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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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[click, whoosh] ♪ real champions prove that they're champions ♪ ♪ a second straight meeting of the nba's best ♪ ♪ cavaliers and warriors, a redo ♪ ♪ this time, remixed ♪ now the king earns another crown ♪ ♪ 52 years of almost is over ♪ tonight the promise has proper closure ♪ >> mike: first player in 60 -- excuse me, 50 years to go to six consecutive nba finals. lebron james wins his third title and his first one for the cleveland cavaliers and it's obviously crazy right now in cleveland. let's go to john in cleveland.
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john? >> thanks so much, michael. we are in cleveland, ohio. where it all happened tonight. folks inside the quicken loans arena, here, outside. tens of thousands of fans. and i have to tell you now, mike breen, there is a sense of now what? what do we do? the drive, craig elo, all is forgiven, the cleveland calf le cavaliers are nba champions in 2016. and a college friend earlier, dan, said either way, i'm going to cry tonight. either we're going to win or lose. and they are tears of joy tonight. lebron james does indeed lead them to the nba championship. so far, it's a peaceful, a bit shocked crowd outside quicken loans arena. probably a milt more crazy on fourth street. michael eaves, what do you have?
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>> this city has been waiting to erupt all day. and fans from all the restaurants here in fourth and prospect raced out of the bars and restaurants to get here in the corner. there are fans behind me. and they started throws and paper interconfetand confetti o windows. there is a patrol car behind me from the police of cleveland. you can't see it right now. but there are a couple overzealous fans jumping up and down on the car. and police came in and secured it. but one other observation, i have seen a tremendous cross section in the city of cleveland. i have seen babies in strollers, moms and grand moms. strangers and hugging and taking pictures. and one man gave a high five to a police officer. they have been waiting for this moment for more than five
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decad decades. we will send it back to mike breen in oakland there is no doubt the fans are all in for the cavs. >> mike: thank you so much. the champagne is flowing in the visitors locker room here at oracle arena, just like the cavaliers did last year celebrating their championship at quicken loans arena in the visitors locker room. just a magnificent scene and the emotion. from a basketball stand point, to come in and win two games here, just sensational. >> mark: no other team in the history of the game has come from behind 3-1. they held their composure. you have to give credit to ty lue, the leader of the basketball team. they responded to him not panicking and the supporting cast did their job. >> jeff: listen, game seven to hold this prolific offensive team to 13 points, the golden state warriors, is defense that
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we have not seen on the road against this warrior team this year. it's a tremendous accomplishment. and all of ohio should be proud of their team. >> mike: and remember, 11 points in the fourth quarter of game six. just spectacular defense to help them win that championship. so, most finals mvps in nba history. lebron james had two in miami and picks up the trophy here for tonight's victory, here for the cleveland cavaliers. the celebration just under way both here at oracle arena and as we saw moments ago in cleveland. the party under way. well, for the golden state warriors, the shocking ending to their historic season. the defending champs established so much. 73 wins but unable to finish it off with another title.
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will make for a painful off season wondering what happened. the two-time mvp steph curry h one of the great seasons in the 70-year history of the nba. but an uneven showing in the finals denies him what he wanted most. that was back-to-back championship rings. the cleveland cavaliers began their season with high hopes but had their share of bumps along the way, injuries, the head coach firing and the chemistry struggle of the big three. they became healthy. the new coach was the ideal voice and they were once again the best in the east. yet, the question remains, can they beat the west in the west? that seemed unlikely after four games in the finals until the kid from akron took over and it was believe land once again. and tristan thompson. his toughness and grit, the perfect fit for the team and the city. it was the humble rookie head coach who took over a team that was 30-11 and asked to make them
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better. mission accomplished, coach lue. your team is a champion. it was the incredibly talented point guard who shined his brightest on the nba's biggest stage. outplaying the two-time mvp and showing he can be breath taking in his position as anyone in the game and of course it was lebron james, the talented leader has already established himself as one of the all time greats. a once in a generation player. he may not be able to silence all of his critics but his third title is his greatest accomplishment and no doubt the sweetest one of all. bringing the long, elusive title to his hometown. the cavaliers have doing something no team has ever done in the history of the nba finals. overcoming a 3-1 deficit to win it all. the first time in the city's history. congratulations, cleveland, the
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cavaliers are nba champions.
