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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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special needs, then drove off. tonight that child is fighting for his life with his family by his side. >> new at 5:00 "action news" reporter john rawlins spoke with the victim's family and john is live at camden county police headquarters with more now. john. >> reporter: hi, guys. well, this family's life has been turned upside down in the last 72 hours. the little seven-year-old was hurt very badly. this all occurred at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon on friday in the parking area of the branch village complex which is just a few doors from where the family lives. >> right here. >> jo-jo was right about there. >> right about this area. he got struck. >> reporter: then he ends up over there. the orange paint on the pavement marks where seven-year-old joel ended up after being lit by a vehicle. the by who's pet name is jo-jo remains in critical condition. his cousin describes some of his injuries. >> fractured skull broken shoulder, broken arm, broken land. >> reporter: police say jo-jo was hit by a dark suv
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with a pennsylvania plate that apparently included the letters dlw. neighbors tell the family the driver thought to be a young woman got out briefly, then drove off. >> we pray for this person to turn themselves in. we're praying for my little cousin and everybody is praying. we're getting closer but that person needs to come forward. >> reporter: jo-jo is special needs climb. at birth because of a neurological condition it wasn't clear if he would walk or talk but he did. but because of his health, he was closely watched by his family. >> he wanted to play sports but he wasn't able to so me and his oldest brother used to come outside and like play catch with him or footballism the little boy's recovery will be long and complicated. his family has little money. >> pray for jo-jo is the go fund me account there i have for my under a being as though it's to help her and the medical expenses for jo-jo. >> reporter: after releasing information about that suv and
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the pennsylvania plates this weekend, the camden police aren't saying much at this point in time. the sense is that they've got a pretty solid lead on that vehicle and the possible driver getting information from the community. live in camden, john rawlins, channel6 "action news. monica. >> thank you, john. turning to accuweather and right now scattered showers are moving through our area. they may be hit or miss but some of them have the potential to pack a punch. meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board tracking double scan radar for us. >> hi, monica. double scan live showing what's going on. we have an upper level low off the coast of virginia and this is what is kind of pivoting in some storms, most of the activity has been west of philadelphia but there's one isolated downpour right on the border of cumberland and salem county. no lightning strikes but we do have some very heavy downpours heading towards centerton road, south of willow grove road and garden road. this is in malaga and this is continuing to push down to the south and the west and a lot of activity has been in the northwest suburbs. you can see one lightning strike here. it's crossing the northeast
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extension right now. we've got some heavy downpours near boyertown and the atmosphere is beginning to really increase its moisture. so, as we flip this over, this shows the rainfall rates and the rainfall at the rate of more than 2-inches per hour in some spots, close to 2-inches near boyertown. so, if you are driving through this, just be very careful. there's some torrential downpours. this is what to expect really the next 36 hours. we're going to be dealing with this upper level low. it will bring 34 some scattered showers and -- it will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms. pea size hail. had some pictures tweeted to me. once the storms move out get ready for summer-like warmth. i'll talk about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. rick. >> cecily we'll check back in later. thank you. two new jersey state senators are voicing their opposition tonight to one of the nominees to the state's parole board. right now ocean county freeholder director jack kelly is awaiting confirmation in the state senate.
