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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  May 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, teenage rodeo performer is dead after being trampled by a horse in south jersey. also a man is shocked while swimming in the hotel pool in wildwood, new jersey and those tried to help were jolted as well. but the big story on "action news" is a spectacular sunday in this memorial day
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weekend. >> that is right, combined with sunny skies with the light breeze and made for a perfect day to spend outdoors with family and friend. we have team coverage, "action news" reporter nora muchanic is live in atlantic city but we will begin with meteorologist melissa magee outside with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> walter and sarah we had plenty of sunshine today. so far it has been a really nice start to the holiday weekend however we're tracking cloud building in for rest of the evening and into the day on monday. the here's what is going on as far as temperatures are concerned. eighty-one in philadelphia after a high of 87. eighty-four in reading. at the coast much cooler beach haven 70. thirty-seven in wilmington. seventy-five in dover. you look at the dew point level of moisture in the a atmosphere and dew point numbers, along i-95 corridor are in the middle to upper 60's. seventy-five in dover. you can definitely feel increase in the humidity. humid air and warm conditions, it is all in advance of the system that we're tracking here. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d we are
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tracking is what left of what was once tropical storm bonnie, that is a tropical depression but you can see that moisture that continues to raise up to the mid-atlantic region and we will are dealing with that as earl as tonight and throughout that matter, throughout the day on monday. we will talk with the time line here for the rain's arrival. the for delaware and south jersey tonight, expect moisture now until about 8:00 o'clock. we have showers in wilmington and dover at the this hour a long i-95 metro area between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. when first drops will arrive in the city. the northwestern suburbs, anytime between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. now, memorial day forecast, at the shore not the best beach day. high of just 70 with thunderstorms around. we had some showers. in the city tomorrow high of 74 with steady rain arriving early in the day and up in the poconos a high of just 72 with downpours likely. it looks like we are off to a good start, the day is looking wet for our holiday. we will have have details with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa.
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let's move to the place to be this weekend new jersey shore. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic joins lives from atlantic city. hi there, nora. >> reporter: hey there, walter. been a strange day at the beach. absolutely beautiful in some places, really chilly in others. look at the boardwalk, right now we have had a heavy haze, here in atlantic city all day but i can tell you the fog we have had here did put a dent in anyone's fun. >> it is beautiful. i haven't to the beach in ten years. >> reporter: heavy haze over the shoreline left an erie effect at the beach but this was no movie scene but a pleasant escape from work and school to sit for a few hours near ocean even if the sun wasn't there and obscured. >> we could not wait until it got hotter. the water is cold but we could not wait. we love it. >> reporter: torres family of northeast philadelphia was camped on the beach off columbia place and enjoying the sand and the water, even though it was a cool, 59 degrees. >> it is cool.
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you cannot stand in there. you feel like you can't believe. it numbs your body. >> reporter: not staying in there long. >> foggy and sunny. >> reporter: he and his certificates ter spent time digging waiting for tide to come in. >> we are digging for the waves to come in and then we can sit in it. >> i'm just sitting and they go in the water. i'm keeping baby. >> reporter: very important part of this equation. >> yes, yes, i am's baby-sitter. >> reporter: ready for summer to getting. >> no, i'm not a summer girl. i don't like the heat but i have to deal with it right now. >> reporter: the atlantic city boardwalk was packed today too with thousands of strollers, out enjoying the holiday weekend. and for those who wanted action away from the beach in the casinos, folks were teaming up at the mini golf course across from boardwalk hall. >> i like coming to atlantic city, casinos, boardwalk, great here. >> happy memorial day everyone. >> reporter: how about that hat.
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you're looking live now at the historic boardwalk in atlantic city, lots of people have come here this weekend to spend the memorial day weekend here. there are tons of things to do. i'll tell what you everyone wants to get all of the fun in before the bad weather comes. we are here on the boardwalk in atlantic city i'm nora muchanic channel six "action news". back to you, walter. >> nor, thank you. of course, true reason for this holiday paying tribute to the men and women who for the and died for our country. "action news" reporter trish hartman looks at some of the ways they were honored today. >> ♪ >> reporter: music filled the streets in deptford, new jersey, a tribute to men and women in uniform. >> ♪ national anthem >> reporter: earlier a memorial service was held to honor the fallen. nine three-year old veteran stu allen served in world war two with his brother and two stepbrothers, four young men in four different branches. he says this holiday always makes him think of them and his fellow marines.
