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tv   2020  ABC  June 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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time. like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. that's our program tonight. don't go any where. "20/20" starts right now. and now, abc's "20/20." tonight on "20/20," one of the country's most high profile missing person's cases. a beautiful blonde co-ed vanishing off a college campus. now, after five years, "20/20" is turning that cold case red hot. investigating new leads. >> everything leads to this house where lauren was or is. >> polygraphing an excon. >> do you want to see someone get hurt? >> yes. >> why don't you release the videos? >> door knocks. >> no cameras. >> roadblocks. >> can we talk to you for just a second. >> brush offs. why don't you talk to lauren's
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parents? >> and a prison sitdown that could lead to the final piece of the puzzle. >> i think i'm one interview away from putting this case together. >> just tell us where lauren is. >> looking for lauren. here's brian ross. ♪ >> reporter: party night in a college town. >> just so many people around and out at all hours. was always something going on. >> reporter: at killroy's bar in bloomington, indiana, opportunities from indiana university pack the place and head home in the early morning hours. >> you feel very close knit there. there was never a question of being unsafe. >> reporter: yet, it was shortly after leaving killroy's, five years ago this month,
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20-year-old laurenspierer vanished. >> it's not knowing what happened to your daughter. it's unbearable. >> reporter: tonight, lauren spierer's parents are closing to knowing what happened to their daughter. "20/20" has been reinvigorating the investigation. and brad garrett retracing her steps. >> the last time she was seen alive is exactly where we're standing. >> i really just would like to -- be able to bring lauren home. >> reporter: lauren spierer grew up in the suburb of scars dale.
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>> i'm going to be a princess. >> she's a great kid. high energy. very caring. >> very caring. >> loving. ♪ i love you you love me ♪ ♪ we're a happy family >> she really had a zest for life. >> i love that. so lauren. >> reporter: her heart broken mother and father, try now to smile through their tearps as they remember the good times. the child ballerina. >> mom and dad, i just want to say thank you. i'm having an amazing night and i love you two so much. >> reporter: the coming of age of her bat mitzvah. >> her joy in living life. >> reporter: you are proud parents. >> very proud. >> reporter: the call that ended
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her parents eeps dream came on june 3rd, 2011. >> we were eating dinner and the phone rang. and robbie said, char, lauren's missing. so -- it's really heart stopping. you know? >> lauren spierer has become a house hold name. >> one of the highest profile missing person's cases in america. >> we believe the chances are great there was foul play. other wise, we feel lauren would have made contact by now. >> my first thing is to say to the person that has lauren or that has harmed lauren, shame on you. shame on you. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers. >> walk up and down the streets, check dumpster, alley ways. >> pay attention to the creek area. >> reporter: parents full of
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hope she would be found safe and soon. >> i came out to help look for lauren. it's a lot of massive territory. >> reporter: they searched abandoned quarries. >> we are continuing the search that we started. >> reporter: dense forests. >> you are in a massive area and driving. here is another pulloff. you go walking through the woods and you're calling lauren's name and you're hoping you're going to find her laying in the woods some where. and it's tough. you know? >> let me be firm in that we're here, still committed to finding her. it's v it's our worst nightmare. >> car dash ya and seacrest new tweeting to join the search. a massive search. and turned up little. >> reporter: and then as a last ditch effort, police searched the land fill used by the city of bloomington.
