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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 21, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. >> that was the wild scene at a restaurant in akron, ohio, on sunday night as the lebron james grandmothers fan club celebrated, erupted really when they won. the club was founded a decade ago to support james and adopt him as a grandson. those are some mighty proud grandmas. there's no doubt about it there. >> you want them in your corner. >> yes, you do. the city of cleveland is also just as excited. the cavs ended a 52 year title drought and all but transformed the city basically knee party central. >> half a million fans expected tomorrow at the victory parade and likely among them, the team's longest-running season ticket holder, homer bash from our powerhouse cleveland station introduces us to this super fan.
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>> reporter: champagne flowing all over our cleveland cavaliers. and champagne flowing in larry wiser's home. >> we had a few bolts from champagne. >> reporter: for ha years, larry bought cavs season tickets. the first set cost him 6 bucks apiece in 1971. some years harder to watch than others but larry never gave up hope. >> it seems like 45 years went very fast last night though. >> reporter: was it worth the wait? >> yeah, i just wish it was sooner. >> reporter: the fans for this team and in this city run the gamut. young and old, diehard sports fans and casual observers. crippled by the curse and cautiously optimistic. we've seen a little of everything at this point. but while the seconds ticked down, all of them had the same simple thing in common. hope. >> i really probably had a couple tears but nothing like
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what i imagined. >> reporter: larry's seen players, coaches and owners come and go but this team, his team he calls them he says is like no other he's seen and remember he's seen them all. that's what he says makes this win all the more worthwhile. >> i don't think there will ever be another game like that in this city even if they win three more in a row because it's really special. >> reporter: >> you know, they did have are rose cham peak they were great celebrating with. >> oh, yeah. >> and we're going to celebrate rose, the wine. >> one of the most summery drinks out there, right. >> also increasingly finding itself a place at the table, also in the picnic basket, in the beer cooler. we'll tell you why. you're watching "world news now."
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it is officially summer now. >> yeah. >> and you know what that means. >> uh-huh. >> it's rose season. >> of course. we're talking wine. to be specific. and before the purists protests consider this sales of the fermented pink nectar are taking off. >> we are up "up all nightline" with abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: it's more than a drink. >> so this is the rose life. it's a lifestyle. >> it's good times. being with friends. not having a care in the world. >> reporter: rose, once
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considered the redheaded step child of wines is having its moment in the sun. synonymous mus with summer, the french riviera, and all things hamptons. >> the color, the shape of the bottle, it's magic. it's just magic. >> reporter: from brad and angel lynn fla to drew barry moore, even nicki minaj asking for it by name in bottom's up. >> thank you do you think you could buy me a bottle of rose. >> reporter: people can't seem to get enough. >> national rose day. >> reporter: now josh, the fat jewish with 8.6 million instagram followers is using his social media celebrity to launch his own line, white girl rose. >> my real social security bottle on this bottle. >> reporter: his line and many others capitalizing on a booming market is, sales up 35% since last year. nearly 300 million liters consumed annually in the u.s. alone. >> it's not about us. it's about rose. >> reporter: a big part of the
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rose market millennials using social media to fuel the fanfare. insta #s like rose all day, rose and yes way wa rose often paired with pictures from rose revelry. on the boat, one of the largest rose festivals, 1,000 guests and more than 150 different rose varieties. founder introduced me to a few of them. >> what makes a wine rose. >> a maceration of the skin and the use for a very short period of time, like about an hour or two whether he a red wine would macerate for several days, several weeks. >> reporter: and america isn't just drinking rose. the country is now the third largest exporter of the wine. right behind france. famous in the rose world for the provence region and italy. if you're buying a bottle, there are a few things to know. first, don't go vintage. this stuff is best enjoyed young. look for a bottle labeled with a
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recent year. the wine pairs well with summer staples like barbecue. and there's no need to break the bank. a decent bottle will run you about 20 bucks. josh and co-founder david oliver cohen are launching their latest product, baby, the first sparkling rose in a can. >> you know, you can drink it in your uber. bring in your bag. makes life less unbearable. have it with you at all times. you can't always carry a huge bottle of rose. >> reporter: this is no fleeting trend they say. rose is here to stay. a lot of alcoholic beverages have gone out of style. do you ever worry what happens when rose isn't in vogue anymore. >> does awesome stuff go out of vogue. >> do kittens go out of style? i don't think so, rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. >> we'd like to know how she got that assignment. >> we really would.
