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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:32pm EDT

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♪ from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live: game night." tonight, seth rogen and our father's day youtube challenge presented by state farm. and now, for all the marbles, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hello, hello. i'm jimmy kimmel. i am the host of this very necessary game seven primetime special. thank you very much. isn't it? [ cheers and applause ] tonight, from oracle arena in oakland, california. [ cheers and applause ] game seven of the nba finals between the golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers. the winner of game seven has gone on to win the championship 100% of the time. [ laughter ] but i just want to say, no matter who wins, there are no losers tonight.
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oh, no, wait. no, wait. no matter who wins, there is one loser tonight and that will be the team that loses will be the loser. that will be after the game is over. after game seven is over, stay tuned. the cavaliers and warriors will meet one last time on "after the final basket" hosted by chris harrison here on abc. [ laughter ] and then, sadly, the nba season will be done and we'll have nothing left to distract us from how horrible everything is all the time. [ laughter ] with that said, i'd like to wish a happy father's day to all the dads watching. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ my own dad, i hope you are, i hope you're spending the day with the people you love most, me and guillermo and later on -- seth rogen. this is funny. on thursday night, before game six, j.r. smith of the cavaliers got an early fathers day gift from his 7-year-old daughter, demi. >> and this one, demi, your father is j.r smith? >> yes, indeed. >> okay, so can i ask you real quick, what is it like for you to watch your dad get ready to play this game? >> i'm just proud of him because he made the championship without
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getting kicked off the team. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. i think that's a compliment. [ cheers and applause ] right? i think that's something you could print on a mug. [ laughter ] lebron james scored 41 points for the second game in row thursday night. i don't know if you saw his postgame press conference, but for a guy who is leading his team to a potentially historic comeback, lebron seems very relaxed, especially when you slow him down to half speed. ♪ >> i'm ready to start my treatment session, get home, get something to eat, lay down, get ready for that flight tomorrow. just like -- very -- just chill right now. [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very, very just chill, indeed. [ applause ] draymond green, who was suspended for game five, got a lot of attention for what he showed up wearing to game six.
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this is draymond, sauntering into the quicken loans arena. a lot of people said he looked like beetlejuice in that jacket. [ laughter ] to me, he looks less like beetlejuice and more like the proud owner of a foot locker franchise. [ laughter ] the biggest story of game six was steph curry. not only did steph curry foul out of the game, he was ejected for the first time in his career for throwing his mouthguard and hitting a fan. this is how it happened. >> deflected rebound. and a foul on curry! and curry, a technical. he throws his mouth piece after fouling out of the game. [ cheers ] >> he hit a fan, mike. >> jimmy: yeah, he chucked his mouthguard -- hit a guy in the front row. here it is in slow motion. you can really follow the, the mouth guard as it comes out of his hand and hits the guy right there. [ audience ohs ] our local abc affiliate in cleveland caught up with that fan, the man who got hit in the face shortly after the game. >> in the fourth quarter, steph curry fouled out and was ejected for the first time in
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his career for throwing his mouthguard into the stands, hitting a fan in the face. news channel 5's bip brookbank caught up with that fan after the game. >> the whole thing was -- -- a little scary, but i'm okay. just wish i would have found that mouth guard. it was probably work a lot of money. [ applause ] >> thanks very much, high spirits there in downtown cleveland. >> jimmy: high spirits, indeed. [ cheers and applause ] it was worth a lot of money. the call that resulted in steph curry fouling out was a questionable call and after he was ejected, his wife ayesha curry tweeted, she said, "i've lost all respect. sorry this is absolutely rigged for money or ratings, not sure which. i won't be silent. just saw it live. sorry." now here's the thing, when you have a conspiracy theory that most people might consider to be a little nutty, unless you're the republican nominee for president, it's best not to tweet it. [ laughter ] okay? [ applause ]
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so now they go back to oakland. and, i want to say, much has been made about steph and lebron going at it on the court. we say lebron talking some serious trash during the game thursday night, but off the court, well, at least according to espn, they've actually become very close. >> this is "sportscenter" live. >> well, let's just get right into it, the big news out of the finals is lebron james and steph curry have settled their differences and started working out together. [ laughter ] now, both players have been using their competitive spirit to push each other to the limit. [ laughter ] now, these two titans at the peak of their physical condition say they've learned to play nice and not touch the hot metal handle that's right next to the stove. you know, they've even been spending some post-workout hot tub time together. can you believe that, jon? [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: no, jon can't actually believe it. [ cheers and applause ] hey, we have to take a tv time out, but we have plenty of game night fun to come. seth rogen is here with us, tonight. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] with kids doing terrible things
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to their dads in our father's day youtube challenge, so stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ with's range of properties, rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea's wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what? so here is our road trip itinerary. what's this? a bunch of different places... nah, bro. we gotta go off-script. rip to shreds every motel, cabin and teepee, between here and the wedding. now get out of my seat. alright. (screams) road trip! whahhhh hahaha... road trip!
