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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  June 19, 2016 9:00am-10:31am EDT

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thousands are pounding the pavement for the annual gary pappa run we're live. >> the heat is on this father's day we're looking at 90 degrees and temperatures could climb higher tomorrow. chris sowers is here with more good day to head to the beach or the pool. >> reporter: it's a good heat it's a dry heat. there should not be too much complaining out there today. let's go live on sky6 live hd the view of center city. it will be hot, but not that humid. humidity levels increase overnight tonight into tomorrow. even though we're forecasting a high of 90. it should not feel that bad. 77 in atlantic city, that's the airport reading right on the sand they are closer to 74. millville, 75. philadelphia, 73. allentown, # -- 75. reading, 76. just like yesterday we're expecting a full day of sunshine. high pressure firmly in control. it will set off off shop off the
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virginia capes that will switch the winds out of the of the southwest that will force the heat in here monday and tuesday. forecast for this afternoon, 83 degrees by 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m., 88. by 3:00 p.m., there's the 90. 5:00 p.m., 90 degrees, it wouldn't surprise me if one or two areas get warmer than that. mostly sunny skies, that's the call from accuweather, hot today, not humid, i would advice you to keep cool and seek the shade and have plenty of bottles of water handy. when i come back we'll talk about the hottest temperatures of the year in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thousands of people are donating their time this father's day to a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. >> 2016 gary pappa run is underway at the philadelphia art museum, you couldn't ask for better weather. trish hartman is live outside the art museum for this special eventful weekend trish this is a great way to celebrate our dads and start the day. >> reporter: absolutely, we've said it all morning we couldn't
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ask for a better morning. people are coming out by the thousands to support our cause and support gary pappa who lost his battle with prostate cancer in june 2009. we've been doing this for 16 years. i'm here with the colleen daily, the executive director. our goal is to raise awareness and funds one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. that's a staggering money. this event goes a long way in raising awareness for the cause. >> yes, one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate. the key is early decks, owe detection, balls that sairvels sairvels -- saves lives. we have great sponsor and supports from 6abc, thank you very much. the fundraised from the race will go for the prostate
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initiative. we do educational programs and give grants to area hospitals for preprotestant state screenings. >> we have distinguished guests that will be speaking in a moment. and inspiration stories. >> we have mayor kenny and congressman brady. we'll give the community champion award, it will go to two men in the community who are champion speaking and helping us raise awareness. we are fortunate to give that award to paul mueller and steve more -- morrison. >> we are accepting donations. we hit the 300,000-dollar mark. you can donate at the gary pappa >> trish hartman "action news." not too late, thank you.
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developing at 9:00 a.m., philadelphia police divers are searching the delaware river for the driver of a minivan that plunged into the water early morning. when the vehicle was pulled out of the river no one was inside. a witness told "action news" he saw the minivan race past him on oregon avenue. >> at the light at the intersection, a car comes frying by, silver, not sure of the model, comes flying by, not pay attention i heard a crash, i think it crashed into another car. i look over i seen the gate missing, i heard a splash. i told my friend in the car, like, yo, somebody went into the water. >> that witness said when he ran to the end the dock, all he saw was part of a fender. the minivan disappeared in the water. no one came to the surface, and no one was pulled from the car anticipate one window was kicked
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off. a one car accident on browning road at 1:30 a.m., hitting a utility pole snapping it in two. the driver crawled out of the suv. he was treated for minor injuries at the scene. police are trying to determine the cause of the accident. this morning police in chester county continue to search for a suspect in the beating death of a woman. the body of 62-year-old denise barger was found friday morning in the home of the 900 block of heather stone drive in berywn. she was beaten to death. she is a widow whose husband died a few months ago. we are learning details after 12 girls were rescued from a house in bucks county. investigators returned to the scene this weekend along with cadaver dogs. jeff chirico has more. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd was over the home on old street road as investigators returned to look for evidence. cadaver dogs went through the
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property detectives combed through every room in the house where 51-year-old lee kaplan lirchgd -- lived with 1 girls from 6 months to 18 years. they were hiding in the chicken coop. >> reporter: investigators found musical treatments and elaborate train set in the basement. >> i guess they were home schooling the kids, there was homework found down there. >> reporter: the children are in the care of bucks county children and youth. police have said they are unable to determine if the girls are sisters. >> they have not had an opportunity to talk with the children in detail. i'm sure when they do, they will find clues, we want to address were they abused weren't they abused. >> reporter: police arrested kaplan thursday charging him with statutory sexual assault. police say he had sex with a
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girl who was gifted to him when she was 14. neighbor called a child abuse hot line wednesday. other neighbors said they overred strange haver at the home for -- theybserved strange haver at the home for years. >> did they call and say they saw amish people there? >> reporter: kaplan and the stoltzfus are locked up on one million dollars each. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> for more on this story, go to our website at we'll provide updates on air and online as new information comes in. >> the time 9:07. later today a special mass is being held to honor the victims
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of the orlando nightclub shooting. that service is scheduled for 6:30 at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. open to everyone. funeral services continue to be held for the victims of the nightclub shooting. hundreds of people across the country paid their respects. a show of solidarity, they drowned out a few members of the westboro baptist church who came out to protest. an aspiring firefighter was named an honorary member of the orange county fire department. >> corey will be remembered for all, he is the kind of guy you would want to work side by side with and proud he is an honorary orange county firefighter. >> thousands of soccer fans in
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orlando florida took part in a pregame vigil for the victims. nightclub massacre. they sang the national anthem while many had rainbow flags to support the lbgt community. they honored singer christina grimmie who was shot and killed ten days ago in orlando. >> from our delaware newsroom, police are working to track down a suspect after a fatal shooting in wilmington. 29-year-old donald tucker died after being shot multiple times that happened on the 900 block of north pine street. if you have any information contact wilmington police. >> there's much more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." including sun safety. we have tips to cut down cancer risks. >> president obama talks climate change at yosemite national park.
