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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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big board. >> reporter: we have some improvement on the way as we go through the latter half of our work week here. here is satellite 6 along with action radar at 8:00 in the morning a mostly cloudy start, as we put this in motion, you see sunny breaks in south jersey and light showers in the northwest suburbs, approaching allentown north and west of philadelphia. temperatures are cooler off to the west and we are dealing with the rain cooled air and 62 in lancaster and 62 in reading and 13 degrees warmer in philadelphia than yesterday. 68 and 67 in millville and 56 in the poconos and 61 at the coast in cape may. your day planner looks like this tomorrow. if you are looking for sunshine you'll get it into the afternoon. mostly cloudy start and 11:00 a.m. up to 64 and here comes the sun and the numbers respond nicely, 2:00 and 5:00 in the evening, temperatures will be in the lower 70s, with plenty of
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sunshine. as we look ahead more to look forward to. 12 days until memorial day and 32 days away until summer begins and 47 days from now we hit the 4th of july and we have the details and sunny breaks on the way in the full and exclusive channel 6 "action news." >> it may not look like spring yet but officials down at the shore are not worried they are looking forward to summer and the official start to the southbound less thank two weeks away. and walter perez is live in wildwood with more on that. >> reporter: hey rick, just in time for the live shot the sun came out in full force and it feels fantastic and we'll wet your appetite a bit and look at the water in wildwood and it looks fantastic and the winter was not nearly as bad as the previous two, but we can't wait for summer. so what do you do at the jersey shore when it's chilly outside be memorial day weekend is still more than a week away.
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michael morales says eat ice-cream. >> i have to do it. eat some ice-cream. >> while the arrival of the summer crowds are still pending they are hard at work behind the scenes at local businesses in wildwood. for example they are adding finishing touches with the miss passion of opening on time for mel ream day weekend. >> we have the flow rider in the flow house bar and grill and it's a simulated surf ride. >> but the wildwoods have reason to be excited. during today's wildwood's tourism news conference, they announced that the 2014 set the all time revenue record and last year not far behind. there is nothing you can do about the forecast but you with provide customer what's they want like delicious greek
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sandwiches from henry's corner. >> what is the correct pronunciation of gyro? >> >> it's gyro. >> it's not a gyro. >> well. >> in new jersey. >> in new jersey we say gyro. >> the countdown is on and the memorial weekend begins in nine days and the first official day of summer june 20th is 33 days away and we can't wait. walter perez. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter, it has to be better than our spring so far. now to new developments in the corruption trial of chaka fattah, this afternoon a key witness took to the stand and "action news" reporter vernon odom was live at the courthouse with details on that for us. >> reporter: good afternoon monica, court just wrapped up for the night of star witness for the government on the witness stand this afternoon
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being led step by step by federal prosecutors through his role in the federal conspiracy allegedly led by chaka fattah. >> his testimony is key in the government's case, he plead guilty to wire fraud in this wide ranging case. he is a former political cult an now cooperating with federal prosecutors, the alleged middle man funneling money to fattah through an educational foundation that fattah created. and they say that fattah laundered hundreds of thousands of dollars through here to pay back a political ben factor. he has been granted immunity. and it was used to prop of his campaign for mayor in '07 and during cross-examination, lawyer mike lee will fight back, saying he did this without the
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knowledge of the congressman and is hoping for leniency from judge harvey bartle. rick, lynnfield was calm and collected and will return to the witness stand tomorrow and the cross-examination will be tense and withering. live at the federal courthouse, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police believe they know the identity of the gunman during last night's shooting and arson in the city's winfield section. police were called here just after midnight and there they found a teenager shot three times and a plastic chair on fire on the front porch. sara bloomquist will have more on the fight that led to the altercation and the latest on the investigation coming up tonight at 6:00. >> the atlantic city council is expected to vote today on whether to allow open containers of alcohol on the boardwalk, if approved they will hold a trial
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period over the summer. anyone of legal drinking able will be allowed to be on the boardwalk with alcohol bought from a business nearby. it's meant to cause foot traffic in a city riddled with millions of dollars of debt. and a leverage enin center city honoring police bravery. with a somber ceremony remembering a philadelphia police officer that made the ultimate sacrifice the citizens crime commission remembered robert wilson iii he was gunned down at a video store where he stopped to buy a birthday present for his son and instead engaged in a gun battle with two armed robbers, he was awarded the president's medal and his family received it on his behave and law enforcement officials were given awards for going above and beyond and i had the honor of emceeing the ceremony
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here in center city. philadelphia 76erses fans have reason to celebrate, the team will make the first pick in the nba draft next month. the sixers took over the art museum in the way only an nba team could. take a look -- the sixers flight squad performed a dunk time show, complete with the stubhub logo. plenty of fans came out to watch the action, they say a number one draft pick has them ready for next season. >> we are sitting back for so long, it feels good to make a move. >> i think this will give the sixers an excellent boost getting the number one pick. i think nothing but good things for the sixers now. >> the sixers dance team and big ben and big betsy were on hand today as well.