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"action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a collision between a police cruiser and s.u.v. caught on camera, two injured. questions about who had the
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right-of-way. sarah is off, the big story is a crash with a squad car. and an officer a speeding to a call of another officer needing help. and in olney with much more. jeff? >> hey walter. as you said, the officer was responding to a car when she slammed into another car just behind me. the police cleared the scene, but you can see some of the wreckage left behind by that crash that was all caught on camera. the surveillance camera captured the moment when it went spinning through the intersection. >> the crash louder than the siren. >> happening just after 7:00. the crash to forceful it left the front end mangled. and running to help. >> i approach right away the officer. she seems shooken up, like she was dizzy. >> the officer and a man and
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woman in the black vehicle were taken to the hospital. the captain says that the cop was stopping to another officer's call for help and had sirens and lights on. shoe >> she went through the intersection, tried to clear it and a car would not stop and came in contact with her. >> the last five months there have been five accidents. >> and saying it is a dangerous intersection seeing police crash here before. >> usually when the police officers had the sirens on they approach this and slow down, this is it a big intersection. this time she went really fast. >> and blocking traffic more than two hours as the investigators poured over the season. it appears that the officer had a red light and they say surveillance video will be key in determining who was at fault. >> the protocol approaching the intersection with a red light. >> you pull up to the intersection, clear the intersection making sure that nobody is coming through.
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>> there could very well be another accident soon. ever since the police left we noticed a light with two green lights on at the same time in two different directions. we called 911 just a little while ago, actually about an hour ago, and still no one has come to fix this problem. as for the people involved in this accident, all three of them were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to be ok. we are life in the olney section of philadelphia. jeff chirico, channel 6 "action news." >> jeff, thank you. meanwhile, a tough weekend for officers in philadelphia. an entire police precinct had to be evacuated last night after a pipe bomb and ak-47 were discovered. 14 prisoners and 20 staffers had to leave the building as well of the weapons were carried in after investigators with the attorney general's gun violence task force picked up a man wanted for making a straw purchase. the officers found the gun in the driver's bag, and it was brought into the building by authorities.
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when they opened the bag they discovered the device at the bottom. the philadelphia bomb squad responded, quickly removed the device and detonated in a straight location. a man escaped a home after it caught fire in the strawberry mansion section. this video shows flames shooting from the home on napa street near 31st and huntington. the firefighters arrived on the scene a short time after the man he is -- escaped. and the victim treated for smoke inhalation. one week since people were gunned down in an orlando nightclub. and the owner of pulse nightclub was also there with a message. >> now, while the whole world is watching it is our time to show how love will conquer hate, we are one pulse, one nation. >> officials estimate 50,000 people turned out for the vigil in downtown orlando tonight.
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they read the name of each and every victim who died, and the city's mayor took time to thank the first responders. we are told tomorrow federal official also release a partial transcript of the calls between the killer and hostage negotiators as they continue to build a profile of who omar mateen was. and are also trying to determine how much mateen's wife knew leading up to the attack. today, many across the delaware valley also took time to remember the victims. certainly events, including a special mass inside of the basilica of st. saints peter an paul. >> many people i spoke with said the homily was appropriate. it wasn't about politics, strictly about the victims. and congregations all across the city were remembering the fallen. basically, they were just making sure that everything would be fine. >> for all victims of senseless tragedies. >> 49 candles for 49 murdered
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in orlando. a congregation remembers last week's slaughter including philadelphia native, akyra murray. >> lord, hear our prayer. >> an appropriate symbol for what was going on. >> i don't know how we cope and deal with something so senseless and tragic unless we can find a message of hope and healing. >> tonight's mass dedicated not to politics, just isn't people. >> a lot of times there's a tendency to be polarizing in certain situations like this, and i thought that the homily was interesting because it just showed that people should be open. they should send their prayers if that's all they can do. >> it is wonderful, a sense of are unity and more openness. >> across town -- >> the lgbt rainbow, the colors representing the lives of those who transitioned and gone on to
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be with their lord. >> the members of one of the largest lgbt congregations. >> showing we share. >> different places of worship with the same message. >> it doesn't matter, 50 black people died, 50 white people died, 50 lgbt it doesn't matter, we know who they are. >> >> and followed by a service at 10:00, buried and she was the youngest victim of last sunday's shooting. reporting live for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that report. tomorrow the senate set to vote on the four gun control bills written after the massacre, none expected to pass. still, gun control taking center stage in the race for the white house. >> we have to make sure that
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people that are terrorists or have even an inclination towards terrorism cannot buy weapons or guns. >> clearly we cannot agree. if the f.b.i. is watching you for suspected terrorist links, you should not be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. >> with that said, today the national rifle association said they degree that extra scrutiny is appropriate when it comes to selling people on the f.b.i.'s terror watch list. however, two top nra's officials took aim at trump's suggestions that guns could have stop the shooting. >> and feasterville a man found living with 12 young girls. the oldest of the girls apparently given to him as a gift by her parents. and the police scoured the property to tell them more about what was going on inside of the home. the officials say that kaplan
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can had sex with the girl that was "gifted" to him, saying she was 14 when she started living with him. in fact, he fathered two children with her. the rest of the children in the home are the daughter ever daniel and savilla stoltzfus. and the hearing for them will be held later this customer. police in philadelphia searching for the driver of a van that plunged into the delaware river early this morning. it happened at about 3:00 a.m. witnesses say they saw the vehicle flying down oregon avenue and crashed through the gate at columbus boulevard. >> the light at the intersection, so a car comes flying by. silver, i am not sure of the model. it comes flying by. and not paying attention, i heard a crash and i thought it crashed into another car. and then i looked over and saw the gate and heard the splash. and i toll -- told my friends in the car that somebody went into the water. >> and tonight, still no sign of the driver or anyone else that
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might have been inside of that vehicle. i do and cleaning up tonight after the fire that was reported after 11:00 this morning and quickly put under control. no word on the cause, but a preliminary report suggests it may have started inside of a vending machine. classes let out earlier this month. tomorrow, philadelphia the first major city in the u.s. with a tax on sugary and diet drinks. last week the city council approved the 1.5 cent tax, and tomorrow mayor kenney will apparently sign it into law. most of the money will be spent on school and recreation centers, coming us to $91 billion a year. and the companies are planning a lawsuit, and they are not collecting the tax until january. the accuweather forecast, a picture-perfect day for father's day across the region.
