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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  May 15, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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chilly and windy. let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers for more. >> reporter: it is not pleasant out here, it's chilly. we have clear skies and lots of bright blue upstairs, the winds are starting to pick up a little. may 15, 39 degrees in martins creek. you see the darker shade of blue north of tannersville, 42. that temperature is close to freezing right now. the numbers are chilly for this time of the year. pots, 46. saint davids 45. center city 49 degrees, into south jersey and delaware, glassboro, 48. gandys beach, 47. smyrna and dover 48 degrees. on the boards in atlantic city we're showing 50 degrees. by the way small craft advisories up for delaware bay and the owing front. if you're doing fishing this morning take it easy out there. we are expecting rough seas and
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gusty winds. seas buildings 3 to 6 feet. -- seas building 3 to 6 feet. there's snow in western pennsylvania, buffalo, erie, meadeville, north of altoona picking up light snow. may 15th, it should not be snowing. the upper level low pressure system will swing east during the day today. it could touch off a quick-hitting shower or sprinkle. otherwise it's a clear start with increasing clouds. once we lose the sun we'll lose the daytime heating. 11:00 a.m. look for a combination of sun and clouds. temperatures stuck in upper 50s and close to 60. with the winds it will feel like the upper 40s at times. sprinkles possible that's the call from accuweather high of
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60 degrees. a freeze watch in the poconos and areas north and west, between 1 and 7:00 a.m. purchasey ferocity is possible for the -- patchy frost is possible for the lehigh valley and the northern suburbs. when i come back we'll talk about how low we go in the forecast. a fire at the lincoln motel in bucks county has killed a person. investigators say it looks like someone set the fire on purpose. the action cam was at the scene of the 2200 block of lincoln highway. the blaze break out at 2:30 a.m. when firefighters arrived they found smoke pouring from rooms 103, and 104. officers were called here in the early morning hours for a fire, the fire appear suspicious in nature. we have a confirmed victim inside. firefighters rescued three other people. officials have not released the name of the person who died and they have not made any arrests.
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a young woman is in critical condition after getting shot 6 times on a philadelphia street. the action cam was at the scene 3800 block of north 13th street in tioga section of the city. shots rang out here at 1:00 a.m. police found 30 shell casings on the ground. the victim is 22 years old. two men were injured while trying to escape the gunfire. they are in the hospital. no word on their conditions. so far no arrests. police are looking for the gunman who robbed a sports bar in center city early this morning. the action cam was at the scene, the tavern on broad inside the bell view on the 200 block of south broad street. the suspect walked into the bar around 12:30 a.m. wearing a mask and demanded money from the manager. after getting the cash, the man ran off. no shots were fired and there were no injuries. detectives are looking at surveillance video to try to identify the gunman. time 7:03. if you're just waking up with us
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this morning, many students are heartbroken and stunned by a car accident that killed two teens on the way home from their high school prom. this happened on the day their school was copying with another tragedy. "action news" reporter, jeff chirico talked to people struggling to make sense of it all. >> reporter: photos of two young women are flooding social media. their sudden death after the bridgeton high school prom is creating a flood of tears. this was supposed to be a happy night. a happy night. kids are meant for this movement to enjoy this moment. and they are not able to talk about it. >> reporter: mouner -- mourners gathered around the crash site to remember the two whose car veered off route 49 in maurice river township and hit this tree. it is believed they were following friends home after a
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an after-prom party. i talked to the three boys, they they went to ocean city, they were on their way back, the girls were following the boys, they saw their lights go off the road. i was totally devastated. >> reporter: bridgeton school district superintendent said the tragedy comes the same day as the funeral for another student who died in a car crash less than a week ago. we have support from our chaplain and current county guidance center they will deploy some of their counselors to work with the student and staff on monday. i've got a 17-year-old, her prom was last week, and i am thankful and blessed that she made it home. >> reporter: as of last night, 16-year-old was in critical condition, and 17-year-old was in stable condition. new jersey state police are investigating. in maurice river township
