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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news
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this noon, thousands of people are looking for work at a local job fair. >> and donald trump finds common ground on capitol hill. but the big story is the tragedy that happened one year ago today. the derailment in philadelphia. three people died when a speeding train went off the tracks at a curve. >> federal investigators are planning to announce a probable cause next week. in the meantime today people are taking time to remember the terrible crash and those that were injured and those that lost their lives. annie mccormick is live in port richmond with that part of the story. >> this port richmond community played a vital role in helping people after the crash and even days after the crash it became a base camp for responders and for those not severely injured. they offered shelter for people
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and a way to communicate with their loved one. >> ashley o'neil is part of this neighborhood that offered assistance after train 188 derailed. >> i let people use my phone and my neighbor gave out water and my friend gave shoes to somebody. a lot of people pulled together. >> there were people trying to jump the fence and get people over. >> jim hollywell lives and works here. >> it's mostly the use of our facilities for the amtrak people and the police officers here. it was really sad, knowing that that happened out there. and you know, we could see an engine from the back of our building. >> i helped how i could. the neighborhood really came together. >> clown house restaurant kept their grills on after hours. now a year later, this community once again is preparing to play host this time for a vigil for
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the eight killed and hundreds of injured. a crew cleaned up this block. and few people knew someone hurt or killed but are forever linked to the tragedy. >> when i walk by, walk under to take him to school. yes. >> you think about it? >> yes, i think about it and look over there. >> several organizations are involved in tonight's vigil planned for 7:00 including the city of philadelphia. right by septa's distribution center here in port richmond. >> annie thank you. many people who survived the amtrak crash are still on the road to recovery. tonight at 11:00, "action news" reporter chad pradelli brings us one passenger's difficult journey. >> when did it hit you how damaged and injured you were? >> i have so many doctors tell me i should not have survived my
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injuries. >> a popular app helped that woman's family confirm she was in the accident. and the search to find her after the derailment. watch the report tonight on "action news" at 11:00. a deadly crash remains under investigation in montgomery county this afternoon. one person was struck by a vehicle and killed in horsham, the victim was walking on eastern road near ruth avenue, when he or she was hit by the car at 10:30. the driver remained at the scene. donald trump is on capitol hill trying to win support from his own party. the likely republican presidential nominee arrived at rnc headquarters to meet with paul ryan. last week he said he was not ready to endorse donald trump. but released a statement saying they are willing to work together. on the democratic side,
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hillary clinton is attacking trump's tax plan and calling on trump to release his tax returns and bernie sanders admitted his campaign is a steep climb to close in on clinton's delegate lead. >> time now to talk temperatures. it finally feels like spring outside again. looking live outside sky 6 hd showing us penn's landing on a warm thursday afternoon. meteorologist, david murphy, basking in the beautiful conditions as well. he joins us with the latest from accuweather on the terrace. >> reporter: feeling very, very warm out here on the terrace, it has clouded up a bit and patches where the sun is breaking through. looking at satellite, the farther north you are the more sun you have been everyone is enjoying nice numbers. 75 in philadelphia, 76 in allentown and 75 currently and reading clocking in at 73.
