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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon the big story on "action news" is breaking now in upper darby. officials are investigating reports of a person shot this morning along the 300 block of river view avenue. >> emergency crews responded within the last 30 minutes. they say a 21-year-old man was injured either inside or outside of this home here. we are working to get details and will bring them on air and online at the other top story is the very warm and very sunny accuweather forecast. >> mother nature finally giving us a picture perfect day. sky 6 hd looking live at the jersey shore and cape may wouldn't we all like to be there right now. >> we would. >> we would. for the latest lets go outside and check in with david murphy. >> we all will be down there were not too much longer. we are off to a sunny morning
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and now afternoon. we started off on the cool side this morning. look at satellite the cloud cover is not near us anywhere. we have a milky white view to the sky over the terrace here but generally speaking it's a bright sunny day and any significant cloud cover is to the west of us. we have an issue, an air quality alert is posted by the folks that keep an eye on this, all the environmental outlets from the various states have gotten together and this is a code orange action day, so senior citizens and young kids and those suffering from asthma and heart ailments want to limit your exposure outside and exertion. usually it's between noon and 6:00. and the rest of us can help by not filling the car until after 6:00 tonight. if you have the option of not mowing the lawn with a gas powered mower that is good.
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82 in philadelphia at the noon hour, and 82 in reading and 82 in allentown and 84 in wilmington and even down by the shore on the boardwalk in a.c. we are at 83 and 78 in cape may. even down next to the store and the cool ocean water you are looking good. 88 degrees is today's high well above the average, off the record of 96, you can see how we flip-flopped the numbers over the last couple of days. as we are well above average today and this afternoon. what to expect this afternoon. lots of sun and if you are out and about for a while and especially if you are doing some exercise or something like that. i recommend sunscreen and cool drinks. and the pollen count is up in medium high range, be we'll stay that way straight into and most of the holiday weekend. rick, when i step inside we'll check out in more detail the holiday weekend.
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and we'll talk about humidity, tomorrow that begins to change. that is all in the seven day. now, lets check in with katherine scott live on the steps of the art museum. an appropriate place because today's weather is picture perfect katherine. plenty of people are basking in the sunshine as well. >> reporter: they definitely are basking rick. they are loving it it's gorgeous out here today. i get whiffs, the combination of outdoors and sunscreen, it looks like summer as well. we made a couple of different stops but we are at the art museum now, people are taking runs up the steps and some are getting their exercise in and some are having a nice walk and snapping photos. it was slow to come to us spring and but now that it is here people are out and enjoying it. >> i was taking shots. >> it was a great day for it in
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roxborough, home of first tee of philadelphia. the first tee is a program that teaches life skills and character development through golf. these fourth graders from greenwood charter school were showing off what they learned all year and thankfully mother nature cooperated. >> it's a good day for golf, it's warm and not that cold and the birds are chirping. >> this weather is great, we have so many days of rain in may, we are excited to have the sun out and the kids out. >> elsewhere the golfers were sharpening their game and after a slow start spring feels like it's in full swing. >> when the masters come people are ready to jump out of their houses and play golf because they see it on tv. but this year we didn't see that. >> short-sleeves and smiles abound. while little cathy took a run up the steps, we longed for the
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rainy days to do her favorite things. >> i play in puddles and catch the rain on my tongue. >> it was a good spring for you. cute. back here live at the art museum there is yoga in the sculpture garden tonight, it's free after pay what you wish at the art museum. should be a great night to do something. enjoy this weather. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." as you enjoy the nice temperatures today check there you can find the latest weather updates as well as the seven-day forecast. be sure to interact with our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. authorities are warning protesters that violence will not be tolerated ahead of donald trump's next rally, this follows an outburst at his rally in new mexico last night.
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>> reporter: good afternoon, sanders, clinton and trump hosting rallies today in california ahead of that state's primary on june 7th. last night's trump event was one of the most chaotic yet. anti-trump demonstrators breaking through the barricade. donald trump flags set on fire and a broken window leading to a gunshot scare and inside trump shot back at protesters including a little boy yelling at him. >> how old is this kid? >> and took swipes at the republican governor of new mexico. the nation's first and only latino governor and the chair of the republican governor's association. >> we have to get your governor to get going, she has to do a better job. >> and as for hillary clinton he called her a low life. >> if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you can make a lot of money.
