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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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they say called 911 to tell operators that he had just murdered his girlfriend. we're live with the details. a new jersey prison inmate on the run for a week was spotted overnight. we'll tell you where. penn state reveals information how it settled claims involving jerry sandusky going back 30 four decades. looks like a good day in accuweather be david has that and karen rogers has traffic, good morning. >> reporter: it was nice yesterday when the sun came roaring back, it was breezy for mother's day. we're starting out with the same pattern this morning. sunshine very little cloud cover to start out. the clouds toward pittsburgh and washington, d.c. will have a tendency to press back in later in the afternoon. 50 degrees in philadelphia. despite the fact it's going fob mild later, we're chilly right now. you'll want the jacket on the way out the door. 60 degrees by 11:00 a.m.,
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1:00 p.m., 68. 3:00 p.m., 72 the high today as late this afternoon, 73 degrees probably around 5:00 p.m. pollen count up to medium high range probably staying that way the next several days. cool and damp conditions are behind us. as we look ahead in the seven day, we have temperatures dipping up and down a little bit, we have a couple of shots of rain, karen i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave we spotted an accident on 422. pen on the scene. on the schuylkill expressway traffic is heavy, no overnight construction, roads are clear and dry, no weather-related issues impacting us this morning. we have issues with a downed tree that's causing a problem on lincoln drive at gypsy lane. stick to schoolhouse lane,
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police are on the scene directing traffic around the problem. water main break st. joe's city avenue northbound at bala avenue. this is blocking the right lane, traffic is squeezing by. one lane blocked on city avenue northbound. boulevard, northbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. you're in the clear with light volume. breaking right now on "action news," the on going search for an escaped prisoner has intensified after an reported sighting at a new jersey restaurant. that's where we find our annie mccormick in lacey township with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, tam, arthur buckle who escaped almost a week ago was spotted at the forked river rest area in lacey township new jersey. you can see there are officers in tactical gear. there need several vehicles almost 15 vehicles, this is all that is left.
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we see number of vehicles leave the scene in a half-hour, many were k-9 units, as well. they are not telling us where they are headed. this is what we know, i want to toss you video we did shoot. suspicious activity at the forked river area. police checked surveillance cameras and saw someone suspicious around 9:15. they searched in the woods using dogs, the dogs led them into the woods and lost the trail. nothing else was left to indicate buckle was there. they are interviewing people possibly people who may have seen him that were at the rest stop overnight. what we know about the entire case, buckle escaped from the ancora unit of bay side state prison last tuesday after a confirmed spotting at a barnegot cvs, there was an intense search.
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barnegot township police were convinced he left the area. he has a violent history. he was scheduled for parole this month. he perceivesly served 14 years in prison after pleading guilty of aggravate manslaughter of a 10-month-old child. you can see the officers behind us organizing where they are off to next, we do not know, we presume the search is on going at this time. we're waiting to learn more information from state police, but somebody here at the rest stop believes they saw that escaped inmate arthur buckle this was a man seen on surveillance video here, as well, something important to note he is dangerous, police say do not approach him. if you believe you see him, call 911. reporting live in lacey township new jersey, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." a 911 call helped track
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down a man who said he murdered his girlfriend in the kensington section. katherine scott is live at the scene. >> reporter: the suspect was apprehended and taken to hahnemann university hospital and will be taken to the homicide division to be processed. kensington, the street is open to traffic. homicide detective's and the crime scene unit have wrapped up on the 3200 block of roarer street. let's go to the live scene in port river monday where the brief car chase came to the end, at thom m pson and cumberland. this started in the kensington home around 2:20 a.m. when police responded. they say a 24-year-old man