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>> probably the hardest thing that we had to do in the searches. was to go to that land fill. >> yeah. >> stand there, watch them. >> reporter: the search turned up empty. >> i start my every day hoping that today is the day. i go to sleep every night knowing i have failed and that i haven't -- i'm sorry. i haven't done enough. >> you have done enough. >> after june 3rd, it really started to sink in, that this was happening. >> 11 days and counting since lauren vanished. >> the search for lauren spierer
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now stremps into a seconds month. >> this sunday marks the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of student lauren spierer. >> reporter: today, the missing person posters are all but gone around the bloomington campus. and the name lauren spierer is a name of the past to many. >> when i say the name lauren spierer, it doesn't ring a bell? >> no. >> there is not much talk about it. >> it's old news. i think we should let it go and move on. >> reporter: but quietly, behind the scenes, the case is very much alive. >> we're getting close. i think we're going to solve this. >> reporter: former fbi agent garrett and a team of private detectives have now turned up new witnesses, leads and theories. >> everything leads to this house where lauren was or is. >> reporter: garrett started with those closest and the young
10:08 pm
men sheep was with the night she disappeared. >> something happens to someone, it's usually in their own circle. >> reporter: garrett focused on reports of a white truck in the area that night. the kind of truck driven by this ex-convict. >> he might be somebody we need to look at. >> regarding the disappearance of lauren spierer, do you agree to answer truthfully? >> yes. >> reporter: and the current and former members of indiana biker gangs. >> did you shoot here? >> i don't even know the broad. i told you that. bye. >> reporter: and then in the last few months, garrett received a set of brand new leads from inside a state prison, claiming that some of lauren's fellow students saw her die and secretly disposed of her body. >> they drove her down to the
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ohio river and disposed of her body. >> reporter: three major theories, all being chased. no lead could be ignored. no clue dismissed. >> you have to figure out a way to crack that. what is what i have been trying to do. >> reporter: coming down to a few moments. some where in this block. in this short distance there to there. >> you are talking maybe 100 yards. >> i'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm david muir. now that you have seen the first part, you have to stay here. we're going to come through the 100 yards with every twist and turn in the "20/20" investigation. shoefing you what the former fbi agent is thinking in real time. >> and what that mother is going through as well. writing these words to someone who could be watching tonight. i hope you have as many sleepless nights as we do. we're live tweeting tonight.
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looking for lauren. ♪ >> it's hard not to get caught up in the energy and everything there. it really is like happy. you feel like -- >> part of the community. >> exactly. >> with its big ten school spirit, indiana university feels far removed from the temptations and the dangers of the big city.
10:14 pm
>> you just felt like this is what college is supposed to be like. >> on move in day every fall, the emotional scenes are played out as parents say good-bye just as lauren's parents, charlene and rob did, in 2009. confident she was in a good place. >> i didn't have any qualms about saying good-bye. >> did you have a sense there could be danger there? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: as far as lauren's parents knew, their daughter fit right in and preparing for a career in fashion. >> she is bubbly and outgoing and you really just instantly fall in love with her when you meet her. >> reporter: but what her parents later came to learn is that bloomington, like many college towns, has its dark side. with students describing rampant alcohol abuse, and a drug scene.
10:15 pm
>> cocaine, xanax, acid. >> reporter: seth parker, now clean, says he was part of the screen. >> it was a bunch of college kids that had money and could afford to do the things she was doing. >> reporter: including lauren spierer. was it distressing to hear she was part of it? >> i don't think i realized what degree, you know, and it was a little bit of a shock. >> reporter: in fact, police found a small amount of cocaine in her room after she disappeared. >> so drugs on the key component in this case. >> reporter: when she vanished, lauren was in fool party mode after she left her apartment. >> she didn't make wise choices that night. >> reporter: she spent a lot of the evening with a student she had just met, corey rossman, who
10:16 pm
other students described a wild night. >> he was like, me and lauren were partying before we got to killroy's before watching the game. >> they got killroys about 2:00 in the morning. >> they are there 30 minutes. in that time period, she leaves her shoes and cell phone in the bar. so i think that gives you some indication how out of it she may be at this point. >> reporter: notably not with lauren that night is jesse wolf, her long time boyfriend since high school in new york. >> any rational boyfriend is going to be concerned if you're out with other boys at 2:00 in the morning potentially drunk in a bar. >> reporter: as a veteran investigator, does that raise questions after motive, possible jealousy? >> of course. >> reporter: this is a two hour odyssey.
