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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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and legacy of mohammed ali, next. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. clear skies, out there right now looking live from sky six over center city but we're tracking a heavy chance for rain tomorrow.
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saturday night i'm walter perez. the big story for "action news" is threat of severe weather tomorrow. after warm sunny day it remains balmy tonight but tomorrow heat sticks around with the potential for some strong gusts of rain. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the "action news" big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> it is not just rain but likelihood of strong to severe showers and storms, that will be moving in throughout the afternoon and evening hours. we have got warmth overhead right now. warmth will add to the instability come tomorrow. it is currently 72 in philadelphia. seventy-three in washington d.c. off to the west in pittsburgh, pennsylvania also coming in the lower 70's. looking at dew point. it is level of how much moisture is not at months fear. anytime you have dew points at 60 or higher you can feel humidity in the air. we have 67-degree dew point in pittsburgh and 70-degree dew point in richmond, virginia. we're tapping in the warmth and humidity, especially with those southerly wind. ahead of the big change coming
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tomorrow. here's storm tracker six double scan radar. you can see moisture still left at delaware and lehigh valleys. we are tracking a cold front off to the west and we will tap into this moisture from the south that will continue to surge northward as we go throughout the day tomorrow with that coming big changes. future tracker six showing you a a warm front tomorrow morning. 7:00 in the morning there will be an area of widespread showers around, but as we go throughout the afternoon hours and into the evening you can see line of convective activity setting up a cross that i-95 corridor. because of that the storm prediction center has placed most of our region in an enhanced risk of finding some severe weather. biggest threat will be damaging win gusts and locally heavy rain. also possibility of some hail, and an isolated tornado we cannot rule that out, as well as we get into tomorrow afternoon. we have a closer look with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. >> thanks, melissa. remembering the legacy of an american icon. there has been outpouring of
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admiration and grief throughout the day over death of the boxing great mohammed ali. ali died late last night at a hospital near phoenix. his family says cause of death was septic shock. it came after decade of ali's greatest fight his battle against parkinson's disease w more on ali's life and legacy, here's abc reporter melissa. >> reporter: walter, mohammed ali's death sparked outpouring of love and appreciation for a love for a man who impact sports but society as a whole. as his family mourns the world prepares to say good bye to their champion. >> ali, seemingly commanding. >> reporter: in the toughest bought of his life, mohammed ali went out a champion. his daughter tweeted dad did not go easily. ali a's heartbeating 30 minutes after his other organs fail. we all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, you can go now we will be okay. tough guy who leaves so many tender memories.
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unaudible. >> the world will miss that level of kindness. >> reporter: from sports superstars for whom ali laid the trail. >> as a kiddy gravitated toward him because he was a champion. >> other than jesus, it has got to be mohammed ali. >> reporter: to michael j. fox a fellow parkinson's victim. >> i just cried. amazing moment. >> reporter: mohammed ali also remembered, as a civil rights near. he went from being despised to the most loved and renowned person on the planet. because he stood for something. >> reporter: the president and mrs. obama saying in the statement quote ali stood up when it was hard, spoke out when others wouldn't. in his hometown of louisville, flowers to remember the native son. they will welcome mohammed ali home one last time on friday, in grand style. funeral plans include a huge procession through streets of
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louisville, speakers will include former president bill clinton, bryant gumbel and comedian billy crystal n los angeles, melissa, channel six, "action news". mohammed ali had deep connections right here in the delaware valley. his tenacity and grit inspired generations of local boxers. ali even lived in our area for a time. a "action news" reporter trish hartman has that part of the story. >> reporter: boxers young and old honored mohammed ali with a ten count, a moment of silence at johann boxing gym in northern liberties. when you think of boxing first thing you think about is mohammed ali. >> reporter: front non-profit boxing facility for kid happened to hold its community day one day after the legend passed bringing fighters and community members together to remember, the heavyweight champion. >> because of the things he has done outside of the ring, to me, it was more of a game changer in life then a game changer in my life because i learned that i can speak.
