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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: good evening monica, and to rick. police here are calling it in south jersey reaching epidemic proportions, phone scammers calling as far away as nigeria. they know the phone scammers are out here but nearly impossible to find. >> they got us yesterday before we realized we had been scammed. >> morgan brewer owned this shop. he got phone calls from scam artists claiming to be collectors from the pseg. we got a call from the store, we were at a different location. they said we had a half hour to pay a delinquent bill or they would turn the electric off. these phone calls are running rampant all over south jersey, con men mainly with foreign
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accents with intimidating phone calls each day. including from utilities like pseg and the government, the irs. >> regarding sought standing bills from the pseg or an outstanding bill for the irs, they ask them to send money throughout the country or gift cards and sento a remote location. >> he said we have been trying to gets a hold of you for a long time. you owe the irs money and you have got to get a hold of us right away. >> but helen heard of this and called the police. >> they said they could call thousands of people, and if they own get a few that would give them information, why they have had a good day. >> i'm embarrassed to death, i'm in business for 45 years and i
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can't believe i was that dumb. >> reporter: monica is the irs says tonight that they always contact people via the mail. pseg says be wary of callers with tactics demanding immediate payment with prepaid cards. if you get a call like this call the utility right away. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new at 5:00 from our delaware newsroom. this man christopher hon from smyrna is behind bars. they smelled an odor and what appeared to be drug making tools. he is held on $20,000 bond. septa and uber are teaming up to help suburban commuters make it to work easier and save them cash at the same time. it's part of a summer long trial
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underway at septa regional rail stations, now uber is offering a 40% discount to users that skip the drive and use ride sharing instead. john rawlins has more on the plan and reaction from commuters coming up tonight at 6:00. turning from accuweather the taste of summer is turning nice and lets go outside right now, cape may, new jersey, how gorgeous is that, it's the warmest day of the year so far. highs here could hit 90 degrees, and melissa magee has the first look at the forecast. >> down the shore is where we want to be on a day like today. it's fantastic across the delaware and lehigh valley. and temperatures are nice and warm. the high so far in philadelphia, 88 degrees making today the warmest day so far for the year. 11 degrees above normal. average for us this time of year is 77.
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at this hour, 86 in trenton and 86 in reading and down to 87 if philadelphia. at the coast in cape may we deal with a westerly wind and the temperature coming in at 72. here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's mostly quiet with just a few clouds moving across the mid-atlantic region and lets talk about what to expect as we press on. temperatures continue to rise this week. in fact a pair of 90s is in the seven day, it's turning more humid. and the details with the memorial day holiday. details in the accuweather forecast. >> we'll see you later thank you. in other news, a newly released email audit finds that presidential candidate, hillary clinton, broke rules by using a private email server during her time as secretary of state. and that clinton should have surrendered her emails dealing with government issues before leaving office and by not doing
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so she violated the federal act. but she is not alone. what they found about other secretaries of state. and how this is affecting the race for the white house. the tsa says the agency is working aggressively to make big changes. he says that in the past four years, the tsa has seen a 15% increase in airline passengers and a 12% drop in its workforce. >> i think we are at a lower staffing level than we need to be to meet peak demands at peak levels. and we are working to determine the right number. >> they are adding 768 new screeners by june and setting up a command center to track operations. airports like o'hare have seen
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their wait times reduced . a piece of history is making its way to the area. it's set to touch down soon. it's over central pennsylvania in route from dayton ohio. meantime. anticipation is building at the lehigh valley international airport. that is where walter perez is standing by live tonight. >> reporter: hi rick, you know that plane first left abu dhabi in march of last year. making stops in china and california just to name a few. it left dayton, ohio for its next stop in the lehigh valley. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> the director of the lehigh valley airport authority, is talking about the impending arrival of the solar impulse 2, the single seat airplane well on
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its way to be the first to circumnavigate the earth using its sun as it's only source of energy. the unusual design is build around the massive wings that serve as solar panels. >> it's about 2 feet larger than a 747. it's a large aircraft and well lit and something you don't see every day. the solar powered plane is staying at lehigh valley innational airport for a few days before starting on its next leg of its journey. they showed up days in advance to build the massive temporary hangar complete will air conditioning. the mission is not just a technological marvel but a glimpse into the future of commercial flight. >> maybe at some point in the future, aircraft will be powered by the sun.
