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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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and how the nation is paying tribute to the victims, next up, on "action news".
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i just remembered telling myself like this is not how i die, not today, it is not today, not like this at least. >> resilient and strength after an act of unspeakable terror, gunman who pledged allegiance to isis opens fire inside a gay nightclub killing at least 50 people, on a day to celebrate lgbt pride. it is now the deadliest mass shooting in the nation's history. sunday night sarah's off i'm walter perez. big story is senseless and horrific act of bloodshed that left families grieving and nation asking some tough questions once again. tonight investigators are pouring through the gun man's
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background to get a better understanding about the motive behind omar mateen's despicable act. we have team coverage tonight. "action news" reporter jeff chirico has reaction from the cities lb gt community and security measures taken tonight across our region. christie ileto spoke to the leaders of the mosque in philadelphia but we will begin with chad practice dell any orlando with what we know about the suspect, chad? >> reporter: yeah, walter, a couple of blocks from the pulse nightclub where omar mateen opened fire around 2:00 g 53 others at last check. behind me is law enforcement command center. you canu see those vehicles just beyond those trucks is where the night club is. those who witnessed carnage say it was something out of the horror movie. here within the past couple of hours, names of the dead are starting to be released. >> shooting back and forth. >> reporter: gun authorities
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say omar mateen stormed the pulse nightclub and began his killing spree. the wounded would emerge, blooded and stunned. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: witnesses describe the horror. >> bam, bam, bam. >> bodies were every where. i was crawling. >> reporter: swat team finally stormed nightclub around 5:00 a.m. killing mateen and ending the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. relatives made their way to the crime scene. >> my son got shot three times. >> he said he was going to dianne he loved me. last thing i heard. >> reporter: hours later many of them still waiting for the news. >> they said they cannot identify anybody. so it could be hours and hours. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say after the shooting began mateen called 911 to pledge his allegiance to isis, the 29 year-old security guard was known to law enforcement, fbi interviewed him three times dating back to 203. but he was in the deemed a
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legitimate threat. he is a u.s. citizen born to parents from afghanistan. after a brief marriage mateen divorced in 2011. his ex-wife described him as violent and mentally unstable. also, not very religious. >> emotional instability, sickness, he was mentally unstable and mentally ill. that is the only explanation i could give. he was obviously disturbed. deeply and traumatized. >> reporter: he will now be remembered as one of the america's mess notorious killers. >> it is sickening. it should make every american angry. >> reporter: and as if we did need another grim reminder of how terrible this tragedy is, the orange county medical examiner's office says it needs help, storing bodies of the dead. i'm live from orlando, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> chad, thanks for that report. meanwhile leaders in the muslim community here of been
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quick to condemn this unspeakable act of terror. "action news" reporter christie ileto joins us live from city hall with that part of the story, christie. >> reporter: that is right, experts say it is still hard to tell if this could have been prevented but this act has many muslims here speaking out against what has happened. >> i don't know what spurred this individual to do such an act. >> reporter: at congregation of germantown mosque, they celebrate the seventh day of ramadann, senseless slaughters in orland owes weighs heavily. omar mateen reportedly pledged allegiance to the islamic state on the 911 call during the massacre. >> it is sadness. at the same time outrage that these people tarnish our religion. >> right now it appears that there may be some link between he and isis. >> reporter: former deputy under secretary of home land security for intelligence jack says it is too early on to say if this could have been
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prevented but feds did admit mateen had been on the radar. in the next couple of days what will the intelligence community be looking at. >> looking to see if there are any other people that he may have been in contact with, that possibly acting as a support network, funding network, what sites he has gone to on his computer to see what evidence we can find to get a better picture of this guy. >> reporter: flags around philadelphia fly at half staff as law enforcement piece together a motive and mateen was self radicalized. >> to others who share that same type of ideal, what do you have to say to them. >> not lying, not stealing, this is way to go to paradise. murdering innocent people is a way to go to hell. that is something that is clear in the religion of islam. >> reporter: back here again at city hall, again, flags are flying at half staff and while family members say he wasn't very religious, the muslim community reiterates his action does not reflect islam.
