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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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new information on today's confrontation, next. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. this is the man, police say unleashed a barrage of bull nets a delaware county police officer today. dannte island was stone faced as he was hauled away in handcuffs. tonight a young officer accused of trying to kellies
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in the hospital, and his life likely saved by the bullet-proof vest. he was wearing. it is friday night, jim's off, i'm brian taff, the big story on "action news" tonight is what folcroft police are calling an ambush. twenty-five year-old officer christopher dorman was looking into reports of drug activity today but dannte island was allegedly looking at him, down the barrel of the gun, and seven of his bullets would find his alleged target. tonight "action news" was given this exclusive look at officer dorman in the hospital, thankfully awake, and smiling, and reportedly laughing with friend. we have got team coverage tonight, "action news" reporter jeff chirico is at the hospital where officer dorman is recovering but we will begin with dann cuellar live at folcroft police headquarters. dann, you have more on the shooting, manhunt and eventual arrest. >> reporter: that is right, brian. bail for three three-year old daunte island has been just set at one million-dollar. suspect at center of this
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case, apparently was a career criminal who had just gotten out the of federal prison after serving 15 years. police say he apparently had in plans to go back. do you have anything to say? three three-year old daunte island, ab toll wahi had nothing to say being led away to appear before a judge. authorities say he is man who shot and struck christopher dorman and fired and missed at another office shore was arriving at this police vehicle this exclusive "action news" video shows windows blown out, bullet still lodged in the head rest of the passenger seat. a frantic officer dorman radioed in that he had been shot. >> i'm shot. i'm shot. shots fired, shots fired. >> i'm shot, i'm shot. >> reporter: nearby residents reported hearing fun shots. >> pop, pop, pop, pop, i said my god, somebody is shooting, and i opened the door, the cop, then the cop come they just shot a cop. before that it was all just
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drug activity constantly going on. >> reporter: dorman was shot seven times once in the face, four times in the chest, once in the groin and once in the leg. >> it is unbelievable he ace live. >> reporter: soon a large contingent of swat officer, atf, fbi agents would converge on the apartment complex in the 1500 block of elmwood where this whole thing began at 10:00 this morning. amtrak and septa service was suspended as the manhunt was underway. soon they would catch up with him hiding out in an apartment. police say a 40 caliber handgun was recovered. the resident actually applauded when he was arrested. >> we were applauding because they got somebody bad off the street. he will shoot at a cop, he will definitely shoot at innocent bystanders. i live right there. >> reporter: for this small community of folcroft officer dorman is first to be shot by someone in the line of tooth i. >> we want to ask you to keep this officer in your prayers as well as his family.
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>> to have it end like this, never, i mean, you know, it is a wake up call for these small towns. >> it turns out 25 year-old dorman wasn't even supposed to be working this morning. he was filling in for someone else and was days away from learning if it was going to be hired as a septa police officer. live from folcroft police this delaware county i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news", brian. >> thank you. >> lets switch live to "action news" reporter jeff chirico at penn presbyterian hospital in university city. jeff, after a very difficult day we have word that there is good news for officer dorman there tonight. >> reporter: yeah, brian, very good news. friend tell me he is alert, talking, joking. he is even worrying about making to it his next shift. the shooting has prompted an outpouring of support for a man who has served his community for nearly a decade. >> our father who art in heaven. >> reporter: clergy, citizens and police held hand in prayer
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outside collindale police department, the impromptu vigil a show of support for folcroft officer christopher dorman who was fighting for his life after taking multiple bullets in the line of duty. >> he is one of the men and with men who stand up bravely to risk their lives to be a peace maker here among us. >> reporter: police say dorman was attacked near an apartment complex. he was leather and talking as a fellow cop rush him to fitzgerald mercy hospital. he was then flown to penn presbyterian medical center with wound to his face, groin and leg. >> unbelievable he ace live. >> reporter: police chief, of folcroft, says dorman's bullet-proof vest saved his life. >> the doctors say that anyone of those round, on his vest could have been fatal. he was shots in both front and back. >> reporter: five-year old joined folcroft volunteer fire department when he was 16 and attained his dream of becoming a boro cop last june. in that time chief says dorman has proven himself to be an exceptional officer. the district attorney jack
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wheelan knows dorman personally. >> comes from a great family. do i personally necessity his mother and father and i actually work with him. his father was a former councilman right here in folcroft boro. it is a shame that the officer and his family have to go through this. >> he is just a good guy. nothing bothers him. great sense of humor and something like this has to happen. so, i'm just hoping for a full recovery and we will get him back. >> reporter: back out here live, folcroft police chief just arrived here at the hospital to check on dorman. he has under gone two surgeries today, including one to fix a gunshot wound to his face. we are told he is critical but stable. we are live at penn presbyterian jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> great news, jeff, thank you. "action news" has been send ago alerts all day long to the six abc news app. if you don't have it installed, down load it for free to stay informed as we update this story throughout the weekend.