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>> he was the greatest fighter to ever live. >> reporter: joe hand senior was part of the joe frazier's management team. he now runs a closed circuit tv distributor in feasterville. he describes negotiating the first fight at madison square garden as most important moment in his career but he also funnily remembers taking his son to ali's training cam in schuylkill county in 1972. >> all these people were just people that were coming in off of the street, and if you look, at this one, he fed them all. they were all staying for lunch. and then he sat down on the end of the ring and he talked to them. >> reporter: ali briefly lived in philadelphia's overbrook section and moved into this five bedroom house in cherry hill in 1971. folks stopped by to remember ali's time here. >> to know that he was in a local area like this talked away, down in cherry hill, it is just pretty cool. >> reporter: just as people we
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spoke with remembered his dominance in the boxing ring as well as his colorful expressions, they say they will also fondly remember his time in our area as well as his courageous battle with parkinson's disease. the reporting from fairmount park, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> you can read more about the life and legacy of miami ali right there on six we have a photo gallery of his life, reaction to his death and funeral arrangements. we have some breaking news from camden where a person was stab outside of the bb and t pavilion as a concert was going on inside. this happened a few hours ago in one of the parking lots near the arena. a country concert was going on at the time. victim was taken to cooper medical center with serious injuries. no word on a motive or what it might have been. no arrests have been made in this case. a five-year old girl has died of her injuries after a house fire in northeast philadelphia, according to a facebook post, by inn neighborhood organization. sophia olson and her mother were critically injured in the fire that started just before
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5:30 p.m. thursday at their home on the 3700 block of south hereford lane. fire officials say that the little girl became trapped in the back bedroom, her mother remains hospitalized in stable condition at temple university hospital. no word on how the fire started. two people were injured during a house explosion this afternoon in phillipsberg, new jersey. the blast destroyed the home and sent debris flying. officials a say one of the victims suffered severe burns. the causes under investigation but authorities said that they did smell gas in that area after the fire. two cats were rescued from this fire at a home in garnett valley this morning. fire broke out at 10:00 a.m. in the garage of the house, along the 1600 block of hans lanes. several small explosion where is heard and officials said that only served to spread the flames even quicker. we're told home owner had gone out to the store and returned to find his home engulfed in fire. nobody was injured, and no word on how it started. animal control officers from delaware county are investigating an incident of
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animal abuse involving a 4-foot alligator. official where is called to the home on the 200 block of west 21st street in chester, after getting a tip call. inside of the home they found this alligator inside of a basement bathtub filled with green slime. they also found two dogs. tonight, all of the animals are under the care of the veterinarian. there is no word on what, if any, charges the home owner may face. thousands office people are enjoying an outdoor concert tonight at penns landing, the roots picnic kicked off this morning and continues at this hour. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the festival pier with more, hi there dann. >> reporter: hi, walter, local hip-hop here is the roots have been staging this picnic for nine years and it is another unofficial kick off to um iser. a must see event for many music lovers across the region and beyond. >> yes, it is ninth annual roots picnic and festivalpier with number of musical acts performing, monk them,
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philadelphia's own roots routes. >> ♪ >> reporter: as many as 10,000 people were enjoying the sights and sound coming from across the mid-atlantic region. >> it is awesome. we came up from baltimore. we're enjoying the sights. a lot of dj music, awesome classic rock, good rap too. >> i feel like i'm enjoying the nice weather and all of the atmosphere that they have going on out here at the roots program, it is really nice. >> that is why we call it a picnic. it is about friend, family. it is not just roots festival. it is all about laid back atmosphere at festival pier. >> reporter: usher and roots were among 24 musical acts performing on three stages, here along the waterfront. >> now we have to wait for usher. >> reporter: you want to see usher. >> all right. >> yes. >> and because the roots, they are homebound. >> everything is good. >> little nicki was good. we have chicken tenders, cheese burgers, and good food.
