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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: that is right, police are aggressively searching for this fugitive and no stone is left unturned and they will continue to work around the clock until he is captured. if you see this man you should call the police immediately. he is arthur buckle. police are trying to track him down after escaping from the state prison on tuesday. >> any escapee is a danger to society. unless mr. buckle is captured or have evidence that he is someplace else other than barnegat. this operation will continue with the mission being capture mr. buckle and keep our residents safe. >> schools are open with a high alert and with an increased presence, state troopers are traveling around bus routes to keep people safe. >> i hope they catch this guy. it's a shock here for us. >> frightening but we are getting through it. they will find this guy.
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>> personally i think they should have closed the schools because he is running around. >> barnegat township police that buckle stole a 2015 chevy truck and left it in a cvs parking lot. prison workers noticed he was missing when they did a count on tuesday. >> once we apprehend him we'll put more effort into figuring out how it happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future. >> buckle was serving a sentence for aggravated assault and we also learned he was facing murder charges back in 2004. >> you sleep with one eye open because you are not really sure. i think they will get him. >> reporter: all right so back out live, we got word that police are holding a press
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conference here to update us on the search for the fountive. meantime, they are still asking for the public's help and no detail is too small, if you have information you should contact authorities. live in barnegat, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you gray. we know you'll be there for the 4:30 update. the good news is the rain today did not complicate the search. lets head to adam joseph at the big board for the etails on the accuweather forecast. >> we look at satellite and radar, the clouds are locked in once again and we are dealing with scattered showers popping in parts of chester county and delaware county and working into berks county, as well as lancaster county. we are watching the rain over the next 24 to 36 miles per hours. it drops off at 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning and then the rain will intensify with temperatures
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around 51 degrees, as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan upper level low is down to the south and you can see very heavy rain wrapping around that low, and that will continue to pull in off the ocean with extra moisture and this batch of rain in eastern virginia and north carolina and it will be here in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour. 7:00 and 8:00 and especially new jersey and delaware and southeastern parts of pennsylvania. including philadelphia, strong heavy rain is pulling in off the ocean. we'll let you know when to expect the rain and when the sun will finally return coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. can you rely on, to keep you on top of the latest developments, constantly updating forecasts and double scan live radar are among the resources right there at your fingertips. four people are recovering from
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a collision that disrupted service on the new jersey transit river line today. the train slammed into a train station in riverton. it's unclear why the car was on the tracks, firefighters rescued an elderly couple and two injured train passengers. delaware state police are investigating the cause of this crash at a wilmington intersection. a pickup truck was pulling a trailer when it collided with a car at philadelphia pike and edgemore road. the truck jump the curb and went on to the sidewalk before ending in the grass. the 80-year-old was hospitalized with a serious head injury. new jersey lawmakers are debating a plan that would help atlantic city climb out of the financial crisis but today's bill in the state assembly faces strong opposition from the assembly and chris christie.
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nora muchanic is live in trenton with the details. >> reporter: a lot of this debate is going on behind closed doors, the assembly had a session set to vote on the atlantic city bill and that didn't happen and now the vote is postponed or canceled. we have word that the governor will have a news conference at 4:15 about atlantic city. it appears that a compromise is near or has been agreed to. with the stalemate bringing atlantic city closer to the brink. legislative leaders are expected to meet on friday to hammer out a compromise to fix the city. >> he agreed to meet tomorrow and the speaker agreed to meet tomorrow. we do our best work when we are in a room together. >> it's the best we could have hoped for and what we are talking about for a couple of months. we know the city is in serious
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financial crisis. he had difficulty mustering votes for his plan that gave atlantic city two years before the state took over the government. and senator sweeney's plan would give the resort 180 days before the state sweeps in. senate democrats are hoping to work out a compromise. >> finally they realize in nine days atlantic city is running out of money. now we get in a room. that goes with my theory, the only time government works is in a crisis. >> atlantic city finds itself $550 million in debt and city employees are now being paid once a month. >> it's really stressful, we have not been paid in a month and we are getting paid tomorrow and that is great for the employees. but it's tough for everybody. >> this whole thing since january is one sided. and it has to stop. cooler heads need to prevail and
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come to the table and do sensible things. >> there is disagreement on what is sensible. but with the resort running out of money days from now, the hope is lawmakers can craft a recovery plan that the governor is willing to sign. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." here at the big board now crews are working to fix a water main break that created a big mess in south philadelphia. it happened at the intersection of 63rd street and eastwick avenue and traffic is still blocked off at this hour. from the air and from the ground you can see water covering the entire intersection, making it impassable. it all started when the car dipped into a sinkhole and that started a chain reaction underground causing the water main to break and all of that water caused the road to buckle. >> the street has buckled in
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some locations so this intersection will be shut down until repairs are made and work on the streets department on the condition of the streets und undernea underneath. >> it's going to be a headache for a while. >> driver his to divert through rush hour this morning and septa bus riders scrambling to find alternate stops. the main is still shut off as this time as well. the cleanup continues and the water department hopes that this will not impact water supply. certainly a big mess in southwest philadelphia this afternoon. >> thank you alicia. a tractor trailer overturned at the base of the ben franklin bridge this afternoon. chopper 6 hd shows that the crews have moved the tractor trailer off to the side of the road in old city. police say they will not shut down the area and try to move it until after rush hour. the drivers can still expect some delays in the area. the good news is no one was hurt.
