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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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with multiple counts of rape. >> the victims were under the age of 12. >> they learned about the allegations against villa in march of this year, they were contacted after one victim told an adult that villa touched her inappropriately multiple times. investigating the first case police learned there was a second alleged victim and one is villa's family member. >> the victim reached out to a trusted adult and helped us to start the investigation. >> villa lives in the 1700 block of coventry lane in delaware. due to the sensitively of the this case would not confirm where he works but confirmed it was a karate studio on kirkwood highway. >> we are not sure what his employment is, was he part-time or volunteer, but we know he had
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access to children. >> officers say the alleged crimes did not take place at villa's place of employment but the victim's homes. they are urging anyone who feels victimized to report it. >> we will make sure their identity is not released and they don't have anything to worry about. >> reporter: tonight that 28-year-old suspect is in jail bond has been set at $220,000. live in minquadale, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are following developing news out of north philadelphia tonight. five people are hurt after a crash between a septa trolley and an suv. it happened just about 90 minutes ago at the corner of ninth street two people were on board the route 15 trolley, they are expected to be okay. three others hurt were in the suv. we are working to get more on their conditions. septa is running shuttle buses along route 15 to bridge the service gap. at the big board now,
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remembering the crash of amtrak train 188. one year ago tonight the train derailed in the port richmond section. it happened at 9:30 p.m. minutes after leaving the 30th street station and chopper 6 hd was jove head as rescuers searched through the mangled mess and now one year later that stretch of track is more quiet but the curve the subject of so much speculation after the crash is still under investigation. at the center of the crash is the engineer brandon bostian. he says he doesn't remember the moments leading up to the crash and detectives determined he hit the frankford curve going twice the speed limit. since the crash amtrak put safety measures in place between delaware and philadelphia. and the ntsb is expected to put more insight into the
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derailment's cause. city officials pause to remember those that lost their lives one year ago or had their lives changed forever. eight people died and hundreds of people were injured and to this day some victims are on the road to recovery. chad pradelli is outside live of 30th street station with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: monica, we heard from one of the victims this morning before a memorial this afternoon at city hall. he says his life is now terrible. it's a long road to recovery for many of the victims. one filled with pain and despair. >> robert hewitt was the first victim of amtrak 188 to enter hahnemann hospital and the last to leave. >> i have pain 24/7 problems breathing because almost my entire rib cage was shattered and it didn't heal properly. and it's not where it's suppose to be.
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>> his life is radically different now for not only him but his entire family. >> have a 15-month-old granddaughter and i can't even pick her up and hold her. >> i am angry and i hold a lot of it in i try to be hard on the outside. >> hundreds gathered inside for a memorial of that tragic day 12 months ago when eight people lost their lives and dozens of others were forever changed. amtrak ceo joseph boardman and gave a brief statement. >> the mood and the emotions i think ran a wide range in the room. from forgiveness to anger to all of the things one would expect with this type of accidents.