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as expected it's cooler the farther south you go. millville 68 and cape may at 66 degrees. this afternoon's high is 78 degrees and that is 5 degrees above average. and the overnight low is above average. definitely in the kind of zone we are waiting to be in for a while and it feels pretty good. partly sunny the rest of way and a few more clouds down south. if you have plans to go out and take a crack at the lawn growing by leaps and bounds with all the rain. 77 at 2:00, 72 by 6:00. when i step inside, a couple chances of more rain tomorrow and saturday. nice out here for now. >> thank you. one of philadelphia's longest running and successful job fairs underway at temple university. katherine scott is live on campus where thousands of people have lined up to meet with potential employers. hi katherine. >> reporter: hi sara, this is
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called the neighborhood job fair but draws people from across the tri-state area, thousands of people are here hoping to connect with a job. >> the lines started forming before the doors open. wrapping around the corner of temple's mcgone gal hall. hoping today is their lucky day. >> plenty of resumes. >> i hope this is the end of my road to find a job. >> reporter: this is the 10th annual neighborhood job fair and each year they promise the floor will be packed with employers looking to hire positions of all different skill levels. this year they have 90 employers attending more that be ever before. >> we have entry level to manage opportunities. and entrepreneur opport opportu& opportunities. and entrepreneur opportunities. >> mayor kenney was here making the rounds and talking to the
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job seekers looking to get a foot in the door. >> they are nervous but exciting at the same time. >> the process can be stressful and the need is great. they help to spread resumes far and wide. >> i'm going to every table. that is how much confidence i have. i'm going to every table. >> back here at the job table, you see sunoco and law enforcement and septa and temple and 90 of them in all today. the job fair started at 9:00 this morning. it ends at 1:00 this afternoon, you have just under an hour to get here and hand out resumes. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> okay thanks. >> still to come here on "action news" at noon, george zimmerman is back in the headlines for trying to sell the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. and this could be the transportation of the future, details on a new type of high speed travel. when "action news" comes right
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to shoot and killed trayvon martin. he just got it back from the department of justice who took it in 2012. the bidding starts and ends tomorrow mornin3 an a representative of martin's family had no comment on the auction. now two pieces of debris found in march, are almost certainly from flight 370. one is an engine cowelling and a panel from the main cabin. five pieces of debris have been found around the indian ocean. it disappears three years ago with 239 people on board. the trial is underway for a second baltimore police officer charged in connection in connection of the death of freddie gray. officer edward nero faces
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charges and opted for a bench trial instead of a jury trial. last year he was put in the back of a transport van where you suffered a spinal injury. the first trial of officer porter ended in a mistrial. a video appears to show police officers punching a man during his arrest. the incident started yesterday when police chased 50-year-old richard simone through two states, once simone stepped out of his truck, officers converged and appeared to start beating him. they will review the arrest and the governor expects a full investigation. a mother accused of leaving her two children home alone to attend an exethe and left the children at home. a neighbor spotted the kids both under 3 years old walking near a
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busy intersection. and she called police, the mother is charged with a felony account of abandoning a child. an ambitious startup company is trying to create the future of transportation, they completed the first test of hyper loop one, the prototype floated down the track by nag nettic levitation. the end gfirl is a hspoer loop bring people from l.a. to san francisco in 30 minutes. a new york man has hit the lottery e, aiks. 48d yeayesold e imagi imagine won it on a scratch off. he used most of that money to cover medical bills for his late wife who died of lung cancer, alke died one year from the day he won his first prize. a local italian mom is using
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cooking to get over grief. cook one have her story next in today's art of aging.
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health check this noon. a new study is raising concern for pregnant women. doctors have long told pregnant mothers to prevent certain birth defects and they have found possible links of high levels of
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the vitamin and a higher risk for autism. medical experts say the findings are preliminary and women should stick to the recommended dose. and check with a doctor before changing your routines. enrollment in preschool has increased according to a national report. the number of 3 and 4-year-olds rose slightly last year but there is a big difference in the amount each state is spending. new jersey spend nearly 12,000 there's for each child enrolled in pre-k. compared to 5,000 this delaware and $5600 in pennsylvania. a woman is recovering from grief and loss. and tamala edwards has the story. >> when aleesa lost her husband she lost her whole world. her children were worried she
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would not gain back her zest for living. >> she was on the couch. >> they married when they were 20 and came to america 50 years ago, they built a home here and aleesa stayed true to her italian roots. >> i found her old recipes and said we need to put them in a book. >> they started a kick starter campaign and got $6,000 worth of contributions in six days. they had enough to create what they call the italian moms cook look. it was not just supporters that came forward with money, we had a woman that offered us help on how to put the book together and editors came and offered their services and local photographers came and offered to help us. >> and getting back into the kitchen helped aleesa get back to her old self.
