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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, april 29 here's what's happening. the eagles make it official, the new face of the franchise will speak in philadelphia today. we're live with the details. fallout continues after video of a an apparent fight club at a berks county school comes to light. don't put away the umbrella, accuweather is saying there's more clouds and rain, you know the whole thing. it's just spring. if you want to know the whole thing let's go over to david murphy with the forecast and karen rogers, we see the flashes lights, tough times for some out there. >> reporter: i'll give you a look at the region, storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of the area is dry, cape may county is saying goodbye to a shower that's pushing off the coast. there could drizzle for some of you, but generally speaking it's just clouds this morning. there could showers popping in on and off during the day.
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47 degrees in philadelphia. as you head outside, you'll want a jacket, it's chilly. there's a little bit breeze blowing, by 9:00 a.m., 50 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 52. 54 by 1:00 p.m. the afternoon doesn't see much change. a lot of clouds and temperatures in time mid 50s, occasional a sprinkle or drizzle popping in. as we look at the pollen forecast of course with the damper weather we're looking at lower pollen counts on sunday i'll bet they lower that, we're changing the forecast and looking at more rain. karen when i step inside with wh the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll plot the showers and give you the phillies forecast and talking about the changes for the weekend. we're starting with a problem on i-95 we have a vehicle that ran over debris on the roadway and it is disabled we have police on the scene and penndot is helping with the disabled vehicle. it's a shaky shot i-95 northbound off ramp to allegheny avenue. we can see the traffic getting
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by, but watch for this, within that construction zone causing problem with the car that ran over debris and penndot widens out a little bit to let you see the traffic itself moving okay. it's the off-ramp i-95 southbound at allegheny. watch for that. another problem i-95 southbound at delaware avenue near wilmington. police are heading to the scene. you can see the area of yellow, slowing on i-95 speeds in the 30s at this hour in this location that's slow. an accident causing the problem. we have downed wires, somerset road at lower moreland, police are directing traffic around the downed wires. landsdale, 7th street at broad street another accident. as we look outside live roads are damp, drizzle at times. traffic is moving okay here, on the ben franklin bridge, cam. thank you, karen.
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let's get the morning started talking about the eagles. the newest eagle will speak for the first time today the eagles had their eye on one specific target and they got him. carson wentz is a quarterback from north dakota state. katherine scott is live with the details on the face of the future, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, tam, carson wentz is expected here at the nova care complex he addressed the media last night and said he was excited to come and join the eagles. philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> reporter: with that the north dakota state quarterback is coming to philadelphia. carson went as the number two pick in the nfl draft. it is eagles traded up twice to get the pick for cleveland. knowing what they did to
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take me and know they believe in me that much it's exciting to walk out on the stage and everything, it's really cool. >> reporter: despite a wrist injury he led the bison to the 5th consecutive title last season. his aggression and accuracy are two other reasons why eagles brass want him here. this guy was incredible work ethic and fits into the personality of the city and you see that when he plays. he plays with the passion. >> reporter: how does this fit into the qb drama that's brewing. sam bradford has not reported for voluntary workout and requested a trade. i hope they figure out it out, he is a great quarterback i would love to have him here. >> reporter: and keep in mind
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unless there's a trade or injury, carson is not expected to dress for the season. he is part of the long range plan to get a super bowl title. he is expected at the nova care complex later on today. people are excited to have him in town. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." indeed we are. we want you to join the action what do you think about the philadelphia eagles draft pick leave a comment at the 6abc "action news" facebook page and like our page so you get "action news" updates in in your time line. a charred frame is all that's left of a over 55 home in new jersey. 89 fire broke out in southampton township. the fire escalated to two-alarms and caused the roof to collapse. one resident escaped the home without serious injuries. no word on who sparked the blaze. new this morning, more fallout from a series of school fights at a berks county school caught on camera. two staff members at the
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northwestern human services school in reading are on administrative leave. video of the fights surfaced on facebook and were removed. parents said fights took place during school hours. the school is for children with special behavioral or emotional needs. reading police are looking into the case. police sources in wilmington, delaware say charges are immanent in connection with the death of amy joyner-francis. the 16-year-old died after a fight with another girl adds a bathroom at howard high school of technology. someone threw the sophomore to the ground and stabbed her repeatedly with pencil and slammed her head into the sink. the teen died at the hospital. 6:06. police released video of fourteens attacking a temple university student. they hope someone takes a look at the pictures and recognizes them. the attack happened on knorr
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street. surveillance cameras captured the people smiling and laughing as they ran away. police are asking anyone who thinks they know the teens to contact them. you never find out about a big investor selling a big stake into a company you own until after it happens. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in time square to hell us who is down on apple. >> reporter: good morning, matt, overall stocks sank yesterday as apple tumble and dragged the dow down. we've got reports of personal income and consumer spending due out later today. we're talking about carl icahn who sold his entire stake he solds 46 million shares over worries about apple's success in china. china is apple's second largest market after the u.s.