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called 911 to say he got into a fight with his live-in girlfriend the fight got physical and he choked her. he indicated he was suicidal. her four children were inside sleeping. when police arrived they woke up the children they didn't know what happened and they removed the children from the home. this man called 911 at least a couple of times and within a few hours, the officers caught up with him. >> reporter: we were tracking the individual, we got an exact location on him, one of our units spotted him, saturday we had a car pursuit with a successful ending at thompson and cumberland, where the male was apprehended no injuries and no auto accidents. >> reporter: the four children who were inside the home while this was going on they were not injured. they were taken by police and hopefully they will be placed with family members. live in kensington, katherine
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scott channel 6 "action news." this is new, a four story home went up in flames in atlantic city. it happened on north florida avenue at 1:30 a.m. you can hear the smoke detecters going off there. the home was unopened at the time it was divided up for multiple family use. penn state university said the legal settlements for jerry sandusky abuse dates back 4 decades. it's the first time the school said how far back in time the settlements reached. they have paid out $90 million. after the penn state president said allegations that coach paterno new of the abuse since 1976 is unstan -- sun
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substantiated. maribel aber is live at time square. >> reporter: gas will jump because of higher oil prices. in the philadelphia area gas is 2.41 according to aaa. stocks ended with modest gains, futures reporting to higher open. we have weekly jobless claims and retail sales are due out this week. that's the latest in biz news, have a great week. lottery officials are holding a news conference in new jersey this morning, perhaps we could learn who won the powerball jackpot. the store owner said the lucky customer bought it on tuesday and selected her own numbers. we're getting to the point
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where they can take that money and buy an ice cream cone. >> reporter: it will be cooler this morning, but it will be warmer later today. the sun is rising, northeast philadelphia in the distance and parts of south jersey and we are cool to start out, we'll be warming up quickly today. jackets required on the way out the door. allentown, 43 degrees, 42 in reading. 45 in trenton. 47 in wilmington, still in the upper 30s in millville. philadelphia has slipped to 50 degrees, future tracker 6 showing us that cloud cover will build in as the morning goes on. we'll wind up with clouds and sunny breaks through most of the afternoon, there could be a little sprinkle or shower this afternoon or later tonight down south around millville and wildwood and dover, philadelphia looks dry despite the increase in clouds. going up to midnight tonight it's cloudy, the farther north you go the more clear skies
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you'll see. the lehigh valley forecast today it will be nice after the chilly start in the 40s, we'll get up to 71 degrees in allentown and other areas close by, sun and clouds up north with a chance of sunshine in the lehigh valley than we'll have points south. sun giving with a to thicker clouds down the shore, breezy, cool high of 65 degrees, but not bad. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 73 with sun and increasing clouds during the day. breezy conditions, winds out of the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour. altogether pretty nice. milder than yesterday and yesterday felt pretty good considering where we were last week, right? right. overnight mostly cloudy, a shower could develop south of philadelphia. in wildwood and dover. 51 is the overnight low with less wind. tomorrow morning it's possible we'll have showers to show you on storm tracker 6 live double scan during the broadcast. by 5:30 tuesday morning, the models are suggesting a little bit of a shower mainly south. up to noon there's a possibility
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of light stuff getting up to philadelphia. late model runs suggest that late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening light sprinkles around. tomorrow, cloudier damp at time, it will be cooler. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 73 today. sun to clouds, a chilly start, but very nice and mild this afternoon despite the increase in clouds. tomorrow's high only 63. the front that's sitting down to the south gets a little bit closer, we'll have a spotty shower around at times, mainly cloudy for the most part. and milder on wednesday, clouds and sun, high of 73. thursday, looks good, partly sunny and 74. there could rain, but probably not until night. friday, cloudy high of 70. fulfill if you have plans to be out and about on friday you'll need rain gear because there will be periods of rain. 67 saturday, 63 on sunday. each day could feature a spotty pop-up shower, i don't think saturday or sunday will be washouts.
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i hope not because i have tickets to the phillies on saturday night. good luck with that. 6:12 now, all new on "action news," the parents of a girl who was seriously hurt on a carnival right in nebraska are speaking out for the first time. cadets strike a pose in west point, but it could get them in trouble. >> reporter: westbound traffic moving into the city, we'll check i-95 when "action news" comes right back.