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>> they did it the so willingly and so -- without any need for praise or anything like that, they just knew it had to be done. >> reporter: salvatore a army ranger and paratrooper from deptford cast killed in 2010 in afghanistan. his mother tells "action news" he saved more than a dozen members of his unit. >> many sons like mine have done heroic feets like that. so it is a sad, joyful loving day. >> ♪ >> reporter: in philadelphia's bridesberg section veterans processed into saint john's church for a memorial mass. >> present, march. >> reporter: then a solute to the dead at all saints cemetery. >> the group will go to cemeteries throughout the brideberg neighborhood paying tribute to those who lost their lives. a responsibility that the veterans and boy scouts say they take very seriously. >> actually it is veterans responsibility to remind the community, that it is not about hot dogs, hamburger and
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everything else but it is about all of the people that sacrificed for our country. >> it goodies to come out and pay service to them. without them, our country would be a lot different. we wouldn't be free. >> reporter: reporting from bridesberg, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> valley forge today local veterans honored nine special american heroes in uniform. american post 840 of the american legion held ceremonies at freedom's foundation paying tribute to puerto rico's nine medal of honor recipients. it sleeted all sold hours gave their lives in defense of our country. this ceremony is a tradition that first started in 1978. keep six handy this holiday weekend on your devices. check out our traffic map as you head out and rely on storm tracker six live double scan radar to stay ahead of the weather. follow the "action news" weather team on facebook and on twitter for any updates and any changes in the the forecast. investigators in wildwood crest are trying to figure out how a man swimming in the
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motel pool was shocked by electricity. it happened last night at the aztech motel, man was jolted and then slumped down in the water. when bystanders tried to help they were shocked as well. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at that motel with more, jeff. >> reporter: yes, sarah, on a holiday week then pool two blocks from the beach is usually packed. not today, however. it is closed and off limits as police investigate what went wrong. >> i'm afraid to go in the pool, you have to see what happened yesterday. >> reporter: jerry butler and his son josh of northeast philadelphia are still shaken after witnessing a man get shocked in the pool at aztech motel on east lavender street. >> we thought he was playing, and his son was saying daddy, daddy he started crying. this isn't normal. >> and, so the son started to get upset. >> reporter: unaware what happened one of the butler's friend, ivan christopher martinez of camden seen here in the hospital jumped in the water to save the man.
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>> chris, went into shock in the pool like this and he was shaking. i told christopher to get out of the pool. chris went backup on the pool and then it was stuck and he hat a electric current up through his legs. >> reporter: butler's say man sank to the bottom. maintenance worker eventually shut off power and pull the man out unconscious before paramedics arrived. >> they work for 12 minutes and said they throughout he had a heartbeat. >> reporter: man was rush to the hospital. the martinez is also being treated for weakness and tingling in his arm. owner of the motel tells "action news" that the pool was inspect and bonded by an electrician three weeks ago and says a short in the lamp post may to be blame. >> still shaken. >> a little bit. >> reporter: butler's say on this busy holiday weekend the tragedy could easily have been worse. >> had this happened, hours earlier, a lot of people would have been seriously hurt or possibly killed. >> yes. >> reporter: just released the name of the victim, greg, 34 years old, from new jersey.
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he is in critical condition right now, in a philadelphia hospital. the owner of this motel didn't wanting to on camera but says he is sick over this, and the pool is closed, until an exact causes determine, the repairs are made, and county inspectors give the all clear. we are live from wildwood crest, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. a reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person who set two dogs on fire last night in chester. justice rescue of delaware county is offering $1,000 for help in solving this crime. it was right around 8:00 o'clock last night that fire fighters were called to the 2800 block of west sixth street when they found the dogs burning. both died. justice rescue is asking for donations to help pay for forensic testing as part of the investigation. six people were... were shot overnight during a cook out in trenton. just 1:00 a.m. when gunfire rang out on 600 block of martin luther king boulevard. both were shot in the leg and taken to capitol health reg medical center by private car.
