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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 7, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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continues. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. prosecutors say that chaka fattah used charitable and federal funding to pay back a loan but the congressman says he did nothing wrong. voters in new jersey cast their ballots choosing who will be their nominee for president. now, the details, the defense continues to present its case in the federal corruption trial of congressman, chaka fattah, after the prosecution rested its case last week. vernon odom is live in center city with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon rick. at this hour, a former fattah chief of staff from his washington office is on the witness stand, she is not implicated in this corruption case and the trial of the 11 term congressman is grinding to a close. fattah and his lawyers entered
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court this morning, the third day of them laying out their defense. their contention is that two unscrupulous people -- and they had no knowledge of this. they are trying to show that the congressman say crook. both testified here for the government after entering guilty pleas. fattah claims federal prosecutors are carrying out a vendetta against him and his family. four co-defendants are charged with fattah all charged with rack iraq tearing, the government says they stole from charities he founded and from the treasury. to pay off the debts from his ill fated run for mayor. they have called witnesses including former u.s. congressman boreski.
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>> reporter: rick still no indication if congressman fattah will take the witness stand in his own defense. the defense is expected to wrap up later this week. live at is the courthouse in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. 44-year-old felix ramos is arrested on charges that he rape aid woman behind a shopping center in northeast philadelphia. the 29-year-old victim called for help after being attacked in the woods behind the shopping center. she gave a good drips of the man and they found him nearby and the woman positively identified ramos. a 5-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in his home in chester. it happened at witnessington place. it hit the child in his arm and lodged in his shoulder. the boy's mother says she kept hire son calm by talking to him about his upcoming birthday
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party. the child was brought to crozier medical center alert and conscious. a man was shot in the leg while riding his bike. this was the scene on north front street where the victim was found. police say he was found on north lee street and ran before he finally collapsed. witnesses told police they saw three men running into a vacant house from the scene. and in the home police found weapons, cash and drugs. people were trapped by fire at their home last night in east oak lane. the flames broke out about 1:15 on north spark street. fire officials say the residents were trapped on a back porch roof and everybody got down safely. no serious injuries are reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. turning now to the race for the white house. it's primary day for new jersey and california and four other states. hillary clinton crossed a milestone yesterday. according to the associated
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press, the frontrunner has enough delegates to be the first woman to clinch a major nomination for president. and house leader, nancy pelosi endorsed clinton for president. pelosi is calling for party unity and thanking britney spears for invigorating the primary and donald trump is not backing down saying the judge handling his lawsuit involving trump university cannot be impartial. and the results roll in, trump and clinton will hold events in new york while sanders holds a late night rally in santa monica, california. we'll have all the results coming up tonight on "action news." you can get updates on our website at turning now to the forecast, another great day across our region, warm and sunny right now and a great day to be out for lunch. and changes are around the corner.
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karen rogers is outdoors enjoying the nice conditions while they last. >> i love it, lots of sunshine and a few clouds up above. it's warm and a little bit sticky but the big change is coming in the form of thunderstorms. lets see what is looks like on stormtracker 6 live double scan we with see all along the i-95 corridor, we are still dry, what you see near trenton is ground clutter. the storms are out to the north and west. as we go wider here on stormtracker 6 live double scan can you see how they are forming and popping up. it looks like they'll be here by 2:00. we'll start to see some of those through the city. 80 degrees right now, nice and warm and humid. 80 in allentown and 79 in reading and 81 in wilmington and 82 in millville. and atlantic city airport in pomona, new jersey, 83 degrees. the temperatures are uniform in the area, we'll hit a high of 85
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but the temperatures will fall when the storms hit. comfortable dew point in the lehigh valley. 62 in philadelphia and more hupd south and east of the city. 72 in cape may and feeling oppressive right now. i think a lot of people will get out and enjoy the nice weather while we have it. i want to warn you about the storms coming. if you head to the playground, 2:00 p.m. 84 degrees but watch for the spotty storms. brick the storm tracker 6 app with you, they will hit philadelphia around 2:00 and then move into south jersey and delaware. they are spotty and not everybody sees them but i'll show you what it looks like on tracker 6. we'll look at the full forecast in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. this reminder, is your comprehensive resource for everything weather related from the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, to constantly
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updated forecasts you'll be ready for changes 4 hour as you day. tropical storm colin continues to move away from the southeastern coast of the united states but not before dump heavy rain along north carolina's outer banks. what happened when colin came ashore overnight? >> reporter: tropical storm colin making landfall. winds battering the coastline and drivers who braved the storm. in florida, the governor declaring a state of emergency in 34 counties, that is half the state. we have notified our national guard and so we have the potential to activate 6,000 national guard members around the state. the sunshine sky way bridge shut down and visibility so poor that officials did not want drivers at risk. >> storm surge, along with 10 inches of rain falling, causing many coastal communities to
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flood. this morning, much of cedar key is under water. >> the wind is what is causing the trouble pushing the waves up and over us. >> conditions so rough in the gulf of mexico, boats getting washed up on shore, this man using a kayak to get around his st. pete neighborhood. and jacksonville capturing the moments of possible tornadoes. families racing to fill sandbags. 50 miles per hour winds bringing down trees and damaging these homes near tampa. >> the storm dumping so much rain, we see local flooding across the southeast from the carolinas to hard hit florida. charleston, south carolina. >> back here the atlantic city beach control is looking to fill a staffing shortage. they will hold lifeguard tryouts for the first time in three years. they need about 30 new guards.
