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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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good afternoon, it is sunday, may 22 i'm nydia han along with gray hall. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." an underground explosion forced families from their center city homes overnight.
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flames destroy a south jest home while the people who live there were away for the weekend. cloudy damp weather could not stop runners gathered upon an annual event in delaware this morning. those stories, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. cloudy and damp chris. >> reporter: maybe you'll see a little bit of sunshine, but it's only a peek. there's the view overlooking the ben franklin bridge, as you look closely you can see the clouds trying to thin out a little bit. you'll see brightening, but it will be a tough go of it here. the clouds will win the battle today. every now and then we'll see a pop-up shower and maybe a thundershower well west of philadelphia. the upper level low hanging out across western pennsylvania and harrisburg and york and gettysburg and stretches southward through baltimore and washington, d.c. you can see how the cloud deck
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is trying to thin out, looks like bucks county and lower montgomery county seeing sunshine trying to peek through same thing with interior sections of south jersey. maybe one or two of you see breaks. phillies taking on the braves, game three, trying to avoid a sweep this time. 1:35 p.m. start time, first pitch temperature 65 by the 9th inning, 68 degrees. unsettled through monday and all of a sudden we're turning up the heat in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and summer-like humidity, as well. i'll have that why see you in just a few minutes. peco is working to reis for power in center city after an underground explosion overnight. trish hartman is on the the scene on the 500 block of pine street in the washington square
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section. folks must be happy to get back inside. >> reporter: they are, pine street is open to traffic that's about 30 minutes ago. officials hope to have power restored to customers later this afternoon, we spoke to a couple of people who said it was a long night. we had four manhole covers fly up in the air and damaged the brick on the front of the house, all the windows shattered and the whole house listed up. peco said it was a burning cable that caused a explosion and fire. we came out, balls there was a lot of -- because there was a lot of activity, they wanted to check the basement for carbon monoxide. >> reporter: as folks wait for the power to come back, organizers with the society hill civic association home and
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garden tour are hoping for the best. the tour is today and some of the ten historic homes don't have power. hundreds of tickets have been sold, so they are having it anyway. hopefully the sun will come out a little bit and brighten out the houses. normally people have their lights on in the house to show the house off to its best advantage. that's not going to happen. the tour starts at 1:00 p.m., homeowners hope the power might come back on, peco expects that to take all day. nobody was hurt in the explosion. thank you. a quick-thinking neighbor called for help when a town home in new jersey went up in flames. the town home went up in flames. police evacuated homes while
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firefighters went to work. a dog died. the people were away for the weekend. no word on what sparked the fire. police are investigating a deadly pedestrian crash a driver struck someone on east federal street around midnight. police have not released the name of the victim nor that of the driver involved. we know that the driver is cooperating with the investigation. utility crews remained on the scene for repairs. right now the search continues for a shooter in chester after a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed in front of a corner store. police say they found more than 30 shell casing on the 1100 block of pine lane. a 16-year-old boy and 32-year-old woman were also shot. the surviving teenager is in critical condition. the woman was released from the hospital. a neighbor sailed his wife heard -- said his wife heard the barrage of bullets, but did not realize what was happening. that many?