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breaking news, these photos coming in from surveillance from the lacey township police department in south jersey. you're taking a look at pictures of arthur buckle, the escaped inmate who police are right now trying to pin down. we have details what happened there. he is at a rest stop in forked river. the details indicated that he wanted to turn himself in, he was going to the rest stop to meet with new jersey police personnel. for reasons that are unclear, before the meeting occurred he left. you can see what's wearing, he is clean shaven, last seen in gray sweatshirt and gray shorts and work boots. they are warning this man is
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considered incredibly dangerous, he has easy identified tattoos on his hands and face. the pictures coming in from lacey township police. annie mccormick will have more at 6:30. let's go over to karen rogers with traffic. >> reporter: we have an accident 422 westbound near 23. eastbound is where the normal morning volume is that's starting to back up as you approach 23. watch for that accident on 422. other issues around the area looking live on i-95. not bad at all, this is southbound traffic getting heavy approaching cottman, but not too bad as you head toward center city, overall 16 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. this is an easy commute on i-95 southbound. new jersey, speeds on 42 are mostly in the 50s. we have a live picture of route 42. that's northbound traffic coming up from deptford, turners
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victim. fairly light volume for this time of the morning. we have someone on the commuter report talking about an accident south gold street in yeadon. temperatures in the suburbs, 47 in quakertown, 48 in warrington. 47 in saint davids. 50 in center city. in the suburbs of new jersey, upper 40s in hammonton and woodbine and boardwalk in ac it's 54 degrees and today we'll have a nice high of 73, but a mix of sunshine and increasing clouds, tam. thank you karen. a photo showing 16 black female cadets their fists raise is the subject of investigation. after the picture was scene online, some said it expressed support for the black lives matter movement. "good morning america" will have more on the story coming up at 7:00 a.m. this is new on "action news," parents describe what happened to their 11-year-old
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daughter when she was critically injured on a carnival ride in nebraska. her mother released this picture of the girl who remains hospitalized. the girl was captured on cell phone video, as well. the kings crown was spinning when her hair got caught yanking out her scalp. losing her long red rare is just the beginning. it pulled my daughter around, we don't know if my lawyer will be able to see again. the ride operator was running from the chaos, some believe it was to get help. a woman nearby rushed to the ride and stopped it. local and state officials are investigating. poor child. 6:18 toying with trouble, health experts issue a dire warning about the dangers of ecigarettes
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one athletes from 14 countries will be competing in a par olympic style sports competition for wounded veterans. prince harry created the games after his two tours in afghanistan. former president george w.bush and michelle obama will be there to promote the games. >> reporter: i think that's so great so many high profile people are promoting that. overall things are not bad as you head out the door, and mass transit is running on time. >> reporter: on the big board we are dressing the kids in jackets. temperatures in the 40s, but
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this afternoon, shorts and ts will work. winds are not that strong, although it will get breezier later today. if you're running errands you might want to wait until later in the morning it will warm up. 9:00 a.m., 60. 68 by 11:00 a.m. we'll spend the majority of the afternoon in the low 70s, high of 73 degrees probably around 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. clouds will increase today, it will be breezier but it will nice. a new study raises concers about young children and electronic cigarettes. the study is from the u.s. poison is from. while most are not harmed, there are cases where one child died and there need complications of comas and seizure. the colorful pack of liquid nicotine attracts children that's why it's important to
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keep it out of the reach of children. annie mccormick is live along the parkway where the sighting of an escaped inmate was reported. >> reporter: a matt and tam, breaking details in the hunt for arthur buckle. we are learning he was spotted at the new jersey rest stop and he may have wanted to turn himself in we'll have details next. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing
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stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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about a chain-reaction crash in
6:26 am
delaware, i-495 is back open where an 8 vehicle crash shut it down. seven people were injured. one of the injured had gotten out of the of the vehicle to check the damage and hit by another car and became trapped between two cars. it is unclear what caused so many vehicles to crash. happening today, the montgomery county district attorney is expected to release information about a deadly fire in norristown. two adults and a child were killed in the fire. it happened saturday morning along the 800 block of dekalb street. 6 others were injured including a child who was taken to children's hospital of and are in critical condition. new jersey lawmakers are set to vote on a work leave bill that would offer one hour of sick leave for every 0 hours of work. business groups that oppose the measures say the bill would make
6:27 am
it difficult to operate in new jersey. k-9s picked up the scent of an escaped prisoner at a new jersey rest stop. we have breaking details and live at the scene. a man who murdered his girlfriend, police say his own call to 911 played a role in the search. we are following two
6:28 am
6:29 am
breaking stories right now on "action news," first the confirmed sighting of an escaped inmate in new jersey. police have just released surveillance photos. police arrest a man wanted for murdering his girlfriend, authorities say the terrible crime happened while her children were in the home asleep. new jersey lottery will reveal information about the 429 powerball ticket sold at a 7-eleven.