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and jaime apody will have more on the draft pick -- you have that outfit monica -- >> time for a check of our "action news" traffic report midweek. matt pellman is in the traffic center wednesday night and hopefully the commute home is better than last night matt. >> do you think she likes being called big betsy. this is definitely not true, good evening rick and monica, live at citizens bank park, we are trying to recover why gentleman action on 95, backing up to broad street from tasker up to cotman, the southbound travel times even slower because we are stacked solid past the airport to 320. and an accident at limokiln pike and look for a crash at bethlehem pike at hill town pike. we have the construction all day
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today that continues to close bondsville road in kalin township, chester county. until then use 322, several eventses gives us closures one is dining under the stars in media. and state street is closed. rick and monica don't know if there are stars out there. >> alfresco why not. >> who is he? >> a nice guy. a commuter mess in new york city, check out the fire that put a major crunch on one of the country's busiest transit lines. and cecily is on an outdoor adventure at the philadelphia zoo tonight with clara bell the chicken. >> that was a sultan chicken yesterday. this is clara bell. this is actually a polish chicken but they don't think these are from poland they think
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the name comes from the dutch word pole because of their head. they are probably actually from holland but the animals are amazing, tune in to my facebook page during the commercial break and i will have a live video chat and show you behind the scenes footage. they have wifi now at the philadelphia zoo. and i will feed tony the african rhino later on. >> and a live chat with the chicken, clara bell. >> guess you have to wing it. that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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thousands of rail passengers in new york city are dealing with massive delays and it's all because of this. this blaze broke out last evening at a garden center and damaged elevated train tracks and crews are working to install temporary columns. they are using an abbreviated saturday schedule until further notice. the battle continues on capitol hill for funds to fight the zika virus, despite great pressure by the government it
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remains far apart. ali gorman as more from the "action news" big board. >> reporter: the house is moving forward on a bill that gives 22 million there's, the house is about to veto the bill and the senate has $1.1 billion both are short of the $1.9 million. the threat of zika virus is growing and more people are traveling to zika affected areas and the amount of zika affected mosquito will grow here in the united states this summer. money is needed to test mosquitos and to come up with a vaccine. and they are working with money from the ebola fund and taking it away makes us more vulnerable if that virus takes off again. and children and adults with hypertension disorder or adhd
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may not have the same condition. it was thought to start in childhood and continue into adulthood but several studies point to two different disorders, we need to learn more about adult onset adhd so people can get the right treatments. and finally if you keep a busy schedule and seem like you are all running from one thing to the next, there could be a positive effect. a new study shows that being busy could be good for your brain. they studiyed people and reported the people with the busiest schedule to be worse off due to stress hormones but the people with the most hectic days performed the best on tests because of quick thinking and reasoning. this goes along with studies that say if are you more active it can help prevent dementia
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later in life. but being too busy and stressed could lead to heart problems, the goal is to find a happy medium where you don't exhaust yourself. officials in delaware are urging folks of all ages to protect their skin, the state division of public health launched the skin care prevention campaign. they handed out sunscreen at the blue rock stadium. delaware ranks third in the nation of cases of melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer. they are defending the decision to have madonna pay tribute to the late singer, prince and it sparked protests online and a petition, and more than one artist should be involved in honoring prince. madonna's team showed interest and the idea grew from there and the tribute will be intimate and
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very respectful. >> you can watch the billboard music awards here on 6 abc on sunday. still on "action news," the 66,000 pound deliver ray made in southern california all in the name of preserving space history. and "action news" is about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the latest headlines and breaking news and to communicate with us. on facebook, and twitter,@6 abc.
