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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 24, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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hisambeo fans are desperately hoping that he can lead the philadelphia sixers back to respectability and beyond. as expected, the sixers made simmons the first bic in the nba draft tonight and fans were rejoying in welcoming this young man into the sixers. theig otiw tonight is the ss getting the man. but hopes of another top ten pick didn't materialize. let's get right to sports director duc rodgers. ducis, no surprise about simmons. but failure t get another pick in the top five or top ten is a disappointm >> jim, it takes two to tango and the sixers could not find a trade partner. both boston at three and minnesota at five declined their offers. but the sixers are still overjoyed. tgot their number one target. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons. [ cheers andla] still a gre moment despite the fact there was little
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suspense cog in. sim as soon a dynamic player who has basketball in his blood. his father played professionally in us a trail extra, you -- australia. e of his coaches, brett brown. he's ready get to work. >> honestl feels like all this pressure is just hopped off me. i can relax now, but now i know where i'm gog to be. so more importantly, i know where i am headed and i know i can really start working on what i need to work on for the team. >> it's exciting. it goes to a new level for me. because of knowledge that i have of his background and the respect that i have of how he was raised, and i think from a package standpoint, when you weigh it all up, this is a fantastic night for 76er basketball. >> here's w coach brown is so did sited. sim as soon a 6'10" forward with point guard skills. he was the only player in division i college basketball last season to average at least
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19 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists per game, a special talent. je sery is i brooklyn. he will join us later in sports with a one-on-one with ben simmons. >> it you ducis. so let's go live to eakins oval and "action news" reporter jeff chirico. jeff, you were at the sixers' watch party for the fans tonight. as atik the draft party is over now. but when they announced ben simmons name, the way the fans cheered, youod think that they had just won a championship. w that's exactly what they're hoping for. >> ben sion [ cheers andus >> report: n' surprise t snt wild noneest official b s ing to philadph >> a greapi. i think it go re season. >> he's the best player in the draft. has a lot of talent. very physica >> flat-ou hsce basketbal
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can scorehetb and that yso >> report: pet t draft par e fod and gamesndngm sixers' lend before t . e about his h ara led by a roo >> so we vetof having the ofrs who can ce ce things. >> reporter:tb hall-of-fameoid philadelpa av waiting lg gh >> we deserv. you know wh i mean? you know, arwe deserve t et. >> report: a of winning otes,are counting hear forward tu c move over, brahe's a new benn . >> the ci nt. there's eof years. it needs this. the crowdnditehi it 100%. >> report: th past hour, ben sims he tweeted out "wow, philly, what's up?" the tweet has more than 7600
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likes and that's just in the past 50 minutes. the city really excited to welcome ben simmons. we're live in eakins oval, jeff chirico, "cnctn w" jim? >> jeff, af course, we'll have more in just a few moments. thank you, jeff. a storm system dumped heavy rain on some parts of the tri-state area tonight even leading to minor street flooding like here in wilmington. but with nothing severe to contend with, we also spotted one youngster pulling a gene kelly dancing in the rain. meteorologiecnan will be along shortly with the late word from accuweather and the full seven-day forecast. we have sad and tragic update tonight on an already terrible story. sources are telling "action news" that the 4-year-old girl killed by gunfire in north philadelphia accidentay shot herself. at first, investigators have been searching for a possible gunman, but they don't believe that's the case anymore. the little girl was shot in the
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head just before 12:30 this afternoon iid a bedroom on the 1800 blo o north 20th 20th stree her 3-year-old sister was also home along with the girl's mother. neighbors tri to help that distraught and frantic woman. but nothing cd be done. >> she was hysterical crying. she was saying, save my baby. save my baby. >> it's a shame. she was little angel. to see her little sister bent over seeing here like that. >> detectiveid th did recover the gun. the investigation is ongoing. threeeg gang members in wilmington have been charged with murdering 15-year-old howard high school student brandon wingo. a grand jury has indicted 20-year-ol k harris dickerson, 19-year-old sahere smith and dimontae taylor. the men plotted the killing in advance. a motive hasn't been disclosed.