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reporting live, christie ileto for channel six "action news", walter. here in philadelphia, at the annual pride festival. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in center city with that part of the story, jeff. >> reporter: walter, 25,000 people were expected here in philadelphia, for the gay pride weekend and while police know of no, known threats here to the city of philadelphia, they took precautions to keep people safe. daytime celebrations went well into the night at night clubs and bars in center city as partyers spilled out on the street, massacre in a gay club in orlando weighed heavily on their mind. >> fifty people and one bar, i can't imagine what the hysteria was like inside of there. >> i'm definitely watching out, listening for anything that is happening, it is just kind of making me scared in the sense. >> reporter: the attack prompted the philadelphia police department continue on crease presence and patrols in
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key spots including near the popular gay club woody's, management there also took special precautions. >> just checking their bags which we don't like to do but at a certain point you have to make sure that your patrons are safe. >> my mom told me was like you know what happened, there is people out here, call me every hour to make sure you are okay. >> reporter: for this couple from fishtown the attack on a gay club is particularly close to home. >> the gay community, that is where we do go to find our sense of community and little bit more safety and to have that kind of violated, but at the same time, i mean it is a violation on everyone in america. >> reporter: while there is no known threat to philadelphia or its gay community, the co-owner acknowledges his business could be target for extremist but refuses to be deterred. >> you cannot stay at home. you cannot run and hide. you have to do business. you have to just go on with your life because if you give up, and then they win.
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>> reporter: philadelphia police are urging its citizens and guest toss stay vigilant at this time. if they see anything suspicious to dial 911. we are live from center city, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. birthplace at lgbt movement, stone wall inn in new york city, a large crowd gathered to honor victims. it is just one of the dozens of vigils held all across the country. there were more than 300 people inside pulse nightclub when the shooting happened. tonight we are learning details about some who did not make it out. juan guerrero, who was there with his boyfriend was confirmed dead. jeff rodriguez listed among the missing sent his brother a text amid the chaos. >> last text said i got shot, i'm bleeding out, i think i am will's dying. i love you guys. tell mom, daddy love them. >> today after the president was briefed by the fbi, he addressed the nation. >> although it is still early in the investigation, we know
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enough to say that this was an act of terror and a act of hate. as americans we are united in grief and outraged and in resolve to defend our people. >> and with that said president obama has ordered flags at half staff until thursday, in honor of the victims in orlando. late this afternoon donald trump, presumptive republican presidential nominee said mr. obama was far too tim mid his response to the shooting tweeting quote our leadership is weak and ineffective. trump is criticized for another tweet where he stepped congratulations over washings about radical islam. trump's campaign is changing its focus of the scheduled speech tomorrow. it will focus on national security and not clintons as first planned. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton tweeted her condolences to those affected by this horrific act. clinton and mr. obama postponed the president's first campaign appearance, with her, due to the
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shootings. they are set to attend a event in wisconsin on wednesday. this morning's violence is deadly is mass shooting in u.s. history. shooting at virginia tech back in 2007, when 32 people were killed, now falls to number two. the third deadliest mass shooting was sandy hook school shooting in 2012, 27 people were killed there, and mostly children. and in the wake of the tragedy the people of orlando are doing all that they can to help. long lines formed outside blood donation centers with the call to announce, officially, officials say zero negative bloodies in high demand but still in short supply. surgeons have already performed more than three dozen operations and many victims will need follow-up procedures. there are also heroes who stayed behind, after escaping the carnage and help the wounded. try to make sure everybody is okay, and telling him he would be okay. >> some people took off their t-shirts to use as tourniquets for wounded.