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>> the ntsb found engineer brandon bostian was going twice the speed limit around the frankford curve when the train derailed. why he was going so fast is unclear. >> it's outrageous that no one has contacted us to say anything, they are sorry or concerned. i mean this was something that never had to happen. >> reporter: and the victims may get the answers on tuesday when the ntsb is expected to release their final findings. i'm live at 30th street station, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. "action news" spoke with another passenger about her difficult journey after the deadly derailment. a popular app helped her family confirm she was in the crash and you'll hear from her and her husband who except nine hours trying to track her down that night. our coverage continues on our website for you and we'll take a look back at those that lost
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their lives one year ago. we have also reposted our collection of photos and video from the scene, it's all online at from our new jersey newsroom tonight. governor chris christie highlighted the importance of higher education funding, he visited thomas edison university in trenton and is transforming education into bond funding. he says they will pay dividends, for decades to come. the trial is underway for the second of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say that edward nero and other officers unlawfully arrested gray last year but his lawyer says that nero was not involved in the arrest. nero is charged with assault and misconduct he opted for a bench trial instead of an injure
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trial. the 2016 olympic games are less than three months away, and in the host country of brazil, trouble is brewing on two fronts, one political and the other a health scare. abc's brandi hitt is live with us. >> reporter: we are talking about zika virus, brazil is one of the countries hit hardest and especially dangerous for pregnant women with and also in the midst of a economic viceities vice -- the president is in an accounting scandal. and it comes as the country faces an even bigger problem. zika virus. a disease primarily spread by mosquitos that can cause severe birth defects including babies
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born with abnormally small heads and 48 women in the u.s. have tested prostive to zika, all are linked to travel outside of the u.s. health officials are sounding the alarm. >> it's the first mosquito born virus that can be spread sexually. >> and a report in the harvard review is suggesting that the olympics be moved or postponed because rio is in the heart of this zika strain. >> the last thing you want during an outbreak is a lot of people coming in but i don't think the games will be moved or postponed. the focus is making sure that pregnant women don't go. they are confident the vim will be safe, they are now looking forward to working with the new government to deliver successful games in rio. >> now, with the zika outbreak, the world health organization say that all olympic travellers
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should wear mosquito repellant and abstain from sex in rio and five weeks after they return. and tokyo is bidding for the 20 2020 olympics of its own. $2 million was paid to an account of a top sports official after tokyo won the games. that member was in the ioc at the time and was part of the bidding process. they maintain that tokyo's bidding process was clean. time for a check of the traffic report. >> matt pellman is here. >> we had a few hours of sunshine rick and monica, and everybody wants to be out and enjoy them. one accident at the schuylkill eastbound side at conshohocken, meaning you are parked from 202
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and king of prussia from this point to the curves and into the city speeds of 15 miles per hour on the eastbound schuylkill and a concert at the mann music center. and that is putting people over there. still working on the septa trolley accident at 9th and girard and that means the route 15 continues shuttle busing and 422 berks county, single digits because of a crash near 222 blocking at least one train and mullica township, look for downed wires on elwood road by gary's used cars. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt? still ahead tonight, donald trump heads to capitol hill. coming up the summit with the presumptive nominee and republican leaders in an attempt to unite the gop. and zika virus research in
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the u.s. continues in washington. coming up in health check the push back that has bipartisan support. >> the sunshine finally returned today with the first day of above temperatures, and now i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms not just now but on saturday. we'll talk about the the timing when "action news" returns. [ soft music ]
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the fight over funning efforts to fund the fight against the zika virus continues on capitol hill. ali gorman has the latest information at the big board. >> reporter: the latest is a push back from senator bill nelson and senator marco rubio introduced a bill that would provide $1.9 billion to fight zika. the first bipartisan agreement that covers the entire amount that was requested by the obama administration. this comes one day after florida governor, rick scott, visited capitol hill urging congress to back a plan to fight zika virus and do it quickly. to address it the way they would a fast approaching hurricane. it's linked to birth defects in
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baby and a rare paralysis in adults. the people that evacuated in canada has another problem. one of the shelters has been hit with a stomach bug. doctors are trying to identify the bug but it appears to be a norovirus, a highly contagious virus causing outbreaks in schools and hospitals and cruise ships, the close quarters are make it difficult to control the outbreak. >> and anyone that works none traditional hours you know that not getting enough sleep can be a challenge. there are things can you do to give your body rest. blackout shades or drapes are effective and sleeping masks and earplugs can keep out
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disruption. >> they actually say on your way home in the morning to wear sunglasses, and that can help to get you ready for home when you want to sleep. >> and avoiding naps and caffeinated beverages can help your body to sleep better during the day. finally although this one is not easy especially if you have a family, try to keep close to the same sleep wake times even on weekends or your days off. i know monica -- >> yeah right. >> if you have a family you have no chance. >> thanks for the good idea though. next on "action news" at 5:00, a big championship for the villanova wildcats. and why dozens of local hip hop artists gathered at one of the most historical sites today.
