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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 18, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardn. >> i just wasn't going to let go. i saw a couple of girls last week standing in the driveway. for years, i am just like something isn't right, something isn't right. >> the words of a neighbor calling the police to a house in feasterville, bucks county. they found 12 girls and a case of statutory sexual assault. the big stories is the rescue of 12 girls ranging from 6 months to 18 years, now in protective custody.
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and behind bars tonight is lee kaplan, who allegedly fathered the two youngest children with the 18-year-old who police say was given to him when she was 14 in return for a financial favor. the parents, who allegedly gave kaplan the girl for sex, daniel and savilla stoltzfus are also in jail tonight. this story broke in the middle of the afternoon, and tonight we have three reporters covering different angles, different elements. vernon odom in county to talk to the stoltzfus's neighbors. and dann cuellar and jeff chirico are outside of the house in feasterville where the girls were found. and starting with dann cuellar, help us unravel this story. >> first i have to say it is difficult to imagine, let alone comprehend. the authorities stay a former amish couple, desperate to save their farm, gifted their
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14-year-old daughter now 18 to a man who helped them faninancial. lee kaplan charged. and the police went through his home on old street road on the report of child welfare children. they found him living in the tiny house with 12 females changing in age from 6 months to 18 years old. >> while interviewing some of these children we learned an 18-year-old had a 2-year-old child and a 6-month-old child with an adult male living in the house, lee kaplan. >> according to the criminal complaint, kaplan admitted that he sired a child now 3 years old with the child when she was 14, and now an additional child. and he says daniel stoltzfus and his wife, savilla, cave to an agreement that the girl would be gifted to them. and also stating that she was gifted to kaplan to thank them
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for keeping them from financial ruin. and they sent their other girls to live with kaplan after they lost their farm anyway. and there is no evidence that the other girls were sexually assaulted. and daniel and savilla stoltzfus are in jail because they knew about the him having sex and did nothing about it. all held in jail $1 million each. live in feasterville, bucks county, dann cuellar for channel 6 "action news." jeff chirico, you have been able to talk to children in the neighborhood. what are they saying about what, for them, has to be a very unsettling story. >> jim, neighbors long thought something strange was going on in the house but couldn't have i am majored th ee eed -- imagin. and the woman who called the
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police station was already emotional about what went on in orlando and she saw the sad face of the girl and had to do something. >> i have been telling my husband for years that something isn't right. >> she says she filed complaints before, but never had proof that something criminal was happening in the home. >> i saw a couple of girls last week standing in the driveway. they just looked unhappy and sad, you know. again in the blue dresses. >> they would be in their dresses and stuff and i thought it was odd, the way they were dressed, we are not like an amish neighborhood. >> complaining months ago when an infant was brought into the home and nothing happened. and called the child line. >> and thankfully the child line in the way they needed to and rescued them. >> and what lee kaplan did in
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the walls leaves them struggling to understand. >> who would give up their own child, and for money? like are you serious? >> as police investigate, the neighbors are relieved that the years of questioning are over and those children are safe. >> i have been crying all morning. i feel like finally they will get to where they need to be and this abuse, or alleged abuse stops. >> this home kept as a crime scene. and saying she was so intent to see what was going on. last halloween she knocked on the door hoping to see something. and now a weight has been lifted off and they are hoping that the young girls can find some peace. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news >> thank you, jeff. going live to vernon odom
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who is in quarriville, lancaster county. what role do the stoltzfus' amish origins play in this whole situation? >> apparently a significant role. and this is known as am -- amish. they have been living in this farmhouse, and some of the neighbors from down the road are shocked when they hear the details of their arrest. >> i didn't think something like that would happen around here. >> why not? >> this has always been the quiet area. >> "action news" obtained court documents that show the couple had a bitter falling out in 2003 with the amish church ended up with their home seized and his steel fabrication business going
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understand. and they blamed the church including the foreclosure on the home. declared themselves born-again christians. and the notes say they gifted their 14-year-old daughter to lee kaplan as thanks for helping their family out of financial ruin. and i spoke briefly with their 19-year-old son at the house and he says his folks are good parents. and another neighbor told me tonight this unfolding story about daniel stoltzfus and his wife is not surprising. into and you stop and ask why he is there, and he don't have much time to talk and he is not comfortable having people around. >> i get the impression that you thought he was a little bit peculiar? >> exactly, yeah. >> jim, just like think kaplan and dan and savilla stoltzfus are in jail held on $1 million bail each. i'm vernon odom for channel 6
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"action news," jim? >> this is a complicated with a lot of different elements and we are covering it all on our website at and you can check throughout the weekend as we update with new details and new reaction. ♪ hundreds gathered in medford, new jersey to grieve and pay tribute to slain singer, christina grimmie. the up-and-coming pop star was killed last weekend while she was signing autographs after a performance in orlando. through her tears, grimmie's mother thanked the crowd for attending. >> those that i have known for many years, and have been a part of our life and touched our lives, they have counselled me, they have been there through difficulties, to you i am very grateful.