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: hola. welcome back to the show and happy father's day. this is our game seven game night special in primetime. seth rogen is on the way. he's backstage warming up his body. today, as you know, is father's day and we have a beloved father's day tradition on our show. every year, we challenge kids to prank their dads, record it, and send the video to us. and every year, we get thousands of videos, great stuff. and we're doing it again this year and to show you how it goes, we put together a collection of our all-time best father's day youtube challenge moments over the past four years and this is how it's done. ♪ >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> happy father's day. [ laughter ]
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♪ >> happy father's day, you old coot. >> oh, god. what the hell. what the hell! what is wrong with you? get out! get out! >> happy father's day. >> i'm in the [ bleep ] shower. what are you doing? ah. >> whoa. oh, [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] don't. is that whipped cream now? >> hop on pop. >> quiet. damn it. that hurt. >> hop on pop. >> ow. ow. what are you doing? >> hop on pop. >> ow! [ laughter ]
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>> ah! ah! [ laughter ] >> it's your father's day breakfast in bed. [ laughter ] >> what did i do? no. [ laughter ] ♪ happy father's day to you [ laughter ] >> you've gotta be kidding me. >> if you can't eat all of it, you can't have any of it. >> oh. >> what kind of idea is that? [ laughter ] whose idea was that? what the heck? >> say hi to jimmy kimmel.
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4 say hi to jimmy kimmel. >> well, tell jimmy kimmel to come here and clean the mess. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> did you make me breakfast? >> hey. geez, what the heck is that? [ laughter ] oh, gosh. oh. [ applause ] >> hey, dad. >> oh, [bleep]. what are you doing? oh! stop! [ laughter ] >> son of a -- what did i do to deserve this [ bleep ]? [ laughter ] >> hey, jimmy kimmel, this is me spraying my dad with a hose. [ laughter ] >> [ bleep ], you son of a [ bleep ]! you're grounded. [ laughter ] >> why are you doing this?
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>> i'm getting kimmel. happy father's day. >> happy father's day! [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: anyway, if you'd like to participate in this year's youtube challenge, we still have a few hours to do it. this year i'm asking you to throw a ball or anything that is not dangerous to/at your dad exactly when he's not expecting it. just yell, "dad, catch" and throw. be sure to record it and post it to youtube with the title, "hey, jimmy kimmel, i played catch with my dad." and, then look for a message from us on your youtube account. if we pick yours, we'll put it on the show tomorrow night and enshrine your dad forever in the youtube challenge hall of fame. i'm counting on you, so good luck. we'll be right back with seth rogen. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new ford escape. life is a sport. we are the utility. be unstoppable. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, hello again and thank you for joining our game seven primetime special. we have a new show tomorrow night at our regular time with
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jeff bridges, music from garbage, bad chad from "the bachelorette" will be with us, and the results of our -- [ audience groans ] i know, right? [ laughter ] -- our father's day youtube challenge, which will undoubtedly be fun. our guest tonight is not a basketball star, but he is more famous in north korea than dennis rodman. his latest production is the crazy animated movie "sausage party." it opens in theaters august 12th. please welcome seth rogen. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how you doing? >> good. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to see you. >> good to see you. >> jimmy: great to have you here tonight. >> good to be here. [ cheers and applause ] happy to be here. hi, everybody. >> jimmy: although, i do know from previous conversations that you are not a sports fan at all. >> i'm not at all a sports fan, no. >> jimmy: no. >> i don't even know what happened. [ laughter ] did something happen? >> jimmy: well, nobody knows what happened. >> nobody knows what happened?