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chakaa no longer a united states congressman. he resigned earlier today. fattah originally made his resignation effective october 3rde day before his sentencing b he got a lot of pressure from house leaders in washingtonnd political leaders in philadelphia. fattah sent a letter today to house speaker paul ryan informing hi that his resignation is effective immediately. fattah was convicted on 22 counts of political corruption on tuesday. this i the it looked today as democratic members of the house left their sit-in after 25 1/2 hours. led by congressman john lewis of georgia, they walked out of the chamber and out to the front of the capitol. their protest and demands for the vote on gun control had been broadcast on social media. said lewis, he are going to win this struggle. republicans s the democrats had accomplished nothing except discorrupti the business of the house. a shorthanded supreme court
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deadlocked on president obama's immigration plan today and the 4-4 tie goes to the lower court ruling. translation obama's executive action on immigration reform is blocked. the obama plan would have eliminated t threat to deportation for 4 million illegal immigrants and would have given them the chance to get work permits. as obama put it, to bring them out of the shadows. but the ruling said obama exceeded his powers by using executive action. >> this is a w for the constitution. ia w for congress. and it's a win in our fight to restore the separation of powers. presidents d't wri laws. congress writes laws. >> hillary con said the ruling was heartbreaking and, if elected, she'll do everything she can to protect families. donald trump said the court outcome blocked what he called one of the most unconstitutional actions ever taken by a president. "action new reporter dann
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cuellar has more from 9th and market in center city. >> everytngt comeles ow of the washingn these days has a chill effect on all of our lives. >> report: ay declaringnefd that he wlppa a sanctutoct immigrantsmaji said the prurlo on immigraon aing effect on s s ose of other suaties. >> i'm destuteoe are devaa tple who were brotcry as childr dne y idea of tirenatu >> reporter:re's plan sougo mo living ie le deportati conservativek show host dom giordano says, the outcome uer tt direction ommon policy wi brm large party als presidentl on >> meaninths on now will t nd at the presintvehe locally toom mn over sancy a these issues >> repormel immigratlasa clients, e lll who were hoping to come out of the shadows are devastated by the supremrt deadlock.
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>> peoplerefi. you realldit mo and more opl y come out lte starting to ike w going to ran they coulrecard and now ih g make theme leadership. >> i feel r op, particular tamhe kids broug hd at. who doesn' but the lawla >> report: he house tonhtpeho would have fe president'anno imminent atpoi because congress has provided money to deal with only a small peeno undocument int live at thimiot center ci, nnar, "channel 6cw" >> thank y, dane. anoth rg by the court today gave a victory to affirmative aon policies by a 4-3 vote. it upheld the policy at the university of texas that takes race into consideration in deciding whom to admit. the new jersey legislature wants to rae the state's minimum wage to $15 over the next five years.
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the democratic controlled senate approved the bill today by a vote of 21-18. current minimum wage is $8.38. that would rise to $10.10 an hour on january 1st, then at least $1 everyear for the next four years depending on inflation. of course, governor christie has cristsizeed legislation and may -- criticized the legislation a may veto it. it w an emotional evening on the steps of the philadelphia museum of art. these people have all by impacted by gun violence in philadelphi th'rshing si of a loved one who has been murdered. since the binof the year, more than 500 people in philadelphia he been shot. more than 100 of those shootings have been fatal. funer sv were held this evening in feasterville for longtime animal advocate george bengal. bengal was the director of the humane law enforcement pou for e pennsylvania spca. he died last weekend at the
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april of 69. the spca has established the bengal fund to end animal cruelty in his name. theseigol students have the solid head start on their futures. they oversee scholarships tonight fr the chuck cassidy scholarship fund. cassidy was a philadelphia police oico killed in the line of duty in 2007. tonight's presentation took place at the fraternal order of police in northeast philadelphia. we congratu t scholarship winners. >> brewery will pay a $3 million fine potentially putting the schuylkill river at risk of contamination. the envirotaoio agen claims that yuengling violated the clean water act at least 141 times between 2008 and 2015. the potsville brewery is installing an $8 million waste water pretreatment system. two military bases in the tri-state area have a shot at getting the air force's next
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generation refueling tanker. dover and joint base mcguire-dilat neweee on the short list for boeing's kc-46a pegasus. the air for announced today that only three other sites are in the running. it is hoped that the kc-46 will replace the country's aging tanker fleet by 2020. still to come on "action news" tonight, remarkable scenes from west virginia are fires amid a flooding state of emergency. plus how does the passenger sea fare in the latest round of suv crash tests? cecil ' got some heavy downpours th eng in parts of chester, delaware, new castle counties, any from about 3/4 of an ainge to an inch and a half. i'll let you know if any more is on the way. and a report from brooklyn on the nba draft when "action news" continues tonight.