10:17 pm
>> between leaving killroip's and when she disappears. >> reporter: lauren and corey walk a block away. >> they go to her room up on the fifth floor of this building. having trouble walking, stumbling. doors open. you step off the elevator, and there are four guys in the hall way. >> reporter: all fellow indiana opportunities. >> apparently, they don't like the way corey is handling lauren. and rossman supposedly says something to smart to him and he goes down. >> so lauren and rossman leave quickly. it's now about 3:00 in the morning and they are headed up to deserted alley towards his apartment a few blocks away. >> she is barefoot, actually falls down twice in the alley according to surveillance cameras. he grabs her, throws her over
10:18 pm
his shoulder in a fireman's carry and to his anti-depressant, which is about a block from here. >> she was not cared for in a way i would want my son to care for another. and that's what kind of gets me. the circumstances could have been a lot different had lauren been escorted back to her apartment. >> reporter: but instead, they end up at rossman's place. >> they go in here briefly. >> reporter: his roommate says rossman got sick. the roommate takes lauren next door to another friend's. >> it's 30 feet to the door here on the left. jay rosenbrawn. >> he said, go to sleep. she said, i want to keep going. i want to go. jaywalks her to the door and sees her walk up 11th street. he's the last person we are aware of that sees her alive.
10:19 pm
>> reporter: as police begin to suspect foul play, all three young men, the long time boyfriend, the new men and the last person to see her alive are identified as persons of interest. >> the three boys she was with all hired attorneys early on. and that created a wall of access for us. >> reporter: what about lauren's boyfriend? >> he helped with the searches on saturday and sunday. and then he left. his parents came to bloomington and took him away. >> reporter: what do you make of that? >> i thought it was odd. >> reporter: no witness reported seeing wolf out that night. sbp he says he was home watching the nba finals which ended just before midnight. and then according to his roommate, he went to bed around 2:30 a.m. wolf would not agree to be
10:20 pm
intervufed on camera with "20/20" but agrees with police and continues to deny any thing to do with the disappearance. after the the time, lauren's friend said she couldn't harm her. >> i'm not suggesting that he did anything. but i'm not comfortable knowing what he was doing in the early morning hours of june 3rd. >> reporter: even more than wolf, garrett has questions for corey rossman. >> there is always a suspicion around corey. you did really end up passing out. >> i'm not the last person with her. i'm sorry. i hope they find her as soon as possible and i am praying for her and her family. >> reporter: adding to the parents apts anger that say rossman is the one friend refusing to talk to them or investigators. he lost all memory of lauren's
10:21 pm
apartment building. >> he had punches, caused him a temporary memory loss. >> reporter: do you buy that? >> no, i don't. i think it's a case of self-presentation. >> reporter: he knows more than he's saying? >> i'm not sure of anything. what i do know is there a complete lack of coroperation. and he was the one who spent the most time with lauren in the last hours of her being seen. >> reporter: he hasn't come forward to try to help? >> no, he's resisted. >> reporter: corey, brian ross from abc's "20/20." can we talk to you about lauren spierer. he has declined repeated requests toch why don't you talk to lauren's parents. >> this is private property. >> what else is under the surface here that we don't know
10:22 pm
about? i don't know. but i'm not to the point to say he's not involved. >> reporter: his lawyer says rossman continues to cooperate fully with police. whatever happened happened in this block which is why in addition to the questions about her friends, the reports of someone in this white pickup truck circling the block could not be ignored. >> were you thinking of killing someone and not do it. >> yes. >> reporter: was it this man? of course you go all out for date night... ♪ ...even if you're just staying in. ♪ walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now buy two select skin care products, get the third free. in stores and online.
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>> "20/20" continues with looking for lauren. >> colleges are a target-rich environment for predators. >> one night, robbie and i got in a car and we drove around at 3:30 in the morning just to see what it was like. we saw a girl walking home alone barefooted. lauren had just disappeared. >> reporter: across the country in the last five year, some 56 female college students have gone missing. >> just keep praying for us. >> reporter: three have been found dead. >> we know where morgan is. morgan is in a box over there. >> reporter: more are still missing, including lauren spierer at indiana university. >> there are people who cruise
10:28 pm
every college campus. they are looking for vulnerable females that offer minimal resistance. and a drunk female -- >> reporter: lauren -- >> lauren is the eye dell target. >> reporter: on the night lauren disappeared, surveillance cameras picked up someone in this white truck. >> is there a possibility that this vehicle can be involved? absolutely. why? because it circles the block during the time frame and the location lauren was last seen. >> did he happen to drive down the street, saw her in the intersection and talks her into the vehicle, it could have taken her ten seconds. at this point, he's got her and takes her where ever.