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it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is in the "action news" traffic center. >> lets talk about the ben franklin bridge having issues. as you come into enter city from old city, this truck flipped over off the westbound side of the ben franklin bridge, close to the constitution center, right about over there --. they have the two left lanes blocked. as we go to the maps though, the good news is it's not causing a huge delay coming into town on the ben franklin bridge westbound. just a little slowing on the bottom of the screen on the downside into eighth and vine, but this time it's not awful, but if you want to be safe use the eastbound betsy ross or walt whitman instead. and eastbound delays are thinning out. and westbound normal slowing by city avenue and a crash with a pedestrian in plumstead by the cvs along ferry road at 313
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which is swamp road. and a crash at walnut street at main street, but the downed tree and wires in king of prussia shutting down a chunk of 23 over trout creek. i would stay down on 1st avenue to get around that. and polaski is closed at royal farms, stay on old baltimore pike around that one. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday afternoon. reports of a crash. in barrington in haddon heights, giving us slowing coming north. we'll check it again coming up knelt books in the next half hour. new rules for e-cigarettes, big changes for anyone that smokes them or anyone that sells them. and a huge fire as thousands of people try to escape the blaze. the latest on the blaze threatening several times.
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and it's the chew's 1,000th episode and alicia vitarelli was right there to celebrity cameos. ♪
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seven wild fires are now burning out of control in canada's alberta province. cars races down highways next to a wall of flames as residents of three additional communities were forced to flee today. nearly 90,000 evacuees are staying stay ing in shelters. fortunately no one has been hurt or killed. the federal government will begin regulating electronic cigarettes like regular cigarettes. each manufacturer has to submit their product for review to keep selling them. and banning sales to children
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under 18 in august. health advocates are praising the rules and many in the vaping industry fear it will put small companies out of business. many believe they are waiting for the jobs report. the dow moves up more than the points and the nasdaq down nearly the and the s&p is down nearly half a point. sun opta is recalling sun flower kernels. it affects planters and dakotas best. there are no reports of anyone getting sick from the seeds so far. listeria can cause a serious infection and includes fever and stomach pain and nausea, it's particularly dangerous for pregnant women and children. you may have noticed a new way to pay at retailers but not everyone is embracing as what is touted as an ultra secure men
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odd. >> reporter: chip card transactions are suppose to be more secure. are you suppose to insert not swipe. but many retailer's chip card readers are not working even though they were suppose to have them 8 months ago. swipe and you could be at greater risk of fraud. what you need to know to protect your identity and your wallet. only tonight on "action news" at 11:00. the pennsylvania spca is honoring a long time leader. they surprised george bengal during a special celebration today. he is battling terminal cancer and spent his life helping others in the military and then as a police officer. and then work with the spca. >> if anything i want this to
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continue be you know what i'm saying, and be carried on we have a lot of good capable people in the department that can take off write left off with this with no problem. >> reporter: over the past two weeks the organization is flooded with emails thanking bangle for helping abused and neglected animals. many came from as far away as europe. many of us here in the studio had a chance to work with him and he is dedicated the job. lets get a check of accuweather forecast now. >> adam is standing by. >> reporter: the same as the last few days. as ewe look at double scan live radar not tracking rainfall out there presently, we have a cool northeasterly wind and chester parts of montgomery and berks county and lancaster county a splash of green here or there. a mist or quick shower and much of the area at this point it's on the dry side.
