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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, fighting words from several of the presidential candidates. hillary clinton is going after donald trump's business record. this while bernie sanders makes a new prediction about the democratic convention and trump launches his harshest attack yet against former president bill clinton. then president obama's historic trip to vietnam. talking this morning about his concerns for that country and taking some time to share a meal with a well-known world traveling celebrity chef. talk about a tough spot to be in. it took hours for rescuers to free the driver of this truck ahead. hear the reason why that driver is being called a hero. michael jackson like you've never heard him before. ♪ the cello playing stars with
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their unique version of "smooth criminal." good tuesday morning to you all. we begin with the battle for the white house. it seems like these attacks are getting more personal by the day. >> donald trump and hillary clinton take their best shots, bernie sanders is not letting up. we get more from abc's stephanie ramos live in washington. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: phillip, good morning. good morning, diane. soy the clinton campaign, they continue to fight this two-front war against donald trump and bernie sanders who says he's going to stick it out in this campaign until the last primary vote. hillary clinton came out swinging during a speech in detroit. going after donald trump on everything from his immigration stance to his business record. >> trump economics is a recipe of foe lower wages, more debt. >> reporter: clinton saying trump would bankrupt the country. >> i mean ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a
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casino? really? >> reporter: trump taking his own shots at clinton as new polls show an even race, digging up years old audio for this attack ad. >> i was very nervous. >> reporter: using the voice of monica lewinsky, the trump campaign posting this with an image of bill clinton smoking a cigar and other women who raised accusations of sexual misconduct against the former president. the clinton campaign not budging maintaining that this tactic will not work with voters. >> i know that that's exactly what he is fishing for and, you know, i'm not going to be responding. >> reporter: as for bernie sanders, he's not going down without a fight. the vermont senator telling the ap that the democratic convention this summer could be messy as he pushes the party to adopt his progressive agenda. >> democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle. >> reporter: sanders disappointed that clinton won't take him up on a debate in the golden state. >> i think it is a little bit insulting to the people of
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california, our largest state. >> reporter: hillary clinton instead of a debate wanting to focus her attention on donald trump and the general election. phillip and diane, back over to you. >> abc's stephanie ramos, stephanie, thank you. president obama's wrapping up his second day in vietnam by taking a stand for human rights. earlier this morning the president spoke directly to the vietnamese people in the capital of hanoi and pushed for closer ties and pressed the government there to improve human rights. he then sat down for a roundtable with activists. >> vietnam has made remarkable strides in many ways, the economy is growing quickly. but that as i indicated yesterday there are still areas of significant concern in terms of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, accountability with respect to government. >> reporter: the president said some activists had been barred from attending his speech. last night he also took some time to sample vietnamese fare with celebrity chef anthony
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bourdain, the beer and traditional dish of pork and noodles costs just 6 bucks. there's been a shake-up at the tsa. its top security official was replaced a month after accusations he received $90,000 in bonuses despite poor management. a new leadership team is in charge of passenger screening at chicago's o'hare airport. o'hare has had some of the worst problems with long lines for screening. a french ship has joined search efforts in the mediterranean for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804. >> six days after it went down there are still questions about that flight's last moments. abc's molly hunt ser in cairo with more. >> reporter: the search area still expanding with no sign of the black boxes. a french navy ship with sonar equipment capable of picking up the pings from the black boxes. also on the hunt an egyptian submarine robot down at 10,000 feet but racing the clock. the batteries only last another
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three weeks and the debris field already identified could be miles from the crash site and resting spot of the black boxes. dna testing has begun to identify human remains. anxious families waiting for some kind of peace. molly hunter, abc news, cairo. iraq's prime minister hailed big successes by government troops after launching an offensive to retake fallujah from isis. new video shows iraqi forces firing at targets as smoke billows in the distance. the u.s.-led coalition carried out two air strikes in support of the operation. the pentagon says the number of isis fighters in the region is dropping quickly. in baltimore, one of the police officers accused in the death of freddie gray has been acquitted. a judge ruled that any contact between officer edward nero and gray was not unlawful or unwarranted. gray's death triggered riots a year ago. there were no riots after his acquittal yesterday but many in the african-american community
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are unhappy with the verdict. five other officers are still facing charges. a death row inmate in georgia could ask for a new trial after the supreme court found that prosecutors unconstitutionally barred african-americans from being on his jury. back in 1987 an all white jury convicted timny foster for the murder of an elderly white woman. the court said the records surfaced decades later showing a concerted effort to exclude black jurors. the high court ruled 7-1 with justice clarence thomas dissenting. there are severe storms in the midwest this week tra practically if top to bottom. multiple tornadoes in western kansas causing damage to buildings but no reported injuries. the storms also dropped large hail on the area. hail was also a problem for drivers in the texas panhandle. some sought refuge under overpasses but other vehicles slid off those roads and the hail clogged storm sewers causing street flooding. severe thunderstorms pounded
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the area west of the twin cities in minnesota with high winds, large hail and heavy rain. to the west grand forks, north dakota suffered extensive damage from 100-mile-an-hour wind, windows blown out, trees toppled over and the hail, there was hail there too, broke many windshields. details about another major expansion to takata's air bag recall. feeding frenzy in crystal clear water. visitors got an up close view of this. a triumphant moment at a high school graduation. one graduate's big surprise for everyone watching.
