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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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berks county school comes to light. don't put the umbrella away yet. you're telling me we have rain coming up, i'm sick of it, that's it, i'm done! >> reporter: i disagree i have a lot of people on social media saying it's been dry for a while, the flowers need this the trees need this, so matt take a chill pill. >> reporter: we don't have a lot of the rain out there, right now, karen mentioned drizzle coming in from south jersey. there's more on the way late in the day and evening hours. 47 degrees is the current temperature, cloudy and cool. 46 in allentown. 45 in wilmington, trenton, 45 and 48 in cape may. growmed -- ground surfaces are wet because of light drizzle activity. 47 degrees by 8:00 a.m. under cloudy skies. as we roll through the day, the
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clouds continue to roll overhead. 52 by 11:00 a.m. it's cloudy and cool high of 5 degrees, we'll sit on that for a good portion of the afternoon. at times there could be a spotty shower there's a better chance of that in the evening. karen we'll track the showers tonight and let you know whether or not they will affect the phillies game and changes coming for the weekend all that just ahead in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: all right, dave, so it will be damp with a touch of drizzle around no big deal or a problem as you head out. live on the schuylkill expressway looking good approaching spring garden eastbound traffic right here, moving all right, light volume. it's early out there. in upper pottsgrove township we have an accident farmington road at state street and abington old ford road. broad street run this weekend, i know it's great, that means broad street will close sunday at 8:00 a.m. watch for the closures between
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olney and constitution, stick to i-95 or the schuylkill expressway to get around the wrod -- broad street run closure this sunday. happening today, the newest eagle will speak in philadelphia for the first time today. during the draft, the eagles had their eye on one specific target and they got him. carson wentz is a quarterback from north dakota state. katherine scott is live at the nova care center with the details on the face of the future. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, carson wentz is expected to be here at the nova care center to address the media. he spoke about how exciting is to to come to philadelphia. the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> reporter: with that the north dakota state quarterback is coming to philadelphia. he went as the number two
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overall pick in the nfl draft. the eagles traded up with cleveland. to know that they believe in me that much it's exciting to walk out on the stage and everything, it's really cool. despite a wrist injury, 6'5" wentz led the bison to the 5th title season last week. you're talking about a blue collar quarterback, he was incredible work ethic and passion. he fits into the city, he plays with the passion. >> reporter: sam bradford did not report for voluntary workout and requested a trade. eagles leadership said brad for is their starting quarterback. wentz fits into their long term
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plans. he is a great quarterback, i obviously would love to have him here. if there's a trade or injury, wentz is not expected to address for the regular season. they want to make sure that he is nfl ready coming out of a relatively smaller school. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." we want you to join the action, what you do think about the eagles draft pick leave a comment at the "action news" facebook page and like our page so you get "action news" updates in the time line. a charred frame is all that's left at a home at a 5 and over home in new jersey. the fire broke out on scar bow row away in southampton township. the fire escalated to two lammers and caused the roof to collapse. more fallout from fights at
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a berks county school caught on camera. two staff members are on administrative leave. videos of fights surfaced on facebook but were removed. parents say the fights took place during school hours. the school is for children with behavioral or emotional needs. berks county police are looking into the case. police say charges are immanent in connection with the death of amy joyner francis. the girl died inside a bathroom during a fight last week. she was thrown to the grounds and stabbed with pencils and slammed her head into a sink. the teen died at the hospital. we'll have the latest on the story in the next half-hour of "action news." 5:05. police released video of fourteens attack ago temple university student. they are hoping someone takes a look at this and recognizes
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these faces. the 43-year-old man was walking when the teens started to punch and kick him. surveillance cameras captured them smiling and laughing as they ran away. police are asking anyone who know the teens to contact them. new this morning, police in delaware are searching for the man who composed -- exposed himself outside a community center. a witness said she saw a man doing a lewd act inside the car. she snapped a photo of the suspect's vehicle, he was driving a red dodge. if you see the man contact police. the penn relay continue with high school and college athletes from across the country participating. thousands descend on franklin field on the penn campus. the oldest track and field event
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in the america. rain is in the forecast, as we turn to david murphy for more on the penn relays and the broad street run on sunday. >> reporter: broad street run looks wet, penn relays not bad. storm tracker 6 live looking live across the region. might be drizzle on the windshield but not active showers, but along the coast in cumberland county. we have cloudy skies and cool conditions across the region. in the 40s in most spots. allentown, 46 degrees. 45 in reading. 47 in philadelphia. 45 in wilmington and trenton. much the same story as we head to the shore, everybody needs jackets this morning but i wouldn't go overboard on the rain gear because it's light and spotty. future tracker 6 between now and noon shows you pop-up showers as we go through the day. in the evening there's another batch up north, later in the
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evening a little more stuff might cruise in. if you're heading to the phillies i think they will get that game in. 55 degrees is the all you'll see today, clouds and showers can't be ruled out especially later in the day. down the shore, 56 degrees, clouds and spotty shower and drizzle at times, obviously cool and jacket weather today. same story in philadelphia. lots of clouds today a spotty sprinkle or shower through the day, 55 degrees is the high, winds not that strong, but rolling out of the cool east 7 to 14 miles per hour. for the purpose of the phillies game, expect cloudy conditions, it might be damp at times, i would bring a poncho if you're not sitting under the overhang. 54 degrees if the first pitch. in the 9th inning, 52 degrees, it will feel cool down the ballpark. overnight, cloudy skies rain and drizzle possible overnight.