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58 allentown another day in may, with temperatures only in the 50s. 56 trenton and 52 right now in dover. as we take a look at the middle part of the atmosphere, we call it the water vapor imagery. that is the upper level low on the map, anywhere you see the browns or oranges, that is the dry air, the white to blossom and green and moisture in the midlevels of the atmosphere to get rain going. the white is blossoming near raleigh and that is steady rain that arrives here late tonight and early tomorrow morning. there on the radar, the heavy rain from raleigh and southern parts of virginia and western virginia and the winds coming out of the northeasterly direction are wrapping around the low and that rain is pulling in off the atlantic. as we go through the next 12 to 18 hours and because of a new moon combined with that
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persistent northeastly wind and the low developing to the south, a coastal flood warning in effect until 1:00 a.m. on saturday. these are many cycles of high tide we'll see moderate flooding along the coast and back bays and parts of the delaware river. the next time of concern is from 7:00 until 9:00. the flood prone area, you want to move the car away from them. 49 in reading and allentown and 48 in millville. and the rain arrives at dawn from the south and east and pulls into the ocean from it's i-95 corridor at 7:00 tomorrow morning. a slow rush especially philadelphia from the south and east. by lunch time, heavy rain pulling into the lehigh valley as we have the waves of rain pulling in off the coast and by 5:30 in the evening, still a wet rush areas to the west of philadelphia, but starting to dry in delaware and new jersey as we go into the afternoon.
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it will be a pretty decent soaking, overall a half inch to as much as an inch for locations as far as rain tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon. your four day at 4:00 forecast, a washout at times on friday. 56 and another cool day but we bump the temperatures here as we go into the weekend. saturday breaks of sun and still a shower around with a lot of clouds. 68 degrees, early shower with the front on mothers day, and barbecue in the afternoon looks good at 70 degrees and nice and seasonable on monday with sunshine of 72. >> a little mothers day barbecue. >> i like it. >> thanks. camden's adventure aquarium has reasons to celebrate. they revealed that their newest african penguin chick is a girl. they look identical and the
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gender can only be determined by a blood test. topper celebrated with pink toys and a pink cake. very cute. >> alicia a significant milestone for one of the daytime shows here. >> and some of our favorite friends at "the chew" their 1,000th episode, i was there for day one and now the huge celebration. i'll take you to the party after the break.
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today our friends at "the chew" celebrated a milestone, their 1,000th episode. we were there five years ago with the same hosts and headed back to new york city for the celebration. >> i love the fact that we feel like we are at your party every day and you had what?
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1,000 parties? >> yes. >> and a big old cupcake cake of course. and special guests like whoopi goldberg. >> so good. >> big laughs with nine celebrity all-star chefs and even some juicy big tears. [ applause ] >> the girls are crying. >> holding it together today. >> you can tell you love each other and enjoy each other's company. >> it's true and when we are cooking together it's like cooking with your family. >> that is what they have become, both on and off camera. >> sometimes at least once a month, daphne brings over her children and we make tacos at my kitchen counter. >> and in the studio you can feel like this is their happy place. and they are truly like old friends. >> deb you going to eat that?
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>> food brings people together always the common den denominator. >> everybody has to eat. have fun and be yourself and we do that every day. >> being behind the scenes from the control room to the studio floor, there is love at every turn, good food and good people, that they suppose to is the secret ingredient to their success. >> you fed some of the coolest people out there. they have come into your kitchen and now looking forward to the next 1,000. >> that by the way is chef, michael simon, it came up early on the bottom there, they are such warm, authentic wonderful people. i got to sit in the crowd in the audience, with all the friends and family and mario's two sons were there, every time he made something he brought over two plates and made sure they were
4:27 pm
fed. can you imagine being at his kitchen counter on taco night. >> they treated us right. >> mario it's cinco de mayo if you have tacos at your kitchen counter today -- coming up a train slams into a car. hear from the passengers coming up. and coming up -- tastes like chicken? the new nail polish that has people talking and scratching their heads today.