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k-y touch. time now for "this happened," starting with what sparted out as a pristine ocean expedition in the say shells. >> this is what expedition paul rose stumbled upon, giant mating tortoises on assumption island. so he interrupted the mating and that tortoise was not too happy about it. >> that is the male. and he decided to show his displeasure by charging. rose and his camera man. >> we'll check back in with him. we'll check back and see his mission. while we move on. next, what started out as a dance party in copenhagen on a river boat, take a look at it. yeah -- >> a couple having the time of their lives during a visit in
2:56 am
june, 2016. oh, no, and then that happens. >> oh. they had a little bit too much fun there. >> i think so. >> stumbled right into a crowd of onlookers. >> maybe a little bit eb too much rose or. >> how is the tortoise doing, by the way? >> he's still crawling toward him. that's what you do when you interrupt. >> he is. >> a male tortoise that's in the middle of it. >> this could have been a disaster in western new york. >> this happened in niagara as we mentioned at a backyard party. fortunately, the kids at the party had just exited. that's a bounce house. oh, no. no, wait for it. oh, no. >> oh. >> oh, my god.
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>> again, the kids were no longer in the bouncy castle when it went airborne. >> thank god. >> nobody was hurt. >> it came to a shocking end. >> except for the bounce house, of course. >> how is leroy, that tortoise? is leroy still on the move? yep. >> he's like, come on. i just talked her into it. >> i'll show you. and finally saying i do underwater. >> this happened in new orleans at the audubon aquarium of the americas. these folks got married underwater here. very cool. >> they said i do, maybe signed. hard to speak underwater. >> they're from savannah and they took the plunge literally. this is a before video and then you saw the after with the tortoise got interrupted. >> he was not too happy. >> did he ever make it? he's still like. >> we have not edit this had video. this is all in realtime. >> that was three hours ago. man, what was that
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in this morning on "world news now," the trump campaign is hoping for a turnaround. >> new numbers out overnight shows the clinton campaign with a massive financial advantage and in the polls, as well. this as he looks for a new campaign manager. >> what happened inside the orlando nightclub shooting? we have new details what the shooter said to the police during their standoff. as authorities defend how they reacted to the attack. >> hometown heroes. the cleveland cavaliers landing back on familiar turf getting a huge welcome from the city. and why steph curry's wife is helping move championship merchandise. and ready to wed at the height of wedding season, we're checking out all the latest fashions and styles to go big on the big day from the dress to the accessories and we're following our own bride to be
3:01 am
nikki battiste as she gets ready to say i do on this tuesday, june 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we begin today with the trump campaign. >> yeah, a lot of news happening with the trump campaign including some stuff that took place overnight. with just a months to go before the general election. >> new financial reports so that the trump camp began june with just $1.3 million in cash on hand while hillary clinton's campaign started the month off with $42 million in the bank. meanwhile, trump has fired one of his closest aides just a month before the gop convention. >> we're talking about campaign manager corey lewandowski on the left there who was abruptly let go amid rumors of friction with other top staffers and trump's own children. some donors have also failed to sign on. trump told fox news last night that it's time for a different kind of campaign. the turbulent day coincided with
3:02 am
a new poll showing hillary clinton leading trump by seven points. abc's tom llamas has the latest. >> reporter: a major campaign shake-up. donald trump firing campaign manager corey lewandowski. did this take you by surprise? >> i don't know if that's the response i would have. but what i do think is that the general election is a very different type of campaign than a primary election process. and understanding that people want to change the way the campaign is run, look, that's fine. >> reporter: sources tell abc news trump's children fueled the effort to dump lewandowski. >> i had a great relationship with them. i don't think that's going to change just because my position's changed. >> reporter: trump had refused to fire lewandowski months ago after this video surfaced showing him grabbing a female reporter trying to ask trump a question. the billionaire candidate stuck by lewandowski from the get-go. that's something you could see him ever doing? >> i know him so well, he happens to be right here. i can tell you, i don't see him doing that in a million years. i have a wonderful guy, a campaign manager. you talk about discipline. the easiest thing -- corey, you're fired. i can't do that.
3:03 am
can't do it. >> reporter: prosecutors later dropped misdemeanor battery charges. >> corey, good job, corey. good job. >> reporter: but now is facing sliding poll numbers. >> hi, south carolina, i'm ivanka trump. hi, nevada, i'm ivanka trump. aloha hawaii, i'm ivanka trump. >> reporter: sources say ivanka and her brothers had had enough, and shared their frustration with their father. >> i think it's fair, but in many respects, he was coming to that on his own. we were there to help augment that and really think it through with him. >> reporter: trump now also playing damage control for his response to the orlando shooting. again, making the case that people in that nightclub should have been armed. >> if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist, or right to their ankle, and this son of a [ bleep ] comes out and starts shooting and one of the people in that room happened to have it, and goes boom, boom, you know what?