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now, the solar impulse 2 is apparently fluid and not sure when it will leave lehigh international. the expectation is to arrive back in abu dhabi sometime in late july. and "action news" will be here for its arrival at 9:00 and can you follow the solar impulse 2 with cockpit cameras, check that out at their website at reporting live from lehigh valley international airport. channel 6 "action news." the unofficial start to summer is just five-day as way, if you plan to hit the road expert says you won't be alone. and according to new numbers from aaa, more than 442,000 people in the area plan to travel 50 miles or more and that
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sup1.5% from last year. the second highest travel for memorial day on record by the way. aaa says most of the travel will be done by car. >> it's easy and convenient and you can stop and start as you wants. and travel close distance and travel far distance. >> experts say the reason behind the spike in travel is the prices for previous holiday weekends. lets get a check of our traffic report tonight. over to matt pellman to see how it's going. >> after the gas price news i don't like anything you said. it's a busy weekend on the roadways and busy this afternoon rick and monica, someone in trouble here as well. 95 southbound by 420, police assisting and off to the side but southbound 95 is heavy past the airport to 320. and the schuylkill expressway speeds of 12 miles per hour in the westbound lanes, it's three times travel time than what it should be. but the problems on 76 have
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cleared out. now there say crash in cheltenham by the burlington coat fracktory at shoppers lane. and where you turn to go into the barnes and noble look for the crash at the metroplex. and 541 is still blocked, use the ramped at exit 7 or 6 for the turnpike connecter instead. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> okay thanks matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, in health check a bionic body park is giving a farmer a new lease on life and all he needs is a new cell phone. cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo and only a few people in this newsroom will hold snakes and cecily is one of them. >> i have no problem holding snakes, kenya is a kenyan sand boa. if you look at head, it's wedge
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shaped. they use it like a shovel no dig under sand and they will ambush their predators, it's amazing how they do that. while you watch commercials, go to my facebook page, we'll have a live video chat to demonstrate this and show the animals behind the scenes at the philadelphia zoo. and later i'll feed the giraffes. >> does the snake has a facebook page? . you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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health check tonight, suicide is a rising problem for america's military men and women and it has taken more lives than war in the conflicts of afghanistan and iraq. >> ali gorman is at the big board with more. >> the suicide rate has shot up since 2005 and even though fewer troops are on the war front and there is more help for mental health problems and substance abuse, after studying 150,000 soldiers, some groups are more
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likely to attempt suicide. it includes soldiers never deployed and it comes in the second month of service and the riskiest time is six months into the first deployment. and suicide attempts are higher in women and within their first two years of service. it may help the army provide support when its most needed . the fda is taking time to review a potential new drug for muscular dystrophy. they could not determine whether the drug produced benefits, the decision enraged parents, patients and doctors who says the drug has helped slow down the progression of this crippling disease, if the fda rejects the drug they will no longer have access to it. >> and new technology is helping a farmer in iowa not just with his field but getting around. jason schroeder is testing a
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prosthetic bionic ankle. he lost his leg 10 years ago in an accident and none of his past legs gave him the power that this one has. the motor and foot mimic the normal ankle and calf muscles. the leg is control bid my cell phone, i get a text message when my battery is low or if i need quiet mode i can add more power to it. and i think i need a boost too. >> more stable and a lot less tired walking up the hills on his farm. right now the prosthetic ankle is still being tested, they are trying to approve the benefits so the insurance companies can help cover the costs of the affectle. >> sounds good thank you ali. coming up at 11:00 a ground breaking procedure that could
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make or break a k-9's career. >> this is kimber an aspiring k-9 for the police department. a knee injury has sidelined her training but they are using something in her own body to get her back on track. >> we are extracting bone marrow. >> what is it and how does it work? we were ib invited to go inside firsthand.