6:30 am
good morning, monday, may 9th. let's look at weather and traffic. karen i hope you're related to that person who bought the ticket. >> reporter: we have sunshine that roared back for mother's day and we're dealing with that this morning which is not a bad thing. taking a look at satellite. we have insignificant clouds around early, but to the west we'll see the clouds move in. we have suburbs in the 40s, so grab the jacket on the way out the door. 11:00 a.m., 68. 1:00 p.m., 70. 3:00 p.m., 72 a high of 73. we'll have to wait until 5:00 p.m. to get there. increases clouds and mild and breezy and nice. 'reminder the pollen forecast now that we have gotten the rain out of the way is inching back
6:31 am
up to the medium high range and staying that way for the majority of the workweek. friday there will be rain in place, maybe it goes down there. speaking of which we'll detail the workweek forecast, temperatures going up and down a little bit, karen, there will be shots of rain, details coming up. >> reporter: no rain during the morning commute we're looking good in new jersey, at least on 42, a little building volume northbound. we're looking live at creek road. in belmawr, police activity police blocking all lanes on browning rain shut down use spruce street. jam on 55 northbound heading toward 42 only 18 miles per hour in that area. look for that. vine street expressway starting to get heavy westbound, we saw the volume kick in the last few minutes, westbound as you head toward the schuylkill expressway, slow, building volume eastbound on the vine street expressway. watch for this in bucks county. street road old lincoln lei,
6:32 am
police push -- highway, pushed the accident off to the shoulder. police confirm that a prison inmate was spotted on the garden state parkway and they have pictures to approve it. chopper 6 is over the parkway right now, police hope to be closing in on arthur buckle who escaped a week ago annie mccormick is live aat the parkway with moo information on the search. this is the most recent photo police have of the escaped inmate this was picture taken from the surveillance video at the forked river rest stop late last night. we have information from the police, it turns out buckle was in contact with his family and new jersey state police and wanted to turn himself in. it may have been here at this rest stop he wanted to do so, before police arrived he walked
6:33 am
away. tactical teams and k-9 units have been patrolling the area. since the sighting several teams regrouped at the rest stop, but headed out. overnight teams searched into the woods using dogs and thermal imaging helicopters, the dogs led them into the wood, but lost the trail. they are working with berkeley township pd. they have some concerns about the schools in the area. they will have additional staff to the mill pond and cedar creek schools and extra patrols in the area of concerns. school personnel will be providing monitoring and asking parents to be extra vigilant. buckle escaped from the ancora unit of bayside state prison in camden county, last week. there was a confirmed spotting at cvs in barn got township.
6:34 am
they did a search there and did not find him. this inmate has a violent history who was serving a sense for aggravated assault and drug possession and burglary. he was considered for parole later this month. he served 14 years for pleading guilty for aggravated manslaughter of a 10-month-old child. at this point from what they are able to tell from the search, they think that buckle was heading north. they don't know if he is continued on foot or in a vehicle because he did steal a vehicle when they had a spotting in barnegot township. he stole a vehicle to get there from the prison. the latest description we showed you, he is clean shaven and wearing a gray long sleeved sweatshirt and gray shorts and work boots. if you have any information do not make contact with him, call
6:35 am
911. back to you. there's more breaking news, a mother has been murdered while her four children slept inside the same home. police just in the last hour and a half took the suspect into custody. let's go over to katherine scott on roarer street in kensington. >> reporter: good morning, tam, police were searching for the man for several hours. he was taken into custody and taken to hahnemann university hospital. he will be taken to homicide detective's to be processed. police believe it was a domestic dispute turned deadly. let's go to a video in port richmond this is after the police caught up with the suspect. he was in a kia with florida plates. an officer spotted him. they caught up with him at thompson and cumberland at 4:45 a.m. officers were called to the 3200 block of roarer street around
6:36 am
