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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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donates part of his salary to schools and a traffic stop that turned to violence. but the big story is the search for the gunman in last night's gun fire blast in the winfield section of philadelphia. a 19-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot three times through the front door of his house. it happened at the 5600 block of lebanon street. sara bloomquist is live at southwest detectives in west philadelphia. what is the latest on this? >> reporter: jim, i am told that the victim is alert now and talking at the hospital. he has been in critical condition throughout the day at penn presbyterian. we are told that he and the suspect had an ongoing feud, they were fighting earlier in the evening and the shots were fired at some point and someone tried to set a chair on fire on the front porch. >> this is unusual. yes. very scary. >> neighbors here in winfield are on edge after a shooting on
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their block late last night. just after midnight police responded to this home on lebanon avenue. they found a 19-year-old man with three gunshot wounds lying on the living room floor. and a plastic chair on the porch was set on fire. >> we heard pop pop pop. >> i came down to see what was going on and the porch was lit up and the young man next door was trying to put it out. >> the investigators returned in daylight to retrieve shell casings on the porch. they believe the victim and suspect were fighting and when the victim opened it he saw the weapon and shut the door and he shot and was shot three times. one bullet just missed hi heart. >> it appears there was a glass container that had an accelerant
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of some type. possibly gasoline or another flammable liquid according to the fire marshall. >> again, at this point, police think they know the identity of the shooter based on the on going problems between him and the victim. but right fow he is considered a person of interest and no arrests have been made. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. a reading police officer is facing charges tonight in connection with a traffic stop last month. it happened on the 800 block of green wood street. that 27-year-old jesus santiago jesus. said he turned over for not using a signal and she turned on her video as it escalated and then santiago grabbed the phone out of her hand and slammed it
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on the ground and then punching the woman and slamming her to the ground. he is expected to surrender tomorrow. members of the naacp wilmington clergy and activists are calling for an investigation into a deadly police shooting. they want them to investigate the death of jeremy mcdole, he was shot in his wheelchair last september. the delaware department of justice found no probable cause to charge the officers involved. >> our justice system in delaware lacks the courage to do that which is right and that which is just. >> they are calling for the immediate termination of joseph delos that fired on mcdole.
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ridley township police released this picture of a bank robber suspect. that he held up the td bank yesterday afternoonp the s&p's description is similar to other descriptions of bank robbers in the delaware valley. the 21st century is coming to terminal b at the philadelphia international airport, the promise of a major upgrade in your dining pleasure. there was a big rollout this afternoon and gray hall is live at phl tonight. you saw the plans what do air travelers have to look forward to? >> reporter: well jim, people come out to the airport and are met with the frustrations like long lines but they promise great food and new technology and when folks come out to the airport they hope they will want to stay a while. >> you will arrive at love
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grill. philadelphia international airport american airlines and market place philadelphia along with hospitality group, otg are transforming the dining experience in terminal b. the hope is to create a travelers delight. >> it will be a philadelphia experience and nothing else can compare to this. >> we are reimagining every inch of the terminal. turning every gate area into a lounge. >> it will give the terminal operated by american airlines a major facelift, with comfort and great food with celebrated chefs and fresh local ingredients. >> so the ground experience is part of your journey. what we aim to do is have our customers say we want to go to the airport early rather than need to go early. >> it will have cafes and stores, passengers day to day
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business will not be inter upted. we plan on doing most of the work at night. >> and now architects and designers are turning it into the wow factor. it's expected to be done in 18 months and travelers will have access to 100,000 ipads. >> they will have so much fun in the hold room -- >> all right back out live, it sounds exciting, we are told that construction should begin late summer or early fall. gray hall, channel 6 "action new news". the public had its say for the proposed budget for the philadelphia school system. they say they have achieved short-term financial stability but need funding to secure the
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future. the group action united called for the mayor's soda tax that would help fund pre-k and schools. and the councilwoman sanchez demanded she stop accepting money from the soda industry. >> i have a relationship with coca cola, i have 435 jobs there, and a lot of the folks that live there work in my kpunt of juniata and they feel just as passionate as you about my coming to their defense. the group is open to finding other sources to funding schools but believe that the soda tax is the best option out there. city councilman dodd is looking to complete a promise to donate his salary to schools. he donated $7800 to three elementary schools. don who was elected to his first term in november.