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>> jimmy: yeah, yeah. you don't watch any of these games? you don't go to games? >> nope. someone had to tell me that chubby baby wasn't an actual nba star. [ laughter ] they're recruiting them young these days. >> jimmy: really have a sense of -- yeah. >> i didn't know. i was like, "it's very nice to meet you, sir." [ laughter ] congratulations. >> jimmy: your parents were on our show, without you, a few weeks ago. >> yes, they were. >> jimmy: i played a game where i tried to guess which celebrities parents these people are and they were your parents. did they have fun? did they enjoy that? >> they did. they had a great time. for me, it was one of, like, the most potentially horrifying experiences. >> jimmy: oh. >> ever. having your parents on a talk show without you there to control the situation in any way, shape or form. it was really -- and they weren't that bad! thank god. >> jimmy: no. >> it was fine. they didn't do anything -- >> jimmy: oh, do they usually? are they -- >> oh, yeah. my dad, just, my dad's like an underpants guy. that's like, he's one of those, like, he's in his underpants like, he's in his underpants 99%
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of the time and he thinks you're, like, appalling for suggesting that he not wear his underpants all the time. [ laughter ] so the second they came on and he wasn't in his underpants, i was like, "okay, win." [ laughter ] that's a big win, right there. and then, yeah, beyond that, it was, it was pretty okay. >> jimmy: did your dad, like well, we saw these youtube challenges where these people pull pranks on their dad. did he embarrass you as a kid? do you have reason to do, to get him back, i guess? >> he did embarrass me a lot as a child. he still does this thing that he's done since i was kid, where if we're at a restaurant and he gets food all over his face, he won't wipe it off. [ laughter ] and, again, he acts appalled that you would suggest --. and it'll be, like, and he has a beard, like, it's just like -- it'll be everywhere. and you'll be like, "dad, it's horrible." he's just like, "what? what?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's not too bad. >> and then, yeah, he would drive me to school -- elementary school on halloween and purim, which is jew halloween. [ laughter ] and he would drive me to school on those days, like, dressed a
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like a woman or a clown or something like that. [ laughter ] and he would walk me to my first class of the morning, which was very embarrassing again at the time. >> jimmy: yeah, dad dressed as a woman. sure. >> yeah. well, and now, to this day, my dad actually wears a purse. he wears a woman's purse. >> jimmy: what do you mean he wears a purse? >> i mean, one day he decided there was too much stuff in his pockets -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. and he saw one of my mom's purses like there. and, i imagine it was like that scene in 2001, where, like, the monkey hits the bone for the first time and he was like, i could have a purse. and so, he started wearing my moms purse like a "lesportsac" purse, like a woman's purse. which, i'm fine with, and -- but i've mentioned -- so i did, i've mentioned it in another interview 'cause it fascinates me obviously. >> jimmy: right.
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>> and, it's father's day, you know, and, uh, "lesportsac," god bless them, read about my fathers love for their purses and they sent me several purses for my dad. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] which, i will give him. >> jimmy: you think, is it possible between the dress and the purse that your dad is trying to send you a message? >> he probably is. i know. he should just do it if he wants. now, my dad only wears -- it's funny, it's a nba inspired. he wears basketball shorts and button-up shirts -- which is the weirdest style. i keep saying, it's like the clothing equivalent of a mullet. it's like it's business in the front and party in the bottom, on a clothing level. >> jimmy: wow, he seemed so normal. it's funny. >> yeah, well, it's 'cause the frame was only from the top up when he was on the show. >> jimmy: do you ever bring your parents to events, to like premieres and that kind of thing? >> i do. yeah, all the time.