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i just want to see her. >> grimmie's brother marcus to stackled him, and they think that he was be an obsessed fan of christina grimmie. the police investigate the discovery of a body in the 900 block of heatherstone saying the body was that of a woman. two vineland police officers will not be charged for the death of a suspect while in custody. the investigation into the controversial case sparking community outrage has taken more than a year. officers tried taking 32-year-old phillip wright into custody on march 31, 2015. a witness recorded the officer sick a k9 on him after he
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reached for a gun during the struggle. >> the state medical examiner says that the police dog inflicted only superficial wounds and he died from the drug pcp in his system. a cumberland county grand jury heard the evidence and indicting the officers finding the use of force justified. two people treated for injuries from a crash after the car run off the road well into the woods. it happened at 6:30 in the southbound lanes near the pennsylvania turnpike section in springfield township, burlington county. traffic was squeezed into one lane for several hours. a teenager on the handle bars of a bike with injuries at hahnemann hospital after knocked off by a hit and run driver
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overnight. happening at broad and wallace. and they tracked down the suspected driver at broad and ridge. the car showed damage from the impact and the suspect is brandon carter of wynnewood charged with aggravated assault by vehicle and dui. the bucks county authorities charged the morrisville man who used vigilante justice on a suspect breaking into his car. the police say that baishaun jones chased bound and shot the suspect yesterday as scene in this surveillance video. the district attorney says that he had no right to shoot an unarmed suspect, joshua dennis, especially in a residential area. says the d.a., having a lawfully-possessed firearm and even a permit to carry it does not make you wyatt erp cleaning up the streets of tombstone. and it is not a crime under any circumstance warrants deadly
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force. the spca selling its pet cemetery in stanton, delaware. the animal there is can rest in peace. volunteers originally said that owners had to relocate their pets, but the delaware spca says that is not true. they are closing its doors. a new jersey couple now facing more than 550 counts of animal cruelty after 276 dogs were found in their home earlier this month. officials say the animals were living in deplorable conditions. and they could face fines if found guilty. the dogs are in good death but as many as 25 of the dogs could be pregnant. deliberations in congressman chaka fattah's corruption trial had to start from the very beginning today when a judge discussed one of the jurors. the reason for the dismissal has not been given. an alternate juror replaced the
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man on the jury. now the panel will decide whether the 11-term lawmaker is guilty of taking bribes and misusing federal funds to payoff personal and political debts. a 15-mile stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike is set to shutdown at midnight. it will be closed in both directions from downingtown exit 312 to valley forge exit 326. the turnpike officials say it is because they have to install bridge beams at yellow strings road in chester down fee. the >> disney putting up alligator warning sides. and new details as hundred dollars are forced to plea their -- hundreds are forced to three their home. and trying to save the lives
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of trauma victims. and today we shot up to 84 with sunshine and it gets even warmer over the father's day weekend. all of the details including the shore and the poconos in the accuweather forecast. and jeff skversky with the phillies facing a new opponent, but will the outcome be any different? that and more when "action news" continues th
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look at these flames. this wildfire in santa barbara, california spread to 6,000 acres and continues to grow. dry brush and high winds helped the fire guadruple and they are trying to get it in hand. and security video from
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inside of the pulse nightclub in orlando, capturing last week's massacre in chilling details. it has not been released to public, but sources tell abc news you can actually see omar mateen walking through rooms systemically executing his victims. in the midst of it all, investigators say that he was texting his wife. they are still trying to determine whether she knew what he was planning, and whether she knew what was going on at the time. both she and mateen's father have been placed on the federal no-fly list. as this investigation continues, the massacre prompted a response from lawmakers. the senate set to vote on four gun control measures on monday, but not one is expected to pass. these are new warning signs that guests at disney world will see on the beaches of the resort. the signs, along with a temporary protective barrier, some in response to the death of a 2-year-old boy who was killed when an alligator dragged him into a lagoon earlier this week.