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mother of four year-old who shot and killed herself inside a north philadelphia home has been charged with third degree murder. police say the little girl found the gun in a closet, her mother, shakeia holmes is accused of trying to cover up what happen. police are searching for demetrius williams in connection with the incident. it is still not certain what role he may have played. you can see, white balloon on the street where that little girl died. dozens showed up for a vigil tonight to pay tribute to her. a memorial filled with stuffed animals and pictures of the child is growing outside of her home tonight. organizers of the vigil called on parents, to lock up their guns and to be sure to keep ammunition in a separate locked box. gun violence came to trenton, new jersey tonight. three people were shot at 9:00 k of winder avenue. police are release varying few details about the triple shooting and septa says two of
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the three victims are being treated for very serious injuries. these photos show result of projectiles, being thrown the at cars on i-95 tonight. pennsylvania state police say three vehicles were hit in the southbound lanes, near spring garden in philadelphia's northern liberties. windshields were smashed, fortunately no one was hurt. delaware state police responded to an accident tonight in bear but ended up discovering a murder. authorities say that the 18 year-old victim was sitting in his car in the parking lot at applechase apartments when someone came up and shot him. driver took off, bleeding from the gunshot wound, and ended up crashing into another car at pulaski highway and scotland drive. another crime occurred right there at delldot employee working in the crash scene who was struck by a driver who then took off. authorities say that they caught up with the suspect in newark and needed a taser to subdue him. the foot was run over but he
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will be okay. a 29 year-old new jersey man is now facing upgraded charges of vehicular homicide stem from an awful wreck last august that killed his passenger and a teacher who was jogging. the it happened on route 206 in southampton. burlington county prosecutor announced charges today against patrick miller of new hanover, after toxicology tests came back indicating that he was impair. police say miller's pickup truck crossed the center line striking 29 year-old teacher allison mcginn is. truck hit several trees, overturn, and partially eject the passenger david eldridge killing him as well. this time last night the brexit vote tally was coming in and 24 hours that followed that is shock the world. britain has elected to leave the european union resulting in the divorce of diplomatic ties for decade strong. the decision has royaled stock market worldwide, dow jones
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industrial average falling more than 600 points, eighth bigger loss ever. abc reporter now explains what the shocking vote means, for you. >> reporter: $2 trillion was lost in global markets after british decision to leave the eu. >> this is its own little economic earthquake. >> reporter: shock waves foretold by david cameron who has now resign. >> this could be for the first time in history a recession we brought on ourselves. >> reporter: prompting president obama to reassure americans and the world. >> i'm confident that the uk is transmitted a orderly transition route of the eu. >> reporter: angry about immigration and borders that divided the country. insuring stock exchange started tumbling as soon as it opened, free fall felt throughout the market. european union ambassador to the u.s. said it felt like a family breaking up. >> we're sorry but we respect their decision and indeed there will have to be hard
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decisions taken about what that new relationship looks like. >> reporter: this is in essence a divorce between eu and uk and like any divorce it has potential to be protracted and messy but now that the brits voted to leave, we hear that the eu want them out as soon as possible. lona zach, abc news, washington. historic vote came as presumptive republican nominee donald trump touched down in scotland. that country voted overwhelmingly to stay in the european union. trump who was there to open up a new golf course praised the result and liken the referendum in britain to america's upcoming presidential election. >> i really do see a parallel between what is happening in the you had and what is happening here. people want to seaboarder. they don't necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don't know who they are and where they come from they have no idea. >> hillary clinton meanwhile released a statement calling trump's reaction dangerous and frightening.
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she said economic turmoil caused by the vote demonstrates the need for quote steady leadership. bernie sanders says today in several interviews that he plans to vote for hillary clinton but sanders officially remains in the race as the democratic presidential candidate and stopped short of calling on his supporters to also vote for clinton. he continues to campaign on behalf of issues that propelled his candidacy and fund raising for like minded congressional candidates. it was a heart breaking farewell to take in west philadelphia for a promising teen whose life was cut brutally short on a night set aside for celebration. family and friend gathered at monumental baptist church to celebration life of akyra murray. she was killed inside pulse nightclub in orlando when a gunman stormed that building. her cousin tiara parker was with akyra and friend patients cart their night. all three hid in the bathroom. all three were shot, akyra did not survive.