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>> jimmy: and do they -- are they -- do they fit in? are they comfortable there? >> yeah, way too comfortable. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. my mom gets drunk and i'll just see her talking to someone that it's like, "oh, she shouldn't be talking to that person." often, often they'll stay really late, till like 4:00 in the morning, and they'll be talking to, like, a comedian who they don't realize is on tons of drugs, and that's why they're talking to them. [ laughter ] and then the next day, i'll see them and they'll just be like, "that person was so nice." [ laughter ] "they kept touching me and talking to me." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: by the way, i have to say, and i've told you this before, and i saw the trailer for this movie, "sausage party." i -- let's play -- by the way, this is during game five, i don't know if you saw this, of the playoffs. play that clip. ♪ >> espn's coverage of the nba finals on abc, brought to you by "sausage party," in theaters august 12th. [ laughter ] >> that's undoubtedly -- that's
7:21 pm
a fun little bonus. >> i guarantee you, that guy didn't want to do that. [ laughter ] that guy was in the booth like, "i have to say what?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you have to use this beautiful, deep voice god has given you to say, "sausage party." >> "sausage party." >> jimmy: and then a little hot dog with a face on it pops up. [ laughter ] seth rogen is here. when we come back, we are gonna see a clip from the movie, which you should stick with us because it's very funny. [ cheers and applause ] it's called "sausage party." we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >> portions of "jimmy kimmel live game night" are brought to you by statefarm. there for you when things go wrong, but also here to help life go right. talk to an agent today at 800-statefarm. e you go. which urgent care do you want to try this time? uhh, this one's only a mile away. oooo, and it's in-network. this is our best idea yet. steve! steve! steve! so close. it's not always easy to control your enthusiasm. but with unitedhealthcare it's easy to find quick care options
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ah the freedom to watch your directv with unlimited data from at&t. it's a steady stream of entertainment. your favorite shows. streaming on. you can just keep streaming... ...and streaming. hello jim. so much streaming but i'd really like to go home now. my arms are very tired. seize the data! get unlimited data when you have at&t wireless and directv. switch and get up to $650 credits, per line. beautiful man. it's just beautiful. >> made by the hands of a god. ♪ oh, danny boy oh, peeling me skin. >> what they --.
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>> ah! >> no! [ bleep ]! >> ah! >> oops. >> they're eating children. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is "sausage party," seth rogen's newest film. it comes out august 12th. [ cheers and applause ] that is one of the craziest things i've ever seen in my life. >> it's probably the craziest thing we've ever done, and we almost started a war, so that -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, you really did. >> yeah, so that was, i mean, and this is -- yeah, this is a really crazy movie. >> jimmy: you tore people's lives apart. i mean, do you have an idea of the ramifications of that whole thing? and now, kids aren't gonna eat anymore! >> no, yeah. it's our goal to scare children off of food. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you turn the munchies into a movie is what you did. >> exactly. yeah, it's pretty -- it's an idea we've had.
7:26 pm
we love animated movies and we thought one day, like, what if our food had feelings? and then we thought, it'd be super messed up because we eat our food, and it would be a horrible existence for them. and that's what birthed the movie "sausage party" basically. and we wanted to make the first ever, like, r-rated, fully, like pixar style. >> jimmy: it's never happened before? >> it's never, no one's let anyone do that before. and maybe never again. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so, this is -- this is not a movie for the kids to go see. >> if you're a terrible parent, then i think it might be, like, yeah, i think maybe it is. or just like a really experimental one who's -- far be if for me to judge, but uh. >> jimmy: who else is in the movie with you? >> it's jonah hill, kristin wigg, james franco, paul rudd, danny mcbride. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: your usual gang. >> yeah, the whole gang. edward norton plays a bagel. [ laughter ] selma hayek plays a taco. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: nice. [ laughter ] that's weird. >> it's crazy.
7:27 pm
and nick kroll plays a douche. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: everyone else got to play food except for nick. >> exactly, he's the bad guy. >> jimmy: well, i cannot wait to see it. i really, i can't wait to see it. [ cheers and applause ] >> i can't wait to show it to you. >> jimmy: just one more thing before, 'cause we've had, we've done seven of these shows and i just wanted you to see a certain little someone in person. [ audience aws ] and look at that, i mean, isn't this the cutest -- and by the way, i'm talking about guillermo. isn't this the cutest? talk about a sausage party right here. [ audience aws ] >> oh. >> jimmy: hold on, let me try to pick him up. [ laughter ] oh, wow. >> just pick him up, it's amazing. >> jimmy: i hope, this, this could be bad news for golden state. are you okay? are you okay? everything okay? [ audience aws ] you see that. [ applause ] oh, okay. say hi to everybody. do you see yourself right there? little steph curry. baby steph curry. don't go see "sausage party," okay?
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[ crying ] it opens august 12th. i want to thank baby steph. i want to seth the rogan. go see his movie. we have a new show tomorrow night at our regular time -- [ cheers and applause ] with jeff bridges, bad chad from "the bachelorette," and music from garbage. oh, no. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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