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philadelphia became the city of dj's today. they came to philadelphia to sign a special declaration
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making hip hop an important part of american history. they explained the history behind the genre. new services will be available for people in philadelphia that don't speak english. mayor kenney signed an order for a program. philadelphia is one of the most diverse cities in the country and this program will provide meaningful services to all citizens. every program has to have a language coordinator. and now the orchestra is ready for their tour of china and japan. it's the second asian tour and they begin in hong kong and head to beijing and taiwan. the villanova wildcats basketball team got an honor
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today in philadelphia. he was invited to city hall to (them with an official proclamation, coach jay wright was there, and senior daniel there and they were proud. a check of accuweather forecast coming up. and looking live at the ben franklin bridge where we have blue skies, we hope you enjoy the day. cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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time for a check of accuweather. cecily tynan has a look at the forecast. you have my shore house on there. >> right here. it's cozy. rick the lifeguard in his other life. we are looking at cape may on the beach and folks are on the beach hanging out by rick's beach house and you can see the hazy sunshine out there, i like this because you can't really see where the ocean and sky meet it's all that one color of blue. and temperatures today make it up to 75 degrees so far with the sunshine and it's the first above normal day in two weeks,
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the last day we were above normal was april 26 and when we hit 86 degrees, our warmest day this year. temperatures generally in the 70s. 74 in philadelphia, you'll notice areas to the north and east where we see more sunshine, warmer. trenton 78 and allentown 77 and wilmington 72 and cape may point cooler at 67 degrees. it's stickier too, dew points hovering around 60 degrees, we are not used to it so early in the season. we did start the day with full sunshine and clouds are bubbling up and if you look to the west you see showers moving across western pennsylvania and those are breaking apart and i am tracking the cluster of showers and thunderstorms moving through theteen valley thark that is a
5:26 pm
head of a cold front. clouds could thicken and temperatures on the mild side. allentown 57 and the same in wilmington and cape may 55 degrees. for the morning commute we won't see much activity. a few scattered showers and clouds and then the atmosphere really moistens up at lunch time. 12:30 this ban of showers and perhaps thunderstorms. it pushes through quickly reaching the coast at 4:00, and still lingering showers and a lot of people are asking me how about the phillies game, it's looking good-bye 7:00 most of the showers are out of here and a few spotty showers are remaining and then a second cold front moving through on saturday afternoon. the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow rain and thunderstorms and 72 degrees and saturday sunny in the morning and 76 and look at
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what happens behind the system. wind gusts of 30 miles per hour and feels like temperatures in the 50s and we slowly climb into the mid-60s by tuesday, a great day to be many medford, new jersey. adam you get paid for this? playing in a playground. >> yes. it's one of those days, the adults want to be kids. we are at bob myers memorial park, they have two different playgrounds, this is a sweet spot to be, i found these big guys, they were playing football. who won? come here. come next to me. lets see who can do the most pullups. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> there they go -- wow adam. >> he is standing on a bench -- you can tell if you look down. more from "action news" when we
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come back. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again.
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a true test for the future of republican party as the presumptive presidential nominee meets with established gop leaders in washington. george zimmerman is now trying to sell the weapon he used to the highest bidder. and two men posing as roofers prey on an elderly woman and her bank account and police need your help tracking them down tonight. >> the two most powerful republicans in the united states met face-to-face after criticism of each other, now there is a change in tone with donald trump and paul ryan. the two met with other republican leaders in washington showing that the gop while fractured is not broken. speaker ryan called it an honest discuss ending with a commitment to work together and donald trump wrote a great day in d.c., everything worked out well.