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>> today is a bitter sweet day at "action news," we are saying good-bye to our dear friend and colleague, lisa thomas-laury. >> all day we take you down memory lane with lisa, including talking to oprah about her illness. >> i have a mysterious illness it started with my feet, and i thought i need a pedicure. >> what it amounted to was this very rare condition called poem syndrome. found out i needed a bone marrow transplant. >> you need aid bone marrow
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transplant? >> yes, i had it last august, it saved my life. >> you thought you were going to die? >> i never thought i would die. >> wow. >> join us for lisa's storied career and the legacy she leaves behind in the delaware valley. she makes her final appearance on the anchor desk tonight on "action news" at 6:00. >> it's going to be tough. coming up is the accuweather forecast. a look at the commodore barry bridge. and cecily tynan has your call from accuweather. follow us on social media for the headlines and accuweather and to communicate with us on facebook, on twitter we are@6 abc.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. melissa magee is at the big board with a check of the forecast today. >> it was really nice today. the picture outside. sky 6 hd looking at the ben franklin bridge, you see penn's landing, a gorgeous afternoon across the region, plenty of sunshine and warm conditions. our high today in philadelphia,
5:25 pm
88 degrees making today the warmest day so far this year. right now we bumped back down to 70 in the city, and 86 in trenton and the coast in cape may picking up a bay breeze, it is cooler there 73 and 86 at the airport 9 miles inland. it's dry and clear and clouds are skirting across portions of our region in areas of south jersey and also into delaware. we'll stay dry for the rest of tonight. speaking of tonight, it's a good night to be outdoors, get out the barbecue and get it ready, warm and comfortable, 6:00 this evening, coming in at 85 and the numbers are in the lower 80s, the call from accuweather over the next 12 hours comfortable, a mostly clear sky and a mild night. 65 in philadelphia and 62 in cape may, and 59 degrees out to the north and west in reading for the overnight low. here is future tracker 6, minor
5:26 pm
changes are on the way mainly west of the city, 4:30 in afternoon numbers are climbing into the upper 80s, 89 in the city at that time. but spotty showers in allentown unreading and lancaster, same thing holds true into friday afternoon. on friday at 3:30 we call for a high temperature of 90 in philadelphia, with the troth of low pressure overhead cannot rule out a stray or instability shower. they are hit or miss and you can find a heavy downpour throughout the region, we have a code red ozone action day over the next few days. the air quality is unhealthy for everyone. we see this for sensitive groups and those that suffer from respiratory illnesses. the five-day forecast looks like this, warm and more humid tomorrow and high temperature up to 89 and hot and muggy and a thunderstorm is possible and
5:27 pm
high temperature of 90 and sticky on sunday and a cooler day of 79 degrees on monday. meteorologist, cecily tynan is over at the philadelphia zoo and has a nice little friend in her hand. talk to a little tortoise. >> reporter: hi melissa, we are talking about african animals and this is kisho a tortoise from east africa, those nails are very good at climbing and they are fast and agile, they don't think of tortoises as being fast but they are called pancake tortoises because they have a thin, flexible shell. they can run quickly to rocks and get in the crevasses. >> thank you cecily.
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it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. "action news" continues. >> here is what is happening on
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"action news" wednesday night. hillary clinton's emails are once again making headlines, this as law enforcement agencies warn trump protesters to keep their cool. we are following a developing story following the directive issued to schools concerning transgender students what several states did today. now, to the latest in the 2016 race for the white house. authorities in southern california say they will not tolerate scenes like this one albuquerque, new mexico, last night when anti-trump protesters clashed with police, crowds threw rocks be bottles while donald trump was hosting a rally. he is just 16 delegates away from clinching the nomination.
