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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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biden attend the same commencement at penn, we will explain why when "action news" begins in a moment. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. she reached out to him and yelled his name, and he left her in there to die. >> a philadelphia man is add
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mid to go police he doused his girlfriend with gasoline while she was smoking, sparking fire at a motel that killed her. sunday night, the big story on "action news" is fatal fire that claimed a 46 year-old woman's life at a bucks county motel. >> police say her boyfriend set her on fire by dousing her with gasoline while she was smoking a cigarette. "action news" reporter jeff chirico joins us live from the scene in bensalem with more, jeff. >> reporter: well, walter i spoke with the victim's daughter tonight and she told me that the melissa bacon smith was a loving mother of four, a grandmother of seven who will be deeply missed. she was staying here at this motel with her boyfriend when for some reason in his words, he lost it. what happened? >> tell us what happened. >> yeah, what happened. >> step back, folks. >> step back. >> i lost it. >> step back. >> what happened? what did you do. >> bad doings.
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>> kevin smalls of philadelphia didn't hold back as reporters asked the 46 year-old about charges he threw gasoline on his girlfriend and set her on fire. police say it happened inside their room at the lincoln motel on the 2200 block of lincoln highway in bensalem. >> it was too smokey. >> reporter: flames broke out just after 2:00 this morning. fire crews rescued three people from the second floor. >> everybody was like get out, get out, is there fire, get out. so i ran took my things and ran down the the steps. >> reporter: inside room 104 police founded birth of 46 year-old medical list bacon smith of philadelphia police say smalls told them he got angry when bacon smith laughed at him. >> he was seen at wawa, prior to this event, buying gas. and he walk back a cross the street to the lincoln motel, walked in the room, and with the gas, and then something transpired in the room where he doused the victim with gasoline and set her on fire. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint smalls called his mother afterwards and told her he threw gasoline on the victim's face while she was smoking and that she
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looked like freddie kruger. >> she reached out, yelled his name and he left her in there to die. >> reporter: police say smalls, who has a criminal history for drugs and theft, left the the scene but was found not far away with burns on his hand. as he was hauled away after court smalls apologized to his victim's family and told report their jail is where he belongs. smalls faces a long list of charges including criminal homicide, arson and risking a catastrophe. the hotel, excuse me, motel is now closed. we are told all 40 units were damaged. live from bensalem township, jeff chirico channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. it was a violent weekend across philadelphia a. police are investigating two murders and several shootings that injured several people. police are working to get more information after a 29 year-old man was found lying on the street near einstein medical center in the cities logan section this morning. victim had been shot three times, and then died. several hours later a man was stabbed to death in
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mantua, that happened at 36th and aspen street. a woman was also chris thecally injured have after she was shot, six times, in the cities tioga section. police found more than 30 shell casings at the scene. at last check no arrests have been made in any of these cases. it was an emotional night tonight on the university of delaware campus, about 100 students, and friend, gathered to remember matthew rosen. the rosen died in late march from injuries suffered last fall when he was struck by a bicyclist on the patio of the student center. at the time he was helping with an event there. no charges were file. grief counselors in chaplains will be on hand tomorrow at bridge toll high school two days after two students were killed in a car crash, following prom. daisia sulton and mchail a mostly were killed, two other teenage girls were injured. police say their car hit a tree on route 49, but it is still not yet known why exactly the driver lost control. it happened several hours after they had been at their prom on friday night.