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still others had been bringing food and water to police and families who spend a long day in and around the crime scene. meanwhile this kevlar helmet saved the life of the air land owe police officers. authorities released this photo revealing how the helmet meant the difference between life and death for the officer who was wearing it. here and across the country there are shows of support for orlando. flags of franklin square are at half staff. at city hall here in philadelphia. both u.s. and gay pride flags are flying. at world trade center in new york city, it is all lit in rainbow colors tonight. meanwhile tomorrow there been there will be an event to remember victims in center city. mayor's office invites everyone to come to a candle light vigil at north side of the city hall tomorrow night beginning at 6:30. six is updating this story all day long. through can read latest information, see photos from the scene and check out first hand accounts from witnesses of this horrific event. hundreds of thousands of
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"action news" followers have been keeping up with this story on our social media pages as well. like us at abc "action news" and follow us on twitter at #six abc. we will keep you up to dayton inportant details as we learn them. much more to come on "action news" tonight, latest on another deadly shooting in orlando earlier this weekend. murder of a promising young singer cristina grimmie but what her hometown is doing to honor her memory. and why a popular stretch of beach in delaware will be shutting down, melissa. > walter, it was hot and wind toy day but noticeably less humid and comfortable conditions will follow us for start of the workweek. details coming up with the accu weather forecast. also jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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southern california arrested a man in possession of a arsenal of weapon, on its way to the gay pride parade in l.a. police say that 20 year-old james powell was arrested after concerned neighbor in a l.a. called 911 reporting a prowler. police say at the time of the arrest investigators found three assault rifles, high capacity magazines and ammunition, and a 5-gallon bucket, filled with unidentified chemicals. authorities in l.a. add that they do not believe that this case is linked to the orlando massacre. and massacre in orlando comes just one day after singer and south jersey native cristina grimmie was gunned down inside another club in orlando. grimmie had just finished on friday and was signing autographs for fans when she was shot by 27 year-old kevin loibl. police still don't know what loibl's motive was, evesham township mayor randy brown says a vigil will be held tomorrow night in grimmie's honor. closing argument in the corruption trial of the chaka fattah are expect to begin tomorrow. defense rested its case last week after four days of
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testimony. fattah's attorneys tried to discredit the government's star witnesses. fattah is accused of using federal grants and non-profit fund to even rich his family and friend and pay off campaign debts. police in philadelphia are looking for the person responsible for the early morning stabbings, of two women in center city. police say a man dressed as a woman attacked a female victim with a box cutter, long 13900 block of locust street. incident followed a verbal altercation and involving the suspect and two victims. women were taken to jefferson university hospital where they remain in stable condition. a smoked, three alarm fire forced evacuation of a hundred people from inside an apartment building this morning in west philadelphia the fire broke out, on the fourth floor of the netherland apartments on the 4300 block of chestnut street shortly before 5:00 a.m. it was put under control at 9:00 this morning. no injuries have been reported, and no word yet on the cause. well, some kids in need are getting an early head
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start on the coming school year. chosen 300 ministries was collecting backpacks and school supplies today outside its headquarters right there in spring garden. half will go to the community in jamaica while rest will go to kids right here in philadelphia for the upcoming school year. ministry also invited bike tours come by to help serve meals for the homeless. sites and sound of african marketplaces took over south street today. >> ♪ >> as you can see even the little ones were getting in on the fun with the odunde festival. twelve block area around 23rd and south featured live music and more than 100 vendors along with african, caribbean and soul food. it has become a 41 year tradition. much more to come on "action news" tonight using pedal power for a great cause, why thousands of cyclist rode from philadelphia all the way to the beach to take. it was a great day to be outside for sure, meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes rights