3:04 am
that would have been a beautiful, beautiful, sight folks. but trump's now clarified that position saying he was talking about people like security guards and employees carrying firearms not the people drinking having a good time. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> we're getting details about one man's apparent plot to kill trump. 19-year-old british national michael sandford is in u.s. federal custody. prosecutors say sandford grabbed a police officer's gun at a trump rally sated in las vegas. he was stopped by security at the event. authorities say he admitted he he would try to kill trump again if set free. >> the senate rejected all four gun control measures that resurfaced after the orlando massacre. the bills were voted down largely along party lines. senators failed to agree on legislation that would have expanded background checks and blocked people on the terror watch list from buying guns. some lawmakers are now working on a bipartisan compromise but
3:05 am
no major changes are specced. >> hundreds of residents are out of hair southern california homes overnight because of two new wildfires. the twin blays northeast of los angeles consumed at least 3500 acres. one of them called the reservoir fire was started by a fatal pickup truck crash. only a canyon separates that fire from the fish fire. overnight changing wind conditions would tlent homes. the entire region is extremely dry and suffering from a heat wave. for the latest on the orlando massacre, the fbi released transcripts of its conversations with the gunman as the tragedy unfolded. officials say those transcripts defend how authorities handled a terrifying situation. >> reporter: we now have a better idea of the time line of the massacre that killed 49 people. radio transcripts showing officers inside the club within minutes forcing the shooter omar mateen to retreat into a
3:06 am
bathroom with hostages. at 2:58 a.m., 30 minutes after the first shot, omar mateen calls 911 calling himself an islamic soldier, then hanging up. over the next hour, calls from negotiators as the killer claims. there is a vehicle outside that has some bombs. you people are going to get it and i'm going to ignite it if they try to do anything stupid. no explosives are ever found. at 4:21:00 a.m., police pull an air conditioning unit, evacuating a group of survivors. the heef chief of police stressing there was no gunfire in the three hours it took support s.w.a.t. teams to make him down. >> i think there is this misconception that we didn't do anything for three hours. i'm trying to clarify that's absolutely not true. we have been training for this situation for many, many years since column birngs since 9/11. >> reporter: factors that add to an already complex investigation. abc news learning days before the standoff, mateen spent $9,000 on jewelry. two months earlier, he signed over his interest in this
3:07 am
florida home he owned with his father for just $100. the fbi telling us that they released the full transcripts unedited to provide transparency but they will not release the audio conversations from those calls out of respect for the victims and their families. >> our thanks to adrien here in new york. another baltimore police officer in the freddie gray case learns his fate later on this week. cesar good son junior drove the van in which gray suffered a fatal spinal injury. prosecutors say he purposely allowed gray to bounce around the inside of that vehicle. the judge will issue his verdict thursday morning. and now that it's tuesday morning, let's hope that the new nba champions are getting some much needed rest. they were partying quite a bit. when the cavaliers arrived at the airport in cleveland yesterday afternoon, it was quite a scene. >> j.r. smith didn't bother wearing a shirt as he got off the plane. there were more than 10,000 fans
3:08 am
waiting there to greet the team. lebron james carried the championship trophy while wearing a t-shirt that said "ultimate warrior." he has take it on instagram to blast his critics. that makes for some interesting reading. > okay. maybe he lost it in vegas. cleveland, by the way, their fans are having some fun at the expense of the wife of warriors star steph curry. while the warriors were blowing their three-games to one lead, i i shap claimed the finals were fixed for money and tv ratings. well, now these t-shirts with the taunting phrase bye ayesha are all the ranl among cavs fans. the thirtmaker says sales have gone through the roof since sunday night's title clincher. >> of course, a play on bye felicia which is not generally meant affectionately toward the person you were directing the comment. >> it's saying good-bye but nice knowing you.
3:09 am
have a nice life. no. >> i wonder if she's regretting that tweet or if she's still -- she's still stands by it. >> she did delete it. >> she apologized and said the emotions got the best of her. >> keep it classy. bye felicia. >> the daring rescue at the bottom of the world. >> the last minute effort to save people at the south pole. we'll hear how they'll attempt to get to them in a time and place where the sun won't come out till august. and the latest trends from the world of weddings. the most glamorous and stylish new dress designs and how grooms and brides are working things like social media in with the traditional. >> check out our instagram, abcwnn. it's national selfie day. shall we? >> yeah, let's do it.
