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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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irving. drives inside. gets away from thompson, an easy two. back-to-back 30-point games for kyrie irving. their first field goal in 6:30. curry to iguodala. shot clock at seven. curry fakes, puts up a three. bank! stephen curry from downtown, it's a ten-point game. >> jeff: they were caught in between, are we trapping that or are we switching? >> mark: right. but whatever we're doing, you're not leaving steph curry. >> jeff: yes. >> mike: irving, way off the mark. thompson, the rebound. here comes curry. 17 three-pointers, a finals record now. to barnes.
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green and james, jawing at each other, while play continues. iguodala, the pull-up won't go. a double foul will be called. channing frye getting in between, lebron james incensed. green starting to walk away. james has more words. remember, draymond green is one flagrant foul and two technicals away from being suspended. he takes a little swing and misses after objecting to james stepping over him. the conversation continues. the bumping and shoving, and the double foul called by danny crawford. does not result in any free throws. each player picks up a personal.
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green, his fourth. and james, his third. let's see if they're going to give out any technicals as well. that's important from golden state's standpoint with green and his technical foul total. james, usually doesn't respond like that. especially if the ball is still in play. this physical play, we talked about it, from the start of the game, it's been physical. plenty of contact. and the double foul, they're jumping at center court. and no technical fouls called. usually, you see a double technical in that instance, in addition to a double personal foul. james wins the tip. just over 2:30 remaining. cavs down by ten.
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trying to avoid going down 3-1 in the finals. irving lobs it to james. knocked away by james, picked up by irving. green, the rebound, jefferson dives on it. and a held ball. green looked like he did an outstanding job of going straight up. irving thought a whistle should have been blown. they'll jump it up. >> mark: you can't underestimate the spirit of green. he's pursuing the basketball, trying to contest shots, willing to get on the deck. >> mike: he's made some big plays in the fourth. blocks, rebounds. 2:25 remaining. >> mark: playing against him, you probably don't like him. if he's on your team, you're in love with him. >> jeff: this has been a dominant defensive second half
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by the warriors. and a poor toss. >> mike: they're going to do it again. they blew the whistle right away to toss it again. but it's hard to hear the whistle in this building right now. >> mark: they didn't blow it right away. klay got the basketball, but then they decided to go back up again. >> jeff: the violation would be if he grabs it. >> mike: yup. tosses like that, that's why colleges had the alternate ball rule. danny crawford, working his 32nd nba finals game. >> jeff: it's dangerous for them, when they throw it, with the arms coming down. >> mike: jefferson wins the tip. green picks up james. goes right at him.
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stops, lost it. gets it back. james, across the lane, finding irving underneath for the bank shot. it's back to eight. 32 for irving. under 2:00 remaining. iguodala gets the pass from curry, down the lane. stripped by james, knocked out of bounds. and still warriors ball with five to shoot. that's dangerous defense against the warriors' lineup. and a time-out called, 1:49 remaining. warriors up eight. they'll inbound when we return. jack, you gotta try this sandwich from subway.
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>> mike: on monday, back in oakland for game five of the finals. coverage begins at 8:30 with "nba countdown," and tipoff shortly after 9:00 p.m. golden state, now with the lead in the fourth. >> mark: and this is awful defense on the switching, the trapping. leaving steph curry with a wide-open shot, i say, tell the truth. once you switch, it's your responsibility to stay at home with steph curry. if you don't, there's a price to pay. great execution, offensively. horrible execution, defensively. >> mike: and you see, just one time-out left for cleveland. one foul to give. thompson, quick catch and shoot. won't go. rebound, james. james throws it ahead to irving. irving, across the lane, lost the ball. picked up by green.
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golden state will take time off the clock. just 11 points here in the fourth quarter for cleveland. 5 of 17 from the field. curry to green. green for three. rebound, frye. tipped out of his hands, taken by smith. james goes at curry. across the lane, draws the foul, just rolls off. but he'll shoot two, with 1:12 remaining, and a chance to cut it to six. and a fan just ran on the floor. security right on top of heim. we're not going to put him on-camera, but that's the reason for the delay. there's james on the drive. green tries to reach in. this almost goes in. >> jeff: right, with the chance to cut it to five.
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a big roll-out for the cavaliers. >> mike: an eight-point advantage for golden state. steph curry, finally erupting here in the finals. a 30-point game. meanwhile, lebron james, one assist shy of a triple-double. the most important score, 96-88. golden state, trying to head back home with a 3-1 lead in the finals. teams that have been down 3-1 in the finals have never come back to win in the championship round. >> mark: i want to take a moment. that was outstanding work done by security. i want to give the league a lot of credit, that was a picture-perfect job of handling the situation. good job.