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now, taking you live outside, sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse over the commodor barry bridge. it's going to be a beautiful day, but toasty in the words of meteorologist chris sowers. we'll have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. happening today the firefly music festival wraps up today. 90,000 people gathered. today's headliners are mumford
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and sons. and earth wind and fire. you better find shade. >> reporter: or golf umbrella. lots of sunshine, it's going to be hot, but not humid. another enjoyable afternoon around the delaware and lehigh valleys. that will change tomorrow, the humidity starts to crank with the approaching cold front. double scan live is clear, no issues expected today, we'll keep the skies bright and sunny. 73 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 57 that's a good number. as long as the dewpoints stay in the 50s we're doing all right. might get as high as 60 or 61. it's a slight increase, but manageable. pressure 30.33 inches holding steady. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. another issue to speak of would be the high sun angle. uv i happen decks, summer begins tomorrow -- uv index, summer begins tomorrow, burn time, less
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than 20 minutes. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. if you're out and about within that stretch make sure you continue to apply the sunscreen here and protect yourself. you are don't want to get a nasty burn. quakertown, 74. martinsreek, 77. woodbine, 75. sea isle city, 71 degrees. as we look at satellite and radar, across the mid atlantic and the northeast. you will notice there's not much going on, puffy cumulus clouds around the baltimore and washington, d.c. metro area. that is associated with the cold front that will spawn severe weather across the great lake states this afternoon. the yankees are taking on the twins there could rough stuff later on. all that wet weather will stay well to the west today. actually as we get into tomorrow
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same thing. it's monday night into tuesday morning, the front closes in on the delaware and lehigh valleys and produces showers and maybe a quick-hitting thunderstorm. from now until then it dry, mostly sunny and hot, not humid. 90 degrees is the forecasted high. winds out of the south/southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. going hour by hour, you can see how we will jump. 83 degrees by 11:00 a.m., two hours we're climbing ten degrees. 1:00 p.m., 88 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 90. 5:00 p.m., 90 just about mostly sunny from start to finish. beautiful in the mountains, poconos, 84 degrees, lots of sunshine, low humidity levels, wonderful day to take the boat on the lake and enjoy yourself and jersey shore same thing it's a little more humid down there, because of the onshore breeze. 80 degrees on the sand with the numbers pulling back later on with the sea breeze. the ocean temperature 68. the only issue for the jersey shore, we have a moderate risk for rip currents. pay attention to the lifeguards. overnight tonight, clear skies,
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it's warm, but not humid, 63 degrees outlying suburbs, 68 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the heat creeping up there as we get into monday. you will feel the humidity, as well to start the new workweek. 90 today, 93 for the first day of summer which is tomorrow, it officially arrives at 6:34. with the humidity it will feel like 95 or 96. tuesday, warm, morning shower or storm up to 89. and then we cool it down the rest of the week. wednesday, 84. wet weather, thursday, 82. friday, 82. saturday, partly sunny, 84. very enjoyable. >> friday is an important day. >> reporter: someone is getting married. >> somebody is tieing the knot. >> reporter: i heard he is really good looking. [laughter]. >> he is. president obama said climate change is taking a toll on the national parks. the first family spent the night in yosemite national park saying
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that the meadows are drying out. the rabbit-like animal known as pica is moving to higher areas to get away from warmer temperatures. >>ing make no mistake, climate change is no longer a threat it's already a reality. >> the president wants more people to appreciate and visit our national parks. the system celebrates it's 100 birthday this summer. >> a new miss new jersey has been crowned. 23-year-old brianna wick beat out 29 other women for the title. our own karen rogers hosted the pageant and announced the win. wick is a graduate of high port university. the pageant paid tribute to
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karen mccullum, the audience and contestants paused to m to - to remember the former miss new jersey. she died this year in a car crash. a slip was awarded in her honor. we'll be back in a moment. so glad you stayed with us,
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time 9:20 in "healthcheck" at 9:00 a.m., beach season is here and with it a new warning about skin cancer. getting one blistering sunburn can increase your risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. use sunscreen and wearing a hat or shirt to protect your sin. they say skip the tanning bed. >> accessibility of tanning beds has caused an increase in the young people it's a serious problem. >> experts recommend visiting a
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dermatologies each year. a survey of 300 high schoolers those who use ecigarettes were over 6 times more likely to use cigarettes in young adulthood. supporters have maintained no links between them and tobacco. adding more whole grains to your diet could extend your life. harvard researchers looked at four decades of studies on brain. those who consumed 50 grams of whole grains were less likely to die from cancer. they are made with the whole colonel which means they have protein and other nutrients. it is possible that people who choose whole grains have healthier overall habits. we'll be right back.