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a 66,000 pound external shuttle fuel tank arrived by barge at marina delray and will join the space shuttle endeavour on display. it will make the trek at midnight on friday. it's the last external tank in the world. back here students in philadelphia got a lesson in the dangers of bullying. jackie frazier the daughter of joe frazier held a forum at the charter school and participants
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talked to students about the different forms of bullying and the impact on kids. >> a new place for youngsters to play and learn and jim kenney was at the cramped schools new playground. and it includes outdoor space and air quality monitor and bird and butterfly houses. some budding artists have a gallery at the philadelphia international airport. look at this artwork done by eighth graders at northern liberties. they used art as inspiration. and it was in the a east baggage claim area. that serves international flights. very nice. >> still to come a check of the not so nice forecast, but it's getting better. can't get worse. going live outside. atlantic city right now, meteorologist, melissa magee, with the exclusive accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board. melissa magee has the forecast. we saw sunshine today which was finally pretty nice. >> each and every day is getting better and better rick and monica. as you mentioned more sun is coming out as we go throughout the day on thursday.
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here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, you can see that the showers we had to the north and west are starting to break apart. we go tighter to street level on storm tracker 6, in landsdale the sprinkles are moving east and up to the north in doylestown and new hope. the showers are thinning out. and temperatures outside are not bad, warmer in philadelphia than the same time yesterday. 68 degrees in the city and 67 in wilmington. up in allentown 65 and at the coast in cape may have you plenty of sun at 60 and 57 to the north in beach haven with the northeastly wind. the temperature change is 14 degrees warmer in philadelphia than the same time yesterday. 9 degrees warmer in dover and allentown and reading and lancaster. 4 or 5 or 6 degrees warmer with single digits. we have sunny breaks to the east
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of the i-95 corridor but we are tracking this moisture streaming northward but as it works its way eastward it's starting to fall apart and it's partly cloudy for the rest of tonight. the call from accuweather we drop down to 52 in philadelphia and 52 in allentown. and future tracker 6 showing you 7:30 in the morning not a bad start, temperatures in the upper 50s and it's mostly cloudy and as we go throughout the day, clouds giving way to more sunshine. there is a trough of low pressure and by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow we'll max out and have temperatures in the lower 70s and a sprinkle or spotty shower is possible. here is one thing to keep in mind. rain chances over the next few days, tomorrow a 20% chance and no chance on friday, it increases in saturday and early next week it looks to be on the unsettled side.
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the five-day at 5:00 looks like this, clouds and sun and a high temperature of 72. bright and pleasant on friday with a high temperature of 76 and soaking rain on saturday at 61 and lower 70s into sunday and monday. hey meteorologist, cecily tynan is at the zoo with a bunny. hey cecily. >> that is right melissa, this is not just a regular bunny, this is a special type. this is penny, a lion headed rabbit and they are call that because of a special mutation because of the mane gene, like she has a lion mane. she is fully grown and they never get more than 4 pounds, look at the ears, these ears never get longer than 3 inches, she is so sweet. i'll be feeding tony the rhino, later on live from the philadelphia zoo. back to you guys. >> she is adorable. keep her away from tony.
