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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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langhorne where students are being evaluated now. >> we are told that seven students were taken to st. mary and i spoke with someone inside and we are told that the students are being evaluated but appear to be in good condition, here is what we know so far. sixth graders from william penn middle school went on a field trip to the trenton thunder baseball game. some children showed signs of heat related illness, some were treated by the school nurse and paramedics and about 15 were taken to area hospitals to be evaluated. two were taken via ambulance to capital health and five taken to area hospital and they have being treated and released home. we don't know about the severity of the other illnesses, but this is a reminder the heat although it feels good, heat can be
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dangerous and it takes our body a little bit of time to acclimate to the heat especially the first few days. i don't know if that is what happened with the students but it could be. we are learning more about what happened today. that is the latest right now we are live in langhorne, pennsylvania, ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you ali. take a live look outside at sky 6 hd showing you penn's landing, it's it's second day of near 90 degree temperatures, the taste of summer is here to stay through the holiday weekend. meteorologist, adam joseph, is in for cecily tynan with a first look at the accuweather forecast. >> most of the month we had high temperatures in the 50s and 60s and we quickly jumped the numbers up the last few days, wednesday the high in philadelphia was 83 degrees and yesterday 88 and today so far 89 degrees, well above that normal of 77 so as the air temperature goes up and we have a stagnant atmosphere the air quality goes
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down and so it's a code red ozone action day, that means it's on the unhealthy side for all able groups. limit the outdoor activities today and tomorrow it will be downgraded to at least an orange. a lot of sun warming us and low pressure gathering strength near the bahamas. and we'll see if it turns tropical over the weekend and we are giving saturday and sun a tie, similar days, high clouds and hot and humid with temperatures in the 90s and memorial day itself it goes downhill with downpours and thunderstorms around. we'll chat more about the holiday weekend and the heat wave likely coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> we'll check back in later thank you. new at 5:00 now the accuses gunman in last month's deadly shooting will stand trial. this after an emotional hearing
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in montgomery county. sara bloomquist was in court today and joins us live in montgomeriville with the details tonight. >> reporter: rick, today's preliminary hearing was held at the township building because so many supporters of the victim's family wanted to attend. they applauded when the judge decided to hold the suspect for trial and when he was kept behind bars. >> mark storms of landsdowne bureau is accused of killing robert braxton iii on april 24th, today people came out to support braxton's family. >> we miss him every minute of the day. he was a good kid. >> witnesses say that braxton was verbally disrupted and agitated at church that morning
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and today a church member says he saw storms come over and asked braxton to step outside with him and when asked to leave him alone, he pulled out a gun and braxton punched him in the jaw, and then he started to leave and they came face-to-face and storms fired two fatal shot. >> hearing things i didn't know, it was concrete my son was walking away and past him and was past him and he shot to kill my son. he has no right doing this. >> but storms defense attorney started to lay out the case that his client was merely defending himself with a gun he had a permit to carry. >> they picked out their favorite witness but there are others that say my klein was viciously attacked more than
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once. >> he brought a gun to a crowded church and inter jected into a verbal altercation and turned the altercation violenviolent. they did a prayer circle in the lobby. >> we have a long way to go and justice must be served for my son. >> storms bail will remain at $250,000 cash the judge denied his attorney's appeal. arraignment is set for july 20th. i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. a 7-year-old boy hit by a car while riding his bike in montgomery county, surveillance video captured a car hitting the child yesterday along the 1200 block of oak view avenue. they found the car a toyota camera but the driver is on the
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loose. crews are monitoring a gas leak in montgomery county. they were called to carpenter street at 11:00 in the morning and we know there were no evacuations needed. two fighter jets crashed into the ocean off the coast of north carolina. the jets were performing a training mission off the coast of cape hatrous when the in-air mishap happened. everyone on board was rescued safe and sound. we are live now from new york with the details. >> reporter: yes, everybody has smiles on their faces, this is the kind of ending we love to report, we are trying to find out and report the details on how the collision happened. for sure this aviation crew is very thankful after that crash off the coast of north carolina.