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danro conditions to search for a boy who was swept away by floodwaters in west virginia. the child is between 2 and 4 years old. up to 10 inches of rain fell today in one county causing flooding and mudslides strong enough to move cars, and then there's this. a house on fire being swept away by rushing waters. they are counting votes in britain, and looks like the decision wheth to leave the european union is going to be extraordina close. expectatio wtt the vote to remain in the eu would win a narrow victory. that might still happen, but the leave side has been out in front at times tonight and is now with 51.3% of the vote. that could cause economic
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convulsions in world markets including hen the u.s. final results will be known overnight. a baltimore police officer was found not guilty of second-degr mr todain the death of freddie gray. caesar goodson was the third of six officers to stand trial. goodson was driving the van that transportedra after he was arrested. gr suffered a severe neck injury in th of that van and died a week later. his death triggered protests and looting on the streets of baltimore. volksges ag to pay more than $10 billion to settle game claims fm its emissions cheating scandal. most of the money would go to compensate82 owners who have two-liter diesel engines. some could get as much as $7,000 depending the car's age. right now the is a gag order on this case but a judge is expected to officially release the details about the deal next week. the insurance institute for highway safety says front-end
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protection tha good on the driver's side of the vehicle doesn't always translate to protection for the passenger's side. the iihs performed overlap crash tests on seven small suvs that received go ratings for driver side protection. but only one vehicle, the 2016 hyundai tucson got a good rating for the passenger side. the rest ran from acceptable to poor. the findings are prompting the iihs to consider including passenger-s ratings as part of its top safety pick awards. dozens of community organizations upper merion received som financial help tonight. the upper merion township board of community assistance awarded more than $152,000 to 65 organizatio. recipients ng from a local cub scout pack to a neighborhood meals on wel this is the fourth year in a row for this event. philalp mayor jim kenney hosted members of the city's muslim community tonight for the fourth annual city all
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iftar dinner. this traditional communal meal breaks the ramadan fast each day at sunset. mayor kenne spoke to the group about the importance of tolerance and diversity. and drew on his relatives' experiences as irish immigrants. let's g the weekend accuweather forecast from meteorologist ly tynan. >> and, jim, sunny and warm this weekend, still a little unsettled tiga tomorrow, though. stoacr li scan showing that we still have a few light showers around. we did have some heavier downpours, mainly south and west of philadelphia this evening, even a few thunderstorms, but the clouds breaking for sights like this. april sent this on our facebook page from green lane, pennsylvania, lk over the reservoir, and you can see how the sunset is actually reflected in the water. beautiful pictures tonight. and temperatures definitely on the warm side. our first thursday night of summer officially, 72 degrees in
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philadelphi millville, 7 trenton, 74. cape may, 69. and reading, 71 degrees. and dewpoints are definitely up there. dew points hovering in the mid to upper 60s. when you g w points chose to 70 degrees, it's very muggy. so you can feel the moisture in the air. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we do have a lot of the cloud cover, again some spotty showers. but if you look down across southern virginia, that's where all the heavy weather is. and those thunderstorms cause lots of problems in west virgi w the video. this is why. niche rich wood, a large area of 5 to 8 inches of rain in west virgini and this is very mountainous, so that rain just pouring off the mountains into the valleys and causing that, unfortunately, deadly flooding. back at home tomorrow, it's not going to be completely bright and sunny. with that boundary really stalled to e south, we'll have the clouds fighting with the sun all day long. so partly sunny skies,
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possibility of a shower popping up, especially later in the day at 8:00. 71 by 2:00. 81 by 5:00. 83 and by 8:00, 77 degrees. we need the rain. hopefully, 'lt a little bit tomorrow because it's not going to be coming over the weekend. weekend warmth. high pressure building from the west to the northeast means that it will be sunny. it will be dry. and it will be warm with temperatures rising up near 90 degrees on sunday. now, the good news is about the weekend, thoug the humidity levels will be pretty low. so all in all, pretty comfortabl at'gog to be a great weekend do the shore. tomorrow, thun will be mixing with clouds, 75 degrees. but saturday, loads of sunshine, 76. sunday, 76. the ocean temperature, cool, 64 degrees. and be careful, there is a moderate risk of rip currents so don't go swim if anything the lifeguards aret on duty. so the exclusive accuweather seven-y forecast, few showers tomorrow, degrees.