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district is taking up a collection for the victim's family. federal investigators are meeting on tuesday to determine what was the likely reason behind last years deadly amtrak derailment, in philadelphia national transportation safety board will meet in washington, but eight people were killed and more than 200 people were injured, when the train derailed, after leaving 30th street station last may. the new york bound train hit the frankford curve going more than twice the speed limit and investigators have been since trying to figure out exactly why. they have already ruled out brake, track, engine and signal failure as causes and they are focusing on human error. turning to accu weather now a chilly night out there feeling more like march then may but it will see a little improvement for the start of the workweek. meteorologist melissa magee over at the big board with your first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> yes sarah, we have some changes for second half of the weekend and big difference from yesterday in comparison to today. yesterday we had a nice high
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of 76. below average. today our high just 59 degrees. so definitely feeling more like march then the month of may. average for us this time of the year is 74 degrees. the outside at this hour we are cooling off fairly quickly, just 49 in philadelphia. forty-four in allentown. thirty-four up in the poconos. up the coast in cape may 53. fifty for beach haven and boardwalk in atlantic city. here's satellite six with action radar. you can see it is mostly clear and quiet. wind are slacking from where they were earlier today. believe it or not we had some snow showers, some flurries, up north through the poconos. it is mostly clear, dry tonight. with the mostly clear sky and lower wind, we've got a frost advisory. it is mainly for berks, and lehigh counties, it goes up at 4:00 a.m. lasting through 8:00 . temperatures in these two counties will drop down into the upper 30's, so good idea to protect any sensitive vegetation tonight. it is chilly. that is call from accu weather. milder, just a little bit
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better tomorrow. we are track more rain by tuesday. details coming up with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa. a police officer from philadelphia who died protecting innocent victims will be honored tomorrow by president barack obama. sergeant wilson the third will be posthumously awarded the national medal of valor the at the white house. wilson confronted two arms thieves at a game stop in march last year. he was shot and killed during the ensuing gun battle. president obama delivered the commencement address at rutgers university today. the president told graduates that the world is more inter connected by the day, and that building walls will only hurt, not help america. in a thinly veiled critique of the republican presidential candidate donald trump the president says that isolating muslims or treating them differently could have a global impact. >> that is not the trail of who we are. it would alienate the very communities at home and broad
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who are most important partners in the fight of violent extremism. >> president told the 12,000 graduates to taught their knowledge but in the brag about their ignorance. obama said it was a years long campaign by students and officials to convince him to give today's address. it was also graduation day at the university of pennsylvania, but there were two people in the audience, who stole much of the spotlight. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live in university city, with the details, christie. >> reporter: that is right, republican presidential candidate donald trump and vice-president joe biden were in the audience. it is not usual spot that we are used to seeing them at but this they were there as proud parents and a proud grandparent. now that brought you the a lot of intrigue and some extra security. >> i can't believe i'm here. it didn't hit me until i stepped on the field and saw everybody involved. >> class of 2016. >> reporter: 1500 of classmates were the stars of the sunday's graduation
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ceremony at penn's franklin field. but a pair in the audience also made a show stopping entrance. >> the crowd cheered, snapping photos of the republican presidential candidate donald trump and his family. >> while standing ovation greeted vice-president biden and his entourage. one, here to see a daughter. >> tiffany trump. >> the other a granddaughter. >> niomi biden. >> it was exciting because mr. r his daughter. >> kind of cool talking about my brother graduate to go say two pretty cool people here. >> reporter: how has security been trying to get in. >> actually we got here early, so it was not too bad. >> we were told to get here two hours early because of them. it turns out it doesn't seem like we needed to. >> reporter: security lines were long but moved fast but didn't detract from the excitement. >> i was really glad to be
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done, finally. >> reporter: now tomorrow is the university commencement for the entire school and as of right now, neither biden nor trump is expect to a tend. reporting live from university city, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you. in the race for the white house democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton is focusing on tuesday's primary, in kentucky and oregon. she will spend today in kentucky where she said former president bill clinton was playing a key role in her administration. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because, you know, he knows how you to do it and especially in places like cole country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> clinton won the kentucky primary, easily in 2008. she has come under criticism this time around for remarks perceived as being against the