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at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life.
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that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. everyone, 9:24 sunday morning, we're turning up the heat in the seven-day forecast. the weather pattern overall this month has been enjoyable in the delaware and the lehigh valleys. we've seen high pressure building across the western part of the united states and upper level low. this is the dominant feature here from june 1 on. every now and then we get a shift in the pattern. this is what the jet stream looked like, cooler conditions for the mid atlantic and the northeast. down right awful hot out here where they are baking across the heartland of the nation from the dakotas to the u.s. mexican border. every now and then this pattern shifts and we'll see that shift today. all this heat stretches irts
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arms, if you will -- its arms, if you will and pull east toward the appalachians and the eastern seaboard. we'll see that tomorrow and tuesday, it will snap back and the temperatures will go on a swing the next 3 to 5 days. heading to citizens bank park stay hydrated bring the sunscreen, hemplets in the 90s -- temperatures in the 90s. move comes as more and more americans use computers and smart phones tore banking so bank of american will be cutting jobs. with summer, sometimes it feels like the makeup is meting off our faces, but it doesn't have to be the case. >> oil-free primer. >> reporter: oil free for the summer.
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>> a makeup artist said when sweat approving your looks prime certify clutch. this helps to keep everything in place, there's primer for your eyes. >> reporter: ashley shows us the summer-proof looks, no matter your skin town skip the heavy foundation. stick with moisture. ashley is using an air brush machine. it's an easy way to make your skin look perfect it takes one minute and it is very light. >> reporter: next break up with blush and dust on a bronzer. >> i give the forward a brush stroke there. same rule for ishadow, a light hand and light hue.
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for eye liner, line like you normally would. for summer, waterproof massmasc. >> dip the lip liner for the summer. finish off with a setting spray so everything locks into place. >> close your eyes. >> let it dry. >> reporter: blotting paper to risk away any unwanted moisture. >> perfect bring on the sun and the sand and the sweat. alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." >> you're perfection. we have a massive protest in japan, tens of thousands of people are taking a stand
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against u.s. military basis on okinawa. plus, will the cavaliers make history and walk away with an nba championship tonight. labron james weighs in on game 7. >> those stories, plus, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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>> happening now on "action news," a man is busted for allegedly breaking into not one, but two homes in south jersey. a colorado mother jumps into action to save her five-year-old son from a mountain lion attack. the clinton clan is growing, chelsea clinton is welcoming her second child in time for father's day. >> outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers for a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast on this father's day. how is it looking chris? >> reporter: mother nature got it right. it's beautiful out hear and there's no human and we have blue skies upstairs. you can't beat it. look at this view in cape may. a couple of folks are getting their spot on the sand. 70 degrees on the sand. the dewpoint, 6 are 5. point, 6.
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it's a land breeze and it will switch to a sea breeze later on. topping out 79 or 80 by lunchtime and later on back in the mid 70s. the shore the place to be. seas building 2 to 4 feet. we had rough surf down there yesterday, we had reports of rip currents. we run the risk of seeing them development again today. so, pay close attention to the lifeguards on duty. wind out of the west/southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. they will be shifting out of the east, that's the sea breeze this afternoon. after -- avalon, 74. ocean city and margate, 77. allentown, 75. 73 in reading. the exclusive accuweather forecast, 80 degrees down the shore, that's early, 90 degrees in the city of philadelphia. so, a very nice, pleasant finish to the weekend.