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kelly was the center of controversy 10 years ago for his role in a high profile pension benefits case involving a same sex relationship. today state senate majority leader loretta weinberg and state senator raymond lezniak both democrats say they will not vote to recommend kelly. kelly is also seeking reelection for his seat in ocean county but they said he will resign if confirmed to the state parole board. >> a baltimore police officer remains on desk duty after he was acquitted of assault and other charges in the arrest of freddie gray. gray suffered severe spinal injuries during a ride in a police van after his arrest last year, he later died. today a judge decided officer edward nero played little role in gray's arrest dubbing him not responsible for failure by police to buckle gray in. we'll have more on the reaction to nero's acquittal. that's coming up tonight at 5:30. >> dozens of doctors and nurses gather dad to support mayor kenney's proposed tax on
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sugary drinks. they say it will help curb the city's growing rates of obesity and diabetes. health reporter and wretch considered nurse ali gorman is lie outside city hall with the story. ali. >> reporter: and rick, the mayor has said that the health benefits are not the main reason for the proposed tax but of course many healthcare providers say it is an added bonus and they feel compelled to support it. 58 sugar packets philadelphia's health commissioner dr. tom farley demonstrates the amount of sugar in a double big gulp. he says drinks are the single source of added sugar. >> they're the biggest contributor to the diabetes epidemic. >> reporter: he was joined by more than a dozen other doctors and nurses today inside the clinic on south street to publicly support the
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proposed tax on sugary drinks. >> it's hard. >> reporter: mayor can kenny says revenue from the tax will help expand access to pre-k programs. most support that but many strongly oppose funding it way soda tax. >> it's a discriminatory today. it's a regressive tax. >> reporter: larry miller of philadelphians against the grocery tax says it will hit low incan come families unfairly and could also put some people out of work. >> at least 2,000 jobs on the line, small businesses would feel this also. >> reporter: dr. farley's response to that is diabetes is also regressive. it's more common among people living in poverty. >> the people who are going preferentially benefit from this are people of low income. >> reporter: studies have shown taxing sugary drinks leads to less consumption and improved health whether it will work here is still up for debate. >> it's unworkable because people will just buy across
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the city line somewhere. >> people will drink less because it's more expensive. >> reporter: and as of now, a vote, an official vote has not been scheduled. supporters also say that as of now they don't have enough votes to support this. we'll continue to follow this story. reporting live outside city hall, ali gorman, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, ali. philadelphia police say this is one man who was exposing himself to folks on the schuylkill river trail over the weekend. 34-year-old smalley was arrested after a bicyclist called 911. a woman running on the trail about the same time says she saw a second man doing something similar. police have yet to track down that second suspect. >> police are searching for the person who shot a man in front of his house in the hunting park section of the city. the shooting happened just before 10 o'clock last night here on the 4200 block of fairhill street. police say the victim was slot at point blank range in the head. no word tonight on that victim's condition.
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>> some folks in northampton county have been forced to leave their homes now that they're condemned. these homes along brentwood avenue in palmer township are the ones that are concerning. it is that they are unsafe after a huge sinkhole opened on the street back in january. neighbors affected are now suing the township saying officials did not make proper repairs to keep the sinkhole damages from getting worse. "action news" reached out to palmer township officials who told us they have no comment since this issue is the subject of a lawsuit. >> monday night, let's get a check of our "action news" traffic report now. >> over to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how was your weekend, matt. >> weekend was good, yeah, but the commute has been a little rough already. rough around the edges rick and monica, like here in center city on the vine street expressway westbound side. since last we spoke an accident happened here close to broad street. kind of under the overpass there but maybe you can see it's taking out the left lane so coming west of 95, barely moving on the vine street expressway through this point at broad street. local vine is busy but might be the better option for you.