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he is worried that china could make it difficult for apple to sell there. price line ceo was fired because he violetted -- violated the code of conduct for having a relationship with an employee. that's the latest from business, have a great weekend, matt and tam. you, too. will we have a great weekend? i will. good for you. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are essentially dry a couple of spots with a little drizzle maybe a shower along the coast of northern cape may county that's pushing out to sea pretty quickly and to the west of philadelphia, a couple of little blips, maybe you see something pop up on the windshield this morning, but it's not going to be a lot. as we look outside we have cloudy skies, there's atlantic city north along east -- along
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the coast. there's not much difference between allentown and all the way down the shore. chilly, wind, mainly dry. future tracker clouds stay tough. 9:00 a.m., showers popping through, here and there, these are light nuisance rain. it's chilly out there, with the dampness adding to the feel it's not comfortable. 6:00 there's a chance of northern suburbs picking up a steadier and widespread shower and later this evening, we may see additional showers fill in. if you're heading to the phillies you want to dress warmly and prepare for possible rain. 5 degrees in the lehigh valley. clouds and showers possible. down the shore, clouds 56 degrees, even at the shore it's going to be jacket weather all the way. 5 degrees in philadelphia. lots of clouds, spotty shower there, as well. winds out of the east at 7 to
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14 miles per hour. not a washout, but cool and damp. here's the phillies game tonight. cloudy skies, it's going to be chilly. 54 degrees for the first pitch. 52- in the 9th inning. people dress down at the ballpark similar to what you saw in washington. there were a lot of people in layers an jackets. there's chance of a shower bring along a poncho or rain gear just in case. rain and drizzle overnight tonight, as well. for the weekend it looks cloudy on saturday. future tracker 6 showing north an east there might be sunshine around at times. occasionally back on the west we might dig a little in. the chain in the forecast is partly sunny to mostly cloudy with sunny breaks. union game chilly in the 60s, 4:00 game fine, phillies game bundle up a little bit. 89 next change is sunday. the neck rainmaker wants to come
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in faster and faster now it's going to be hear at the time you get up on sunday morning. few you're returning the broad street run look for a steady rain. later in the afternoon and evening we'll have a chance to break up the clouds, the phillies are scheduled to play at 2:35. they might have a delay at the beginning. i think they will get it in, partly because it's cleveland they try hard to get the games in. 535 degrees, a little -- 55 degrees, drizzle or a shower. tomorrow, 64 cloudy. rainy and cloudy conditions on sunday, 60 degrees. monday, cloudy, early shower, late sun not out of the question. tuesday cloudy another round of rain arriving later in the day. wednesday looks like a break. 670. thursday, 72 and there might be a spotty shower there. wednesday and thursday, generally looking warmer and drier. a good change.
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6:12 we have new information about a tv station bomb scare. the father of the man in the panda suit talks about what might have set him out. a man's to be planking on a car, police say it's more than a dangerous stunt it's road rage. >> reporter: we have an easy 7 minute ride no delays just yet. we'll have more on the accident on i-95. hover bike coming up next in tech bytes. welcome back you're taking
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a live look here, up and over the platt bridge, things look good, you know how people have their friday pep in their step. in matt o'donnell full of vinegar this morning, i think he is ready for the weekend. what do you think, karen. >> reporter: i can't say it on tv. i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: let's look outside live, we had a problem on i-95. we had police on the scene with the disabled vehicle on the off-ramp to allegheny northbound. they have cleared the disabled vehicle. now we're looking at the southbound delay, you can see allegheny, i-95 southbound near
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allegheny starting to get busy this morning. no accidents a disabled vehicle up ahead has cleared. i-95 southbound at delaware avenue. we have an accident that's blocking the two right lanes. we have police on the scene near wilmington. you can see the area of yellow traveling 26 miles per hour as you head toward wilmington on i-95 southbound watch for that one. i wanted to mention on the waze app i found someone talking about an accident gateway regional high school in gloucester county. if you're in deptford look for an accident at wills avenue at deptford avenue. let's look live at the boulevard. southbound traffic legged -- heading toward the schuylkill expressway. roads are damp, we have drizzle out there in spots. you can see a few low clouds in the shot, as well. it's not causing any major problems, it's looking okay. how about the temperature, it's another damp and dreary and cool day, isn't that lovely. at least it's friday. 55 degrees is the high.