10:29 pm
>> reporter: and this man, just released from prison who likes to cruise the streets in the early morning hours. >> he had just governmetten pat where he was assaulting his wife. he was in a halfway house. a female from his past reached out and said, look, he was there, he's made comments. you know what happened to her? the same thing can happen to you. >> reporter: and she alleged that he killed lauren and buried her on his farm in southern indiana. even though the leads had been dismissed early on, garrett and one of the private investigators working for the family, bill beng palestinian, still had their doubts and tracked him down through his probation officer. >> so we approached him and said, would you be willing to take a polygraph, and he said
10:30 pm
yes. >> reporter: "20/20" arranged for her to come to indiana. >> i'm trying to get the individual who is playing games with us or is in fact the guy. >> i didn't even know she was missing. >> reporter: before the test started, he was in prison for assaulting his ex-wife, told the others he wants to clear his name. >> i took her, i kidnapped her, done whatever with her and i buried her on the farm property. >> that you buried -- >> yeah, that my ex-wife is mad at me. >> and that's the one you're in jail for, right? >> yes. >> does he fit the profile of someone who would have done this? of course, he's on parole for assault of women. he was in the community. and here's the more fascinating thing. he then abruptly left bloomington a few days after
10:31 pm
lauren disappeared. >> have a seat here. one cheek here and one cheek here. okay? >> reporter: as he attaches the sensors, he warns him not beat the machine. anybody who tripes that, is wasting his time, wasting my time. i'm going to know whether you are telling the truth or not. the commuterputer will tell me. >> reporter: the fact he shows up -- >> very comfortable. and i have seen dozens of these. and all of a sudden, they just spike the key questions. >> the only thing we're interesting now, is in justice and the truth for lauren. >> got you. >> this portion of the test is about to begin. do you live in indiana? >> yes. >> reporter: the machine reads changes in breathing, heart rate and the green line, skin response. >> regarding the disappearance of lauren spierer, do you intend
10:32 pm
to answer the questions truthfully? >> yes. >> do you want to see someone get hurt? >> yes. >> do you remember thinking of killing someone and not do it? >> yes. >> the questions about somebody getting hurt or wanting to kill somebody, all of us have had those thoughts. we're not really getting external reactions to the questions. he is pretty flat. >> do you know where lauren spierer is? do you remember causing series v serious physical damage to someone? >> something is spiking. >> you did conspire with anyone in the disappearance with lauren spierer? >> if he bombs this, we're going to have a chat with him. the answers and the result when we come back.
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"20/20" continues with looking for lauren. >> regarding the disappearance of lauren spierer, do you regard to answer all the questions truthfully? >> yes. >> reporter: the key question about to be asked is whether in the early morning hours at in intersection in bloomington, indiana, did he have anything to do with the disappearance of lauren spierer. >> do you know where lauren spierer is? >> no. >> do you remember causing physical damage to someone? >> no. >> something's spiking. >> you have to be careful interpreting the spikes. >> did you conspire with anyone in the disappearance of lauren spierer.
10:38 pm
>> this portion of the test is over. remain still until i have released the pressure from your arm. brian, take a look. we have a preliminary on one. you are being truthful. there is no deception indicator on the relevant portion. means he is truthful. >> how do you feel? >> i was insulted when i heard the rumors, what not. i wish you guys the best of luck. i really do. >> thank you. i appreciate your cooperation. i appreciate your trust in me too. >> is it disappointing? >> no, it's not disappointing. it actually motivates me on a couple other things we need to do. we are keep hitting. >> reporter: back to the drawing board and to a new set of leads
10:39 pm
and a notorious motorcycle gang. >> they are the most violent motorcycle gang in the west. >> reporter: the sons of silence, so brutal, this documentary was a catalog grotesque images. and many of the new tips led to the man who lives on this indiana farm, a former member of the sons of silence, robert strange who goes by the name of bo dean. no criminal record but well known to authorities. >> he has a reputation for being what you call an enforcer. if you have a problem, he will take care of it. >> this message from one of his relatives. she ultimately ended up on his farm. that he allegedly shot her and
10:40 pm
buried her on the property. >> reporter: it's very good fertilizer. we are going to the farmhouse in case you don't hear from us. on a rainy afternoon, we don't to talk to the man who calls himself bo dean. how are you? brian ross with abc. he knew we were coming but he wasn't happy to see us. >> i don't want to be on the camera. >> reporter: i know what it is. can i just show you this? >> no camera. >> reporter: well, that is why we're doing it. >> no, you said you wanted to talk to me about people you were interviewing. >> reporter: we wanted to show him the message that says he shot lauren. >> did you shoot here? her? i don't even know the broad. i don't even know her. bye. >> reporter: he ordered us to leave his property.