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♪ >> it was a ride to save lives today, 3400 cyclist set off from the ben franklin bridge bound for atlantic city for american cancer society's bridge to beach bike-a-thon. this event has raised 1.3 million-dollar for cancer research and education and six abc is a proud media sponsor of the bridge to beach bike-a-thon. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. week ahead looks nice. >> not bad for start of the workweek. the it was less humid to day, that will follow news to our monday. we will show you what is going on outside with storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. no issues with precipitation. high pressure will slowly work its way in the region later on tonight and for that matter into monday. so outside we will go the action cam was outside earlier tonight, there in center city, close to city hall, looking out we have a mostly clear sky. really comfortable conditions and also a northwesterly win. so you can see not a cloud in
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the sky, and because atmosphere is nice, dry, and clear as well. big story to day aside from the fact that it was noticeably less humid that is we have peak wind gust as cross the region. the atlantic city a gust of 44 . same thing in wilmington. philadelphia clock nothing to day at 41 miles an hour. 39 miles an hour in millville. we have had a gust today reported at pottstown of 35 miles an hour. at this hour 71 in philadelphia. we have had a very hot high of 90 in the city. the just 5-degree shy of record territory. record was 95 setback last year. sixty-four in allentown. fifty-four in the poconos. cape may 73. seventy up the companies there in beach haven. looking at dew points we always talk about the level have how much moisture in the atmosphere. anytime we have dew points below 60 degrees, it is nice, comfortable. we have a bone dry air mass with dew point numbers in the 40's, and 50's, in comparison to the upper 60's, we had across our region just
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yesterday. here's satellite six with action radar, there is that upper level low moving off to our north and east. we have high pressure over great lakes and over canada. that will slide to the south and east throughout the rest of our day tonight and for that matter for start of the weekend on monday as well. so the call from accu weather over next 12 hours, mostly clear, breezy, cooler then last night. we will jump down to 51 in the suburbs. fifty-nine in philadelphia for overnight low. here's the setup, back to work monday, plenty of sunshine, still breezy, a high temperature coming in at 81 degrees with those northwesterly wind. we will get into tuesday, mostly sunny, still, still comfortable this barrel of high pressure from canada extending down across the mid-atlantic region. the highs once again will be in the upper 70's, lower 80's across the region. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. breezy, pleasant, comfortable tomorrow. high of 81 degrees. tuesday, sunny nice afternoon up to 80 degrees. then on wednesday some
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sunshine will be around and then by wednesday night we will be tracking an upper level le coming out of the southwest, racing east across the great lakes. we will max out with the warm of 85. showers are likely late in the day on wednesday. then turning cooler on thursday with a high of 76. drizzle and on and off rain is likely by then. friday, still some lingering showers and it stays cloudy, high temperature of 78 degrees. and next saturday, sunshine and cloud up to 82. not a bad day. then for all of the dads on fathers day it is partly sunny, dry, no excuses for dad, high temperature coming in at 84. certainly not bad tomorrow and tuesday, walter we are track ago this rain mid week. >> thanks, melissa. find the seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day right there on the web site. get to six abc to the come/weather. folks in huntington valley, montgomery county enjoy a country fair despite the weather. three day june feet fair
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wrapped up this afternoon. this included rides, music and carnival style food. a local group that raises awareness for veterans of ptsd dedicated its morning hike to a veteran who lost his battle. the group called men of malvern to honor drew winsler, he committed suicide on memorial day. each week the group meets for a work out to provide safe environment for veterans to relieve their stress. much more to come on "action news" including jeff skversky with sports and later researchers pinpoint which regional diet is best at helping people lose weight when "action news" comes right back.
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kenneth, are they closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox.
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cile tones pay their respects to the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando. phillies down by three in the fifth, back they come, codey asche living up to his twitter name codey smashy a solo home run. first of the year. fill boys tie it at three. stays that way until the ninth. jonathan papelbon in. outings miguel franco, solo shot, papelbon has a era over seven against phillies since last years trade. phillies take a one to nothing lead. but then bottom of the ninth jason werth, up, two outs, bases load add again jenmar gomez. he pitched right down the middle. werth makes him pay. ballgame, walk off, two run single, phillies lose five-four. they have lost 17 of their last 22 games to fall a season worst ten games back in the division. and ben simmons is worthy of the number one overall pick but sixers are strongly considering duke's brandon


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