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drone video caught this feeding frenzy. you're looking at dozens of
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sharks, tiger are sharks tearing into a whale's carcass and pretty much tore it to shreds in australia. not known if they killed the whale or if it was already dead. happened in shark bay, one of the world's largest populations of tiger sharks and there were tourists right there up close and personal view of the whole thing. >> nature pretty raw. the head of the veteran as fairs is under fire for comparing wait times at v.a. hospitals to lines at disney. >> v.a. secretary bob mcdonald is charged with imof proing the agency after they experienced long wait times for appointments. some of them even died before getting treatment. but mcdonald said the wait times should not be used as a measure of success and satisfaction with the experience is what's important. the clock has run out for sports authority. the sporting goods retailer plans to begin going out of business sales as soon as this friday and will close all 463 stores by the end of august. sports authority had filed for bankruptcy protection less than three months ago but it wasn't
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able to restructure its debt. sporting good retailers are being hurt by online competition. toyota is adding another 1.6 million vehicles to its air bag recall. some of those vehicles are up to 10 years old. the air bag manufacturer takata has disclosed that the propellant that makes the safety devices inflate can actually degrade and that can lead to the air bag rupturing and spewing metal and plastic fragments injuring or killing vehicle occupants. now, if your car is included in the recall, toyota will notify you by mail. the countdown is on to memorial day weekend with millions of us ready to hit the roads. >> travelers will spend an estimated $12 billion this year up 1% from last year. those roads and airports will be mighty busy as well. 38 million americans will travel this year. that's the most since 2005. one big reason for that is gas can a whole dollar cheaper than last year. >> 20 bucks a fill-up there. when we come back some controversy once again involving
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another collision and no one he was injured. police are now looking for the driver. the car they say actually caused that crash. drivers in the nation's midsection this morning will have to watch out for flooding. roads through the western mountains could be a little slick and wet roads are possible in new england. if you're flying, airport delays are most likely in kansas city and denver. bill cosby is expected to be back in court today after his failed attempt to delay a key hearing in his criminal sex assault case. >> for the first time in years the 78-year-old comedian may finally be confronted face-to-face by one of his accusers. andrea constant. a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to put him on tile for sexual assault. yesterday's decision was an 11th hour move by the prosecutor's office only days before the statute of limitations was set to run out. ex-cop and convicted killer drew peterson is on trial again. this time for plotting to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars.
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a fellow inmate testified yesterday that peterson offered him $10,000 to help murder the prosecutor. that inmate also testified that peterson admitted to killing his fourth wife. her body has never been found. a recording of those jailhouse conversations expected to like the plane's engine stopped working just before the crash. the pilot, two struckers and two jumpers were all killed. the small plane crashed into the waters off oahu as well and two passengers started swimming toward shore as a lifeguard swam out to meet them. everyone was picked up by a passing jet ski. the virgin america plane that had just taken off from the denver airport was forced to return after a bird strike on one of the engines. the pilot declared an emergency but the airline says passengers were never in any danger. in pasadena, california, a large bear is still on the loose this morning after rattling a
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quiet neighborhood. >> the bear was caught on camera sprinting across people's front yards and crisscrossing in the streets with animal control officers hot on its trail. at one point the bear even climbed over a brick wall. luckily no one was injured but the bear still has not been captured. and a strong allegation from a democratic member of the house who says the nfl sought to influence a study about brain injuries. representative frank pallone said the league tried to strong-arm the nih into taking the study away from a researcher who the nfl feared was biased. now, the nfl back add way from a $30 million donation to the nih after the institutes went ahead with the grant to that researcher. the league denies the congressman's findings. tom brady is seeking another appeal to his four-game deflategate suspension. brady's attorneys are seeking to have that overturned by the full second u.s. court of appeals. those appeals are rarely granted. brady has added ted olsen to his
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legal team. we get highlights from our friends at espn now. >> good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. we're back together and we're excited to be bringing this to you. >> cavaliers and raptors played in game four of the eastern conference finals in toronto. cavaliers trying to go up. toronto trying to even it. arthur darosa had 32 points. only one better was his te teammate, kyle lowry blowing past j.r. smith getting 35 for him, 67 combined for derozan and lowry, their best combined performance ever as teammates. smith no 29 points for lebron james but
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none in the final five minutes when it was decided. game four goes to toronto, game five coming up wednesday in cleveland. all right, game five between the sharks and blues, it was in st. louis, st. louis had a 3-2 lead. but gave up a goal at the end of the second and then shortly into the third brett burns, joe pavelski, sharks win 6-3. got a couple empty netters take a 3-2 series lead back to san jose and then on tuesday we've got the big game in tampa bay. pittsburgh at tampa bay. that's your hockey report. that's really all i've got to give you. >> all right. >> so that means we're done as a team. back to you. >> all right, thanks, guys. up next in "the pulse," these guys putting their own spin on a michael jackson classic. and jojo is back seeking love on the new season of "the bachelorette." details from last night's premiere straight ahead.