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but sunshine on saturday. 90 degrees on sunday. monday, increasi clouds with a possibility thunderstorm. i think we have a better shot at storms wednesd afternoon. it's going te a hot day as well but a high of 90. but once that system rolls through, high pressure builds in behind that. it will be beautiful on wednesday, partly sunny, 86 degrees. and thursday, sun, mixing with clouds wi a high of 84 degrees. so a few scattered showers tomorrow. but definily drying out right in time for the weekend. >> thanko cecily. "actis" was at a celebration of philadelphia's neighborhoo air foods tonight in spring garden. part of the street was shut down tonight to make way for the night market. food trucks lined the roads for hundreds of people who braved the gray skies for a bite to eat. so of the city's top vendors sold everything from barbecue to french fri and, of course, some dessert to top it all off. also, in spring garden tonight, a te of paris. more than 200 supporters gathered at t atrium for a french-theun razer to
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support the philadelphia fund for seniors. the reception included french food and wine, even a roving accordion player, playing french music. proceeds help the needs of philadelphia
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citizens bank student loans sixerftsi is e guy, but what else? >> they tried. they said they tried but the offers that they were getting were not good enough. the sixers were expected to take in a haul tonight to get another pick in the top five. that did not happen. so they had to stick with that number one overall selection and as expected they took ben simmons. the 6'10"4 has the ball handling skills of a point guard. he he is he models his game after lebron james. james won his third nba title. simmons is anxious to bring philadelph its first since 1983. jeff skversky is live in brook linl with reaction of simmons himself. f >> report: mmid
2:04 am
was rvs. his legs werin he took the number oe and thisa,e erupted. they were chanting ben simmons' name and "let's go sixers czech. even though he grew up in philadelphi he said he's heard plenty about this organization and the philadelphia sports fans. >> they'rth f the nba. they're ponoue sports in so't type of p itt. >> how youilinow will you in >> i thinbe6'rwa will help l i'm not tinneitn like that. i'm able to play anywhere. but i'm look dg with theuichtn and off thco i know it'go bod time. >> we jusfe u ben's verli b physicali cd ow feel likecaw kl package, eecsh, going to keifn you know,erffe can do so oe th we've just snds --
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it was a ciha' comfortabit ly, i look foaoh. >> report: wt e the odds? brett bo e coached ben simmons' faeres ago in australia. d owg up as a kid, ben simmons, big fan of one allen iverson. he had an a.i. poster. his room grong up and he even had cornrows. hopefully, it works out the same way for the xers and the fan base. hopellhe is the next answer to the sixers' problems. we're live in brook lirp, jeff skversky, "neti news >> thank u much. still ahead, the rest of the sixers' picks plus st. joe's sends a player to the nba. and phillies have regained that winning feeli >> deep to right field.
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lat ifiun the sixers d c, small forwar fe. they loss t si guard named ka from the hawths st. joe's bem bring was drafted by the atlantic hawks 21st overall. hwas a-10 player of the year. the fer g contract te it's reportee ear $13.4 milon phill as ey galvis knd v. homer in the eighth inning, seventh of eeo that ties he. the phills 3 p a nine-gamed. they'll be in san francisco over the weekend. >> all right, ducis. finall tonight, it was a
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feast of form ach. all chind kinds of cheeses in philadelphi eyo some t world's greatest cheesemakers tonight. experts came from eight european countries to give guests a taste of international cheese flavor. participants also had a chance to learn cheese-making techniques. the feast of form ach. "jimmy kimmiv next on channel 6 followed by "nightline jimmy's guests tonight kevin nealon, dj khaled, music from christina aguilara. "action n" u at 4:30. now for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night.
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