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>> unaudible. >> akyra graduated third in her class at west catholic, she was a star basketball player and planning to attend mercyhearst university on a scholarship. fbi says it has in the turned up any credible evidence that the orlando gunman was gay or pursuing gay relationships. federal officials have been looking deep in the background of omar mateen after he slaughter 49 people at that well men gay nightclub earlier this month. some men claimed mateen reached out to them on gay dating apps and that married father was living a double life but fbi says after 500 interviews that does not appear to be the case. officials said gunman was radicalized at some point before the attack and still believe he was acting alone. still to come here on "action news" tonight as water recedes, the death toll rises, we have got more on the flooding emergency in west virginia.
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septa bus driver to the rescue surveillance shows his crime fighting ways and nothing to sneeze at, we will explain why health experts have a big problem with the flu, spray for kid, adam. brian, we have pop up thunderstorms this afternoon, flooding rain in parts of the new jersey, close to 3 inches but we can say good bye to those pop ups and hello to a beautiful weekend. all of the details in accu weather. plus jeff skversky has sixers new star and what ben simmons has to say about the pressure of being the number one pick, oh, yeah, trying to win with the sixers, "action news" is coming right back.
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death toll has climbed to 20 in west virginia, from this weeks flooding. officials hear that number will get higher as they begin to clear ruble. flooding has submerged entire towns, collapsed roads and swallowed cars hole, 200 national guard men have been called into search for the missing. those confirmed dead include a four year-old boy found a quarter mile from where he fell in the creek. these racing flames are from just north of los angeles
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where fire fighters battling an out of control wild fire which has claimed two lives, a couple was killed trying to escape the fire. they were overcome by smoke outside their homes. fire has grown to a little more than 30,000 acres, strong wind tonight have drawing flames east threatening 1500 homes. health check at 11:00, government experts are advising against popular way of protecting children from the flu. cdc committee recommend skipping nasal spray version of the vaccine this year often calls flu mist. they show research has in the worked very well over last four years. last flu season it was only 3 percent effective in the kid. the flu shot was 63 percent effective. nearly one in three kid opt for natal spray but parents should consider whether the brief sting of the needle may be worth it. septa bus driver is praised tonight for his heroic efforts to help stop a theft. police released surveillance video of the incident that
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happened 4:30 monday morning. it began when a man snatched a purse from the women at 29th and girard. when the thief tried to runaway septa bus driver charles otterboy jumped into action ran after him for a block and got the purse back. "action news" caught up with that heroic driver on the job today. >> i'm just happy that everything turnout all right. i'm safe. he got her pocketbook back. it is great. >> good man. two other septa passengers also jumped in to help. police showed up and were able to arrest the suspect. he has been with septa for 28 years. hello to you. he said victim was very thankful for his help. memorial service took place in north philadelphia to honor department's fallen officer. tonight's event took place at beloved saint john's advantage list particular church, police commissioner ross was on hand to pay his respect. families of the fallen officers were also invited to attend. meanwhile a plaque honoring one fallen fire fighter has been replaced,
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months after it was stolen from a north philadelphia sidewalk. first responders rededicated the new plaque today, at a engine 45, on west york street. memorial honors james magee died battling a blaze back in 1898. the original plaque, brass plaque, was stole men march from the intersection of second and erie. police are still looking for the person who took it. you may spend sometime looking for clouds this weekend and you will not find one. that is good news. >> if you find two or three, i'll pay you a hundred bucks. >> really. >> i will go cloud hunting. >> yes. >> you will have to go far. >> as we look at storm tracker six live, we have had plenty around today, releasing quite a bit of rain in parts of the area, hit or miss but where you got hit southern new jersey, delaware, lancaster county, berks county we saw one and two to 3 inches on have rain this afternoon. it is you will because of the front that stalled just to the
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south and snaked its way to the north and west lock nothing that humidity and just enough energy in the atmosphere to get the atmosphere excited at times but all quiet. sixty-eight in millville. sixty-nine in dover. seventy-three allentown. sixty-nine in trenton. still rather muggy out there, essentially south of philadelphia. we will continue to wipe that humidity away as high pressure starts to gain control. you can see lack of cloud cover and that will continue its trend, to the south and west as northeasterly wind takes over. that beautiful blue sky tomorrow for your take planner, wall to wall sunshine start to finish, low humidity as well. high will hit 87 degrees in philadelphia tomorrow around that four or 5:00 o'clock hour but quickly warming to 80 at 11:00 in the morning and back off in the evening into the 70's once that sun gets close to setting at that 8:00 o'clock hour. then we will spill it right into sunday as well, sunshine, very warm, in fact hot at
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times north and west of philadelphia, could hit that 90-degree mark but we will stay on the low humidity side and with that northeasterly wind the numbers are cooler to the south because of that wind off a chilly ocean. boardwalk 77. cape may around 76. second half of the weekend. for that shore forecast the one thing you want to note with that nor'easterly wind being persistent last couple days and continuing this weekend it piles up the water. there will be maryland rate risk of rip current both days. the listen to the life guard. highs only in the 70's because of that wind off water, 65 degrees but sun both days and in the poconos looking nice there as well, sunny, delightful 79 degrees, warm and bright. 812th half of the weekend. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast upper 80's or above average for next few days with the exception of the storm. much cooler. but again low humidity, you'll feel that and then, monday we
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will try to, turn up the heat again. 88 degrees. more moisture. means more cloud. maybe a stray thunderstorm in the afternoon. best chance will come on tuesday, stays muggy, front comes through at 87 degrees sparking numerous storms. we will track that over the weekend but enjoy weekend before that and then behind that front humidity drops again with temperatures at or below normal with sunshine and cloud wednesday through friday, as we round out month of june we are not tracking any 90's or extreme humidity. >> thanks, adam. this was a very special evening for one member of the "action news" family tonight. >> ♪ >> yeah, meteorologist chris sowers married his long time girlfriend laurie this evening at running deer golf club in pittsgrove township. they said their vows surrounded by family and friend and, of course, members of the "action news" team.