5:31 pm
karen travers joins us now. >> reporter: there were plenty of statements about unity and cooperation. but donald trump to not leave with a big endorsement and paul ryan says it's unity process will take some time. >> donald trump took washington by storm. his first trip to start discussions. but no endorse many from the most powerful republican here in washington. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> but ryan says it takes time to get the unity to grow. >> it doesn't come together in 15 minutes. >> and he tweeted the photo of
5:32 pm
the children at the capital calling it the most important meeting of the day. there are deep divides after the long divided primary season. about policy and his campaign style. >> he get its about presidential and gracious, and that should you he acts towards me in private. and donald trump has to be donald trump that is what got him here. >> and shifting to a donald trump 2.0, trump has hedged hi positions on tax policy, the minimum wage and his controversial muslim ban. >> i would like to back off as soon as possible. >> hillary clinton tweeted a sarcastic good luck saying he is back pedals and voters shouldn't let him. >> karen thank you. now, is your tun to own a
5:33 pm
piece of american history. that is what george zimmerman is telling potential buyers about the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. less than an hour after the auction began the listing disappeared. zimmerman pulled it because of the high traffic and publicity and then the gun showed up on another website with tighter security. he called the weapon an american firearm icon. he promises to use a portion of the proceeds to fight black lives matter enforcement and hillary clinton's anti-firearm rhetoric. and the tsa is hiring more workers to get you through airport security check points and on to your plane faster. congress improved a plan to shift 34 million there's to increase officers at airports, about 26,000 will pay for overtime and part-time hours and
5:34 pm
the rest to be used to hire 800 new officers by june 1st. david muir has more with the push to tackle the airport lines and more on george zimmerman and capitol hill. in other news philadelphia police are looking for two con artists that bilked an elderly woman out of $2,000. detectives say they walked into a 78-year-old woman's home and claimed they were from a roofing company and convinced her she needed work and would cost $2,000 and then drove the victim to the bank where she withdraw the money and when she became suspicious and asked for the money back that is when the s&ps ran off. police and county workers were honored for their dedication in serving the community. david steel handed out several
5:35 pm
commendations, including officer young that rescued an unconscious woman from a burning car and officer rose with the montgomery township k-9 unit. and three women that worked to help victims of domestic violence in the county were honored today. >> well, what a great day to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather while it sticks around and that is what we are doing on this week's outdoor adventure. adam joseph is live now having a great time. hey adam. >> i'll tell you the kids are having a great time and the kids are as well. they got the kids out of the house on this sunny day. it's great to be outdoors finally? >> yes. >> we have kids up there waiving as well. we are at the bob myers memorial park, this particular part of the playground was built in the early 1900, by volunteers in about nine days, and they
5:36 pm
expanded it in the early and it's a true playground for kids. lets tire them out for bedtime. it's like following pied piper. we'll let you know if the weather will stick around and we have rain in the forecast and then cooler temperatures coming in. have you been here before? >> a lot of times. >> what is your favorite part. >> this part. >> where we are standing? >> yes, this spot. how do we get down now? >> thank you have fun. good luck adam. >> with rain in the forecast keep open on all of your devices and rely on double scan live radar for real time views of what is in store. people reached new heights in delaware including wilmington's police chief.