5:31 pm
he is still lacking an endorsement from speak of the house, paul ryan. >> hillary clinton is making it clear that california is still king, they are holding rallies in the golden state when voter goes there on june 7th. california boasts 546 democratic delegates. a new obstacle for hillary clinton, a now report from the attorney general found that she did violate policy with your use of a private server for her email. >> monica, good evening, the report released from congress and obtained to abc news, tonight it's giving republicans plenty of fodder. >> hillary clinton in orange county, california, made no mention of the inspector general report or the use of personal email. instead she continued her attacks on donald trump. >> donald trump is a divider not
5:32 pm
a uniter. >> i am tired of people running for president that do nothing but criticize america. >> they were looking at the email practices of the last five secretaries of state. >> we are not doing enough to meet the records requirement and preservation, they found that clinton and several of her predecessors violated the policy. >> secretary clinton said publically that she would not make the same choice again. she has also said she did not seek specific approval for this system. >> donald trump is quick to pounce in anaheim. >> crooked hillary, crooked hillary, she got bad news, reports came down not so good. inspector general's report not so good. >> will this affect voters and will it give bernie sanders a
5:33 pm
boost. >> if we have a large voter turnout we'll win the california primary. >> this report claims that lightening refused to cooperate and she said she is willing to be interviewed by the fbi, that investigation is on going. megan hughes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you megan. back to you rick. >> all right. now, to a developing story involving president obama's new directive about transgender students in public school. 11 states announced they are suing to block it. texas, oklahoma, tennessee, maine, oklahoma, louisiana, utah and georgia are all named in the lawsuit. the federal directive that impacts every school in the nation allows transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms with the gender they identify with. the lawsuit accuses the obama
5:34 pm
administration of running rough shod over common sense policies that protect children. and the crash of egypt air 04 is still a mystery. two companies have been contracted to locate the crucial flight data recorders. they may hold the key to what happens before it disappeared from radar last thursday. all 66 on board were killed. they believe there was some kind of explosion based on body parts found at the site. and david muir will have more stories from around the globe on world news, watch at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. one man is dead and another is seriously hurt after a head-on crash in delaware. it happened on the 900 block. two suvs collided, one driver was taken to the hospital in
5:35 pm
critical condition, and now it's unclear what caused the accident. philadelphia police are searching for suspects after a 21-year-old man was shot in the back. it happened at 1:30 this morning on the 1800 block of fillmore street in the frankford section. no word yet on the motive. >> philadelphia police are trying to track down four men behind a home invasion robbery. surveillance video shows the thieves forcing over the front door in broad daylight. and rummaging around inside. it happened on may 3rd. on east cannon street in olney. the homeowner returned home during the break-in and the suspects porsched a gun at him and the four men stole $6,000 worth of items. from our delaware newsroom, an overturned truck caused delays for drivers in christiana.
5:36 pm
chopper 6 hd was over the crash on route 273, it's not clear what caused the truck to roll over but a few lanes were getting by there. from our new jersey newsroom. a big crowd gathered on the atlantic city boardwalk to stop littering. and estimated 3300 people from across the garden state were expected to attend the new jersey spring council conference. the beach bird was unveiled on the beach and made of recycled plastic bottles. time to get a traffic out there midweek. matt pellman how are we looking? >> our roads are littered with problems. like this one westbound side of 422 with police activity on the shoulder at route 29, that the phoenixville collegeville interchange, it's attracting attention. the westbound side of 422, bumper to bumper from 422 to
5:37 pm
this point at route 29, if you are using route 24 instead. it's shut down from wells and bethel church road, old schuylkill road around new schuylkill road. the barnes and noble a crash around chemical road and slow speeds approaching norristown at 15 miles per hour. and dining under the stars in media state street is closed until 11:00. still slow on the westbound schuylkill with speeds of 11 miles per hour. and a second broken down vehicle at ridge expect slowing there. and a crash along 322 near harmony drive. we wish everything was harmonious but that is how it goes. >> we can always dream. coming up big advances in technology is changing the way deaf children learn and communicate with the world. ali gorman has the story of a local school giving the children a chance to expand their
5:38 pm
horizons. and cecily tynan is back at the philadelphia zoo with the outdoor adventure. this is fiona, they is the famous african bull frog, she gave my shoes a bit of a shower and the male can be twice the size because they actually defend the babies and the females can lay 3,000 to 4,000 eggs at a time. and they like to stay cool near water. that is what you might want to do when you hear my accuweather forecast. and i'll be feeding the giraffes live at the philadelphia zoo. >> behaving much better this year. okay. >> well, it's still early. jaime apody has eagles and phillies news in sports.