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clouds and spotty showers. new on "action news," the father of the man who threatened the baltimore tv station while dressed in a panda suit speaks of his son's recent personal difficults. he showed up at wdff tv and claimed to have a bomb. when he refused to take his hands out of his pockets police shot him three times and wounded him. police discovered that the device he was wearing was candy bars wrapped in foil. his father said he had a mental breakdown after a bad break up. a wisconsin community is saying parents and guardians will have 90 days after being informed by a police officer of their child's behavior to intervene. if the child continues to be a bully, the parents will be find. if there's a second offense, the parent will be find $671. political protesters jump
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on police cruisers and do donuts in the streets. tech bytes. >> reporter: facebook is rolling out new apps for windows ten and ten mobile users have dedicated facebook and messenger appears for laptop and matter phones. there's a new way for the amazon voice assistant to help you in the kitchen. you can ask it to do everything from play music to look up recipes. very nice. first came hover board and now hover bike. he had no backgrounds in engineering and spent three months designing the prototype that stays elevated for a minute. what could possibly go wrong. those are tech bytes, have a
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great day.
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>> reporter: i had fun with you guys this week. rally? is that different from other weeks? >> reporter: let's go outside and check the schuylkill expressway, here we are at belmont. traffic is not too bad. we have the normal morning slowing, not bad, not looking at accidents on the schuylkill expressway near belmont. eastbound traffic is moving okay at this point. thislet's take a look at mass transit. new jersey transit, patco, septa subways all on time. we have bus detours because of the broad street run that start at 7:30 on sunday. >> reporter: hopefully they have all the holes in the buses patched because it will be rainy on broad run.
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cool dress the kids in a sweatshirt temperatures in the 40s and 7:00 a.m., 46 degrees. 50 degrees by 9:00 a.m. this afternoon lots of clouds, we'll hold with that high of 55 probably for a couple of hours this afternoon. at times there could a little drizzle around or perhaps a spotty shower a little more of that in the evening hours potentially. down the airport in case you're flying out of here out of the cloudy mucky stuff. well we have all green aircraft no major delays. if you're heading to atlanta, looks like they are on their way to a sunny start today. phillies pitcher, adam morgan will likely be called up to start the home series against cleveland. the phillies beat the nationals for a three game sweep. it's the first time they swept the series in washington since 2009. they have won 6 of their last 7 games. pen relays continue today with hundreds of college and high school athletes
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participating. the old track and field festival in america. the mete running through tomorrow. good luck to everybody participating. we have details on a deadly attack in a delaware school. annie mccormick has the update from wilmington police. >> reporter: that's right, sources say arrests are immanent of three students in connection with the death of a delaware high school student last week, we'll have details in a live report. new on "action news" a wild
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case of road rage in florida led to a person clinging to a speeding vehicle. we have video and additional surveillance video from a nearby business in miami capturing the man clinging to the hood of the speeding car. miami dade officials have the video, but no complaint or police report. they do not know how the confrontation started or ended. "action news" troubleshooters look at the car that burst into a fireball. nydia han has the special report. >> reporter: a car shouldn't explode, this one did. i never saw a car burn so fast. people could have been killed including us. >> reporter: this car has been sitting on this driveway overnight more than 12 hours with the ignition off. suddenly it erupted in a ball of
6:27 am
flames and this is what is left. i don't want it to happen to other people. >> reporter: it's a special "action news" trouble shooters tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00 p.m. that video is something else, if you want to see more video of the burning car it was posted moments ago on nydia han's facebook page. up next, police clash with protesters outside a donald trump rally. gunfire erupts on the same block for the second time in two days, this time police say a woman pulled the trigger. pet moments are beautiful,