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also have a crash in the fairhill section of the city involving a pedestrian at lawrence and lehigh there by the elementary school. crash on the schuylkill eastbound by girard has cleared out so that's good news. but the tacony palmyra bridge getting set for an opening in just about 10 minutes so i would head for the betsy ross instead. there's a crash on the turnpike eastbound past willow grove just pushed off to the side but slowing as you approach that accident scene. still have the vehicle into the creek along mill road. also the crash by famous auto sales at jacksonville road and the wet weather moving through the area into bucks county and mercer county as well. what wase we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. much more still ahead on "action news at 5:00 the the clock is ticking for investigators. search for flight recorders days after flight 804 crashed. >> plus a big announcement on president obama on his trip to vietnam when "action news at 5:00 comes right back. >> ♪
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>> it is the mystery that continues over the crash of egyptair flight 804. tonight we have more ships have joined the wreckage now search from that doomed flight focusing on finding the data recorders and they're hoping
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for a definitive answer on what caused that flight to crash much it has now been five days since the plane en route from paris to cairo went down in the mediterranean sea. >> for more on the investigation we turn to abc's marci gonzalez live in paris tonight. marci. >> reporter: rick and monica investigators here and egypt say nothing has been ruled out as the vast search continues spanning an area about the size of connecticut. the u.s. navy flying day and night above the mediterranean sea finding more wreckage believed to be from egyptair flight 804. while below this french sonar ship and an egyptian submarine scans the deep sea floor searching for pings from the plane's black boxes. >> we will announce when we get close to them or at least identify where they are. >> reporter: the airbus a320's data transmission system indicated smoke on board moments from the plane dropped from radar. investigators counting on the black boxes to determine if that was caused by a
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mechanical failure or possibly a bomb. though some experts caution even if the flight data recorders are found, those details could remain a mystery. >> there's a concern here that if there was a total electrical fire some of that really valuable data that was supposed to be transmitted to the black boxes may have been cut off as well. >> reporter: loved ones of the 66 people who were on board desperately waiting for answers. honoring the lives lost as this man reflects on how close he came to being on that flight changing his reservation just a day before now calling himself the luckiest man in the world. and meanwhile the first remains found have been sent to cairo and dna testing is now under way. live in paris, marci gonzalez, channel6 "action news. rick, back to you. >> marci thank you. president obama has confirmed the death of the taliban's top leader tonight. mullah mansour was killed in pakistan over the weekend in
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an american drone strike. the president said mansour's death marks a milestone in bringing peace to afghanistan. some are concerned the strike though will lead to retaliation and more fighting. >> president obama's in vietnam today. he lifted the u.s. embargo on selling arms to america's former enemy. the president was eager to banish any lingering shadows of the vietnam war and he made the case today for a more trusting prosperous relationship going forward. mr. obama will spend the next few days meeting with civil society groups and young up the of entrepreneur there is. >> aaa says more than 38 million americans will travel this memorial day weekend. that's the second most travelers on record. and that's un700,000 people from this time last year, nearly 2 percent increase. and according to aaa nearly 90 percent of them will be traveling by car. experts say gas prices which are 17 percent lower on average this year nationwide are driving the spike in travel. >> ♪ >> health check tonight. one major medical group says it's time to get a full-time
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registered nurse inside every american school. the american academy of pediatrics says the health needs of students these days has become more complex. there are more special needs children and more kids who need medication during school. so, the nurse's role ha has become a bigger part of keeping kids healthy and in class. philadelphia public schools cut out the number of nurses during its budget crisis although it is still an in state law requiring one nurse for every 1500 students. >> cancer care at abington jefferson health is getting a new home. the action cam was in willow grove for the ceremonial groundbreaking of the out patient pavilion. the 86,000 square foot facility will offer radiation chemotherapy an wide range of healing treatments. the center opens in 2018. >> coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00 a must see video and the message from the driver who captured it. here's our nydia han with a preview. >> reporter: how incredible is this dashcam video. take a look at this very close call. the guy who got the video is
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okay but has a message for all drivers. get a dashcam for your car. >> it's a recorder. it's a silent watchman. so, if you need it, it's nice to know that it's there. >> reporter: and he isn't the only one with that advice. we'll show you some stunning examples of how dashcam video has helped others including this guy who says his dashcam got him out of a ticket. it's a special report tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00.
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(applause). >> septa is digging in for a makeover of the 61st and pine bus loop hub in cobbs creek. the $1.8 million project will add a shelter for passengers and improve access for the day. new bike racks lighting and landscaping will also be put in. the project is expected to be finished by next spring. the route 42 bus will serve 61st and pine during construction. one choir lending a land to a choir in need. "action news" was in overbrook as haverford middle school's seventh heaven ensemble came bearing gifts. they gave $5,000 in instruments to edward heston elementary's choir. left ton elementary's music program has struggled.
