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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  June 12, 2016 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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and nationals have a moment of cile tones pay their respects to the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando. phillies down by three in the fifth, back they come, codey asche living up to his twitter name codey smashy a solo home run. first of the year. fill boys tie it at three. stays that way until the ninth. jonathan papelbon in. outings miguel franco, solo shot, papelbon has a era over seven against phillies since last years trade. phillies take a one to nothing lead. but then bottom of the ninth jason werth, up, two outs, bases load add again jenmar gomez. he pitched right down the middle. werth makes him pay. ballgame, walk off, two run single, phillies lose five-four. they have lost 17 of their last 22 games to fall a season worst ten games back in the division. and ben simmons is worthy of the number one overall pick but sixers are strongly considering duke's brandon
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ingram. eighteen year-old is here in philadelphia tonight. he had dinner with joel embiid an sixers management. tomorrow morning sixers will hold a private work out with ingram. this will be the third time, that the innings isers watched him work out. guard/forward is youngest player in the draft and he is dreaming of going number one or two. >> as a kid you dream of just being in a great organization and making your own brand. of course, when coming into duke i had a goal to try to be a national championship, but i wanted to be a great player there. of course, i want to be another great player in the next organization. >> well, today whether or not ingrammys worth/have that topic and hoist claiming they are the best player in the craft. mike missanelli joins me for "action news" sports sunday in just a few minutes. it has been a painful 41 years since flyers last cup, they have been close but no cigar. 1980, 85, 97, 2010.
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all while their biggest enemy the penguins have won four cups, including another one tonight. the penguins close out stanley cup final in game six against san jose. tied in the second, sidney crosby sets this up, chris le tang scores. penguins win three-one, winning their fourth stanley cup and second since 2009. crosby wins mvp despite zero goals in this series. final round of the senior pga championship philadelphia cricket club in flourtown, bernard langer in trouble but nails a par putt to win it. he wins it, a third straight, his senior pga championship. chip kelly won a division title is in his year. can doug pederson dot same? odds are not in the eagles favor according to vegas the only team with worst odds of winning nfc title game then the eagles, chip kelly's
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49ers. yes, eagles have a lot of work ahead of them when training camp starts six weeks from tomorrow but eagles as you can imagine like the fan base, are dreaming big. >> i want to win a super bowl for this city. to me that would be the ultimate goal. i mean i have been lucky enough to be here, for a long time, and, you know, we win a win and that is all this city cares about. >> there is no time to wait or say lets sit back and continue to learn. we have to know what we are doing and get out there and make plays. guys know that and understand that. we want to do better than four-11. >> little face wash commercial in the middle of the interview. much more to come on "action news", popular stretch of beach in delaware will be shutting down for a while, we will tell you why. also ahead, it has been a somber day in the wake of the massacre in orlando. we will look at the sights and sound from this emotional day.
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from delaware news room a half mile stretch of beach will be closed starting tomorrow because of endangered shore bird. they found their first piping plover nests at gordon's upon at the state park. officials have decided to close a stretch of the beach between the observation towers
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and the harring point dune cross over, so that the bird won't be disturb. the area will remain closed until the last of the chicks can fly away, and that is expect to happen by the end of august. researchers at the university of north carolina say giving babies larger bottles of formula can lead to them becoming overweight later in life. they compared infants who were fed with 6-ounce bottles or larger those given smaller bottles. those fed with the bigger bottles weighed more by the age of six months and it is believed that wrapped weight gain serves as a prelude to obesity later in life. for at adults, a new study finds that the high fat mediterranean diet can help you drop those extra pound. researchers have found that the diet results in the most weight loss for people taking part in the study. the mediterranean diet consists primarily of vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts and whole grains. study can be found in the new addition of the journal lancel diabetes and endocrinology.
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if you are blaming your long work hours for not making it to the gym, listen to this researchers from the cdc conduct a six year study and found that professionals working more than 50 hours per week, were actually the most likely to meet government guidelines for physical activity. the federal guidelines suggest all americans get 150 minutes of the cardio per week and resistance training twice a week. up next on "action news" recap of our top story, recap of the massacre in orlando and moving sites and sound in the wake of this unspeakable tragedy. stay tune.
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he said he was going to dianne that he loves me. that is last thing i heard. >> i heard gunshots. i had to make sure he was
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okay. >> i just remember telling myself like this is in the how i die, not today, not to day. >> it should make every american angry. >> the shooter targeted a nightclub where people came together to be with friend, to dance to sing, and to live >> i just played dead. >> i just didn't think i would wake up. >> please, let's just all get
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along. we're on this earth for such a short period of time. >> recapping our big story once gannon "action news" at ten massacre inside pulse nightclub in orlando florida. fifty people are dead, 53 wounded, many critically. gunman identified as 29 year-old omar mateen tied during the ensuing shoot-out with police. he called 911 just before the shooting pledge ago leaning answer to isis. fbi interviewed mateen three times in 2013, 204 amid questions he had ties with terrorist. those cases were closed when agents uncovered no conclusive connections. meanwhile people of the orlando stepped up in big way to help, standing in long lines, to give blood. "action news" sport sunday is next on channel six. for latest developments from orlando be sure to tune into "action news" tomorrow morning at 4:30, with david murphy, tamala edward, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers. now for sarah bloomquist, melissa magee, jeff skversky
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and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a great night, and great week ahead.
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the throw is late and the nationals will win and have swept the phillies. >> maybe it is okay. maybe we will be okay and maybe we will be all right. >> this is "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi. and welcome into "action news" sports sunday, i'm jeff skversky alongside mike missanelli from 97.5 the fanatic. well mike, the free fall, continues for the phillies. they have gone from tied for first place to ten games back in the division and in a matter of three and a half weeks. they are worst team in baseball as we sit here


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