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jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." federal investigators are on the their way to the texas mexico border, the site of a fatal charter bus crash. that bulls rolled over in lorado on the way to a casino. it was raining at the time, but it's too soon to say whether it played a role. the driver survived the wreck and dozens of passengers were injured. this week we're to learn the probable cause of the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia, the ntsb will make announcement in washington, d.c., "action news" will be there. 8 passengers died a year ago when the train went off the tracks moments after leaving 30th street station. this morning, abc is giving you exclusive access to american troops fighting isis in iraq. martha raddatz returned to the front line to get an inside look on the war against terror. >> reporter: we arrived at the
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air base 150 miles west of baghdad. to meet the u.s. marine in the fight against isis. it's very, very different how we're doing it through and by the iraqi military. >> reporter: and leading the charge on the ground, these elite iraqi counterterrorism forces, their goal recapturemost withheld down buildings and set off an explosion. this may be an exercise to train all these new recruits, but the counterterrorism forces have been in the fight for years. on friday we got a firsthand view of what the fight means. driving to ramadi recap you you- recaptured from isis months ago. in the rubble, thousands of
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unexploded bombs. dispite the dangers a small number of families that once lived here are returning, children make peace signs from their balcony. isis held this town for 8 months and finally the iraqis were able to retake it. taking mosul back will be a bigger challenge. back at the base, they explain how desire the situation in mosul is. the people trying to leave mosul are being executed, it's getting worse and worse everyday. >> reporter: martha raddatz baghdad. martha raddatz will be on this week with george stephanopoulos at 10:30 a.m. vice president joe biden and donald trump come to philadelphia to mark a milestone. they are attending the
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graduation of the school of arts an sciences at penn's franklin field. donald trump graduated from penn's wharton school of business in 1968. graduates from rutgers university will hear from president obama this morning. president obama is the first sitting president to speak at a rutgers graduation. hundreds of rutgers students boarded buses to go to the commencement in new new brunswick. some said they are overwhelmed that the president will address them. i'm excited to see barack obama the first black president, and this is the last year, i'm so excited to see him. others feel honored that the president is speaking to them. still to come on "action news" sunday morning, two tv stars are spotted at the scene of a crash, we'll tell you how they helped out in an unscripted
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drama. a new wildfire is raging forcing people from their homes out west. we'll tell you what's on the side of firefighters. our age fearless report looks at when grief turns into depression, we'll tell you several ways to ease the pain and smile again. the phillies reds game ends with a collision at home plate. >> reporter: coming up in weather, look at the chilly numbers off to the northwest, in the 30s in pittsburgh, buffalo and binghamton. that cold air is heading this way. i'll let you know when in the seven-day forecast. > welcome back on this
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sunday, 7:12, the sun is shining, it is only 49 degrees out there if you are headed outside or heading to church you'll want to bundle up a little bit. of course, meteorologist chris sowers on deck to get you
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started and plan your day, hopefully a little sun will warm us up a little. >> reporter: a little. let's get you outside, you'll need something with sleeves early on. some areas well north and west, quakertown and farther north than that they are in the 30s. it's chilly. with the wind it feels cooler than that. we're seeing clear skies, the sun is shining brightly out there, it will look nice, although the water will get rough down the shore as the winds pick up. double scan live is clear. we could have a quick hitting sprinkle later on. we're not getting any wet weather like yesterday with the passage of the cold front. 49 degrees, the dewpoint 236. windchill, 42. pressure rising. winds out of the west/northwest at 15 miles per hour. we are expecting gusts anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour during the afternoon. 40s area wide.
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50s for south jersey, 36 in the poconos. 48 in allentown, reading, 48. lancaster, 45. a good five to ten degrees colder than same time yesterday. the numbers will be colder tomorrow morning than what we're seeing right now. the numbers continue to go down and down and down as we get the colder air from canada seeping into the mid atlantic and the northeast. snow flying in northeastern pennsylvania. this is an upper level low pressure system that's sitting there. that will travel east in the next few hours. as it crosses the appalachians and moves into the delaware and lehigh valleys, the clouds will increase the winds will pick up it will be blustery an chilly. high pressure buildings in from the southwest. between the two we get a tight pressure gradiant. all the air out here forced in between the two pressure systems. that's why the winds begin to increase later on.