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haverford just won a competition and put their winnings to use helping the choir. >> play is foster parent month. today the city honored the men and when i'm give another child a place to call home. officials highlighted the need for even more foster parents. thousands of children are still in the city's care. (applause). >> big clears today for these young athletes who competed in several events here in horsham. this was the first ever special olympics track meet at hatboro horsham high. athletes from 13 montgomery county school districts took part. events include a 200-meter run a sandbag toss and even some bowling. looks like fun. >> yes, sure does. still to come at 5:00 a check of the forecast. >> take it outside. sky6 hd looking live at the center city skyline. pretty isn't it. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> "action news" is teaming up with children's hospital of
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philadelphia to raise money for pediatric cancer research and the care of young cancer patients. tomorrow volunteers and some very special guests will be manning the phone lines here at the 6abc studios. they'll be taking your donations from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. we'll be right back.
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has the forecast. had some interesting happenings this afternoon. some folks got hail, right. >> that's exactly right. we have been getting some pretty strong storms. they're widely scattered. not everyone is seeing them but some of them are packing a punch with lightning heavy downpours and even small hail. and there's a really good line right now that's moving out of bucks county into montgomery county and philadelphia. we've had 23 lightning strikes associated with this. you can see how it's all just moving down to the southwest. really along i-95 so northeast philadelphia, that will be hitting you at 5:26, tacony at 5:30, cheltenham by five. 32. 5:32. if you're trying to drive through it good idea to pull over, wait it out. i have been looking at matt pelman's traffic cam and we have a lot of ponding of water on the highways. this other downpour i've been tracking this, this moved out of salem county moving through cumberland county bridgeton. no lightning strikes orbited
5:26 pm
with that but a heavy downpour that's crossing route 49 and, yes, as rick mentioned some of these storms did contain some small hail. this is a great photo that ryan tweeted out from norristown showing the pea sized hail with these storms just an indication of the strong updraft the storms and these storms will be around again tomorrow. i think they're just going to be shifting to the east. temperatures, though, feeling like may finally. 76 degrees in philadelphia. our high today. that's the normal high for this time of the year but allentown saw some more sunshine hitting 80, wilmington a little bit cooler, 73 and atlantic city the high so far 69 degrees. so satellite6 along with action radar showing the reason we're getting this scattered unsettled we've got this spin in the atmosphere, this will be moving to the east tomorrow and again that's where the focus of the storms will be shifting. they'll be shifting to the east. so future tracker showing by 11 o'clock we lose the heating of the day. the storms are out of here. heading into the morning commute most of our region
5:27 pm
will be rain free but we could have some showers right along the coast and then as we led into the -- head into the afternoon it depends on your location. west of philadelphia good amount of sunshine, east will be the highest concentration of some scattered storms and then that low pressure moves out of here by wednesday and this is what happens. we have a bermuda high heat pump. we're going to skip right over 80, go right to 85 degrees on wednesday. we keep that summer-like warmth right through the holiday weekend. so, the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow mixture of clouds, some sun, scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon, 79 degrees. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday temperatures in the mid to upper 80's with a chance of some thunderstorms over the weekend. i'll talk more about your holiday weekend coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. guys here comes summer. >> we're ready. >> thank you cecily. >> much more "action news" when we take a break. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again and here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. anger but not unrest following the acquittal of a baltimore police officer charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. we are live with the latest. new information tonight in
5:30 pm