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♪ all right, time for "the pulse" and we'll start with last night's premiere of abc's "the bachelorette." now, this season bachelorette is jojo fletcher who came in second on the most recent season of "the bachelor." >> last night we saw jojo meet and greet 26 eligible bachelors, one of them dubbed saints nick, check it out. he showed up in a santa claus outfit. >> he came out saying, jo, jo, jo. >> creepy. >> she really seemed to hit it off with jordan, the younger brother of green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers and jordan got the so-called first impression rose. he also, by the way, got the first real kiss on the show. >> go figure. always helps to have an mvp brother. in the end, though, six of those bachelors, well, they did not
4:23 am
receive a rose and they are sent packing and back to bumble or tinder or wherever they came from. >> sorry, fellas. it is graduation time and we have some pretty special high school commence manies to tell you about. the world's first surviving septuplet, the mccaugheys picked up their diplomas. >> six headed to college, one for the army. one school had offered all seven of them a free ride but two of them chose another school so the septuplets are actually splitting up. >> finally splitting up. it's going to be an empty nest in that house. >> that's right. >> seven of them, though. walking across the stage to pick up his high school diploma was a much bigger milestone for this man. he was in oklahoma and that's because mica had never walked before. he said cerebral palsy since birth and had been practicing to walk at his commencement for months and he surprised his classmates their their families
4:24 am
and they gave him a well warranted standing ovation. >> my favorite video of the day by far. all right, michael jackson classic is going viral this morning. you know the one "smooth criminal." ♪ are you okay annie ♪ are you okay annie ♪ are you okay >> such a great video but that's not the one going viral as talented duo is giving us their own version. check this out. ♪ >> those dudes are going hard. that is the popular croatian musicians also known as two cellos. this new video has more than 65,000 views and was just posted yesterday. >> i love this. they actually had another video and this one too.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. 4:27 a.m. tuesday and we're following breaking news here on "action news" a man waiting for a bus is the victim of a deadly hit and run in northeast philadelphia. right now police are searching for the person who they think knew exactly what he did. it's a pivotal moment in the legal case against bill cosby. a preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin this morning in montgomery county. >> ♪ >> are you kidding me? 40 days and 40 nights never felt so long. it's raining again. where is noah? it's all next. "dancing with the stars." >> last night was part one of the season 22 finale and we all held our breath watching our own
4:28 am
ginger zee pirouetting through a beautiful routine with an injured pelvis no less scoring 28 out of 30. >> that's right. their second dance was a stylish '40s throwback to the ear of ra fred and, of course, ginger rogers where they scored a perfect 30 and the judges just raved and raved about ginger and amazing she was able to do this with the injury she sustained last week. >> tough playing through injury. nyle dimarco, he kicked it up a notch with a quickstep but couldn't quite keep up the pace scoring just a 27. >> but then he brought the judges and probably everybody else watching to tears with this freestyle performance. it was a touching dedication to the fact that he's deaf and they danced to "the sound of silence." this one scored a perfect 30. >> it was awesome and slamming things into high gear, paige vanzant, a fireball in a sequin dress, insane dips and body wraparounds, she scored a near
4:29 am
perfect 29 with that routine. >> then she really nailed it. perfect score for this performance of "over the rainbow." it had a lot of elaborate contemporary choreography dedicated to 9 fact that she actually overcame bullying as a kid. funny for someone who now fights for a living. and this, another performance that her mentor here actually was in tears and said he's done the show for 18 seasons now and never had an emotional moment like this. >> a lot of powerful performances and it's not all. part two of the season finale will air tonight at 9 p.m. right here on abc. i can't wait. all right. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have a great tuesday.
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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 4:30 now on this tuesday may 24. >> we're following breaking news here on "action news." a driver smashes into a bus canopy in northeast philadelphia killing the man who was inside it and then flees the scene. >> also breaking this morning, a coroner is on the scene of a fast moving house fire in the lehigh valley. >> bill cosby is due in a montgomery county courtroom this morning for a hearing that could lead to trial or his release. >> but first up, david, you said, showers. >> yeah. >> it rained any other evening. >> i'm s


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