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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 24, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, snap chat soap opera. >> i'm seriously in love with you. >> looking for love? snap chat may be your answer, especially if you want an audience for your fairy tale. >> tonight the couple behind this viral romance shows you the new way to love online. >> bring on the men. and tonight a new season of the bachelorette begins, but what really happens after that final rose ceremony? >> i love you. >> i love you more than anything. >> we're with former bachelorette, andy as she tells all. it rocked me. it was heart break. >> plus the chewbacca mom's moment of bliss becomes the biggest facebook video ever.
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good evening, since the time of shakespeare and before that, tales of star crossed lovers from riveted audiences.
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the basic story hasn't changed much but format has. tonight two college students find love through on app with an audience cheering them on in realtime on snap chat. >> the guy wearing the vikings ver ji on the snap story, i'm in love with you. find me. >> reporter: a snap chat post, but ground breaking in the simplicity. >> i don't make the first move. >> reporter: the object of her desire, this guy with great hair. spotted wearing that vikings jersey on the university of wisconsin's snap chat account. >> she said guy in the jersey, i need your story. i'm seriously in love with you. that was a surprise. >> to the girl from memorial library, it looks like they took down my first snap. it's okay. if it's fate, maybe they'll post
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this one. >> reporter: he suggests a meeting. will they meet, kiss, fall in love? >> we really hope this couple gets together. >> we're expecting an update tomorrow on the mystery girl. >> we need to know. >> reporter: and she didn't show. >> i thought after that there was really no chance of us meeting up, because it had passed the time. >> reporter: it turns out she didn't see his time suggestion. >> i put my phone down and i wasn't looking at it because i was embarrassed. when i looked at it it was past 8:30. it was 9:30. i fluffed my hair and opened my phone. i didn't realize you replied. i missed the meeting. if it's fate, i'll see you out tonight. >> reporter: by this point, many of the colleges, 42,000 students, enthralled in this
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digital tale. >> get your ass up and find that girl. she's looking for you. >> reporter: a snap chat so far that's part romeo and juliet. >> here's looking at you, kid. >> reporter: a smidge of rick and elsa. kind of ross and rachel. welcome to when reed might meet abbie. what does this tell us about our time? snap chat is not supposed to be a hookup app. we're talking online evolution. snap chat was meant to do social stuff, not dating. >> this is the first time i've ever reached out to someone over snap chat. >> reporter: it's not for dating? >> it's not for dating, per se, but it's a great way to date. you're actually watching people in realtime to see what their lifestyle looks like. it's not just these very staged perfectly lit photos of them that they have on an online dating profile. doing things they like to do in their real life. >> reporter: take this d.j.,
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record producer, but found fame by keeping it real on snap chat. >> you ever feel stressed out? get a haircut. >> reporter: in the filter filled life, it's the raw ordinary moments that people crave. >> the key is never be afraid of being yourself. >> they don't want you to wear the wrong fur. >> reporter: this guy wants in. >> i'm 29 and from rodondo beach. >> reporter: he wants to leverage every app he can to find love. why not just use tinder? >> tinder, you go there, it's pretty much a have sex site. >> if you goal to hook up with a bunch of people, have a blast. if your goal is to possibly find a relationship, then you need to be strategic. >> reporter: okay, here he is under instruction. >> with snap chat you can use filters to make yourself look better, but it's more sp
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spontaneo spontaneous, and then you the videos. >> i would love to see them in the flesh how they are. >> reporter: i met my wife in the flesh. but snap chat may also be the next frontier in dating because of the new nearby feature. you can find fellow snap chatters wherever you are. apparently it's not the only nondating app now used for dating. >> facebook, instagram and linked in are also used as platforms for dating. >> jimmy: linked in dating? mid level management types with an urge to get jiggy. there are some pitfalls. for example, not everyone on snap chat or linked in is looking for love. >> i've gotten my fair share of [ bleep ] picks. sometimes it's someone who i've had a conversation with skpleetly different and i'm disappointed because i thought you were cool. sometimes i'll be like, what you're doing is 100% sexual harassment and you shouldn't do
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it to anyone. i always block them. >> reporter: what's so wrong with actual dating sites where at least you know you all want the same thing? >> some people have a stigma against online and app dating, but the other social platforms feel safe. >> reporter: back to sleepless in seattle. >> if it's fate, i'll see you out tonight. >> reporter: wistful in wisconsin. he saw the last post suggesting she'll be out later. >> i got the project to finish up here, but i can probably make it out later for a drink. >> my friends were texting me, you have to figure this out. >> i'll let you know where i tend up tonight. stay tuned. >> just finishing up at the discovery center. thanks for your support. this is going up on my my space. >> reporter: everyone is rooting for them. >> this viking dude, if he doesn't get her, he is dumb as hell. >> finally i went to the college club which is a bar here.