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46 degrees is the overnight low. saturday is looking cloudier now but looks like it stays dry. i'll advance this in the afternoon, every now and then you might see a sunny break. generally speaking it's a mostly cloudy day. saturday night, there may be showers pushing in from the west. phillies dry, union dry. remember how we were talking about how the next rainmaker is coming faster in the models, it will be here by the time you wake up on sunday in the broad street run. the phillies are scheduled to play at 2:35, based on on the last model there could be a delay in the game. 55 degrees, clouds and spotty showers. tomorrow, clouds, sunny breaks, 64. sunday, rainy, for the first half, two-thirds of the day.
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monday, clearing in the afternoon, mainly cloudy with light rain arriving on tuesday, better high of 68. wednesday looks nice and thursday not bad, spotty shower there, as well. lots going on. good week to plant flowers. or grass. which i did last week. >> reporter: me too. good timing. still ahead on "action news," tv terror the man who threatened to blow up the baltimore police station is in police custody. a bizarre road rage incident caught on camera. >> reporter: no problem on the blue route, just past the schuylkill expressway northbound traffic whizzing right by, we'll check 422 and talk about a closure in pottstown, coming up. police officers in trouble in an elevator, who saved them? a little later in the morning buzz.
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good morning, it is friday, 5:13, 47 degrees, live picture here, philadelphia international airport, a bit of a quiet scene, i'm sure things will be rumbling later on though. let's find out if you're heading out early to work and school. >> reporter: the bet is to get up early and get out. i'll help you with the traffic when it starts to kick in. look live 422 at trooper. a little bit damp touch ever drizzle. 422 business eastbound traffic moving just fine at this point looking good at 422 at trooper. let's check the big picture, overall we're seeing speeds in the 50s at this hour, we're in good shape.
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of course you've got the on going construction with the walnut lane bridge closed, portions of monument closed. yeel -- you'll be dealing with that, as well. area bridges, ben franklin bridge, westbound traffic coming into the city. penn relays will start at 9:00 a.m. instead of 10:00 a.m. you'll see congestion on the ben franklin bridge a little early. they have shut down charlotte street near king street stick to new hanover, it will be closed through the weekend. we have a touch of low visibility in millville, atlantic city, wildwood and dover, ten miles at philadelphia international. no problems. the cool damp dreary days continue, chance of rain, today, tomorrow, 10%. sunday, 90% chance. i hope you like it, it's staying
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dreary. matt. a wild case of road rage in florida led to a person cling to go a speeding vehicle. surveillance video from a nearby business in miami captured the unanimous clinging to the hood of the -- captured a man clinging to the hood of the speeding car. no complaint or police report they do not know how the confrontation started or ended. the father of a man who threatened a baltimore tv station while dressed in a panda suit speaks about his son's personal difficulties. the 25-year-old manner showed up after 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon and claimed to have a bomb. when the man refused to take his hands out of pockets, police shot him three times. police discovered that the device he was wearing was made of candy bars wrapped in foil. he said his son had a mental breakdown after a bad break up. a wisconsin community is punishing not just the kids who
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behave badly, but also their parents. parents and guardians will have 90 days after they have been informed of their child's behavior and if there's a second offense, they will be finds $181. i need to know it's not just my face, all the kids, this should not be happening. joan said she hopes the new or nance will make parents aware of how their kids are acting toward other children. an 94 iowa woman is roller skating to recovery after breaking her hip. she loved to roller skate, after she fell therapist said there was a strong chance she would
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never be mobile again. she learned how to walk and relearned how to roller skate. phillies beat the facials, 3-0 to complete a -- nationals 3 h 0 to complete a 3 game sweep. they have won of their last 7 games. a car company embroiled in an emissions scandal is about to pay up.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it
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♪ ♪ katherine scott emceed the annual partners in education celebration in drexel hill. they honored the team members of the high iq academic quiz competitions. ten of students have been