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the u.s. coast guard and the ferber men on a commercial boat named jaime are applauded for efforts to pull four navy crew members out of the ocean after their aircrafts craft off the coast of north carolina. >> they were flying off cape hatrous off oregon inlet and they were involved in an in-flight mishap. >> amazingly only minor injuries, the four men taken to for folk general hospital. it's part of a routine training mission and all the air crew was recovered safely, the good samaritan fishermen rescued all four and pulled them on to their boat. >> we appreciate any time a good samaritan vessel helps someone in need. >> while the training day is one the pilots won't soon forget the
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rescue was textbook. >> it couldn't have gone better, it's cooperation between the navy and coast guard. >> the navy confirmed with us that the pilots and the crew they all ejected from their planes to survive the crash, we just received the interview that local news crews had with one of the pilots involved and he says first two were pulled from the water from the good samaritan vessel and throughout flares to fine the other two and they walked off the helicopter to receive the medical attention but great ending back to you. turning to the race for the white house, businessman donald trump has clinched the nomination for president and today trump reaches the number, 2700 delegates thanks to two men in north dakota. on the democratic side front runner, hillary clinton is still a handful of delegates shy
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heading into the next set of primaries, voters in six states head to the polls including new jersey. back here the busy summer travel season kicks off this weekend and philadelphia international airport is taking extra efforts to make sure the lines are moving. extra staff was hired reviewing rules and asking questions about carry on luggage, and they will inform the tsa each night about their passenger loads for the next day. travelers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report on a thursday. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> that is the only flying we are doing because on the roadways, things are jam packed and moving at a low pace.
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northbound side near the off ramp, a crash but unlike the last half hour it's off to the right side. extra heavy delays on the schuylkill on the northbound side of the boulevard because of that accident. also a wreck on the northbound blue route approaching conshohocken, on this side but locked up from villanova to this point and southbound is stop and go from plymouth meeting to media. and big problems if you are headed down to the delaware beaches this afternoon. rehoboth, dewey and bethany all the lanes of highway 1 are shut down, it's an investigation accident. and head to the jersey shore just 25 miles per hour. a lot of volume heading to the jersey beaches. >> good place to go. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. health check. the news that doctors have been
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dreading. and what doctors are paying clothes attention to, in the hopes of building bridges between the officers and the community.
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the italian coast guard rescued 88 migrants in the mediterranean sea. the boat was off the libyan coast when it overturned and dumped everybody into the water there rescue efforts are still going on tonight. in health check a super bug that doctors have been dreading has now reached the u.s., a strain ofli has been found in a pennsylvania woman. the state department is contacting her family to find out how she contacted it. it was found in pigs and raw pork and a small number of people in china. and the strain appeared in europe since then. late today the fda approved a new tool to fight addiction, and at implantable long acting
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version of a widely used drug. it reducing cravings for six months, previously it was only a pill or film that dissolves under the tongue. it could help patients avoid a lee lapse in they miss a dose. the department of justice announces they are doing a review of that police department. the chester police and street both requested the review. they will look at several areas including officer-involved shooting s and criminal nal list. >> we met with people and they were engaged and this will not work unless we have members of the community. >> and they will give their finding along with recommendations for improxes. >> it's largest and oldest
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multibreed horse show is happening today in devon. the 11 day event is a big events for equestrians and games and even boutique shops. they are celebrating their 120th year. and you have until june 5th to check it out. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00, a big honor for shoolers suiting up to save our country. >> and this stamp could be auctioned off for over a million dollars. the error that make its worth a million bucks.
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there are breaking news to pass along for motorists because of a car fire. we are looking live from one of our sky 6 cameras, you see a smokey car approaching route 340 towards downingtown, a car fire was there and they were spraying water and now a lot of billowing smoke and both eastbound lanes are blocked to traffic as you can tell and traffic is moving
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very, very slowly. you may want to avoid this jair if at all possible. a car fire on the 30 bypass east. just east of coatesville approaching 340 heading towards downingtown, matt pellman will have more on the traffic situation. coming up in the next half hour. >> a rare stamp with a famous printing mistake is up for auction. just 100 of the invert the jenny stamps were made. it will be auctioned next tuesday at the world stamp show at new york, and valued at $1.6 million. the city council meeting in center city philadelphia. the roman catholic basketball team was honored for an outstanding season. they finished with a 27-4 record winning the city's catholic
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league title and a double aa championship. >> congratulations to them. today was a day to honor the military. ♪ ♪ beautiful. members of the new jersey state police came to the joint base mcguire ft. dix to place wreaths for those that died in the line of duty and a flyover and a three volley salute as part of the wreath ceremony. a fitting tribute to our heroes. high school seniors heading off to the military were given a special recognition, the special ceremony for the nashamity high school kids were all there to honor them for serving our country. lets take you live outside, looking at sky 6 hd at
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. time for accuweather at the "action news" big board tonight. adam joseph is here with a look at the forecast.
