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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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church contractor controversy next. tupe the number one pick in the 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. [ applause ] >> it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the event that could
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finally turn around a floundering philadelphia sports franchise. the sixers tonight won the nba lottery which means they get the first pick in the nba draft. and sports director ducis rodgers explains how it happened and what it means. >> it means they can probably get a good players who can attract other good players to come to our city. the nba lottery is a game of odds. the sixers had the best odds, but there was no guarantee the pick would be theirs. the draft lottery gods finally smiled upon this franchise. the sixers land the number one pick. and they can draft an immediate impact player. brett brown hid his excitement rather well. no need to glot but you know he was going bananas inside. the sixers will now spend the next five weeks deciding between lsu's ben simmons and duke's brandon ingram. the draft is june twid. i spoke to coach brown by phone. he conveyed how monumental this is for the franchise and the city. >> i think it just gives us amazing opportunity, you know, there's a lot of work obviously
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to figure out who you draft, how do you use it? how do you build around it? i think most importantly, i hope that it provides a real sort of injection of enthusiasm to the very patient, loyal fans of the city. >> brown also told me they've been doing their research on the top draft picks for the last year. and the last time the sixers had the number one overall pick, you know where i'm going. >> i do. >> 1996, they took one allen iverson. worked out well. >> we'll have more just a little bit later. >> uh-hmm. >> all right. other news tonight, fire erupted in the hunting park section of philadelphia and a woman is now in critical condition. the blaze hit a row home in the 3600 block of north mar virn street at -- marvine street at 6:45. a woman in her 20s was rushed to temple university hospital with smoke inhalation. that's where we go live to "action news" reporter christie ileto. christie, what's the information >> reporter: the fire was so
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intense it could have ended far worse. the cell phone video shows fire crews trying to resuscitate this woman after being pulled from a burning home. >> i was scared. that's all. it was just like real crazy and it was so fast. >> reporter: fast-moving flames ripped through the row home's second floor. chaotic moments cab captured by an uber driver when she passed by the inferno. >> it was just -- i can't even explain it. just sheer -- just flames. that's all could you see. it was just the entire back of the house was just lit. >> reporter: the firemen came within 20 minutes. the newly sworn in fire commissioner adam teal said the victim in her 20s was taken to the hospital with severe smoke inhalation. >> the occupant is breathing on her own and is expected to survive. >> reporter: second day on the job, he calls this fire a save that wouldn't have happened without his team.
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>> this is a very fast, aggressive firefighting effort. it does look like a number of the members of this company will be recommended for heroism awards and rightly so. >> reporter: the woman inside the home was the only one to be rescued from that burning home. the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. reporting live at temple university hospital, christie ill leto "channel 6 action news." thank you. this was the scene in washington today as the national transportation safety board issued its official report on last year's amtrak crash in philadelphia. as we reported last night at 11:00, the ntsb pinned the primary blame on engineer brandon bostian. the agency said he had been distracted by word on his radio that a nearby train had been hit by a rock. bostian speeded up to 16 miles an hour going into the -- 106 miles an hour going into the frankford curve, a 50-mile-an-hour zone. that's when the trainte derailed.
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we went to disaster. the ntsb put the secondary blame on the lack of a positive train control system that would have slowed the train. >> if a ptc system had been active this, this train would not have derailed on the curve. close to 200 passengers would not have been injured and 8 other passengers would still be alive today. >> and the good muse here is that technology has now been install on the philadelphia tracks. and something else came out of the tragedy last year, the ntsb said today that the city of philadelphia needs a plan, a coordinated plan, a mass casualty plan. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at the philadelphia emergency operations center. chad, some people might be surprise that the city doesn't >> reporter: the ntsb still has some recommendations in the wake of amtrak 188.