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no arrests have been made. is there much more to come on "action news", teenage rodeo performer is dead after being trampled by a horse in front of the crowd of thousands in south jersey. what investigators say went wrong. complete strangers step up to wish a septa police officer well as he was struck by a hit and run driver. we are live with the details. phillies try avoid being swept in chicago for the first time in more than two decade. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" continues tonight. new jersey state police
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say a teenage ride shore tied in the rodeo last night was trampled by a horse. nineteen year-old corry lutes of bear back rider died in the hospital, shortly after the incident at cow town rodeo in pilesgrove salem county. authorities have not released any details about the accident, but lutes was from howard, pennsylvania. dozens of runners showed up for a pop up run through
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city's holmesberg section. it is their way to send well wishes to a septa police officer who was struck by a hit and run driver while running. christie ileto is live at torresdale hospital with much more, christie? >> reporter: well, walter, right now they spent last week here recuperating and just yesterday rather he was taken to the icu after a fluid was discovered around his heart. all of the more reason why runners pounded the pavement today in his honor. >> down frankford avenue. >> reporter: dozens of runners with one message: get well, for officer gary miller. >> lets go. >> reporter: what do you think about all these people that showed up. >> i think my husband would do the same thing for anything. wow run for everybody. this is love. this is amazing love. people that we don't necessity. >> reporter: thirteen year vet was running in holmesberg when this car came barreling from behind and left him with severe injuries on the side of the road. miller has under gone multiple
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surgeries over the last week and was recently moved to the icu. >> what was significance of where you started and where you ended. >> that is where it happened? that is where collision and everything went down. the happies right up here. we got get well card and well wishes for officer miller. we will drop them off. >> reporter: surveillance cameras caught the car speeding off with the shattered windshield and front even damage but there have been no arrests. >> we have the car. anybody saw crash, we want to talk to them. >> what do you have to say to the person responsible for hitting your husband. >> you know, right now, i do not have words, i just pray on it. and i just never will forgive him. he just didn't stop. >> reporter: well, no telling how long officer miller will be here recuperating but family and friend have raised more than ten grand just for medical costs. reporting live from torresdale christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you. coming up a check on
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sports. stick around. ♪
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jeff is here now with sports. phillies wrapping up a tough road trip for them. >> yes, it has. they are coming home, perhaps things will go better. having a good memorial day weekend, well, the phillies are not. their weekend, stinks. the phillies beat up on friday. beat up gannon saturday. today, they are trying to avoid being swept in chicago for the first time, in 21 years. for the third time in three games phillies just sit there and watch the best team in baseball knock them around out of the gates. very first inning anthony rizzo with the blooper to left field, off vince velasquez. phillies down one to nothing to the cubs. second inning miggalmontero takes him deep and out. solo shot. phillies down two to nothing. velasquez, another miserable outing on the road, bottom of
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the third, ben with the three run home run. velasquez has worst start of his career, allows seven earned runs. phillies lose seven-two. they drop seven of nine. swept at wrigley for first time in 21 years. only thing the cubs lost this weekend was a hat in the stands. much more on the phillies, and time to hit panic button. we will discuss on "action news" sports sunday at 11:45. mike missanelli will join us in the studio. first place nationals come to town tomorrow and jason werth, he will be in a good mood. werth hit a pinch hit grand slam against st. louis in the seventh. chase utley hit a grand slam last night against jimmy rollins. nationals win seven-to. they are three and a half games in front of the phillies in the standings. the greatest spectacle in racing has caused a greatest pain for bethlehem native michael andretti ape his family. andretti may feel cursed as a driver but he is feeling good as an owner today.
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jump for joy for 100 running of the indy 500 sold out for first time in history. how about a round of applause for lady gaga, she's on the edge of galore any mario andretti's pace car. midway through the race, leaving pit rose, they collide, julio gets out but ryan hunter/ray hits the wall. andretti's driver goes into victory lane. he wins the indy 500, and he is first rookie to win this race, in 15 years ago. ladies and gentlemen, now he has his helmet off. let's hear it. you see a ton of north carolina and maryland fans around town this weekend is there a big reason for it. both their men and women's lacrosse teams are here playing for national champions ships. men tomorrow at the link, today, the women, in chester undefeated maryland, the favorite against north carolina, for nationals across title but, they were caught off gar. how about the goal, right between the legs.