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hotter and more humid tomorrow. i'll have the details coming up in just a bit. guys. thousands of people converged on the philadelphia museum of art for the 2016 gary pappa run. >> of course this event honors our beloved colleague and former sports director who died 7 years ago from prostate cancer. >> trish hartman joins us outside the art museum with jeff skeverski. >> it is, 3,000 people were signed up going into the event that doesn't include the walk ups. we lost gary pappa back in 2009. it affected those of us at 6abc, jeff skeverski did the 5k. garment a lot to you. >> like many in the viewing area i grew up watching gary pappa. i interned for the guy, he helped me get my dream job at
9:33 am
6abc. i loved gary and miss him everyday. >> you're going to speak here, you're here with your daughter alexis is you this is your first father's day. she was excited to be with daddy today. >> this has change your way of thinking on raising awarnings on prostate cancer. >> it's important to get tested and make sure you're around for a long time and spend time with your family and this race and this cause can help one person, i think that is the goal of this race to help people. if it is only one person i think we've accomplished what we wanted to do. >> one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. we're raising awareness and funds. the walkers coming across the line. it's a great day, we'll be here
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all morning long. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> trish hartman and jeff thank you, happy father's day. >> 9:34 we have a disturbing detail on the man accused of holding 12 men in the feasterville home. police brought in cadaver dogs. chopper 6 hd was over the home on old street road as the dogs went through the property. they have not found any remains. the girls were between 6 months and 18 years old. police say kaplan fathered two children with the oldest girl who was gifted to him by her parents when she was 14. neighbors said they called police for years about strange behavior at the house. they did not understand why it took so long. >> we didn't get child abuse calls. if it was a child abuse call we would have responded. >> kaplan is in jail on
9:35 am
statutory sexual assaulten and other charges. the girl's parents daniel and savilla stoltzfus are in jail. for more on the complex story go to we'll continue to provide updates on air and online as new information comes in. >> from our new jersey newsroom police in camden county are asking for the public's help to identify a victim of a hit-and-run. a man was struck while riding his bike on the side of black horse pike in haddon township. he is between the ages of 25 and 30 and believed to be of mexican accident. police say the driver took off and faces several charges. anyone with information call haddon township police. this man is accused of burglarizing homes in gloucester county. a couple woke up and found him burglarizing their homele --
9:36 am
home in gloucester. he broke into a home on hudson street. the people who live there were asleep at the time. a dangerous mission is underway in the south pole. crews are trying to reach a sick worker at a research station. they are facing brutal conditions and dangerous temperatures. abc's dallas marquette with the story. it is a rescue mission at the bottom of the world. >> the situation is serious, we don't have the capability of handling it on site. >> reporter: the crew of a small plane trying to land on snow in the dark in the dead of winter in the antarctic can a. the deadly freezing temperatures only complicating the rescue. the minus 70-degree weather cold enough to freeze the plane's jet
9:37 am
fuel. >> we need to bring the people to a capable hospital facility. >> reporter: a canadian company has been hired to make the elaborate and daring rescue which they have done once before including in 2001 when rescuers had to wait two weeks for weather to break. >> there are weather systems that are coming through all the time we are working very carefully with weather predictions. >> reporter: for this rescue two specialized twin otter turboprop planes are flying to southern chile and across the atlantic t. and then they fly to hotera
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point. thousands of japanese protest the u.s. bases in japan after a soldier raped and murdered a young woman. the governor called for 'review of the u.s. japanese security agreement. that agreement requires japan to host the bulk of the u.s. troops in japan. republican presidential nominee donald trump has zeroed in on two issues this weekend. republican power brokers who want to try to keep him from getting the nomination. >> and what canning done to prevent -- what can be done to prevent another orlando massacre. last night trump repeated a theme he has been promoting throughout the campaign saying it would be different if more people were armed in orlando.
9:39 am
>> if one of the people in the room happened to have it and goes boom boom, that would have been a beautiful beautiful sight folks. >> there was an armed security guard at the club that night who traded fire with the killer outside at the entrance. trump has distanced himself from many republicans by saying people who are being investigated for possible terrorists links should not be allowed to buy the gun. for those who don't want him to get the nomination, he said he won more than 35 states in the primary. >> hillary clinton does not have any public campaigning on her schedule until tuesday when she has appearances in ohio and virginia. there's no word if part of her weekend will include visiting her new grandchild. chelsea gave birth to her second child aidan.