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the general sense i got by the ntsb's final findings is emergency responders did a very good job, but they can improve. [ sirens ] the derailment of amtrak 188 sent a wave of injured wandering and screaming amidst the wreckage. police fire and paramedics rushed to the scene. officers began scooping up victims and rushing them to area hospitals, a practice called scoop-and-run. well, the national transportation safety board found the lack of coordination by emergency responders led to some hospitals being overutilized, others underutilized. it also found scoop-and-run may be a reasonable use of resources. >> fire rescue does an outstanding job, but they're just not as prevalent as we are. so typically we get to the scene first, and we don't waste time, and we get into the hospital for the trauma surgeons to do the spectacular work they do. >> reporter: the ntsb also found police fire and the office of
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emergency management policies of transport during a mass casualty are not integrated. and recommended the agency develop a plan and practice it including a full-scale drill every three years. police commissioner ross says such a plan is already in the process of being implemented. it will focus on ingress and egress routes that set up a -- the setup of a triage center and communication. >> you can always work to improve upon your training and your responses, and so that's not an indictment of what they did by any stretch of the imagination. we couldn't be more proud of them. >> reporter: and the ntsb also noted that police don't necessarily have the training to diagnose injuries. say, for example, a spinal cord injury where a transport could result in further injury. but that said, the ntsb also found that none of the police transports resulted in further injury. all the police transports or none of the police transports ended in further damage. i'm live in spring garden, chad
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chad pradelli for "channel 6 action news." we posted all of the details of the ntsb hearing on you'll also find videos of the crash and the aftermath. work is underway to secure a home in west philadelphia after a dangerous collapse this morning. officials say two workmen and a third man were inside the row home on the 100 block of salford street when at least one floor gave way. firefighters had to pull one man out of the house through a basement window. philadelphia's department of licenses and inspections said the home had code violations dating back to 2008. in the lehigh valley, substitute teacher kelly aldinger is facing champs after a police officer discovered her having sex with a 17-year-old inside a car in the easton cemetery. investigators say the 49-year-old met the victim while working at easton area high
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school. aldinger has been charged with institutional sexual assault. the fbi and philadelphia police are celebrating success tonight in catching four suspected or suspected bank bandits. as we had reporting, there have been a number of robberies, recently a spate of robberies including two sprees in center city. the feds arrested 52-year-old ruben jackson for three holdups in the past three weeks. at a citizens bank, a polonia bank and pnc. philadelphias me have arrested 35-year-old ryan macha tear in custody for bank robberies on may 2nd and 3rd. they've also charged rayfield cologne santiago and brian rooney with separate holdups in the past month. delaware state police have concluded a two-year-long heroin ring investigation called operation duck hunt. the investigation led them to charge 13 people in sussex county and seize roughly three
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pounds of heroin valued at more than $1 million. it was one of the largest heroin seizures in delaware state history. gloucester county added to its tribute of local war heroes tonight. in a ceremony at the gloucester county justice complex in woodbury, officials unveiled six additional portraits on wall of here popes each portrait depicts the likeness of the resident who was killed in action or missing in action while serving in the mill trip. congratulations are in order tonight for some of bucks county's bravest. 60 professional and volunteer firefighters graduated from hazmat national certification training tonight. the event was held at bucks county community col97 newtown. the firefighters studied for six month at the lower bucks safety training center in croiten. and still to come on "action news" tonight, presidential primary results coming in. one race, too close to call. another where the polls closed
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just moments ago. plus, the government weighs in on the gmo debate. are genetically engineered food safe to eat? can they help feed an expanding population? cecily? >> tonight's rain has moved off the coast, but i'm tracking another stils on the way. i'll let you no he what that means for us. and also tell you when we finally have a day of bright sunshine and warm temperatures in the accuweather seven-day forecast. i'm nydia han. from the outside this old church looks really stunning. and a local family tried to turn it into their home. but it took a very unwelcome turn. i'll have their story. and ducis rodgers with the sixers' first number one pick since allen iverson. and eagles quarterback sam bradford speaks out. when "action news" continues tonight.