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again, that brings along cloud cover with it. future tracker 6, 1:00 p.m., mostly cloudy skies, limited sun, there could be a spritz or sprinkle around as well. you could see the blobs of green showing up that's the model's way of showing the instability. once we lose the sun, sun sets, we'll lose all the clouds. foam is fabulous, back in the -- tomorrow looks fabulous, back in the mid 60s. sunshine. tuesday, late rain tuesday afternoon or tuesday night. here's a look at the lows this morning, now, some of this may be too cold, the model may be overdoing it a bit, but you get the idea. mid 30s the middle of may is certainly a little unusual. reading, 35. the model has lancaster down to 33. allentown, 34. the freezing mark for the poconos. 40 in philadelphia and millville
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40 degrees. forecast for today, clouds and limited sun, passing sprinkle possible. breezy and blustery and chilly. it will feel like the upper 40s, low 50s all day long. wind out of the. northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. 3:00 p.m., more clouds and 58. 5:00 p.m., more clouds than sun, windy and cool. overnight tonight, 37 degrees outlying suburbs, 44 for center city. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 60 degrees today. 65 tomorrow, breezy and milder, a lot of sun. changes tuesday and wednesday, looks like the system at least what's showing up on the modeling right now, tuesday's system will travel a little bit farther to the north. we'll increase the clouds, could be wet weather by afternoon, tuesday night a lingering shower wednesday morning before clouds give way to sun, thursday, friday, saturday, lots of
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sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. i can't believe tonight is in the 30s and 40s in some places. >> reporter: do you live in the city? outside of the city. bundle up. 7:17 philadelphia music hall of fame honored rock and roll star charlie gracie a musical ambassador for the city of brotherly love. a musical tribute and cake, we'll be right back.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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firefighters are working to get the upper hand on a fire in washington state. him people are being evacuated, but no structures have burned
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yet. the winds have died down and that's helped with the fire fight. two actors were riding motorcycles in peach tree city, atlanta when they came upon a crash. they helped the accident victims until police arrived. star struck residents took out their smart phones. it took five, ten seconds to take his picture. the cops came, it looked like he was trying to help everybody, kind of calm everybody and take over the situation. there were no serious injuries, the tv series is filmed in the atlanta area. 7:20, losing a loved one at any age is difficult. for older adults it can be overwhelming. in "healthcheck," age fearless, a mental health expert has tips on how to come back strong. here's "action news" anchor, tamala edwards. >> reporter: when combe -- comic
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genius mel brooks lost his wife and about an -- bancroft he used his service he recovered. shrinking circles of family and friends can make elders feel lost and there could be depression. doctors say key signs are changes in daily life. changes in appetite, eating more or less and difficult focusing and concentrating. other warning signs, lack of of grooming. like brooks men have a tougher time copying -- copes after a
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loss of a spouse. getting into old activities and finding new ones with new friends help. there's opportunities to connect, even online, but the senior center is the first choice. mel brook's son said grandchildren helped bring the funny man back. there's nothing like family and grandchildren. tamala edwards channel 6 "action news." dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future.
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we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:24 sun morning, chilly changes are in the works as an upper level low pressure swings through later on today. you ought to see the windchills in this part of southern canada. unbelievable for the middle of may. an upper level low sitting here, it's snowing in western pennsylvania this morning. this low, the counter clockwise winds are ushering in the cooler air today. that's producing the light snow out there. as this low swings by it will increase the clouds later on anne pick up the wind speeds. here's a look at the wind gusts later on. future tracker 6, 3:30 p.m. the model suggesting 20, 30-mile an hour wind gusts along the delaware bay and the oceanfront. seas will build 3 to 6 feet on the oceanfront anne winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. that will make it feel blustery anne chilly.
7:26 am
clouds, limited sun, windy, passing sprinkle, forecasted high is 60 most of the time we're stuck in the 50s with the winds it will feel like upper 40s, low 50s. skydivers put on a show that will make happy port fans happy. a -- harry potter fans will like. it brought a smile to the author. jk phillies had runners on second and third with one out. goodell caught the ball, gunned the ball to the catcher at home. ruf manages to hold on to the
7:27 am
ball to complete a heart-pounding double play that ended the game. the phils win 4-3. they are 7 games over five hundred for the first time in five years. congratulations. the sixers find out tuesday night if they score the top pick in the nba draft lottery. tuesday, eagles quarter sam bradford will make his first on camera comments since demanding a trade. he recinded the demand after the eagles drafted quarterback carson wentz. they are in off season workouts. sprint cap -- sprint cup race is starting at 1:00 p.m. in dover. army woman's softball game, watch this. look at this, she comes home anne leaps over the catcher anne manages to touch home plate.