9:40 am
aidan joins big sister charlotte who turns two. stay on top of all the action you'll get breaking news alerts swells live results -- as well as live results. 6abc news app is a free download for your mobile devices. vote to stay in the european union will takes place this week. jo cox was backing the campaign to keep britain in the eu. parliament has been recalled for a special session to honor her memory. >> there is more to come on the sunday morning edition of "action news." graduation unlike any other, students donned their caps and gowns not once, but twice for a classmate who was injured in a
9:41 am
car crash. labron james versus steph curry. which superstar will walk away with an nba championship. that's next in sports. >> sky6 live hd looking at cape may, you can see folks on the beach. great day to be out there, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. >> so glad you stayed with us,
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9:43, terrifying movements for a family if colorado. a mountain lion attacked a five-year-old boy in the back of a condo where the family lives. the boy's mother fought off the animal. the boy's father rushed the child to the hospital where's recovering from injuries to his face and neck. wild live employees captured and killed the mountain lie where the boy was attacked. >> neighbors say they saw two mountain lions priority to the
9:44 am
event. more sighting are becoming more quiet because people are moving into the areas where the animals live. >> glad that little boy is going to be okay. scary stuff. >> reporter: we don't have scary stuff. looks good, unless you don't like to eat. pleasant forecast with temperatures climbing up to 90 degrees, no humidity tout there, a ton of sunshine. as we look live penns landing you can see the sun glistening down. 73 degrees dewpoint 57. the atmosphere is nice and comfortable. there's not much in the way of humidity just yet. the numbers will be climbing later on. pressure is holding stealed. it's an ozone-action day, you want to limit the time you spend outside between the hours 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. we have
9:45 am
an accumulation of what else called ground level ozone. if you have respiratory issues you tell don't want to be breathing that in. if you're spending time outside, wear a hat and stay hydrated and sunscreen. coatsville, 80 degrees, glassboro, 77. agenda beach, a nice morning on the bay, 75. dover, 74. smyrna, 76. hammonton, 77. at the moment, the humidity is not too terribly bad. dewpoints in the 50s that's a comfortable air mass. every now and then we get a location that's starting to show 60 or higher which would be in the slightly humid category. when we see 6 are 5 or higher in cape may that's a noticeable air mass. everybody gets out of the upper 50s abbey into the low 60s. on the scale that's considered slightly humid. tomorrow, it will be more humid,
9:46 am
highs topping out 92, 93. could be the hottest day of the year so far. could feel like the mid 90s. satellite and radar, noticing going on, high pressure continues to dominate the weather pattern. 90s across the board, the exception being the jersey shore. reading, 91. sunny, slightly humid by afternoon, allentown, 91. trenton, 91. philadelphia 90 on the dot. cape may, atlantic city checking in at 80 degrees, the highs will pull back later this afternoon as the sea breeze kicks in. poconos sunny and pleasant, 84. jersey shore, 80 degrees by midday. falling during the afternoon. back down into the mid 70s, mostly sunny and sticky. ocean temperature, 68 degrees. overnight tonight, 63 in reading, philadelphia, 68 degrees, millville, 62. clear and warm, humidity levels
9:47 am
starting to increase. trenton, 66 and on the boards in atlantic city, 65. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, happy father's day mostly sunny, a real nice one, 90 degrees, monday, sunny, hazy, hot and humid, we're up to 93. the humidity will make it feel like 95 or 96. tuesday is very warm, a cold front actually pushes through early in the day. maybe you see a morning shower or storm. afternoon, 89. wednesday looks good, 84. thursday, 82 and rain, friday and saturday, looks good. >> better look good, right. it will be a never ending joke if it is a miserable day. >> or if you get it wrong. >> reporter: yes. >> you won't, i have full confidence chris. you can find seven-day forecast and double scan radar at > so glad you're waking up
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with us, 9:50, new this morning a campaign is underway in kentucky to rename an airport after boxing legend muhammad ali. a petition wants to change to muhammad ali international with the three-letter code a-l-i. the decision ultimately rests with the board, but he adds changing an airport name is not all that uncommon. first up, the bold move by
9:51 am
london's new mayor he is banning all ads that have unhealthy body images from appearing in the tube system. he is the father of two teenage girls he said the images can demean women and make him ashamed of their bodies. the debate started last year with the question are you beach body ready. if you don't like images on tv you can turn the channel, but when you ride the tube the ads are there staring you in the face the entire time. heartwarming act of kindness by high school graduates. 3 weeks ago, the class graduated in juniata high in pennsylvania. one student was not there that day, he was in a comma -- coma,
9:52 am
following a car crash. three weeks after the class graduated, half of them came back to have another graduation for one. >> i'm speechless. this many people. i'm so proud of you. >> scott is now focused on getting better. a big job made easier, knowing he is truly surrounded by love. i love that with his mom at the end. now, don't go away sports is next.
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dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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about how to make debt work for you, ask me.