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we have breaking news to get to here at 4:00. pennsylvania state police are investigating a shooting incident that happened on the blue route in montgomery county. chopper 6 hd was over the scene and did get video. this happened in west conshohocken township around 3:00, police say that a man inside of a dark blue lincoln town car fired at least one shot at a blue mitsubishi, again a shooting on the blue route in montgomery county on the northbound lanes near the schuylkill expressway near mile marker 16. we'll follow this and bring you updates as we get them. police are looking for the person that fired the shot. four people were rushed to the hospital after a new jersey transit train slammed into a
4:30 pm
car, the crash happened on the tracks near a railroad crossing in riverton. john rawlins joins us at the scene with more on what happened. >> reporter: we were just informed that the driver of the car has been given a summons for careless driving but the full investigation into how and why it happened continues at this point. there were 34 people on board the train, four people were hospitalized. two from the train and two from the car that ended up on the tracks. >> reporter: the main crossing signal rings several times an hour. they were pretty certain it was operating as they watched in horror when a gold car for some reason pulled into the path of the slowing train. >> seen the car coming and the train -- and boom. >> i felt that you know.
4:31 pm
>> tracy brown dumbfounded by the car's mood. >> trying to dart across the track, a bad decision on his behalf. he should have been more patient. >> first responders swarmed the scene and pulled out an eldery couple. joseph and lillian corso. she is in critical but stable condition and he is in serious and stable condition at cooper. it happened by the cafe where the couple often dines. >> regulars? >> yes, they come here all the time. >> it makes us sad and upset, because we know them. >> reporter: well, riverton is a small borough had about 2800 people. they recognize the couple but don't know them well. and their neighbors say they lived here at least 20 years,
4:32 pm
they are quiet, private people. the expectation is they will survive their injuries and hopefully will recover. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." a bryn mawr man is accused of stealing almost $1 million from a chester county farm. only "action news" was there as 35-year-old clifton wilson turned himself in. court documents say he forged checks totalling $927,000 while working part-time as a painter at the hardwood farm. he allegedly used the money to live the high life, court documents say he spent $177,000 to buy a rental property and two maseratis and money on family vacations and the spending did not stop there. wilson is accused of buying jewelry and electronics and paying off student debt.
4:33 pm
he is cooperating with the investigation and already paid back $500,000. it has been exactly two weeks since a wilmington high school student died after a fight in her school's bathroom. as police continue their investigation, they have not yet filed charges. 16-year-old amy joyner francis was assaulted in the restroom at howard high school of technology on april 21st. she die that same day of her injuries. the three girl as allegedly involved have been suspended from school. an early morning house fire send firefighters to a home on the corner of north 17th and godfrey avenue in philadelphia. they were able to get that fire out quickly and rush the woman to the hospital. the fire started in one of the bedrooms but it's unclear what sparked it. adam joseph is joining us now, we are still in the gloomy pattern but we'll make up for it
4:34 pm
tomorrow. a soaking. kind of having everything thrown at us, temperature-wise 50s across most of the mid-atlantic, 49 in charleston, west virginia and 56 in philadelphia, the first five days of may we are running close to 6 degrees below normal for the month of may. after last may, when it was a blow torch here with temperatures above normal. i'll bring you into the classroom and ask you resolving around this cool start to the month, when was the last time as may as a month as a whole ened up with temperatured below normal. was it 2013, 2010 or 2008. tweet me your best answer and i'll let you know the answer with a shootout to the first person to get it correct. it's a while no matter what year you look at. since having a may this cold. union workers are still
4:35 pm
striking against verizon. the action cam was out of the storer in montgomery county, as they protest there had this afternoon. they have been on strike for more than three weeks as union workers and the company work on a new contract. they have released new video of a violent robbery at a port richmond convenience store. monica malpass is live with more on this store. >> the video you can see right here shows a struggle between the suspect and clerk who tried to put a stop to the theft right there. the police are looking for them tonight at 5:00. also in health check, it's no secret sitting at your desk all day is bad for your health, the new study is out with the effects of a new trend, one of these standing desks. ali gorman will break down the results if they really do help. coming up on "action news" at 5:00. see you then thank you. university of delaware fans
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can show their pride without breaking the bank. a variety of blue hens gear is up for sale at the west gym naz yum on campus and i would say we would find "action news" morning anchor matt o'donnell there, huge fan. you'll have another chance to shop on saturday, a student i.d. will get you inside and season ticket holders are also welcome. a new attraction an the philadelphia zoo. this optical illusion mural called you 360 shot spot. it gives you the impression you are teetering over the animals below. people are encouraged to snap a picture and show it on social media. xfinity will send an underserved child to the zoo, or someone in need. the company has improved the