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>> i'm a businessman, that is what i'm suppose to do. >> donald trump thought he could make money off people's misery. >> clinton is laser focused on the general election not even mentioning bernie sanders. >> on the ellen show she got laughs. >> bernie sanders -- >> sanders in california is drawing big crowds and still on the attack. >> my democratic opponent, secretary of state she has a number of super packs -- >> more bad news for the clinton campaign, the state department inspector general releasing a report to members of congress, it found that clinton did not comply with federal record policies when she was secretary. megan hughes, channel 6 "action news." state police are investigating a deadly head-on collision in chester county. two vehicles crashed on the hundred block of mount shannon
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road. one driver a man in his 70s was killed. his name is not released. and the driver of the other vehicle was injured and taken to the hospital in serious condition. police say an altercation led to a deadly shootout in philadelphia's german town section, it happened at 2:30 this morning in the parking lot of the old path mart. men got into some sort of augment and shots were fired. one man was hit in the chest and died at the hospital and police are questioning to people. annie mccormick will have much more coming up in our next half hour. classes are back in session at north pen high school in landsdale. yesterday students were dissed missed early because of a fire on campus. the choir and band room and theater with dab -- were damage. the cause of the fire is under
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investigation by the state fire marshal's office. people robbed of their precious belongings will have a chance to get them back today. they are letting people claim items during a rash of break-ins. police say that william dalton is responsibility for a rash of burglaries. you must bring a police report to prove you are a victim if you want to take a look at the stolen items, everything is on display at the salisbury municipal building. and a couple is giving an abused horse a second chance in virginia. and the tsa on the hot seat to answer questions about long lines at airports around the country.
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crews are assessing the damage from tornadoes in kansas and the national weather service confirmed multiple twisters during a two hour span. dash-cam photos show one tornado tearing across a highway.
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two homes were damaged and two people were critically injured. the head of the tsa is on capitol hill answering questions about long lines at the airport. he testified before the committee this morning. he says the agency is rewalking its staffing models. they plan to add 758 new screeners by mid-june and they will set up an incident command center tracking daily screening operations. >> we are tracking projected modeling and staffing and actual wait times that allows us to address real concerns in real time. >> this comes days after the ousting of the tsa's top official. president obama is extending his deepest regrets of a japanese woman at the hands of a former marine. the president met with the
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president of japan today. and will cooperate with them after he expressed his resentment over the death. they admitted to strangling the victim on the island of okinawa. lily the horse was attacked by paint balls that left her blind and injured. later today lilly will be adopted by john stuart the former host of the daly show. they are opening a home for animals in colts neck, new jersey. pennsylvanians will be able to buy beer and fill up with gas at the same place. the state liquor board just voted to allow gas stations to sell six-packs at nine different locations that submitted applications.
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they can sell malt or brewed beverages. well, today on "action news" we are taking a look back at the very special career of our friend and colleague, lisa thomas-laury. among the memories are the parades she cohosted with dave roberts. >> we are ready to go here. >> we don't have sunshine not much of it today. hollywood is in town and we thought we would look cool too. >> i'm here with lisa thomas-laury what a great start. >> we are having a wonderful time, i condition think of a way to better celebration our nation's birthday. >> happy holidays everybody! >> we have a great crowd on the parkway. a lot of fabulous floats, more fabulous than ever. >> you can see lisa onset for
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one final time today. that is tonight on "action news" at 6:00.