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north carolina upsets maryland, 13-seven to win it all. what a run. it ruins the perfect season and a shot at a three pete, for maryland. lets see how the men do tomorrow at the link. >> what an ending in chester. >> yes. thanks, jeff. up next on "action news" you might want to plan some indoor activities the for your memorial day, rain is on the way. >> that is right, meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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lacrosse players hit the field at the university of
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pennsylvania, today, for the courage games, aimed at raising awareness about lgbt equality. the event began last year with just one game, growing out of the young local player's experience coming out this year there were both mens and women's matches as much more athletes join the cause. meteorologist melissa magee has a final check of the accu weather forecast. rain is coming but weekend was really nice. >> it was nice yesterday. it was nice even on, the bulk of today but we are tracking, i forgot, but it is a holiday weekend. let's see what is going on here, live double scan radar. you can see moisture in the locations south of philadelphia and wilmington. really south jersey and northern and central delaware as well. we will go in tighter on street level with storm tracker six and if you are traveling southbound on that i-95 corridor in the wilmington we are dealing with moderate pockets of moisture, same thing press nothing to chadds ford, off to the west along route 41, also in salem,
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cumberland county there in south jersey we have moisture and expect more of this to fill in across delaware and lehigh valley as we go throughout the rest of tonight. high today in philadelphia 87 degrees. that three day heat wave, came to an end today. right now it is a southerly wind with 81 in the city. eighty-seven in allentown. seventy-nine in the poconos. up the coast in cape may 69. same thing in beach haven. here's satellite six with action radar. what we are tracking is storm system off to our south and east. this was, tropical storm bonnie, and this has since been downgraded to a tropical depression. the storm system right now is nearly stationary but later on tonight in, to monday, we will have moisture work its way in the the mid-atlantic region and that is what we will be dealing with for the majority of the day on monday before a cold front you can see off to the west kicks in as we get into monday night. because the call from accu weather next 12 hours turning cloudy that rain will arrive later on tonight dropping down to 66 in the suburbs, and 68 degrees in philadelphia, for the overnight low. here's future tracker six, by
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11:00 p.m. we have rain, some of which will be heavy at times. would i allow for showers to creep into philadelphia at that time as well. the at 2:00 in the morning look at this moisture for areas north and west, of that 95 corridor from the poconos down to lancaster, light to moderate if not heavy pockets of moisture at that time. 6:00 o'clock in the morning on monday, for the actual holiday we're still in and out of the wet weather as we go throughout the afternoon hours, some of this moisture will start to taper. you can see, however not the best of beach days with those showers and storms from lakehurst all the way down to wildwood and then as we get into late monday night and into tuesday, cold front kicks this moisture out to sea. we will talk about what we can expect. tropical moisture moving in the our region, steady, heavy rain moves in overnight tonight and right through monday morning. it takes us to showers in the afternoon hours. overall we can find an inch to inch and a half of the rain on the the way and this could lead to issues with localized flooding. so if you are traveling down the shore, not the best of
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beach days, come tomorrow. high temperature of just 70 degrees. cooler day with those on and off shores. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. as we go throughout the day monday, rain, heaviest looks to fall in the early morning hours, otherwise high of 74. on tuesday it is warmer but humidity drops up to 856789 on wednesday, sunny, pleasant 81 degrees. seventy-seven on thursday. we have high pressure returning, and then turning unsettled once we get into next friday, and next saturday and sunday with highs in the 70es a. so maybe have some indoor plans for the barbecue, plans outside tomorrow. >> okay, all right thanks, melissa. abc world news sunday next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight and we are right back here again on six abc at 11:00 o'clock. >> now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." the gripping video and new eyewitness accounts from that frantic zoo emergency. a 4-year-old boy plunges into the gorilla enclosure. the 400-pound animal grabs him and runs off. >> mommy's right here. >> tonight, what zoo workers say they had to do to keep the boy alive. neighborhood shootout. >> get in your house! >> two gunmen start firing in the middle of a residential area. at least eight victims shot, one killed. the intense hunt to take down the shooters. breaking news. shark attack. a boy bitten in shallow water. how the entire beach came to his rescue. deadly flooding. record rain over the holiday weekend. mandatory evacuations under way. families pulled from flooded homes. the danger at some beaches this memorial day. and, driven to distraction.


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