a deadly shooting in this quiet montgomery county neighborhood. why a woman is now facing murder charges. and a plan is attacked outside a popular south street eatery. it's all captured on surveillance video. >> now the details. baltimore police officer edward nero walked into a courtroom today unsure of his future after going on trial on assault charges stemming from the death of freddie gray. a judge found nero not guilty. and with today's decision one of the six officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray is cleared of any wrongdoing. however, the five others will still face a judge. officer william porter whose first trial resulted in a hung jury will have a new trial starting in june. officers rice, white, miller and good son await their day in court and all have pled not guilty. abc's elizabeth hur is live in new york tonight with more on today's verdict in baltimore. elizabeth. >> reporter: rick, the judge spoke for more than 30 minutes giving a lengthy and detailed explanation of how he came to
5:31 pm
his conclusion. in the end ruling that there just wasn't enough evidence to convict officer nero. officer edward here in row walked into court facing up to 15 years in prison. but walked out a free man. >> they have been charged but they not doing no time. that's not fairmount it's not at all. >> obviously we're outraged, angered. this is a miscarriage of justicism freddie gray died last april. authorities determined his neck was broken in the back of a police van while he was can cuffed and shackled but left unbelted. prosecutors argue officer nero arrested gray without probable cause and was negligent when he did not put a seat belt on gray in the van. in court, the 30-year-old officer showed no emotion as the judge handed down his verdict, not guilty on all four counts of assault and endangerment charges. the judge explaining the state failed to prove that officer nero's actions were unlawful
5:32 pm
and unwarranted. >> freddie gray did not kill him several. twenty three not kill himself. yet and though he's dead. somebody needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: the defense maintained the responsibility of buckling in prisoners falls on the driver of the police van and that nero was not the arresting officer. officer nero is the second officer to stand trial. officer william porter's manslaughter trial in december ended with a hung jury. >> he did not rule on the guilt or innocence of any of the other officers. >> reporter: in a statement this afternoon officer nero said he and his family are lee leaved this nightmare is finally over. he also said that he believes the other officers charged in this case did nothing wrong. we are live in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news." >> thank you elizabeth. here at the "action news" big board with a major shift in the race for the white house. a new abc news washington post poll shows democrat hillary clinton is no longer the favorite among registered
5:33 pm
voters. 44 percent for her and presumptive republican nominee donald trump now holding 46 percent of registered voters. it is essentially a dead heat but again, he is technically on top. this is the first time since last september clinton has not held a commanding lead in polls about a general election. now, hillary clinton traveled to michigan today for a rally with more than 3,000 service employees international union members here in detroit. she is trying to win over voters in that state after losing to bernie sanders during the primary. meanwhile her husband bill clinton continued his wife's efforts in the golden state. he is hosting rallies at several cities in the central valley. democratic challenger bernie sanders continues his blistering attacks on hillary clinton here in the closing weeks of the primary season. he is also spending the day in california rallying supporters in santa monica and east los angeles. sanders is also dealing with increasing backlash from democratic party leaders who want him to drop out of the race and back mrs. clinton.
5:34 pm
presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump was not on the campaign trail today. instead, he met with tennessee senator bob corker at trump tower. there's word corker is on trump's short list as a potential vice presidential running mate. there are only a land full of primaries left including new jersey's on june 7th. as it stands tonight here are the totals. hillary clinton only needs 90 more votes for the nomination. she has 2,293. and donald trump is even closer to his magic number as well. he currently has 1,180. he needs 57 more delegates to lock up the republican nomination. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the 2016 race for the white house as well as today's verdict in the freddie gray trial. you can watch all of that following "action news" at 6:00. >> all right, in other news tonight police continue to search for the person who killed a 14-year-old boy from
5:35 pm
chester. on saturday night three people were shot outside of a corner store at tenth and pine lane. family members say xenas powell died and his 16-year-old cousin remains in critical condition. a woman was also injured. police say the teens were not the intended victims. powell was set to graduate from eighth grade this week from chester community charter school. the couple that founded the company that manages the school has offered to pay for his funeral. >> and this was just such a great kid at school, a great student and everybody liked him. these poor kids were just in the line of fire. >> they also offered up an additional $5,000 bringing the reward for information to $10,000. philadelphia police are looking for the group of suspects who beat up a man and robbed him on south street. this is surveillance video from outside of jim's stakes back on may seventh. detectives say the victim was walking around 3:30 in the morning when the suspects approached him. they exchanged words and the suspects started throwing
