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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  June 12, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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the throw is late and the nationals will win and have swept the phillies. >> maybe it is okay. maybe we will be okay and maybe we will be all right. >> this is "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi. and welcome into "action news" sports sunday, i'm jeff skversky alongside mike missanelli from 97.5 the fanatic. well mike, the free fall, continues for the phillies. they have gone from tied for first place to ten games back in the division and in a matter of three and a half weeks. they are worst team in baseball as we sit here tonight, the night and day is
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indeed absolutely stunning. >> five-17 in the last 22. they are donnas far as the playoffs go. i thought that was a pipe dream from the start anyway that this team would make the playoffs. they are in the good enough offensively. now pitching is starting to weaken. we are seeing holes in the starting rotation and the relief pitching. nearest has gone south. jeanmar gomez, i think it will trigger unsuccessful times as well. >> even though 11 and 12 losses come begins nationals, cubs, two of the best teams in the nl east. phillies lost six straight to the nationals alone. tied in the ninth, everyone's favorite closer former philly jonathan papelbon. he is in, outings michael franco with the solo shot. papelbon has a era over seven with the phillies since that trade. phillies up by one. but bottom of the ninth, jason werth with the bases loaded, two outs against gomez, he leaves it out over the middle.
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two run single. phillies lose five-four. they have lost 17 of their last 22 games. the fall, even worse, ten back in the division. this is only highlight right now for phillies, has been tommy joseph. pete mackanin says he will be the new every day starting first base man, hitting over .300. is this the right decision going forward, or still give howard some work. >> i think fact that joseph has been so successful you have to play him every day now and see what he is. they have to decide who their first base man of the future. could it be? i didn't think he would be able to hit home runs, to be considered for that spot but he has a lot of pop and he can be a 25 home run guy. if he can do that, then he is their first base man of the future but right now they are playing it right way. ryan howard with the occasional pinch hit and start. you have to keep joseph in the line up. >> even though you are paying
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howard 25 million and face of the franchise and on the first base, that is enough. >> i'm not saying release ryan howard. keep him on the team. spot him. he seems willing to accept that role as well. and he has been a pro bit. of course if i got paid 25 million-dollar i might be a pro too. >> if i had a mote around my house i might have a pro bit. >> howard is expect to be the designated hitter in toronto this week. he is only hitting .150. it has been a miserable season. worst of his career. beer bottle thrown at him. do you feel like he can go into this the right way. >> he is handling it very well. you know, there is two ways to look at. that one is he has resigned his self to the fact that he can in longer play and just taking money. other thing is he realized that this other guy has to play and he cannot have a batting average up there if the phillies want to be competitive. it is either or. but again, it is what you make
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for a living that makes it a little bit easier for to you take. >> maybe the fan in me. >> look at you, you make 25 million. you make a mistake on the show, nothing bothers you. >> mistakes, what are you kidding. >> if you make a mistake. >> yeah. >> he is assuming i will make a mistake. let's talk football. eagles are on summer break for six weeks but just a few hours after mini camp ended thursday, nelson agholor was accused of raping a dancer at cheerleaders gentlemen's club in south philadelphia. police are still investigating. agholor has not been charged, and his attorney tells six abc agholor is fully cooperating with police and 1,000 percent innocent of any criminal conduct. while this goes to the legal process if you are a coach doug pederson are you disappointed that your players are visiting an establish many like this right after mini camp. >> i'm disappointed with what happened. >> you don't know what happened. >> but the way it is coming out, and it puts a stain on
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the organization either way whether we find out that guilt or innocent. if you are asking me whether i think it is wrong for these guys to go to the strip club. i cannot pass on them. this is after practice. they have broke for, you know, mini camp and, i guess that is what they do to blow off steam, i don't know, might not be everybody's thing, but apparently nelson agholor is a regular. we had a caller on our show, as a dancer say he is a very nice guy and always polite, dancers, and, some guys like it, and i am the coach what can i say, can i treat him like a 12 year-old. they are adult grown men and they can go where they want. >> we will see this take shape. agholor is playing, eagles players only practice which will be led by sam bradford and others. lets talk bradford now. he appears to be, completely, different player here after demanding a trade, boycotting ot a's, has he completely