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can we see it one more time. there it goes,. she is styling, casey showing us all how it is done. i like that. we have more snacks just ahead. see you after the break! ♪
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. we have the accuweather details of the chilly changes to expect
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heading into the workweek. plus, new this morning, the victim of a an apparent homicide shows up at the hospital. nobody knows where he came from. on the political front reluct -- reluck tant, but hopeful, embrace their gop nominee. outside we go to chris. >> reporter: temperatures are down in the 40s for just about everybody, the exception being south jersey, millville, atlantic, cape may anne -- andy beach haven in the 50s. lancaster, 45. we're starting to see puffy cumulus clouds building in the sky. we have bright blue upstairs, during the yourself course of the day -- during the course of the day we'll see the clouds build. the may sun is very, very warm, the atmosphere is very chilly.
7:31 am
that sun will warm the air above the ground, that air is so cold it will continue to rise that's why we get the puffy cumulus clouds. the upper level low moves east into our neck of the woods could bring a passing spritz or sprinkle in parts of the region, as well. not a bad looking day, but not as warm as yesterday, not as nice until the rain moved in. the day planner, 52 degrees by 9:00 a.m. sunny conditions mixed in with a few clouds, 11:00 a.m., 55. 1:00 p.m., 57. 3:00 p.m., 58 anne by 5:00 p.m., 57. mostly cloudy windy anne chilly, not much of a change for the jersey shore. because it's a westerly breeze the numbers will be chilly down there, as well. 60 for philadelphia. 58 on the water, clouds limited
7:32 am
sun, windy gusts up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. it will make it feel like the upper 40s anne low -- and 50s at times. rain is expected for the middle portions of the week, mainly tuesday anne tuesday have 70s wednesday, thursday, friday, a little bit of everything. police are sure they are dealing with a murder, but they have no idea where the victim was shot. investigators say they obtained video of a man stumbling toward einstein medical center at 2:00 a.m. he collapsed when a police officer happened upon him dieing lying on the ground. the victim was shot three times. it's a mystery whether he was shot near the hospital or if someone dropped him off from another location. the action cam in hammonton, new jersey, where a
7:33 am
one-vehicle accident sent a person to the hospital. the vehicle hit a utility pole around 9:00 a.m. on route 30 and purls -- burst into flames. the driver is in serious condition. police are investigating a crash that hit a pedestrian near 130 and bordentown road. we're waiting an update on the pedestrian's condition. an investigation is beginning into what caused a crash that killed two teens heading home from their prom. 17-year-old and 15-year-old died after hours after their prom at bridgeton high school. they attended an after party in ocean city and headed home. the car veered off route 49 and slammed into a tree saturday morning. the two families are trying to come to grips with the sudden
7:34 am
loss of two young lives. there were two other girls in the car, a 16-year-old in critical condition and 17-year-old she is listed in stable condition. the crash comes on the same day as the funeral for another student who died in a car crash less than two weeks ago. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the killer who stabbed a man to death on a city street. the action cam was at the scene in the mantua section of the city. the police found a 50-year-old man lying on the ground at 2:00 a.m. with a stab wound to the chest. he feels taken to the hospital where he died. investigators have not indicated a motive or if they have any suspects. the federal corruption trial for congressman shock can a if chaka fattah is starting monday morning. he maintains his innocence. turning to the race for
7:35 am
president, republican donald trump is off the campaign trail to attend his daughter's college graduation in philadelphia. republican speaker of the house, paul ryan was in his native wisconsin talking to republicans, some of them skeptical about trump's possible nomination, ryan met with trump on thursday. trump is expected to meet with other high-ranking republicans this week. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking ahead to the primary sweepstakes, both campaigning in kentucky. 130 delegates are up for grabs in kentucky and oregon come tuesday. clinton holds a commanding lead in the delegate count, but sanders is pledging to stay in the race until the convention in philadelphia. we're out of ink.
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ink. not ink. getting ink doesn't have to be painful. staples just cut ink and toner prices. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. staples. make more happen. 7:38 a.m. a stunt pilot was killed during an air show in atlanta. it went up to perform a man nd it couldn't pull out and it crashed to the ground, ntsb is investigating. thunderstorms caused flood watching in southeast texas. firefighters had to rescue people from cars in houston. 4 to 5 inches of rain fell in a
7:39 am
short period of time. seems like houston, that whole state can't catch a break. >> reporter: there are at least two other times, 3 total that i can remember serious flooding in the houston area. if they don't get rain they get into a stretch where they don't get rain for three months. for us, it's a different ballgame. we have clear conditions and we're tracking temperatures, colder numbers that will be sweeping through in the next 24, 36 hours. blustery this morning, but more so at the same time tomorrow. in the meantime there's a lovely shot from our temple university camera. those clear skies will go mainly cloudy this afternoon. double scan live is clear, a spritz or sprinkle is possible later on. for now we'll keep the radars dry. temperatures very chilly. highs in the 60s.