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and you said two kids, too? that's bad. >> reporter: police are reviewing sure vacancy -- surveillance for clues that could lead to the shooter. a prayer service will be held at nativity prep in wilmington to remember brandon wingo gunned down while walking home from howard high school of technology on thursday. no arrests have been made. police say they know who they are looking for. a manhunt is underway for the gunman who shot and killed a police officer overnight in massachusetts. it happened during a traffic stop around 12:30 a.m. about 50 miles west of boston. the officer was shot in the chest and pronounced at the hospital. there are new questions about what really happened to egypt air flight 804. leaked data has investigators probing if mechanical failure,
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not terrorism brought the plane down. the transmission system sent out seven warnings one had to do with smoke in the lavatory and one indicated smoke below the cockpit where equipment operates the aircraft and one warned of trouble with the flight control system. experts raise the question that mechanical failure was possible. could a fire overtake the crew in a matter of moments? the smoke could, the smoke brings airplanes down when there's a fire in the cockpit. 66 people were on board. officials caution that it is still too early to tell exactly what happened. crews continue to search the mediterranean sea for the plane's black boxes. in other news over seas a senior taliban commander confirms the group's leader was killed in a drone strike. he died near the afghanistan stan pakistan border. top officials say the strike did
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target him, but said he was likely killed. he was chosen to lead the taliban last summer after the its founder was announced. he was actively involved with planning attacks across afghanistan. it was only a test, but an impressive one that brought dozens of police and emergency workers to philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine. our neighbors hosted an active shooter training exercise on the campus this morning. the drill simulated real life. the clouds did not get in the way for an annual event that brought out hundreds of runners for the mounted patrol for new
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castle county patrol. that walk/run is in its 5th year. the rain did not stop them. an alaska man shares his harrowing story after being attacked by a bear while on the family camping trip. plus a warning to some new england parents about teens and flower seeds, we'll tell you how they are cruising them to get high -- using them to get high. when we come back, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. > if you're heading to the
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jersey shore for memorial day you might notice beaches are narrower this year the
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combination of hurricane joaquin and the january blizzard caused erosion which was worse than super-storm sandy. our shore towns came out winter relatively unchanged. those hardest hit are trucking in sand to complete the restoration for the unofficial start of summer. you're bumping the temperature. >> reporter: i am from tuesday on, i'm bumping the temperature. the weekend storm is checking out more quickly than anticipated at least based on on the on the new forecast information that's coming in. things are looking better. center city skyline shot shows a lot of clouds this afternoon, but we're seeing before it brightening taking place north of philadelphia. the temperature have climbed into the 70s. double scan live is clear, a couple of areas are picking up a spritz or sprinkle. most of the showers are west of
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the viewing area. dewpoint, 51. pleasure is holding steady. the wind are light out of the north at 8 miles per miles per . note how it's warmer to the north than the south. usually it's the opposite because the clouds are thicker down here and it's picked up rain earlier and to the north it's dry, skies are brightening up. oxford, 57. saint david, 61. chester, 61. center city, 64. across interior sections of south jersey where skies are brightening up it's warmer. 59 in hockessin, 63 in glassboro, ewing, 61 on the boards in atlantic city, 64. here's satellite and radar, there it is, you can see the skies brightening up to the north, lower montgomery and bucks county you can see brightening and across the lehigh valley. huge mass of showers and steadier rains to the west. this should hold off and stay out there throughout the day. but it could get close enough to the western suburbs that they
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can pick up spotty showers. there's the counter clockwise swirl. once this gets out of here, note it's clear, west of the upper leveling low we think that will get in here tuesday afternoon, this high will knock the two lows farther out to sea and the weather will turn nicer in the short term. today and tomorrow, a little unsettled more clouds than sun, you'll see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. future tracker 6 you get the idea a pop-up shower, it's not enough to cancel plans, but briefly you you could be forcedo go indoors. that's a heavier shower. 6:30, peeks of sun, showers. overnight tonight, partly cloudy and first thing tomorrow morning combination of and and clouds by afternoon clouds increase and the showers fill up the area. in one or two areas you pick up
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a quick-hitting thunderstorm. today, cloudy, 68 degrees, pop-up showers possible. overnight tonight, partly cloudy, seasonable, but it should stay dry, 49 degrees outlying suburbs, 53 for center city. maybe an evening shower. the overnight is dry. 72 sun expected tomorrow, spotty showers or thunderstorms by afternoon, we're up to 72. sun and clouds for tuesday, maybe a shower east of the city, very late, now we bump tuesday up to 78. look at wednesday, 85 degrees, mostly sunny and warmer. thursday, 88 degrees, more sun than clouds, but it becomes a little more humid, it will feel like the low 90s. friday, humid, sun and clouds, 87. saturday sun and clouds, afternoon thunderstorm, muggy. 84 degrees. we finally broke the pattern. we hope so. thanks chris. the survivor of a bear
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attack is speaking out about his brush with death, he and his wife and friends were camping out in alaska. he was getting water when the full grown grizzly attacked. his wife heard the attack and went running. i remember thinking this thing is going to kill me. he instinctively put his leg between himself and the predator, the wife a registered nurse played a key role in his sure survival attack. a little kitten who was left behind in iraq. he started caring for the cat after his mother abandoned. spca and operation international
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baghdad helped reunite them. zero tolerance policy on bullying do not work. we'll teal you what it recommends to top bullies.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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sunday, 12:19, 64 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at cape may, new jersey. nobody out there today, but next weekend is memorial day weekend it will be packed and we'll have summer-like temperatures. a group is pushing back on a fierl common -- fairly common school policy, a report says both bullies and their victims
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suffer many reper repurr police are warning parents in a massachusetts town about teens eating seeds to get high. the superintendent has posted a memo on the police department facebook page saying teens got sick from eating flower seeds. they look to ingest seeds of sleepy grass and blue morning glory seeds their hallucinogenic effects. those with celiac disease, the food can cost triple or double the normal items.