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makes $179,000 a year for his council duties, for the next four years all of it will go towards helping schools. a one of a kind wellness seventier is open in a delaware school. governor jack markell was on hand for the ribbon cutting in newcastle. a nurse practitioner will staff the life center to diagnose and write prescriptions for students and their families. long-term plans include medical and dental and eye care for all students in the distribute. coming up tonight they put their lives on the line and today some of philadelphia's finest were honored for their heroics. it may be early in the season but phillies are tied for -- first place. ducis rogers has more. and jim future tracker 6 showing you by thursday afternoon temperatures in philadelphia are maxing out in the lower 70s, we have not seen
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that since sunday. details in the accuweather forecast.
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all right we have a very nasty accident scene tonight in medford, new jersey, in burlington county. chopper 6 hd is live over it near route 70. can you see it on your screen, three vehicles and all were involved in a very bad crash. we are told that there are five injuries, three have already been flown to the hospital.
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and two have been taken by ambulance and in fact five ambulances were dispatched to the scene and two medical helicopters. as we reported three people have been flown to the hospital. you are asked to avoid this area as you can imagine. the road is shut down and no traffic is getting by. police are on the scene along with medical personnel. this is the story in medford, burlington county. honors today for the men and women throughout our area who protect and serve. the citizens crime commission held their 56th annual law enforcement appreciation luncheon in center city philadelphia. the organization's highest award was presented posthumously to robert wilson iii and his family accepted on his behalf.
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rick williams emcees and general manager, bernie prazenica was there. and a tribute to some of philadelphia's finest. katherine scott has that story. >> reporter: today dozens of police officers were recognized for their efforts for the hero's ballroom for police lodge five in philadelphia. presented by awards for excellence, valor and heroism. >> we are extremely proud of what you have done to get here today, we are proud of what you do each and every day. >> among them anthony and other officers that received a life saving award. they say the victim may have died if not for their efforts. >> we came on scene and the gentlemen was shot and apply aid tourniquet to both of his legs.
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it's mayor was on stage presenting the honors. >> it's a difficult time to be a police officer in the united states of america and we recognize that and are trying to move the department through this period so that you can do your jobs effectively and efficiently keeping our neighborhoods safe. >> some officers tell we they were not expecting recognition but they are proud to be here today. >> it's an honor to be able to serve the city of philadelphia and everybody in it. >> a lot of time as police we get a lot of flak for negative things, this is a good event to show there say possive. in northeast philadelphia, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." hard work was rewarded in northeast philadelphia. ems squads were treated to a complimentary barbecue thanks to the dietary department of nazareth hospital.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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lots of smiles in the sixers front office and they have decisions to make. >> the city is still abuzz about the sixers biggest victory in three years, last night they won the nba lottery. coach brown was doing somersaults on the inside. the sixers have five weeks to decide between ben simmons and ingram. simmons is 6'4" and ingram has a huge wingspan. and jaime apody spoke with coach brown and the conventional wisdom is they will take one of those two players. >> on first glance it would be difficult to argue that. but it is first glance, i feel that the information is not even close to being whole now on what we have with all of those first,
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say one through five and one through six picks. overtime we'll judge that with a far more scrutinized lens and dig in holistically and understand the person and player and skill level et cetera. >> just between you and me, who are you going to pick? >> i'm not telling you. just between us i'm not telling you. >> jaime had to try. to the phillies, if you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, take your negative self elsewhere. they wrapped up the serieses with miami and they have taken their last seven of eight series. jeremy hellicson gets off to a rough start but does not give up a run from there. cameron rough back up the box
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and blanco comes in and it's a 3-2 phillies lead. and what a lead for tyler goodell, he goes 3-4 with his first career home run. the phillies win 3-2. and the phillies could win tonight and be all alone in first place. >> our confidence is through the roof, we believe we belong here. we have 25 guys in this clubhouse that believe we can win. it is shown, we have guys that stay with it. everybody is picking each other up. >> phillies are off tomorrow. the ota's continue for the eagle, lets talk about sam bradford's relationship with the team. he says he had no beef with carson wentz. his problem was with the front office for not having the faith in him but they don't think it will affect his on field performance. >> sam is even keel, he wants to
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make plays for the team and that is what he has done and everybody here trusts him and we'll go out and win with him. >> the last day of ota's tomorrow. >> may be the offseason but members of the philadelphia eagles came ready to play-off the field but the team piled off the bus and on to the playground to help paint a new mural on the school's wall. all part of the mural arts program and new player, carson wentz was there to add an aftistic touch. a constructtive day. the mural arts program.