3:10 am
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beautiful shot. that is acclaimed italian composer and me analyst performing a floating platform or on a flowing platform in the arctic ocean off norway. the piece here is titled "ello ji for the arctic," to encourage conservation efforts for the arctic. >> that glacier is disappear so
3:14 am
quick, he's just holding on to the piano. dangerous rescues playing out on the opposite pole where a research facility worker is in urgent need of medical help. >> two small planes are waiting for a break in the weather for the final leg of there journey to the south pole. abc's alex marquardt has the latest. >> reporter: the two planes landing on the edge of antarctica, prepping for the most dangerous part of the rescue. just one will make the 1,500-mile flight in the dark. the sun set for the winter in march and won't rise again until august. the temperatures now averaging 70 below, at which jet fuel can freeze. >> you need a good weather window to make it from that base direct to the south pole. >> reporter: at the pole, at least one person needs an immediate medical evacuation and a second might come out, as well. >> we don't have the capabilities at our facilities to handle this particular emergency. >> reporter: this is just the third rescue of this kind attempted in 60 years. in 1999, a doctor at the station diagnosed herself with breast cancer.
3:15 am
unable to get out, she gave herself chemotherapy. a race to the pole. a place so unforgiving, so remote, that the last person who was evacuated called it harder to reach than the international space station. alex marquardt, abc news, london. all right. coming up in our next half hour, a dramatic thinning of the herd on "the bachelorette."" >> two rose ceremonies, six guys shown the door. eight remain. so who is left standing? our senior bachelor analyst will join to us lead off the "skinny." >> there are now only nine days left if you still want to be a june bride. so what's trending in the world of weddings? how about two words, metallics and skin. you're watching "world news now."
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3:17 am
♪ it's a beautiful night we're looking for something to do ♪ >> something dump to do. >> you picked up on that one. >> finally. i agree with you bruno. >> maybe not the most romantic wedding song. hopefully more romantic ones at the weddings you'd go to. there are probably many in your calendar. >> the wedding trends these days are changing almost by the day or the week. joining us with what's buzzing on the white carpet isn't abc's nikki battiste getting ready for your big day. >> 11 weeks. we're in the throes of wedding season. not that i'm counting. so i went to the ultimate authority in the weddings here in new york to find the hottest even sizzling trends for summer brides. ♪ >> reporter: 'tis the season to be wed and there's no place for a bride to be like kleine feld. >> look at all these dresses.
3:18 am
like heaven. wedding guru and chertoff is editor-in-chief of twirl and showing us what's happening. >> when i see the runways right now, i think they are sexy. >> today brides are taking their cue from the red carpet. last year at the 2015 met gala, beyonce came out in this naked dress. >> these dresses are so sexy, they might make fathers of the bright bride faint. >> metallics are big right now. you're seeing dresses with three dimensional details. the design of the dress has flower or petal patterns kind of popping off the dress. >> there are also geometric patterns, convertible dresses and check this out, capes. when it comes to bridesmaid dresses you can now rent them. or thanks to pippa middleton, you might find the bridal party
3:19 am
wearing white. >> let's talk about colors. >> monochromatic colors and metallics are stealing the show. from invitations to flower acsens to cookie favors with edible gold paint. >> this is from bride and blossom. >> this is from denise facinelle with some accents. you can see how can go in the traditional glam look with the classic white bouquet and pins and ribbon kind of glam it up a little bit. >> there's one trend that may tlump them all make your entire wedding story personal. >> speaking of personal liszing my fiance came to you for a little help with this engagement ring. >> and he is probably the only man to ever come to me without getting input from the bride. >> zero. he had no idea. we never discussed. >> reporter: lindsey skog gins designs her own wedding and engagement rings. she gets to know a couple and incorporates their couple into a
3:20 am
symbolic design. >> this is designed two rose of diamond diamonds that intersixth in different places. they couple found out after they got together that they had mutual friends that had at different points tried to set them up and one day they randomly met without anybody planning anything. so it was fate. >> reporter: she says rose gold angie metric touches can make your ring unique. >> this is a traditional round wedding band. from the side, it's got that octagonal shape to it. what a lot of brides are doing is making sure their wedding band is unique from the start so that they can add rings to their collection as milestones occur in their life. >> no pressure, guys. pile on the diamonds. >> speaking of diamonds, i want to show you some of the -- there are all these social media trends, tech trends, too. this is a bride selfie stick