7:40 am
60 degrees is the high in philadelphia. the normal is 74. you can see how far off the normals we are today. 60, 14 degrees below average. the low temperature is quite a ways from where as we should be for this time of the year. 47 in the poconos. 48 in trenton. low 50s, south and east, 49 in dover. wilmington, check be in at 48 degrees -- checking in at 48 degrees. satellite and radar, that is white across western with pennsylvania, snow out near clarion and bradford. snow accumulating across the u-p of michigan and off lake michigan and superior. you get the idea, may 15th and we're two weeks from memorial day and they are reporting snow and bitter cold windchills. high pressure will build in from the southwest that will clear
7:41 am
everything out nicely overnight tonight. monday looks like a gem. it's probably the nicer day in the seven-day forecast. busy mark, 33. st. louis i, 45. look at the windchills in our neck of the woods, feels like 17 in porks of canada, 19 for -- in portions of canada. thunder bay, 28. i don't feel sorry for them. that's what you get in canada for this time of the year. it's incredible to see that especially with the unofficial start of summer is around the corner. lots of clouds this afternoon, one or two sprinkles possible or brief passing shower. it should not amount to that much. later this evening, once the sun sets we lose the daytime heating. tomorrow morning, crystal clear skies, monday from start to finish, a nice looking day, lots
7:42 am
of sunshine. today, close to 60 degrees, the normal 74. this is chilly for may standards. lancaster, 56. trenton, 58. 60 in philadelphia. limited sun, windy and chilly today. down right cold overnight tonight. mid 30s north and west, 48 for philadelphia. there could patchy frost in the lehigh valley. freeze watches in the poconos because low temperatures are expected to drop down to 30, 32. it extends into wilks-berry and west into williamsport. 60 degrees, better tomorrow, 65. the normal is 74. tuesday increasing clouds, rain developing during the afternoon that will linger into the nighttime hours and first part of wednesday before we see clearing by afternoon.
7:43 am
66 wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday all look really nice at this point, highs in the mid 70s and wall-to-wall blue skies. one and done. thank you. cleaning products are good at cutting germs, but the chemicals are dangerous if the kids get hold of them. in in kids matters, erin o'hern says there are safe alternatives. >> reporter: they keep our homes clean, but household products are the most poisons ingested by the kids every year. you take your eyes off it for a second and kids are into it. >> reporter: bathroom clearance have lye. spray polish can be enhailed. you can mix your own with safer ingredients with baking soda,
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olive oil and water. it's good for appliance and counters. sprinkle it on the tub and sink and use vinegar. use oil and vinegar. homemade clearance are safer, but you have to keep track of what you're using. label it with the name of the product as well as the ingredients and concentration of the ingredients that are in there. keep every cleaning product out of the reach of children in a locked cabinet. laundry packets should not be used in a home with small children. if there's an accident call (800)222-1222. for a link to this story go to
7:45 am erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." various neighborhoods are being overrun by trash. there's a boom in construction, but investigative reporter wendy saltzman found not every contractor is playing by the rules. junk and debris. "action news" investigates the hot spots where vacant lots are becoming illegal dumping grounds. we are paying to clean it up. from bricks to concrete and bags filled with everyday trash. this is not common practice. >> reporter: we're tracking down the dumpers caught on camera. the neighbors complain about this, did you drop this brick off at this lot? yeah, he dropped bricks, too, yes. >> reporter: don't miss my
7:46 am
exclusive investigation on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. [ soft music ]
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on a sunday morning, 7:48. the philadelphia museum of art is presenting a series of exhibits that will take visitors on a journey through africa. karen rogers has more in this week's 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it's called creative africa. it's a celebration african art and designs raging from fashion photography and architecture. the centerpiece of the show is called look again, it's a collaboration between the philadelphia museum of art and the penn museum. it's about looking close to the work to see what you can learn about them firsthand.