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>> mike: and now, a chance to cut it to six. james. misses the second. every shot, so important from the line. they've missed 11 free throws tonight. there's one guy they don't want to foul. pass to iguodala, back to curry. fakes, drives, off the glass, it's good. stephen curry, with defenders swarming on him. back up by nine. and cleveland calls they're final time-out. >> jeff: and grant hill used to do this, get out of the trap, and cut hard and get a return pass. the trap usually softens after the pass. there's a moment of relaxation. beautiful touch pass back to
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iguodala, to curry, for the beautiful finish. >> jeff: up nine, down the stretch. tremendous rebounding, and a resurgence of the backcourt. knocking down quality looks off good use of screens, good use of the dribble. and timely cutting and finishes.
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>> mike: curry, 32. thompson, his first 20-point game of the finals. and a three-point record by the team with 17, most threes in a finals game. curry, 7. thompson, 4. cleveland was down by two heading into the fourth. they took a two-point lead in the fourth, and then the golden state defense just shut them down. a smothering defensive performance. james, drives inside. lay-up is good. and now, steve kerr will use a time-out, with 45.7 remaining, and a seven-point game. at what point, with 45 seconds, and out of time-outs, is it a matter, if you don't get a steal, foul, and make them hit
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free throws? >> mark: you want to be aggressive, disrupt them, get steals, and at some point, you have to stop the clock by fouling. >> mike: and they have a foul to give. i don't know if that works against them at this point. still 45.7 seconds, but a key is, they're out of time-outs. >> mark: give this warriors team a lot of credit. after the performance in game three, underrated toughness, proven winners. didn't fold the tent, they drew together. this is a big, big win for these guys. >> mike: the three-pointer, huge. 17 threes to 6. >> jeff: you need to get the ball to green and livingston. i would have an extra defender up, and be on the ball. >> mike: they throw it back to livingston. there's the foul to give. james commits the foul, his
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fourth. will inbound once again. second foul in the last 2:00, puts you at the free-throw line. nervous fans here. this place was rocking when they were up eight in the third. iguodala, good ball denial, has to call time-out. now golden state is out of time-outs. james and curry, having words. >> jeff: it was about how much contact was being allowed from steph curry's standpoint, when he's trying to get open. late in the game, it's anything goes. >> mike: certainly plenty of contact. that's what curry objected, and said something to the official. and lebron james let him know what he thought about the complaint.
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there's been some harsh talk in the fourth. first, james and green. then james and curry. the look at mike callahan's face. >> mark: like that nosey neighbor. >> jeff: and golden state is out of time-outs as well. >> mike: thompson. a big man on the inbound. find thompson, immediately fouled by j.r. smith. klay thompson, who's 3 for 3 from the line will go to the line. with a seven-point lead, they can obviously just wrap this up at the free-throw line. welcome to the nba of 2016 and the warriors, fantastic shooting from three-point range. 36% from two-point range. >> jeff: they're only shooting 41% overall.
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cleveland is outshooting them. it's the power of the three. and also, the missed free throws by the cavaliers. >> mike: and a big turnaround for golden state tonight. just nine turnovers, as jeff just mentioned, after turning it over 18 times in game three. thompson, now with 22. >> mark: if you're the cavs, you will look at the film of game three, and realize you didn't do the same things tonight. >> mike: 11 missed free throws for cleveland. no time-outs for the cavaliers. nine-point game. james steps back. green finds him. irving fakes, drives, gets to the basket, lay-up is good. that makes it seven. and curry is quickly fouled by frye. they need to shoot the threes at this point.
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>> jeff: no question. >> mark: the reason why, because the warriors are so good shooting the free throw. >> mike: kevin love, playing 24 minutes off the bench. 11 points, 5 rebounds. cavaliers stalling in the fourth quarter on the offensive end. because of superb, aggressive defense from golden state. and curry, who came in the first three games, averaging just 16 a game in the finals, has 33. best free throw shooter in the nba during the regular season. the mvp found his rhythm tonight. lebron james drives in, left-handed lay-up. curry has it. just going to hold it. and channing frye bumps him out of bounds. what a bounceback performance from golden state.
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as they will send the cavalier fans home quite sad. an agonizing defeat. eight-point lead in the third, place going crazy. irving, another big game. but golden state turns it around. remember in that western conference final, they were beaten badly two games in a row by okc, blown out. and then turned around, went home, and the huge game six victory on the road. another huge road victory tonight. >> mark: and being down 3-1 to okc, steve kerr doesn't have to preach that the series isn't over. because they just lived it, being down 3-1. >> mike: james, right at thompson. throws it down. thompson quickly fouled by richard jefferson, his fifth.