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>> reporter: nice time. >> blast. >> beautiful night. it looked like the whole city is out here. if you ain't here, you are missing out. >> reporter: you sure are. >> yes. >> reporter: all and all a beautiful evening here on the delaware river waterfront. let the summer music season begin. at penns landing, dann cuellar for channel six "action news". they strutted their stuff in south philadelphia tonight at drexel university's annual fashion show. twenty graduating fashion design students got to see their work on display right that the navy yard. they did more than just design those clothes, these students, casted the models, ran the box office and even helped promote this event. pretty cool. much more to come on "action news" a huge bike race is set for tomorrow and it will run through several neighborhood across philadelphia we will have details. it was an absolute mess of the race today in delaware county but that is exactly the way they like it. we will take you to than a event where the muck was part of the fun. plus our coverage of the mohammed ali continues in
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sports, jeff skversky has reaction from some of the boxing top names when "action news" comes right back.
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professional cyclist are getting their rest tonight before tomorrow's philadelphia international cycling classic. the mens and women's races will make a 12-mile loop through roxborough, lemon hill and east falls, plus that climb up the grueling manayunk wall.
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the race kicks off tomorrow morning, and some roads will be closed including all of the kelly drive. most roads will reopen by 5:30 tomorrow evening. the race will go on even if it rains. friend and families honored loved ones who pass away with the butterfly release earlier today. cancer treatment center of america in juniata section hosted this event to connect people who have have experienced similar losses. it began with music for moment of reflection and group went outside to release those butterflies. it has been seven months since the man from tacony was last seen and tonight police and his mother are asking for your help in finding the 37 year-old. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters. >> reporter: report where is 37 year-old jacob rodgers of tacony? that is the question that was asked of the citizens crime commission. >> we got a call from the 90 year-old female from west virginia asking if we could help her out. >> reporter: rodgers mother is
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trying to find out what happened to her son. on thanksgiving day she says he called her and told her he was at 30th street station. >> so he told his mom he was at the train station on thanksgiving day, that he was going to be arriving in west virginia on friday morning. >> reporter: he hasn't been seen or heard of since. >> his cell phone hasn't been used since that day, he has money in the bank, in his account it has not been touched since the 25th the day before thanksgiving. >> police reviewed surveillance tapes and found in sign of rodgers. he is 6-foot one, 185-pound, blonde hair, blue eyes, police say he has appeared right eye brow, pierced left ear and a small beard with a soul patch. >> if anybody knows anything, please give us a call at 215-546-tips. totally anonymous. we just want to know where he is at. >> citizens climb commission is administering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to his whereabouts, just call 215-546-tips.
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all calls remain anonymous. for crime fighters, i'm rick williams for channel six "action news". one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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thousands of people spent the morning getting muddy. muck fest ms took place today in the glen mills school in delaware county. 3-mile mud run and obstacle course organized in support of the national multiple sclerosis society's mission to stop ms. these athletes showed their dedication to this cause, finishing the course that took some folks about two hours to
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complete. god bless them. >> yes. >> time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. tomorrow we are looking for possible tough stuff coming our way. >> we've got strong to severe showers and storms. we are in the enhanced risk of finding severe weather tomorrow, walter. a lot to track very closely. we will show you what is going on with storm tracker six double scan radar. it is dry for that 95 corridor, areas south and east and south jersey and delaware but there is a spotty shower right now in northern lancaster county and a couple of sprinkles in berks and lehigh counties. we will track moisture overnight tonight and into early sunday morning. but then the main line of convective activity moves in sunday afternoon into the evening hours. we will show you the picture outside, sky six live in hd at penns landing. checking out summer fest. folks doing roller skate ago long the rink. we have warm, humid conditions and partly to mostly cloudy skies. high today in philadelphia 83 degrees. right now we will drop down to