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>> it means a lot to me and my sisters. it brought her back to life. >> they wanted book sales to supplement her retirement. but aleesa had other ideas. >> mom works with local fundraisers with the schools. >> she donated $1,000 in royersford and offered to cook a meal for 12 to the highest bidder. it's filled with pictures and stories about life back in the day. >> thanks everybody. >> channel 6 "action news." a great story. really nice. the action news team is out working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. here is aof after with a look ahead. >> i want to cook and eat with her. >> for sure. >> coming up today at 4:00, the weather looks like it is cooperating, it's another one of meteorologist, adam joseph's outdoor adventures and he is
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heading to the playground in medford, kind of ahead of its time in burlington county. we'll take you there at 4:00. and ahead in today's show, imagine taking a picture of video by simply blinking your eye, it may sound like science fiction but one company has plans to make it a reality. we'll explain how this works coming up in our show. and take us with you on the go. watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank you. >> accuweather is coming up when we come right back. if you have medicare
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and some of you may have more cloud cover than you like. but most everybody is feeling good at this point and double scan live radar showing us we are dry. outside we have the action cam out earlier. this is levittown, pennsylvania, going past the dam and you can see how there was sunshine looking through the cloud cover and we still have that in parts of the region. 75 in philadelphia, feeling nice and warm and the winds are running calm, a comfortable afternoon. as we take a look at numbers across the region, the clouds thicker to the south and west and we were expecting cooler air down here any way. wilmington 69 degrees, 75 in philadelphia and trenton and 76 in allentown unreading. the western suburbs will end up being the warmest spots. being 80 in allentown and reading and upper 60s in millville and mid-60s in cape may, they are probably already
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hitting the high at this point. lehigh valley looking sunny and warm, 78 for a high around allentown and some may go a degree or two higher. cool by the ocean water, with winds out of the southeast. 66 degrees drawing the cool air in off the cool ocean. partly sunny overall and pleasant. a mix of sun and clouds and pleasant conditions with a high around 78 degrees this afternoon. not bad, winds out of the southeast at 6 to 12 miles per hour. for some of you if are you out there exercising, it may be too warm. by 5:00, 75 degrees and if you do have plans to get out and about this afternoon and do some jogging or something like that. sports drinks or cool water is important. 58 is fairly mild and 5 degrees above average and clouds develop overnight and there could be a sprinkle or shower popping up. future tracker 6 picking up the
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story on friday morning at 5:00. we may have a couple of sprinkles or showers to show you and the main brunt of rain is afternoon. maybe 1:00 or 2:00, and by 4:00 a chance of showers and thunderstorms popping through on friday, and the good news is this is all off the coast to enjoy a nice friday evening. and saturday morning looks okay, lots of sunshine for your early little league games but after 2:00 or 3:00 we look for another round of rain crossing the region and it looks wet here as well. showers and maybe a couple of gusty thunderstorms on saturday. but like friday we are looking at an early exit and we should dry out for your saturday evening as well. 76 degrees and partly sunny and more sun north and more clouds to the south and everybody is enjoying nice temperatures and 76 in philadelphia and we'll go 78. rainy and cloudy conditions on friday and a high of 72 and dry for the evening and 76 on
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saturday early sunshine giving way to afternoon showers and storms, 76 is the high there. and then on sunday a change, it's windy and cool and inching our way into the upper 60s early next week. >> all right thanks david. one dog has proven just how much he loves his babysitters. he was in his backyard and popped the lock and more than a mile down belmont, north carolina, just to visit his doggy day care, the golden retriever spends time there when his parents are at work. they have since installed an extra lock on the backyard fence but promised reilly to visit the day care more often. >> something tells me there are treats there. >> he when for a treat. a show for law enforcement, including a police officer who was shot in the line of duty. hear from officer, jessie
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hartnett coming up. and justin bieber will not be taking pictures with fans anymore. find out why on the people scene.
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hello again, here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:230,
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one year later victims are recalling the day of the tragic amtrak derailment in port richmond. and a bomb threat forces a local high school to stop class and evacuate students. and donald trump made his first big sales pitch to congressional leaders. i'll have details on what happened behind closed doors. one year ago tonight eight people were killed and more than 200 were hurt when an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia. the victims are being remembered and passengers are telling their stories of survival. it was last may 12th when the new york bound train hit a sharp curve going two times the speed limit. the engineer could remember braking but it was not enough to keep the cars from tumbling off the tracks. john rawlins is live in center city where he heard today from a


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