3:21 am
adorned with a bunch of crystals. reem acra for $500, fect your bouquet. if you want to get creative, there's also. >> that looks good on you. wedding has a #generator. you go online, i put in nikki battiste and my fiance dean simpson. it gives you fun #s. some of mine were on kyle simpson. like ba tease simpson and can you feel the simpson tonight. if you want to all of your guests anyone that instagrams a company called luster will send a printer and print master to print all of your instagram photos. >> i managed to break the selfie stick. >> this is your favorite. we were chatting about this. maid of social is a new duo of women maid of social. they will stoeshl media wedding plann planners. for $3,000 they will come to your wedding and make sure it is
3:22 am
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all right. time now for "the mix." have you ever wanted to walk on water? >> yeah. >> why not. >> sure. >> there's a new art installation that might help you with that. remember the artist in 2005 who did the orange gate through central park, saffron colored gate in central park? those were 7500 paneled gates in the middle of the park. so that was back in 2005. and that was christo's last project. his new one now takes to us italy. where he has built these floating peers in lake iseo. not sure if i'm saying that correctly. it is three kilometers of this walkway that attaches two islands there. the material changes color with the time of the day and with the weather. >> now i understand why it took him 11 years to get his next art
3:26 am
installation. >> you walk across. they say it feels like you're on a rocking boat. >> yeah. >> and people enjoy the feeling of being kind of out there. feels like you're right in the middle of the water. >> very cool. also overseas, there's quite a sight in hiroshima, japan. this family own a milk company. so they decided what else to do with their house than to turn it into a milk carton. >> wow. >> they transformed the whole house into it. so they haven't been finded as who the real owners of this house is. but are. but the house has been there for several decades. and apparently they will run a milk store out of it. do deliveries out of it and they also live in that neighborhood. >> i'm guessing it's pretty easy to find when you're trying to get there and which one is the milk store. >> i can't really tell. >> not a lot of neighbors getting asked for directions.
3:27 am
now to krispy kreme where we have a newbie czar flavor. >> yes. >> to add to the mix. the new one is watermelon. watermelon flavored doughnuts. it's covered in a watermelon glaze and some chocolate chips to replicate the watermelon seeds. if it's not your jam, they're also apparently coming out with a lemon flavored glaze doughnut, as well. >> both of those sound all of. >> get them for you. >> a lot of us like to netflix and chill. so does this dog. >> oh, boy. >> i don't know about the chill part. but this dog is addicted to sitting on his computer and just for hours. it's a sheba by the name of chick cowill sit there for several hours just watching tv. >> we're sure he's not in a coma, right? >> i'm not sure. >> the dog hasn't been drugged or anything. >> he just sits there there and watches cartoons. >> did he order that hoodie on amazon. >> i think he's still waiting for a
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," gun control debate falling flat on capitol hill. four separate bills all turned down. despite the latest polls saying americans want gun reform. so what happens next? the latest just ahead. the extreme heat wave in the west is giving way to massive wild firnz hundreds have been forced from their homes as two new fires spread in the suburbs of los angeles. >> and new this half hour, how american airlines are keeping flush. >> and it's not higher ticket prices. see how airlines managed to squeeze nearly a billion extra dollars outs of passengers in the first three months of this year alone. and let's call it the culling of the herd on "the bachelorette." two rose ceremonies, six guys given the boot. so who is left standing and what brought jojo to tears? our senior bachelorette analyst
3:31 am
will have the complete details ahead in "the skinny." it is tuesday, june 21st. >> yo-yo in tears huh. >> apparently because jojo was busy, we've retired the kiss count for the night. >> looking forward to hear the recap from our bachelorette analyst. >> good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. but we are going to get started with all the action that took place on capitol hill. >> or lack thereof. >> exactly. resounding defeat for gun control in the wake of the orlando massacre. >> the senate rejected all four gun control measures that were put up for a vote, the worst u.s. shooting in modern history apparently was not enough for the democrats and republicans to be able to find common ground on this. the outcome on background checks and barring gun sales to people on the terror watch list was expected but still spark outrage. more now from abc's ali rogan.