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>> we saw it. much more coming your way.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph,
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jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. hillary clinton and donald trump are inching closer to clicking their party's nomination for president. but bernie sanders continues to win at the polls and he has no intense of dropping out. we have more on the standings coming up. and a man admitting to making child pornography learns his fate today. and how officials are making how motorcycle riders stay on course. now, to the 2016 race for the white house. we are less than three weeks away from the presidential primary season. voters in kentucky and oregon decided who they wanted to represent them in a general election. and one primary is still too close to call. we are talking about the contest in kentucky. these are the latest results, with 99% of precincts reporting, less than 2,000 votes separate
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders and clinton declared victory but sanders has not conceded the race. >> sanders surprised his supporter with news that he won oregon last night. he admits he has a steep hill to climb but can do it. >> donald trump is inching closer to the republican nomination for president. he earned 17 more delegates in the oregon primary. republican donald trump has 1,170. 1,237 are needed to lock in the republican nomination. over on the democratic side. hillary clinton has 2,273 and 525 of those are superdelegates and bernie sanders with 1,253, clinton is just 90 delegate as
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way from the magic number to clinch the democratic nomination. marcy gonzales is live with more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: hi monica, we learn today that bernie sanders accepted an invitation to participate in a debate ahead of the primary there. and still no word from hillary clinton as the fight for the nomination goes on. bernie sanders rallies in california. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the door and let the people in. >> taking on the dnc after party officials raised concerns about july's convention in in philadelphia in light of this -- sanders supporters anally protesting at nevada's convention this weekend. and making threats again the democratic chairwoman say that
5:33 pm
sanders'rters listed her number online. >> on the republican side donald trump defended himself with an interview with megan kelly. >> that was a retweet? did i say that? >> many times. >> excuse me. it's a certain amount of fighting back. it's a modern day form of fighting back. >> and trump is looking ahead. today naming 11 conservative potential supreme court nominees that he would consider if he is elected president. reporting live marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. is seems that new jersey voters don't want donald trump to pick chris christie as his running mate. 72% of voters are against the
5:34 pm
idea. among just republicans the percentage of voters is still high, 64%. and christie's job approval rating dip to the lowest level since he took office. 60% of new jerseyans disapprove of his handling of state business. she will not be part of the panel hearing arguments stemming from the bridge gate scandal. a lawyer is trying to block the release of names of coconspirators in the closing of the george washington bridge. the new jersey governor has denied any involvement in those controversial closures. close toward home a montgomery county man that admitted to video taping children with a hidden camera will spend the next two decades in federal prison. he plead guilty to child pornography in september.
5:35 pm
they said ta rebbie up loaded them to a computer and looked later. the search is on for a thief who stole money from a group of folks who have the least amount of money to give. egg harbor township police say someone broke into the food bank of new jersey along the black horse pike yesterday morning. they smashed the glass door with a cinder block and they stole money from the donation bin. please call egg harbor township police. meantime, from our -- ♪ ♪ police here in burlington county new jersey are honoring those that made the ultimate sacrifice. police chief association hosted the annual fallen officer memorial service. thankfully the county has not added any names since 1979 but
5:36 pm
officials say that other memorials across the nation unfortunately are growing at an alarming rate. residents in one delaware community are told to keep an eye on their surroundings after a third black bear sight, near hockessin. chris holeman lives near pike creek and he says he spotted a bear before 7:00 this morning. >> i walked out of the house to the bus stop and i thought i saw a big dog and then i thought it was an elephant and no that is a bear and it was running through the park. >> the black bear sightings started in hockessin and it's possible it's the same bear. the best way to keep both drivers and motorcycle riders safe is to share the road and that was the message today from new jersey motorcycle officials, in west windsor they reminded everyone about the state's motorcycle safety courses and
5:37 pm
the share the road campaign, it was motorcycle demonstration and may is motorcycle awareness month. >> speaking of vehicles lets see what is rolling there on the commute. >> i think the motorcycle or the bicycle is a good idea. you could weave around the traffic but you probably shouldn't. be safe out there. if you are on the bicycle, here is an opportunity, biking tonight is the medford ride of silence starting at freedom part at 7:00. you'll see rolling closures in medford because of that bicycling event. not far off a crash in tabernacle on 206 northbound past medford lakes road. that is off to the side. we have huge delays on the schuylkill expressway as people head home from the phils game and a crash on the westbound lanes where the vine street expressway meets up and the crash is gone now and it's bumper to bumper traffic from passyunk to the vine and the
5:38 pm
vine closes tonight at 11:00, traffic light troubles along bustleton avenue, and a crash at the pizza box at limokiln pike. >> thank you matt. still ahead on "action news" tonight. she has one of the most coveted wardrobes on tv. tonight karen rogers takes us inside of vanna white's dressing room to check out all the designer duds and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo making new friends. hey cecily. >> i am, hi rick and monica, you will get one of these for your birthdays, because i am told that madagascar hissing cockroaches make fantastic pets. when they are looking for a mate they release the air and make the hissing sound. i will be feeding the rhino back
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there tony. and great weather ahead on "action news." >> wouldn't last 10 minutes with my twins. >> she will hold anything. >> jaime apody has sports including the sixers winning the first pick in the nba draft.