5:36 pm
punches. they took the man's iphone and a gold necklace then ran off. police want anyone with information to give them a call. a man and his seven-year-old son were threatened during a home invasion in roxborough this morning. it happened around 2:30 a.m. in an apartment here in the 400 block of domino lane. the victim told police he woke up to a gun in his face and a man in a mask demanding money. the thieves also allegedly confronted a young boy sleeping in another room. the suspects stole $2,000 and two cell phones according to police. the victim and his child, though, were not harmed. >> we have new details tonight about a murder in north wales montgomery county this weekend. a woman is now facing charges she allegedly murdered her ex-husband. police say sue chin lynn shot and killed chin if lin. when police arrived they say hsiu was sitting in the kitchen way revolver in front of her. she had spent the past week
5:37 pm
test firing that gun reportedly. she is being held without bail. opening statements got under way today in the trial of a local doctor william o'brien. o'brien had a has offices in northeast philadelphia and levittown is accused of selling prescriptions to oxycodone percocet and xanax. he's also accused of trying to sell a prescription to an undercover agent in that return for a sexual favor. o'brien's receptionist 29-year-old angela ronchione is also charged in that case. tense moments for employees of a pharmaceutical company in new jersey. this morning they were evacuated after reports of a fire and possible hazmat situation. but officials now say it was just a mechanical malfunction. that created a burning odor. employees were able to return after two hours. >> well, police tell us they arrested a plan who tried to rob bank in the chestnut hill section of the city. they say around 10 o'clock this morning a man tried to
5:38 pm
rob the wells fargo bank on germantown avenue. police arrested the plan a short distance away. they say the suspect was not able to get any money from the bank. in delaware, a missing 11-year-old child was found safe and sound thanks to the efforts of a new castle county police k-9. authorities are crediting this police dog named ax with finding the boy after his mother reported him missing yesterday. ax obtained a scent of the youngster from in front of the boy's home on highland boulevard in new castle and the k-9 traction it for almost a half mile where the boy was located in good health and safe and then returned home. >> we love those kind of endings. >> uh-huh. >> all right. matt pelman is here. we'll check out that traffic scene. >> traffic a little ruff tonight. sorry. >> yes, we've been finding a soggy situation in a bunch of spots which makes for a less safe evening ride home rick and monica. along woodhaven road the heavy rains just rolled through so there are purchased d.c., the p.
5:39 pm
the rain has maids its way into the holmesburg and tacony section of the city and that's why we cannot see the tacony palmyra bridge but trust me it's up for a northbound ship meaning we're going have a opening at the burlington bristol bridge in about 45 minutes. much drier for now in center city. there's still a crash on the westbound side of the vine right there under the overpass by broad street taking out the left lane so coming off 95 heading westbound it is jammed solid. the vine is not scheduled to close during the overnights this week i want to let you know they are going to do some construction but they're not scheduled to completely close it down. a crash this afternoon in northern delaware by the montchanin village. stay over 252 kennett pike as your alternate. expect delays on the route 10 trolley headed westbound because at lancaster and girard there's a broken down vehicle blocking its tracks which is never a great thing, rick and monica, back over to you. >> that's true. >> certainly not. >> thanks matt. >> still ahead on "action news tonight, we are just a week away from the unofficial start
5:40 pm
of summer. despite our recent weather new jersey officials say they are ready to welcome visitors. >> also a well deserved day
5:41 pm
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> the weather warmup this week is just what the doctor ordered for new jersey's tourism industry. state officials in trenton showed off how tourism is growing in the garden state. supporting a half million jobs in jersey last year. that's about 10 percent of the state's workforce. >> we are mom and pop businesses, businesses that are blowing students who are home from college or still in high school, businesses that are employing senior citizens who are working an extra job to pay for luxuries in life. >> njt ia president vicki
5:44 pm