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they protect roughly 3.5 miles of beaches. an average lifeguard makes about $100 a day. it will be held at the south beach. a group of seniors got a lesson on food safety. they brought the program to the center in the park senior center. it's intended to teach seniors about food poisoning and gave tips to avoid getting sick in the first place. >> high school seniors are spending the day inspiring younger children while saying good-bye to the school district. members of the senior class wore cap and gowns while going through the middle schools in the district. at kennett middle school the younger students lined the hallways, and the students will
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graduate later on this month. much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, she was born without the use of her arms but found a way to express her tal en. her unique story coming up. and in time for the olympics in rio, they go high tech thanks to a new pap.
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today has been declared prince day in minnesota. the declaration mark what's would have been the musician's 58th birthday. he died last month from an accidental overdose of pain killers. he plans to celebrate him with music throughout the day. as muhammad ali's loved ones get ready to say their final farewell. marcy gonzales reports from louisville where his memorial will be held on friday. >> the last portraits of muhammad ali and an intimate
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look at the boxing legend just months before his death. it show a glimpse of that fighting spirit that carried him through the battle with a debilitating disease. current scientists contend his boxing was not a factor in his parkinson's disease. >> it was his early age, that was atypical. >> ali never blamed boxing for his illness and never felt sorry for himself. >> he never said why me. >> the broad impact felt across the country especially here in his home town of louisville. the city preparing for his final sendoff on friday. an inner faith service with actor, will smith, who portrayed
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him in the movie. is among the pall bearers. and a muslim service will be here open to the public and thousands of tickets to that are being given away here. >> coming up tonight on a special 20/20, bobby brown opens up about his daughter's death, the abc news exclusion he has the first in-depth interview with bobby brown since the passi passing of bobbi kristina a year ago. robin roberts sat down with brown watch her report tonight at 10:00. and watch two hours of the bachelorette and the 20/20 special and stay tuned for "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner. a young girl from afghanistan is proving that you can do anything you set your mind to. the 16-year-old was born without the use of her arms and learned
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how to use her mouth to draw portraits. this is a picture of canadian prime minister justin trudeau, she hopes to have her own exhibit in canada. the beaches in rio de janeiro is going high tech for the olympics. they are using apps to sell their merchandise people with rent everything from a beach chair to umbrella or get water with the push of a button. >> i came here just because they have wifi. >> the beach goers say it's also safer, people can pay on the app they don't have to carry around a lot of money. >> we need that for the jersey shore. coming up no check of the forecast. looking live outside at sky 6 hd, the beaches of cape may, a pretty day to be at the shore. you might want to get the umbrella handy though.
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bad weather delayed the flight of a solar airplane from the lehigh valley to new york city. the solar impulse 2 was suppose to leave overnight when rain came through the area. it's atemming to three across the world with only solar power. it's not clear when that flight will now take place. in sports the phillies face the clubs once again tonight and chicago showed why they are the best by jumping out to a 6-0 lead. starter, jon lester held the phillies off the scoreboard for six innings. the cubs are on pace to win 116 regular season game. mini camp got underway at
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the nova complex. they got their physicals yesterday. cox is seeking a long-term contract. karen is here with the forecast. showers maybe ahead of schedule. >> it looked like maybe 4:00 in the city but 2:00 we have to watch out for that. look agent stormtracker 6 live double scan, live in south jersey and delaware and dry along the i-95 corridor. but not the case to the north. we can go in close tore this and see who is getting hit by this. this is double scan close-up view, first off the lightning strikes, this is the update. we have seen 12 lightning strikes. here is allentown and reading and here is the cell we are tracking moving toward allentown and quakertown, burn at 12:59 and hamburg at 1:01.