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members of the philadelphia eagles gave back to the community helping to paint a mural where a new playground is being built. they lent a painting hand at the elementary school. the project was sponsored by the city's mural arts society. it looks great. >> they do that every year it's wonderful. >> speakering of good news the sixers finally came up lucky last night. >> when is the last time that happened. >> allen iverson. >> 96, it's about time. after years of finishing at or near the bottom of the standings, the sixers are finally number one at something. >> that means that the number pick in the 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> now brett brown and his brass has quite a choice to make.
5:43 pm
will it be lsu star ben simmons or brandon ingram from duke a pure scorer. i had a chance to catch up with the coach. he explained how he felt last night. >> i feel that the relief is true and in my way, i feel as a city as our fans, that in my twisted world they deserve that. and we deserve some type of relief from the pain we have all experienced trying to help grow our program so multiple emotions but obviously a great night. >> what is the actual magnitude of this? if you can put it into words. what does the number one pick mean for the future of the franchise? >> i think immediately it means
5:44 pm
this to me and i hope to us. that after being belted around a little bit for three years we have tremendous signs. that is a sign right there -- >> is that ben simmons? >> it is. >> you know in our own world kind of deserve this. i hope that the fans feel that too. >> that was not ben simmons on the phone. the fans out in force to put a huge sixers jersey on the steps. and the creepiest fan -- >> it's awesome to have winning baseball back in town, made nor special but don't look now, the phillies are tied for first place. major issues before the game today.
5:45 pm
marlin's jose fernandez tries to steal the phanatic's quad. jeremy gives up another on this double. and then settled down after that, and let his offense take over. bases loaded for cameron rough and that scores two to give the phillies a 3-2 lead. lets talk about the kid tyler goodell. he had his first career home run and they win it 4-2, they won seven of their last eight, at 24-17, only the cubs have more wins. how about that. >> it was nice to see. like i said if this is the way it's going to be the rest of year, but hair will start turning gray but that is fine with me. >> fine with us too. they don't score more than 4 runs a game and yet they are
5:46 pm
winning. >> whatever works. >> thank you. three more local contestants will try to win big on "wheel of fortune" philadelphia week here on abc. and karen rogers got access to vanna white's dressing room. >> reporter: this is my fivity part we are going into vanna white's dressing room. >> cathy how long have you been working with vanna in the dressing room. 20 something years. she hasn't thrown me out yet. >> you guys must be like this -- then. you know what she likes and doesn't like. >> when we are picking clothes we work together on that. >> how many clothe do you have to choose from. do people send you whatever you want? >> we have tradeout deals with major designer, and they send me a look book or i go online to the website and i select
5:47 pm
different styles, and submit a list to them of what they have available season they ship it to me and i meet with vanna and we do a fitting. we don't keep anything, it's all returned to the designers. have you to alter it and then unalter it. >> and then you have to pick out all the right shoes. how many shoes and dresses and earrings? >> i don't even think we could counts them. >> too many to count. >> when you started this off many moons ago it was her own jewelry and your own jewelry. >> it was her own jewelry and her own shoes and also we discovered early on that we are the same shoe size. she has taken shoes off my feet. >> is that true? >> yes. >> take me. that is so much fun. you don't do one show and that is it. you do show after show after show. >> never the same dress twice.