clark said advance the bookings in the state are up for memorial day weekend. as the summer season approaches she says tourism provides a spark to local police and of course they hope that you come and stay awhile. >> ducis here. phillies in motown tonight. >> on the road. this team continues to surprise everybody. all of baseball. the phillies hit the road again tonight. tonight they are in detroit to face the tigers. don't sleep on the tigers. they have won six of their last seven games. don't sleep on the phils either. even throw they lost two of three to the braves over the weekend they are two games out of first place in the nl east. jeff skversky asked the gm about the plans going forward. >> does it make it harder for you now as a general manager where you have to start thinking maybe i need to add a piece or two to help this team if we are contending still toward the end of this season? >> truthfully i hope that happens, you know. we're still six weeks into the year. we're about a quarter of the way through the season. a lot can can still happen. but if we get to that point in
5:45 pm
july and that's the smartest thing that we can do then we'll explore doing in. >> i'm certainly not opposed to that but i'm going make sure we're objective and thorough and how we make that decision and, you know, if that's what the players on the field, if they put us in a position to make those types of decisions, we're going to make the right decisions. >> and your stock at aaa, you look at what's going on at aaa and this team the way it's set up right now you can envision this team could be a really good ball club for a long time not just this year. >> yeah. i mean, that's the hope. so the job of a front office is to live in the here and now but also we need to be looking a year or two, five years out to make sure that the organization is healthy. it's not a flash in the pan. we need to be looking at that and we do -- we are fortunate that we have a number of what we believe are going to be good big leaguers currently if double and aaa, that they could -- they could make their debut here at citizens bank park later this summer, it could be next year but sometime in the relatively near future. candidly those may be some of
5:46 pm
the best position additions that we can make to this team. >> future certainly looks bright. eagles had a special visitor in today. a college basketball champion. the birds invited jay wright to speak to the team and the nova coach of course said yes. wright spent time with topic carson wentz and head coach doug pederson. >> i think he's going to be very, very successful. i think he has a great feel for the personnel, the organization and the city of philadelphia. you know, they're three different things that have different dynamics and i think he gets it. >> temple's basketball team has a local to fill suddenly. point guard josh brown hurt his achilles tendon last week. he'll have surgery on wednesday. the team has not said how long this recovery time might be. brown who averaged eight points and five rebounds per game last season was expected to have a bigger role this coming season with the departure ofnton.
5:47 pm
>> how are your ball handling skills. >> college days are long past me he. >> you can play left bench. something brand new opening at a 119-year-old school in philadelphia. isaac ship heard elementary took the wraps off its renovated library. independence blue cross workers volunteered a month of their time to make this reading sanctuary a reality. they also collected books. george warrants elementary principal jacqueline landed over a big can check to levittown bucks county and yes she's crest in a sumo wrestler's outfit for a good reason though. students raised $1,830 for the autism cares foundation and by meeting their goal she had to dress in that sumo outfit. and the teacher gladly took one for their cause. a students got to splash a plate full of whipped cream into her face.
5:48 pm
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if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. >> children here in south philadelphia wore teenage mutant ninja turtle masks for a cool day of class. the adventure aquarium brought turtles to school today, real ones. it is world turtle day if you didn't know. it gives folks a chance to learn about different types of turtles. paramount pictures supported this. paramount pictures is behind
5:51 pm
teenage mutant ninja turtle movie due out. >> we do have some heavy rain moving in right now. i want to show you a lie sky6 photo taking a look at the -- this is video taking a look at the center city skyline. you can see the dark clouds are here pretty ominous looking and double scan live showing why ooh. we do have a line of some thunderstorms moving into philadelphia as we speak. most areas have been rain free right now but you can see this is a pretty intense line. it's all sinking to the south and west moving along i-95, 295 and the pennsylvania turnpike. we've had nine lightning strikes associated with this but some very heavy rain. this is causing problems for the evening commute. collingswood camden south philadelphia yeadon haddonfield and lansdowne all in the track of this line of thunderstorms and if we flip this over, this shows the rainfall rates and we've been seeing rain falling at the rate of about an inch and a
5:52 pm