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history was made on "dancing with the stars" last night. nyle demarco became the first deaf dancer to win the mirror ball trophy, he says the amazing accomplishment means more opportunities to the deaf community. in our area they are using new medical technology, a special
5:42 pm
preschool aims to get deaf children ready to go to a mainstream school by kindergarten. ali gorman has the story. >> we made a smiley face. >> 6-year-old mary beth tells her mom about her day. she attends mass community charter school in philadelphia. >> sometimes we have holidays there and parties. >> talking to me she appears to be like a typical country garter, but mary is deaf in both earses. without her cochlear implants she can't hear. she got help with speech, they focus on spoken language. because all of the students are deaf or profoundly hard of hearing, classes are set up to
5:43 pm
amplify sound and judy the director of clarks school philadelphia, says about 90% of kids who are medically able to get digital hearing aids or cochlear implants. it changed deaf education. she says hearing develops in -- and children like mary are deaf. >> they have to learn how to make a connection that sound has meaning, associating what they are hearing with language. but it takes time. >> 3-year-old alex started to work with clark service as a baby and is now in the preschool program. >> she talks to us and is obsessed with the music and guitar. >> am i a cow?
5:44 pm
>> yes. >> it was a tough decision to have mary fitted for cochlear implants as a toddler but would be harder if she waited. >> we want mary to have what everyone has. she loves her classmates, clarks school works witness families so learning continues at home and mary's parents say she is learning some sign language and hopefully she can have the best of both worlds in the future. ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> good story. time for sports, jaime apody is here and the phillies managed to salvage the serieses in motown. >> we like that. time to tame the tigers. the phils are down and out in detroit hoping to change their luck and they did. phils are up 4-2 and herrera a two run blast. and no need to hustle after that one and no need for the bat flip. you know he has an edge to him. this guy. when was the last time the
5:45 pm
phil's pitcher or any pitcher hit a speed bump in the fifth. tigers pull within one and the phils pulled way and then a solo shot made it 6-4 and a scare in the sixth inning, franco came in hard to second base and sprained his ankle. they win 8-0. and head to chicago for a serieses with the cubs on friday. >> the eagles announced their training schedule. they have two open practices for fans at the linc on july 13th. the eagles ota's continue and despite the changes leaving thing uncertain, it sounds like they are safe at safety. they brought in rodney mccloud. and gave malcolm jenkins a contract extension and
5:46 pm
committing all the money to the defensive back duo. jim schwartz says it's money well spent. >> we all believe that, the way that practice has been going so far and to the secondary, we'll be excited about that. >> me and malcolm, i think we'll build something great here. you can always see glimpses of it in practice now. and the secondary in general everybody is competing and getting their hands on the ball and that is what you want as a unit. you can go home again, that is the case for martin the new head coach of the delaware basketball team. introduced by the blue hens as a former star of the berwyn. it's a perfect fit. >> my entire life has been building up to this opportunity, i grew up in the area and i played in the philadelphia catholic league and my family
5:47 pm
vacationed at bethany beach in the summers and this is a chance to bring my 15 years experience as a basketball coach to an area i amex extremely familiar with. >> and union playing orlando city tonight. >> thank you. we are taking a look back at the special career of our own lisa thomas-laury. >> lisa is retiring from 6 abc, and among the memories is the parade she cohosted with roberts. >> i'll tell you hollywood is in town and we thought we would look cool too. this is philadelphia style. >> what a great start. >> we are having a wonderful time, i can't think of a way to celebrate our nation's birthday. >> happy holidays everybody! >> we are here and have a great crowd here on the parkway. it's a lot of fabulous floats more fabulous than ever.