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>> she's here, right? are you going to find her? i don't know where she is. all right. >> it's going to happen. >> i got really nervous and anxious and panicked a little bit and left. >> don't you do this mystery girl. do not do this. if you left, i'm going to be as devastated as i was when jo jo did not win the bachelor. >> girl, i'm here. at college club waiting for you. >> i'm outside the kk. >> reporter: go back in. >> come find me. >> i went down the stairs and there she was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. >> we were on different levels but it was pretty emotional. ? >> it was exciting. >> reporter: relief on cam can pus. >> i just woke up for class, and found out that they found each other, and it was better than any dream i could have possibly had. >> i'm not really ashamed to say we met on social media. >> a digital fairy tale others
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say does that stuff happen in real life? >> pretty genuine, i would say. i don't really care. it doesn't really bother me that people think it's -- it's not. >> it's usually older generations saying kids try to get the attention. it's a setup. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, knock the old dis. this is the future. >> it becomes a dating thing. if there was a snap chat two where they make it, it would be like we were the creators. >> reporter: "nightline" in los angeles. next with the bachelorette beginning a new season we asked what really happens that have final rose ceremony. you'll hear from a woman who has been there, and we watch up with the laughing chewbacca mom to spiked sales. ♪ it's difficult to see someone you love struggle. i miss out on life's little moments.
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if you caught the premier of the new season of the bachelorette tonight, you might be wondering what really happens when the lights go off, the camera goes away and the couple rides off bat sunset. it's not always pretty. we hear a woman who lived it tell her story tonight. >> reporter: jo jo fletcher kicked off the 12th season of the bachelorette in style tonight. it delivered the bizarre moments we've come to expect. ♪ you don't know me, but we'll probably go on some dates ♪ >> reporter: is one of them her prince charming. it's a house full of contestants looking for a life changing
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romance, but there are as many famous fizzles. what happens when the show is over? we first met andi dorfman as one of the women vying for the heart of one man then shunning him as a force to be reckoned with after a public smack down. >> it's offensive that you're honest. >> it's different being honest and being [ bleep ]. >> i love you so much. >> the no nonsense prosecutor from atlanta then became the star of the tenth season of the bachelorette. she fell head over heals with josh murray and got engaged. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> reporter: was it love at first sight? >> i think so. i don't know if you're ever 100% sure, but i think i did. >> reporter: every yells cut, everyone goes away. you're standing there with your fiance. what's going through your mind? >> it felt like we were there and everyone else was strangers.