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phillies face the diamondbacks at home after losing another game. >> nba finals all come down to tonight. the cavaliers could become the first team in history to win it all after coming back from a 3-1 deficit. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: the phillies have been playing baseball for 134 years and never not once have phils pitchers bp this bad. -- have been this bad. the phils have given up 20 homers in the last five games. franco has not given the fans much to cheer about, but they will like this. a free bobble head. fans can cheer about this. they didn't get another hit until the 7th. diamondbacks hit two off jar rod
9:56 am
rod -- ikoff in the 5th. franco has not had a hit since his homer last sunday. phillies lost 4-1. they dropped 22 of their last 28 games. the worst stretch in the majors. oh, by the way they are the worst hitting team, too. >> i have to figure out what i am doing and work on it in practice. >> i think everybody taking a deep breath and trying to do less, you know that might be laughable to the public eye, how can we possibly do less, but sometimes less is more. >> reporter: there's been only one major sports championship here in philadelphia, over the last 34 years painful years. as bad as its been as hard as it is to stomach, in cleveland there's been zero. in fact their last parade 52 years ago. labron james and the cleveland
9:57 am
cavaliers can end the drought for that city in the nba finals for a win tonight in game 7 at 8:00 p.m. against the defending champs the golden state warriors. labron are you feeling the pressure to win a tidal for the city -- title for the city of cleveland. >> you say pressure, the word everybody likes to use in sports is pressure. it's the lamest term for everyone, it's an opportunity for us to do something special. >> game seven tonight can you wait on 6abc at 8:00 p.m. labron against the golden state warriors, can't wait! that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. >> how much will you pay for a ticket to game 7. someone set a new record on stub head one paid $49,400 for court
9:58 am
side ticket. they will not stay who bought it. that's the highest paid seat in stub hub history. >> i was thinking the only one who could come close to it is chris sowers, i saw his bentley outside right? >> yeah, right. don't go away. we'll have more news after the break. good morning, happy father's
9:59 am
10:00 am
day to all the dads out there, including the father sitting next to me. it is 10:00 a.m., sunday, june 19. >> search and rescue crews scour the delaware river after a minivan crashes into the water. >> plus, running for a cure, thousands of people are pounding the pavement for the annual gary pappa run. we're live. >> plus, the heat is on this father's day, we're looking at 90 degrees today and temperatures to climb higher tomorrow. >> but it's a dry heat, meteorologist chris sowers at the "action news" big board, hi, chris. >> reporter: which is a good thing, if you don't like the heat, there's the escape live in atlantic city, barely a cloud in the sky we're picking up the high, thin cirrus clouds this morning. the waves are breaking. it's beautiful down there with the temperatures in the 60s. the humidity has increased a
10:01 am
little bit. let's look at cape may. a couple of folks on the sands they are getting their spots. the umbrellas on the right. waves breaking right now. we have swells breaking 2 to 4 feet. the national weather service is issuing a moderate risk for rip currents. temperatures are hot, i'm sure you want to jump in pay attention to the lifeguards. it's a land breeze for jersey shore, ten to 15 miles per hour. the wind will be shifting out of the of the southeast later this afternoon. you top out at 80 degrees by midday and 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 74, 75. 90 degrees sweating it out in the city, sunny and hot. jersey shore, sunny and cooler, 79 or 80. >> thank you. thousands of people are donating their time this father's day for a cause that's near and dear to our hearts. 2016 gary pappa run is underway at the philadelphia art museum and you can not ask for better
10:02 am
weather. >> trish hartman is live at the art museum for this event it's a great day, i saw you tweeted a picture of you and kathy ppl -- popa. >> today marks 7 years since we lost our sports director to prostate cancer. this event is held in his honor to raise awareness about the disease. 3,000 runners and walkers were signed up going into this morning. that doesn't include walkup registration. this is the 14th year of the race. ploadz benefit the foundation for -- proceeds benefit the found addition for breast and prostate. it provides educational programming and screening for men. for the first time gary pappa son nathaniel who is 18 spoke
10:03 am
during the program. >> it's bitter sweet, of course the whole day is so fallen people. i wish we had never heard of this disease, quite frankly, he did, i feel it's a great opportunity for him as a young man to promote awareness in his generation, so that he will never have to be having a conversation my mother gary did with him, monday. it's wonderle to hear from kathy on this day. we have raised $300,000 this year with this event. the fundraising continues you can donate at gary pappa trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> we do encourage people to donate, thank you, trish. developing at 9:00 a.m., philadelphia police divers are searching the delaware river for the driver of a minivan that plunged into the water early this morning. when the vehicle was pulled out of the river, no one was inside. a witness told "action news" he saw the minivan race past him on
10:04 am
oregon avenue. >> we're at the light at the intersection, a car comes flying by silver, not sure of the model, come flying by, no paying attention, i heard a crash, i'm thinking it crashed into another car, i looked over i seen the gate missing i heard a splash, i i told my friend in the car, like, yo, somebody went into the water. >> witness said when he ran to the end of the dock all he saw was a fender the minivan disappeared. no one came to the surface before the police arrived, police did not pull anyone from the vehicle either. an suv went out of control at 2:30 on browning road in pennsauken new jersey hitting a utility pole and snapping it in two. the vehicle flipped on its roof and the driver crawled out of