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>> it's heating up temperatures on the verge of 90 degrees in philadelphia today. we'll hit the 90 or above as we go into the upcoming holiday weekend and the temperatures will feel more summer like and the humidity will increase as well. right now 88 degrees in philadelphia, 83 in wilmington be 89 in allentown. and with the sea breeze, that has kicked in along the immediate shore, it's only 78 from cape may to long beach island. and 10 miles inland at the airport in atlantic city it jumps up to 83. dew points though when you look at that, the numbers you are looking at on the dew point scale is a measure of how much moisture is in the air and how it feels when you step out. any time the dew points are below 60 degrees, most of us are at in the 60s it's a comfortable heat out there. it only turns humid when you hit 60, 65, we see the dew points
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climb into the mid-60s over the weekend. satellite 6 along with action radar with high clouds coming in from the west and sprinkles in north lancaster and berks county and the lehigh valley and the poconos. but for most of us tonight it's dry and muggy. and upper 60s across the board here from the lehigh valley to the shore. future tracker 6, 10:00 people morning near 80 in philadelphia, with high clouds around and tomorrow afternoon 90 at 5:30 in philadelphia and 70s at the shore and there could be a scattered storm especially north and west of philadelphia. so your get away forecast for the shore 70 and the sea breeze and sunny and nice. hot and 90 degrees and the humidity is coming up in the poconos in the lower 80s with the afternoon pop-up thunderstorm possible in the poconos. tropical satellite a 60% chance of storms that can develop in a
5:27 pm
sub tropical feature aiming to the carolinas and bring some rain our way as we get into mont. five-day at 5:00 with the pop-up storm north and west at 90, we take out the chance fb storms saturday in sunday. and very muggy, the peak of the heat saturday, it could be the first heat wave and cools to the 70s on memorial day and unsettled weather and on and off rain and downpours and storms and clears on tuesday with a temperature of 85 degrees, it is thursday and almost the summer and that means meteorologist, melissa magee is down the shore at the absecon lighthouse in atlantic city. soaking up the sun and getting exercise as well. >> reporter: yes, it is beautiful outside in atlantic city, we are showing you the around the absecon lighthouse, it's about 178 feet tall. we'll go inside and show you the
5:28 pm
keeper's dwelling and give you a history less on the absecon lighthouse, it's the tallest in new jersey. we'll send it back to you. 228 steps to the top. >> sounds like fun. yeah. okay.
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"action news" at 5:00 as we are monitoring a situation with students in lower landsdowne county. students had heat exhaustion and several of them had to be taken to the hospital after an end of the year field trip to the trenton thunder baseball game. when they got back a number of them showed signs of being overcome by the heat. at least 14 students were taken to the hospital to be checked by doctors and several others were treated at school. we'll have the latest for on this in our next half hour. in other news, a chester county massage therapist that plead guilty to molesting his kleins, came face-to-face with some of them today. he was working at massage envy
5:31 pm
and one clients spoke publically about the abuse. and john rawlins is live outside of the courthouse in westchester with more on today's sentencing. >> reporter: hi rick, part of the picture that emothers here is that dieter went out of his way to build relationships and become friends, that he grooms them and then when they felt comfortable he molested them. he will spend the last five years in prison for indecently assaulting nine women while he was employed at the mass able envy in west goshen. they described his crimes as twisted and soul shattering. >> he said that dieter was friendly for the first six massages but that changed may 2nd 2015 when he attacked her. >> there was nothing in the six
5:32 pm
times i saw him that on the seventh it would turn from pure good, to pure evil. it took my breath away. and massage envy had prior complains but took no action. >> they did nothing investigate it or protect other clients including me. >> she has sued massage envy, and wants to see a change in the law. if someone complains to a company they then have to alert law enforcement. >> that company is required by law to report it to law enforcement. so there would not be an opportunities for it to be done in secret or have a coverup exist. >> they put out the following statement. mr. dieter is no longer employed by the franchisee.