5:48 pm
we have marching bands from across the country. >> you can see lisa onset for a final time. that is here on "action news" at 6:00. i'm so sorry, ms. maroney. this personal essay is way harder than i thought, it's just not in my nature to brag on myself. not even a backdoor brag? what's a backdoor brag? sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation, like when i tell people, i can't watch musicals cause i have perfect pitch. some carriers promise unlimited streaming, but then automatically shrink your videos so they're not hd quality. it's not pretty. really? switch to verizon now, buy a galaxy s7 and get one free. plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. back we go to the philadelphia international airport zoo. cecily tynan is hanging out with some very tall friends tonight.
5:51 pm
>> thank you cecily. this is amazing. i am here with kristin and a family of giraffes, and we are feeding stella here. i want to show you the tongue. now she will go. come here stella. people think of the giraffes as super tall. >> males are 17 to 18 feet. >> look at this tongue. they can just flip it, it's powerful. >> it's 18 inches long it's like a purplish color. this is a close up view. >> males and females both have them. so technically they are not horns. they have a special name for them. >> they are amazing. >> their necks are so long but
5:52 pm
they have the same amount of vertebrae as we do. >> yes seven like we do but they are much bigger. >> and to pump blood to the head they need a tremendously large heart. >> their heart actually weighs 20 pounds and is two feet wide. >> stella has a very special day coming up. >> stella's birthday is friday and turning 15 years old and come to the zoo to wish her a happy birthday. make a card and bring it to the african plains area. she doesn't want to talk about her able. >> stella i feel the same way. you can buy tickets to the summer ail festival. >> yes that is july 15th from 6:30 until 10:00 and we are excited it's our annual beer festival, we have 30 local breweries and trucks coming and music and activities and what better place to enjoy an evening
5:53 pm
at the zoo surrounded by these animals. >> i'm going to keep feeding these guys and they are from africa, it was hot today and the high was 88 degrees, that is 11 degrees above normal. the warmest day so far this year. the record high is 96, nowhere near the record 87 degrees and allentown and reading 86 and atlanta 86 and cape may is 73 degrees with the wind out of the south, and the ocean temperature is chilly, 58 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing mostly sunny skies tonight and tomorrow you'll see more sunshine, the high pressure is off the north carolina coast and a weak stationary front off the coast of new england, that means we are in this warm air mass and a high of 89 degrees, could get an isolated thunderstorm, mainly west of philadelphia. and then on friday, the high pressure drifts to the east and that washes out and becomes a warm front and we are smack dab
5:54 pm
in the middle of this hot air on 90 degrees and humid and pop-up thunderstorms are possible will the afternoon, the holiday preview heading to the shore. saturday is brighter than sunday at 84 degrees. and sunday cooler and memorial day very nice 73 degrees and mostly cloudy and showers as well. the exclusive accuweather forecast we stay hot at 89 degrees and bump it up to 90 on friday and saturday and sunday 87 degrees and thunderstorms and memorial day we cool off lots of clouds and occasional showers and 79 degrees, then back to 82 degrees and wednesday partly sunny and great day to come to the zoo at 83 degrees. feeding time is over -- the
5:55 pm
giraffe just left. here they are coming back for more. >> i could do this all day. >> they are so beautiful thank you cecily.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with this story next at 6:00. several acted of violence at a chester county high school. the response from officials. and beer sales are approved at several pennsylvania gas stations what it means for other businesses in the state. we are celebrating lisa thomas-laury after 38 years at "action news," a look back at her pioneering broadcast career. and for jaime apody, monica malpass i'm rick williams "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night a new theater is dedicated to former mayor, michael nutter. >> and the big story is the big trouble in the coatesville school district. the school district saw a rash of violence, sometimes more than one fight in a day and school personnel are not allowed to step in and why all the
6:00 pm
confrontations and why the policy to let the fires burn. wendy saltzman is at coatesville area high school. wendy it's an alarming situation. what are the details? >> a community activist says the school turn nood a war zone with a brutal fight caught on camera. one brawl after another brought up in the classroom. >> there are four or five or seven fights a day. >> they tell "action news" that this is a daily reality for freshman and sophomores, and now alfonso is the one pulling no punches. >> we have security that are not allowed to break up fights and police that are not allowed in the school unless they report to the superintendant. >> he tells us that the videos were provided to him by students and educators too afraid to talk on camera and too afraid of their own


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