say mark bech slammed into his own house on market street yesterday when
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officers arrived they smelled marijuana coming from the building. inside they found 60 plants, fertilizer and water filtration system and they recover three guns including ak assault rifle. he faces drug and weapons charges. three men are charged with endangering the welfare of children and criminal conspiracy. prosecutors say they allowed brother stephen baker to work at bishop mccourt high school in johns town. more than 90 students settled lawsuit for $8 million. baker took his own life in 2013. detectives are trying to determine if several car arsons in the overbrook section are connected. cars in three storage blocks have been set on fire since
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october. an "action news" viewer captured this scene on tuesday night. someone poured gasoline on the vehicles set them on fire. back in november, surveillance cameras caught someone fleeing the lot. police are looking for a person who tossed coffee into a stranger's face. two women were arguing, it escalated with the woman slashing the coffee on the other and punching and pulling her hair. the victim tells police, the incident started when the attacker through a coffee stirrer at the her in the store. three students involved in a deadly fight at howard high school in wilmington have been suspended. police expect charges to be filed by the end of week. amy joyner frances was killed last thursday, the family is warning scammers are trying to
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capitalizing on her death with fake fund razors. schuylkill river trail watch held its first training session? response to increase in crime and violent behavior. they learned valuable lessons including hone your observations skills. once trained volunteers there carry out citizen patrols along the 10.5-mile path in the city. they hope to have trail watch in place before the summer starts. time to talk about accuweather maybe more rain by the end of the day. >> reporter: looks like more rain in the next several days. in fact we are entering a pattern for the next couple of days.
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cloud comp aplenty. we'll get sunny breaks early on, but clouds will win out later in the day when the rain is arriving. 49 degrees in philadelphia. only 43 in allentown and trenton. 50 in dover, that's about the only 50 i've got on the map. up in beach haven we've got one. as we go on future tracker 6 you can see the clouds get thick pretty quick today. by 12:00 we might have rain pushing into southern delaware and blip in chester county and other spots. but it's more like 1 to 2:00 p.m. we expect to to get most of the area get the more noble rain. it it won't be raining everywhere but light on and off showers. 6:00 p.m. we're looking at wet roads and lingering showers around. the rest of the evening cloud skies and spritz or a shower. i think it's likely between 10 and 11:00 p.m. adam and cecily
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will have more on radar tonight. clouds overall, early sun, during the afternoon quickly we start to transition to damp conditions with the showers moving in. 57 is all you'll see for the high around midday. once the rain starts the temperatures will dip a bit. 51 is all you'll get at the shore, mainly cloudy skies, rain in play, a obvious cool ocean water hanging in there, high of 59 degrees, around midday, early afternoon is when we'll see that, temperatures will dip during the afternoon when the rain moves in. i just had a preplanted it's great for me, i don't have to water it today. overnight tonight, clothed skies and 48 degrees is the overnight low. tomorrow we set up a fairly damp pattern. in the morning, spritzes around ene -- and 12:00 more spritzes and during the day on friday.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 59 is the high, most of the rain centered in the afternoon and evening. more rain on friday, 58. saturday we get a break from this. it looks like a nice day, clouds and partly sunny skies, 66 degrees, great for union fans and phillies fans at night. i'm going to that game. sunday is changing a little bit. looks like the next system is coming in faster. hope. hopefully we stay dry for the broad street run. if you have tickets for the game on sunday, keep your eyes and ears for the accuweather forecast in case that game is too wet to play. chance of rain everyday. we have more stories you are you didn't see last night. including developments into the death investigation into the icon prince. an oregon teen is in trouble after they discover a home invasion was a coverup.