10:05 am
the suv. he was treated for minor injuries at the scene. police are trying to determine the cause of the accident. police in chester county continue to search for the suspect in the beating death of a woman. the body of the 62-year-old denise barger was found in the home on heather stone drive in berywn. she was beaten to death. she is a widow whose husband died a few months ago. we are learning details after 12 girls were rescued from the house in bucks county. investigators returned to the scene this weekend along with cadaver dogs, jeff chirico has more on what they found. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd was over the home on old street road as investigators returned to look for evidence. cadaver dogs went through the property, pleas seized vehicles and -- police seized vehicles and detectives went through every room in the house. >> they were living in the basement and hiding in the
10:06 am
chicken coop. >> reporter: lower southampton public safety said investigators found musical instruments and train set in the basement. >> kids were living in the basement on air mattresses, but they, i guess they were home schooling the kids, because there was homework found down there. >> the children are in the care of bucks county children and youth. police say they have been unable to determine if the girls are sisters. >> they have not had an opportunity to talk with the children in detail. i'm sure when they do, they will find clues, we want to address were they abused or not. >> reporter: police arrested kaplan and charged him with statutory sexual assault. they say he fathered two children with a girl who was gifted to him when she was 14. police made the discovery after a neighbor called a child abuse hot line on wednesday. other neighbors say they reported descraing -- behavior
10:07 am
for years. >> we didn't get child abuse call, if it was a child abuse call we would have responded. >> reporter: police say when police responded to the house, he would turn off the lights and turn them away. it's unclear how many calls they received and how many times they responded. the cadaver dogs did not find any human remains in the back yard, kaplan and the stoltzfus are locked you mean on $1 million each. >> a special mass is being held to honor the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. that mass is at 6:30 tonight. open to everyone. funeral services continue to be held for the nightclub victims in orlando. hundreds of people across the county paid their respects to many and there was a show of
10:08 am
solidarity. people drowned 0 out the members of the westboro baptist church. another aspiring firefighter was made an honorary member of the orange county fire rescue. >> corey will be rescued for all, i'm sorry for your loss, corey was a guy you would want to work side by side with, proud that's a honorary member of the orange county fire department. >> a man known as a champion for abused animals has lost his battle with cancer. george bengal started the humane law enforcement department animal he headed it up for ten years. he feels a life long animal advocate. he died at holy redeemer hospital in jenkintown with his wife and daughter by his side. he was 69 years old and will be missed by so many.
10:09 am
>> your time now, 10:08. there's much more to come on "action news," changes are coming to septa's summer schedule, we'll tell you what need ton up next. >> smaller than a grain of rice, but these insects are wreaking havoc on trees in south jersey, now officials are on a mig to stop the -- mission to stop the bugs from spreading. action cam live be live at the temple tennis courts, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> happening today there's new schedules going into effect for septa. there is additional service and construction detours and track enewly project will mean buses for ten and 15. there's a new route for 17 to penns landing and additional service to delaware avenue and louis street. dry hot weather auto west is fueling wildfires that spreads to of states. dangerous heat waves have complicated efforts by the california firefighters. even though the fire north of santa barber is are 40% contained. more than a dozen infernos are burning across 6 states. 2 million acres k scorched compared to a half million last
10:12 am
year. >> time for accuweather picture perfect day for dad, a little hot, but not bad. >> reporter: you just summed it up beautifully. let's get you outside, it's a little hot and toasty, as i've been saying all morning long. the humidity is low, that will make today enjoyable. even though temperatures are close to 90 it shouldn't be that bad because humidity levels will stay below the 60-degree mark. double scan live is clear, nothing going on, we're shooting for a high of 90 degrees, this will be the 7th time we've hit 90 degrees or higher in philadelphia. normally we should be around 84. the low temperature this morning is where it should be for this time of the year. we bottomed out at 66. believe it or not we saw the fires out west because of how dry it is. it is dry in new england u.s. drought money 0 -- monitor has
10:13 am
issued short term impacts in the lehigh valley and hunterdon county new jersey. woe need rain and the ground is dry, we need a soaking. i see a couple of chances of rain in the seven-day forecast. tuesday is a hit or miss situation, thursday is the better chance. we're not looking at a ton of rain. we need good rains here. fleetwood, 79. pottstown, 78. coatsville, 82. kennett square, 77 degrees, again, no humidity out there very comfortable. agenda beach, vineland, woodbine browns mills ewing, 77. smyrna, 79. huge area of high pressure right there, you can see it's like a protective bubble if you will, everything is going up and around. more activity toward canada and the south toward the gulf coast states. they will see a flare occupien the front range, as well.