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topping out 90 degrees the day before the summer season beginnings. and melissa magee joins us with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> if you like the heat, you are certainly going to like the first couple of days of our workweek. certainly sizzling today, and sizzling for dad on father's day and warming yesterday. yesterday a high of 85, and today in philadelphia maxed out at 91 above our normal of 84 degrees this time of year. outside tonight, still pretty warm with the west to southwesterly wind. 79 in philadelphia, 73 in lehigh valley. and cooler at the coast cape may to beach haven. temperature only upper 60s because of the south-facing win and wind off the atlantic. and some in the upper 50s, no humidity to talk about. the moisture is pushing in from the ocean making it feel like it is slightly humid across the coastal communities and that will change. and it is mostly clear and dry and quiet thanks to a dominating
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ridge of high pressure staying that way the first half of the day tomorrow of the summer heat is on as we get into our monday with the official start of summer come tomorrow. and tracking storms this week, and it will be turning cooler as well. and a closer look at that and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. i do and a perfect morning, thousands showed up for the gary papa run. trish hartman has more. >> they took off down the ben franklin parkway with the sun shining down. some celebrating father's day. some remembering a loved one. all a part of the fight against prostate cancer. >> my grandfather had prostate cancer. >> the gary papa run held on the seventh anniversary of gary's death. his six-year battle with prostate can certified ended in 2009 just before father's day.
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after that, the race named in honor of the 6abc sports caster and still raises funds for breast and prostate health. one of the guests was diagnosed 16 years ago after urged by his daughter, a nurse, to get checked out. >> the doctors told me we'll keep track of it. my daughter says no, i want it to go farther and that's with the biopsy they found it. >> if i wasn't persistent and didn't love my dad so much, who knows what would have happened. >> the first time gary's son played a role in the ceremony with 18-year-old nathaniel taking the podium. >> to many of you understand what a difficult day it is. and just remember to stay focused, continue education and promote awareness. >> i wish he never heard of the disease, but he did and i think it is a great opportunity as a young man to promote awareness
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in his generation. >> it is not too late to donate if you want to make a donation head to all right much more to come on "action news" tonight. a mother areas instincts kick in when a mountain lion attacks her son, fighting off the animal and saving her son's life. and "hamilton" which cast member is leaving and why you may want to buy tickets soon. and cleveland celebrating after lebron and the cavs make history winning the championship in a barn burner. ducis rodgers with the post-game reaction when "action news" comes right back.
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>> record heat continues in the southwest. phoenix, the temperature hit 118, breaking the 50-year-old record of 115.
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two young adults died including anthony who ran out of water while hiking with a friend. meanwhile, officials in california are now asking people to cut back on their use of electricity tomorrow so that the system doesn't overload and potentially crash. the scorching heat is also making it tougher for crews to put out the wildfires in the west, increasing the likelihood of other fires. and the fire near santa barbara still is not contained, so far over 8,000 acres. firefighters are battling at least 10 wildfires in southern california alone. a mother from colorado saved her 5-year-old son's life prying his head from the mouth of almountain lion. when the son was playing, heard screaming and saw the lion on top of her son. she shoved her hand in the lion's mouth and pried her son's head free and that's when it ran
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off. experts say she did the right thing. >> you want to fight, put up a resistance and let the animal know you are not easy prey. >> the youngster in fair condition expected to recover. and the mother had scrapes and bruises but expected to be ok as well. officials captured and euthanized two mountain lions captured near the scene of the attack. a sandwich-lovers dream over the weekend. carrying the deli meat crashed. and some of the meat got mixed up with the bread depending on how you look at it either a giant mess or the biggest sandwich in history. and hillary clinton a grandmother again. pictures of chelsea's bouncing baby boy coming up. and melissa magee has the exclusive seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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