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we have been giving cecily tynan some heat. for all of these horrific weather forecasts. and now you got to catch some of that. >> you are passing it along to me. that is fine because we have sunny breaks coming tomorrow. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, there are a couple of spotty showers off to the north and west across our northwest suburbs there in berks and lancaster counties frmg as they work their way eastward they start to fall apart and we have clouds and a couple of spotty showers to allow for this evening. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside looking at the philadelphia museum of art and we had a mostly cloudy start and we have a few late day sunny breaks. we'll look at the highlights across the region, if you look at the temperatures alone.
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so far today in philadelphia 69 degrees, if you take these numbers and average them out. we see temperatures 8 degrees below average this week so far over the past four days but we are improvement. 33 days away from the first day of summer and 47 days from now we'll be talking about and celebrating the 4th of july. outside this hour, it's 66 in philadelphia, and 59 in lancaster where we are dealing with rain cooled showers and 57 in the poconos and the coast in cape may 59 and satellite 6 along with action radar showing you the sunny breaks along the coastline in south jersey, and off to the west we are tracking the moisture that continues to stream northward through the early evening hours, as a result there are a couple of showers to contend with.
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47 in allentown and 52 in dover and cape may with a shower from time to time. we have the troth of low pressure still overhead tomorrow, and we'll start out with a fair amount of clouds giving way to late day sun. to get the numbers in the lower 70s in philadelphia, it's a milder day, as we get into friday, here is the pick of the week, high pressure across the great lakes it's sunny and bright with a high temperature of 76 for the start of our weekend. however once the weekend arrives, we have a soaker to deal with on saturday. the area of low pressure across the southeast works its way into the region and we are talking about a good dose of rain come then. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you clouds and sunshine on thursday, a high temperature of up to 72, and on friday, it's bright and pleasant at 76 and on saturday,
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a cool high of just 61 degrees and we are tracking the soaking rain and future tracker 6 showing you by saturday, it looks like we could have upwards of an inch of rainfall in the region, close to an inch and a half in dover. a left over cloud or two and a couple of showers on sunday. otherwise a high of 72. still a spotty shower around on monday and 72, lower 70s still on tuesday and then it looks like next wednesday this pattern starts to break for the better, a high of 78 degrees and hopefully it sticks around as we get into late next week. >> thank you. finally tonight the "action news" family has expanded by one. >> gentle. >> good job. >> we are looking at hanna marie the new daughter of adam joseph and his partner carl. big brother jacob is watching over the new edition to the
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family. hanna was born after midnight weighing pounds and 9 ounces and beautiful. hanna has a great app site and a full head of hair and loves her thumb in her mouth be for carl an adam all the love in our hearts. abc world news is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff and sharrie williams and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news at 11:00.
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tonight, the urgent meeting, as passengers revolt. three-hour lines. passengers missing their flights. late today, the airlines venting their anger too over the tsa. the senator calling for the head of the tsa to be fired if he doesn't fix it in days. the rush hour attack in new york city. the knife-wielding man not far from times square. tourists right there. police opening fire. donald trump's money. what he says he made last year, and how. and late today, his list of choices for the supreme court. and breaking news, the reversal between donald trump and hillary clinton. the whisper revealed. for the first time, o.j. simpson's defense attorney robert shapiro speaks out about that moment.


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