10:14 am
where the high sits you can't get moisture in there,s it's a protective bubble. where that high is sitting they are baking out here, once again it will be another day with temperatures well in the 90s across the heartland. some areas could get close to triple digit heat and a piece of that shifts east over the next 24 to 48 hours. the surface maps looks like, powerful cold front out to the west. we'll call it toasty. hi temperatures in the 90s feeling like 95 or 9 of. there's the bermuda high off the coast of the carolinas. forecast for this afternoon, sunny and hot, 90 degrees is the forecasted high, winds out of the south/southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. jersey shore that's the place to be. 80 degrees around midday. that number is pulling back, around 1 or 2:00 p.m. with the sea breeze, mostly sunny, it
10:15 am
will be humid. 68 degrees is the ocean temperature. there's the moderate risk for rip currents. outside of that it's an enjoyable day. overnight tonight it's clear and warm not too terribly humid. 63 degrees outlying suburbs, 68 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows another day of 90s for tomorrow. tuesday sue close call, very warm, morning thunderstorm we're forecasting 89. if we somehow manage 90 on tuesday, that's three days florida row by definition is a heat wave. we'll see how i plays out. 84 on wednesday, 82 on thursday and friday. use your head. >> the race 0 on in new jersey to stop a destructive beetle from spreading. nora muchanic has the story. >> reporter: some of these trees have stood for over 100 years
10:16 am
planted by john d. rockefeller which was his country estate in lakewood. it's ocean county's flagship park where over 1,000 trees have been cut down do an infestation of the relentless southern pine beetle. >> if we don't get a handle on it, the pine beetle will destroy the trees. >> reporter: the ocean county forrester said it is the sign of a grain of rice it's bores into the bark and injects a fungus that's the dark line you see. that fungus girdles the tree and prevents the tree from getting water. >> reporter: it starves the tree. the tree tries to 0 fight back pushing them out in the ball of sap. it doesn't always work. >> crews should be not only
10:17 am
taking down the diseased trees, but every tree win 100-foot radius. so the can county is removing dd and dieing tree and healthy ones too creating a buffer around the infestation. we're doing the best we can with what we have. >> reporter: that includes targeted spraying. park officials believe the southern pine beetle may claim more than the majestic trees that have graced the ocean county park for more than a century. in ocean county, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
10:18 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
10:19 am
is going viral in the social corner. >> this is the time where we chat about the video images that everybody is talking about on facebook and youtube and social media out let's. >> first up a middle school student in chicago nailed his graduation speech. >> let me tell you this is a great school and quite frankly -- >> he is good. 8th grader jack did not leave every e anyone out not even the president. >> i have terrific memories and now i would like to pass it on to secretary hillary clinton.
10:20 am
thank you president obama. what we need is cinnamon roll revolution. >> jack would love to be president himself, competing with several other 88 -- 8th graders to speak. >> how about swimming from alcatraz to san francisco. he is 9 years old. his dad offered him $100. he and kayakers rowed with him the entire way. he felt like giving up a few times, i wanted to turn back, but they kept on going, i
10:21 am
believe you could do it. >> we kind of pushed each other on, he got him him going we touched the rock and it was smooth sailing all the way back home no trouble at all. >> he set a new world record with the simm his next goal is to women the length. golden gate bridge which is 8,000 feet long. >> in london, the city has opened its first naked restaurant. the cuisine is raw like the commerce, no cell phones are allowed inside so you won't see pictures of yourself popping up on social media. >> the idea may sound up appetizing to some, but there's
10:22 am
a wait list. 46,000 people are anxiously awaiting to eat in the buff. >> i was wondering if the staff, are they naked or is it just you? >> "action news" recently conducted a test to see if kids today know what a vcr is and how to use it. >> can you describe what is in front of me right now? >> movies, books, a dva, a little tv. >> it's tape. from the times of dvds. >> do you want to try to watch a movie? >> yeah, i'll try.can you get g
10:23 am
of the movie for me? >> nope. nope nope nope. too many commercials. >> when do you think these first started to be made? what if i told you that was the new wave of television this is how television will be in the next five years would you like it? >> no, i would hate it. i would probably die. >> have you ever heard of blockbuster? what would you do to make it better? >> invent the dvd. >> does that mean we're getting old. >> meantime, my two-year-old is better on my smart phone than i
10:24 am
am. and yes, old. >> tell us what you think about the videos and pictures all you have to do is go to our facebook or twitter pages or use a typewriter you know what that is. >> meteorologist chris sowers will take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. with our magnet,. >> that's really old school.
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> inside story is later this morning on 6abc. here's monica malpass with a preview. >> reporter: good morning, guys, coming up later this morning on inside story, orlando the worst mass murder in u.s. history an attack on america and an attack specifically on the lgbt community. the soda tax makes
10:27 am
philadelphia the first major city in the country to pass a tax on sugary drinks. 13-4 now comes the legal challenge that's expected in the courts. we'll talk about that coming up on inside, i'm monica malpass i hope to see you then. >> one more check of accuweather. >> reporter: it's a little hot, but not too humid. 90 degrees today, only the 7th time this year we're climbing up to 90. tomorrow, hot and humid, 9 feeling like 95 or 96. >> dive teams are searching the driver of a minivan that plunged into the river. out west, firefighters are getting rallied to deal with another -- are getting ready to deal with another challenge. triple digit temperatures could hinter their firefighter efforts. join us live on facebook after
10:28 am
the show, we'll be talking about this guy's wedding on friday. come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. before dress up turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. and don't miss our brand new show, the magic of art featuring abby cadabby. come to the only place that makes little hearts race. save $20 on one visit through june 19 only at sesame place
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trial by fire. terror in orlando puts the candidates to the test. >> it's radical islamic terrorism. and it's not guns. plus, system failure? new questions for the fbi. attorney general loretta lynch is here live. and -- gun fight. >> having come through the experience of newtown, i've had enough. >> the senator fighting for new gun control. and the nra's top lobbyist square off. will the outrage over orlando lead to a break-through? we're one on one with donald trump. >> could you get the nra to budge on this?


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