5:37 pm
he repelled 17 stories down a building, part of the fun raising event. 90 people in all took part. each participant is required to raise 11$1100 and it benefits special olympics delaware. matt pellman is in the traffic center with more on a commute home on a thursday. >> people are rolling but not quickly. we have a disabled vehicle rolling here southbound by cotman, northbound you see the normal afternoon traffic through the work zone and extra work overnight tonight, to extend the cotman avenue off ramp. that is an extra lane that is good news for northbound 95 drivers. on the schuylkill 17 miles per hour a concert at the man music center. and kelly remains closed because of the dad vail regatta, you may want to use the mlk drive
5:38 pm
instead. and a sinkhole at davisville road taking out the right lane and slow speeds through 422 in berks curb because of a crash near 222. and downed wires on the white horse pike by gary's used cars. rick and monica back to you. >> thank you. see you tomorrow. much more to come on "action news" this evening. first round draft pick, carson wentz made it official. he is the bird's new qux b. >> and the thunderbirds will dazzle the crowds in the area this weekend. we'll have a preview of that show. and a look at the all important weekend forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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tonight on 6 abc it's what gladiatorers are waiting for the season finale of "scandal" here is a sneak peek. >> jake said that. >> he is your father's prisoner liv his puppet like i was. >> each presidential candidate
5:42 pm
is getting ready to announce their running mate but will the damaging information given to cyrus alter the race entirely. and the prime time lineup kicks off with an all new "grey's anatomy" at 8:00 and then scandal. and "action news" at 11:00. and jeff skversky is here. >> all of their picks under contract and i wish i knew how to throw a football. carson wentz throws a signature on the brand new contract, a four year deal worth over $26.6 million. including his $17.6 million signing bonus. check out wentz and that big smile, the eagles have invested more money in quarterbacks than any other team in the nfl. wentz starts to earn the money
5:43 pm
tomorrow. the learning is about to begin and some former eagles can speak from experience. >> he has the nucleus around him to do a lot of learning and sit back and watch and soak it all in and when his time comes he'll be better for it. >> i am buying into what doug is doing, doug won't ask him to do too much and feed it to him slowly and let him grow. finally the phillies road trip ends in atlanta. they have played more teams away from home than any other team. ryan howard is back in the lineup. batting cleanup. howard maybe only hitting .182, but is on pace for 38 homers his most since 2009. his team only mustered one run, allowing four runs in four and a
5:44 pm
third. >> and potentially four first round draft picks to choose from, the sixers need to do their homework. sixers brass are in chicago interviewing at the combine. and they met with buddy hield and michael ingram and here is josh hart showing off his stuff in chicago. with four picks potentially in the first round. it sounds like new sixers gm is looking to trade a few. >> we already have a good young of developing players and you can only have so much developing players, we may be in play with a couple of those picks, perhaps a draft and stash situation with a european prospect or defer to a future, we have to assess awful these things. >> former sixers guard doug overton was introduced in the
5:45 pm
city. the division two school was the first head coaching job for the big five hall-of-famer. >> the villanova wildcats are planning to head to the white house to be honored on tuesday may 31st according to head coach, jay wright. today the wildcats honored by philadelphia city council. the cats continued their victory lap around town after winning the national championship last month. the roman catholic basketball team honored with the max prep tour trophy. roman catholic won their final eight games including a state title. lots of champions, a city of champions around town. perhaps the flyers and phillies and eagles and sixers can follow suit. >> jeff congratulations a new father. >> he is a cutie pie. >> thank you jeff. >> the sky over at joint base
5:46 pm
mcguire dix in lakehurst were buzzes today. the thunderbirds put on a show of their acrobatics and nora muchanic was right there. >> reporter: air fort f-16's put a show as they arrived at mcguire dix airport base before putting on the show. >> close to sea level, 600ish miles per hour. >> the thupd birds are the headliners at this year's show including demonstrations from the army golden knight parachute team including air and grand equipment from all branches of the service. >> it's for the public to come on our base and say here is where your tax dollars are going and you see the war fighting capability of the air force, marines, army and coast guard. >> and guard from the youth academy was setting up and they
5:47 pm
were impressed by the arrival of the thunderbirds. >> it's like a earthquake going too your body. it's great. >> i like it now and they are just practicing. the show will be amazing. >> the air show is expected to attract 3,000 people and the forecast calls for rain this weekend but that won't stop the show. >> we have a plan and we can flex. the show will go on in some way and some fashion we'll have airplanes in the sky. admission and parking is free and it's saturday and sunday and the air show starts at 11:00. lets hope that mother nature cooperates.