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72 in the city. seventy-seven in allentown. sixty-six in the poconos. same thing for beach haven and cape may. seventy-five in trenton. here's sky six and action radar. things are quiet across delaware and lehigh valleys. you see moisture out across pennsylvania and to our south. we will allow for some of this activity to move through overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. then a cold front swings through, as we get into sunday afternoon. so call from accu weather over next 12 hours. cloudy, humid. we will drop down to 67, in the suburbs, and 68 degrees in philadelphia. then we will attract those showers and some storms that will move through, overnight tonight. future tracker six showing you at 6:00 in the morning a warm front comes through. we will have a warm front coming through and will destabilize atmosphere as we have warm, humid a air mass overhead. some showers will be moving more as we get into monday morning. sunday morning i should say. 1:30 in the afternoon we have more sunshine, heating of the
11:22 pm
day comes through and then we will have showers and storms. then as we get into sunday night 7:30 tomorrow night, we have a line of convective activity which is why we have been placed in an enhanced risk of finding some severe weather. we have strong showers and storms that will be on the move, some of which could turn severe. this model is showing by 9:30 or 10:00 we will track that moisture starting to depart and moving off shore. we will talk about what we can expect. i would allow for some showers and storms, a shower or two to pop up, by the afternoon hours, sometime between one and 2:00 but main event still looks to be between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. strong to severe storms on the way. wind gusting as high as 60 miles an hour for anyone of these then are storms. that is the main threat. downpours, rain up to 2 inches in some locations and that will lead to some localized flooding, again, isolated tornado we cannot rule that out south and east of philadelphia exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you strong storms likely tomorrow, high
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temperature up to 83. less humid, sunny looking good on monday up to 84. partly sunny on tuesday with the thunderstorm around and 82. wednesday, breezy, up to 76. delightful next thursday at 77. seventy-eight on friday and plenty of sunshine on saturday, walter with a high temperature coming in at 78. make sure you you are prepared tomorrow have afternoon. >> all right, thanks, melissa. with the rain in the forecast stay with six all throughout the weekend. storm tracker six live double scan radar puts a million watts of forecasting power right at your fingertips. be sure to follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter for updates. sports is up next on "action news" and we will continue to remember mohammed ali, coming up jeff skversky looks at ali's local connections and reaction from boxing's biggest names.
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jeff skversky has a check on sports. some athletes are great and some become larger than life. that was mohammed ali. >> absolutely, you go back to thinking about all of the fight he had, and the three against joe frazier. >> oh, man. >> first time he ever loss was to philly's own joe frazier. champions are not made in gyms, champions are made from something they have deep inside them. a desire, a dream, a vision. that is what mohammed ali preached and practiced. his vision to become the greatest brought him here to the delaware valley. ali trained for biggest fights of his life begins philadelphia native joe frazier and even george foreman in deerlake, pennsylvania, a small town overlooking the poconos. the it was out of the lime light and peaceful. it is where he trained with a young larry holmes, ali a former three time heavyweight champ who lives in philadelphia, even cherry hill in the 1970's made an impact the on the world and the local boxing scene before he passed away at the age of 74.
11:28 pm
>> i look at all that ali has done and what he has stood up for in and out of the ring, and he was his own salesman. he was his own pitch man. he was his own promoter. he was just his own everything. >> i had a great relationship with him. took him places. we went to africa, malaysia, places where he for the at. i would have never done that. this man took me. so that is why i said he is one of the greatest fighters of all time. >> larry holmes spared with ali and helped get ready for thriller in manilla a and many other fight, holmes went on to fight and beat ali in 1980. moving on to baseball, not one thing it is another with this team. brewing up trouble for phillies today, two guys they gave up on and trade add way. prospects jonathanvillear and
11:29 pm
domingo santana combined for five hits, three runs batted in and two home runs. game starts with so many promise, aaron nola on his birthday. he is one giving out presents. then game starts with a few more souvenirs in the crowd. second inning, tommy boy, tommy joseph his fifth hit in the last three daises a solo shot. we are tied at one. three batters laters, caesar hernandez follows with one of his three hits on the day, a two run bomb, and phillies take a three-one lead. but back come the brewers, you may want to sit down. they tie it in the eighth. they take the lead. santana the former phillies prospect says this is what i think of that hunter pence trade, gone off hector. there goes the lead and game. they have dropped eight of their last nine. their bad at bats are killing them. >> you need good quality at bats. one for four is okay, if you want to keep your average at .250 but you're looking for
11:30 pm
two and three hits a game. that should be the goal. we're just not doing it. >> one of the worst hitting teams in baseball. they have lost 12 of their last 15. series finally tomorrow, nola gets the nod. still to come in sports former eagles first round pick once again, fighting for a starting job when we come right back. crave it while you can. america runs on dunkin'.


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