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cole industry. her challenger bernie sanders wants to be the spoiler in kentucky on tuesday. at a rally today, sanders said clinton has a big lead in delegates but he still believes he can catch up. >> we will to have win about 65 percent of the remaining delegates, in order to go into the democratic convention, with a majority of pledged delegates and that is why we need your help, big time, right here in kentucky. >> sanders has won most recent primaries in indiana and west virginia. much more to come on "action news" tonight, the mother of a colorado movie theater gunman speaks out about her son's mental illness and signs that she may have miss budd she hopes other parents can learn. coming up later this week is philadelphia week on wheel of fortune. we will go behind the scenes with pat sajack and van a white to see what sights and sound the show will feature. the phillies have been on a hot streak, could they keep it up against the red. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right
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back. cameras were rolling when a
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fight broke out you the in houston after an apparent road rage incident. it started when driver of the white car, tried to turn in front of the truck. things escalated and two drivers stepped out and started throwing punches. once the fight was over, the truck driver ended up backing up into the white car and then sped off. no word tonight on any arrests in this case. police say a suspicious device that forced officials to evacuate a soccer stadium, in manchester england turnout to be a training device from an earlier security exercise. fans made their way out of the old stadium moments before a game between manchester united and bernsmith was scheduled to take place. bomb disposal experts were brought in and blew that device up. it was only later determined that police say it was a fake device used to train bomb sniffing dogs. and james holmes mother is
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reflecting on warning signs that she may have missed nearly four years after her son opened fire, in a colorado movie theater. arlene holmes said she failed to educate herself about her son's mental illness. she said she wants to keep others from making the same mistakes. >> through elementary school he was a happy kid, friendly, he had lots of, kids over to the house. i noticed that he was sadder than a child should be. he was having trouble being around people. he was having trouble thinking. he didn't have that problem before. his cognition was declining. >> now james holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 others in the a tack in 2012. he is now serving 12 consecutive life sentences. u.s. coastguard is wrapping up its third day of searching, for missing cruise line passenger who filled over board. three three-year old samantha broberg was reported missing on friday, the at the time
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carnival liberty was near galveston, texas a. so far rescue crews have have searched 3,000 miles of the golf. officials say as far as they are concerned this is still a rescue mission and in the a recovery mission. still no word exactly why broberg fell over board. a group of witnesses in minnesota held a memorial service for prince man they knew as brother nelson. members say prince was a regular at sunday services when he was in town. they said he commonly sat quietly with his bible there. in fact his presence was so low key, those living around the local kingdom hall there had no idea he was even a member of that church. prince family is planning a final memorial services, this coming august. new york city police practiced today for an event that they hope never happens. they held a drill for a simulated attack any in which gunman wearing sue suit vest take hostages and launch a drone pack with the chemical weapon.
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they tested what authorities have learned from paris, brussels and san bernardino about stopping a mass attack. more than 200 police were involved in the drill. a u.s. senator says dogs, may be the key to reducing long security lines at airports. senator charles schumer is urging the tsa to put more highly trained dogs on the passenger screening line at airports in new york city. he says that dogs and teams and additional tsa workers could cut time spent going through security by half. a pet bison, yes, i say bi son on sale for craigs list for two months has a new home. the bison which weighs half ton went to her new pasture this weekend. her former owner who had had a ran inch texas put her up for sale after a tough divorce and money problems. bullet was house broken hanging with her owner inside the home from time to time to enjoy air conditioning. after two months of rejecting wrong offers, quote unquote, the right one came along. bullet ease new home is pastor
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with two cows to keep her company. new owners say the former owner can visit whenever she wants. they shed? >> i wouldn't have her inside. >> yes. wow. >> okay. >> still to come on "action news", the cruise ship bigger than eiffel tower has her maiden voyage. we will tell but the amazing amenities aboard the harmony of the seas. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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melissa has a check of the the accu weather forecast as we look ahead to another spring week. >> yes, pretty cool today. >> it was certainly cool. it did not feel like spring today. it looks like we have a couple changes waking up tomorrow morning and more rain chances. >> wow. >> keep them coming. here's storm tracker six we cannot get a break but we have a break tonight. you can see dry, quiet across the delaware and lehigh valleys. still, outside we will go, action cam was outside earlier tonight. there at penns landing working
