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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  June 11, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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who says the belmont steaks would be a game, without a triple crown shot? forget nyquist, forget exaggerator did you see finish down the stretch tonight. check this out. >> desten, and creator, they come down to the line together. too close to call. >> by a nose, creator tracked down desten to win belmont steaks, this is how close it was, wow, creator the third different horse to win a leg of the triple crown this year, exaggerate or finished 11th, nyquist did in the run. swinging over to golf, senior pga championship at philadelphia cricket club. check out the shot by bart bryant on 11 for eagle. bryant is trying to win for his wife battling brain cancer, kathy, this is for you. get in the hole. it gives them the lead, but, he falls back, currently tied for third because bernard langer hits the birdie, the
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three shot lead at two under par heading in the final round. >> arena fat ball ron jaworski and soul taking on l.a. second quarter darren reynolds blows the d and blows by, everyone, from dann rod because, ren old with three touchdowns, soul wins 73-37. they improve to nine-two. they are the best football team in arena football. ron jaworski that is why he is high fiveing. >> very happy. thanks, jeff. >> "action news" at 11:30 is next. warning about making sand tunnels this beach season how a teenager became trapped and died digging in the sand. plus historic global journey, it begins for solar impulse two, we will tell you where she's going next when "action news" comes right back.
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i got this, pops. what's up, dudes and dudettes. as you head out in this world, uncle richie wants you to know, this country doesn't need more desk-sitters and status quo-ers. what we need is more chargers. and challengers. because brainpower's neat, but best-in-class horsepower is sweet! uncle richie has spoken. get you some of that! woooo!
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here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30. a violent robbery caught on camera, why police say the victim in this crime was targeted. next leg begins for the around the world solar powered flight, where solar impulse two is going next. a birth the day party fit for a queen, we will take to you buckingham palace for the huge celebration. but the big story on "action news" tonight new
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attacks in the race for the white house. trump campaign reportedly trying to keep potential ammunition out of hillary clinton's hand as presumed republican nominee issues new attacks against democrats and republicans. gloria riveria is in washington with more. >> reporter: a return to form for donald trump. >> the guys are stone cold loser. >> reporter: likely g.o.p. nominee came out blasting his critics during a rally in florida. >> i don't know what it is, he is like a real stiff. >> reporter: that comment aimed at mitt romney former republican presidential nominee jim other g.o.p. leaders in calling some of the trump's word racist. >> trickle down racism and trying will down bigotry all these things are extraordinarily dangerous. >> reporter: he may not be only high profile republican to look elsewhere, sources inside romney's closed door summit report hewlett packard ceo meg whitman may be backing hillary clinton.
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trump could face more problems, his attorneys now scrambling to block release off the recorded deposition in the trump university lawsuit. if made publish it could be used in ads against nominee. step three, there is in step three. you won't actually learn anything. >> clinton campaign targeting the lawsuit releasing this parity style infomercial, with the defunct university. democratic supporters have been cranking up offensive against the billion air. >> donald trump is a loud, nasty thin skinned fraud. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren met with the presumptive democratic nominee friday, fueling speculation that clinton is eyeing her for a vp. saturday donald trump continuing to mock warren for proclaiming she has native american ancestors. >> somebody said to me, mr. trump, would you apologize. i said i'll apologize, to poke hand as i will apologize. >> reporter: escalating war of word, on the campaign trail.
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gloria riveria, abc news, washington. just released surveillance video shows a brazen daytime robbery last week at a was station in texas. now police are investigating whether that was connect to the deadly kidnapping on thursday near dsw international airport. in the video you can see two men in mask get out and then ransacked a victim's car. others are chasing the victim and even drags him back toward the parking lot. police do not think that this attack was random. now to a tragedy at the beach. high school junior with a promising career in modeling, was buried alive under a sand tunnel while vacationing in florida. we will get more from abc's adrian banker. >> reporter: tonight an oklahoma teen has died after the walls of a tunnel he dug in the sand collapsed on him. >> all i could see was his feet sticking out and they dug him out. he was unresponsive. >> reporter: seventeen year-old traverse brown of oklahoma trapped in the sand
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cave on the beach in florida as officials desperate thely tried to reach him. emergency responders say it the is unclear how long he was without oxygen. witnesses say medics worked to revive the teen for 20 minutes n new jersey last summer a 12 year-old boy survived after a sand avalanche crumbled right on top of him, trapping and knocking him unconscious. officials say that the boy was digging deep sand hole, and in 2011, 17 year-old matt needa miraculously survived after a 7-foot deep sand tunnel caved in on him in huntington beach, california. >> i thought would i die. >> reporter: digging deep holes can trigger the sand to shift ape give way swallowing whatever lies in its gap. when you or your children are digging in the sand never enclosure self completely in that sand. if you are digging a hole make sure it noise more than knee deep. at new york, adrian banker,
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abc news. a entirely solar powered aircraft left the lehigh valley overnight reaching milestone after landing in new york city. pilots have wrapped up their journal a cross the u.s. swiss crew began its journey around the world in march of last year to promote solar power. storms on monday delayed the trip to new york city, but pilots must prepare for the next leg crossing the atlantic on their way to europe. well, two of the four casinos in atlantic city that i closed two years ago will soon reopen. both revel and show boat should be up and running once again by mid-july. revel will have a casino, while show boat is reopening as a non-gambling hotel. officials say that the revel's casino will reopen sometime before the end of the coming summer. veterans were honored today in cape may county. >> ♪ national anthem >> the ocean city garden civic association held a ceremony, and dedicated the plaque to our wonderful veterans.