10:41 pm
he told police if we came back, he could shoot us. it wasn't the only lead. >> south moreland keeps popping up. and a specific tip about the mars hill section of thecy and the people in the drug world. >> everything leads to this house where lauren was or is. >> reporter: jennifer chandler, a meth addict since 16, says she took garrett to this abandoned home where lauren was beaten and buried. >> it haunts me that there are so many people in this small city that know what happened to her. people just don't disappear. it's not right. >> reporter: as intriguing as the lead seemed to be -- >> i couldn't find any of it to be true. >> reporter: garrett found disconnections. we have her phone records.
10:42 pm
it doesn't tie to any of the numbers to the drug dealers. nothing matches. >> reporter: and the accounts of lauren taken an hour away to indianapolis seemed farfetched. >> you have to understand when you deal with drug addicted people, who had been on meth for a number of months and years, the reality is altered and they are agendas against other people. and garrett believes that may have been what led to the lips of bo dean. his enemies wanting to get him in trouble. >> i think it's very possible. >> reporter: why? >> if you lead a life like bo dean has led, there are a lot of people who don't like you. and i have read. they hate him. and they have put him in the middle of this. >> reporter: from your point of view, he's off the board too? >> based on the facts that we have today, he's off my board.
10:43 pm
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"20/20" continues with looking for lauren.
10:47 pm
>> before this commencement ceremony gets under way, there is a member of the indiana university community who should be with us tonight but who is not. >> graduation -- was hard. >> really difficult for all of our friends. the fact we were leaving the place without her. >> lauren was last seen in the early morning hours on june 3, 2011. >> she didn't even get a chance to leave with us. >> two years after lauren spierer disappeared, her class graduated from indiana university. >> we know that lauren's disappearance has been a terrible and unimaginable strain for her family and for many of you who knew her as a classmate and as a friend. >> seeing her empty room, i just remember, we were all sitting on
10:48 pm
our floor and we couldn't speak. >> we just sat there and cried. >> i never thought that i would leave bloomington without my daughter. and then you come to the realization that you have to. >> the drive back was difficult. i sort of felt abandonment. >> lauren may no longer be with us. >> reporter: they tried to hope alive. >> we ache for her and we want to bring her home. >> reporter: but once back in new york, the tears turn to frustration and anger. at lauren's friend who wouldn't cooperate with them and the bloomington police department. >> we were not getting information from the police as far as what they were doing and finding. of course that is terribly frustrating for us. >> reporter: they shut you out? >> that is their policy to this day. >> reporter: they released these
10:49 pm
two images, lauren leaving her apartment and the white truck. even though they have considerable evidence. >> they haven't shown us videos. >> that is in sharp contrast with other cases. hannah graham at the university of virginia. >> this is miss graham. >> there, the police chief made public all the video they had. >> i wanted people to know who we were looking for. maybe what you see now in the video may cause some recollection. >> it worked. leading to the discovery of hann hannah's body and her murderer. and the bloomington continue to withhold the videos they have. we waited for the police chief outside of headquarters. can i ask you a quick question. we have been trying to get ahomeland of you to talk about
10:50 pm
the lauren spierer case. and you haven't been cooperated. and the parents say you have treated them badly. >> no, i talked to her yesterday. and gave her an update in the case. >> reporter: can you give us an update? >> no, it's still under investigation, and we are following up leads and we're flot going to try this case in the media. thank you. >> reporter: it's still an active case? >> it's still an active case. >> reporter: why won't you release the videos? can you explain why? from the beginning, the spierers decided they could not rely entirely on the bloomington police to pursue the case. >> it's a small town with limited resources. >> reporter: they set up an online tip sight. the tips about the white car, and the biker gangs were ultimately all dead ends. but now there is a new lead that
10:51 pm
has led brad garrett to the banks of the ohio river. a lead that he believes may hold the best chance for an answer. >> there was a kid in prison named corey hammersly. >> reporter: he got deep in the drug scene. and one year after lauren's disappearance, had a meltdown high on drugs. >> he steps out of his apartment. has nothing on but a hat. takes a firearm and starts shooting into a house. >> a naked man armed with a gun. >> firing as many as 15 rounds. >> reporter: captured, prosecuted and sentenced to 24 years in state prison where a new lead emerged. >> this is coming from another inmate that was locked up with corey. they were playing cards. lauren's picture coming up on the television. >> immediately, corey looks up at the tv and says, man, i knew the guys who did that.