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>> reporter: we're live at the pennsylvania turnpike, northbound traffic right there, moving just fine. we were at a complete standstill, i-95 near delaware. that's coming up. the cat napping, the cat, it's not like a cat, cat, it's like a cat! later in the morning buzz. you . whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. good morning, looking at atlantic city from sky6 live hd,
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5:13, a bit of a chilly start. let's go over to karen with the morning commute. >> reporter: the big problem we told on i-95, last time i showed you this shot was all the headlights not moving on i-95. they had construction roving crew doing intermittent stoppages at naamans road, all lanes were blocked at the delaware state line as you they had into delaware. we were vietnam from chichester avenue to the delaware state line. that improved once the lanes are open and the traffic go. things are better on i-95 southbound. gulph road and 422 construction going only blocking a lane, new construction that's starting and causing problems. 422 at trooper, that's eastbound traffic, pretty light volume we're dry out there. we're not having any weather-related problems for the purpose of the morning commute. hello, this is storm tracker 6 live 3d. you see the rain that's on its
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way here, it will be moving through our area through the afternoon. in the evening commute this is what you'll be dealing with, morning commute we're dry right now, matt and tam. we have new information on the the investigation into the death of prince. minnesota authorities say the music icon had prescription pain killers in his possession when he died, though they cannot say whether the medications played a role nidz --ness oh, in his death. investigators think the health scare to are the reaction to the medication. secret service are looking for a taller stronger white house fence. it would be 11 1/2 feet tall and include anticlimbing feature that detects intruders. the white house has been dealing with recent spikes in temperatures to climb the white
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house fence. an oregon teenager is in trouble with the law and mother after a burglary report revealed his alleged illicit behavior. she looked at surveillance video and showed a woman entering the home at the time her son was there. she called 911. what they found the woman turned out to be a prosecute hired by the teenage -- prostitute hired by the teenage son. he faces charges and grounding for life. eagles made it no secret they want a franchise quarterback. two are expected to be one and two, the 6'4" goss started every season at cal. he passed for 1,651 yards and 17 touchdowns during that senior
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california is dominating his favorite sport despite not being able to use his right arm. he contracted a rare virus a year a half ago that attacked his in central nervous system. he learned to do with one hand
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what his teammates do with two. his goal is to play provisional baseball. i believe he'll do it. >> reporter: way to go. we have a new accident on the northeast extension northbound past quakertown, just coming in right now. i want to take you outside to the schuylkill expressway at passyunk. traffic is moving just fine, penn relays start at 10:00 a.m. you want to watch for that, passyunk and the vine will be jammed, too. kenneth -- i think you're karen. >> reporter: what? >> reporter: the penn relays will start out dry, but we'll see rain on the track this afternoon. dress the kids warmly, 59 is the high, temperatures drop when the rain moves. 53 by 9:00 a.m. we'll get the high of 59 early in the day.
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the temperatures drop as the showers move in, they probably get to philadelphia after 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. if you're traveling out of philadelphia international all our big travel destinations showing green aircraft. in chicago reporting rain, maybe delays later on. going going on to "healthcheck". wednesday -- wendy saltzman is looking at food joints popping up online. >> reporter: ordering your grub online, "action news" investigates some food play not be coming from the restaurants you think they are. do you think it's misleading to customers? i don't know. >> reporter: some with unsatisfactory health inspections and operating without a license. find out why a health official
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say it's not on their radar. and why it's misleading. they think they are getting it from a certain restaurant and that's not true. don't miss my vehicles tonight at 11:00 p.m. up next in the morning buzz. a puppy born without back paws gets a new home and new feet. a midair collision leaves a two foot crater on a airline. that's coming up. but first america's money. >> reporter: ford is recalling 300,000 vehicles including the f-150 pick up truck. the automatic transmission can down shift. it covers the 2012 expedition mustang and navigator. air fares have taken somewhat of a nose dive. domestic tickets fell to the lowest level in fieive -- five
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this guy look huggable as he sits here in a fun pool. they told you about this tiger last week they took it to an animal shelter and last night they caught somebody trying to break in and nab the big cat. surveillance video shows a person in a red mask trying to get into the area. officials ruled on tuesday that the tieing certify headed to an exotic animal sanctuary. even though they found the other than, the city of conrow is does not allow dangerous animal. a puppy born without back paws is getting a leg up on life. take a look at justins mother died giving birth to him.
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his new owner is helping him become more mobile while fitting him with the booties. tanking is a hot parent debate and topic. does it help? according to a new study says it does not. looking at 50 years of research on the act of spanking. not only did she find that spanking led to better behavior. she did find a link to aggression and mental health issues later in life. more to debate about. a lot of studies say it helps the parent not the child if you know what i am. >> reporter: i do. contractors stumble upon a massive gator squatting in a residents with love on its minds. a man accused of using
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fabric softener to try to kill his girlfriend in berks county. "action news" continues.
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happening now on "action news" a family wants answers after a s.w.a.t team raise the wrong house. philadelphia police are planning a response today. new this morning, a man accused of trying to kill his girlfriend and the murder weapon was fabric softener. the cool, damp weather continues, accuweather is tracking the next round of rain coming in this morning. good morning, everyone, it is 5:38. karen and david are eager to give you weather and traffic. >> reporter: can i? we have clouds on satellite, we'll have sunny breaks, but generally speaking clouds will win out. we have rain out near pittsburgh, that will hold off until the afternoon. 49 degrees in philadelphia. you meant a jackets as you head outside early.


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