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it is on display at the entrance of the longport bridge, members of the local vfw and american legion were on hand for all of the days festivities. ♪ >> the city of trenton celebrated the birthdays of two american institutions, the american flag, and the u.s. army. the celebration took place this morning, at the new jersey capitol complex. the action cam was on the scene here for a special flag raising ceremony. the old barracks pipe and drum core were also there playing traditional patriotic music all morning long. a new street sign was unveiled this morning in south philadelphia, councilman kenyatta johnson dedicated the new sign for the 2700 block of wharton street, as kevin hanna way. it is trin boot to hanna's life and recognition of his activism as civic and community leader. kevin hanna passed away this past summer. for the very first time citizens bank park was
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transform in the commencement venue. large stage was set upright there on the second base to host 3,000 drexel university graduates this event was special in other ways as well, it is first time that drexel has held a commencement for the entire university instead of the individual ceremonies for each schools. ♪ >> there was also a day to celebrate our differences in center city. annual disability pride parade kicked off at a constitution center and ended up at dilworth plaza where a ban entertained the crowds. this event has now become a five-year tradition. much more to come on "action news" tonight a party for the dogs has lucky k-9's got to cool off on this hot day, melissa. walter, it is partly cloudy, start warm and pretty muggy tonight. humidity will get lower in the second half of the weekend. we have details coming up with the accu weather forecast.
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it was a day of fierce competition at the university of delaware. hundreds of people took part in the special olympics in delaware, these athletes competed for gold, in track, power lifting and bucci ball. this is a 46 year tradition. lucky dogs got to try dock side to go day as part of the pets in the park event at glass co park in wilmington, delaware. owners threw dog toys in the pool as dogs jumped high off the dock in the what the tore retrieve them. dog with the longest jump many won doggie rights. other business where is there to join in on the fun. great day to jump in the water today. pretty hot today. >> very humid to day.
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>> sure was. >> the humidity will start to lower in the second half of our weekend. we will show you what is going on with storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. don't have much mountain way of shower or thunderstorm activity. that shortwave of activity that could have produced severe weather in the region shifted well to the north of us. we will stay dry tonight, and because of that humidity stuck around, as well. we will show you the picture outside, sky six live, in hd, there at penns landing looking at the spruce street harbor park on this saturday night. folks out and about enjoying a very warm night, and very humid conditions accounts as well. we had big swings in our temperatures. yesterday, that high of 78 degrees, comfortable, low humidity across the region and today we will max out the at 91, well above the average of 82 for this time of the year. we have southeasterly wind, 83 in philadelphia. eighty-two allentown. seventy-four in cape may. cooler at the coast with the south facing win. atlantic city airport is
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9 miles inland. warmer there. 83 degrees in trenton. here's satellite six with action radar not much in the way of shower or thunderstorm activity you can see that shortwave that moved through earl ter day across upstate new york and portions of new england. none of that moisture shifted to the south and east. because of that we did not find any severe wet air cross our region. the moisture moved out. shortwave weakened moving eastward. we were in the clear as far as that was concern. cold front still off to the west. that will move in as we get in the overnight hours, and it will keep our temperatures on the warm side, but the dew point numbers, will lower, as we get into the rest of our sunday. future tracker six showing you the dew point numbers at 8:00 in the morning will be in the upper 60's. still fairly humid. and then very warm start to our day tomorrow, but by 11:00 m the 60's to the 50's along the i-95 corridor. very comfortable at that point, and then we will drop down in the middle and lower 40's across the region. so very nice, end, to our
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weekend, something to keep in mind that as that cold front moves on through the wind will be west to northwesterly which will dry out, but wind gusting from 30 to 35 miles an hour. at the shore, city, poconos, we have you covered tomorrow. 86 degrees down the shore. sunny and windy in the city tomorrow. 88 degrees. it is warm but less win. sixty-eight and cool in the poconos. here is the forecast for us tomorrow, we're 88 in the city. eighty-three in reading. eighty-three in cape may. 84 degrees in trenton. here's the accu weather seven day forecast. you can see that it is windy tomorrow. high up to 88 degrees. humidity will lower as the day wears on. on monday, not as warm and breezy. a high up to 8o cloud and sunshine, are on tuesday, and in at 80 degrees. thunderstorm likely as we get into tuesday afternoon. and then wednesday sunny and warm 84. eighty-two as we get into our weekend, walter. >> thanks, melissa. facebook says it is deleting a group of photos from your profile, the company
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is phasing out photo feature which will automatically up load pictures from the users phone to the private album. facebook says all photos in those albums will be deleted by july 7th so you are encourage to save them in a different lex before then if you haven't already. apple is expect to announce an upgrade to siri monday during its annual software conference in san francisco. siri first debuted five years ago. company is also expected to unveil other software improvement for the iphone, ipads and pack computers. they are predicting an overhaul of apple's music service and new security measures to protect user data. soon you'll be able to enjoy deep fried twinkeys from home. they have announce aid prepackaged version of twinkeys dipped in funnel cake batter and fried. just take them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven. wal-mart will release deep fried twinkeyness august and they will come in chocolate as