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food has been donated to a food parent -- parent -- pantry. we daisy days, for childs hospital fundraiser will be taking donations tuesday afternoon.
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so glad you stayed with us, the phillies hope to avoid a sweep this afternoon after losing two straight at home against the braves. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: the phillies will try to avoid get swept by the atlanta braves the last and only time the phils were swept this
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season their opening series? cincinnati. how about the phillies yesterday. phillies fans falling asleep watch this thing against atlanta. if you blinked you missed the highlight. david low getting low. bottom 3, phils trying to start is a rally. there goes that. braves get two in the inning off adam morgan, the phils only get two hits, nothing going right for franco. phillies shaking their head after losing 2-zip. they drop 4 of 6. it gets to you after a while. i don't know if we can sustain the pace scoring two or three runs in the night as something something -- good as our pitching has been at is some
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point, it's going to affect our guys, it hearcht affected our -- affected our guys yet, we have to come back tomorrow and get it going. jordon matthews sounds lie a guy who is there for super bowl. at the end of the day, if you want to be that caliber of a team that goes deep in the playoffs that wins super bowls, you got to win super bowls everyday, you don't got to be perfect. you have to have a good idea. carson wentz has a good attitude he is celebrating in
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pasadena for his football cards and flapping his wings. i want you to know that you're getting a tough son of a gun. i hate to lose and i know you do, too. philadelphia soul, kick i don't have against orlando, it's a rugby scrum touchdown. soul move into first place tie they are the best football team in south philly at least for now, we'll see what the eagles do come september. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. a live league of their own, playing out in the seattle. the girls are getting attention for beating the boys. i want to beat the boys. >> reporter: these are the peaches of west seattle they are
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an all girls baseball team going up against all boys team they do not hold back. they take on the boys and approve they can outfield and out bat the boys. the boys let their actions speak for them. all the boys think they are better at baseball. it proves them wrong, finally. this is little league, so there's no score keeping and no standing. the coach who has a daughter on the team, admits that was not case because these girl are unstoppable. looking good. some tough peaches. another half-hour of "action news" is just ahead. here's some of the stories we have for you, some center city families were forced out of their homes from an underground explosion overnight. students caused more than $25,000 worth of damage. those stories, plus the
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exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. a live look here the commodor barry bridge. meteorologist chris sowers will let you know when the sun will make a return.
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happening right now on "action news," big boom and shattered windows and underground explosion rattled nerves and knocked out power in center city. there's a probe involving a
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crash of a police cruiser that sent several people to the hospital. bernie sanders hit the tv circuit to tell his rivals he is not going anywhere no matter the delegate count. those stories, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with chris sowers. >> reporter: the clouds are going nowhere, either. it's cloudy on city avenue and it's dry. the sun is trying to peek through over my shoulder off to the west. one thing is for certain we have rain off to the west 50 miles per hour out of the viewing area central pennsylvania harrisburg, york, gettysburg, williamsport reporting moderate rain with the upper level low that continues to spin out across the mid atlantic states. hope hopefully it stays to the west and we're talking about cloudy skies and hit or miss shower or two. we put the satellite on with the radar and we've combined the two, we have clouds up and down
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the mid atlantic to the virginia capes all the way to new england. today is unsettle. tomorrow is unsettled, as well. the upper level low may clear out quicker than anticipated. that could save tuesday. 66 in allentown. 63 in trenton. millville, 62. wilmington, 63. reading, 63. mid to upper 50s for the jersey shore. for the purpose of the remainder. afternoon look for more clouds than sun and one or two pop-up showers are possible. 68 degrees by 4:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., 67. by 8:00 p.m. we're back down to 63 degrees. for the next 48 hours this looks to be the last of the miserable weather. nicer weather heading this way wednesday. we'll see 80s pop up everyday from that day on. we'll talk more about that when i see you again in a little bit. not the kind of morning neighborhoods in the section of washington square were expected
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they heard a boom until the lights went out. the homeowners have damage to their properties. trish hartman is live near 6th and pine with the latest on this one, trish we hope those folks are not still in the dark. >> reporter: actually they are still waiting for the power to come on. pee so he says all this was caused by a burning cable that caused the explosion overnight. traffic is open on pine street. peco crews are working on getting the power back on and that is expected to take most of the day. let's look at the video. many neighbors say they woke up to a boom around 1:30 a.m. windows were shattered and many felt their houses shaking. firefighters went door to door to check homes for carbon monoxide. two families were told to evacuate for a two hours, the red cross did respond. no injuries were reported. society civic association home and garden tour is today.