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at ben franklin bridge. we have a mostly clear sky and the temperatures are starting to fall off, fairly quickly across the region as well. we had a high today in philadelphia of 59 degrees. so well below average by a good 15 degrees. we also had peak win gust as cross the region. that was the other big story for our sunday. peak gustness philadelphia 39 miles an hour. allentown 38. 35 miles an hour winds today in dover and doylestown, millville clocking in at 33 miles an hour. so we still have a westerly wind. wind are starting to slacking from where they were earlier today. forty-nine at this hour in the city. forty-four for allentown, lehigh valley. thirty-four up in the poconos. the at the coast in beach haven and at the boardwalk in atlantic city numbers holding at 50 degrees. the here's satellite six with action radar. we had a cold front that moved through yesterday. in the wake of the cold front we were dealing with this upper level low that is starting to fizzle out, and fall a part as it lifts through our north and east. we actually had snow showers and some flurries, up through
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the poconos work this disturbance. it is turning mostly clear for the rest of tonight and with the mostly clear sky and fairly light wind, we have got a frost advisory for berks and lehigh counties. so we are near record lows in some spots. reading, the forecast low is 36, and the record is 35. setback in 1973. very close in will allentown we are calling for an overnight low of 36. your record is 37, setback in 1939. the low that we are calling for in trenton is 38. and your record is 41. very close, in philadelphia, same thing in wilmington. we will be tracking these overnight lows for rest of tonight and early tomorrow morning. here's set up for our monday. we have an area of low pressure fairly close to our region and a ridge of high pressure that wants to work eastward. the high temperature tomorrow is 65 degrees. not the as bad as it was today but you still tap in the northwesterly breezes. the wind will be a factor tomorrow. then on tuesday the ridge of high pressure moves off shore. it is rather cloudy by tuesday
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afternoon, we have some afternoon rain, that we're tracking and a temperature of just 62. and future tracker six is showing you by tuesday, it is mostly cloudy at 8:00 o'clock in the morning and then we're track ago this moisture that will move through throughout the day, so we do have to allow for some showers especially for areas south of that 95 corridor, and then once again, on wednesday, it looks like the wet weather will hold, across the region and with damp and dreary conditions. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing it is not as cool thomas it was today. it will be breezy. a high temperature of 65. cloudy on tuesday, high up to 62. we have some afternoon rain. then on and off rain. still a cool day on wednesday. high of 64. we will dry out nicely on thursday underneath mostly sunny sky. high up to 70. plenty of sunshine on friday, 72. as we get into next saturday and sunday temperatures will be in the lower 70's. so we are dry tomorrow and our opportunities, or shots have of rain, come tuesday and wednesday, guys. >> thanks, melissa.
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>> you can find the seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day on the web site. just go to six world's largest cruise is ship is on the way to the united kingdom. the thousands gathered to watch the ship set sail off of france atlantic coast. harmony of the seas is so large it can carry more than 8400 passengers and crew, bigger than eiffel tower, and been compared to the floating city. it has 2500 suites, 20 dining venues, if pools and even a park with plants and trees. they are your neighborhood, being over run by trash. coming up on "action news" at 11:00 tomorrow there is a big boom in construction but investigative reporter wendy saltzman found out not every contractor is playing by the rules. here's a preview. >> reporter: debris cluttering our streets and where you live, a blight to our community. "action news" investigates hot spots where vacant lots are illegal dumping ground and you're paying to clean it up.
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>> it cost the streets department millions of dollar a year. >> reporter: from bricks, cop create and even bags filled with everyday trash. >> you are saying this isn't common practice. >> not at all a for us reports report we are tracking down dumpers caught on camera. >> the neighbors complained about it this week, did you drop this at the this spot? >> yes, we did. >> reporter: don't miss my exclusive investigation, illegal dumping grounds on "action news" tomorrow at 11:00.
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jeff's here with sports. phillies have been looking g maybe a little blip in the road today though. >> you may not want to watch these highlights today. they have been playing well. believe it or not phillies had been red hot, they have been one of the best teams in baseball, and not to day though. phillies with 16 runners on base, their most in the nine inning home game in 21 years. and their pitching, well, pretty bad too. they could have have used this guy darren dalton today. dutch throwing out the first pitch. he looks great. the phillies real pitcher adam morgan does not. fourth inning, walks the pitcher with the bases loaded. ph


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