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now on "action news," stubborn clouds will keep it cool and dreary, accuweather has you covered for the penn relays and the broad street run. chaos outside a donald trump rally, protesters swarm police cruisers and others were
6:30 am
doing donuts in the crowds. welcome, wentz. we'll hear from our newest eagle today. let's go outside to david murphy and karen rogers with traffic good morning. >> reporter: welcome wentz, and welcome cloud cover. we have sprinkles and showers popping through overnight. there might be more of that in a couple of corners of the neighborhood. it's cool, 47 degrees in philadelphia. in fact from allentown to the shore not much difference in the temperatures maybe mid to upper 40s everywhere. not a lot of wind, but a little bit of a breeze in this kind of climate and condition makes it feel cool. it stays cloudy and cool. we'll spend most of the afternoon in the mid 50s, 1:00 p.m., 54. 55 is the high at 3:00. we'll be sitting on that for 2, 2 1/2 hours. there could drizzle or vigil or
6:31 am
shower popping up. there could more of that this evening, but generally speaking it could be cloudy and cool and damp. there are changes saturday and sunday, and cloud cover and the timing of rain, details coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave, it seemed like yesterday our problems were on i-95. we're starting off with the same story. this is the disabled vehicle i-95 southbound approaching allegheny. penndot is zooming in you can see the truck with the arrow board, a close shot with the rear view mirror. we have a disabled tractor-trailer blocking the right lane, i-95 southbound at allegheny. we had another one that just cleared. the last one ran over debris and that caused the disability. hopefully that's not the case there, as we look at a tight shot penndot checking it out in detail. i-95 southbound near wilmington, an accident blocking the two right lanes. these speeds were currently
6:32 am
36 miles per hour and it dropped to 16 miles per hour. the times it caused problems in delaware i-95 southbound with that accident scene. an accident southbound on the blue route, penndot on the the scene. it's off on the shoulder not causing too much of a problem. an accident at old rock will road in abington. we're busy this morning, matt. new this morning, two people are in custody in connection with the shooting in frankford section. witnesses say a woman opened fire at frankford and margaret street. she hopped into a car with another man and drove away. police tracked down the vehicle and the people in it about an hour later. the victim was shot three times and expected to survive. this happened 200 feet from another shooting wednesday night. they do not believe they are related. criminal charges are immanent for teens involved in a
6:33 am
deadly beating of another teen at her delaware school. annie mccormick is live outside wilmington police with the details. >> reporter: matt, that's right, sources are saying three students will be charged in the death of amy joyner francis. we are told that the charges could come down at any time. we are learning more details about what transpired that morning. it was a week ago that the 16-year-old died in the howard high school bathroom. sources told the investigation during a fight with three other females students, joyner francis was knocked to the ground and stabbed repeatedly with pencil. according to the remain source, one of the girls slammed the victim's head into a bathroom sink. she died after being rushed to the hospital. one law enforce. explainldz how an investigation -- explained how an investigation like this with teenagers can take time special sorting through facebook,
6:34 am
instagram and twitter to find out what is real and what is fake. people make statements, they become two others will be charged as accomplices. we are waiting to find out official information from wilmington police, like if they will be charged as adults or juveniles. we're expected to learn more information today. reporting live outside wilmington police headquarters, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." the father of a young man who was shot and killed in a north wales church spoke to "action news." mark storms is charged with voluntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment. he opened fire at the fellowship
6:35 am
keystone church killing robert braxton. police could not find that it was in self-defense. the dead man's father said as a man of god he forgives him for his son's death. even though i have so much pain so much hurt from the life he took away from me, mark, i forgive you man, and my family forgives you, but you must pay for this crime that you did. storms faces up to 20 yeas behind bars if he is convicted. protest outside a trump rally orange county, california led to 20 arrests. fights began to break out between none strairts -- demonstrators and trump supporters. they tried to tip over a police cruiser. another driver was doing donuts in the streets striking several people before speeding off.