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the measures include new training for employees to report wildlife sightings. and beaches at the resort are closed. disney has not yet decided whether to ever reopen them. "healthcheck" at 11:00 tonight, a new government report says that as many as 1 in 5 people may be dying unnecessarily from traumatic injuries, things like car crashes or gunshot wounds. victims are twice as likely to survive in places like philadelphia with multiple top-tier trauma centers compared to the rural areas which don't have them. the report says that the greatest opportunity to save lives maybe before a patient gets to the hospital. by employing triage lessons that the military learned, and putting more responsibility on first responders. the labor front, pennsylvania's unemployment rate is on the rise. it jumped .2 of 1% from april to may to 5.5%. that is higher than the national
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jobless rate. the state labor department points out that thousands of job losses last month happened because of the verizon strike. the weekend accuweather forecast, the father's day forecast looking pretty good. >> i don't think it can get better than this. loads ever are sunshine, low humidity, but that's what you want. and double scan showing it is rain-free out there. and chopper 6 was taking flight and spying on a baseball game tonight. a great night for sports. i was running the media five-miler this evening and it felt fantastic. it wasn't too hot. 67 degrees now in philadelphia. we have a wind off the ocean, so the atlantic city airport pretty chilly, 59. cape may 63. reading 71. and wilmington 68 degrees. satellite 6, along with action radar, showing very broad high pressure settling in for the weekend. you can see how it is just squeezing all the moisture out
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of the atmosphere and that means we will have a pretty much cloud-free weekend. planning out the day tomorrow, 8:00, 67 degrees with bright sunshine. make it up to 81 degrees by 2:00, and 83 by 5:00 reaching the high of 84 degrees. and sunday is also looking great for father's day for the gary papa run. if your heading there to do the 10k or 5k or walk, the weather pretty perfect. 7:00, 64. by 8:00, 68, and then the temperatures warming up into the upper 70s by 11:00. so it's going to be gorgeous at the shore if your heading there you need sunscreen, the u.v. index is high. saturday 74 degrees, sunday 76. the only temperature, 65. and i do want to draw your attention to the fact there is a moderate risk of rip currents for cape may and delaware beaches. you definitely do want to listen to your life guard and don't
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swim when the life guards are not on duty. the risk currents can take you by surprise. in the mountains the poconos gorgeous and plenty of sunshine. a boring forecast. 77 degrees saturday, and sunday warm and bright and a high of 80. the exclusive accuweather forecast, monday we hit 90 and customer officially arrives. and turning up the heat another notch tuesday, and more humid and a cold front bringing us a round of afternoon strong storms. and behind that front we get a breath of fresh air by wednesday, 83 degrees and low humidity. and the temperatures in the low 80s on thursday and friday. very comfortable, so a great weekend for father's day. mother nature, it is a gift from her, happy father's day. >> thank you so much. the city of camden with a ceremonial swearing in of its
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new personnel. and the first woman to achieve the rank of captain and the ceremony held this afternoon. everybody happy for lydia chapman. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up at 11:35 and here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks jim, hello philadelphia. look at what we made for you. >> it made me uncomfortable. right here.
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>> phillies are in a funk. is it ever going to end? >> home run derby tonight in south philadelphia. not for the phillies. talk is cheap. the manager, pete mackanin can talk about staying focus, yadda, yadda, yadda. and the last month has been anything but picture-perfect for the phillies. this is no joke, another bad night against arizona. hernandez back-to-back errors in the second. and say it ain't so, and another
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through his legs and a whopping seven errors the last two nights. and then it gets flat out ugly. the diamondbacks go yard over and over and over again. allowing a season high six homers, and it is the worst stretch in phillies history. and they have dropped 21 of the last 27 games. >> so much for my team meeting, it didn't do a whole lot. no way to sugar coat that. what we give up 11 home runs in the last two nights and seven errors, not good. we have to regroup and keep working with these guys and keep their heads up and keep pushing them. that's the only thing i can think of doing. >> it is tough to watch. the nba draft less than a week away and the sixers finally score a face-to-face meeting with ben simmons who is expected to be the number one overall pick. a source confirms that simmons
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and the sixers brass had dinner, that's it. simmons has not worked out for the sixers and not expected to hold a private work out for any of the teams. and the sixers are the only team what had an interview with the player that put on reportedly 20 pounds of muscle since the end of his season. and steph occcurry lost gam six, but his koom -- cool and his mouth piece and $25,000. cleveland can be the first to overcome a 3-1 hole.
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bensalem native crawford's shot at making the cut at the open over. and crawford playing the final five holes of the round in the morning. and he is not the only one frustrated with his play at the us open. spencer levine going john mcenroe. and davis as well, the number one golfer in the world looks like the worst golfer in the world. five back and struggling. and johnson tied for the lead.
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second-round play resumes in the morning. arena football, nobody better than the soul, trying to keep pace tonight. going on a run in arizona. opening kickoff, 54-yard kickoff return, but it is not how you start, it is how you finish and the soul is down big now at the half. we will see if they can make a nice comeback on the road. >> all right. wait a minute, whoa, can we go back to a tee shot? do we still have it? it is your first father's day sunday, congratulations. jeff skversky. finally a night for new beginnings in west philadelphia. the charter school taking part in a rite of passage, these 75 students now on to high school and the ceremony in african tradition. "jimmy kimmel live" next,
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and jimmy has philadelphia's own kevin hart, constance zimmer, and music from fitz a . "action news" continues at 5:30. now for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, i am going to run out of time, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night, have a happy father's day.
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