2:20 a.m. a 911 call came in from a 24-year-old man who told the dispatcher he choked his girlfriend. he indicated he was suicidal. when officers got here, doors were open they found the woman in the bedroom she had died. the man took off in a car. by the time he was gone he called 911 several times and police conduct up with him in port richmond. the four children were inside the home at the time, they were not injured, police woke them up when they got here. unfortunately there were four children in the house, 12, 8, 10 and 5. we have them down at homicide division and we'll place them with other family members. police say they did not have a history of domestic calls to the address. live in kensington, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thank you. happening today, lottery officials in new jersey will hold a news conference this morning we could be learning
6:37 am
more about the 429 million-dollar jackpot winning powerball ticket sold right in our area. the lucky winner bought the ticket in trenton. the owner believes it is a woman who always buys tickets from the store. we always say nobody will win here, but they did. it's exciting. >> reporter: the lottery winner selected his or her own numbers. bernie sanders will hold a rally at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. the distressed gambling town will serve as a backdrop for his antipoverty platform. he was rutgers university yesterday. he said he could beat presumptive gop nominee donald trump. hillary clinton starts off the week campaigning in the south. she'll meet with women and families in northern virginia
6:38 am
and tomorrow clinton heads to kentucky. the kentucky primary is may 17. donald trump is altering his course on his tax plan. he said it included a tax cut for the wealthy. then he told george stephanopoulos taxes will go up for the rich by the time he is done negotiating the plan with congress. he is keen on keeping tax consults for the middle class and business. time to turn to accuweather, lovely mother's day. will we get that for monday. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're clear, there's the shore, bright sunshine coming up nice and bright smacking the sides of the condos and casinos. it is 50 degrees in philadelphia. jacket weather as you head outside. winds not that strong at 6 miles per hour. it will get breezier as the sun
6:39 am
gets higher off the horizon this morning. as we look at satellite there's clouds to the west. we'll start out with sunshine and then the clouds will overtake most of the region later in the morning and afternoon. but it doesn't look like there's rain in the clouds today. future tracker 6 showing you they come in midday and maybe a blip of a shower coming in later in the day or at night. generally speaking clouds a couple of breaks and the farther north you go, the better chance you have of clearer conditions. in terms of temperatures we're starting out chilly of course, but ending up nice. 10:00 a.m., 65, noon, 70. we spend the majority of the afternoon in the low 70s and high of 73 way down in at 5:00 p.m. it will be a while before we hit the high. high temperatures across the region, 71 in allentown, 72 in trenton. reading and wilmington. 68 in millville. upper 60s in dover, mid 60s
6:40 am
from cape may up the coast to atlantic city. later today it's cloudy and cooler and we'll go into the 60s in most neighborhoods, it's because of a frontal boundary down to the south closer to us tomorrow, cooling us off and keeping us damp. not a washout, a couple of sprinkles or showers, later in the afternoon or evening light sprinkles and showers possible. obviously different tomorrow than today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 73 sun to clouds, mild, nice and breezy out there. tomorrow, cloudy and cooler, 63. spotty showers. milder on wednesday, clouds and sun, 73. up to 74 on thursday, partly sunny, a nice day with rain holding off until nighttime. friday looks like an cloudy and unsettled day.
6:41 am
67 on saturday, 63 on sunday. cloudy and spotty showers, i don't think it will be a washout for phillies fans and dad vail regatta. bring along rain gear just in case. thanks, david. 6:41 crash landing a small plane takes a nose dive through the roof and the pilot lives to campaign exactly what happened. there's cautious optimism with firefighters battling the blaze in canada. >> reporter: i-95 a 25 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. i'll have the details when "action news" comes right back.
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or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. look, the view from sky6 live hd into center city. we had a lovely sunday and right now it's looking like a good start to your monday, too. that picture is refreshing. >> reporter: it's a beautiful picture, right? less beautiful problems on the roads. we have a vehicle fire on 309 northbound past paper mill road, blocking all lanes, 309 northbound a vehicle fire causing a problem blocking all lanes. now we're looking at the boulevard, harder to see with the sun glare. southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. the volume is buildings and starting to low down, but no major problems on the boulevard. this is i-95 delaware county traffic moving in both directions doing pretty well right here. the temperatures as you head out the door, 48 in quakertown.