3:32 am
>> reporter: vote after vote on the senate floor all rejected. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: four bills, all to address gun violence, none advancing. senators especially democrats were angry. >> so today, i am angry. i am frustrated. republicans are just about as phony as anyone could be. >> but no one on either side of the aisle seemed surprised. >> not surprised but disappointed. >> i think they were the same votes we had before and the same outcome. so i wasn't necessarily surprises. >> i know it was no surprise today that these votes turned out the way they did. >> reporter: the reality was all the measures had been voted on before and all failed. back in 2013, there was a hope that a bipartisan bill could pass. so much so that vice president joe biden presided over the vote. but the bill, which would have forced background checks at gun shows and online failed. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> reporter: prompting someone in the gallery to shout out --
3:33 am
>> shame on you! >> reporter: fast forward three years, that same proposal failing again. one senate democrat saying his colleagues deserved to be shouted at again. >> shame on you. that's what was shouted from the gallery that day. shame on you. that's what the american people are shouting at the senate of the united states today. >> reporter: so where does this fight go from here? a small group of senators is working on a bipartisan compromise. but doesn't expect any big changes anytime soon. dianne, kendis. >> our thanks to ali there in washington. well, the street that was the scene of the horror in orlando has partially reopened. police tape and barriers removed along south orange avenue near the pulse nightclub. traffic began flowing again monday night. some nearby businesses are expected to reopen again, as well on tuesday. we're learning more how law enforcement handled the
3:34 am
nightmare. the justice department releasing transcripts of the gunman's 911 call. among the revelations, police stormed the club after the shooter threatened to strap explosive vests to some of the hostages. authorities emphasize there was no gunfire in the three hours that it took to take down that gunman. >> i think there is this misconception that we didn't do anything for three hours. i'm just trying to clarify that's absolutely not true. >> the justice department originally released an edited version of the transcript which removed references to isis. house speaker paul ryan was among many who slammed the move calling it preposterous, a full unedited transcript was released monday afternoon. >> now to politics. a potential tragedy averted on the campaign trail. a british nationalist charged with allegedly trying to carry out a plot to kill donald trump. the suspect was caught at a weekend campaign rally. abc's pierre thomas has the details. >> reporter: as the donald trump rally got under way this weekend at the treasure island hotel and casino, a young man approached a
3:35 am
police officer stationed at the event and asked for an autograph. then, without warning, the man went for the officer's gun, trying to take it away, only to be quickly subdued. authorities now say that michael sandford, 19, allegedly told the secret service that this was an attempt to "kill trump." a complaint obtained by abc news claims sandford, who has a british driver's license, had been planning to assassinate trump for about a year. he allegedly told the secret service he had driven from california to las vegas on june 16th to kill trump after seeing news reports that the candidate would be there. a day later, he went to a vegas gun range to learn how to shoot. it's the latest security scare involving trump, who also had a man try to rush the stage of an ohio rally in march. no word on motive. but he allegedly told the secret service that if he were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again. and he allegedly said if he didn't get a chance to attack in vegas, he had a backup plan to go to an upcoming trump rally in
3:36 am
phoenix, arizona, to try to kill him there. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and donald trump is also coping with a dramatic shake-up firing his campaign manager corey lewandowski. trump described lew wan dow ski as a good man, but he said it was time for a different kind of campaign. now, there's word that trump's children wanted corey out amid sliding poll numbers. sources say lewandowski was dismissed largely because of the campaign's worsening relationship with the republican national committee and gop donors. and trump's also facing an uphill battle when it comes to paying for his general election campaign. new financial reports show that the trump camp began june with $1.3 million in cash on hand, while hillary clinton's campaign started the month off with $42 million in the bank. after raising just over $3 million in may, trump loaned himself another $2.2 million. to the west coast now and two new large wildfires raging in southern california. only a canyon separates the fish and reservoir blazes which have destroyed a total of 3500 acres
3:37 am
so far. hundreds of people have been ordered from their homes with voluntary evacuations for many others. the communities threatened are only about 20 miles northeast of downtown los angeles. the wildfires are being aided by the extreme heat in the southwest. records fell in many cities. at least five deaths also blamed on the heat wave. officials are advising limits on outdoor physical activity and on the use of electricity. but the worst may be over. the lawsuit accusing starbucks of shorting customers may proceed. the class action suit accuses the company of systematically serving lattes that have 25% less coffee in them than promised. the federal judge did not rule on the case's merits and dismissed three of eight claims but he said the basic premise is plausible. starbucks says the suit is without merit. >> and "uss airlines reported a first quarter profit of $3.1 billion about the same period as last year but the profits held their own thanks to baggage fees. nearly a billion dollars in the
3:38 am
first quarter up $100 million. reservation changes or cancellation fees were another profit center, $745 million in the first quarter alone. >> that's a lot. we've got more numbers for you. so the announced attendance at yesterday's philadelphia phillies game was 22,118. three of those fans got a little bit more attention than the others. >> that's because there they are. decked out in their nun's habits and sunglasses. just enjoying a day at the ballpark. >> is that coors light? >> that is a cold miller lite my friend. >> it is. miller lite, sorry. >> they also took some selfies. >> and then they got -- >> they got jiggy with it. >> so things got really wild when the philly phanatic got them up on top of the dugout for dancing. truth be told, they're not nuns at all. they're part of a production of "sister act" running at a theater in philadelphia. >> i really wanted to believe they were really nuns. >> i was hoping they were nuns.