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zoo's wifi network to help guests stay connected. >> up next on "action news" today. federal investigators had a stern warning for parents on a child pornography bust. and flames tear through a warehouse in texas sending chemicals into the air. and we -- this picture giving new meaning to the phrase finger licking good, the new nail polish ahead. but now we want to take you to the press conference that is happening we believe in barnegat township where they have an announcement in renks to the fountive they are looking for. >> out of concern for the community and to ease ourselves back to the normal wonderful life we enjoy here in barnegat. the police department will have an officer in every single school tomorrow. this is just purely a precautionary measure to ease
4:38 pm
ourselves back to normality. the other thing i will indicate to you, we are poised, we are ready to remobilize should we find mr. buckle is back in the barnegat area. and if any leads, i speak to the public on this, maintain your vigilance, if you see something say something and if there is any lead that indicates mr. buckle may be here or evidence that he was here, our agency will immediately follow-up the lead. the investigation is on going, mr. buckle is still wanted and a fugitive and at large and our agency is ready and willing and able to follow the leads. that said we have a fiscal responsibility to the residents of our town, a tremendous amount of resources are allocated to this endeavor and now information provided to us by the department of collections,
4:39 pm
the investigation is moving on ward. i will say before i turn it over to sergeant ryan, as promised to the public -- >> are you listening to an update from police on the ongoing search for arthur buckle. it was believed he was many barnegat, new jersey, now they have reason to believe he left barnegat. police say officers will be in schools tomorrow out of an abundance of caution. he was discovered missing on tuesday morning at a prison in camden county. and "action news" will have more on this when we continue after this.
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a warehouse fire burned for hours today in houston releasing hazardous materials into the air and flames engulfed the complex and plumes of black smoke flew
4:42 pm
into the air. officials warned people at nearby schools and businesses to close their windows and stay inside. the fire department has not yet said what materials were burning or what started the fire in the first place. a 21-year-old college student is accused of prey on underage boys. ronald garno would claim to be a girl and say his father was in law enforcement and threatened them to perform sexual acts on camera. >> when a parent allows a child to go online unsupervised it's basically dropping their child on one of the most dangerous corners in the city. >> authorities say garno has at
4:43 pm
least three victim but they believe there are more out there. it's the tweak that sent social media host on the attack. she wrote i find running a business in a man's world a huge advantage. i wear bright colors and yank up my skirt -- women turned up the heat and she has since deleted the comment but stood by her work and said this has nothing to do with gender. you play up whatever you got. i didn't have the best face or body but i have great legs. if i want to get attention, i make sure i wear my skirt high and yank it up and i walk into the room and everyone noticed me. >> well, she went on to say that flirting is another technique to get an edge and she said don't
4:44 pm
be mistaken men play the same game. let us know what you think about that. finally, someone says this gave new meaning to chicken fingers. kentucky fridayed chicken taking their next slogan to the edible nail polish that taste like you finished a crusty crunchy piece of kfc. they are rolling it out in beijing, classic and hot and spicy. the enamel is sourced by natural ingredients, paint them dry and lick them again and again and the flavor sticks around for a while. and guess what? no calories right? what do you guys think? they are only launching one shade, you have to go on and vote. original or hot and spicy. >> turning your hand into a
4:45 pm
lollipop. but fried chicken? it must work. let get a check of the roads right now. >> matt pellman is standing by with the update. >> some of that while you sit in the traffic jams. maybe not. here is a jam on the blue route 476 approaching the schuylkill, this is police activity occupying the left lane, everyone coming south of mid county is forced off the roadway to the left. lets check our jam on the ben franklin bridge, it has grown a tiny bit on the westbound side in toward eighth and vine, it's overturned truck at the bridge blocking a few lanes but it's still not causing a huge delay just slowing into old city. and a downed tree and wires in king of prussia, that is blocking a short trunk of 223 at trout creek, stay on 1st avenue closer to the mall.
4:46 pm
and chester county, kennett township, a crash along 52 and snuff mill road. in bear, delaware a crash that injured someone blocking route 40 by the royal farms. stay on baltimore pike to get around that one. we told about a wreck in barrington. and southbound you get the slowing and there is debris on the new jersey turnpike north of the black horse pike, exit 3, a lane is blocked in that fis inity as well. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, adam joseph, is standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast some sunshine next.