6:45 am
47 in coatsville. 50 in center city. the suburbs in new jersey no weather-related problems impacting your commute. 48 in hammonton and glassboro. 44 in dover, delaware. we'll have sunshine and increasing clouds today, breezy, but a high of 73, sounds good, tam. new this morning, a small plane crashed on the roof of a building in southern california. it single engine plane ended up on the building. nose of the plane punched a hole in the roof. the pilot told fire officials that the plane lost power. the man accused of killing three people during a shooting rampage will be in court today. eulalio tordil is accused of killing his he is -- he is straingdz wife on thursday -- he is straingdz wife on thursday. two men try to prevent him from
6:46 am
carjacking a woman, he shot both of them, one died. he feels a fed officer who was placed on administrative duties after a protective order was filed against him. cooler temperatures and light rain is helping firefighters put out hot spots around for the mcmurray in canada. it will likely take months to get the fire under control. nobody know also how it started. 80,000 people fled the town since the flames started to spread early last week. > let's get a preview of
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
"good morning america." rob marciano joins us with a look at what's coming up this monday morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, the race for the white house, donald trump in a showdown with hillary clinton in a fight for female voters and speaking out against republican house speaker paul ryan who has yet to endorse, the presumptive gop nominee. our political team breaking it down this morning. backlash, westpoint cadets posing with their fists in the air. some say they were celebrating graduation, but some thing they were making a political statement. robin is in orlando celebrating the "invictus" game
6:50 am
and she has an interview with prince harry and michelle obama. lots happening, matt and tam, we'll see you on "g.m.a." hope you had a great weekend. we did and hope you did, too, rob. >> reporter: we have a problem 309 northbound an accident that sparked a vehicle fire blocking all lanes northbound past paper mill road. all lanes block past paper mill road. take 611 or bethlehem pike. major problem this morning. vine street expressway jamming approaching the schuylkill expressway. eastbound okay. >> reporter: jackets on it is kids on the way to school karen because we have temperatures in the upper 40s and up to 350 degrees in philadelphia. this afternoon shorts and ts work, it will be breeze, but we'll see it is numbers bounce up. sun gives way to increasing clouds during the day, don't let that bother because we are
6:51 am
primarily dry. high of 73 will happen late in the day around 5:00 p.m. when we get there. breezy and mild with early sun. at the airport, no red aircraft on the big board, so all green means we're good to go. the rain has subsided good news for travelers in the southern portion of the country. police need your help finding a pair of thieves who targeted a restaurant in glen mills during the mother's day rush. police released surveillance video of the suspects take two dozen chairs from the restaurant. the restaurant rented them and temporarilily placed them outside the -- temporarily place them outside the back door. i cannot believe it, they were not in a rush, not even to stop and think maybe somebody needs these, they didn't care. if you recognize the suspects call state police.
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. maxx life in store and online. breaking news, a new jersey prisoner on the run for almost a week has been spotted in ocean county. annie mccormick phils us in on the latest. annie. >> reporter: tam we want to show you the surveillance photo right
6:55 am
away, the last spotting of arthur buckle that was taken at the surveillance video from the forked river rest area. buckle was in contact with his family and state police and wanted to turn himself in possibly at the rest stop, but walked away. tactical teams and k-9 have been patrolling the area since the sighting through this morning. they are focusing their attention on areas of concern several schools in the area and buts. they are asking parents to be vigilant as they are taking their kids to school. buckle escaped from the ancora unit of bayside prison. he was spotted at a cvs in barnegot township and stole a vehicle to get there. he has been serving a sentence for aggravate assault and drug possession and burglary and previously he served a
6:56 am
14-year-old prison sentence for aggravated manslaughter of a 10-month-old child. we can see police in different areas of the woods along the garden state parkway. they say the most recent description of buckle is clean shaven, he was last seen wearing gray sweatshirt and gray shorts and work boots. if you see him, call 911. annie mccormick back channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> reporter: let's check i-95 southbound traffic on the right side at cottman, northbound we have a multi-vehicle accident partially blocking the ranch to cottman. -- block be the ramp to cottman. 309 an accident sparked a vehicle fire there. >> reporter: we have sun this morning, but we'll cloud up as the day goes on it will be a good feeling day, high of 73 around 35:00 p.m.
6:57 am
70s this afternoon, more clouds this afternoon, but we're doing good. but we can deal. for david murphy, karen rogers, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell, have a great monday and great week everyone! n
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good morning, america. massive tornadoes terrify the heartland. >> oh, my god! a big tornado right here. >> 15 twisters touching down, wreaking havoc on roads. now, 24 million from texas to iowa on alert for more severe weather. donald trump unleashing a wave of new attacks hitting hard at hillary and bill clinton. >> hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right? >> and taking on his own party, leaders, his 2350ud with paul ryan escalating. trump saying he does not need his backing. air scare. >> are you able to exit the runway? >> sir, we'd like to get emergency equipment by hind us. >> a delta flight forced to make an emergency landing after


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