3:39 am
>> taking a field trip from the convent. >> exactly. knock a few beers back. >> their divine intervention or lack thereof did not work, by the way. the phillies lost to the diamondbacks, 3-1. >> oh, sorry. >> sorry about that. >> at least philly fans didn't boo them. >> there's that. coming up the investigation into the death of a rising star. take a closer look at his vehicle. anton yelchin's jeep grand cherokee apparently rolled back fatally pinning him against his driveway gate. could this have been caused by a design flaw in the gear shift? >> and the drama last night on "the bachelorette." who got roses and who got the boot? the whole story ahead in "the skinny." but first, let's take a look-see at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group. you can finally break up with bleach.
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lysol with hydrogen peroxide.o percent bleach. lysol that.
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because of its color, obviously. that's what last night's so-called strawberry moon looked like from the washington, d.c. area. it's called a strawberry moon because of its color, obviously. that comes as a result of atmospheric conditions while the moon is low in the sky. we also have time lapse video from las vegas showing the moon setting behind the plants there at sunrise and clearly it makes for some great pictures when a full moon coincides with the summer solstice. >> it's been 67 years. amazing. >> so here on the ground, the investigation into the tragic accident that killed "star trek" actor anton yelchin. it's now focusing on a possible design defect in his 2515 jeep
3:44 am
grand cherokee. >> that's right. the actor was killed when his jeep crushed him into his driveway gate. it turns out that vehicle was one of hundreds of thousands included in a recall. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: anton yelchin was a fast-rising hollywood star. magnetic as -- >> ensign chekov, pavel andreievich, sir. >> reporter: in the hugely successful "star trek" reboot. the 27-year-old cut down by that freak car accident outside his hollywood hills home early sunday morning. police tell abc news yelchin got out of his 2015 jeep grand cherokee while pulling out of his steep driveway. the vehicle apparently rolling back, fatally pinning him against this gate. the force of that 5,000-pound suv so powerful that it bent these bars. it's the same model jeep that was recalled over a confusing gear shift, allegedly causing a roll-away problem in over 800,000 jeeps and chryslers. right now, i'm in drive and i'm putting it into park. you can see, the gear shift toggles back to its original position. now, what's confusing is, if you're not looking, it's hard to tell what gear you're in.
3:45 am
212 crashes and 41 injuries have been blamed on this roll-away problem, and now possibly the death of a hollywood star. chrysler says the fix just became available at the end of last week for some of the vehicles. but it has yet to notify any of its customers. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. when we come back, the major house cleaning that went down last night on "the bachelorette." >> and the place where everybody knows your name is now headed to the stage. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny it is "skinny" time. we start with the return of abc's "the bachelorette." jojo and the guys, they took a week off because of the nba finals. >> yes, but last night they were back with a vengeance. that means our senior bachelorette analyst jack sheehan is also here to take on what happened last night. >> thank you for the slow clap. i appreciate that. >> you're welcome. >> you know, when we left this drama off, we were involved in it, there was a two-on-one date going on. it was -- it was ochocinco, bad chad. >> chad johnson. >> jojo and alex. two-on-one dates usually create these extreme pictures, remember
3:48 am
cupcake on the cliffs of moore in ireland. we had olivier on the stormy beach. thankfully she was left behind there. >> that was a mess. >> then there was chad in the woods of pennsylvania. >> not happy. >> roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. >> it's over there. >> there it is. this was the date. this was jojo basically telling chad that he's got to go. so chad made his way back to the house. he wasn't going gentle into that good night, as the saying goes. so anyway, one thing leads to another. one last confrontation with the boys. eventually, i would even gather to say thankfully, it's pretty much played out. jordan, they were shaking hands, whatever. no apologies. eventually, chad's like you know what? this is done. i'm out of here. two other guys also went out at the first rose ceremony. daniel and james f. off to uruguay. why not? >> because. >> first one-on-one date speaking of jordan. and jojo. they jump in.