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awarded scholarships. >> reporter: she is so beautiful. every time i see her i think she is so pretty. 309 we have a disabled vehicle causing a problem. if you're out there, you may see it northbound at church road. we have penndot on the scene with that helping you out. watch for that blocking the right lane on 309. we have a lot of septa bus routes they will be detoured. the broad street run starts at 7:30 on sunday morning and lasts until 1:00 p.m., dave. >> reporter: on the big board we're dressing the kids a little warmly because we are stuck in the 40s and low 50s this morning and going up to the mid 50s this afternoon. here's how we'll roll lots of clouds, maybe a spritz or drizzle or spotty shower as we roll through the day, dry most of the time, 46 degrees by 7:00. 50 by 9:00 a.m. 53 by noon, we'll hang on the high of 55 for two or three hours this afternoon under the clouds. later on tonight there could be a better chance of a sprinkle or shower around. i think the phillies get their
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ballgame in, though. all green aircraft on the big board, a lot of clouds in most spots, looks like orlando and atlanta are getting ready for sunshine. >> reporter: going on to "healthcheck," parents may help their child's early learning by paying attention why they played together. while a parent looked at the toy, the longer the child looked at the toy after the parent turned away. sustained attention is good for the learning skills and a boost for the parent baby bonds. a used cash burst into a fireball after the owner bought it. nydia han has a preview of the special report. >> reporter: a car should not just explode, this one did. i never saw a car burn so fast. >> reporter: police and fire officials responded. the "action news" troubleshooters rushed out there, too.
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people could have been killed, including us. >> reporter: this has car has bn sitting on the drive away overnight more than 12 hours with the ignition off. it erupted in a ball of flames and this is what is left. it's a special "action news" troubleshooters tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money, wall street sellout. stock suffered their worse day after apples losing streak and poor economic growth. the dow dropped over 1%. volkswagen will plan to buy back or fix millions of diesels equipped with software that cheated on emissions tests. gatorade will honor peyton manning showing him reading letters.
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we had a wonderful seven years together. it's an honor to have called you a teammate for 1 years. >> reporter: the video is racking up 1 million views in less than 24 hours. that's america's money. coming, there's no one i'd rather... hit the road with. no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with.
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offensive lineman tumbled down the draft board because someone posted a video of him on his twitter account. the 37 video showed someone smoking from a mask equipped with a bong. experts considered him a potential number one pick in the draft or at least three. the miami dolphins took him 13th. he said he is the video in -- hs the person in the video, but it was years ago. donald trump said caitlyn jenner could use whatever bathroom he wanted in one of her buildings. the usage of restrooms has become a big issue particularly after north carolina pasted a new bathroom restriction law.
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finally here, it's kind of funny, a dozen police officers got trapped inside a star elevator in a missouri building police academy training. the kansas fire department rescued the boys in blue, but they couldn't resists taking the photograph and now it's on the news. all 12 officers are fine, but probably with bruised egos, now that softball game against the firefighters will have extra meaning next year. coming up on "action news," prince's fiercely guarded private life and struggles are coming to light after his death. the commander-in-chief surprised young journalists at the white house, that when we come right back.
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now on "action news," stubborn clouds will keep it cool and dreary. accuweather has you discovered for the pen relace and the broad
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street run. trump protesters outside the rally. wentz will make his first official appearance later today. david and karen, i look forward to saying there's doug wentz at the super bowl. >> reporter: there's a possibility that the eagles get better with this guy, we'll see. nice that they picked a qb with a possible future. tam is like into it. satellite shows you there's a lot of cloud cover around. we had showers overnight, so the lawns and sidewalks might be wet. we might see active drizzle, but not a whole lot of shower activity currently. 46 degrees in allentown. 45 in


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