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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  June 19, 2016 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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>> dads invited to come out and play. a block party, playing catch and other ways to enjoy a sunny sunday. other dads and kids shared another father's day treat this evening, ice cream. bringing the truck to that the kids could treat their dad to ice cream and it stopped in other locations. and moms by the way got their free ice cream on mother's day as well. a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. you know me, it doesn't get any better than this. i just love it. >> this is the kind of weather you like. if you like today, a lot of hot air, low humidity. >> you know me, a lot of hot air. >> and it stays that way tomorrow. and what is going on, stormtracker live double scan radar, you see it is dry and quiet. high pressure has been dominating our region all of the weekend, so looking good tonight and even the first half of the day tomorrow. outside you go, and the "action news" cam outside in east falls.
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a father and son duo doing a little fishing there under a mostly-clear sky. the kid has on some shorts, it was warm enough tonight to be doning that kind of outfit. philadelphia 91 degrees above the average of 84 this time of year. and quaker town 91 and dover 89. and still really nice, 79? philadelphia, 76 reading. the poconos 72. at the coast from cape may up to beach haven with the south-facing wind a little cooler. numbers there are in the upper 60s. here is satellite 6 and action radar. high pressure dominating the region. dipping to the south tomorrow, but mostly clear and quiet from new england across the mid-atlantic region and the first half of the day tomorrow of the call from accuweather the next 12 hours is mostly clear and warm. 64 the overnight low in reading, 68 in philadelphia.
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in cape may 65. and 66 the overnight low in toms river. fast forward into monday. something to keep in mind, even though it will stay relatively dry across the region. the air quality once again unhealthy for sensitive groups. and an ozone action day, if you are young, elderly or suffering from respiratory illnesses monitor your activity come tomorrow. and speaking of tomorrow, about the summer solstice beginning at 6:34 in the evening when the sun's district rays are over the tropic of cancer. 90-degree heat hon the -- on the way and feeling the difference. and the high pressure to the south, it is hot but not too humid. 93 degrees. tracking the cold front off to our west. late monday into tuesday, the cold front dips to the south. overnight monday into early tuesday there could be a couple of showers, even an early rumble of thunder. in the wake of the activity by tuesday afternoon warm, the high
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temperature coming in at 89. in the wake of that, high pressure works its way into our region, so it will be turning cooler and less humid the middle half of the workweek. and to 93 for the high, and thunderstorm early tuesday warm 89. cooler wednesday and lower humidity as well, 84. thursday it turns cloudy again and rain likely late thursday night, in at 82. friday, clouds giving way to sun and 81 degrees. warmer and pleasant saturday, 84. and next sunday walter, sunshine and clouds high temperature 86 degrees. that's a nice summer forecast this week. >> sounds good, thank you. you can find the forecast and a look at the double scan radar any time of the day at all right website, and many dads got treatment, and for some a home-cooked dinner.
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and shoppers buying the necessary ingredients and tables stacked high with produce from local growers, flowers to brighten the table and cookies to cap things off. up next, ducis rodgers has sports. the cleveland cavaliers pull it off, coming back from a three-game deficit from the nba finals. highlights and action when we come back.
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and get a free 50" smart tv. only on america's best network. some people with spinal cord injuries with the experience of a lifetime today in new jersey. they actually got to surf thanks to an organization called life rolls on. thanks to volunteers, people of all ages and abilities had the experience of rolling with the surf. created by the professional surfer after he suffered an injury. and life rolls on has similar programs in nine difficult communities. and ducis rodgers has sports in for jeff. we talked about it, ducis, i have never been to cleveland, i don't want to go to cleveland, but i am so happy for the people of that city. really, really, really. >> we had a lot of close, nearly --
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>> a long time. >> fumbles, missed shots. 1964 is the last time the city of cleveland celebrate add professional championship, and that drought is now over. cavs and warriors game seven of the nba finals. lebron james in the sixth straight nba final. and the city waits, tied at 89-89. and iguodala blocked by lebron james! my goodness, against the board. still tied at 89-89. kyrie irving, money. cavs up 92-89. they hold on to win 93-89 and come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the nba championship. the first team to do so in the nba finals. this is the first title in the franchise's history. >> i gave everything that i had. i poured my heart and blood and sweat and tears to this day, man. against all odds, against all odds this is what i came back
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for. i am at a loss for words. this is unbelievable, doesn't feel real now. major league baseball, we need professional at-bats, pete mackanin's words. and again, little offense to speak up against arizona. throwing out the first pitch to his son brett on father's day. the phills, committing a ton of errors lately, but not here. oh, wow, franco in the first inning. and down 1-0, and lamb, he goes for an r.b.i. double. 2-0 arizona. and giving up 2 runs in 5 2/3 innings. not terrible, but the phillies offense is bottom of the sixth, bases loaded and nobody out. a double play and franco completes the 0-4 day and the phillies manage just three hits, losing 5-1.
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dropping 23 of the last 29 ballgames. >> something we have to find out how to get out of. it's part of the game. at some point it seems like every team will go through this. we're just in the middle of a bad one. but we have to come out tomorrow and go from there. >> at some point we will snap out of this and will be fine. it might be tomorrow, might be on the road. and i am anticipating us to improve bit right now i feel like we are snake-bit, it is hard to crawl out. a programming reminder. sports sunday comes your way immediately following this newscast and mike will join us discussing the phillies free fall and eagles recent spending spree. quite the final round to the u.s. open and a collapse and unnecessary pressure but on a golfer. and overcoming the deficit, the course and the usga.
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and they say his ball moved and he said he didn't touch it. and they said they would rule on the matter after his round. and bogeying and finishes three back. and johnson playing the rest of his round with the potential penalty stroke hanging over his head. well within birdie range. johnson knocks it down winning by three strokes after choking at the u.s. open last year. and johnson with his first major victory. and what about the potential penalty stroke? >> it doesn't matter now, but i am glad it didn't matter because that would have been bad. but, you know, it worked out. >> a moot point now. >> it didn't seem like he touched it. >> the greens are so fast it could have moved on its own. >> thank you. and more though come on
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"action news," it's boy for chelsea clinton. we have the details. one party-goer just wanted to leave. the viral video of the saddest dog at the party when "action news" comes right back.


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