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pay is going up for america's chief executives at nearly double the rate of typical american workers. ceo's received a 4.5% raise. here is a look at the top paid
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ceo's in the tri-state reason. in delaware david breen received $10 million from dupont and new jersey david coat nearly 33 parking lot $8 million from honeywell. and brian roberts tops the list in pennsylvania. this noon there are new guidelines for diabetes. they say that weight loss should be a more routine treatment for diabetes, they show that stomach shrinking operations could make a difference in sugar until now. dozens of groups are endorsing it now as a more common treatment. and something that could make or break a police dog's career. >> i'm erin o'hearn and this is
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kimber. a knee injury has sidelined her training, but she is using something she has in her body to get her back on track. >> what we are doing is extracting bone marrow, what is it? and how does it work? our cameras were invited inside to see this procedure firsthand. we'll show you this tonight on "action news" at 11:00. the "action news" team is work on news stories for tonight at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with a preview. >> is this not a gorgeous day or what? perfect to be outside in this weather. that is what cecily tynan has to be doing today at 4:00. live from the philadelphia zoo feeding the giraffes. we have details of a new partnership with septa and uber. how they are teaming up to give
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meteorologist, david murphy, is here with a closer look at what we decided was the best day of the week. >> i think it is. it's warm and sunny. some may say it's too warm for me with the high 80s. but it's not that humid that is good. stormtracker 6 live double scan out and about and not finding rain today and the action cam out in fairmount park. and boy this is the life. this is photographer amy, she usually is down the shore but in
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fairmount today. if you find a spot in the shade today and shade your eyes, you can groom yourself like this cat, they like to do that. a perfect day for grooming. cool shot thank you amy. 83 is the current temperature, it's getting warm out there and winds 8 miles per hour. and as we take a look at the temperatures across the region, everybody is looking warm at this point. 82 in allentown and 82 in philadelphia, and 84 in wilmington and 84 in millville, and down the shore spots are managing to get into the upper 70s for the first time in quite a while. and accuweather is showing you the lack of cloud cover, we had some high thin cloud cover streaking through in the southwestern portion of the region. it's falling apart as it moves east and we have dry air in place and high pressure keeping us warm. 87 is the high in the lehigh valley.
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and lots of sun and warm there. down the shore a lot of spots getting into the upper 70s. we'll go 77 in some of the communities and others are going warmer than that. mostly sunny, the cool ocean water yet if you get the beach feel and put your toe in the water that is chilly. then in philadelphia, 88 degrees is your high. sunshine and very warm, winds from the west at 7 to 14 miles per hour and i would definitely encourage you to keep the cool drinks handy if you are out toiling in this or doing something physical in nature. 88 is your temperature at 4:00, and 87 at 5:00 and still mid-80s as late as 7:00. you'll need your shades on the way home. overnight tonight a few clouds and winds variable 6 to 12 miles per hour. and then we head into tomorrow, and we start out with sunshine. and during the day tomorrow there could be a buildup in cloud cover and late in the afternoon and evening we'll be on the lookout for pop-up showers and thunderstorms, but
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they are suppressed to the west of philadelphia, the best chance of local areas is allentown, reading and maybe lancaster. because the air in place to the east of that forcing mechanism out there is still dry enough to keep us dry and stable. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm and sunny and 88 today. and tomorrow 89 and the humidity creeps back in. friday warm and muggy. and 90. and a bit sticky on saturday with a high of 88, the chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. it might be a few of those in some neighborhoods late saturday and sunday 85 with a late shower or thunderstorm. 88 degrees and the front drops to the south and an easterly flow that cools us off we may stay mostly cloudy and dry. none of the days look like a
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washout, if are you at a barbecue and hear thunder. the best day would be saturday? >> saturday and sunday and monday cloudier. >> thanks david. more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at 12:30. bullying can have negative and deadly effects. one way parents can get involved before it starts. and nyle demarco is the newest champion on "dancing with the stars." he hopes his big win will mean big changes in america. s bettern at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. put on the sunglasses and get outdoors today. accuweather is calling for great weather and if you like the summer heat it's coming. this man is charged with a hit and run that took another man's life in philadelphia, details on his arrest next. incredible images are captured from an active volcano on the big island of hawaii. >> now the details a picture perfect day in the delaware and lehigh valleys. we are expecting it to feel like a hot, summer day, perfect to get out on a golf course and the action cam found


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