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well. it was a royal party in buckingham palace, one of the biggest events marking the queen's birthday. it is called trooping the color celebration. abc's lana hason has more. >> reporter: queen's very own birthday parade. >> very happiest of birthday. >> reporter: her majesty standing out in neon green, choosing the bright color, so well wishers can catch a glimpse of her. throughout her 90 years queen has witnessed history first hand, from serving in world war two as a mechanic in military truck driver, to meeting 12 u.s. presidents, in office, during her reign and watching as beetle mania conquered the world. queen elizabeth the second has remain steadfast. >> she has been a wonderful grandmother a inn what she says goes. >> reporter: she's a queen with the funny side, do you remember this careful what you
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wish for. >> boom. >> boom. really. please. >> boom. >> she has a ability to make anyone relax. >> reporter: symbol of strength, unity, not only for her family but for her country too. lana hason, abc news, london.
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phillies fans you think you don't like nationals? how but think aaron nola feels. phillies starter has to be one of the best pitchers in baseball the last seven weeks with the exception of when he faces the nationals. phillies fans, today, well there is not to much get excited about. nola has his shortest outing of his career. he does not get out of the fourth. he allows all four runs in the
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second, nola is zero and three with an era over five against washington. five-two with the era just over two against everybody else. nationals starter, he looked like cy young against the phillies. two and zero with 0.86 era in three starts with the phillies this year. phillies lose eight to nothing. carson wentz's summer vacation won't include lying on the beach and drinking drinks. eagles future franchise quarterback will be training and studying that play book back home in north dakota leading up to training camp. between now and then wentz will fly to san diego not for a vacation but to work out with fellow quarterback sam bradford and chase daniel with other teammates. wentz is in the only adjusting to life the in the nfl but life in philadelphia as well. >> just an awesome city. i'm still trying to get use to getting a little more free time to kind of go see some things, you know, the history here and all of those things.
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area has been awesome so far. obviously weather last couple weeks is all over the place, but kind of used to that being from north dakota so far, so good. >> take off that hoodie now. with next weeks u.s. open a short drive away in suburban pittsburgh it should attract many from the delaware valley and add 30 people to that list, from bensalem. even drexel, will be out there rooting for one of their own. it is a shot of the lifetime to play in the u.s. open with the best golfers in the world, and bensalem native and drexel golfer christopher crawford will get that shot next week thanks to this shot he made at qualifying on monday, he sunk this 40-foot putt uphill on 18 to clinch it. >> you play golf your whole life you play and dream of playing in the major championships. now it is a reality. it is so hard to believe. dream come true. >> reporter: that dream will be a reality thursday when
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they t off for 116th u.s. open in oakmont country club just outside pittsburgh. the 22-year old senior is one of only 11 amateurs in the world tay to qualify. >> very nerve racking that first hole is hard enough without having the nerves. it will be fun. >> reporter: crawford is first golf inner drexel history to make it to the u.s. open. and to make the cut he said the key will be driving the ball well and that is coming from experience. two years ago he played oakmont course as an amateur but lets face it, this is the u.s. open. >> having played oak monte think your missing fair ways. you don't have a chance. >> well, crawford is out there, practicing, now and he will be joined by roughly 30 family and friend from bensalem and drexel on thursday from the opening round. they will after lot to cheer about. best of luck to that kid. great kid. walter. >> kid from bensalem making it big. more than 200 kid took part in the fishing tournament
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in west deptford new jersey. program called hook on fishing, not on drugs took place at the river. organizers say event is now in the third year. it is designed to discourage children from ever trying drugs in light of the heroin epidemic in the state. >> we can give these kid something to do that, you know, can keep them occupied that will deter them from trying out drugs. >> at the end of the tournament, prizes were given out to three different age groups. finally, it was a very special honor today for a long time member of the church in new jersey. ana may deshields was recognized today for being the oldest member of the st. paul ame church in pleasantville. she's 99 years old and has been attending st. paul's since she was five years old, in fact, it was same year she started singing in the church choir. she's still an active, faithful member of the saint paul and still involved in lots of activity. from all of us here on "action news" congratulations ana may
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and many, many, many more. castle is next here on channel six, "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, gray hall and chris sowers. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a great night. we will see you here tomorrow. >> ♪
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