half an hour. you see this purple, that's 3-inches per hour. when you try to drive through that, it's really difficult, a if idea to just... good idea to pull over, let the rain pals. we have seen a lot of ponding of water on the roads from that line. also a lot of reports of small hail in montgomery county and bucks county, blue bell, norristown, can king of prussia, wrightstown and warwick township all reporting small hail. i have a lot of photos even video on my facebook page showing that. temperatures have cooled off thanks to the showers. philadelphia 73 degrees. down from our high of 79. allentown 75. allentown hit 80 today and trenton a rain cooled 65 and millville has dropped down to 66 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing the reason we're seeing these scattered showers and thunderstorms, it's a upper level low cut off from the jet stream. this is right off the coast of virginia and without the jet stream to push it along it's
5:53 pm
just meandering and this will still be pretty close to us tomorrow. around 8 o'clock tonight still some scattered showers and thunderstorms west of philadelphia. once the sun sets and we lose the heating of the day, everything fizzles out and then tomorrow with that low shifting to the east, i think most of the activity will be across south jersey. some showers possible in the morning and then the afternoon you get there heating, you get the convective activity, the thunderstorms bubbling up around 5:30 and then generally east of philadelphia. then we get that low pressure out of here and we will be under the influence of this, bermuda high. you know what that means. that means a classic summertime heat pump. very warm on wednesday and then progressively more humid as we led through the hole -- head through the holiday weekend. it's going the feel like summer. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow we got to do this all over again. clouds mixing with sun, thunderstorms possible in the afternoon, mainly east of philadelphia, the high 79. on wednesday, we get that sunshine. it's warm, it's not that humid, 85, great weather for
5:54 pm
me to head to the zoo and feed the giraffes. on thursday it gets more humid, 87 degrees with a pop-up shower or thunderstorm and then we really keep that chance of thunderstorms right through the weekend. it will be warm and humid. i don't see any day being a washout but definitely keep your eye to the sky through the holiday weekend with temperatures generally in the mid to upper 80's through sunday, dropping to the low 80's by monday. it's kind of ironic we haven't hit 80 degrees once this month. >> right. >> we're heading right to 85 degrees. >> several days, wow. >> lot of pop-ups there. >> yes, that's what you get with heat and humidity. >> thank you cecily. showers in the forecast. be sure to check 6abc/weather. storm tracker six radar will let you know if any of that rain is headed your way. >> there are just two more nights of "dancing with the stars" and only one chance now to win the coveted mirrorball trophy. it is tight race between the final three contestants page van sander nile demarco and ginger zee. ginger injured her pelvis
5:55 pm
during warmups last week and still unclear if she'll be allowed to dance tonight. find out when you watch the two night season finale beginning at 8 o'clock this evening, tomorrow night at 9:00 only on 6abc. >> are you engaged? >> i can't confirm that. >> okay. >> or deny that. >> the premiere of season 12 of the bachelorette. jo-jo fletcher was on live with kelly this morning and you heard it, she didn't give any big news away. this is the 25-year-old real estate developer's second chance at love after being rejected by latch lore ben higgins last season. watch jo-jo meet the men, 26 bachelors tonight at 9:00 on 6abc.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> ♪ >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories. a south jersey community mourning the tragic death of a teenager by a suspected drunk driver. >> also homeowners in northampton county file lawsuits after their homes are left teeter on th teetering on f
5:58 pm
a sinkhole. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. good night. >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night the pennsylvania supreme court denies a stay in the criminal case of bill cosby. and a teenaged driver crashes a sports car in talleyville, delaware. but the big story on "action news" tonight, stormy weather raking parts of the region at this moment. we are watching thunderstorms
6:00 pm
blowing through the tri-state area. that's a live picture on sky6 of center city philadelphia. some of you may be experiencing strong wind gusts and small hail. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the "action news" big board. cecily, what's the latest track of these storms? >> and jim, all these storms are really sinking to the south and west. the bigger picture on double scan live showing what's going on, got an upper level low sitting off the coast of virginia and this is what's pivoting the storms in and i've been tracking this one line of storms moving into philadelphia. it's raining in philadelphia but actually the heavier downpours are either west or east of center city. we've got one area of very heavy downpours sitting right over route 130 near camden, another one that's moving through new jersey turnpike and moorestown not only four lightning strikes sorted with this view so really the big problem it's not the


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