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it's the 38th year for the event. even though several homes are without power, the tour is happening anyway. neighbors hope the lights come on soon after an interesting night. it was like an explosion, the house shook i was obviously upset. i hear a bang at the door, it was the firemen there had been an explosion they wanted to check the house. unfortunately without power the tour in my house would have tore abbreviated there's steps involved i think it's hazardous for people to go down steps that are not lilt. >> reporter: lit. the peco says this explosion is not related to the underground explosion that would yesterday near 30th street station. live in washington square, trish hartman nydia. thank you. two philadelphia police officers are on the mend after a
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crash in south philadelphia this morning. they were traveling west on oregon avenue when they collided with a minivan north on 18th street. they were checked out for minor injuries. a third person suffered non-life threatening injuries. a man was shot and killed in the 1200 block of whitman street around 12:40 a.m. we do not have an identity of the shooter or a motive. this is camden's 20th homicide of year. according to the new jersey state police, the city's violent crime rate surged 42.50% in the first quarter of the year. today two volunteer firefighters remain in the hospital after an intense battle in bensalem. nick weaver fell from a third story roof yesterday. he is referring from face, neck and back injuries. a third experienced tightness in
12:35 pm
the chest. one person had minor burns. philadelphia police are investigating two cases of indecent exposure on the schuylkill ask can river trail. a bicycle called 911 when he saw a man performing an lewd act on himself. police around the man nearby. a half-hour later a woman on the trail said she saw a different man doing something similar. single girl in the city you have to be on your game and worried. it concerns me because it upsets people, as well. if my wife comes home upset because somebody flashed her, that's upsetting for me. the next training meeting for schuylkill river trail watch is on wednesday. a rival horse has ended the triple crown bid for nyquist. exaggerator kentucky darby
12:36 pm
winner at the running of the preakness. exaggerator lost to nyquist in four perceives races. in the undercard races, two horses died. one of the them was own buy the owner of barbaro who experienced the same fate. president obama is in vietnam he will make the case for stronger commercial and security ties including the approval of the trans pacific trade agreement. his trip to japan he will visit hiroshima. person -- bernie sanders appeared on this week with george stephanopoulos. he pointed to clinton's low
12:37 pm
favor ability ratings in the polls. i don't want the american people to vote for the less of two evils. i want them to vote for economic justice and social justice and racial justice. sander addressed the possibility of contention at the dnc in philadelphia this summer if clinton climples the nomination -- clinches 9 nomination. he defended the voters right to protest at the nomination no matter who they support. clinton attacked trump's gun policy after he secured the endorsement of the nra. clinton spoke at a conference organized by the trayvon martin foundation who help mothers whose children have died from gun violence. the pressure is on the tsa
12:38 pm
to curb long security lines across the country. while congress is throwing them an extra $34 million to higher screeners. homeland security said that's not enough to handle the vacation season. look at the chaos. every check point is like this. american airlines is taking matters into its own hands spending $4 million on contractors to manage lines. they are looking to higher k-9 screeners. the airline is urging the tsa to keep open preexpect -- precheck lines. students caused between 25 and $40,000 worth of damage inside monarch high north of fort lauderdale. it started with students bringing their dogs to campus, things escalated i am -- parties
12:39 pm
took over in the classroom. it was crazy. people were running everywhere, throwing food. wild scene in florida. there was a huge food fight, door locks were glued throughout the building and windows were spray painted and the students put dead fish in vending machines. the public schools maintain that things did not get out of hand. they say a few students from the cafeteria it's not will face school discipline. here at home a few clouds and sprinkles couldn't stop and event from raising money for a good cause. three, two, one. check out the chester brook great start walk. runners and walkerred gathered for a -- walkers gathered for a fundraiser for sieving fibroses -- cystic fibroses. an award winning musical
12:40 pm
about a girl's life is on stage in philadelphia. 6abc loves the arts previews the secret garden. parents oversharing on social media, the embarrassing photos may be funny now, but remember the internet is forever. we have some guidelines for you. sky6 live hd hd showing the improving forecast, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues. hi, anne. how are you doing?