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redeemed himself here. >> i think he has. i think he has. you know, not with the fan base never will accept him if he throws an inn completion in the first play of the game, first start, they will get on him. that is never going to go away. but as far as, bonding back with the team and peterson making it easy to come back and the fact that he is having these camps and bonding with his teammates that way, that is okay with it as far as team is concern. fans will not, you know, fans are not bradford fans. they are carson wentz fans. >> yes. >> he has got to exceed what he is supposed to do. >> pederson is a big bradford fan. he goes out of his way to praise bradford this week. listen. >> the trust factor is there and that is what you want to see with your starting quarterback a guy, who has said, you know, took sometime away to evaluate the situation and to come back and say, you know what, maybe it is okay. maybe we will be all right. >> he is just a class act, great guy, and i think i'm
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enclose tore him now then i was before. i give him credit for handling it the way he did. >> do you like that. >> yes, violins playing in the background there. >> yes. >> still to come on "action news" sports sunday, ben simmons making a case to be drafted number one or not? wait until you hear who should be drafted number one, according to one player, first a check of weather with melissa. >> here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, breezy, pleasant on monday high of 81, low humidity, good looking day on tuesday, sunny and nice afternoon coming in at 80. sunshine around and wednesday, at 85, some showers are likely late in the day, and on thursday, it is cooler in at 76 degrees with rain possible, early showers around, still on friday and at 78. "action news" sports sunday continues after this. okay, ready?
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"action news" sports sunday, is sponsored by audi, challenge all givens. duke star freshman brandon ingram, he is in philadelphia tonight, he will have a private work out with the sixers tomorrow wherever one is talking ben simmons number one but is ingram now in the conversation. >> i think he is in play. he has work out and they have a way of weighing people at last second. if he has a great work out and simmons will not work out which he is apparently not, then obviously he can put himself from two to one. >> simmons has in the worked on for any team. >> if i'm simmons would i in the work out you want to see him. >> you will not see him. he is consensus number one player. only thing he can do is screw it up. if he works out he has a worst work out then brandon ingram, last thing you remember, jeff. he doesn't want to slip front one to two. >> how about this wild card pick at number one jamal murray, wild cat, his coach john calipari says he should
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be taken number one, how about him saying he is best player in the draft, do you consider jamal murray number one the shooting guard. >> i wouldn't take him new because he is delusional if he thinks he is number one player. i got a big problem with him. he is in the best player in the draft, sorry. >> all right. we will see. finally, we have to end with this, flyers fans, your worst nightmare sidney crosby and penguins win another cup tonight, it is hard to watch. they close out stanley cup final in game six against san jose, crosby sets up game winner in the second period, chris le tang scores, penguins win three-one. their fourth stanley cup, and second since 2009. crosby is your mvp. how about that. tough to watch. >> he didn't even score a goal. >> that is how he impacts the game. let's dot math, four cups for the penguins, 41 years without a cup for the flyers.
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>> it is hard to watch. >> it is hard to settle. >> brutal good do you think flyers though have enough to do some damage. >> i think they are getting there. magic year is 2020 everybody is a contender, jeff, two championship that is year. >> i'm jeff skversky. he's mike missanelli. a week from today support the gary poppa fathers day run to fight prostate cancer, for mike, i'm jeff, good night.
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>> they are the best of the class. >> it's a post millennial generation with a whole new perspective on the election. >> the content revolution. and how they're giving back. i'm brian taff. >> and i'm sharrie williams. >> hello everyone and welcome to the best of the class. >> we are here at the adventure aquarium in camden, new jersey. >> this is 6abc's annual event honoring academic excellence all across our region. >> for over thirty years now, 6abc invites high school valedictorians from the tri-state area to celebrate their achievements! >> and tonight, we'll hear directly from them about who they are and what matters in their world. >> we'll peer into their life online via social media. >> and hear what they think of the country's current political landscape. >> plus, we ask them all about their future plans and how they'll strive to make a difference! >> this ought to be interest


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