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we have primary results tonight. the polls in oregon closed just 15 minutes ago. 22% -- make that 38% of the vote now counted in oregon, and you
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see bernie sanders leading, 55%-45% over hillary clinton. sanders expected to win this primary in oregon. in kentucky tonight, the vote extraordinarily close. the secretary of state in the state of kentucky has said that hillary clinton has won this contest. as you can see by just over 2,000 votes. clinton wins there, according to the secretary of state in the state of kentucky. meanwhile, bernie sanders has issued a statement, a defiant statement dismissing his democratic as nonsense democratic leaders' complaints about the violence by his supporters saturday night. this is the way it looked at the nevada state convention in las vegas when sanders supporters threw chairs, cursed out speakers and made death threats against the state chair. meanwhile, bernie sanders has just now appeared at a huge
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rally in california. this is live in carson, california. the california primary, of course, is on june 7th. sanders seems intent on carrying the fight against clinton, at least through that race and presumably to the convention in philadelphia. will the democratic party be unified? can it be unified? we will find out later next month or the month after. donald trump won oregon with no opposition tonight. but he made news today saying that he would speak with north korean leader kim jong-un and try to halt that country's nuclear program. the u.s. has had little contact with north korea since 2008. "healthcheck" at 11:00 tonight, a landmark report concludes that genetically manipulated foods, often called gmos are generally safe for humans and the environment. the 408-page report from the national academies of science
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engineering and medicine shoots down some of the main arguments that both critics and advocates. the report says it has found no difference in the risk to human health between genetically engineered and conventional crops. but the report says gmos are not leading to sustain -- to substantially increase yields to feed the increasing world population as proopponents had hoped. the report does not take a stand from the hot-button issue of whether gmos should require labeling saying both sides of the argument make valid points. time now to turn to the "action news" troubleshooters. a former church build something now the subject of a lawsuit and at the center of a local family's unfortunate situation. nydia han has the remarkable story of a construction project gone wrong and tracks down the contractor to try to get answers. >> reporter: this is the former st. andrew's united methodist church. it's a beautiful, historic building in havertown, delaware
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county. now this house of worship is dismay for the family that owns it. >> we knew that it was going to cost a lot. we sold everything we had to get it. >> reporter: mike and jody are trying to transform this former sanctuary into a family home. but they could use some divine intervention. in this lawsuit, they accuse their original contractor of negligent, deficiencies in work, fraud and theft. >> we showed him what we were selling, how much we had, and what we were willing to pay to get the job done. >> reporter: he says john kuhn told him he could do the job in four to six months. but the family's lawsuit claims, after they paid kuhn $303,000, he walked off the job. >> shocking. it's totally shocking. >> reporter: the lawsuit also claims kuhn overbilled them for services by subcontractors and caused damage to their property. >> within ten seconds, the entire basement was filled up with mud and water.
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>> reporter: the "troubleshooters" went to john kuhn for answers. >> mr. slackta changed the entire plan and didn't believe he had to pay for it. >> reporter: he paid you $300,000. what did you do for that? >> what did i do? >> reporter: what work did do you? >> there was a lot of work done. >> reporter: kuhn says, if anything, the shlackta's owe him money. >> reporter: how much money do you think he owes you and for what? >> he probably owes me $100,000. >> reporter: for what? >> for work i did that i didn't get paid for. >> reporter: like what? >> all the extras. >> reporter: like what? >> there's a litigation going on here, so i'm not going into details. >> reporter: but later, kuhn tells me he will show me documents, emails, and saved text-messages to prove his side of the story. >> i'll invite you back. >> reporter: okay. >> i will invite you back and i'll sit down there and i will show you everything i have. i already gave my attorney over 1500 pages of documentation on this case. >> reporter: but then kuhn told us he and his attorney do not
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want to try this case in the media and they have nothing more to add. kuhn's attorney is trying to dismiss the court case claiming the complaint is legally insufficient. now, this pending lawsuit also alleges violations of the pennsylvania home improvement consumer protection act and unfair trade practices. with more on these laws and what you can learn on all of this, go to meanwhiling, the sha lakhtas did fire a second contractor to finish the job. the home will be completed next month. i'm nydia han, "channel 6 action news." let's get the accuweather seven-day forecast from cecily tynan. >> we're improving a little bit every day for the next three days and then things not looking so great for the weekend. but stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are beginning to dry things out, just a few lingering showers in atlantic and cape may counties. the action cam taking a look at rittenhouse square tonight where the sidewalks are still a little bit damp. there's plenty of cloud cover, and that's going to be kind of the flavor of the day tomorrow,
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not a bright and sunny day, but it's not going to be quite as wet as today. right now philadelphia checking this at 53 degrees. our high today, 64. we hit that at 10:12 this morning before the rain. that's 12 degrees below normal. allentown and trenton, 52. millville and cape may point, 52. and wilmington currently 51 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are in between systems right now. we've got one system, less than a quarter inch rain. that's pulling off some breaks in the clouds across central pennsylvania. but then you can see this batch of showers moving across the ohio valley. that will be moving in tomorrow. but it's going to lose most of its punch. what this really means is that we're going to see a lot of the clouds. a few spotty showers possible. not really a lot of organized rain. so the morning drive, it will be cloudy and cool. probably want a jacket at 6:00 and 7:00, 52. by 8:00, 53. isolated shower possible. and we do have a possibility of a few more spotty showers around