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i have a wider look at this with stormtracker 6 live double scan and i put our lightning count on this as well. i noticed up to 53 lightning strikes with this system that we are seeing and you can see a wide area, with storms peppering through due east at 30 miles per hour. it's still out to the west, i want to warn you so many people are enjoying this nice day. lets go out live and talk about the nice day, still looks great at philadelphia international airport no problems flying out and cumulous cloud there's and blue skies and a good amounts of sunshine, the warm and 80 degrees, what is our normal high this time of year before the scats storms hit, the dew point is 60 degrees, sticky south and east of the city where it's higher, the pressure is falling, the winds are light at 8 miles per hour and the ocean temperature is 61. here is the look at future
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tracker, by 2:30 this afternoon, not everybody is getting them you see they are scattered through the area, you get a quick downpour, i was reading some of the national weather service discussions out to the west. this were getting 40 miles per hour winds real quick. we'll see if we get a downpour that produces hail and wind. they are fast movers, not everybody will see them. from 2:30 in philadelphia up until about 7:00. i know the phils play at 7:30, we'll have one or two cells left over. watch out for that. then nice and clear the rest of the night. by 2:00 p.m., 85 is your high for today. scats afternoon storms are hit or miss. and by 6:00, 76 and 72 at 8:00 and the temperatures drop out fast, it's 67 degrees by 10:00.
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and the biggest change is tomorrow. 30 miles per hour wind gusts, temperature 70 degrees with a few instability showers late morning and afternoon, a really big difference, you'll see it here in your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, starting with today warm and breezy an afternoon showers, not everybody see its. 84 for your high and tomorrow 70 is your high and late morning or afternoon showers. and some folks wake up in the upper 40s at the bus stop. 75 season cool for this time of year. and friday nice and sunny and 77 and saturday warmer and 80 and a brief chance of showers saturday night into sunday. and 82 warming up a bit before we get back to the 70s. a good day to have the stormtracker 6 live double scan app. >> that is app is great. >> it really is. topping the people scene,
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helen mirren is on capital hill to testify about recovering artwork that was stolen by the nazis during the holocaust. the actress is one of six people that will speak about the exappropriate art act. it will is trying to recover artwork unlawfully lost. and hugh hefner's playboy mansion is about to get a new owner. darren metropolis already owns a property adjacent to the home. he has the asking bright of $200 million. hefner who is 90 years old will get to stay at the mansion for the rest of his life. it was full of movie stars and athletes and millionaires and the famous playboy bunny.
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a graduate of father judge high school in philadelphia was recognized for perfect attendance for 13 years. james dudley never missed a day of school. >> after graduation pretty much sleep and prepare on how i cannot miss a day in college. >> wow. well this fall james starts at holy family university and plans to study meteorology and teaching and hopes to be a "action news" meteorologist. >> karen rogers never missed a day. >> never missed a day. >> never missed a day of something. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing some showers and thunderstorms starting to fire up. still north and west of allentown and reading but moving
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in this direction a wider look on storm tracker 3-d shows up to 54 lightning strikes. the storms will be scattered and hitting philadelphia any time after 2:00, you have to watch out and be ready for it. >> all right karen. thank you. a look now at some stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. a bear goes for a run through a local neighborhood and where the animal was spotted and what police and wildlife are say being it. and between the normal outdoor activities and the added concern for the zika virus, we are looking at mosquito clothing. and if it really protects you. >> have a nice afternoon. >> see you later. if you have medicare
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summer's here and we're getting out thrills out on the grills, because we're hitting the coals, all hour long. i'm turning it up with a fabulous fiesta and serving up a cheesy quesadilla-palooza. then, as if it wasn't hot enough, michael's in the kitchen with the incredible freddie prinze jr. and they've got a spicy take on a backyard favorite. plus, forget tired cafeteria food. this school's putting a fresh spin on lunch. >> i haven't seen any other school in my life do this. it's really amazing. >> it's about to get hot in here, right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to "the chew." thank you, thank you. [ cheers and applause ]


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