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guaranteed! these days, the average cost of a funeral is over $7300, and social security pays a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for yoloved ones. call about the colonial penn program now. a solar-powered airplane is on the ground in ohio for a scheduled stop. it landed in dayton after taking off from tulsa, oklahoma 17 hours earlier. dayton is the birth place of the wright brothers. the plane is expected to stop in new york before crossing the atlanta tick --tic before
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flying to africa or europe. we have the gray and the gloom. >> reporter: yesterday was gloomy and cloudy. today is not that good either. patchy drizzle and clouds in the viewing area especially across south jersey and gloucester county and the western suburbs. 68 degrees in philadelphia. warmer north and west, you go to into into the lehigh valley they could be closer to 70. 66 in allentown. trenton, 63. there's our 64. wilmington, 63. a little bit cooler in atlantic city, 56. cape may, 59 degrees. satellite and radar again you can see the clouds trying to thin out a little bit just west of the city. you go farther to the west, you start to get into that rain shield again from harrisburg
12:44 pm
into haggers town and punxsutawney this is where the upper leveling low is thinning out. more clouds and that's interesting there, more showers and steadier periods of rain out across the western portions of the keystone state. some of that activity may nudge east over the next few hours, most of today will be cloudy with a hit or miss shower. there's the upper level loaf it is just west of he -- upper level low, it is west of pittsburgh. it will go like this on monday and tuesday and wednesday it's out of here. once that happens, the pattern is about to change. here's philadelphia right here, the upper level low with all the cloud cover is sitting across the mid atlantic in the northeast. this is up a sun and warmer temperatures. that's today, we get into monday, and everything shifts a little bit farther to the east. so all the cloud cover is here, this is all sun, and then we get into tuesday, all of a sudden
12:45 pm
that low, there's philadelphia right there, that low is here, there's the cloud deck this is all sun. from that point on, the rest of the week looks fabulous with sunny skies and warmer temperatures. as a matter of fact we could see the warmer air this season so far as early as wednesday or thursday. here's future tracker 6 cloudy conditions one or two areas maybe you pick up a shower or thundershower. tomorrow morning, combination of sun and clouds, not too bad. whatever sun you see early will give way to more clouds and all of a sudden we'll see showers and storms redevelop. 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon that will continue in the evening hours, monday night into tuesday morning, hopefully all that cloud cover begins to clear out for good. tuesday is a day where it features a combination of sun and clouds we're up in the mid 70s. upper 60s today. allentown, 69. mostly cloudy, spotty showers possible. millville, 65. trenton, close to 70.
12:46 pm
cape may and atlantic city, close to 60. lose summer once we get into -- looks like summer once we get into wednesday. 80s. monday, 72, tuesday, 78. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, through the entire memorial day weekend highs in the mid to upper 80s. remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at the arden theater company is closing its 28th season with a tony award winning musical. karen rogers has more in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: based on the classic english novel the secret garden was written in 1911 and is now considered one of the most popular books.
12:47 pm
it is about this ten-year-old girl mary lenox who loses her family and is sent to live with her uncle who she never met before. she brings the garden back to life and the people who live in the mansion. >> reporter: the musical premiered on broadway 25 years ago and won three tonies. it has to be sung really, really well and i think we have a great cast to do that. >> reporter: 12-year-old bailey ryan plays the lead role. this is my favorite show. every time i want on long road transcript we would listen to the sound track. >> reporter: lilly's eyes is one of my favorites it's so pretty.