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lunchtime. but generally we're just looking at lot of clouds, some bryan brightening of the sky late in the day. the high, we'll hit that around 5:00, of 64 degrees. that's ten degrees below normal. so it's definitely not going to feel like may yet again. but then on thursday, things begin to improve. high pressure starts to build in. we still have a little bit of some upper level energy that will toss some clouds our way. but generally we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds, much warmer, 72 degrees, and that high pressure moves in for friday. i think friday should be declared a holiday because friday will be gorgeous with a lot of sunshine and seasonably warm conditions. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow mostly cloudy. little bit gloomy but again not as bad as today. a high of 64 degrees. thursday, we bring back a little bit more sunshine mixing with clouds. it will be warmer, 72 degrees. and a look at this, on friday, mostly sunny, 76 degrees. future tracker showing at 5:00 in the evening, it will be
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75 in philadelphia with that sunshine, allentown, 73. wilmington, 74. little bit cooler along the coast, 66 degrees but try to get outside and enjoy friday if you can, because saturday, the party's over. rain is likely as an upper level low moves in. 65 degrees. sunday, better of the two this weekend but still lots of clouds with a spotty shower possible with a high of 68. on monday clouds breaking for some sunshine, 70 degrees. and tuesday, a chance of showers with a high of 68 degrees. jim, you know with our facebook and our twitter accounts, most people are asking me about the weather. this week everyone's been asking me about the owl, ridley. so i do have an update on my facebook page. i named him ridley. he's doing really well and he has a buddy at the schuylkill center. >> no. >> yes. it's looking good for him. and a way you can donate to the schuylkill center. very important. >> made a friend. >> uh-hmm.
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>> "wheel of fortune" philadelphia week is underway. tony hood held a viewing party with his family and friends at pub 36 and may fair. there was a lot of chairing as he went on to win $50,000 and a trip to hawaii. he told "action news" he enjoys watching "wheel" each night at the fire house.
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big night for the sixers and their fans. >> they come through. somebody was on their side. somebody upstairs was on their side. the losing has stopped. the sixers win big tonight. they have snagged the number one overall pick for next month's nba draft.
11:28 pm
brett brown was in new york city. a number one overall pick can change the direction of a franchise. i spoke to brett brown by phone late tonight. i asked him about his calm demeanor when he heard the news. >> i did three or four somersaults inside my stomach. i get a little bit nervous. i said before you -- you know you sit at home on a couch and the anxiety, it is one of those nights, you get very nervous. my immediate reaction was truly one for the fans. i can't believe how patient the city has been. they've stood by us, and i think they -- they really do deserve a lot of credit. >> there is no clear choice as to who will take number one. some feel it should be lsu ben simmons. he put up big numbers. he averaged better than 19 points and 11 rebounds per game.
11:29 pm
the top pick could be brandon ingram of duke. he's a 6'9" guard. he scored 17.3 points per contest. the draft is june 23rd. frustrated, that's how sam bradford described his feelings when the eagles revealed her plans to draft a fellow quarterback. today bradford addressed the media for the first time since his two-week walkout. he did so after carson wentz took the field for the start of otas. last month he and his agent requested a trade because they were unhappy with the sways. -- situation. once it became apparent a trade was not going to happen, they rescinded that request and bradford resumed voluntary workouts. his walkout did not accomplish much, but he says he has no regrets. >> when i first found out about the trade, i was frustrated. i just felt like i needed some time. i could have stayed here, could have continued to work here, but i'm not sure my head really would have been here those two weeks. >> i told him my feelings haven't changed. he's my guy. he's the number one guy. >> i'm not completely naive.
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i think he realize that if organization made a move to get up to two, at some point, it's probably not going to be my team. >> we talked football. and again there's been no tension. there's been none of that. it's just we're competing and try and help this team get better. still ahead, the phillies look to bounce back against a short yet dominant performance by velasquez.
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vince velazquez has been the phillies' best starter of the season. not too sharp lately. he rights the ship tonight against miami. boy, does he ever. he gives up 3 hits and 5 shutout innings, strikes out 10 batters including stanton in the first inning. second inning, no score. tommy joseph. in the majors less than a week and that is his first major
11:34 pm
league home run. the phillies win, 3-1. that's sports. and we offer our congratulations to vernon odom who is marking a personal milestone here at "action news." it was 40 years ago today that vernon first walked into the channel 6 newsroom. and it was the first time any of us heard the sound "yes." [ laughter ] this morning our newsroom held a surprise anniversary breakfast party for vern. over the past four decades, vernon has covered it all. from city council to presidential politics to the o.j. simpson trial to the release of nelson mandela from the prison in south africa. vernon is very special, indeed. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night.
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ryan gosling, dave salmoni and animals, plus it's mash-up monday with music from flo rida georgia line. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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