7:49 am
>> reporter: highlights include ancient bronzes and wood carvings and sculptures. there's a lot to see. >> reporter: you can explore textiles. they say bright, colorful pattern based textiles that are transformed by trailers into amazing fashion. >> reporter: the exhibition takes visitors into the mind of a world renown architect. it's a small retrospective of his past design work. >> reporter: it includes an installation that can only be seen at the philadelphia museum of art. it's a zone of string that you can walk through and walk around and truly explore. >> reporter: they look at photographic work being done throughout africa. this is the show about making visitors feeling empowered to look at art. creative africa is on display at
7:50 am
the philadelphia museum of arts perelman building. go to arts in or 6abc loves the arts. i'm karen rogers. perfect transition, here, these students from west philadelphia are on a trip of a lifetime. it is taking them to africa and sharing there trip with "action news." global leadership academy boys and girls packed their bags last week and set off to kenya. they sent us some pictures. it shows gla students taking part in school with kenyan students. it's a time to discuss similarities and differences in their education annie mccormick countries. you can see the happiness on the faces of the students
7:51 am
from gla and the students in kenya made good friends there. gla students are visiting an orphanage and u.s. embassy and united nations facility. they did not forget their tech devices, they are on the other side fortunate world, but clearly plugged in to stay in touch with their families and "action news," they will return from kenya next week. i hope they have a safe trip back and great rest of the time. trip they will never forget. you have to have a tablet or telephone. we appreciate the pictures. stay with us, we're back after this. good sunday morning, so
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glad you stayed with us sunday morning, 7:53 a.m. sky6 live hd giving you a pleasant shot of cape may, new jersey. a bit chilly, but meteorologist chris sowers hopefully has better news. at least the sun is out. >> reporter: i was going to say, a few weeks from now, the beaches will be packed, but the rate we're going, i don't think so. we shall see. for the next 48 hours, today we start out with sunshine, clouds increase this afternoon. so we'll say limited sun. windy and chilly. with the wind feeling like the upper 40s and low 50s. tomorrow, fantastic, 65, sunny and milder. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you see another system moving toward the delaware valley by the middle of the week. tuesday and tuesday night there could wet weather moving in. some of the showers could link into wednesday morning. 64 tuesday, 66 wednesday. high pressure buildings --
7:55 am
builds in by the end of the week. thursday, friday, saturday, 72, 74, 76. most of the long rain forecast modeling i looked at suggest a reversal in the pattern. it will feel like summer consistently probably around memorial day. perfect timing. we're watching chris. 73:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's a look. >> reporter: coming up on "g.m.a.," the breakerring news, it's the kind of weekend -- breaking news, scores of people on the way to the casino when the bus crashed on soggy texas highway. 8 dead, 40 injured. clinton campaign releasing a negative ad hitting trump for his refusal to release his tax returns. what trump is saying. snl is weighing in overnight skewering the donald.
7:56 am
a family in florida ato adopted this dog and turned around and put his own life on the line protecting the daughter from a rattlesnake in the backyard. how this dog saved her life. a bucks county man set out on a biking journey to celebrate his 96th birthday. he rides ten miles a day. he got his first bike at age ten and loves riding. he went for a ride in doylestown with the central bucks bike club. he got a cake and commemorative membership to the club. well deserved and happy birthday. he looks good for 96. at 96 i hope i'm riding a bicycle. "good morning america" weekend is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later this morning. here's a look at the stories we're following for you, fatal fire, one person is dead after flames ignite inside a bucks county motel overnights.
7:57 am
we're live on the scene with the very latest on this investigation. plus, shaving is a fact of life, but there are closing a money saver or just a waste. for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday! we'll see you back here at 9:00 a.m.!
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- deadly bus crash. the tragedy in texas. the driver losing control in a highway rollover. >> people become projectiles. they're hitting hard metal at high speeds. >> eight people killed, dozens more injured. no other vehicles involved. so, what caused this fatal accident? hillary's new line of attack. team clinton taking aim at donald trump this morning for refusing to release his tax returns. the new negative ad. >> maybe if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns. absolutely. i can't do it until the audit is finished . >> as trump takes more heat over claims he pretended to be his own publicist, what the woman who was on the other end of the call -- >> you think it shows he's a liar? >> -- is saying this morning. air show accident. a plane's deadly dive in front of thous


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