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>> jeff: this is called padding your stats time right now. lay-ups, free throws. >> mike: so, golden state, with a gritty win tonight in game four. that's when the series turned last year as well. although, they were down 2-1, won game four, tied it up at two apiece, and won game five and six. they won the championship here at quicken loans arena, and have taken command of this year's finals in the same building. a dejected fan base here in cleveland. thompson connects. this will be the first home loss of the playoffs. as jefferson fouls curry. first home loss of the playoffs
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for the cavaliers. they were 8-0, and 7 of the 8 by double figures, three of them by 30 points. tonight, they fall. tyronn lue with some work to do, as they get ready to go back to oakland. no team has ever come back from 3-1 in the finals. of course, the golden state warriors at oracle arena are so tough to beat. 39-2 during the regular season. and the fans at oracle have had a grand old time, watching on the big screen. and here in cleveland, starting to depart for home. curry will finish with 38 points. irving will dribble it out. and the golden state warriors
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with a huge win on the road. take a commanding 3-1 lead in the nba finals. lebron james and the cavs now in a big hole, as they head back to oakland. james, one assist shy of a triple-double. irving, 34. but a heartbreaking loss to the cavaliers. as curry found his groove tonight. he's with doris. >> doris: steph, your head coach called you soft. green said you got punked. what was the most important thing about your response? >> the start of the game, we controlled the tempo in the first quarter. it wasn't perfect. or great basketball by any means. but on the road, gave youoursel a chance. that's the thing we have to do on the road. >> doris: you trailed by eight
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in the second half, then the defense kicked in. what did you like from that end of the floor? >> a lot less breakdowns, protecting the three-point line, and just all-around communication, toughness, and effort. we still have to rebound better to close out the series. but we gave ourselves a chance with the effort on both ends. >> doris: the expectation was that you would find your rhythm at some point. what contributed to that? >> my faith in god, my teammates sticking with me. the work is not done. >> doris: what age do we live in when you make more threes an twos in an nba finals game? >> the other team did it a couple times down the stretch. it's part of it, you need to make them, have confidence. everybody making the shots they're supposed do.
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>> doris: thank you, steph. >> thank you. >> doris: mike? >> mike: steve kerr said we can help him get going, but he has to play better. he did tonight. and a golden state win on the road. so, we'll head back to oakland for game five. the warriors with a chance to win their second straight championship on their them floor. they win it, 108-97. from all of us, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching abc, home of the nba finals. ♪ if you a champion show me you a champion ♪ >> the dubs looking for a repeat. going west for game five, y'all. monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on
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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. friday night, jim's off
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i'm monica malpass and the big story on "action news" tonight is a hot potentially stormy weekend. building heat and humidity will be two ingredient that could trigger severe thunderstorms. lets get to meteorologist cecily tynan live at the "action news" big board with the details. >> hi there monica we have big changes in our weather heading our way. right the now it is very comfortable 65 degrees, low humidity but there is a warm front moving through tomorrow morning. what this will do is it will unleash, this surge of warm air, higher humidity, right now, it is about 20 degrees warmer in st. louis and that is going to make things uncomfortable and that also could help trigger the severe storms. satellite six with action radar showing we are clearing, there are some storms up across northern great lakes, tonight will be very quiet night, a few clouds here and there, very comfortable temperatures dropping down in the 50's. we have a great start to your saturday, however, as we head through the day once that warm front moves through, by
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4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon the heat index 95 degrees with that temperature around 90 degrees, and with that, we have an upper level disturbance of a system moving through and severe storm prediction center has put most of our viewing area except for delaware and cape may county under a slight risk of severe weather. now what this means is that any thunderstorms, we may not all see them. there could be a broken line of storms but any thunderstorms could have some dangerous lightening, very heavy downpours and strong damaging straight line wind. i think that is the main threat with these storms, like the storms we haddon wednesday. there is a low threat of large hail and fortunately for our area a low threat of tornadoes. we will talk about the details of the timing of the storms what to expect where you live and have shore and poconos forecast coming up later on. monica. >> thanks, cecily. with severe weather possible tomorrow be sure to keep six opened on all of your devices.