12:48 pm
the music is sweeping and romantic, it's not a kid notice, but it's a show you can come with your entire family. >> reporter: secret garden plays until june 19. go to arden or 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. tonight on 6abc, ludicrous and sierra host the music billboard awards live. they leave the pack with 16 nominations including top artist and top male artist. justin bieber is up for 11 awards. taylor swift and adele are vying for 8bbas. madonna will pay tribute to prince. it begins at 8:00 p.m. followed by "action news" at 11:00 p.m. we'll be right back.
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so glad you stayed with us, your time, 12:50 p.m., sky6 live hd live look at penns landing the columbus memorial. i know what you're thinking, so sick of the gloom and the gray, meteorologist chris sowers promises the sun will return next week. he been making that promise. it's a many days part of parenting -- mandatory part of parenting setting rules what you can post things online. what happens when it's the children who want to set limits on their parents. abc's karen travers looked into how parents and children can maintain a vibrant presence online without driving each other crazy. >> reporter: we've seen those adorable and cringe worthy videos that parents take of their children, the ones that explode online. grace are you excited it's
12:52 pm
a boy? i'm not. >> reporter: parents embarrassing their kids is nothing new. now there's social media, to kick it it up a notch. amy and her son have been navigating the rocky online waters for years. kind of like we were party together social media party. we craft the party. they get orderly and they say would want -- older and they say i don't want to be partying with my parents. he loves instagram and facebook and snap chat. i love seeing it pop up on my screen. >> reporter: but it turns out jake and many of his generation have a limit, but not of their themselves. a new study found kids are pushing for social media boundaries for their parents and asking mom and dad to hold off on posting about them. they want to figure out who they want to for tray. parents are doing that for them,
12:53 pm
it makes it hard for them. parents are proud of their children and want to show them off. that doesn't have to mean documenting everything they do. what's the balance. >> reporter: robby fox is a parenting expert who says mutual respect is the key. how would i feel if my parents posted this about me. >> reporter: her tips, keep guidelines on what can posted and don't post without asking. while the photo of your child may be funny right now, the internet is forever. amy and her son say keeping open lines of communications has made for smooth sailing, karen travers abc news. recapping our top stories
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on "action news," an underground fire knocked out power to 50 homes overnight. no injuries were reported. peco expects the repairs in the area of 6th and pine will take most of the day. a 14-year-old boy was killed in the triple shooting in the city of chester of the more than 30 though it shots were fie a corner store. a 16-year-old boy and woman were shot and survived. a prayer service for a young murder victim is about to begin in delaware. the wilmington community will remembrance don wingo. the 15-year-old was gunned down walking home from howard high school of technology on thursday.
12:57 pm
let's get you caught up on the forecast. meteorologist chris sowers i know we've been talking about the gloom and doom. sunshine, pose -- positivity on the way. >> reporter: more positivity tomorrow. 68 degrees today, cloud skies, peeks of sunshine and pop-up shower or two. same thing for monday, the showers monday could be in the form. thundershowers. tuesday, sun abbey -- and clouds, 78. look what happens by wednesday, 85, 88, 87. it's going to feel like sunday. a newly engaged couple is getting practice in walking down the aisle of costco. they chose to take the pictures from there. they have been shared on philadelphia zoo changes is next. "action news" continues
12:58 pm
tonight at 6:00 p.m. for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team. i'm nydia han. we'll see you back mere next weekend!
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>> dewey is just one of the animals you are going to meet tonight as 6-a-b-c takes you inside the philadelphia zoo. >> there is a "sense" of excitement at 34th and girard. >> it's a great time to visit the zoo. >> you can "see" the changes, as zoo 360 continues to grow. >> it's just been thrilling. >> as you walk the trails, the "scent" will tell you that animals are near. >> there's so much going on around you. >> there is a "taste" of adventure as the zoo moves around you. >> they love to be above the guests looking down. >> you can "hear" the excitement with baby news grabbing headlines. >> it's such a happy moment. >> it's an experience that will engage all your senses and bring you closer to nature than ever before. >> when you're in our world, it'll change your world forever.


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