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our congratulations to the happy couple. ♪
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lawyer. >> what kind of people would do that? what kind of people would do that? i know people who would be so desperate to adopt a child. >> reporter: but now traci comes back to enforce her decision, and adoption isn't an option. >> you need to make the appointment today! fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner's to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. ben simmons, he is 19, well poised, saying all of the right things but i wonder if he gets to feel the full weight of fan frustration. >> we will sey don't think yet. he got his start when he was a baby, wow take his pacifier out of his mouth, throw it in the sink.
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little more pressure now. pressure, nah, no big deal that is attitude of new sixers big man ben simmons. new face of the franchise, says that he is not overwhelmed by the big expectations that come were being the number one overall pick. welcome to philadelphia, here's simmons, holding on to his number 25 sixers injuries which fellow first round timothy luwawu, and simmons says he is ready to get to work and do something special but sixers do not want to put all of the weight of the franchise all on his shoulders. >> what about the pressure that comes were being the number one pick here. >> you know, some people call it pressure, i look at it as if i'm working as hard as i can that is all i can ask of myself and my teammates. as long as you put in the word you get results. i look forward to get nothing to work. >> any young player coming in the game will feel that but we're going to try to spread that as much as we can across the entire team so it is not the just on ben's shield tours bear that weight.
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>> i think he is wise, i think his experiences leading up to this will make him even more prepared. he had this stage, lime light for a long time. >> nobody can get drafted but it didn't take former villanova a star ryan arcidiacono very long to score a job. the source tells "action news" arch signs with the san antonio spurs today. ryan arcidiacono final four mvp work out for sixers and handfull of other teams after leading villanova to the national championship but find a home in san antonio and his teammate daniel ochefu signs with the wizard. still in sports, we have a trade, flyers make a move in the nhl draft tonight, details in sports next.
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flyers general manager ron hextall talked until he is blue in the face about being patient and instead of moving up in the draft tonight, are on staying put he moves back to add depth. flyers swap first round picks with winnipeg. the flyers in fact 18 of 22, they pick up a second rounder, so at 22 what do flyers do they draft russian center german rubthsov, hoist only 17. he is a much needed goal scorer. >> and if the phillies do not have enough problems right now, san francisco has been a giant problem for the phillies. they won only one series against san francisco, since 2012. phillies on the west coast looking to win two in a row for first time in five and a half weeks, town one to nothing in the fourth, ryan howard, how about that rbi
11:34 pm
double down the right field line, his third in the last three games. that is where we stand tied at one, in the fourth. we will see if they can pull this out and get on the roll here. >> we hope so. >> thanks, my friend. finally tonight aspiring first responders put their skills to the test this morning in ardmore. twenty-nine campers age ten to 14 spent the week learning cpr, basic emergency response. today they held a friendly competition to practice what they have learn. each got a certificate for their accomplishments. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at the 5:30 a.m. new for addal joseph. >> jeff skversky, cecily tynan, jim gardner, the entire "action news" team, i'm brian taff. have a great night, great weekend, and we will see you real soon. >> ♪
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"jimmy kimmel live". tonight mindy kaling. from "bloodline," ben mendelsohn. judge james. and music from meghan trainor, and now here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for coming. thank you for watching. hello to those of you who joined us earlier tonight on abc.


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