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rely on the power of storm tracker six live radar to help you plan your day and follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter for the latest updates. one person suffered burns during an accident, and car fire, tonight in south philadelphia. chopper 6hd overhead just before 11:00 on northbound i-95 south of broad street. police say that the car crashed into the center lane concrete divider, just as this viewer video you are looking at and then car caught on fire. twenty-four year-old driver was rushed to hahnemann hospital with burns. several lanes are closed while police continue investigating. eagles wide receiver nelson agholor is under investigation tonight, he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the south philadelphia strip club. dancer says that the young football star attacked her inside the cheerleaders gentlemen's club on south front street yesterday afternoon. "action news" reporter jeff chirico has details. >> we are not confirming any particular player. >> reporter: philadelphia police are not naming names
12:01 am
but the eagles front office is, confirming wide receiver nelson agholor is the focus of the criminal investigation into allegations of sexual assault. incident is said to have happened at cheerleaders gentlemen's club in south philadelphia thursday afternoon. >> twenty-seven year-old complaintapartment, female dancer at that establishment, a alleged that she was sexually assaulted by a member from the eagles organization. >> reporter: agholor who was drafted by the bird last year, quickly hired fortune perry, junior who said his client is a thousand percent innocent of any criminal conduct and doesn't expect criminal charges to be filed. >> it is very early, very early on. i think we have to talk to people. >> reporter: agholor visited after off season mini camps ended nearby. eagles release add i statement saying we are aware of the police investigation involving nelson agholor. the organization has been in contact with nelson and with the proper authorities in philadelphia agholor, who is on summer break until training
12:02 am
camp in late july, likely won't be doing much relaxing as special victims unit investigates serious allegations, against him. >> first step is interviewing that victim, get that story, and then accusations that are being made. >> reporter: stanford says they have not yet interviewed anyone from the eagles organization, however, that is coming. police will also pull surveillance video to try to corroborate the allegations. in south the philadelphia, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". philadelphia police have arrested a suspect in connection with yesterday afternoon's attack on the schuylkill river trail. twenty-nine year-old isaiah cheeseboro faces charges after police say he slashed a woman in the face when she was going up these stairs to walnut street in center city around 3:00 p.m. victim is recovering from a large cut, across her forehead. philadelphia police are searching for the driver who hit a 14 year-old on a bike and then drove off. it happened at 9:00 on frankford avenue near unity street. police say the teen was rush
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to st. christopher's hospital with a leg injury. rescuers rushed to help a man stuck on a cliff this afternoon in bucks county. chopper six over the scene at high rocks park in bedminster township about 4:00 as crews were just getting to the man. they say he was rock climbing but he fell. no word yet on his condition. emotional vigil took place tonight in northeast philadelphia to remember the short lives of two little children killed earlier this week allegedly at the hand of their own mother. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has details from the day care center that the seven month-old boy and three-year old girl attended. >> reporter: yes. >> i pray the lord my soul to keep. >> reporter: amid the candles as children clutching colorful balloons staff and parents at top notch to the prayed for aerial and seven month-old brother saint leo in trying to make sense of what made absolutely no sense. >> devastating to know that parents, that a parent can do that to their child, children,
12:04 am
both of them. they are such sweet, innocent children. >> reporter: forty year-old sophia heinz is accused by police in miramar, florida of suffocating aerial and seven month-old saint leo. police found them in the home of the relative. she confessed to suffocating the children with the bed sheet. >> i just can't imagine a mother taking their children's lives. >> reporter: fox chase day care center is where they had been cared for until the hearing master designated by family court determined in late april they could be placed back in the full costed i of sophia heinz and her husband of four months anthony singleton the biological father of saint leo. >> unaudible. >> very grateful for everything she had. >> reporter: for parents most difficult part was trying to explain this tragedy to their kid. >> our kid, they are friends with them. my son had questions and wants to know what happened. i don't know what to say. it is tragic. >> reporter: this evening the children released balloons in memory of aerial and saint leo. >> may god rest their souls in
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heaven. >> heinz court hearing was abruptly cancelled as her lawyers say she's suffering from severe postpartum depression and in the psychiatric ward n fox chase, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". thousands paid tribute today to muhammad ali, first part of his funeral began in louisville, kentucky. day began with the funeral procession, and took ali's body through neighborhood and place that he is played a key role throughout his life. will smith and lennox lewis were among the pallbearers. services then moved indoors, this afternoon, to the kfc young center for a public memorial service. former president bill clinton, sportscaster bryant gumbel and comedian billy crystal delivered the eulogies. >> he is beautiful, most perfect athlete you ever saw and those were his own words. >> tomorrow there will be a 19-h louisville followed by inter faith memorial for tens of thousands of people, muhammad ali passed away a week ago after a long battle with


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