6:36 am
mounted patrol set up a line of defense and ordered protesters not to cross. ted cruz and his running mate will attend a town hall in indiana today. the republican candidate is taking heat from john boehner who referred to him always lucifer in the flesh. senator cruz said he never worked with boehner because he refused to participate in the talks about the partial government shut down. hillary clinton took off from the campaign trail to hammer out her strategy against trump. they highlighted trump's agenda and urged people to stop him. challenger bernie sanders will join a protest today against outsourcing jobs at the carrier plant. the indiana primary is tuesday. the eagles did a lot of wheeling and dealing to secure the next face of the franchise and they got him. the philadelphia eagles
6:37 am
select carson wentz. carson is on his way to philadelphia to address the media. he told reporters he has the passion. i think they will see the winner and competitor, they will see a kid who loves the game and i will put my best foot forward and be the first one in and the last one out. eagles executive vice president howie roseman said sam bradford is still their starter, bradford's agent said his client wants out. we want to congratulate will fuller who went to the houston texans as the overall pick. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live showing we are essential li dry some of you might be looking at drizzle or brief pop-up
6:38 am
shower. some of it is along the coast and atlantic city and chester county and southern montgomery county. philadelphia might see a bit of that. as we look outside, most of you looking at cloud cover. of course it's cloudy and chilly out there this morning. you want to grab the sweatshirt or extra coat. 47 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. that's similar to everybody. we're looking at mid to upper 40s, winds out of the east/northeast at 7 miles per hour. future tracker 6 picking up the rain story. there's not a lot of it. spotty sprinkles and showers at times. we get up to 6:00 p.m. there's a better chance of steadier rain in the northern suburbs and that's on and off. later in the evening hours, showers begin to fill in. we hope we can get the phillies in tonight. bring extra gear we'll talk about that in a moment. outside the rain it's cloudy and cool. 47 degrees by 8:00 a.m. we'll be stuck in the 50s from
6:39 am
10:00 a.m. straight on. noon, 53. 5 is the high, you can see that on the top bar. it will be between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. i can see sitting on 55 for 2, 2 1/2 hours. cloudy cool and occasionally damp today. high temperatures you don't see this much on the map. allentown, 55. cape may, 54. everybody within, 1, 2, 3 degrees of each other today. on the phillies tonight if you're heading down in, first pitch temperature 54. 9th inning 52 degrees. you can see a lot of those nice insulated jackets down the ballpark tonight. bring rain gear in case a shower moves in during the game. it's not a sure thing, but a possibility. the we have changes for the weekend. at times during the day we'll get a sunny break and thinning of the clouds generally speaking with an easterly flow expected we'll stay mainly cloudy. it will be dry, but 11:00 p.m.
6:40 am
we'll see showers move in from the west. i'm hoping that doesn't come any faster. i've got tickets for saturday night to the phillies i hope it stays dry. probably will be, but i'll be watching the forecast, too. the next change is the rainmaker, western -- we were talking about how it's coming in faster and faster. it's coming so fast by the time you wake up on sunday we'll see it come down during the broad street run. it will be steady rain. later in the afternoon, if this continues to push through fast enough we might see the rain taper off. the phillies are trying to start a game 2:35 p.m. there is a shot they get it in. with the cleveland making one visit and the last game of the series they try to get that in. cloudy and cool, 5 degrees a sprinkle or shower around. tomorrow, cloudy, high of 64.
6:41 am
sunny breaks, dry for the union at 4:00 p.m. at talen energy is energy stadium. cloudy an rainy on sunday, broad street run is very wet. we'll see if the phillies play. 60 degrees is the high there. we get into next week it's milder. 66 on monday, cloudy skies showers possible especially early in the day. tuesday, we bounce up to 68 degrees with more rain late in the day and wednesday it's now looking like we have a dry day, a break high of 70. thursday, dry 72 a slight chance of a pop-up shower. 6:41 you could say it's a prince fan holy grail. hear how a company got its hand on unreleased recordings free evaluate at paisley park. will farrell is impersonating another president and that family is not pleased. >> reporter: we have another disabled vehicle you see the
6:42 am
flashing lights at ivy lane. problems on i-95 a back up on the ben details coming up. the president surprises student reporter at a briefing. you have to take a look at the video when "action news" comes right back.