3:49 am
they go swimming with seals. this is all going very well. customary yacht trip. >> i want to go swimming with seals. >> well, uruguay is still there. >> i want to meet seal. >> righto. crazy. remember that one? they're having dinner. they're talking about jordan's past. he says you know what? i'm no cheater. and then he went really important. he says, i'm going to quote, "i'm falling in love with you." >> oh, baby aaron? >> yeah, yeah. >> because there were rumors he had a girlfriend, right? >> and the ex posted all this bad stuff about him. >> baby brother. >> he went there. we got to move. then there was this magazine thing. it was an article quoting jojo's ex before ben. this guy claims -- whose name was also chad. he's claiming she was doing shows just for the publicity. jojo's all fired up. she thinks you know what, we got to nip this thing right in the bud. she goes off after crying, she
3:50 am
goes over to the guys' suite. she explains the whole thing. they're like whatever. we're moving on. all right. all's well. the second one-on-one date of the show with our boy robby. he's the analyst picked to go the whole nine yards. it went really, really well especially when you're stripping off on the rocks. >> that will help. >> they're jumping in. uh-huh. >> taking a plunge. robby, oh, by the way, he went there the whole nine. he goes, "i'm falling in love with you, jojo." >> wow. >> starting to fall in love with you. >> no, he is all in. >> what was her reaction? >> i think she said thank you or something. whatever. it doesn't matter. there was a rose ceremony. there's eight guys left. three of them that got ousted grant, vinny and evan, forget about them. they're gone. >> see you. >> so is the analyst. out. >> but we just got -- >> oh.
3:51 am
bye, jack. >> your chair is still there. all right. let's move on next to the place where everybody knows your name. >> and they're always glad you came. >> ranked as one of the greatest television shows of all time, "cheers" is set to make its official debut on the stage. cheers live on stage will be a comedy, of course, based on some of the most memorable moments from the show's first season, like this one. >> norman, doesn't your wife ever complain that you never spend any time with her? >> would you? >> well -- >> erik forrest jackson, the writer who adapted the show for the stage binge watched all episodes of the season to create his final script. >> it debuts in boston and embarks on a national stage. in other '80s sit-com revival news, a culinary tribute to the "golden girls." >> their themed restaurant set to open in up town manhattan. michael larue plans to open rue
3:52 am
la rue cafe to honor the late rue mcclan han who played blanche devereaux, of course. >> it will be decorated with some of the actress's memorabilia, as well. thank you for being a friend. ♪ dance, dance, dance, ain't get quality life insurance d with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85, you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up and your benefit never goes down due to age.
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k-y touch. ♪ all those things dance, dance, dance ♪ ♪ keep dancing i can't stop the feeling. ♪ joe so just dance, dance dance ♪ >> i'm like in full on hand movement mode. >> when kendis really likes a song. >> and the bigger the beat, it's like my skrillex mode. the celebrations already in full swing in cleveland. still one day away from the cavaliers victory parade through the city's downtown. >> the celebrations are expected to impact a lot of northeast ohio. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: king james back on his home court. >> cleveland! >> reporter: some of these people have been lining up for
3:56 am
hours just to get a glimpse of king james, but it wasn't that long ago when they were lining up to see him out. feeling abandoned, fans turned on james when he left to play for miami in 2010. delivering the greatest comeback in nba history, sealing it with this unbelievable block. >> oh, blocked by james! >> reporter: james collapsing in tears under the weight of a 52-year championship drought now lifted. >> mvp! mvp! >> i can say i sit at some place that no one has ever been. and my teammates, as well. this is truly amazing. >> reporter: how tired are you, brother? you look like you're about to break down. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted. but i -- i tell you one thing, once i get back to cleveland, they're going to give me a lot of energy. i can give it all back to them. >> reporter: after defying the odds, the team detoured to vegas for an all-night celebration before their triumphant return home. >> woo! >> reporter: alex perez, abc news, cleveland. >> it's going to be such a party tomorrow.
3:57 am
>> i hope no one is trying to get anywhere in that general area. >> by the way, at the indians game last night, you know how they have the kiss cam and they have awkward photos of images of different people kissing? this one wasn't that awkward. take a look at the kiss cam last night. it's lebron and the trophy there. >> is he traveling everywhere with the trophy now? >> he's pretty much sleeping with that trophy right at this moment. >> how long does that last. >> really quickly, who is your new follower or new messengerer on twitter? >> rick astley and i are best friends. >> gloria estefan is following her. rick astley just messaged her. do you know who is not following her? taye diggs. >> he's following me now. >> is he? yes. maybe it's because he heard rick astley is my new best friend. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. ng insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, gun bills blocked. the senate voting down new measures in the wake of the orlando nightclub shooting. the bills even getting the backing from the nra. overnight the lawmakers who voted against the bills explaining why they did it. and fighting fires is becoming hard with record-setting heat fueling them right now. there are more evacuations ordered in california with the flames just 20 miles from l.a. and sending smoke over the skyline. campaign shake-up. donald trump firing his manager as surprising new details emerge overnight about his campaign finances. plus, the teenager who admits going to a rally to shoot the republican nominee. presumptive nominee. runner mauled by a bear during a marathon. the attack happened just minutes from the finish line. she's


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