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check it out. students in bucks county showing or their dancing skills today. they held a dancing classroom event and only graders worked with especially trained artists learning dances like the tango and the waltz. >> that is good to know. it stays with you. now adam joseph live at memorial park in medford with this week's outdoor adventure. careful adam. >> i was doing good until he came and crashed the party. you are all good buddy. having a blast here at the bob myers memorial park. there are a couple of different
5:51 pm
playgrounds. this one was the ridoriginal bu. in was in the 1900s and then the firsthandy capped accessible playground in burlington county and every child can come here and then a zip line. how fast can you go? zip lining as well. there is something for everyone. finally the weather is nice. take a look at high temperatures, feeling summer like with some of that humidity the high temperature today in the lehigh valley, did hit 80 degrees in philadelphia, our high was 76. and in trenton 79 degrees and wilmington 74 and at the coast your temperature 67 for a high. as we look at current numbers, trenton warm at 78 degrees, philadelphia 74 and 69 in lancaster and wilmington 72 degrees presently, as we look at
5:52 pm
satellite and radar, we have clouds building in from the west the main part of the system coming in tomorrow is draped from chicago to the tennessee valley where you see storms firing up. it's not a washout, but it brings some unsettled weather, back into the picture, periods of rain and a .25 to .75 inch of rain and most of it comes late in the morning and to the west from philadelphia into new jersey, temperatures are at 72, then on saturday, we get a break in the morning as that system passes off the coast and gusty afternoon thunderstorms will develop, with a temperature of 76, and any of those storms could contain small hail and gusty winds as a powerful piece of energy rolls through that will really drop the temperature. at least for this time of year for the sec half of the weekend. nascar is back this weekend in dover. friday for the truck race there is interruption from time to time.
5:53 pm
74 degrees with showers, downpours and a thunderstorm. even on saturday, it was iffy at times with the downpours and thunderstorms rolling through the morning hours of 76 and then the sprint cup series and sunday, a breezy gusty day. but on the dry side. rain on friday and a rumble of thunder tomorrow afternoon and 72 and start dry on saturday, gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon of 76 and then we drop to 60, that is it for a high on sunday. it is windy but dry with sun and clouds and still cool on monday and 63 and then the clouds build again come tuesday at 66 degrees with a passing shower. weak system tuesday night into wednesday and then dry out thursday way mixture of sun and clouds and the temperature sitting at 70 degrees. did you come from practice or a game? >> i am about to leave. >> a game or practice? >> practice. >> my brother needs to go too.
5:54 pm
>> you are on tv now, you can wave you have your 15 seconds of fame. and we have the myers family, who this park is named after. you guys were instrument in preserving the park and thank you for bringing smiles to kids. >> it's our pleasure and everybody on the committee that build this is great and for the kids it's awesome. >> it's a lot of fun. >> this woman right over here, you were building it and five-day its took you to build this. >> in the pouring rain. >> no more rain. no more rain. guys we'll have more fun. i'm going to find something to do. have a good evening rick and monica. >> have a great time. >> remember "action news" is about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the headlines and accuweather and breaking news and to just communicate with us, facebook,
5:55 pm and twitter at abc.
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>> youngsters have a new place to read in philadelphia, this reading nook opens up at unisex hair salon today. it's the first nook to open up at a barbershop but not the last. three other shops will post nook shops part of the words to play program. >> jim gardner is standing by with these stories at 6:00. coming up the latest on the investigation and the victims and survivors. and a karate instructor from delaware is facing rape charges against children. we'll have the stories next at
5:58 pm
6:00. i'm monica malpass have a great night. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night and four wilmington officers are cleared in a deadly shooting and dozens of police start a 100 mile journey to washington, d.c. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the one year anniversary of the amtrak disaster in philadelphia. it was may 12th of last year when amtrak 188 left the tracks
6:00 pm
eight people were killed and it happened at the frankford junction in port richmond and even one year later we are waiting for answers. many of which may come next week when we get the report from the ntsb. we have two reports, chad pradelli is at 30th street station and john rawlins live at the crash scene. lets begin with you. >> reporter: right now they are setting up for a 7:00 p.m. vigil behind me here. it's a year of investigation, what happened is pretty clear but the why is not. workers this morning clearing weeds from near tonight's vigil site just yards from the crash site. it was clear that 188 sped up to 10 hundred miles per hour when it should have slowed up from 80 to 50. what is not clear is why. it will be determined


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