5:33 pm
>> because there is active litigation, this is the to the extent we will be able to comment. live in westchester, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. ten people are out of their homes because of a fast moving fire in bethlehem this morning. chopper 6 hd was over the scene along the 1600 block of east eighth street. firefighters arrived on the scene and determined they needed backup. the fire went to three alarms and damaged three homes before crews got it under control. luckily nobody was hurt and the american red cross is helping the displaced residents with a place to stay as well as food and clothe snoog a 56-year-old man is fighting for his life after being shot and stabbed in philadelphia this afternoon. it happened on the 1500 block of grat street. they say that someone targeted the man on the street and took off. the man was taken to hahnemann hospital in critical condition. they hope that you recognize the six men in this surveillance
5:34 pm
video, they say that the men broke into a box truck and stole $52,000 worth of seafood from south philadelphia. it happened at frank hopkins seafood market. on south 3rd street. they use cutters to break into a holding truck and once they grabbed their fill they took off in an suv. the fbi wants your help in finding the man that tried to rob a wells fargo branch. he handed the note to the teller on allegheny avenue in kensington but the clerk refused to hand ore the money and the suspect walked out with nothing. lifeguards preparing for the memorial day weekend sprang into action to save swimmers in distress at the jersey shore. both happened at seaside heights on wednesday. one got caught in a rip current
5:35 pm
and was dragged out about 300 yards before being rescue. 30 minutes after that rescue a 12-year-old and 13-year-old swimming off sumner avenue swam off a sand bar and were pulled from the water. it's important that everyone stay out of the water if a lifeguard is not on duty. also, in new jersey tonight. state assembly and senate approved a measure that will ban smoking in jersey beaches and parks and heads to governor christie's desk but he vetoed a proposed smoking ban two years ago. but even if enacted the town with designate smaller parts of the beach for smoking and it could not apply to parking lots next to beaches. it's time for many to head to the shore. meteorologist, melissa magee, is live at the absecon lighthouse with more.
5:36 pm
>> hi rick and monica, we are taking you inside the keepers dwelling at least a replica of the 1925 keeper's dwelling of the absecon lighthouse, once you are inside there is so much history. the lighthouse was originally lit in 1857 and can you see the pictures on the wall when the white house was on the water. walk with me this way. they have a lot of new this year. the lighthouse is 150 years old but if you walk to the monitor, they have gorgeous views, eight cameras atop the lighthouse that show you beautiful views of the a.c. skyline. if you can't make is the journey, 228 steps to the top. we are getting ready to kick off our unofficial start of the summer season. check out what is going on this weekend down at the shore. >> reporter: kickoff memorial weekend with a splash of color
5:37 pm
in the sky, the international kite festival is flying high in wildwood with activities for the entire family, it kicks off on friday with the unlocking of the ocean event. and the fun continue its kite competitions and workshoped and games over the weekend. it's free to spectators. >> the 37th annual may fair festival takes place on saturday along haddon avenue in collingswood and vendors of all kind and music. may fair began in as a small art exhibit and has grown. have a great kickoff to the memorial holiday and we'll see you this weekend down at the shore. >> reporter: another tidbit of
5:38 pm
information, the absecon lighthouse is the third tallest lighthouse in the country and the tallest here in new jersey. you may have noticed something pretty familiar. i have to introduce you to someone. we have a jean, nora muchanic's sister and she represents the lighthouse. >> hi melissa thank you for being here we love it. >> tell us about the hours. >> rights now we are open thursdays through mondays 11:00 until 4:00 and starting the last week of june we are open daily through summer through labor day. and 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. >> thank you jean. guys have some fun this weekend down the shore. isn't that so cool. >> they look alike. hi jean. >> nora does a great job. check the forecast any time at, you'll find the latest videos and stories, as well as storm tracker 6 live.