4:47 pm
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meteorologist, adam joseph,
4:49 pm
occasionally takes us back. >> we are talking about how cool may has been but when was the last time in philadelphia that may as a whole ended up with temperatures below normal. 2013, 10 or 8? >> i'm going back to '08. >> i'm guessing c and so is alicia. you guys all got it right. we have had seven consecutive years in a row where temperatures are above normal. it's rare to see temperatures this cool given the last seven years. and back in 2008 we ran 7 degrees below normal. and a shout-out to jersey girl brooke she got it right and she knows she got married on may 3rd of that year and remembers how chilly it was. speaking of chilly, the northeasterly wind continues and 58 in allentown, and 56 in trenton and 50 in the poconos,
4:50 pm
and pretty much mimicking the numbers at the shore. today wasn't too bad, it was cool and cloudy and damp and you see the rain down to the south, circulating around low pressure around the carolinas and near atlanta's position, should pivot back up to the north, it will show more rain our way and steady rain in fact. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, that rain is in trenton and wilmington and even central parts of buck county and chester county and heavy especially at the shore in southern delaware. the rain tomorrow, look at the radar, it's moving from the east to the west wrapping around that low. than piles up water along the shore creating moderate coastal flooding and noon time, lunch tomorrow, heavy rain around and as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, the heaviest steady rain is long gone, there will be a few left over showers
4:51 pm
in pennsylvania and we'll start to dry it out some in new jersey and delaware. as we take a look at the four different models how much they predict for the rain tomorrow, a few of them a decent inch to inch and a half of rain, a good soaking coming in here but we are not expecting flooding or severe weather with the rain that passes through in inland locations. future tracker 6 on saturday at 3:00, we are still twiddling our thumbs waiting for the clouds to break up and scattered showers are around and we have to wait until sunday afternoon before the sun reappears. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, rain heavy at time, tomorrow 56 cool degrees and breaks of sun on your saturday. but the clouds are really going to dominate a shower or two at 68 and sunday for mothers day, you'll wake up and it looks dreary and there could be showers but hold out until the afternoon when the sun returns,
4:52 pm
it's breezy from the northwest and temperatures respond up to 70 degrees and it's a nice seasonable monday and 72 and then warm with pop-up showers or a thunderstorm as it turns unsettled tuesday into wednesday and hopefully by thursday we can dry it out with temperatures at 73 degrees. so all the moms getting a beautiful gift in the afternoon in the form of sunshine. >> absolutely. thanks adam.
4:53 pm
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tall grass and weeds and edge ways and paths. doug and his team looked at three types. traditional gasoline powers, corded electric and battery powered. >> gasoline trimmers are popular because they are powerful and they can go anywhere and they run for a long time. consumer reports named several best buys including this 130 riobi. it has a long shaft ideal for reaching under bushes and this year for the first time consumer reports found several battery powered trimmers that performed as well address gas trimmers, it top rated the tgo for 180. >> it's well balanced and a nice long reach and don't have to worry about the hassle of mixing oil and gasoline. >> keep in mind the battery lasts about 25 minutes and takes
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40 minutes to recharge. consumer reports says for smaller yards a corded electric may be all you need. >> all are limited to the length of the electric cord but they are a good cost effective alternative for smaller jobs look for one with twin cutting springs. >> the best was the $90 riobi. >> be sure to change the cutting spring at the start of the season and old string with become brittle and break easy. you don't want accidents. >> thank you alicia, that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams, and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> hi there, coming up a woman accuse sd of stealing an infant
4:57 pm
from his stroller at the king of prussia mall, made her first appearance in court after facing charges. and a search for an escapee from a central jersey prison is continuing. those stories and more next on "action news" at 5:00.
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. an accused kidnapper was back in court in montgomery county. less than two hours ago sharia moore faced a judge for the first time since posting bail. >> according to police moore snatched a 7-month-old baby in the king of prussia mall in march. sara bloomquist is here with the details. >> >> reporter: this preliminary hearing wrapped up a few moments ago xg the case against her will go forward and she will be arraigned in june and we saw
5:00 pm
surveillance video during the arraignment. a woman identified as moore fleeing the mall with the child. it's not a case of if she did it but why? >> state of mind? >> confused. emotional. upset. not clear. >> even you sound like this is open and closed. >> i don't see it open and closed. it's open and closed as to what happened. what is not closed is why it happened. and the case will wind its way through the court and be able to show evidence as to why it happened. >> to backtrack here sharia moore is accused of abducting simmons on march 31st an allegedly approached the mother and sat with the mother and her two children in the


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