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the funny thing is i remember after they yelled cut they gave us our cell phones. i got his number. and i went i'm getting your phone number for the first time. things like that are kind of funny. >> they called it quits after a brief nine month engagement. overnight she found herself in a painfully public breakup. >> i know this is honestly, like, the biggest failure of my life so far. i understand that. >> reporter: how do you go from being madly in love in eight weeks to we give up within a matter of months? >> i don't think i'll ever know the answer to that. obviously i can look back and see little things here and there, but how do you go from madly in love to just completely done? >> reporter: andi found herself unable to leave the house. >> i slept until noon and watch tv and loaf around in yoga pants
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and smelly t shirts and drink wine. i was just a loser in a sense. >> reporter: it got gritty for a while. >> i don't generally think of myself as a weak person, but it rocked me. >> reporter: two months later she opted for a life in a new city. >> a one way ticket and a broken heart. >> you're a completely different person. >> now she's pulling back the curtain on her broken heart. >> don't you love a good shirt that tells you the message. >> revealing her version in her new book, including what happens behind closed doors in that fantasy suite. dish for a minute about the fantasy suite. >> the first moment where the door closes and there's no cameras there, it's like this
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deep breath. both people just go, oh. >> what's it like in there? >> it's romantic. they pick these romantic honeymoon type suites. >> where the magic is supposed to happen? >> yeah. sometimes it does. sometimes it doesn't. >> reporter: for andi, it did, twice. >> i'm glad you're here. >> yeah. >> nick, what are you thinking? >> reporter: something that only came out when she was publicly confronted by one of two men she was choosing between. >> i'm not sure why you made love with me. >> first of all, i think that's kind of below the belt. i think that's something that should be kept private. >> reporter: what made it seem right for you to get intimate with both men? >> i was at a point where i felt deeply for two men. every woman looking to be with a man for the rest of their life probably feels like they can
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extend that enti massintimacy i bedroom. >> was it time for a test drive, something like that? >> sure. it's s kpse. i'm not a virgin. can't expect me to leave as one. nick got the backlash for slut shaming. it's not taboo when the bachelor goes into that fantasy suite, but we put hype on the female. >> i know the reason. it's called sexism. she later chose josh, but once the cameras went away, things started to fall apart. >> reporter: i think he didn't know how to handle my independence. >> i think i blamed myself. little things whether it was not going out and seeing my friends as often or feeling like i had to return home at a certain time or feeling like i was kind of my
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where abouts were always in question. >> reporter: you felt emotionally bruised by it. >> i didn't like how i felt on a daily basis. >> reporter: because she was acting jealous? >> it was a fight. it was like a huge fight and i started to feel like did i do something wrong in maybe that was disrespectful. >> reporter: after months of bickering, they both decided to end it, but it took her weeks to build up the courage to go back to the home they shared and get her stuff. >> i remember walking in the door and seeing all my stuff piled up in the corner that i think -- it will never escape me, that feeling of being disposable. >> reporter: in the pile were things josh had given her. with anger, she set them on fire. >> i burned it in the fireplace. i'm angry, throw it in. wasn't the most mature approach. on tv i always felt a need to be
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my best, and i wasn't at my best when i was going through a breakup, and that's the truth. sometimes you have to embrace the weakness. >> we reached out to josh and he told us, how is one supposed to comment on a fictional novel? i choose to go through life building others up, not tearing them down. i wish her nothing but the best in her new career. >> i love my neighborhood because it's got that neighborhood friendly feel to it. >> reporter: now living in new york, the former prosecutor says she wants to keep writing and try being a real life bachelorette. do you feel like the world is your oyster? it's exciting to start over. >> it is. it's scary in a sense. i have nothing to lose and everything to gain. it's kind of like this silver lining of heart break. >> reporter: andi said she's savoring the sweetness of life as a single lady. >> a cup cake on the corner of new york city streets.
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finally tonight, all it took was one mom and one deeply silly mask to break the internet. it is the laugh heard around the world says 37-year-old candace payne post third down video. it's become a viral sensation. >> i'm such a happy chewbacca. >> reporter: it is the most widely seen facebook live video ever. that infectious laugh is delighting viewers who are now posting their own youtube videos laughing as they watch payne. her video won the approval of an actor who played chewbacca. retailers are laughing all the way to the bank. the mask is


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