5:39 pm
and our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. matt pellman's brother is doing traffic. it's john pellman. >> i have an uncle john pellman. we are looking at a major mess in chester on the 30 bypass coming eastbound all traffic is temporarily stopped approaching 340 because of the car fire. the fire is out but the crews remain on the scene and ambulance and police officers there as well. all traffic is halted coming eastbound toward downingtown. stay on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound as an alternate. north of ridge avenue a crash on the shoulder attracting attention and delays are spilling back on to the schuylkill and adams avenue watch for a bus accident on the inner drive. and southbound by allegheny, a broken down vehicle in the left lane and bridge street there is a crash and huge delays this
5:40 pm
afternoon because highway 1 southbound is still blocked and the investigation and stay with the crowd on 13, we'll check it again -- no we won't -- we'll check it again tomorrow. >> if you want to -- >> i don't want to. more to come on "action news" thursday night. what is suppose to be a night of fun ended in chaos and violence in new york city and one hip hop star was almost caught in the middle of it. and the official numbers are in, we hit 90 degrees in philadelphia, the first of the year at 3:11 p.m. and the start of a stretch of 90s with our first heat wave. we'll talk about those really toasty numbers for the holiday weekend in accuweather. >> and jaime apody has eagles and phillies news in sports. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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police in new york say they are looking for the suspect that fired a gun into the crowd of a hip hop concert killing one
5:44 pm
person. the shots rang out as rapper t.i. was getting red to perform. two other people were hurt in the gun fire. it began as a dispute between two groups that spilled out of the concert hall and on to a vip balcony. police hope that the surveillance video showing one man firing off a round and hopefully leading to his arrest. jaime apody is working out in the heat today. >> have to get ready for the heat it's hot in august, i guess. maybe. the eagles finished up their ota's today and mandatory mini camp on june 7th. everything is different from the corner backs to the head coach and the coordinators and the scheme. marcus smith is hope that everything is different for him too. the former first round pick has made no impact and is being paid almost $2 million a year and he says this year is the year he turns around his reputation.
5:45 pm
>> wanted to be on the field but i wasn't. i think it's more of, i learned a lot of things from my first and second year and i think i have grown and matured a lot and you'll see a lot different marcus. >> another man looking to make a difference is michael kendricks, he felt like he couldn't get into a flow flast year, with all the in and out and he predicts he'll make the pro bowl. >> last year was last year and this year is this year, a whole new offense and whole new scheme and this year is this year. last year things didn't really fall our way in any position or in any scenario. you know that being said, washing that year and looking forward to this one. >> phillies are off hoping to get beauty rest because they have quite the challenge ahead of them. after all many say this will finally be the cubs year.
5:46 pm
they face the top team in baseball, 31-14 they are the top team. the phillies have 100 fewer wins than it's cubs, but only 5 fewer wins. it's layoff time for our local high schools, radnor started the season 0-5 and leads holy prep, and senior andrew austin is not only the team's best and most versatile player, he is the hear oh, he was born missing part of his right arm and that never stopped him. >> when i was first born, the doctors told my parents if you don't have a problem with it, he won't either and they treated me different than any one else. i never thought of as different and i wanted to play like everybody else. >> he is our mvp all the way around and anything you put your
5:47 pm
mind to you can do. >> how does he do is it with a little help and a lot of skill. that story is coming up tonight at 6:00. this kid will inspire you. >> thank you jaime. some terrific students won safety awards for protecting their fellow students. they won the aaa safety awards in newcastle delaware. students from five counties were there and the luncheon honors all the safety patrols in the mid-atlantic region. we want to thank all of you for your help. i'm so sorry, ms. maroney. this personal essay is way harder than i thought, it's just not in my nature to brag on myself. not even a backdoor brag? what's a backdoor brag? sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation, like when i tell people, i can't watch musicals cause i have perfect pitch. some carriers promise unlimited streaming,