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6:44 am
6:44, live picture, franklin field, a storied place on the university of pennsylvania campus. penn relays continue today. lots of high school and college
6:45 am
athletes going out there and doing some running. they have some cool misty weather to get it done in. >> reporter: it's damp and dreary once again today. we have a lot of problems on the roads, as well. a number of disabled vehicles, one at i-95 southbound at allegheny. we had a disabled tractor-trailer that just cleared during the commercial break. traffic moving better i-95 southbound at allegheny. of course you have the normal jam with not with the extra rigt lane being blocked. we had two disabled vehicles in the same area, one ran over debris. 55 southbound the off ramp to deptford area in yellow is slowing, it's slowing heading toward 42. the off ramp is partially blocked in new jersey, 35 a southbound. that's creating more problems
6:46 am
for you out there. i want to show you this picture of the ben franklin bridge. right now you can see the heavy traffic westbound this is because of traffic lights that aren't working. this happened in the past 20 minutes. quickly you see the jam how the here. we have a good five minute delay on the ben franklin bridge. the traffic lights are not working at the end of the bridge near 8th and vine that's causing problems spilling out on the ben franklin bridge. let's look we weather conditions for you. visibility has been an issue in spots, lancaster, 3-mile visibility. millville, 4-mile visibility. overall we're seeing lots of clouds, kind of damp and dreary and cool. we're in the 40s right now and staying in the 50s today with some of the showers on and off, tam. thank you, karen. the uptown theater in north philadelphia is hosting a memorial tribute to prince tonight. fans are encouraged to bring purple candle and light them. investigators are zeroing in on medication and whether it was
6:47 am
prescribed. prescription drugs were found in his home and on his plane. they confirmed prince was given a shot of narcan a week ago used for suspected opioid overdoses. trustees at his estate had to drill through his evaluate at paisley park. they had to act fast to safeguard all his assets. it is known to store his invaluable recordings of which dozens have not been released. actor will farrell is set to play former president reynolds reagan in a movie a comedy it's about white house intern must convince dementia stricken reynolds reagan that he is playing a president. patty davis wrote an open letter
6:48 am
saying there's nothing funny about the disease. the film is being shopped to movie studios.
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"g.m.a.,." let's join ginger zee for a live look at our friday run down. >> reporter: coming up on "g.m.a.," the race for the white
6:51 am
house more violence erupted at the trump rally in california. more than 20 arrests. this is as the countdown for indiana is on. also, the highly anticipated nfl draft kicked off last night an interesting twists. a series of social media post may have costed a top prospect of first round picks. i heard you talk about this, we'll have more on will farrell under fire, the actor set to star as reynolds reagan in a new comedy. the family is lashing out. >> reporter: it's about love, the finale of our huge wide world of wedding event. 24 hour festivities all over the world. 16 couples ready to tie the knot on good morning. believe me all only see it here coming up on "g.m.a." quite an undertaking.
6:52 am
>> reporter: if you're coming into the city from new jersey, the ben franklin bridge jammed solid. the traffic lights are not working correctly at the base of the bridge near 8th and vine. it's creating a backup. it will be extra heavy because of the penn relays that start at 9:00 a.m. unlike yesterday at 10:00. you have a good delay on the ben franklin bridge. so be careful about that. the penn relays will cause delays today and other delays for the weekend on the broad street run, all buses detoured on sunday morning. >> reporter: unfortunately we have rain coming in for the broad street run, too. for now, mainly dry, a sprinkle or spritz around. not enough to arm the kids with rain gear. the important things is the extra jacket or sweatshirt. it's cool out there. in the 40s, 9:00 a.m., 50s. we'll be stuck in the 50s under the clouds all the way. therethere could be a sprinkle r spritz just about anytime, again
6:53 am
it's a cloudy one today. if you're heading to the penn relays, drizzle on showers, 56 degrees. tomorrow, milder, 64. the change tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. president obama stunned reporters who were attending a special briefing by press secretary josh earnest. i hear their hot shot journalists here. the president delivered an update on the pay as you go program designed to make the student loan program affordable. president obama took several questions from the student journalists for more than 30 minutes.
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6:56 am
here's the top stories, the eagles use their second overall pick in the nfl draft to take carson wentz of north dakota state. he will address the media this evening. >> reporter: traffic lights are not working at the base of the ben franklin bridge 8th and vin. the delays have not spilled out on 676 and 42. it's a cloudy start, cool, too, temperatures in the 40s. spending the day in the mid 50s. welcome to philadelphia, carson wentz.
6:57 am
tamala edwards thinks you look like -- >> reporter: prince harry. >> reporter: i hope he throws the football better. for karen rogers, tamala edwards, david murphy, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great weekend. .
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>> have a great friday. good morning, america. violent clashes break out at a donald trump rally overnight. protesters jumping on police car, smash window, cops in riot gear fight to keep crowds under control as the front-runner battles to lock up the nomination. draft day disaster. a star football player's nightmare after he says a hacker publicly posted this video moments before the nfl draft showing him smoking pot. the social media setup that may have cost him millions of dollars. all-out war inside scientology's ruling family. the father of the church's leader speaks out calling his son ruthless. >> that taste of power, i think, is what changed david. >> with a volatile temper. >> cursing, yelling, screaming at me. >> this morning he opens up about why he left scientology and faces a bitter backlash from the church.


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