5:48 pm
>> never the same dress. but the same earrings. good to know. >> looks like fun. >> you don't want to miss van's latest outfit or the local contests. that is tonight at 7:30 here on 6 abc. and check out more memorable moments from karen's visit to the "wheel of fortune" set. head to for more pat and vanna special sneak peeks and behind the scenes contest and share your favorite wheel moments using #~ 6 abc wheel. i'm terrible at golf.
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lets go back to meteorologist, cecily tynan, at the philadelphia zoo with this week's outdoor adventure. >> reporter: for the first week of the outdoor adventures we are starting live with tony the rhino. laura houston is with me now. tony is about as big as they get. >> tune is the second largest land mammal. we don't know exactly how much he weighs because it's tough to get him on a scale. >> we are trying to get him over here. a lot of time with the zoo animals it's food to motivate him. >> tony is not food motivated. when you think of an animal that large. he loves affection, he loves to
5:52 pm
be scratched behind the ears and scratched on the rump like a dog at home. they came up for affection. we were doing that in the commercial break, maybe i did it too much. come on buddy. he is a white rhino. there are some rhinos that are now critically endangered. some that are extinct. >> all rhinos have some sort of endangered situation and there are only 1200 of these guys left and they dropped well beneath that. and black rhino almost extinction, they have a lot of threats, particularly because of that horn. but it's the same stuff that makes up your fingernails. >> you have new edition? >> a pregnant gorilla.
5:53 pm
and four new lemur babies. and we have a 360 shot, you can stand on the image and get your picture taken and hashtag and send the kid to the zoo. >> i'll talk about the weather, you try to get tony over here. lets go to stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see a few spotty showers north of philadelphia, generally we are drying out and temperatures yet again on the chilly side. philadelphia 68 degrees, down from the high of 69, lancaster 60 and millville 67 and temperatures own in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees along the coast. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we have a lot of moisture streaming in and generally in the form of clouds, just a few spotty showers, if we do zoom way out over new mexico. that is the next storm system waiting in the wings and that is moving in on saturday. we get a break in the action and
5:54 pm
a few clouds and spotty showers, 47 degrees is the low in the suburbs, 52 for center city and tomorrow high pressure is building in over the great lakes and we have a weak troth moving through and we'll have a mixture of sun and clouds and isolated showers are possible and 72 degrees, friday is the pick of the week, a double high pressure brings us mostly sunny skies and a high of 76 degrees, try to get outside and enjoy the weather, maybe come to the zoo. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a mixture of clouds and sun and 72 and friday mostly sunny and 76 degrees, saturday sorry about this a soaking rain temperatures only in the 60s and sunday looking better and 72 degrees, heading into next week, by the middle of next week a nice break with a high of 78 degrees. that is the weather and -- tony is here. i told you he would come. he wants a scratch and is very
5:55 pm
docile. and like a big puppy dog. a big 5,000 pound puppy dog. >> he loves affection. thank you tony for showing up. >> watch the horn -- >> i think she missed a spot there. he wants his ears scratched. >> stay with for the latest on the ever changing spring outlook. rely on storm tracker double scan live radar to get you through.
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories next at 6:00. philadelphia police are searching for the suspect that
5:58 pm
shot a teenager and set fire to a home. philadelphia international airport terminal b is about to get a makeover and we'll tell you about the upgrades. those stories and more coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, monica malpass and jaime apody, and the "action news" team i'm rick williams, have a good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night a philadelphia city councilman
6:00 pm
donates part of his salary to schools and a traffic stop that turned to violence. but the big story is the search for the gunman in last night's gun fire blast in the winfield section of philadelphia. a 19-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot three times through the front door of his house. it happened at the 5600 block of lebanon street. sara bloomquist is live at southwest detectives in west philadelphia. what is the latest on this? >> reporter: jim, i am told that the victim is alert now and talking at the hospital. he has been in critical condition throughout the day at penn presbyterian. we are told that he and the suspect had an ongoing feud, they were fighting earlier in the evening and the shots were fired at some point and someone tried to set a chair on fire on the front porch. >> this is unusual. yes. very scary. >> neighbors here in winfield


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