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meteorologist, adam joseph is here now with a look at the steamy forecast. a start of 90 degree days and what better timing than a holiday weekend. most folks go to the shore or the poconos, it's a win win situation. >> i went to work -- >> stop explaining. >> he is in air conditioning. >> take a look -- we should get a heater next to him -- stormtracker 6 live double scan not finding a whole lot going on at the present time. high clouds moving in from the west and they will be around the area tonight and throughout the beginning of the weekend. right now it's 88 in philadelphia, down from the high of 90 degrees right now 89 in
5:51 pm
lehigh valley and 70s in the poconos and beautiful at the shore with temperatures there only in the 70s but if you are expected to go into the water. it is very cold only 58 degrees right now, it's not going to stop the kids from going but the adult, you may put one toe in. a few showers in the central part of the state but they are overall fall ago part as they push to the east. tonight partly cloudy and turning more muggy it was dry this afternoon, a dry heat that changes at the end of the week, 64 to 67 degrees, tomorrow we hit 90 again in the city of philadelphia. mid to upper 80s in the surrounding suburbs, and at the shore another day with the sea breeze and temperatures in the middle 70s, there could be a pop-up storm in the northwestern suburbs, closer to the lehigh valley and bucks county. high pressure is working as a heat pump and the heat and
5:52 pm
humidity increases and a pair of 90s with plenty of sunshine for saturday and sun and on monday, the pattern starts to break down and low pressure is developing off the carolinas, either subtropical or tropical or just an area of downpours and thunderstorms, that will impact us on monday with a lot of clouds and numerous downpours and storms possibly for the holiday itself. before that plenty of fun to be had with dry weather and meteorologist, melissa magee down the shore to start the new season, you got the pose going on there outside of the absecon lighthouse with the wind blowing in your hair. having a pretty decent time. >> reporter: hey adam guess what? i'm anchoring today. get it. >> it's as bad as rick williams' puns. >> i took a line out of rick williams' book i know it was a little lame. i'll show you the forecast it's a beautiful one to be outside. on saturday, for the start of
5:53 pm
our weekend not bad it's mostly sunny at the shore with a high temperature of about 74 degrees and as we get into sunday, still sunshine and temperature dropping down to 72, monday is the day we have to watch closely with the area of low pressure, cloudy and a couple of showers around and highs in the upper 60s. the ocean temperature at this hour coming in at 58 degrees, it is beautiful with a nice breeze at the shore here at absecon lighthouse, the largest lighthouse in new jersey, the third largest in the country, just wonderful to see. hopefully you get a chance to see it. adam i'll bring it back inside to you and leave the jokes to rick as well. >> pick that up and move it to the left a little bit. just a tad. >> what the anchor? i don't think so. it's heavy! it's not moving. >> lets look at the exclusive
5:54 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast 90s for the next three days and hot and humid tomorrow and pop-up storm north and west and the peak of the heat tomorrow at 92 and heavy tomorrow in the poconos, expect temperatures there in the 80s for the next two days and 70s into monday. monday in the city it's cloudy and sticky and numerous showers and downpours and storms, unsettled at 79 and back to the really on tuesday and wednesday as the sunshine returns. the heat is on so find a friend with a pool and head to the shore. >> she said my puns were lame. >> the truth hurts. >> remember that "action news" is about interaction with you. on facebook we are on twitter we are @6 abc please join us and be part of "action news." >> a big birthday celebration at the philadelphia zoo today. everybody was bananas, lewis the
5:55 pm
gorilla turned 17 years old today and there was a big birthday exhibit at the zoo. lewis was distracted planning to sample the birth dry treats including a fruit cake. he is one of five low land gorillas there all of them considered litly endangered.
5:56 pm
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night and new jersey lawmakers approve finance bills to help atlantic city and a philadelphia police officer is injured in a crash in german town. but the big story on "action news" tonight, anxious moments for students from a bucks county school. more than a dozen students needed hospital treatment because of heat related illness. they are from penn middle school. and they were at a trenton
6:00 pm
thunder baseball game. ali gorman is at the hospital in langhorne. nora muchanic is live. >> reporter: it was suppose to be a fun day at the ballpark but the heat was too much to handle for the students. it was the end of the day trip for sixth graders at william penn middle school. but after being in the blazing 90 sun, more than a dozen students felt ill. >> the students were dizzy and feeling sick to their stomach. >> two students, both girls were taken directly from the ballpark to the health center nearby and others returned to the school and other children were showing heat related illness. >> it was a mass casualty situa


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