10:52 pm
>> reporter: the inmate who served time with hammersly agreed to recount what hammersly told him if he blacked out his face. >> they were drinking and got to ecstasy. she od'd and day hook her to the ohio sbrifr disposed of her body. >> reporter: this is a hard lead you are looking at? >> absolutely. the simplest is, she died at a party in bloomington and somebody got rid of her. >> it could be right here? >> right here at the ohio river. >> reporter: the theory made more sense that she had a serious heart ailment. so serious, she had to give up sports in school. >> it's a heart condition where there's irregular heart beat. it can be very dangerous. >> if you couple alcohol, drugs
10:53 pm
and a genetic heart issue that she had that is a toxic mix. >> reporter: the next step, the prison interview by garrett, his partner, bill benjamin and the former student, the naked gunman. >> you and others, maybe, have moved her body. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> okay. >> i've never met this person before in my life. >>lying to me. >> if something came up, would you contact us? if someone jars your memory? >> honestly, probably not. i do not want to be associated with at all. >> no, i will not help you. i will not tell you anything i learned and this is the way it's going to be. >> what does it tell you as a
10:54 pm
veteran investigator. it tells me he has a reason to lie. i have to dig, i have to figure out how corey knows what he knows. which led garrett back to this block these buildings where my fingers are, are a prime target. >> reporter: in an apartment some where off this alley, a drug hang out for students, a two-minute walk from where lauren was last seen alive. now garrett is tracking down the students. >> i'm one interview away from putting the case together. >> reporter: he has their names. he>> yeah, we saw her crying. we wanted to help her. >> reporter: she's a stranger. >> so, who was in pain. >> yeah, but you deal with people like that. >> who was in pain and who clearly has problems. >> it's the kindness of strangers. >> reporter: that prevails. >> that prevails. ♪
10:55 pm
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10:58 pm
the sadness and emptiness of deeting with lauren. >> you wake up every day thinking about lauren? >> every day. how could you not? >> she is just as much a part of our lives now as she ever was. so -- >> and now it's all about just finding her. getting answers to what happened to her. we know that she just didn't fall off the face of the earth and vaporize. something happened to our daughter. and we believe that there are people out there that know exactly what happened to our daughter.
10:59 pm
>> that's the most frustrating thing. is knowing that somebody knows. right now, and they could change our lives in the blink of an eye. just tell us where lauren is. >> reporter: and if you have any information about what happened to lauren, please go to our website,, click on "20/20." you will find a confidentible tip line. >> and as you heard brad garrett said, say, he thinks he is one sbre view away from cracking the case. we will keep you up to date and keep the conversation about lauren going on facebook and twitter. use the #abc2020. >> "20/20" can be watched any time of the day on demand and dvr. from all of us at abc news, good night. coming up on "action news" a wounded police officer is on the mend tonight, while his accused shooter is on his way
11:00 pm
back to yale. new information on today's confrontation, next. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. this is the man, police say unleashed a barrage of bull nets a delaware county police officer today. dannte island was stone faced as he was hauled away in handcuffs. tonight a young officer accused of


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